Best AI Recruiting Software To Make Hiring Smart and Effective

Best AI Recruiting Software

Before the emergence of AI recruiting software, companies in need workers put the vacancy notice on their notice board so people who want to work can submit their application letters.

When the company gets to the desired number of applicants it can employ, the company moves on to review the application letters to know if the applicants are of standard qualifications.

It is when the company has made sure the applicants have good qualifications that a physical examination is necessary. At the physical examination, applicants would be required to showcase the skills they will need to work in the company.

All these steps take a lot of time as there are many applicants in some cases, the time meant to do other things will now be spent on selecting new applicants.

It is this problem that brought about the creation of AI recruiting software. This software does all the recruiting work for the company, but at the time of creation, the software could only check their qualifications and also tests their skills to check if they meet the company standard.

This was a great relief for companies. But there was still an issue, in normal job interviews, if applicants do not qualify for a job the interviewer gives him or her small talk on what to improve in their skills and how to go about it, this was not present in the AI software.

As time goes on AI recruiting software that can do this came into existence and is now giving companies their available benefits. In this article, you will be unveiling the best AI recruiting software that can be of great benefit to you and your company.

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Best AI Recruiting Software

1. Eightfold

This recruiting software is a modest AI recruiter and the producers call it to platform “a talent intelligence platform.” Eightfold allows users to test their whole talent while using the software, this is so as a result of the AI model “ holistic talent model” embedded in this software.

This AI model is one of its kinds and this has now been publicized in the software. Due to the increasing rate at which Eightfold is becoming popular, it now has about 1.5 billion talent profiles.

It is out of these profiles that the AI generates recommendations it showcases to the employers of companies so that they can have an idea of what kind of talent they should employ and also know when there is need to build on a particular talent they discover.

The framework this software employs for its activities is the skill-based framework and this framework connects people to job opportunities and gives them the option to select either full-time or part-time project and gig work; which can be hourly basis.

Eightfold uses the data it gets prudently; it uses it to understand the availability of a skill and then studies the maturity level of the skill, it also studies how relevant it is.

Whether it is relevant enough for people to use it to make money, it also shows id it is a skill that is learnable and lastly if the skill can experience a modification in specific organizations and also, throughout the global market.

The intelligence of this AI software is top-notch in the job recruiting sector. It engine power-based intelligence in checking the job requirements of applicants and gauging applicants’ skills can help lots of companies in their job selection roles.

The skills-based approach of this software makes decision-making around upskilling, reskilling, hiring, and staffing of contractors easy to make and also, and attaining diversity, equity, and inclusion goals is made easy for companies as well.

Companies who use this software enjoy the intelligence benefit that it uses to examine the skill adjacency and context to know if future capabilities of the skill are great and also if the need for that skill is going to increase as the companies grow.

The emergence of this software has allowed the applicants to self-learn as a result of the data displaying their errors and how they can improve to avoid such errors next time.

As users keep practicing on this software, data-driven updates that ensure consistent, correct evaluations of user capabilities and ability to learn against globally standardized job descriptions and requirements are released uninterruptedly.

Eightfold has a feature called “talent management”. With this feature, users from different languages can use it to get applicants from different languages to get tested.

This software isn’t for employers alone even employees can use it to find reskilling and upskilling opportunities across different courses, mentors, and projects that are available in the line of work and career they are interested in.

With these features, employees can find their career goals as they develop the necessary skills they need and also take responsibility for their career fulfillment.

There is a major benefit that Eightfold gives to its users, it allows employers to understand the real potential of their workforce on a large scale.

Also, this AI recruiting tool gives room to employers to make their worker’s skills grow to another level, as a result making them improve the quality of their workforce and also making the employees visible to other career opportunities.


1. It possesses talent intelligence suits

This feature collates internal, external, and contingent talent data together and then uses it to provide beneficial insights required to make good talent decisions.

With this feature, employers can unlock workforce potential by combining the career aspirations of their employees to build a new business strategy for their businesses.

2. Talent acquisition

This allows companies to know how to get applicants who are having the right skills and also, can learn to fill the roles faster. The cost of discovering such talent is cheap and also, and the screening process is made easy and many more.

The applicants with the right skills that the AI chooses are people with different working experiences as well which is beneficial for a company.

3. Talent management

Since the applicants with the right skills are of different working experiences, they also have different talents as well. With this talent management, each talent can be well managed and used effectively.

4. Talent Flex

This feature increases the workforce speed in a moving market by offering a circular view of the entire workforce at once. If there is a need to employ more talent, it gives users access to tap into an already existing talent pool of previous candidates, employees, and new workers.

With the record of the past work done by these workers, employers can easily identify the right person for their jobs quickly.

This saves time of screening and makes the dishing out of work for the worker easy and makes the whole work process fast and also reduces cost in the process.


  1. It has excellent features.
  2. It offers one of the best product designs to users.
  3. There is a demo version available for newbies.


