Best AI YouTube Video Editing Software To Make Viral Videos

Best AI YouTube Video Editing Software

We are in the digital age and the medium of passing information has gotten a lot better than before.

There’s hardly any space online that doesn’t require the use of video, Google the biggest search engine has a section for video content, the same goes for other search engines and other big social media platforms.

Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok mainly use video to pass the information. 

With the increasing use of video to pass information, the need to make nice videos is also increasing as well.

There is no Individual that will watch a poorly edited video when there is a well-edited video available. That’s to say that, video content doing fine online is properly edited videos.

Do you know there are people with great video editing skills that use poor-quality tools? That’s why, a person with good video editing skills can only show his expertise when using good video editing software. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the best AI video editing software. Even though there are plenty of AI video editing software, there are still some of the available ones that are the best to use for editing videos for YouTube.

What is AI video editing Software? 

Ai video editing software is a tool that uses AI technology to make a recorded video better and more appealing to viewers. 

This kind of software does most or all of the video editing process on automation. Some of this task this kind of video editing software can do include; 

1. It offers fast trimming and cropping

This kind of video editing software automatically identifies the parts of the video that needs to be trimmed off from the rest of the videos. They also automatically crop videos to fit a specific ratio or size. 

2. It offers AI color correction

This AI video editors automatically adjust the color of a video and also moderates the level of brightness of a video. 

3. It offers smooth motion tracking

Due to the AI technology this software uses, it tracks the movement of objects in a video.

With this feature, users can easily make some adjustments to the video. Users can add text or graphics, or even create amazing transitions between each split clip or shot.

4. Scene Detection

With the AI motion detector this AI video editing software possesses, it can automatically detect different scenes in a video. Video editors who want to make chapters or video summaries can do that with this feature. 

5. Video Generation

This feature is a top upgrade of AI video creation. With just a text description or a set of images, this smart software can make a video from scratch. 

What is the difference between AI Video Editing and Traditional Video Editing Software?

Both AI video editing and Traditional video editing software offer the same video editing service, but with AI it is done faster and easier. 

That’s why the main difference between AI video editing software and traditional AI video editing software is the presence of artificial intelligence in the AI video editing software. 

With AI video editing software, the videos appear more polished and professional than the video editing service offered by traditional editing software. Here are some key differences between AI Video Editing and Many Video Editing Software

1. In terms of speed of editing videos

AI video editing software automates the editing process, making editing processes such as trimming, cropping, and color correction. While traditional video editing takes time to trim, crop, and adjust the color of the video.

2. In terms of accuracy

AI video editing software is very accurate in identifying objects and scenes in a video producing a professional effect in the long run, while Traditional video editing software might not be able to produce the same professional effect. 

3. In terms of creativity

AI video editing software easily performs cool editing on videos, while using traditional video editing software, some video editing might not be easy to do. 

4. In terms of cost

AI video editing software is less expensive while traditional video editing software is more expensive. 

Now that you know what AI video editing software is and what it can do. Let’s get to know other software. 

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Best AI YouTube Video Editing Software

1. Invideo AI Tool

Are you looking for AI YouTube video editing software for your PC? InVideo is available for that. It is a video editing software that works on Windows and MacBook.  

Invideo is an AI editing software that is very flexible to use. This AI software offers a lot of features that make editing interesting for users. 

Both beginners and experts in video editing can turn a video into a professional standard video with just Invideo. 

It helps users to make all kinds of clips that can be posted on any of the social media platforms. With the help of both pre-made and blank templates, users can perform all sorts of editing on the software. 

Do you know on Invideo, you can turn an article into a video? There’s a feature that allows that. With just the text info, Invideo creates amazing videos with the superb visual elements it possesses. 

Before we move to the features, one cool thing about this software is, it possesses a feature that supports video content for different social media platforms. 

With this feature, a user can create video content for YouTube, Tiktok, Snapchat stories, Facebook Stories, Instagram Reels, etc. 


1. It produces Quality Video Editing

It doesn’t matter whether the user is a professional or a beginner in video editing. Since the user is creative, this software allows users to trim, crop, and merge video clips. 

Users can adjust the speed and volume of the video and add text overlays, shapes, images, etc. To the video in other to make it more professional.

2. It possesses templates

Invideo offers users a vast collection of different pre-designed templates. The templates are available for different video sizes, users just have to edit them to suit their needs or just use them directly.

Beginners can take advantage of these templates to make mind-blowing videos. 

3. It possesses storage of quality visual elements

Invideo allows users to use quality images, videos, and music tracks from its massive storage base. These visual elements make one’s video more beautiful and engaging.  

4. It Possesses a Text-to-speech Feature

There are times whereby creating a video of some context isn’t just possible due to some limitations. But with this feature, users can sure create any form of video content. 

Just by pasting the text into the software interface, users can prompt the software to generate a video using the text as the script.  

User’s Experience

Invideo allows users to create stunning videos. We did get some positive reviews from users while gathering some reviews. 

One of the very first people we met told us how easy it is to create videos and edit them on Invideo. One of them said; “ I don’t have to wait to create videos and edit videos any longer. With just my script, Invideo does the creative process for me.” 

We met a young lady who is an Instagram Content Creator, she talked about how badly she needed a video editor. 

She said; “ That search stopped after I came across Invideo. This software allows me to use the color presets to adjust my video lighting, add amazing overlays to my videos, etc.” She said Invideo allows her to add a good ending to her videos. 

There was a time we met a young man who is a YouTube content creator. He said; “Even though Invideo offers lots of amazing features, it doesn’t allow users to fully edit the templates it provides. 

Users that have different brand color that’s different from their brand colors, might have issues with the templates.” 

We met a woman who is in her 30s and still creating content. She said; “Although this software does not provide quality customer support, the tool still offers quality video editing. 

So far you have a creative mind, you will be able to make videos look good. “Those were the few user reviews that we were able to gather from Invideo users.


Invideo offers three different pricing plans to users:  

1.  Free Plan

New users who aren’t ready to pay for the plans, but want to try it out can use this plan. Users can create 40-minute videos and even have access to Invideo’s visual elements. 

It also allows users to have access to the templates. All these benefits are available for free and they all have the watermark of Invideo.  

2. Business Plan 

This plan offers all the features of the free plan with 60 video capacity. Each of the videos doesn’t have an Invideo watermark on them. It cost $15.00 per month. 

3. Unlimited Plan 

This plan offers all the features of the business plan apart from the fact that it supports unlimited videos per month. It cost $30.00 per month. 


1. It allows users to create videos in different languages.

2. It offers automated text-to-speech to users.

3. It offers an intuitive user interface. 

4. Users can easily create videos in portrait, landscape, or square formats. 


1. It is not a good video editing software for advanced video editors.

2. It doesn’t allow users to switch between different templates.

3. It takes a lot of time to export videos. 

4. It depends on an internet connection to function. 

Frequently asked questions about Invideo

Can a user collaborate with other editors when using the Invideo editing feature?

Invideo allows users to collaborate with other individuals who are video editors like them. Users just have to invite team members to collaborate on the video projects they are working on, review them together, and then jointly provide feedback on the Eid to edited videos. It creates a collaborative atmosphere like that of a physical meeting. 

Does Invideo provide users with high-quality images and videos?

Users of Invideo video editing software have access to a vast amount of stock images and videos that don’t have copyright infringement. 

Users just have to scroll through the images and videos present on the Invideo interface that matches their type of content. 

Can users use their videos and images on Invideo?

Users can use their own images or video content on Invideo. The reason is that this smart software allows users to upload their own video or image content and then use them in creating videos on the Invideo platform. 

Does Invideo provide automated voiceovers for its users? 

InVdeo has a feature that allows users to get automated voiceovers for their videos. It offers different voiceovers personality which users can even customize for their video.

Why should anyone use Invideo as their favorite editing tool?

Individuals who are beginners and want to create mind-blowing videos can use Invideos. Invideo offers cost-Effective Solutions to its users, it offers more benefits than the price it charges. 

There’s hardly anyone that doesn’t like smooth navigation on AI editing software interfaces, Invideo offers its users a user-friendly interface in which they can easily navigate around. 

It offers a wide variety of templates that can be used in making amazing videos. The extensive Stock Library it possesses allows users to be able to make more appealing videos. 

The automation features it offers like automated voiceovers, etc. Users are sure to have an amazing video for their audience. 

