Pros and Cons of AI in Cyber Security In 2024: Examples, Benefits & Drawbacks

Pros and Cons of AI in Cyber Security

A subset of Cyber security also known as hacking is the hijacking of computer devices completely or partially from the device’s owner. And this is done with the use of in-depth computer knowledge. 

Cyber security experts are known as individuals who know the in and out of computer technology. These experts know how to exploit the loopholes in the technology. And these loopholes are what give them free entry and exit from the computer algorithm. 

The effect of AI technology coupled with the normal in-depth computer knowledge of Cyber Security is impressive when used together. 

It is important to know that the use of AI technology in cyber security has both pros and cons. The kind of effect AI technology can cause when working with cyber security experts depends on the individual using it. 

There is no doubt that cyber security has quite a reputation. And most people having details on the internet are always being careful of them. 

But the truth is, there are three major groups when it comes to categorizing cyber experts. Don’t worry in this article we will discuss a bit about what cyber security is and also the types of cyber security we have. Then we will talk about the pros and cons of AI Cyber Security.

What do people describe Cyber Security as?

Most people describe Cyber Security profession as a group of people who knows how to steal other people’s information. After which they misuse the stolen information. 

While those who work in technological companies described Cyber Security profession differently. They describe it as a profession that protects their valuable information and data from third parties. 

Those are the two main ways people define cyber security. 

As for us, we have a different definition. The cyber security profession allows one to be able to manipulate computers to do ones bidding. 

By having an in-depth knowledge of computer algorithms, it is easier to control it to do one’s bidding. This is what Cyber Security experts are trained to do. 

So it is not that cyber security experts are trained to cause harm to people’s information. They are instead trained to understand computer algorithms and then play around with them. 

Such that, they can enter the algorithm and exist in the algorithm without destroying the structure of the algorithm itself.  

As for the beliefs of every hacker. It is that, in every computer algorithm there is always a loophole. It doesn’t matter how intricate the design of the algorithm is, there is always a loophole. 

Now the job of the hacker is to find out the loophole and then use it to either protect or attack the system algorithms.

Now that you know what cyber security means and bit idea of a hacker. You probably might be wondering why are some people using this computer algorithm knowledge they have to cause some people pain. While some people are using it to help others. The next headlines will shed light on this.

Grades of Computer Savvy 

There are three different categories when it comes to computer savvy. Each group is categorized according to their mode of operation. Now the first one is,

1. Red Hat Hacker

This group of hackers uses red coloration to showcase their danger signs. What this group of hackers does into a system for the goal of stealing information or funds.

 And then make a profit from the stolen digital assets. They use it as a tool for blackmail or anything that profits their pocket. 

They don’t know how to defend the algorithm as they are taught only how to attack the algorithm of a computerized device. 

So, in the general sense, you can say they only know how to attack a system and crumble the algorithm but can’t restore it to the original state.

2. White Hat Hacker

This group is mainly for hackers who don’t know how to attack. All they know how to do is to defend against an attack from an outsider. 

They don’t know how to attack a computer algorithm, they can only protect it from an attack. They are referred to as peacemakers at times as they are always against computer war. 

That is why the White Hacker group is sometimes referred to as the Cyber Security group. As both parties protect the computer algorithm from any form of attack.

3. Grey Hat Hacker

This group of hackers is referred to as the most powerful group of hackers. They are both pleasant and dangerous at the same time. 

They know how to both attack and defend system algorithms. This group of hackers is very rare though. 

The few that are available are the best of the best hackers. They are top-grade experts when it comes to computer algorithms, firewalls, etc. 

The different groups of computer savvy are trained differently as attacking and defending an algorithm are two different things. 

This is why the Grey Hat Hackers are very rare because White and Red groups of computer savvy spend a lot of time training. And the computer algorithm is a very complex design that requires enough time to be studied correctly.

Also, let’s take a look at the frequent upgrades of the algorithms of computers. Surely, time is of the essence when it comes to learning the algorithm. 

It is nearly impossible to finish the learning process of one group as there is always something new about the computer algorithm every time. 

But with AI technology now the option, we can say being a grey hacker is no longer a far-fetched dream.

Now that we have a bit of knowledge of cyber security, the three major groups in it, and the impact AI technology has on it.

