Best AI Smart Security Camera Systems In 2024

Best AI Smart Security Cameras

The affordability of home security cameras has increased as many technological companies are already selling it. 

These cameras are also becoming more complex and feature-rich at the same time. 

The availability of object and facial recognition technology has also increased and this has now become one of the most significant improvements to home security cameras and video doorbells. 

In other words, cameras with artificial intelligence built in their system can now accurately distinguish between packages, animals, vehicles, and people.

Based on a multitude of conditions, such as lighting, changing hairstyles, and wearing glasses one day, facial recognition software can be hit or miss, but as artificial intelligence develops daily, facial recognition technology will get more accurate the more face data that is input into the system.

Intelligent and trustworthy notifications are the way of the future in the digital world. 

Cameras are used to only support basic motion detection. 

The purpose of cameras was to provide security and information, but if there are hundreds of false alarms, you won’t receive either, and that’s why when it comes to notifications for home security cameras, artificial intelligence makes them smarter and more targeted. 

We have researched and examined different AI smart security camera systems that are available on the market, here are the best AI smart security cameras.

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Best AI Smart Security Camera Systems

1. Reolink Argus 3 Pro

One of the best security cameras you can buy, the Reolink Argus 3 Pro shines as the best solar security camera owing to an inexpensive solar panel add-on.

Although it lacks several features common to the competition, such as motion zones and a changeable battery, it is a reliable option, a competitive option to household names like Arlo and Ring.

The built-in spotlight on the Reolink Argus 3 Pro is a convenient way to add colour night vision to your night-time recordings. 

Also, it does an excellent job of scaring unwitting reviewers who forget to turn off motion triggering, which is a benefit that should also apply to unauthorized visitors. 

When Reolink Argus 3 Pro wants to start recording, it offers motion, schedule, and time-lapse recording options. 

When a user switches to a motion zone, he can set it to not detect any motion even when there is motion, the user can set the camera to detect only motion around a particular area. 

There is a dome-shaped infra-red motion sensor which is one of the first features of the Argus 3 Pro’s design which is easy to notice on the camera it’s located just below the camera’s lens.

This infrared motion sensor eliminates the need for video-based motion triggers and infrared LEDs, which would otherwise be required for the camera to detect motion in complete darkness. 

The rechargeable battery last longer when using the standby mode, so if a user wants to ensure that the battery of this smart security camera last longer, there is a need to create a balance between standby mode and recording mode.

Audio can be recorded on the Reolink Argus 3 Pro as well. 

I remember some time ago during live watching and two-way audio, I and my team did some testing on the audio features of this camera which sounded clear during the tests. 

However, it would cut off whenever we attempted to listen to the live feed on a Nest Hub smart display while the rechargeable battery was running low. 

For greater privacy or if you reside in a state that forbids audio recording on security cameras, you can also switch off audio recording.

When you are trying to set your camera on recording and you want to use the schedule feature, you have to choose a specific time of the day throughout the week for your motion recording feature to turn on. 

This is a wonderful choice if you want to time your recording to go off at the same time every day that you leave for work or soccer practice. While the Reolink camera records, you can set a schedule.

For more control, detect people or moving objects. One amazing thing about Reolink is the fact that they offer free cloud storage on a single camera for up to a week with up to 1 GB of video recordings. 

Compared to the majority of other free cloud storage, this is fairly generous.


1. Spotlight

Reolink Argus 3 Pro possesses an integrated spotlight that brings night color vision for night-time recordings. 

Users can use this feature of the camera to startle individuals who aren’t aware of the presence of the camera. It is a very useful feature for night-time recording. 

2. It can scheduled recording

This feature is very useful for individuals who don’t usually stay at home and need someone to keep watch of their property. 

With this feature, a user can create a schedule on when the camera starts recording so, the battery life of the camera can last longer without recharging it. 

3. Live viewing and two-way audio

This smart security camera is very reliable when doing live streaming in which the user can view what the camera is seeing live and direct. 

Users can even communicate through the camera to someone around the camera. 

It is not an exaggeration to say you can view and communicate through your camera from far away and the individual around the camera can think you are around. 

But take note, this feature requires the availability of WI-FI. 