  1. There is no bar showing the pricing plans.
  2. There is a need to improve the user interface on their website.


This AI recruiting software is founded by Aida Fazylova and it is written on the software interface that there is the provision of a digital recruiting assistant that enables its platform to deliver blue-collar workers for only $500 a hire within five days.

This platform recruits workers for companies or organizations on an hourly basis. The majority of the recruiting industries focus on hiring people for white-collar jobs, professional hiring, or addressing large volume hiring as an afterthought, these software often give explanatory notes on why this large employee segment is better.

XOR AI has a conversational recruiter chatbot ready to chat with anybody, this chatbot chats with users using a consolidated communication platform alongside tools for sending text messages, WhatsApp, live chat, phone calls, and video to create engagement.

The AI power chatbots can do automated repetitive tasks like screening, scheduling, re-engagement, onboarding, and rehiring. The chatbots can converse in more than 100 languages and this makes it useful for multinational corporations that converse with diverse cultures.

It allows the integration of several prominent systems that works in two different ways. XOR recruits workers that are sourcing for jobs on job boards, text conversations, career sites, freelance sites, etc.

It also sources people on other web extensions. All this it does on automation, after getting individuals ready for the job, connects to them directly instead of other work conventional ways.

With this software sourcing for workers for your work, there is no need to run targeted ads campaigns, rely on employment broadcasts done by job influencers in local districts, or even try multilevel referral programs to get employees, all the required processes are done automatically.

Once, a person that means the work criteria is selected, XOR does the screening, give the score, and then automatically schedule them and give a reminder on upcoming interview.

For a beginner in this tool, there is a detailed tutorial that features a list of how to use and get the best out of the tools. The features of this AI recruiter not only help users to scout potential talent but also, help in filtering them out to get the best out of the best talent for their work or organization.


1. Text Recruiting

This AI recruiter connects directly with individuals in their chat inbox and then checks their ability to do a particular work. And also, users can connect with old employees on their chat inbox with this software and then give the new task to them with no stress.

2. Candidate screening

Users can screen, score, and schedule the appointments of their applicants’ on this software. Users can spend more time with their applicants’ and get to know them after which they hire them.

The questions for the screening can be done at any time of the day and also on any device that supports the internet.

To make job recruiting faster, users can set up the screening questions automatically on any job recruiting platform like LinkedIn, Upwork, etc with the candidate screening feature of this software.

3. Interview Scheduling

This particular feature of the software takes care of the interview schedule for each applicant so the employers can spend time with those who qualify for the job and then hire them swiftly.

Users can create a schedule for interviews and then automate it so that the best talents won’t withdraw before they get the job.

Applicants can schedule the interview from any device at the instance they get qualified for the job.

4. Video interviewing

Users can create a live video interview with employees or ask for recorded video from employees, in the recorded videos you get the employees to answer already prepared questions.

You can do a live video interview to speak with the employees instead of meeting with them physically, users can get to watch the recorded videos of employees at any time.

This is an advantage for employees who aren’t in the country, they can take their interview via video with no glitches and the employers can review the video any time.


  1. Its features are up-to-date.
  2. It offers demos for users.
  3. It offers a good experience for beginners.


  1. There is no detailed information about the software
  2. It offers a short demo.

3. Arya

Arya is an AI recruiter that uses its AI model technology to source applicants from internal databases, social media platforms, job boards, etc.

It also creates one-click job ads just like other software recruiting software. This AI software works in a way that goes beyond the normal AI intuition; it works in a multidimensional way, and it understands both people and the kind of jobs that suits them. It is this quality that makes it stand out among other AI recruiting software.

With this tool, employers can chat and engage with potential applicants through phone calls, text messages, emails, and bots integrated into the communication dashboard.

It is because of this feature that employers can create automated personalized text messages and then direct them to a specific individual.

Also, employers can communicate directly with their candidates easily without getting to meet them physically with the help of applicant tracking system integration present on the software.

There is also this special feature it has, candidate relationship marketing. This feature is mainly included to support a series of automated emails sent to candidates who usually take certain actions on the website.

It can track the data of the email sent, data like the number of emails sent, opened emails, unopened emails, clicked emails, bounced back emails, etc.

The applicants can also respond to the emails sent. It allows dual-way communication and broadcast communication depending on how users want to use it, which can be either via email, text, or direct dial.

Arya has four different versions; Arya Quantum which happens to be among the four versions that has a neurodiversity AI model added to its bias mitigation list. This now makes this particular version of Arya a call-out capability in all known talent acquisition products.

The applicants provided with the help of this software are of high-quality rank and the software fees don’t cost too much, the fees can go as low as $599 per job done to get a list of candidates that are ready for the interview.

What makes the recruiting exercise the best is the fact that recruiting agent from the software works hand in hand with the software to get candidates and also screen the candidates as well to avoid getting the wrong candidates.

In the screening, the agent and the software AI recruiting bot engage with the candidates and then qualify the best for the job. The profiles of the selected candidates are stored for future recruiting.

What makes this software stand out from other recruiting software, is the large database of profiles it has. Arya stores both past and current candidates’ details, active job seekers, job board users, members of the platform that gives accreditation and organizations that are of good standing, social networking sites, etc.