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Pros and Cons of AI in Cyber Security

Pros of AI in CyberSecurity

The existence of AI in the field has made a lot of things around Cyber Security much easier. In the next few lines, you will discover some other new benefits as well. Let’s get started;

1. It makes it easier to detect the threat and also faster to respond to it

Making a human cyber security expert watch the algorithm of a computer system for a longer time is a daunting task. 

The human focus can only last for so long and at some point get distracted. Apart from distraction, the computer algorithm is a very massive network that can be confusing at times. 

With the use of AI technology, it is a lot easier to study it. AI is a computer program as well can easily detect if a foreign algorithm enters the system algorithms easily. 

With this advantage it can alert the cyber security operator and the malware can be removed from the system faster. 

2. It increases the level of accuracy and efficiency

Just as said in the first benefit. The algorithm of the computerized device is very complex and it is mentally draining for a human cyber operator to monitor it for hours. 

To look out for any anomalies in the computer algorithm takes a lot of time and mental energy. 

Even those who have excess mental energy sometimes find it difficult to maintain their focus on the system’s algorithms. With AI technology as an option, it is no longer a thing of maybe. 

AI technology can easily go around the computer algorithm to study it for any anomalies. It can even enter spaces in the algorithms that the human eye can’t see. 

So, even if the malware is hiding there, it can still find it in time and alert the human cyber security expert. 

AI can also identify potential spots in the algorithms that are vulnerable. So, the human operator can reinforce that area. 

3. AI technology is scalable and cost savings

When using human cyber security the person might not improve over time. And even if he improves, he might not want to show this probably because he isn’t pleased with the way you are treating him in the office.

But with AI, it is not like that. When using AI as the guard to watch your system algorithms, you can decide to upgrade your AI technology.  

You can decide to make it more advanced than it was before all at a lower cost. There is no need to spend extravagant costs on it. 

This is not the case when it comes to a human cyber security expert. He knows he is valuable to you, so he can charge you more money for his expertise. 

4. AI technology offers insights into Computer Algorithms

What makes a Cyber Security expert a professional is the speed at which he discovers a manipulated loophole in the computer. 

The faster he discovers this, the quicker he can reduce the damage the malware can cause.

Hacking the computer algorithm is a war field as you don’t want to alert the algorithm of your presence. 

Using Ai technology to identify the loopholes makes the job much easier for you. Although it looks like a cheat, as a human you don’t want to be replaced by AI technology. So, instead, you use it to train yourself to become better at your job.

Cons of AI in CyberSecurity

When looking at the pros, we know you are wondering why is AI technology now bad for cybersecurity. 

Well, the next few lines are going to open your insights into how AI technology can be bad news when used in Cyber Security. 

1. Bias and discrimination issue in decision-making

Mind you AI is a computerized programmed algorithm. And since it is an algorithm, it can be hacked. 

You should know that there is nothing created by an algorithm that can’t be hacked down, when a hacker breaks into a system’s algorithm using AI technology. 

And then easily manipulate the algorithm to block out some set of users and allow some others. This is a very scary move as the users can’t do anything on the system anymore. 

This way the whole algorithm now belongs to the hacker. And the users are at the mercy of the hacker unless another hacker can take back the algorithm. 

2. Little to no knowledge about AI technology used in Cyber Security

This is quite sad. But it is the truth. The so-called cybersecurity experts have little to no knowledge about the AI technology they want to protect. 

All they know is to find the loopholes in the algorithm and reinforce it with additional security.

And this is after they have taken time to study the algorithm and discovered the most vulnerable way to enter the system. 

Hackers become powerless when they can’t find loopholes in the algorithm. That is why, when it comes to explaining the whole system algorithms, how it is created from scratch, to how it is functioning without no issues can be difficult for newbie hackers. 

Professional hackers are not excluded as well. The only time they can have a glimpse understanding of the system is when they find their way into the system algorithms.

3. AI technology can be misused or Abused in Cyber Security space

If you remember correctly, we mentioned how AI technology can be a good help to Cyber Security experts when it comes to finding loopholes and developing their expertise. 

Some people can misuse this opportunity and then use it for bad motives. And it is scary because unless another computer nerd understands that algorithms can tackle them.
They will remain unstoppable when it comes to hijacking computerized devices with the same kind of algorithms.