  1. Users can control their properties through this smart security camera.
  2. It records videos that have excellent qualities. 
  3. It is very easy to install with multiple mounting options. 
  4. It has a solar panel that comes with it. 


  1. It has a very narrow scope of view. 
  2. Users can’t remove the battery of the camera. 
  3. It can be expensive to purchase. 

2. WYZE Cam V3

This is a very popular and affordable home security camera that a user can purchase and feel content with the bargain. 

It offers more advanced features and more reliable performance than its predecessor WYZE Cam V2. 

Mind you, it is the third generation of its lineage – the WYZE Cam series. 

This home security camera is a product of WYZE Labs which is known for its record of producing high-quality yet budget-friendly smart home devices

The designs on this smart security camera make it provide users with a comprehensive surveillance solution for their homes, offices, or any space either indoor or outdoor. 

The features on it are better than WYZE Cam V2, it records video with enhanced image quality, and improved night vision capabilities, and also even when it is windy or rainy, and it still performs well. 

With the ½.5 sensor, it captured clear and detailed 1080p Full HD video which allows users to monitor their surroundings with excellent clear vision. 

It doesn’t matter if a user is using the camera during the day time or night time, this camera still delivers sharp images and accurate colours. 

This particular feature is something WYZE Cam V2 doesn’t possess. 

The camera has a wide-angle lens that allows it to see any object within the range of a 130-degree field of view, so with a single WYZE Cam V3, you can cover a larger area easily. 

This camera is also equipped with a two-way audio system that allows users to communicate with people who are closer to the camera through the camera’s app installed on you Smartphone.

A user can also integrate this smart security camera seamlessly with the WYZE smart home devices such as sensors, plugs, bulbs, etc. 

A user can control and monitor all his smart home devices including his camera with the WYZE app. 


1. It has an excellent night time vision

With the creation of this new camera version, its night vision is significantly increased. 

It uses the upgrade starlight sensor embedded in its system to capture clearer and more detailed footage when there is low lighting condition. 

The night vision of the camera span about 98 feet (30 meters) allowing a user to see everything within the 30 meters range clearly when there is low-lighting condition.

2. It has resistance to adverse weather conditions

This feature allows users to use this smart security camera both indoors and outdoors. 

With the help of its IP65 rating, it can withstand various weather conditions, this weather includes rain and snow, hail, etc. 

It is, for this reason, users can easily find a placement for the camera without worrying about its visibility exposure.

3. It allows easy integration

Users can explore this feature by integrating the smart devices in their home that is a product of WYZE thereby creating a smart ecosystem that is controlled by one main outlet, the WYZE app installed on your phone. 


  1. It possesses an app that allows users to control the camera from anywhere that supports the Internet.  
  2. It has good night vision. 
  3. It is resistant to all sorts of weather conditions. 
  4. It is easy to install. 


  1. Its wired connections might limit users when looking for suitable outdoor placement. 
  2. It records video in 1080p resolution which means more memory space is needed.

3. Canary Pro

The Canary Pro, formerly known as the Canary All-In-One, is an indoor camera with 1080p HD video. 

It possesses a broad field of view of 147 degrees and incredible infrared night vision provided by 12 LED lights which make it see clearly in the night-time. 

This smart security camera has climatic sensors that can measure air quality, humidity, and temperature which is why it is mainly an indoor camera. 

It notifies users when the climatic condition in the building deteriorates so they can at least adjust the thermostat, turn on or off their humidifier, or swap out the filters if need be. 

Based on the information on Canary Pro, it is allowed to say that it is more than just a security camera. 

When the Canary Pro first debuted in 2015 as the Canary All-In-One, it was ahead of its time with a 1080p HD resolution, 147-degree field of vision, and three times digital zoom. 

But today, those features are already commonplace for other home security cameras as they have integrated that feature into theirs. 

Nevertheless, the video quality of this smart home camera is consistent throughout and meets industry standards.

Although it’s nothing special, it’s still rather remarkable.


1. Two-way audio is provided via the Canary Pro

A user can communicate easily with someone besides their camera due to this feature, it doesn’t matter how far the distance is, the communication will still be clear and fluent without any breakage so far there is an internet connection. 