2. Pictory AI Tool

If you are a lover and creator of YouTube shorts, using pictory is the best choice. Pictory is an expert cloud-based tool for short videos and it does an excellent job at editing it.

Pictory is an advanced AI Tool that utilizes the advantage of artificial intelligence to help businesses to create and edit videos quickly. With the help of its AI technology, it automates a lot of tasks that involve video editing. 

It does automatic transcription of the audio sound in a  video, such that the transcript can be extracted from the tool as a subtitle file. 

It also matches the footage of a video to a script on auto-run. What made this possible is the presence of the natural language processing model and AI that understands languages and audio sound, such that it can place the text in the right footage.

Features of Pictory AI Tool

1. AI-powered video editing

Pictory developers utilize the power of AI technology to develop this tool’s video editing prowess. It performs a lot of editing tasks on auto-run. 

It does tasks like audio transcription, captioning of video, different personalities voiceovers, video highlight creation, etc. All these listed above are done automatically. With just a tap on the prompt, Pictory performs the task.

2. It offers Branded Templates

Pictory offers different sorts of branded templates. These templates can be utilized by different YouTube short creators to create their short videos. Pictory allows users to edit the pre-designed templates with their brand logo, colors, and fonts.

3. It offers stock footage

This software provides a storage base full of stock footage. This stock footage includes; high-quality images and high-quality videos. 

Pictory provides this feature to allow users to use it to create different video types, such as product demos, explainer videos, and marketing videos.  

4. It offers Hootsuite integration

This software offers integration with Hootsuite; a social media platform. This sort of integration allows users to schedule their videos to be posted on their social media accounts at a particular time frame.

User’s Experience

Getting reviews for Pictory wasn’t that hard for us. We met some people on our first outing. Luckily for us, these individuals are all users of Pictory. 

The first individual who answered said; “Pictory is an advanced technology tool that is user-friendly and offers an easy-to-use interface. 

Most especially a beginner like me who is a YouTube short creator can easily navigate around the software interface.” 

The second individual within the trio told us he is a content creator that also offers video editing services. He said, ” Pictory AI Tool helps me in creating different kinds of AI-generated images. 

I also use the intuitive editing tools to make videos of my clients better. I create YouTube videos, create short ads video content for online businesses, and also run YouTube short channels for clients using pictory. 

Video creation is just fun with Pictory. There is however one thing I don’t like about Pictory, whenever I am doing a lot of work on it,  it suddenly just slows down and starts lagging”

The last person of the trio told us his point of view on the Pictory AI service. She said; ” Pictory offers me speed and convenience when it comes to creating visual content. 

Also, in terms of video editing, I have found Pictory to be a good assistant and guide for me. It allows me to easily create and edit videos to a professional standard even though I am a beginner. 

But one thing I don’t like about this tool is the poor customer service system they offer to users and the high price tag they charge me for using their tool’s service.”


1. Free Trial Plan 

It offers users the ability to create 3 video projects. Each of the videos isn’t to be more than 10 minutes long.

2. Standard Plan

It offers up to 30 videos per month and It offers up to 10 hours of video transcription. It cost $19.00 per month. 

3. Premium Plan

It offers up to 60 videos per month and it also offers up to 20 hours of video transcription. It cost $39.00 per month. 


1. Pictory offers stock video and images that it can match accurately to a group of text. 

2. It is an easy-to-use video editing software for beginners.

3. It offers automated voiceovers with the advantage of using different personalities to carry out the voiceovers. 

4. Pictory offers a free trial. 


1. It doesn’t offer a free version.

2. It sometimes lags when under too much workload.

3. The standard plan doesn’t cover automatic voiceover synchronization.

4. It doesn’t support any other language apart from the English language.

Frequently asked questions About Pictory AI Tool

What are Pictory AI Tools?

Pictory AI too is a video editing software that uses artificial intelligence to help users to create engaging and professional videos within seconds. 

Fun fact, it does video creation very easy. Users can easily use Pictory to create videos from blog posts, articles, or from scripts. 

This software offers other top-notch video editing features such as customization of videos. This kind of video customization includes video background music, amazing voiceovers, and smooth transitions. 

Can a user record and upload a voiceover from his device storage?

Pictory supports users to record and upload their voiceovers if they have one. With just a single tap on the “Add Audio” Option on a particular scene, if you want to add audio, a user can easily record their voice for the scene. 

And if a user wants to add the voiceover for the entire video, the user has to add the audio to the audio uploads and then tap the “Entire Video” Option to activate the prompt.

How long does this Pictory AI Tool take to create a video?

The set amount of time it takes to create a video depends entirely on the length of the combined videos or images in the video editing section. The exact time can’t be set because of this uncertainty. But be rest assured this software creates videos faster.

Can a user monetize YouTube videos created with Pictory voiceovers?

Pictory voiceovers although robotic still portray a human being sound and can still be monetized. Don’t worry, if you have the intention of monetizing your YouTube videos. The videos that have their voiceovers done by Pictory voiceovers, you can sure monetize it.  

How can a user remove the watermark from the Pictory video?

A user can remove the watermark from the Pictory video created using the free trial plan. Users can either upgrade their account to a paid account. Immediately after this is done, the watermark on the created or edited videos will clear off.

Another way to remove the watermark from your Pictory video is to go to this website “”. On this website, there are many AI tools, and video watermark removal is one of the AI tools it possesses. 

Upload your video onto the tool’s interface by tapping the upload option. Ensure you frame the entire video and then select the area you want to remove the watermark. Once you tap the “Apply” option, the watermark immediately clears off.  

Why we selected Pictory AI Tool?

Pictory is one of the top AI YouTube video editing tools that easily allow users to turn long or short-form text into video content that possesses an appealing visual display.

The user interface is very interactive such that it is very easy to navigate around the options. It offers amazing video editing features such as color correction and enhancement, offers Hootsuite integration, and many top-notch AI YouTube video editing features. Users can create amazing videos with colorful details with ease. 

3. Synthesia AI tool

If you are a content creator that wants to create a top-notch video that portrays the handwork of a professional video editor, Synthesia is the right choice for you. 

This smart software does smooth video creation and it also does nice video editing for different kinds of videos. 

This software allows users to adjust the coloration of their videos, and adjust the frame size of their videos. It also allows users to create videos from scratch. 

Users just to have a good descriptive article and then upload it in the section that allows users to upload text and then convert it into videos. 

Synthesia ensures that this video is created exactly as the article describes. Bloggers who want it turn their blog into a video channel can use Synthesize to achieve this dream. 

Features of Synthesia

1. It offers Visual Presenters

Synthesia allow users to enjoy smooth video creation if they don’t want to show their face. With this feature, users are sure to enjoy that privilege as they can use the virtual presenters provided by the Synthesia AI tool. 

Users can customize the virtual presenter they want to do the video presentation for them. Users can customize their skin tone, hair, etc. Of the virtual presenter. The virtual presenters align with the audio sound of the video and not lagging at all.

2. It supports multiple languages

Synthesia possesses a natural language processing model and the DeepL model combined with Artificial intelligence technology that allows it to decode and understand different languages. 

It can decode and understand about 60 languages. What this means, users can create videos for about 60 different language-speaking countries that synthesia support.

3. It offers text to videos features

This smart software allows users to convert their articles or blog post into videos. This is a fantastic feature as you don’t even have to draft a script for it and stage it. 

With just the article you upload in the available space, the software does the video creation automatically. It ensures the video created and the articles align with each other.

4. It offers easy video editing features

This feature is very cool. It allows users to do editing to their videos very easily. Users can trim the length of a video and cut it off with just a few clicks. 

It also allows users to frame their videos by themselves. This software also allows users to create overlays and then automatically sync them immediately after the user places the overlays on the video.

User’s Experience

While going out as usual for the review gathering we didn’t get anyone on our first and second outing. On the third outing, we were quite productive. We met a woman who is still in her early 20s. 

She is a YouTube and Tiktok content creator. She said; “ I have used different kinds of video editing software and I haven’t seen any tools who match the avatar syncing of Synthesia. 

I like the fact that it follows the video flow and does not lag. I didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t add another audio sound to my videos.” 

The other person we met on the third day was also a YouTube and Tiktok content creator. She said; “ Synthesia allows me to easily edit my video, allowing me to have extra time. 

I am a very busy person, so with the smooth editing Synthesia offers, there is no way I won’t like this software. 

There is one major thing I don’t enjoy about this tool, I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t offer me a fluent translation in my videos when using the translation feature. “

The third person we met before the end of that day told us he was busy and that we should come back by the weekend. 