4. AI can make Cyber Security experts overly dependent

This is not a new problem. Many experts have relented in their ability mainly because of AI technology doing their work. 

And in recent times, a lot of AI technology has been developed for either attacking a system or defending it. In this way, individuals in Cyber Security field might relent in their training such that they won’t make any progress due to the invention of new AI hacking tools. 

To avoid falling into this temptation, you should keep improving yourself to become better than AI technology and not relent at all. 

Examples of instances where AI technology is used for Cyber Security 

With AI technology advancing every day, Cyber security experts are not relenting in their efforts at all. 

As they are improving their skills, they are also making AI tools that can do their work as well. This way they can sell both their expertise in the form of service and form of AI software as well. 

1. For creating advanced Malware

AI technology has now made it a lot easier to create advanced forms of malware. Cyber Security experts put in their years of experience in making malware that can easily bypass detection or can easily locate vulnerabilities. This way they can do their job easily.

2. For creating phishing attacks

Phishing is one of the major ways to steal information. With more advanced AI technology, hackers can easily create new complex ways that are very convincing and hideous from the main intent. 

This way, more information can be gotten easily with the owners not having any idea. Cybersecurity experts can make use of this advantage for their use.

3. Swift data analysis

AI-technology are professionals when it comes to understanding AI algorithms. This way, Cyber Security experts can use AI to easily understand the Algorithm of the computer system just by studying the data it collects from the algorithm analysis. 

This way, hackers can discover vulnerabilities easily and complete more jobs faster.

4. Social engineering attacks

Social engineering attacks is when a hacker creates fake videos or audio that can be used to con a man or a woman into carrying out an action they won’t do on their own accord. 

This technology is an advanced form of AI technology as the deepfakes video and audio appear like the real ones. 

With the rate at which AI technology is advancing, a lot of hackers are now developing more tools using the technology. 

Every day by day, more advanced hacking tools are released for people to buy. And each of these tools is created using AI technology. 

Every one of these instances where AI technology is used to create hacking tools is very helpful. But a bit disastrous when it falls to someone clueless about the harm the tools can cause. 

And therefore, using it for disastrous purposes. The aim of these hacking AI tools is mainly to help Cyber Security experts who don’t have the license to hack into a system. 

As you know, the morality of hacking depends on who is using it and what he is using it for.

How then should AI technology be used in Cyber Security?

AI technology came to make work a lot easier. So, therefore it should not be abused. Most especially when it comes to Cyber Security, AI technology should be used in moderation. 

Every Cyber Security organization should ensure they use AI technology responsibly as they already have in-depth computer knowledge. 

This is so a lot of people won’t feel threatened by the advantage of in-depth computer knowledge they have. 

As this can cause complaints and then result in the government placing severe regulations on them. 

As of now, there are already severe regulations on the use of computer knowledge cyber security experts have.

 So, to avoid more severe regulations being placed on them, these next few lines can be of great help.

  1. Always ensure you have a clear goal before using AI technology alongside your computer knowledge. This is to help you stay focused and prevent you from moving from your original course. This way, you can use AI technology in peace and still be by the rules and regulations guiding the usage of computers.
  2. Ensure you use accurate data always: This can not be over-emphasized. And AI technology can help in getting the correct data and information. So, when creating your software for Cyber Security operations, ensure that the data for training the AI model is correct. This is to avoid results that will tarnish the image of your software. To avoid destroying your hard work, take your time in picking the correct data for your hacking software training. So, more people use can use it. 
  3. Use multiple AI algorithms for training your model: When developing AI-technology software for Cyber Security ensure that you use multiple AI algorithms. Using multiple AI algorithms in your training of the software is to make it more adept when it comes to cracking system algorithms. So, for your AI software to be known for its powerful Cyber Security ability. Take your time in training it to understand different algorithms’ vulnerable spots. This level of understanding can only be achieved when you use different AI algorithm models to train the software.
  4. Use AI technology to improve your cyber security software: When it comes to improving your software’s speed of discovering vulnerabilities, AI is the best trainer. Training your Cyber Security software with AI technology improves the rate at which it discovers a weak spot in a computer algorithm. With constant training and upgrading, in no time, your Cyber Security software is now becoming very powerful at its job. Every weakness the software possesses has been corrected using AI technology.

