Best AI Business Idea Validators In 2024 (Free & Paid)

Best AI business idea validators

The need for AI Business Idea Validators is increasing day by day. In the first quarters of 2022, many businesses that opened at the beginning of the year shut down due to bad business. Now, that is bad news, since a lot of money has gone to drain. 

Is it that people don’t know they have to see a professional before venturing into business, or they do not have the resources to get the assistance of an expert? This question was on almost everyone’s mind. Since over 60% of the business opened in 2022 didn’t reach half of the year. 

Another study was taken. It was registered that 70% of those individuals didn’t have the resources to employ the assistance of a professional business consultant.

The remaining 30% were clueless about the need for a professional business consultant before opening a business. 

With that information above, we believe you now know that having AI business idea validators is very important. 

There are lots of these tools in the online space, some are free while others are paid. Users just have to paste their Ideas on the available research space to validate their idea success rate.   

Now, here comes this question in the mind of people who haven’t heard about this side of AI technology before, “What are AI Business Idea Validators?”

What is an AI Business Idea Validator?

AI Business Idea Validator is a tool powered by AI technology. This helps users especially entrepreneurs to validate their business ideas. 

Users have to provide some information about their business ideas; they need to provide information like the target audience, the problem the business idea is solving, and the competition score. 

It is with this information, that the software provides insights and feedback on the idea. AI idea validator reveals whether the business idea is feasible, the market size for the business idea, and the likelihood that the idea is a lucrative business to venture into.

How can a user use AI business idea validator?

AI business idea validators are good assistants to users. They are very valuable to entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to refine and improve their business ideas. 

With the help of AI, users have access to insights and data that ordinarily won’t have been easy to obtain.

AI data although not always correct, they are very helpful. The following ways are means AI validators use to assist users;

1. It conducts Market Research

Smart software powered by AI technology conducts smooth market research. It automatically gathers data from the target audience and then analyzes the market data. 

With the provided information, the software helps users to find the major problem of users that need urgent solutions.

2. It identify potential challenges of users

This software helps users to identify potential challenges users are facing and the possible risk involved in solving the problem. 

With users having a proper understanding of the challenges, they can quickly develop strategies. This help to prevent the problem from escalating more than it already has. 

3. It provides feedback

Once a user places the business idea on the software interface, it goes through the information and compares it to the data in its database. 

After doing this and getting more information online, the software provides feedback. This feedback can sometimes be invaluable when it comes to helping a user to refine his business ideas. 

4. It helps users in making strategic decisions

Using AI Validator Tools as an assistant when it comes to idea validation, helps a user a lot. When it comes to making strategic decisions, AI tools are very useful. 

Since it’s an AI idea validator, it is sure to help users save a lot of time. It also helps them in saving resources while providing useful suggestions.

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Top Best AI Business Idea Validators

1. ValidatorAI


ValidatorAI is a web-based tool that validates the business idea of an entrepreneur. With the usage of artificial intelligence technology and machine learning model, ValidatorAI works perfectly. 

This smart software possesses the ability to validate email addresses, phone numbers, credit card details, etc. 

With the method of development and frequent updates that ValidatorAI receives, it easily adapts to new patterns and trends in the business world. 

It has a database that contains both good and bad data, this advantage allows it to assess different business ideas to see which one is good in the long run. 

ValidatorAI software’s developers created this software to assist various entrepreneurs who want to venture into new businesses. 

It helps users to validate their business ideas. It also helps them to get accurate criticism that is not based on any bias. 

You can say, the analysis it does on the business ideas are honest reviews which are based on data. A fun fact is that, after each review, this AI tool doesn’t leave its users stranded like that. 

It gives helpful suggestions that can make the user gain insights. These insights help to improve the business ideas users uploaded on its interface. Users can view all the analytic details right from the dashboard with ease. 

Features Of ValidatorAI

1. It supports apps and API integration

The majority of online users, especially the experts always want to easily access their AI tools whenever they are surfing the net. 

This particular feature allows users to install it on their browser for easy access. It also supports users to integrate other apps that complement the work done on its interface. It is quite important to know that, this software doesn’t support desktop and mobile app installation.