He gave us his contact details so we reached out to him. On meeting that day,  He said; “ Synthesia is a good tool that I have used to turn the majority of my blog post into videos, I like the fact that it does the conversion smoothly and the characters act according to the contextual meaning in my articles. All thanks to Synthesia, I have a YouTube channel.”


It users have access to two pricing plans.

1. Personal Price Plan

Synthesia offers its AI service features to users on their plan, for the cost of $30 per month.  

2. Enterprise Plan

Synthesia offers a custom price for this plan. Users on this plan only know the price when they order the plan.


1. Synthesia avatars are very realistic such that the individuals watching the video won’t notice it is an AI doing the presentation.

2.  It saves the time and energy of users.

3. It supports about 60 different languages.

4. It has a smooth user interface. 


1. It is not easy to learn how to use the software to edit and create videos.

2. It does not offer a flexible pricing plan.

3. It sometimes offers bad translation. 

4. It doesn’t allow users to add more than one audio sound to a video.

Frequently asked questions About Synthesia

What does Synthesia use to run its operation?

Synthesia is powered by an AI algorithm technology that allows it to analyze and generate realistic video sequences of virtual presenters. 

This smart software allows users to turn blog posts into videos within seconds depending on how long the blog post is. 

A fun fact is the video created using a blog post appears as a normally created video from scratch using different images and characters. 

The virtual presenters acting out the blog post displays the right facial appearance and gestures just as described in the blog post.

How can a user edit a video created using Synthesia?

Once a user creates a video and exports it out of the software’s interface, he can still edit it with this video editing software. 

Users just have to re-upload it back to the software interface and then use the editing features to edit it. Users can trim, merge, and rearrange the video clips. 

Users can also add text overlays if need be, users can also add graphical images into their video, etc. Users can the video created with Synthesia to play around with the editing features of this smart software.

Can a user integrate Synthesia with other video editing tools or platforms? 

The software developers of this Synthesia are amazing people and long-term thinkers, they know some users might want to integrate other video editing tools into their software interface. 

With this knowledge, they put the feature on their interface. So, therefore, users don’t have anything to worry about, Synthesia allows users to integrate other video editing tools. 

Can users use Synthesia for commercial purposes?

This smart software allows users to create videos using Synthesia AI features. Users can then monetize the videos if they want. 

This smart software allows users to also review videos of Synthesia and monetize it. But before doing so, it is best you read the licensing terms provided by the software support team.

Why is Synthesia one of the best video editing tools?

Synthesia is great virtual video creation and video editing assistant that doesn’t stress users out. It allows users to create videos from text using realistic virtual presenters. 

It allows users to change the language of their video from English to a different language using its Multi-Language feature. 

It also allows users to customize the videos they created on edited on the smart software easily with the customization options. Although the user interface isn’t that friendly to beginners, the video editing features it offers are great.

4. Filmora WonderShare AI Tool

Filmora WonderShare is for individuals who want to take the level of their video editing skills to another level. 

Filmora WonderShare offers top-grade video editing features to its users. It allows its users to enjoy a powerful yet intuitive interface that makes users always want to use it for video editing.

With amazing features like automated color correction and noise reduction, this software is one of the top AI-powered tools for video editing. 

It allows users to create professional-quality videos easily such that users who are beginners can give the same quality as a professional. 

Filmora WonderShare allow both professional and beginners in video editing to have a wonderful experience when editing videos. 

Features of Filmora WonderShare AI Tool

1. It offers Basic Video Editing Tools

Filmora WonderShare offers its users basic editing tools such as; cutting, trimming, splitting, and merging clips. 

It does these features automatically. It allows users to change the playback speed of the video, add transitions, and apply filters to their videos.

2. It offers users an advanced video editing tool

This software allows users to perform more advanced video editing features on their videos. It allows users to add chroma key, do motion tracking, and Keyframe animation to their videos. With this AI tool, a beginner can do video editing that matches the level of professional video editors.

3. It has an amazing media storage base

Filmora software developers offer users a built-in media library that supports a variety of stock footage, music, and sound effects. 

With this amazing storage, users can make a boring video interesting. Filmora also allows users to import their media if they don’t like the ones present in the software media library.

4. It offers cool export options

Filmora Wondershare allow users to export their videos in different video format. Users can export their videos in MP4, AVI, and WMV. Filmora also allows users to upload their videos directly to social media websites. 

User’s Experience

“Filmora has many unreliable features. I used it to edit some of my videos and it was very terrible. I was lost at some point while navigating around for it.” That was a very bad review from one of the users of this software. He complained bitterly. 

Another user we met on our second outing gave his honest review. He said, “ Their customer service is pretty bad and to move around the internet page isn’t an easy task to do. One of the most annoying things about Filmora is that users can’t download the free items it offers.”

There is this particular user that gave good quality reviews. She said; ” I use Filmora to edit videos of interior decorations I made for my clients. 

I also make use of Filmora to make real estate videos of houses I want to sell to potential buyers. Filmora has allowed me to make tons of money.” 

There was this particular young guy we met in a restaurant. He is in his late teens and is also a content creator on YouTube. 

He gave a positive review, and he said; ” I make reaction YouTube videos on eye-catching movies I watch. To ensure I keep my audience addicted to my videos, I use the amazing features of Filmora to achieve this.” 


Filmora offers 3 different Pricing options.

1. Annual Pricing Plan

Filmora allows users on this plan to get access to all the features of this tool for a discounted cost of $49.99 per year, it cost $106.95.  

It offers a 7 days free trial, after which a user pays $20.99 per month. It allows users to enjoy Filmora upgrades for one year.

2. Cross-Platform Pricing Plan

This pricing plan goes for a discounted price of $59.99 per year for mobile visitors, it cost $79.99. It offers users a perpetual license. 

3. Perpetual Pricing Plan

This pricing plan of this software goes for a discounted price of $79.99. This fee is a one-time fee. It allows users to stay on Filmora 12 features updates only, it doesn’t support upgrades.


1. It saves time of users and energy of users.

2. It allows video editors who are just starting in video editing to edit videos like experts.

3. It supports different video formats when exporting.

4. It offers lots of amazing fun filters, effects, and interactive transitions.


1. It offers a watermark in videos edited through the free trials account.

2. It doesn’t have advanced video editing features like Adobe Premiere Pro.

3. It is heavily demanding on computer processing power.

4. It doesn’t offer lots of stock images and videos.

Frequently Asked Questions About Filmora Wondershare

What are the system requirements for Filmora? 

Filmora WonderShare is very demanding on the computer processing power, that’s why it works only on computers with the operating system of Windows and MacBook, has an Intel core i3 or higher, and with a RAM capacity of 4GB as the minimum requirement. 

It doesn’t work on any computer that does not support Windows or MacBook operating system. To get the latest requirements for your computer, go to the software’s main website. 

What video formats does Filmora support on its interface?

Filmora supports all sorts of video Formats. It supports popular video formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV, etc. It also supports all sorts of audio and image formats in case you want to add them to a video in the creation stage.

Can a user use Filmora to edit a video with a 4K formats?

Filmora allows users to edit videos that are in video formats of about 4K resolution. Users can export, import, and edit videos that have a resolution of 4K, allowing users to work on a video with high-quality footage.

What are the major features of the Filmora AI Tool?

This smart tool offers different kinds of features. It offers features like timeline-based videos, audio editing tools, text and titles, green screen effects, different transitions features, and it offers different effects and filters. 

It allows users to perform screen splitting and coloring adjustments, audio mixing, and other advanced video editing features that make a video more interesting.

Why should anyone consider Filmora WonderShare AI Tool?

Filmora WonderShare is a good editing AI tool that is sometimes compared to Adobe Premiere Pro. It allows users to add music and audio to their videos. Users can import audio sound or music tracks from their device storage to add them to their videos. 

It allows users to easily adjust the volume of the imported audio sound and even add effects to it. This smart software offers users pre-designed templates that can be edited with ease. 

These templates can be added to the video in the editing stage to make it easier to add some cool effects that make videos more appealing. 

One cool feature of Filmora WonderShare that made us select it as one of the best tools is this; “Filmora allows users to export their videos in different formats and resolutions.”

5. Adobe Premiere Pro AI Tool

If you are a professional video editor or a beginner in the video editing field, don’t look anywhere else. Adobe Premiere Pro is the current master in that field. 

