Pros and Cons of AI in Recruitment in 2024: How is AI used in Recruitment

Pros and Cons of AI in Recruitment

Every year, new graduates are released from universities and they are always a lot of students graduating.

A study done between 2021 and 2022 shows that 62% of students graduate from college in the US.

This is a massive percentage as 40% of these students are going to apply for jobs in different companies and organizations.

This means there is more work for the recruiters. The job of a recruiter requires a lot of examination and patience.

As you are going to deal with different people with different personalities, and world views. So, to get the best of the best, you need to just take your time and examine every applicant patiently.

And to be frank, there is little to what the human body can do. Since there are lots of applicants, there is a high tendency that the recruitment routine might take a while before getting to completion.

To make the recruitment faster more staff can either be employed or AI technology can be employed.

Between the two options, AI technology is cheaper and even more efficient. Since this article is about AI technology in the recruitment process, let’s get to know what AI technology means in recruitment and the pros and cons of AI in recruitment.

What is AI technology in Recruitment Services?

Introducing AI technology in recruitment services has changed the entire recruitment process. From the long tiring wait, applicants can now apply and get a response within a short time.

With that little explanation, we believe you have a bit of inspiration on what AI technology is in recruitment.

But should in case you still trying to understand what is in there, the next definition will bring clarity.

AI technology in recruitment services is the use of AI technology to perform the majority of the tasks done in recruitment processes.

It is the use of AI to send vacancy notifications to graduates who are in the same line field as the company.

So, they can send their application letters/ Résumés. Then AI schedules an appointment for them automatically after they have done some automated screening.

After which they come for the physical appointment. All the processes before the physical appointment are done by AI technology.

So, you see, with AI technology, recruiting masters and mistresses will only be doing the physical appointment which is the last recruitment process.

 Now do you see what AI technology is in recruitment services? Yea, we believe you have seen how easy it has made the work recruiters.

They just have to do a single screening, which is the determining stage of who is going to get the job post.

How is AI used in Recruitment?

1. Sourcing for candidates

Before, it usually takes a lot of time and energy for recruiters to source candidates for available job posts.

With AI technology, recruiters can have the available job post spread around easily. And they have to monitor it. AI can easily make the job posting process done automatically.

Also, using AI technology for this process is efficient mainly because it does it using its analyzing ability.

And the fact that it has means of getting lots of people. Also, unlike human recruiters, AI technology doesn’t possess emotion.

This means, it only selects the candidates that are qualified for the post based on capabilities and the criteria set by the company.

So that, by the time it reaches the physical appointment stage, only the most qualified candidates are going to appear for the appointment.

In summary, AI technology can be used in sourcing candidates through;

  1. Distributing job ads across the internet to areas where people are interested in that line of jobs.
  2. Sending vacancies to target candidates that are professionals in the field. So they can apply for the job post.
  3. Sending job vacancy ads to internet areas that are secluded to LGBTQIA+, people of different colors, veterans, people who have a disability, etc.
  4. It allows the hiring of people who don’t want their personal information to be known to the public.

2. Screening of potential candidates

When AI technology tools gather a lot of potential candidates for the job posting. It issues a series of screening processes to these groups of people.

The aim of this is to select the best out of the best candidates for the available job posting. The introduction of AI technology has so far helped the recruitment team.

Because candidate screening is the most tiring process in the recruitment process. And with the AI technology doing the elimination screening process.

The recruitment team can do the last screening process that qualifies people for the available job.

When using AI technology, companies that want to recruit new staff should not depend solely on AI technology.

The reason is that the evolving AI technology is now getting to reflect human biases.

So, if you as a recruiter don’t want to experience the harm that Amazon AI recruiting software cause to other people’s business.

Ensure you are not absent during the AI recruitment processes. From time to time, review the disqualified applicants for any error done by the AI recruiting tools.

In summary, AI technology can be used in Applicant screening in the following ways;

  1. It examines closely the résumés of different applicants and then ranks the candidates that have the best résumé to the top.
  2. It easily disqualifies or hides candidates who do not match the baseline requirements of the company.
  3. It uses the algorithm in its system to analyze different candidate data. So, it can select the right candidates for the job and then it automatically engages the candidates who didn’t meet the full requirements of the job.
  4. It automatically sends the company’s screening exercise to the potential candidates and then grades it automatically.

3. Virtual Assistant in interviews

AI technology also helps in interviews, though it is a virtual help.

With the notetaking skill embedded in AI technology and the scheduling of appointments with potential candidates, AI makes it easier for recruiting staff.

Looking at automated interview scheduling significantly reduces the workload on both the recruiting staff and the prospects.

This way, there won’t be much back and forth between the both of them. AI help in creating a perfect interview timing for both parties.

A fun fact is that the scheduled time is added to their smart calendar. And a reminder is set to it as well. This way, there won’t be an issue of forgetfulness.

In the note-taking aspect, the AI technology helps in setting up interview questions using the jottings in the note.

Software like Otter and transcribe are very good AI software that helps in note-taking while the interviewers focus on the candidates.

And whatever information the AI tool jots down in its notepad can be used to create more technical questions as regards the job field.