2. It provides accurate Data Validation

This is the main feature of this software. It uses AI technology and an advanced machine learning model to run this particular feature. 

It analyzes data gotten from online forms, e-commerce checkouts, business ideas, and many other forms of data. 

The amazing thing about this smart tool is that it uses real-time data to provide accurate analysis of every of information it analyzes. 

3. It provides easy Dashboard Reporting

Ease of usage can’t be overemphasized when it comes to online. With the quick access dashboard, users can easily view the in-depth critical report of the business idea they input on the software interface. 

Users can also get data of other information they need correct analysis on while on the dashboard. Fun fact, users can find both objective criticism and constructive criticism for the information they upload on the software’s interface. 

4. It supports Multiple Data Types

Not everyone who comes to this software interface wants to get analysis on business ideas. So, with these amazing features, users who don’t want to analyze business ideas can analyze other data. For example, data got from an e-commerce store, data from a survey poll, and many others.

User Experience

“ValidatorAI is a good tool to use for business ideas, It helped me a lot when I was just starting my business.” That was the testimony of a busy woman who is the owner of hair making company. 

We met quite a few people after we met her as she referred us to them. On meeting these people, we got two positive reviews from them. 

The first person we interviewed said; “I was so frustrated when I just started my business. I was frustrated because I had the idea of my business but it wasn’t good enough to monetize. Since I came across ValidatorAI, that frustration ended immediately.” 

The other person we met, told us how the usage of this smart software save him his precious time and money. 

But after all this review, we weren’t fully convinced that everyone can like the software’s service. We finally met a customer who gave a bad review on the customer service team. 

She said they had wasted her time by delaying in response. Even when they finally replied to her, their message didn’t answer her question. 


ValidatorAI doesn’t have any particular charges, all the features on its interface are free to use. It cost $0.00

ValidatorAI Business Ideas Validator


1. It uses advanced machine learning models to provide users with accurate. 

2. It offers users access to customize their specific template for the analysis. 

3. It supports more than one data analysis apart from business ideas.

4. It offers users accurate analysis based on real-time information. 


1. It security level of privacy on user data isn’t so secure. 

2. Becoming overly dependent on this software’s analysis isn’t beneficial for a user in the long run.

3. It doesn’t support any output operation different from data analysis.

4. It isn’t free to use. 

Frequently asked questions about ValidatorAI

What is ValidatorAI Tool?

This ValidatorAI is an advanced technology tool. It does a proper analysis of business ideas and many other datasets. 

This is due to the advanced machine learning algorithms embedded in its interface. This tool carries out proper analysis and provides useful suggestions that can make the business idea better.

What Does ValidatorAI Use For its Analysis?

ValidatorAI uses advanced machine learning models and artificial intelligence technology to do proper data analysis. 

The data analysis is done with the comparison of both good and bad datasets present in it database. It is this information it uses to cross-check the authenticity and accuracy of the data analysis it generates for the input data.

How accurate is the data analysis of ValidatorAI?

The level of accuracy of this software has so far proven its authenticity and accuracy over time. When the software developers were asked in a live interview, one of them said “All thanks to our intricate advanced machine learning models embedded on our tool’s interface.” 

This software database contains both good and bad data. It uses the help of the advanced machine learning models of this tool. Every input data gets scrutinized using the good and bad data in the database as an examiner. 

Are Users’ Data Safe With ValidatorAI?

Truth be told, ValidatorAI offers users a solid privacy policy but sometimes, users data can be breached by hackers. 

That doesn’t mean, users’ data doesn’t have a level of security. Software developers use secure connections and high encryption security to protect their users’ data.  

Why is ValidatorAI the best tool for business validators? 

ValidatorAI is developed solely to help entrepreneurs analyze business ideas. So, they won’t waste so much time and money on ideas that won’t yield success. 

The superb designs ValidatorAI possesses and the amazing features on its interface, make it a good business idea assistant. 

2. Checkmyidea-ia


Checkmyidea-ia is a good business idea tool. There is no doubt how impressive this tool displays its analytics. 

It helps entrepreneurs who are starting a new business or want to change the concept of an already existing business. It uses AI technology and algorithms models to provide accurate data and personalized feedback. 