This smart video editing software can make a beginner edit video like an expert. Access Adobe Premiere Pro from Adobe Creative Cloud. 

As powerful as this AI software is, the user interface is very easy to understand. With the smart features on its interface, users are sure to enjoy a smooth video editing process and create neat and professional videos with just a few taps here and there. 


1. Timeline-Based Video Editing

Adobe Premiere Pro is a top-grade tool that offers a timeline-based editing user interface. This smart software has a well-organized interface such that users can arrange the videos they are editinlinearlyer. 

With the timeline feature, users can easily control the timing and the arrangement of elements they want to add to their videos.

2. It supports audio multi-track editing 

This feature allows users to perform multiple audio track editing, allowing users who want to work with multiple audio and video tracks to easily do so with ease. 

With this feature, users can perform complex audio layers, synchronization, and mixing of different audio sounds different from the main audio of the video in the editing stage.

3. It supports different file formats

Adobe  Premiere Pro allows users to import different audio file formats, video formats, and image formats. With this feature, users can import different sorts of file formats and then perform amazing editing on them. 

It can handle high-resolution footage of videos, it can even support video resolution of 4K and 8K resolution. It also supports different frames size and ratios of videos.

4. It offers Professional editing Tools

These smart tools allow users to perform top-notch video editing. With the artificial intelligence algorithms in Adobe Premiere Pro, it analyzes and detects faces in the video sequence. 

With the color wheels and color curves, users can easily develop a custom color correction for the video they are editing. 

And with the motion tracking technology this software possesses, users can easily follow objects in motion and easily add effects that complement the object easily. 

User’s Experience

While going out during our recess, we met up with a colleague of ours who uses Adobe Premiere Pro very frequently. 

He gave us his honest review. He said; ” Adobe Premiere Pro offers me lots of editing features which I utilize very well. 

The features allow my poor editing skill to appear as an expert video editor. Although it is quite pricey for me, I still try to get it now matter worth as its video editing features are very interactive.”

We met up with a popular Chef in his restaurant late in the night. The wait was worth it. After serving his last client, he finally came to us. 

Without wasting any more time, He said; “Adobe Premiere Pro is one tool I will forever use unless another tool that offers a more advanced feature is out in the market. 

I run a food YouTube channel to showcase my culinary skills in the kitchen. To edit my videos, I use Adobe Premiere Pro to ensure the visual display of the food I made appears more appealing to my audience. 

I don’t have any negative reviews as regards the quality of this tool other than, the first time I use the tool, I found it difficult to navigate around the features but with time it became easier to use the features.” 


1. Premiere Pro Plan

Users pay a fee of $20.00 per month. It offers all the editing features for this price tag. 

2. Adobe Creative Cloud

This particular plan allows users to have access to all of Adobe’s amazing apps. It cost $54.99 per month. 


1. It supports Windows and macOS Operating systems.

2. It can easily edit videos of 4K and 8K resolution videos. 

3. Adobe Premiere Pro receives constant updates.

4. It offers lots of editing features that make videos more interesting.

5. It supports the editing of 3D videos.


1. It is quite expensive for some pockets.

2. Its user interface is not that easy to understand. 

3. To use this software, it requires a constant internet connection.

4. It is heavily demanding on computer processing power (does not support processing power lower than Intel core i3)

Frequently Asked Questions About Adobe Premiere Pro 

What kind of operating system does Adobe Premiere Pro support?

Adobe Premiere Pro supports Windows and macOS operating systems now. To get the latest operating system and the specific version for your computer system, a user should download it from Adobe Premiere Pro’s main website. 

What computer operating systems does Adobe Premiere Pro support?

Adobe Premiere Pro is an AI tool that supports both Windows and macOS operating systems. To install Adobe Premiere Pro on your personal computer, you have to download it from the main website to get the latest version of the smart tool to use. 

Can a user use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit professional and personal video content?

A user who uses Adobe Premiere Pro will sure want to at some point edit a personal video to have a testament of his expertise. 

With Adobe Premiere Pro, users can make both professional and personal videos easily. This same tool offers different editing features that can be used for different kinds of video editing. 

Users can edit films for filmmakers, edit videos for parties, etc. Users can also use it to edit videos of hiking done with friends, videos of picnics, etc. 

Can a user import media files from different camera resolutions into Adobe Premiere Pro?

The software developers of Adobe Premiere Pro spent a lot of time and effort in making this wonderful tool. Adobe Premiere Pro supports video from all sorts of camera resolutions and formats. 

This smart tool can handle footage from all sorts of cameras such as DSLRs, camcorders, and professional cinema cameras. It supports popular video formats such as MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, and many others. 

Can a user edit videos in 4K and 8K resolution use Adobe Premiere Pro?

Adobe Premiere Pro allows users to edit videos in different formats, most especially 4K and 8K resolution. 

This smart software is fully packed with different editing tools that can be used to handle high-end video editing. Users can enjoy a smooth editing process with Adobe Premiere Pro.  

Why should users use Adobe Premiere Pro?

Adobe Premiere Pro has one of the most advanced audio track editing systems as a video editing tool. It offers good-quality audio editing and mixing such that a video with poor audio sound can sound more alluring. 

Users can easily adjust the volume, and apply some effects to make the sound more melodious in the ear of listeners. 

Adobe Premiere Pro offers multiple audio workflow editing and even supports smooth audio synchronization. 

Another amazing fact about this tool is that it offers cool visual effects and motion graphics effects.

These 2 effects allow users to make all sorts of visual editing that includes amazing animations, etc. 

The smooth multi-camera feature allows it to record all sorts of videos especially when filming an interview section, etc. These are one of the core reasons why this software is a great editing software.

6. Magisto AI Video Editing Tool

The belief in doing things with ease and still getting the best results is still very much around. With this smart tool called Magisto, users can easily create amazing videos, enjoying the smooth editing video creation process. 

Magisto is an advanced technology tool that possesses artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence analyzes and edits video footage that has not received any editing effects. 

The result is usually great, as the videos always appear professionally filmed. This smart tool is used by a lot of marketers to edit the videos of the product they want to sell off. 

With the editing effects, Magisto offer to its users, a lot of marketers have recorded to make lots of sales when they use the software to do their video editing. 

The user interface is very friendly, especially with the smooth automation of some features. The AI on this software performs the majority of the hard work in video editing, making users create stunning videos within a short while with no stress.


1. It offers smart video editing

Magisto software runs its operation using artificial intelligence technology. With AI technology combined with the visual algorithm of the smart tool, it analyzes and understands the content of a video. 

With the proper understanding, this smart tool selects the most engaging scenes in the clips, applies transition to them, and then allows smooth editing of the footage. The after-effect of the edited video always appears professionally looking.

2. It offers automated storytelling

Magisto AI Tool has this feature to make storytelling videos easy to create. Users just have to upload the video clips and images they want to use to make a video. 

After this, they select the theme or style they want the video to appear in and lastly add the soundtrack to make the video more lively. Magisto combines all these listed elements to create a narrative and more interesting story.

3. It offers cool video analytics and insights

For every video a user posts on his social media accounts or on YouTube, content creators always want to see the video analytics so they can make it better. 

With this Magisto feature, users can track all sorts of video metrics like; views, engagement, and audience demographics. This is to help users to gain useful insights into how great or bad their videos appear.

4. It offers text overlays and captions in videos

This smart software allows users to be able to add text overlays on their video, to emphasize some particular points in a video. 

Magisto also allows users to perform video captions such that viewers can enjoy the video and even flow along with the content. 

The effect of text overlays and captions is very useful when it comes to adding more context or providing more information to viewers.

User’s Experience

Going out as usual gathering reviews for this tool was quite interesting for us. We met a group of interesting friends who are all content creators. 

This group of friends are expert in content creation. The first person in the group we interviewed was very jovial. He said; “ Magisto has been a good video editing assistant to me. 

When I came across this tool, I wasn’t a professional video editor, and over time, I have become more proficient in video editing. 

I use Magisto’s great themes and great music to create more interesting features in my videos. Magisto is a cool easy-to-use video editing software to use for editing my videos.” 

The youngest in the group caught my interviewer’s attention and he walked up to him to ask him what his thoughts were on Magisto. 

He said; “ I started using Magisto recently and I have tried almost all the features on its interface. To be honest, the features although not as good as some of the video editing tools I have used before, it is still a good tool to use. 

Its features and functions are still good enough to make cool video editing effects. The fact that it has a cool user interface, makes me want to still use it.”