In summary, AI technology is a good virtual assistant when it comes to interviewing processes. It can help;

  1. In scheduling candidates for appointments automatically. And it doesn’t forget to notify them of the date of the appointment. Although the notification occurs on the smart calendar.
  2. It helps in taking notes for meetings. And also, help in developing essential insights into candidates’ personalities and job experience.
  3. It helps in creating relevant interview questions. Even though it uses the information it gets during previous meetings to do that. It questions are still on point.
  4. Since AI technology can identify their counter AI work. AI is a good detective in detecting a candidate who is faking his work as an original. Whereas, it is AI-generated content.

4. Predictive Analytics

Every AI technology tool used in recruitment exercises possesses machine learning algorithms. And with this machine learning algorithm, they possess.

They can analyze the information of different candidates. And then extract new information that is helpful in the recruitment process.

For the smart recruiting software to be able to do accurate predictions on the details of candidates. The machine learning algorithm in its system trains using the company’s qualification data over time.

Once, the machine algorithm understands the company qualifications data. It easily goes through the applicants’ data and selects the best applicants that qualify for the job post.

Also, it helps recruiters not to miss any updates as regards the recruitment process. Not minding the fact that the majority of the task is done by AI technology.

It also makes it easy for the accounting department in the recruitment team to get forecasts on compensation spending.

This way, funds are well managed and the accountants don’t have to stress on doing the forecast themselves.

The predictive ability of AI recruitment processes helps in determining the quality of the hire they should target.

This way, the recruitment team knows exactly what they are looking for. And since it is a common problem among the recruitment team. AI technology has helped in solving it.

In summary, it is not an understatement to say that AI-technology recruitment prediction ability is very helpful in recruitment. The prediction ability of AI has helped recruitment teams to;

  1. Make proper planning of the whole recruitment process. Thereby saving time and managing resources effectively.
  2. Help the accounting department in the recruitment team to make good forecasts on the forthcoming recruitment procedure. This way, there won’t be wastage spending as everything will be well budgeted.
  3. Help in determining the quality of hires gotten from a large group of applicants.

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5. Recruitment Chatbots

Recruitment Chatbots are known as AI tools that are embedded with natural language processing models.

These models are what is responsible for the way the Chatbot responds to the questions of users.

Before any recruitment, Chatbot can respond to a potential candidate. The algorithm will have undergone intense training using the qualifications data of the company.

When a potential candidate chats up the bot. He can pose any question to the bot. Since the bot has experience in dealing with that questions, it will be able to answer the candidate professionally.

With this AI technology, applicants can easily chat up the bot for any doubts or worries about the job post they are aiming for.

With the kind of training that recruitment AI tools as re undergoing. They will be able to provide a smooth recruitment procedure for all those who are going to apply for a job post.

With the help of AI recruitment technology, the recruitment team gets more candidate conversion rates.

This means, there won’t be a loss of potential candidates that can do the job more professionally.

In summary, AI recruitment Chatbots; are known to be able to;

  1. Answer questions from candidates in a professional manner. Candidates can ask questions about the job posting they have an interest in. And then apply using the help of the AI-technology.
  2. It can carry out smooth screening of the applicants through the chat box. And if the applicant passes the screening exercises, they get a scheduled date for their interview.
  3. It makes applications for jobs easier. As it just needs a few texts here and there to apply for a job post.

Pros and Cons of AI in Recruitment

Pros of AI in Recruitment Services

1. It helps in saving the time of recruiters

AI technology is always known to be able to do a lot of tasks within a short time. Thereby saving time.

The same principle applies here as well. Using AI technology in recruitment processes makes work a lot easier for recruiters.

The process that might take a team of recruiters a week might be done within 2-3 days when AI technology is involved.

AI technology can be used to do tasks like writing job descriptions, email drip campaigns, posting job ads, etc.

2. It offers 24/7 availability services to applicants

When it comes to speed and 24/7 availability, no human can beat the perseverance of AI. With AI technology, applicants have unlimited access to answers to their questions.

And also, they can get to enquire more information about the different job postings in the company.

Thereby helping people to go for the job posting that suits them. Also, when people are applying for a job post with AI technology in charge of the process.

The number of candidates that leaves the application site disappointed will be little to none. As they can have almost every essential thing they need without stress.

All they need to do is to ask the AI tool for help.

3. It helps in creating job ads

Using AI technology in ad creation brings massive benefits, most especially in getting more applicants.

The reason for this is that the AI tool can spread out the vacancy ads campaign to reach many people.

To make the vacancy ads campaign more effective, recruiters can instruct the AI tool to target a specific geographical area.

So this way, the recruiters know the location of the applicants they want to employ. This way, they can make more effective planning for the candidates that qualify for the job post.

4. It offers Virtual reality

AI recruitment tools now use upgraded technology that can generate a virtual reality. Such that, the applicants can have a vivid experience of how the whole process operates.

With the insights gained from the virtual reality of the office environment. The applicants can easily know how the office interaction and operation work.

Because most companies want their staff to have a more interactive experience before they resume. This virtual reality feature is solving a problem.