The AI analyzer goes through a lot of data, carrying out market research, competitor analysis, technical MVP proposals, monetization tendency, and user-friendly ratings. It is after going through all this necessary examination that it now displays the business idea’s overall score. 

With the score ratio, users can determine if a business idea is good and will most likely be successful or if it is a bad idea with losses. 

This is why users using checkmyidea-ia can easily reduce the risk of venturing into business ideas that don’t work out. 

This smart software helps users validate all their business ideas before they launch just to be on the safer side.

There is one thing we didn’t say while checkmyidea-ia is doing a business idea analysis. During the process, this software checks if the idea provides solutions to meet up with the current market need. 

It checks out the possibility of the solution to solving that market problem at a low cost. This software also checks out whether the idea has a complementary skill. 

And possible ways to market the business idea to get the first customers, whose reviews determine the survival of the business idea. 


1. It offers market research analysis

The need for market research can’t be underestimated in any new business ideas. It is what is responsible for grading the viability of a new concept of a business. 

This feature uses machine learning models and it networking AI models to gather reviews as regards new business ideas. 

It determines the target audience for the business idea. And then gets honest opinions from potential clients, to know if it is something they have an interest in.

2. It offers honest competitor analysis

The advanced machine learning algorithms of this software check out for any possible competitor(s) already in business. 

It uses the analytic ability of the machine learning model on its Interface. This model is used to analyze if it is profitable for a new business to use the concept, or if there is a need to make changes to the business idea. 

3. It provides technical MVP proposals

This is a great feature that helps users to maximize profit. These few work best for already business ideas as they already have a solid customer pool and already have some loyal customers. 

This feature helps users correct reviews from loyal customers and then work according to those reviews gotten from them. 

This as a result generates a high return on investment (ROI) for the business owner while minimizing the risk involved.

4. It offers accurate idea rating

This feature allows users to know the overall value of their business idea. This feature uses a lot of criteria to test the business idea before finalizing the overall rating of the idea. 

This software takes the business idea through competition analysis, customer opinions, monetization tendency, and how irresistible the idea concept is. The machine learning model then performs an overall rating to know if the idea will be a success or a failure. 

User Experience

“Checkmyidea-ia is a good business idea assistant that always comes through all the time”- this happens to be the first review we got from a loyal customer of this smart software. 

This software is known to offer good analytics when it analyzes business ideas. The user interface is quite attractive and very friendly, especially to beginners. 

The concept of this tool is to provide accurate reports on every idea either business or anything that requires proper analysis. 

We met a new user of this software, he said – ” Checkmyidea-ia is a cool tool to use. It helps me with getting a proper review of my new business idea. 

It provided me with details that gave me the go-ahead into launching it. And now my business is booming with customers and more money is flowing in.”  

Another user we met talked about how he enjoyed the customer service team, he said – ” Since I was a beginner and I don’t know who to project my doubt to, I contacted the customer service team for some clarification on the software functionality. 

Within a very short time, I received an in-depth message from them that provided all the answers to my doubt and additional information that are useful in using the software.” 

Even though there were some users we met while gathering reviews, who told us about how the customer service team didn’t reply to their questions quickly and correctly, the user above still gave a positive review on them. 

This means it is probably the customer team they met that treated them that way. But to us, we feel the customer service team should be upgraded. 


Checkmyidea-ia offers three different pricing plans. This is to allow different users to enjoy the software’s features. 

1. Free Pricing Plan 

This plan is a free plan that doesn’t have any price tag attached to it. It cost $0.00. Users on this plan enjoy accurate market research, in-depth Competitor analysis, good technical MVP proposals, and many other features. It only analyzes one idea and users can get the result within a day.

2. Single Shot Plan

This plan offers proper market need research, accurate competitors’ analysis, technical MVP proposals, correct monetization and user acquisition, and standard idea rating. 

It is not a free plan, it cost $4.99 and users can access their analysis results within seconds. It offers 1 idea analysis as well. 

3. Best Seller Plan 

This plan allows users to enjoy 5 ideas analysis, it is the best-selling plan. These ideas receive proper analysis on market need research, competitor’s analysis, technical MVP proposals, monetization and user acquisition strategy, and standard idea rating. It is not a free plan, it cost $13.99 It offers the result of the analysis within seconds. 