The beautiful lady in their midst was the last person we interviewed that day as we don’t want to take too much of their time. 

She said; “ You know all my life, I always enjoy editing videos I did for myself to portray my best appearance. That is one reason why I love Magisto. 

I enjoyed the fact that I could easily create a more beautiful version of myself by just editing the video record of myself. 

Although I don’t plan to use Magisto for a long time, so far it is one of the best video editing tools I have used before. 

Their customer support team are trying their best and I appreciate them for that, but I will still like it when they provide a speedy response to a problem a user tender to them.” After getting this last review we just went back to our base to continue our next agenda for the day.


It offers three different Pricing Options that are paid every year. 

1. Premium Plan

This plan allows users to create a video no longer than 10 minutes. Users have full access to all the editing features of Magisto. It cost $4.99 per month. 

2. Professional Plan 

This plan allows users to create a video no longer than 10 minutes. It offers all the features of the premium plan and a Vimeo Pro plan that has a value of $20.00 monthly value. It cost $9.99 per month. 

3. Business Plan 

This plan allows users to create a video not longer than 10 minutes. It offers all the features of the professional plan and a Vimeo Pro plan that has a value of $50.00 monthly value. It cost $34.99 per month.


1. It allows users to create video clips for different social media platforms within just a few minutes.

2. It offers users a massive collection of stock images and videos. 

3. It offers beautiful templates for smooth video editing.

4. It allows users to be able to edit their videos on both mobile devices and Computers.


1. It can’t be used offline.

2. It is expensive for some pockets.

3. It requires users to learn how to use its features.

4. It doesn’t offer a free plan.

Frequently Asked Questions About Magisto

How does Magisto run its operation?

Magisto possesses artificial intelligence technology that it uses to analyze the content of a video. Artificial intelligence technology used in making this software makes visuals, audio, and other sorts of elements. 

This smart software easily identified the intriguing moments in a video and then places the right transitions. 

It also edits the footage to create a more engaging video. Users can upload the video clips or photos they want to edit. 

Then select the style or theme with a soundtrack that goes in line with the video concept. After doing all this, the smart software does the remaining work.

Can a user customize the videos created by Magisto?

Users can easily customize the videos Magisto created. Even though the video creation process happened automatically, a user can still make some changes at the end of the video. 

You can add text overlays, titles, and captions, and then select one of the best done-for-you templates. The done-for-you templates can be edited to suit your purpose, you can adjust the style to personalize it. 

Can a user add their music to Magisto Videos?

Good thing Magisto provides its users with a library full of licensed music, and soundtracks that a user can add to a video. 

It also allows users to upload audio soundtrack from their device storage which can be added to the video. The added audio can also be edited to match a particular vibe.

Can a user create videos in different aspects? 

Magisto allows users to create the video in different aspect ratios with ease. It allows optimization features for various social media platforms. 

Users can create videos in the appropriate aspect ratios and dimensions that a particular media platform support. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc. All have different video aspect ratios and they are available for usage on this smart too interface.

Why is Magisto Suitable For businesses and Professionals?

Magisto allows users who are business content creators or personal content creators to use its services. 

This smart software provides helpful features that are very useful in creating different sorts of videos. Users can create social media content, product presentations, and many more. 

The fact that this software does most of the editing work on automation makes it very cool. It saves users’ time and effort, making it earn its way as most people’s favorite. 

7. Tool

If you are a lover of creating videos using digital human avatars, Rephrase is a good choice. Rephrase has features that help users to create incredible videos using human avatars. 

Being powered by AI technology, it can do some video editing processes on auto-run. It offers convenience and ease of usage to its users. 

Users can add different effects, music, and titles, and have their videos ready within a short while. With the automated process that this software does, users easily save time while helping a user to create professional-level quality. 


1. It supports different Stock avatars

This smart software offers lots of digital avatars that can feature in a full video. There is no need for users to hire any presenter any longer for this work. 

With just a few clicks here and there, you can have your digital Avatar awaiting your prompt to stage a video. It is cool that Rephrase AI tool has different kinds of digital human avatars.

2. It offers smooth text-to-speech conversion

Users can convert their text into alluring voiceovers. With a group of text copied and pasted into the available conversion space, the voiceover is ready. User has the option to select the type of voiceover personnel to read out their content. 

With this feature, users don’t have to make any huge payment to employ a voiceover expert to read out the script content of their video. 

3. It offers a Multi-lingual Speech feature

There is no need to worry about how to present your video content to non-English speaking individuals. With this particular feature, users can get their videos to appear in about 100 different languages. 

Users can employ over 100 different accents to read out their script as the audio of the main video. With this feature, users aren’t limited at all, they can always connect with their target audience in their respective languages.  

4. It offers Done-For-You(DFY) Templates

The availability of templates like this makes video creation/editing much easier. With the presence of DFY templates as a background for the video templates, users can easily create stunning videos within a short while. The DFY is very cool to work within an actual sense. 

User’s Experience

On our first outing, we went on an appointment with a marketing firm in the States. We met with the marketing firm’s representative. 

He was a very jovial person who has sound knowledge of marketing as a whole. He said “Rephrase AI Video Editor has never been the tool we use for advertisement. 

But on the request of one of our clients who want the character in the video to be that of a celebrity. As a result, we decided to think of a way to go around it and that is when we thought of Rephrase Human Avatar Video Creator. 

The video turn out well, the engagement and the sales it was bringing were massive. Rephrase is a good tool for human avatar video creation.”

We met with a freelance lady who does whiteboard animation as a gig. She said, “I came across Rephrase AI video editing tool during one of my research for more advanced tools. 

Rephrase hasn’t failed me for once. I have so far gotten more positive reviews from my clients since I started using Rephrase to work. 

I have also used the digital avatar to create educational content for some groups of students and it was fantastic. I plan to stick to Rephrase currently. “

My team and I also tried out Rephrase Video Editing Tool to make some of our YouTube videos. The results were fantastic though not as good as the result we hoped for, it was still not bad. We have seen more YouTube creators make use of the digital avatar of Rephrase and get massive gains.


It supports two different plans 

1. Personal Pricing Plan

It offers users stock avatars that can be used for their videos. It also offers 10 video credits for users to enjoy. It allows users to have their audio sounds in about 60 different languages. It offers a landing page with no commercial use. It cost $25.00 per month. 

2. Enterprise Custom Plan

It offers users exclusive custom avatars and the same goes for the video credits, it is custom as well. It is a plan that lasts for 12 months. 

Users enjoy over 100 different languages and a well-customized landing page that can be used for commercial purposes.


1. Users can easily create videos with just text.

2. It allows users to develop a digital human avatar that appears realistic. 

3. It allows users to make videos very fast.

4. It allows users to create amazing videos easily. 


1. It does not offer a free plan.

2. Users with their videos might not find this platform cool.

3. Its customer service is not that great.

4. It templates might not allow some advanced video editing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rephrase AI

What is the major work of Rephrase AI

Rephrase AI is an advanced AI technology that allows users to make videos without showing their faces. This is because of the presence of digital avatars that appear more realistic. 

This avatar powered by AI technology acts in a replica format of humans. Rephrase AI technology helps users in generating hyper-personalized professional-quality videos that different users can use for their businesses’ publicity or advertisement.

What is the major difference between Synthesia and Rephrase AI Tool?

Synthesia and Rephraser AI Tool offer video editing features that are of good quality. Synthesia and Rephrase AI Tool have different languages capability. 

Synthesia support 130+ languages while Rephrase AI Tool support about 100+ languages. Synthesia allows users to upload audio that can be customized to create a particular kind of voice. Rephrase AI does not allow users to upload voice on its platform.

Does Rephrase AI Tool allow users to personalize videos? 

Users are surely allowed to customize any video they create using Rephrase AI video editing Tools. Users can personalize the videos this smart software creates and monetize them if they want.

Can a user collaborate with other editors on Rephrase AI Tool?

This smart tool is very good at collaborating with other editors with no issues. This smart tool makes it easier for a user to invite other editors to work together. 

This collaboration operates like physical collaboration as the interaction is smooth. A lot of individuals enjoy the service of this tool. 

This tool also allows users to share their videos with other individuals. Users can share their videos on social media platforms with ease.

Why is Rephrase AI Tool a Top-grade Video Editor?

Rephrase provides automatic video generation with just a group of text. With a group of text, users can create explainer videos, marketing videos, and how-to videos. 