Profiles are also stored in the database of this software. Over time this information builds up and forms massive data that can be useful for employers.

There is this thing this software does, whenever someone qualifies for a job, it gathers the details of people that also qualify for that same work and then creates a folder for them and keeps them all together, which it does for each job.

With Arya, users can communicate with qualified candidates irrespective of their diversity, equity, and lastly their inclusion goals, which it does with no extra cost or charges to make your business goal come to fulfillment.


1. Candidate Pipeline

Arya allows users or employers to have access to more than 150 million people who are actively looking for jobs and also, users have access to 650 million people who are no longer looking for jobs.

All these people are joined together and placed in one interface, this makes it easy for users to review, create a shortlist and then engage the candidates.

Since there are lots of people to choose from in the software database, users can further spread their search for candidates that suit their work outside, outbound recruiting will be much easier with the help of the large database of profiles of active and passive candidates.

2. Market Intelligence

The large database containing profiles of different candidates help employers to generate market intelligence that helps to get the most compatible candidates at a reduced cost.

With the help of real-time data, this software uses intelligence efficiently to move around the talent pool allowing users to select the most suitable candidates for their work.

3. Candidate Compatibility

There are times whereby a candidate qualifies for a job on paper but in reality, they are not the right candidate for the job.

But with the help of the Artificial intelligence in Arya, the candidates selected are always the right candidate because, during the election, it does a more detailed search with the help of the job intelligence and the virtual job agent of the software company.

The AI goes through the career journey of the selected candidates to uncover the qualified candidate that other AI systems didn’t notice.


  1. It has great pricing plans.
  2. It gives new users a demo account to test run.
  3. Its features are helpful.


1. Its user interface is not all that great.

2. It requires lots of practice to use.

3. It is not cheap to use.

4. Paradox

Paradox is a great multilingual recruiting assistant chatbot that can recruit workers from different language-speaking countries.

Not only that it can communicate in different languages, but this AI recruiter can also chat with tens of thousands of workers or employees, answering all their questions accurately, doing it consistently, over and over again.

This bot can answer questions at any time of the day or week with no sign of fatigue. This AI software is built to assist busy recruiters who have a lot of work to do. This AI assists these busy recruiters to offload repetitive chores and question applicants for them.

It also helps in arranging interviews and scheduling them with the right individuals who are needed for the interview, it does the interview schedule by going through the company’s calendar to see the available spaces, and the AI fixes the interview on the free company’s days automatically.

With the help of automated text messages, the rate at which interviews are canceled and interview disappointments are occurring is reduced, this feature now helps in saving the recruiters’ time.

Apart from scheduling interviews for recruiters, it can also schedule large events, onboarding sessions, seasonal hiring, and orientation for new staff, registration management, and also reminders for important meetings.

This AI has no limitations in the type of device it can use to create communication with applicant. It can communicate with applicants either via mobile devices or desktop devices.

When people communicate with this AI recruiter, it uses the response the applicants give as well as the geolocation, resume data, and other details to create a more interactive communication and also makes the experience hyper-personalized such that the communication does not go beyond the job and content the applicant is interested in.

Nevertheless, it is right to say that this AI software is a dynamic type, whose thoughts and interactions change according to the individual it is chatting with.


  1. It possesses special features unique to it only.
  2. It is highly accessible for all.
  3. It is quite popular and also, reliable software.


  1. There is a need to improve the user interface of the AI tool.
  2. Although it is highly accessible, it is not easy to use.
  3. The chat box can be made to be more interactive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best AI recruitment tool?

There are lots of AI recruitment tools that have been created. Some are free while some are paid but in the end, most of them have the same ability with only a few having more unique features.

Based on research these are a few like Arya, Paradox, Eightfold, etc are the best AI recruitment tools.

What software do recruiters use?

There are lots of software that are now available for recruiting new applicants and here are a few; Eightfold, XOR, Arya, Paradox, Fetcher, etc. All these AI software and many more are used by recruiters.

What platform do recruiters use the most?

There are over 830 million users who have an account on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has a large traffic and large profile database of people who are seeking jobs and are highly qualified for the jobs, although some of the applicants are full-time, part-time, beginners, expert, intermediate, or every other specification that recruiters are looking for. So, with this platform, they can have their candidates ready for the job.

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Wrapping Up On The Best AI Recruiting Software

With the help of AI recruiting software, users can now do many other things while still employing candidates that are fully ready and qualified for the jobs.

With the invention of software like XOR, users can just leave the whole job recruiting process with the software and still get the best candidates for the job.

XOR has good engagement with applicants and with the help of the programmed questions and answers in the software, users can relax and do other important things.

And here is Paradox, another amazing software explained above. This software can do the selection of candidates and make sure that the candidates with the right skills and attitude is employed for the job without needing the users to do anything other than integrate the screening questions and answers in it.

I hope this AI recruiting software listed above is of great help.

Which one seems to be the most suitable for your company?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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