1. It offers correct business idea analysis.

2. It has a good user interface.

3. It provides good risk management as it reduces it.

4. It saves time since it works very fast.


1. The pricing can be expensive for some pockets.

2. It single-shot plan offers only one business idea analysis, therefore users have to be more specific. 

3. Its free plan is quite limited as well compared to other AI business validators.

4. Users might be dependent on the software’s credibility.

Frequently asked questions about Checkmyidea-ia

Does Checkmyidea-ia offer a free trial?

Currently, checkmyidea-ia doesn’t offer a free trial since it has ended for a while. Even though the free trial has ended, users can benefit from the ongoing discount promo. 

Users that purchase the plan currently enjoy a 15% discount, if they use “ROCKETLAUNCH15” as their promo code. Users have to make the purchase as soon as possible as the promo has a close deadline.

Can all businesses including side business ideas use checkmyidea-ia? 

Checkmyidea-ia is a business idea validator that checks out the viability of all business ideas. It doesn’t matter whether it is a side hustle or your main business, it still does the validation. 

Though not all business ideas will indeed be able to get their analysis done online. Sometimes when this scenario happens, the team behind the software development proceeds with manual analysis. The manual review is then manually added online for users to know the business idea rankings.

Are the results of checkmyidea-ia accurate?

Checkmyidea-ia is a durable tool to use and it can be used by anyone who wants to verify his business idea. Checkmyidea-ia uses up-to-date market research information to examine the business idea’s effect on the market. 

It uses more targeted market research to get accurate data. With constant upgrades done by software developers, users are sure to get accurate data. Whenever they want to test their business ideas, accurate data is sure. 

Why should a user use checkmyidea-ia services?

That’s true, there are many other AI business validators but why should a user use checkmyidea-ia? One major reason why people use this tool is the convenience it offers. 

It helps users save time and allow them to use minimal effort to examine their business idea’s credibility. With the in-depth market analysis it offers, users can leverage that to be sure to get accurate data on their ideas. A fun fact is; it does manual analysis of business ideas that don’t require the Internet.

3. Idea Generator

Idea Generator

Idea Generator is an AI-POWERED tool that helps business owners to come up with unique and profitable ideas. 

This smart software commonly sparks up creativity and generates more intriguing ideas. It is very helpful when carrying out brainstorming sessions on an idea, discovering creative projects, or providing solutions to already existing problems. 

This smart tool helps individuals or teams in crafting nice ideas for their businesses. It uses advanced features like team collaboration and tailoring of ideas to spot specific businesses that are hidden but profitable. 

By combining the effect of its analytical thinking feature with its market strategy, it produces amazing results. 

The result it produces is always useful when it comes to creating unique business plans and doing correct market research. 


1. It provides targeted market research

What makes a business successful is the power of market focus. When a user his business idea, the software categorizes it. 

It then provides prompts and useful suggestions that are specific to the categorized market that suits the business idea. 

With this feature, users can get more exposure to other business ideas in that niche. Even if the business idea isn’t good enough, this software is there to help. 

With the help of its advanced machine learning algorithms, it categorizes the idea into the correct business niche.

2. It offers a feasibility check

Every business needs to be sure its busses idea can be carried out in reality. With this feature, users can test the feasibility of their business idea. 

The software checks out the resources required to start the business. It checks to know If it follows the rules and regulations of business. 

It checks how convenient it is to produce profit, and also if the idea can be carried out in reality. All these listed details are what this software considers in its feasibility check.

3. It checks the risk level

The reason why a lot of users purchase Idea Generator is because of it risk management feature it possesses. It provides tools that help identify and analyze the potential risk a business idea can incur. 

It also possesses tool that offers assistance to mitigate the risk by developing effective strategies. This feature assesses the overall risk-reward ratio of the business idea just to check if it is worth taking.

4. It offers an examination of the business idea

This is the core feature of this software, it offers a cross-examination of the business idea, checking out gig revenue source, the total start-up cost, the value the business is providing to its potential clients, customer acquisition, etc. 

This software uses advanced technology to carry out proper research on the idea. With the massive data, this smart tool possesses, it generates proper business ideas.