This is a great relief as users can work faster and save more time to do other things. Rephrase AI Tool offers high-quality graphics and animations that make engaging videos more professional. 

Rephrase AI tool also offers lots of templates that can be used in the creation process of videos. Users can create videos that portray their brand identity with this tool. Also, Rephrase allows users to personalize their videos by customizing them with different effects. 

One cool thing we love about this software is this. Users can easily share the videos they create either on social media or on blogs, etc. And also, the fact that they support collaboration makes it one of our best AI YouTube video editing tools.

8. Lumen5 AI Tool

Lumen5 is another AI-powered video editor that works as a virtual assistant. This tool provides help by making video creation easy. 

With the smooth-running user interface and the numerous automated tools, beginners can produce expert-level video content with no stress. There is no user that doesn’t enjoy the automated facilities this software offers.

Lumen5 can make high-quality video content within a few minutes. It does not matter if an individual is a beginner or an expert. 

Lumen5 can easily convert a group of text into engaging videos. Users can convert blog posts, articles, etc. Into videos. 

Users don’t have to do much to create videos on Lumen5. The AI tools of this software are well-equipped to help make the process faster and easier.


1. It offers smooth AI-powered video creation

Lumen5 runs in full operation with artificial intelligence technology. It generates videos based on text content. The content doesn’t have to be lengthy for the machine learning algorithms to understand the concept. 

This means a short text is enough to create a nice video. Users don’t have to manually edit the videos, add images or add background music tracks.

2. It offers Pre-made templates

Lumen5 offers a comprehensive library that contains lots of DFY templates. The DFY templates are very reliable when it comes to video creation. 

The templates come in different layouts, the layouts are done that way to provide multiple options for users. Users just have to find templates that match their brand models.

3. It offers a Drag-and-drop editing feature

These cool features allow users to easily drag and drop effects, images, and video footage in the editing section. 

Lumen5 allows users to add music from their device storage to the software interface. Users can also add voiceovers and captions to a video in the editing stage.

4. Users can export in multiple formats

Users can make use of different video resolutions on this platform and then export them in different formats. 

Users can export in video formats like; MP4, MOV, and GIF. Users can easily share their videos on different social media platforms or embed them as part of their website.

User’s Experience

We weren’t able to go out to get users to review this smart tool. We purchase tools and tried them out ourselves. 

Lumen5 is a powerful AI editing tool that allows all its users to create cool videos. It doesn’t matter whether it is a beginner or an expert using this tool, he can carry out professional video editing. 

While using this smart tool, we discovered that different businesses and marketers can fully enjoy this tool. 

Marketers can make good use of this tool to create engaging and visually appealing advertisements. People who are content creators can make good use of this tool to make content for their different social media platforms. 

The customer care service is not that bad. They sometimes answer one’s queries quickly and some other times they delay in reply. 

We all enjoyed the user interface as it was easier for us to navigate between the features. In summary, this software is a cool video editing tool to use.


This software offers 4 known pricing plans and 1 unknown pricing plan.

1. Community Plan

The community plan is a free trial account. It offers videos with the software’s watermark. The video quality is not more than 720p resolution. 

2. Basic Plan

The basic Plan is the first paid plan and it cost $19 per month. There are no watermarks on the videos. The resolution of the videos is more than 720p resolution.

3. Starter Plan

The starter plan cost $59 per month. Users can upload their stock photos and videos in this plan. The video resolution is higher than 1080p. This plan is suitable for individual content creators. 

4. Professional Plan

The professional plan cost $149 per month. This plan allows users to enjoy brand kits, and make their watermark for their videos. It offers more cool fewer as well. This plan is suitable for professional storytelling content creators. 

5. Custom Plan

This plan doesn’t have a publicly known price tag. It offers enterprise-level security, it offers team and collaboration, and many more. This plan is suitable for the marketing and communication team. 


1. This smart software is very easy to learn and use. 

2. Users can easily turn their blogs into videos with the Lumen5 video creator tool.

3. It has a massive music library that can be used for video background sound.

4. Lumen5 creates short-form videos easily for all social media platforms.


1. It can be slow sometimes when working on a heavy project.

2. This smart software is expensive for some pockets.

3. It doesn’t support a video of 4K resolution.

4. It doesn’t allow users in plans lower than ‘starters’ to change the colors/fonts in the video editor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lumen5

Can a user use Lumen5 for free?

Lumen5 is a top-notch tool that users can use the free account to make cool videos. Users just have to create an account to enjoy this benefit. 

You just have to paste the blog post URL or copy or paste the text in the blog to the videos section. Once a user has done this, he can create a nice video that has a watermark on it.  

What does Lumen5 do?

Lumen5 is an amazing video creator that allows users to create amazing videos. It helps users like marketers, publishers, and brands to make cool videos. 

Lumen5 uses the advantage of AI Technology to create video content within a short while. Users can easily create videos without it having any glitches and no external help.

Can a user use Lumen5 videos on YouTube? 

Lumen5 give users full commercial rights to all the videos they create using its interface. On the interface, users can enjoy a lot of copyright-free images, videos, and music. 

This footage is found in the software media storage and can be used fully to make videos. The videos can be published on the different available media platforms like; YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Users can post the videos on different platforms that support videos.

What is the length of the video Lumen5 support?

Lumen5 support videos are not longer than 10 minutes. It does not matter whether a user purchase a higher subscription plan, the length of the videos is still not longer than 10 minutes.

Why is Lumen5 cool to use?

Lumen5 is a very cool tool when it comes to “ease of use.” It helps beginners to create videos that look like expert work, even when they have no experience in video editing. 

It is so easy to use for editing because of the features of the Drag-and-drop. Users just have to drag and drop anything they want to appear in the video.

Lumen5 allows users to access its rich library full of templates of videos. These templates are well-designed to make videos of all sorts. 

As for its AI-powered features, they are very cool to use. The features make video editing easier and faster. All these features coupled with the fact that it possesses collaboration features make us tag it as one of our list. 

9. Wisecut AI Tools

The majority of YouTube content creators need software that allows users to create content faster. And also, edit faster so they can give their audience constant content. 

With Wisecut, all that worry is no longer necessary. With the powerful and intuitive user interface of this smart software, users can enjoy speedy creation. 

Wisecut offers AI-driven effects that can perform all the features that traditional video editing tool has. This smart software can do all the features of traditional video editing software automatically.  

It can automate the video creation process and then create professional videos. This smart software possesses an AI model that analyzes and recognizes the voice. 

This model makes editing videos more smooth running on auto-pilot. It automatically creates jump cuts and subtitles. 

Due to how smoothly the editing process is operating, users can easily add various sorts of effects, music, and many more features. 

Features of Wisecut

1. It cut off long pauses in videos automatically

This smart software automatically cut off long pauses between videos and then delete them. Users don’t have to go through the video over and over again to do that. 

Once a video lands in its editing interface, it easily eliminates the pauses. This in return keeps the attention of viewers to the video. 

2. It creates jump cuts for videos

This smart software automatically creates jump cuts to a video. This allows parts that are cut off not to be obvious while the video is playing. 

This makes the video appear in a clear, concise, and more engaging view. Wisecut ensures that the cut’s scar does not appear as the video is playing. 

3. It finds the perfect soundtrack for your video

Wisecut allows users to use its search bar to find a perfect soundtrack for a video. Users have access to select any soundtrack they want from the royalty-free music library. 

Wisecut now aligns the selected music track to match the video’s timeline. A fun fact is, Wisecut ensures that all music tracks are copyright free and can be monetized on YouTube.

4. It offers users automatic captioning and Subtitle Translation

Wisecut is a good video editor that assists users to run captions for their videos. This smart software helps users to translate their subtitles into other languages easily. 

It allows users to be able to cut down videos into smaller cuts. This feature allows users to be able to achieve more audience base easily. 

User’s Experience

My team and I met a young man who is currently using Wisecut. It took us time to get him. He said, “Wisecut is one of the best video editing software to use for video editing. 

I run a barbing saloon. For me to get good customers, I opened an Instagram account and YouTube account, to showcase my skills. What made me get more engagement and customers through my videos is because of editing.

I don’t use to edit before but since I started to edit using Wisecut, I have been getting people to order my service. 

I have a lot of money this year, thanks to Wisecut. For the record, I don’t like their customer care service, they are not responsive at all.” 

We met one young lady before typing this article. She gave us her honest review. She said; “ I so much enjoy Wisecut’s ability to analyze the dialogue that takes place in a video. 