5. It is very helpful in joining and training new members

When new staff are added to a particular segment of the organization. Most of the time, they are given a manual that contains all the information about the new job post.

Coupled with the manual, they are given training as well. And the training is scheduled to be in the first few weeks of employment.

But the thing is, research has shown that a lot of people learn faster when they experience the situation in reality.

So, to hasten the speed at which new applicants can adapt to the working schedule of the organization.

Using AI technology to develop interactive training schemes will make the applicants understand the working style faster.

And at the same time, the company won’t have to spend much to train new staff anymore.

Cons of AI in Recruitment

1. There is not much information on AI usage

AI technology is very powerful when put to good use. And as a result, rules and regulations as been set to guide the usage.

Some of the top developed countries have set up rules and guidelines on how it should be used. Most especially in cases of interview video, screening, and facial recognition.

For this reason, when companies are introducing AI to their interview procedures. They should consider the rules and regulations guiding the usage.

And also, they should inform the candidates who are applying for a job post in the company about the usage of AI.

2. Not every recruiter enjoys using AI for their task

While there are lots of people who prefer AI to assist them in doing their tasks. Some others prefer to stay away from using AI technology.

It is not that they don’t want it, they just want to play it safe with AI. In a recent Study in the United States, it is said that 70% of the workforce doesn’t want the usage of AI in performing their tasks.

Looking at how advanced the United States is, it is surprising to see that the majority of them don’t want AI to do their task for them.

The reason is simple, in another study, 65% of workers in the United States claimed that using AI in the place of work will cause more people to be lazy.

Companies should ensure that they take opinions from their workforce before introducing AI technology to them.

3. AI can be biased during screening

AI technology is normally not meant to be biased at all. But with the situation of things, it has been biased before.

For example, Amazon’s CV screening machine had the same problem. It was instead, taking in only male CVs and scheduling appointments for them.

But as for the female CV, it was biased against them. This led to Amazon Company shutting down the machine.

When using AI technology to screen potential candidates. It is best that you supervised the screening exercises.

This is so you can avoid mistakes the AI tool might make due to bias. As you may know, AI tools are developed by human experts and so therefore, there is the tendency of it being biased.

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4. AI can cause a bit more pressure on the applicants

AI technology is mostly trained with information from previous years. For this reason, AI might be using some words that are potentially dangerous to the applicants.

For example, words like “perfectionist” puts the applicants under more pressure.

And since the applicant is under intense present, he might not eventually perform well in the interview.

To avoid this situation, it is best recruiting staff should be available. So that when a situation like that is occurring, they can easily take over and make the applicants relax. Before continuing the screening exercises.

5. Using outdated data to train to screen AI models

This is a major problem. Every day, new data is being released it causes previous data to be a thing of the past.

As a result, when training AI models, the trainers always prefer to use data within a particular period.

This way all the information in that period is what the AI model will use for the screening. But even still, it is not very helpful as there are times that the situation warrants for current data to be used.

These cases as now lead to the development of a solution to help solve this problem. AI model developers have decided to always update the database of their AI tools.

This way, new information is going to be added to the database of the software.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is it possible for AI to be biased?

It is no longer a new thing to know that AI technology was developed by human beings like us. Therefore, for AI technology to be biased, it has to be mainly because of the data used to train it.

This was what affected Amazon AI recruiting software. The software was trained using male CV data excluding female CV data. As a result, any female CV it sees, it just takes them as unqualified.

If the data used to train the Amazon AI model was taken from recent years and not many years behind. That problem might have been prevented.

So, to protect AI technology from being biased, we should use data that are safe and not ones containing any bias information or intent.

Also, to avoid geographical bias. Training the AI model with data from different geographical areas makes it more open-minded and more resourceful in its decisions

What impact has AI made on recruitment services?

Before the introduction of AI technology, looking for job vacancies has not been easy. The reason is that there is little outreach that the job companies can do as they have lots of activities to do on their task board.

That is why since the introduction of AI technology, job vacancies can easily be advertised and the ads can spread out to a lot of places easily.

This way more qualified people can come for job interviews.

Also, in the case of speed. Recruiting staff can screen more candidates within a very short time with the use of AI.

There are lots of tasks that AI can help with. With AI doing those tasks, there is more time for recruiting staff to screen more candidates with no distractions.

The world is gradually moving to the AI technology era. And, surely, AI technology is going to be more advanced in the recruitment industry.

Many enthusiastic individuals on AI technology are looking forward to the improvement that can be gotten from AI.

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With AI technology in recruitment, there is no good or bad side to its usage. The reason is that the good or bad side of AI depends on how it is used in recruitment processes.

Bringing AI technology and human effort into the recruitment system produces massive rewards. Because each party has to do their task there won’t be any confusion.

Also, more progress is going to be recorded. This combination is something most big companies have put together since they realize the benefits involved.

Using AI technology alone in the recruitment process is not a brilliant idea. As there might be errors of bias or any other error that might cause the company to be a brilliant candidate.

So, to avoid this, having a human recruiting staff around the recruitment procedure is a brilliant idea.

As the human recruiter can review the recruitment screening exercises. To ensure that all candidates for the screening were screened properly with no bias.

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