User Experience

“Having experienced a lot of benefits from AI tools, none are as good as idea generator “- a business owner told us this. 

He said this smart generator is a top-grade tool when it comes to business idea validation. He told us, his current business model was generated using this smart tool. 

And ever since, he has opened another business which is still in its growing stage and hasn’t fully established its presence.  

We met quite a few other people after him. One of the user’s responses that got our attention was the user who told us how he has opened three businesses. 

He said he used the business ideas he got from this AI software to open his three businesses. Though he added that he had to make some changes to the general ideas to get him the success he had currently in his business. 

We finally met a businesswoman who is a frequent user of this software, she told us how this tool was her lifesaver. 

She also made mentioned that she wasn’t able to reach out to the customer service team whenever she had some questions to ask. But she concluded that it is probably because it is a free AI tool.


It offers its business ideas and validation for free. It cost $0.00


1. It is free to use.

2. It doesn’t require complicated navigation when on its interface.

3. It has a good user interface.

4. It offers a good user experience. 


1. It doesn’t provide an in-depth analysis.

2. It can sometimes provide wrong information.

3. Users might depend fully on the software information which is a negative effect on humans.

Frequently asked questions about Idea Generator

What is an Idea Generator AI Tool?

This software is a top-grade tool that provides ideas that are well-analyzed. It uses advanced technology on its interface to provide these business ideas that are thought-provoking. The generated ideas it produces always inspire users to carry out innovative thinking. 

How does Idea Generator AI work?

Since this software possesses advanced technology features, it does analysis on the input data a user types on the available typing space. 

This software then generates ideas that are well-researched and trusted. The ideas it sometimes generates are thought-provoking and can trigger new ideas in a user’s mind. 

Is idea generator AI only meant for professionals?

This software is a top-grade tool that can be used by anyone who wants to get well-analyzed business ideas. It doesn’t matter if the individual is a beginner online, he can still make do with this software. 

This tool is a valuable AI business validator assistant that individuals, teams, entrepreneurs, and professionals across all fields can utilize in their workflow.

Can a user get business ideas from different niches using Idea Generator AI?

Idea Generator AI is not limited to some groups of niches. Idea Generator AI generates validated business ideas that can span across all niches. 

Once a user type in the business idea he wants information on the available input space, he just have to wait for a few minutes to get an analyzed business idea. 

Why is Idea Generator AI one of the best business Validators?

 Idea Generator Validator is a free artificial intelligence tool that provides analyzed information. The analyzed information is based on the information a user inputs on the input space. 

This tool generates a business idea within seconds. The amazing user interface and the ease of use sell out this AI software to a lot of users. The fact that users can use this AI software for free, made us add it to our list. 

4. RebeccAI


RebeccAI is a tool that does a proper evaluation of business ideas using artificial intelligence technology. Its developers designed this smart tool to fast-track the evaluation process. 

It eases the examining process and then produces useful suggestions. These suggestions have meaningful effects on business ideas. 

It uses state-of-the-art technology to help both beginners and professionals in formulating lucrative business ideas. 

The precise information it generates allows users to be able to turn ideas into reality. The insights are very helpful and can birth Potential business models when refined properly and intelligently. 

It doesn’t matter the kind of business style the users want to use, this AI tool still provides speedy innovative answers. 

RebeccAI saves time by a larger degree, it provides business ideas with precise evaluations. It ensures the ideas are assessed from multiple perspectives. This is to improve the concept of the business idea before displaying it on the user interface.


1. It possesses Natural Language Processing model

This feature is one of the core functionality of this software. The presence of this model allows it to be able to interact with users. 

Users can issues prompt and command to it and the software will try its best to complete that order. The level of interaction it offers is quite similar to how human beings interact. 

2. It possesses machine learning algorithms

This particular feature that RebeccAI possess allows it to be able to learn from users interacting with it. What this statement means is that; the more a user uses it the better it becomes at understanding a user’s request. 

It also becomes better at responding to it. With the machine learning algorithms on its interface, it is constantly learning and improving. Also, the more users use it, the faster it becomes at responding to requests. 