This ability of its allow users to get suggestions on how to edit the video better. I like the fact that Wisecut can generate a transcribed storyboard based on a user’s speech. 

This feature allows users to edit the entire video through the text on the storyboard. I also like the fact that Wisecut can make my video editing process more fun and less stressful. 

Wisecut has relieved me from the stress of editing. What I don’t like about this software is that it is expensive to purchase.” 


This smart software allows users to access three pricing plans.

1. Free Plan

This plan is free forever. It offers 30 minutes of video per month. Users on this plan video editing are on low-resolution. It supports 30 minutes per file. It cost $0.00

2. Starter Plan

This plan offers 4 hours per month of video editing. Its video editing resolution is of medium quality. It offers 60 minutes per file. It cost $15.00 per month.

3. Professional Plan

This plan allows users to enjoy 10 hours of video editing. The 10 hours duration is renewed every month. It offers high-resolution video editing. It offers 90 minutes per file. It cost $57.00 per month. 

It offers a custom plan as well. Users just have to the customer service team for this plan. 


1. It can automatically split and cut off pauses in a video and ensure the video runs with no sign of the cut.

2. Wisecut easily edit and generate automatic captions or subtitles in 6 different languages. 

3. This smart software can easily create short YouTube videos from your long-form languages. 

4. It allows users to easily add background music to their videos.


1. This software doesn’t provide many visual effects that make videos properly edited.

2. The processing time of the video is not all that fast. 

3. Customer service team is not very responsive.

4. It doesn’t support multiple Languages.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wisecut 

What is WiseCut AI Tool?

Wisecut software is a cloud-based video editing software that allows users to easily create and edit videos. 

Users don’t need to have prior knowledge about video editing before using this software. Wisecut offers lots of video editing features that run on auto-run. It involves trimming, splitting, cutting, and adding text and music to videos. 

What Language Does Wisecut Support?

Wisecut supports the English language currently and not any other languages. The software developers didn’t give any information on when they are to add other languages.

Can a user cancel their account anytime? 

This software allows users to cancel their Wisecut account anytime they no longer feel the need to subscribe. 

But this action has a huge flaw, which is all the user’s video will disappear with no recovery. Also, the features that the user was using before clears off as well. 

Does a user need to enter their credit card details to try out Wisecut?

Wisecut doesn’t need a user to enter his card details before he can access the free account. The free account of Wisecut doesn’t support video longer than 30 minutes. 

To edit videos longer than 30 minutes, users have to pay for the paid plan. The same principle goes for the quality of videos beyond the free plan. 

Is it safe to use Wisecut for editing videos?

Anyone can use Wisecut to edit videos with no worry about safety. Wisecut ensures that users’ videos are stored on the secure server of the software. The secure server of this tool is protected by industry-standard encryption. 

Why is Wisecut one of the best AI video editing software?

Wisecut is one of the top AI video editing software. This software does smooth automatic video editing such that users don’t have to waste time editing video. 

It offers a smooth user-friendly interface that allows users to smoothly navigate around the interface. Wisecut also has a lot of features that can make video editing interesting. 

Its collaboration feature allows users to invite others to work with them. The pricing system is kind of affordable.  

10. RawShort AI Tools 

This is a top-notch video editor tool that is powered by AI technology. This software allows users to make top-notch videos. 

Making high-quality videos is the specialty of this tool such that it makes video creation a breeze. Since RawShort possesses AI technology, it does a lot of its editing process on auto-run. 

This smart software possesses all the necessary features that allow users to be able to create stunning videos. 

Within a small time frame, a user can create a video that is of high standard. Individuals who are content creators who create educational content with blogs are RawShort’s main users. 

With just a blog post users can create a video filled with characters. The video can appear in animated format or sketched format.


1. Easily animated video maker

This smart software possess drag-and-drop features. Drag-and-drop features allow users to easily make videos with just the dragging and dropping of images and videos. 

With this feature as well, it is easy to customize it. Users just have to drag and drop cool effects to make the video more pleasant to the eye.  

2. It offers stock footage

This smart software possesses a massive library that allows its users to choose any footage of their choice. The library contains millions of royalty-free graphics, audio files, and templates. All of these are stock footages that users can use at will with no copyright infringement.

3. It offers professional video editing service

This smart software creates professional videos editings easily. It doesn’t matter if the user is a beginner or a video editing expert. Users just have to use the features of this tool to create mind-blowing videos with no stress.

4. It uses a natural language processing model

The natural language processing model in this smart software interface allows this tool to correct grammar and spelling, and even format the text. These tasks are done automatically with no human prompt. 

User’s Experience

We met a group of people who are users of RawShort while gathering reviews. The first person we interviewed said, ” I don’t like RawShort, it doesn’t allow me to add voiceovers to my videos. 

Although it creates videos for me, I can’t use those videos if I want to have subscribers and grow, the videos are not something that anyone who likes to watch on YouTube. 

Also, I don’t like the fact that this software does not always open immediately after I opened it. I always have to go through an incognito browser to open it up.”

We met with one other person. She said; “RawShort help me in creating whiteboard videos for my YouTube channel. It has beautiful templates and animations that are amazing. 

It helps me create videos that have more beautiful effects on my kid’s channel. Apart from the fact that I want them to upgrade their video editing features, I don’t have any bad reviews.” 


It has 3 different Pricing Plans. 

1. Starter Plan

This plan is free. It offers 5 non-premium export. It allows users to export videos not higher than 480p Resolution.  

It allows users to create videos in a standard video format of 16:9. The outro of videos always has a watermark.  

2. Essential Plan

It offers users 25 premium export per month. It allows users to export videos not higher than 1080p resolution. It offers standard video formats of 1:1 and vert videos. It cost $20.00 per month.

3. Business Plan

It offers users 50 premium export per month. It allows users to export videos not higher than 1080p resolution. 

It offers users standard video formats of 1:1 and vert video. It cost $30.00 per month with a 33% discount when paid annually.


1. It offers a great free account plan. 

2. It provides users with easy to use, drag-and-drop interface.

3. It easily creates videos with just text, images, or videos.

4. It allows users to create whiteboard animation videos.


1. It sometimes experiences bugs issue.

2. RawShort sometimes slows down, I.e. it lags.

3. It is expensive for some individuals to use.

4. It can be difficult to download the videos created on the software interface. 

Frequently Asked Questions About RawShorts

What is RawShorts AI Tool? 

RawShort is a top-notch online animated video editing software. This smart software allows users to make videos of all sorts. RawShort is one of the video editing software that does the majority of the video editing automatically. 

Is RawShorts a Safe Video Editing Tool?

RawShort is a safe tool to use for video editing. Since it is a cloud-based software, users don’t have to download and install the tool to use it. 

With just the help of the internet, users can access the software features. Since it is a cloud-based tool, users can access this software feature from any device that supports an internet connection.

How does RawShort run its operation?

To use RawShort for editing videos, users have to select one of the numerous templates. The selected templates serve as this base for the video editing process. 

The next thing to do is to upload video clips or image clips and then customize them with text. To make the video more pleasant to the eye, they can add customized text, nice audio tracks, and good effects. 

After adding the right effects, users can either download the video in an MP4 file format. A user should download the video using HD resolution to make the video more neat. Users can now upload the content on platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Does RawShort provide API integration to its users?

RawShort allows users to integrate other software with the help of the API integration feature on its interface. With this feature, users can integrate other important video editing software. 

Why should a content creator use RawShort?

This software offers its users cool monetization opportunities. Users make cool money off it by just using it to create videos, either educational content or advertisement videos. 

It is very easy to use and users can make short-form videos for YouTube shorts, Tiktok,  Facebook reels, etc. All these features made us select this smart tool as one of the best video editing software. 

11. FlexClip AI Video Editing Tool

There is no one that doesn’t want his video to be highly sort after. But achieving it isn’t an easy task. There’s nothing to worry about, with this smart software called “FlexClip” users can be sure that they can achieve that goal. 

FlexClip is a video maker that is powered by AI technology. This smart tool creates professional-looking videos with no stress at all. FlexClip AI Tool uses its AI technology to automate the process.

With a smart and intuitive user interface, this smart tool helps users to be able to access the library. In the library of this smart software, many pieces of footage can be used to make a video more appealing to viewers. 

Users don’t need to spend too much time to get a quality video. It’s always fast mode with FlexClip AI Video Editor.