2. It allows the integration of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Users can explore this feature to integrate smart devices which use Amazon Alexa AI assistant and Google Assistant in their home or office. 

With just the app of this smart security camera, a user can control all his smart devices via the app. 

3. It provides versatile mounting

Users can easily mount their camera with either the use of the magnetic base that can stick to a metal or steel surface. 

And if it is a non-metal surface that is available, a user just has to place the metal base that contains adhesive on the surface. 

As for using the screw mount, the screw kit that comes with the camera will be of great help to this as well. 


  1. It provides solid performance.
  2. It possesses a built-in air quality sensor that allows it to monitor the air humidity in its environment. 
  3. Users can use its pseudo-financing plan for their benefit. 
  4. It contains an Ethernet port which a user can use if need be. 


  1. Users can only access the best features when they purchase any of the premium plans.
  2. It is too expensive to purchase especially when they are offering what other cameras offer for less at a higher price tag. 
  3. Its live feed is always slow to start. 

4. The Nest Cam IQ

By default, Nest Cam IQ is an Outdoor camera that can tell moving objects from people. This smart camera can easily identify the faces of familiar people if a user has a Nest Aware membership. 

The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor offers a 130-degree field of view, with a 12-times zoom, a 50-feet night vision range, and a 1080p resolution with HDR. 

When a user wants to integrate voice-controlled live streaming and playback, the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, a Google Nest product, integrates nicely with Google Assistant and Google smart displays. 

An additional bonus is the Nest cloud storage and notifications.

The camera is excellent even though it is a little bit pricey and access to extra services does require paying a membership fee.

When a suitable spot is identified, it is simple to install, made extremely well, and functions well. Finding a spot where the WI-FI is the strongest is the most difficult part of the installation. 

When you get to this point, be patient so you can get the installation once. Have someone hold the camera steady while you watch the video. 

After installation, it functions perfectly, and I would advise purchasing one of the three Nest Aware accounts that offer extended recording and a lot of other features that make the camera more useful.

Yet, it still functions quite well without the added cost. To keep an eye on a space that we had been unable to see, we positioned it on a side of the house without any windows. Overall, it was a good investment.

The Nest IQ Outdoor is simple to install (30 minutes per camera), has cool facial recognition technology, an upgraded microphone over the previous model, and higher quality. Enduring with excellent clarity and viewing angle.


1. It uses Advanced Artificial intelligence

Due to the presence of it advanced artificial intelligence, it easily differentiates people from moving objects. 

So without any adjustments, it does this identification naturally since a user subscribes to the Nest Aware membership. 

2. It has superb video quality

Each time it records a video, it does so with a resolution of 1080p with HDR.

The viewing angle it offers is 130-degree field-of-view, its zooming ability is top-notch; it can zoom 12 times the normal viewing point. It has a night vision of about 50 feet. 

3. It allows integration of Google Assistant

Since this camera is a product under Google Nest, it is fully maximized when a user integrates it with Google Assistant and Google smart displays for them to voice-control the live streaming and playback easily. 


  1. It is an excellent product.
  2. It offers an amazing zone feature. 
  3. It can record video even when there is low lighting.


  1. It has expensive hardware.
  2. It has expensive cloud services. 
  3. It supports WI-FI only.

5. Ring Stick-Up Cam Plug-in

The video display on the Ring camera adheres to the industry’s best practices and with it 150-degree field of view that it has makes produce videos with an extremely large viewing angle. 

This smart security camera has good resistant to poor weather conditions, if the temperature reads from -5°F to 120°F, this security smart camera can still work efficiently and effectively with all its plug-in working perfectly fine. 

Apart from the 150-degree field of view that it has, it still has a 150-degree horizontal vision that allows the camera to view things that aren’t tall up to the camera’s placement position. 

With the constant 1080p video resolution, a user can view what has happened or is happening currently easily in a clear detailed format. 

The infrared night vision allows it to see object and detect any movement clearly at night. It is quite interesting how you can communicate with another person on the other side near your camera with the two-way audio system embedded in its interface.  