With these few tips, you can fully utilize AI technology to improve your Cyber Security skill. You can also use it to build powerful software that has very difficulty finding weak spots. 

And this software can be sold to top technological companies at a custom price. This way you can make more money for yourself and even land yourself a job at your offer.

Important factors to consider when using AI technology in Cyber Security field 

Although, it is not all hackers that will have an interest in building AI technology tool, but the few individuals that are going to do it. These next few lines will be of great help to you.

1. Use quality Data

When creating your Cyber Security tool, it is important to check out the quality of your data. You don’t want to use corrupted data in your creation. 

As this will destroy the motive you created the tool in the first place. So ensure that you use the right data to train your AI tool so your AI software won’t misbehave. 

2. Ensure you pick the right model

This is very important. But the type of model you select depends on the type of problem to are trying to solve. Take your time when selecting the type of model you want to use as this determines how strong your hacking software will appear. 

3. Security and Privacy level of your software

This can’t be understated. The security and privacy level of every software you are creating should be very high. 

This is what makes people want to use your software more as they won’t have to worry about data leakage. 

4. Scalability of your AI Software

When it comes to AI technology, you as a Cyber Security expert already know how it runs. From time to time, AI technology is constantly upgrading. 

And if your hacking software is not upgrading as well, in no time, it will be outdated. So, therefore, create your AI software in such a way that it can be scalable.

5. It should follow ethics

As a cyber security expert, by now you already know the effect of bias and discrimination in a system. 

So, when creating your software, don’t create hacking software that disobeys the normal ethical rules and regulations. 

It should also not be a tool that is biased as well. Creating smart software that has fairness in its operations should be your focus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between AI and Cyber Security?

The main difference between AI and Cyber Security is this. Cyber Security is concerned mainly concerned about protecting computerized devices from attack. 

It also protects the network of computerized devices so the data associated with that network won’t be stolen. 

While artificial intelligence technology is mainly associated with the use of intelligent algorithms to carry out specific tasks such as rendering assistance in decision-making, doing Automation tasks, generative tasks, etc. 

Can AI replace Cyber Security Experts?

As of now, there is no way AI technology can replace Cyber Security experts. Cyber security experts are known for their keen critical thinking skills that they possess. 

And since AI technology doesn’t have the cognitive ability of human beings currently, it can’t replace Cyber Security experts. 

And looking at the situation of things, it is most likely a collaboration between AI technology and human Cyber Security experts. As the duo is a great combo in the computer world. 

What effect can AI technology have on Cyber Security Jobs?

The kind of effect AI technology have on Cyber Security Jobs depends on the expert doing the jobs. The world is growing as well as everything in it. 

If a Cyber Security expert refuses to improve himself, in no time, AI technology will take his job. You shouldn’t forget that this AI software is developed by fellow human beings. 

So, therefore, as a Cyber Security expert, you should always improve your skills and get better at what you do. 

Always apply your cognitive ability in your work, which is something AI technology doesn’t have. AI technology only operates on information that already exists. 

What is the future of AI in the Cyber Security Unit?

AI technology is constantly improving. And every day, new technology is coming out and hackers are also improving their skills as well. 

What this means is that traditional security measures are constantly getting outdated. And it will be difficult to use to protect the technological companies from computerized attacks on their algorithms.

 But with Cyber Security experts working together with AI technology, it is a lot easier for it to be able to protect these technological organizations. 

Each new attack that attacks the system trains AI technology on how to defend the system algorithms against such future attacks.

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Just like how AI technology is put to good use by a cybersecurity expert. It can do the opposite in the other Cyber Security expert’s hand as well. 

There are a lot of advantages that Cyber Security experts enjoy with AI technology even though they are already limited by rules and regulations. 

But with proper usage of AI technology, they can do more good work in protecting a computerized system. 

And in this article, you have discovered some ways Cyber Security experts can make good use of AI technology coupled with the computer knowledge they have. 

Things like having a clear goal before using AI technology are very important. As it ensures a Cyber Security expert does not get carried away and trespass the rules and regulations he pledges to follow. 

That is why to avoid being tempted, a clear precise goal must be set before using AI technology.

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