1. It offers cool Animation Effects on Auto-pilot

FlexClip offers text animation such that users can highlight important information in a video. The highlighted information is then displayed as overlay text on the screen. 

The element animation of this software, allows users to select animated elements from the library. The selected elements are now added to a video. 

It also allows users to add images or videos to a running video, to create a Picture-in-Picture. It also runs smooth transition animation.

2. It offers Audio Editing

FlexClip allows users to edit audio with ease. Users can add music from their library to the video still in the editing stage. 

With the smooth audio editing effect, users can trim off part of the audio file that is not relevant to the video. It also offers a cool noise cancellation effect to background noise in the audio.

3. It offers its users quality stock resources

Users of this software have access to a larger collection of stock products. There are about 1 million videos, 100,000 photos, and 10,000 music tracks. 

Each of these stock resources can be used freely by users. There is no copyright infringement for using the software.

4. Drag and Drop feature

This smart software allows users to easily create videos with just drag and drop. Users have to select the effect or templates they want. 

After which a user uses the Drag-and-drop feature to easily create videos. Just the drag of these image(s) or videos and the drop on the editing section makes a video on FlexClip. 

User’s Experience

This smart software is a good tool that does smooth editing. We met with some workers during our recess time and three of them happen to be content creators.

 The first person we interviewed said; ” FlexClip is a great tool for editing videos. I have used a different kind of video editing software that is powered by AI. 

To be honest, only some of them match the prowess of FlexClip. I use the drag-and-drop features to make video creation easier. 

It allows me to easily get my templates by searching the extensive gallery. One reason why I don’t like this tool, is some of the tools that make videos more interesting aren’t available on its interface.”

In our second interview, we talked with a young man. He said; “ FlexClip dashboard is neat and this as a result allows me to easily navigate between the features. 

FlexClip has helped me create lots of promotional videos and they have been doing well. I don’t like the fact that FlexClip does not let access to the template categories easily. I have to wait for the homepage to load first before I can access it.”

In our third interview, we talked with a young man as well. He said; “ FlexClip’s text overlays and its cool Voice-overs made me prefer their service. 

It makes my video interesting. The interface is very intuitive and users can create videos right from their phones easily. 

I don’t like the fact that it cannot edit long videos properly. It sometimes doesn’t display my text overlays on the video.”


There are four different pricing levels for FlexClip. They are;

1. Free Pricing Level

At this level, users don’t have to make any payment at all. Users can create low-resolution watermark videos only.

The videos users create can not be longer than a minute. It supports 480p SD download. 

2. Basic Pricing Level

Users enjoy video creation not longer than 3 minutes. It supports a video resolution of 720p HD resolution. It cost $5.99 per month, it cost $71.88 per year. 

3. Plus Pricing Plan

Users on this plan enjoy video creation for no longer than 10 minutes. It supports a video resolution of 1080p full HD resolution. It cost $9.99 per month, it cost $119.88 per year. 

4. Business Pricing Plan

Users on this plan enjoy video creation for no longer than 30 minutes. It supports a video resolution of 1080p full HD resolution. It cost $19.99 per month, it cost $239.88 per year. 


1. It has a very smooth user interface.

2. It allows users to edit videos on mobile devices easily.

3. FlexClip is a cloud-based software that users can operate anywhere that supports an internet connection.

4. It customer service team is helpful.


1. FlexClip is very slow when exporting longer videos from its Interface.

2. It doesn’t load quickly.

3. It doesn’t have some video editing features that make videos interesting.

4. To export videos in higher resolution, users have to upgrade to either the Plus or Business Pricing level.

Frequently Asked Questions About FlexClip

What is FlexClip and how does this smart tool work?

FlexClip is a top online video maker that anyone can use to create amazing videos. You don’t need to have any video editing experience before you can use it. 

The cool drag-and-drop effect allows users to edit videos, add images, text, and many more with ease. FlexClip also possesses DFY templates that users can customize to make neat videos. 

Users can either create videos from scratch or upload existing videos and edit them. With the cool editing effects on this smart software interface, a beginner can make professional-looking videos.

What are the devices that FlexClip support?

There is no specific device that FlexClip only works on. FlexClip software can be used on devices that support an internet connection. 

The reason for this is that it is a cloud-based software that can be operated via a device’s browser. But there is a limitation, it is very possible for some of the editing features not to work on some devices.

So, the number of features that this smart tool support is dependent on the device of the user.

Can a user use videos create on FlexClip for commercial purposes?

FlexClip gives full rights to users to use the videos created on its interface with no restrictions. Users can monetize their videos in as much the content they use in making the video has no copyright issues. In case you aren’t sure of the content copyright rule, you should find out before using it.

How can a user reach FlexClip Customer Care?

Users can reach out to them through the email on the main site. Their customer care team is available 24/7. So users can either chat with them through the live chat feature or email.

No matter the time, they are willing to respond to users’ questions on any issues they have.

What type of files does FlexClip allow users to upload?

FlexClip allows users to upload videos up to 400 MB in size. Users can upload the 400 MB video size in formats like MP4 (H264), MOV, WEBM, and M4V. 

Also, when uploading audio files of smaller sizes like 100 MB, FlexClip supports MP3, WAV, and AAC file formats.

Why should content creators use FlexClip videos?

FlexClip has a very friendly interface such that anyone can use it. The interface of FlexClip is very intuitive and easy to understand, with no complex features at all!! With the free plan, users can create videos though of lower quality. 

For higher quality, the Plus and Business Plan are there to help with that. With the fact that it possesses a wide range of features, it allows editing videos fun. 

Users can try out a lot of things on the interface like the DFY (Done-for-you) templates, Stock footage, music, and many others.

What prompts us to select this AI YouTube video editing software for content creators, is the cloud-based feature. 

Users can access their videos and presentation anywhere. All a user need is a device that supports an internet connection that’s all. 

It is for this reason that this AI tool is good on mobile devices as well. Users can use their mobile devices to create cool videos.

Some Commonly Asked Questions about the Best AI YouTube Video Editing Software

How does AI video editing work?

AI video editing working mechanism is the use of AI technology to make video editing fast and easier. The AI technology present in the editing tools automates and enhance the various video editing process. 

AI video editing makes tasks like trimming and cutting, color correction, stabilization of shaky images or videos, text insertion, and many more. Very interesting and easy. 

The use of AI video editing makes one’s work more neat and professional even if one is a beginner. With the advanced machine learning algorithms in these AI tools, they analyze and understand videos. 

With the proper understanding of the videos, these smart tools make intelligent decisions. The decision, therefore impacts the editing style, making the video appear more appealing.

What are the benefits AI video editing offer to users?

These AI-powered tools can do a lot of tasks. They can automatically trim, crop, or stabilize videos. AI video editing tools also adjust the color and exposure of a video. 

They help users in creating videos that are engaging that keep viewers glued to their phones. It does this with well-aligned captions, catchy transitions, and cool background music tracks.

All these effects are placed in the video based on the type of content the video is all about.

Which AI Tools improve the quality of videos?

Numerous tools improve the quality of one’s video. HiQuality is a professional video and photo enhancer that uses AI technology. 

It is the AI technology in its Interface that it uses to make a video have higher quality. With just a tap, users can customize the video quality. 

Thereby changing it to either anime, 2D, or 3D cartoon. There is even an option for old black and white films for users like that video quality.

Can AI replace human video editors?

AI video editors are developed with the combined intelligence of expert video editors. With this cause, AI can’t be able to replace human editors. 

Also, with the constant reasoning of a video editor when editing a video, a lot of improvisation takes place. This improvisation most times turns out well on the videos. 

This improvisation is something AI video editors can’t do. They only do activities based on what their developers have integrated into their interface. 

No matter how good the editing features and results the AI video editors produce, they can’t beat human creativity.

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Final Thought

The best AI YouTube video editing software that is compatible with you depends on your need. Best AI YouTube video editing software like InVideo, Synthesia, Pictory, Filmora, Adobe Premiere Pro, and more are listed in this article. Are very good as well. 

They all possess amazing features that make a video more professional-looking. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a beginner, this smart software still delivers quality editing. 

There is no doubt, the editing possibilities that AI offers to video editors are very massive. These best AI tools although provide good editing features, users still have to consider their budget, their level of experience in handling AI tools generally, the kind of editing effects they want in their videos, and lastly the compatibility of the AI tools with their computer. 

After considering all these criteria, users will be able to make the right decision as regards their AI tool for video editing.

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