1. Plug-in Power

It uses an electrical outlet to power itself, unlike other battery-powered smart security cameras. 

With this feature, a user can enjoy this camera’s full feature especially when there is a stable power outlet, unlike the camera that is powered by a battery. 

2. It records video in Full HD Resolution

This camera records videos in high-definition resolution (1080p) ensuring the provision of clearer and more detailed footage. 

With this feature, users can easily spot important details in the surveillance area. 

3. Two-way Audio

This feature of Stick Up Cam Plug-in only works as a result of the built-in microphone and speaker embedded in the camera.

This enables two-way communication whereby a person talks from one end and receives the answer from another person on the other end. 

To enjoy this feature, there is a need for a user to install the Ring app on his smartphone or any device that supports an internet connection.

4. Live View

When a user has installed the Ring app on their mobile device, they can access the live view of their camera through the app and check what’s currently happening in the vicinity of their camera. 


  1. It allows users to easily customize their motion zones using the motion detection feature of their camera right from their Ring’s app.
  2. It has good night vision that allows it to see objects or loving things clearly in the dark.
  3. It has good weather resistance thereby making it resist various adverse weather.
  4. It is very easy to install. 


  1. It has crude motion detection zones. 
  2. It requires a user to subscribe in other to view the recorded video. 
  3. The web portal of Rings does not show live video. 

6. Spot AI

Spot AI is an advanced AI technology camera system that offers users an easy-to-use, more intelligent method of video security guard. 

Due to Spot AI’s innovative methodology, the solution is compatible with any IP corporate security camera.

Spot AI offers collaboration and business video intelligence, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before by fusing an on-site Intelligent Video Recorder (IVR) edge server with the power of the cloud. 

But why is IVR even important?

It is important because having camera footage alone is no longer sufficient in a world where businesses are producing more video than ever from enterprise security cameras. 

Companies must be able to process and fully comprehend the footage’s content.

And to do that, a fresh strategy is needed. One such extends far beyond security and touches many areas of how your organization is run.

Spot AI is a combination of hardware and software that provides visual intelligence. You can use the cameras you already own because it is camera-independent.


1. It offers cloud storage and local storage

This smart security camera offers options for storing recorded footage. 

With cloud storage, users can store videos in a remote server that can be accessed through the internet, while local storage allows users to directly save the recorded videos on a microSD card or in a network-attached storage (NAS) device. 

2. It can easily detect motion

This smart security camera is embedded with built-in motion sensors that make the camera easily detect any movement in their field of view. 

Once any motion is detected, the camera sends a notification to your Smartphone to alert you. 

3. Night Vision

It possesses clearer night vision that allows any video recorded when there is low lighting to appear clearer and more detailed. 


  1. A stunning, useful user interface that provides an effective and pleasurable user experience. 
  2. There are no more juggling systems or battling incompatibility with a single, unified dashboard for all cameras.
  3. No IT knowledge is needed; installation and maintenance are simple.


  1. It is not free. 
  2. It is expensive to purchase. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the smart security camera with AI detection?

Cameras like Canary Pro, Nest Cam IQ Indoor, Arlo Pro 3, Ring Stick Up Cam Wired, and others listed above, are all smart security cameras that have AI detection technology embedded in them.

Do Security Cameras Have AI

Yes, some security cameras use AI technology to function, while a lot of them don’t use AI. 

Is An AI Camera Better?

AI camera is better than normal technology camera because there are lots of things that AI cameras can do that the technology one cannot do at all.

AI camera has advanced features that can’t be found in normal technology camera.

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The issue of security is rising every day and a lot of people are looking for ways to be safe as well as their properties. 

With the creation of CCTV cameras, it is not an understatement to say a lot of people now feel rest assured that their properties are at least being monitored when they are not there.

Furthermore, with the invention of smart security cameras, the method of securing one’s property has increased by another level as these smart cameras come with a lot of features that make them good security guards for one’s property.

So therefore, the list of AI smart cameras listed above are guaranteed to be the best as they are very reputable and can be considered the best security guard that can protect your property when you aren’t available.

Is this helpful? What else would you like to know about AI smart home security cameras?

You can leave it in the comments. We will respond to them as soon as possible.

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