3. It possesses a good generative ability

This software possesses an amazing Generative ability that allows it to generate different forms of content. It generates business ideas that are well-evaluated and analyzed using this generative ability. 

Once a user input data, the machine learning models break it down and analyze it. It then uses its generative ability to produce a well-defined business idea. This refined business idea can be termed a validated business idea.

4. It possesses a large database of knowledge

The software developers of this smart tool use massive datasets to train this tool. Due to the massive datasets of text and code, it easily scrutinizes a business idea. After which it generates a better idea. 

The idea is now displayed in a comprehensive and informative way. Such that, it can be comprehended by any individual who can read and understand. 

User Experience 

“RebeccAI is a new tool and it is very good at evaluating business ideas.” During our interview with this lady, she made us understand how happy she was when she came across RebeccAI. 

She said she needed to start something with her life, and she doesn’t have anyone with who she can meet up for advice. 

She said RebeccAI made her business startup smooth with no stress. Since it provided her with suggestions and business ideas that are lucrative.

Another user we met said- “During the COVID-19 period I lost my job. I was living on my savings before I finally found a job that isn’t paying as much as my previous job. 

I knew I needed a side job that won’t affect my main job. With the help of RebeccAI, I was able to get a side job of my own and also set it up. Currently, I can tell you this, my side business is doing very fine.” 

We met a student entrepreneur. She told us how dire she needs money as she doesn’t want to pressure her parents for school feedings. 

” As a student, I didn’t want to rely fully on my parents for money for my feeding. So, I decided to start up a side business that won’t interrupt my academics. RebeccAI was there to help. 

It helped me in getting a good business idea. And I have successfully scaled that business over time.” We weren’t able to get any negative reviews from any users while we were gathering reviews. 


1. Free Plan

It offers to help users evaluate their business idea for free. It cost $0.00. It allows users to enjoy 160 characters long evaluation and also, it doesn’t offer customization. It provides 2 evaluation points. 

2. Premium Plan 

It offers users unlimited ideas with 500+ characters per evaluation point. It provides a customizable answer and also offers users evaluation points. It is a premium plan and it cost $5.00 in the first month, after which it offers $19.00 after the first month.

3. Business Plan

This plan is a business plan and it allows users to be able to customize the ideas it generates. Its ideas are expert-proven and are ready for use. It cost a one-time fee of $29.99 and it is not currently available. 


1. It does a proper evaluation of business ideas to validate their success rate. 

2. It provides a free plan for new users to test run the software features.

3. It saves time and effort.

4. It has a good user interface. 


1. Its business plan isn’t live yet even though its features are attractive.

2. Its free plan is quite limited.

3. It can be expensive for some pockets to purchase. 

4. It report sometimes contains errors as it might not capture the full market information due to limited information.

RebeccAI Business Ideas Validator

Frequently asked questions about RebeccAI

What is RebeccAI Idea Generator?

This software is an AI-powered platform that is well-designed to provide the evaluation. It also generates feedback on business models that a user prompts. 

With the help of its advanced technology, it examines the credibility of a business model. it also checks out if the ROI is fair with minimal risk. 

How does RebeccAI run its operation?

RebeccAI possesses advanced technology that uses Artificial intelligence. Since the model possesses its level of intelligence, it uses the knowledge in its database to provide Validation to the business model. 

RebeccAI provides the result of the evaluation in a comprehensive manner. It does not exclude important details like market research data, potential risk tendency, competition range, etc. 

In its cross-examination report. It also offers useful suggestions that can make the business idea better than it was before.

Is RebeccAI easy to use?

Using this software, users are sure to enjoy the experience. Its developers took enough time to ensure that every user either an online beginner or an online expert has an enjoyable experience. 

Users just have to input the business idea and other relevant information that gives more information on the business model. Once this is done, this smart AI Tool provides every necessary detail with the required analysis.

What kind of report does RebeccAI give back to the input of a user?

Once a user input the necessary information about the business model. He just has to wait a little before he gets his validated information. RebeccAI provides a well-organized and comprehensive. 

It provides a report that contains both market analysis and information on possible competitors in the same business model niche. 

It also offers information on potential risks and opportunities. It also provides specific recommendations that improve the business idea.  

What makes RebeccAI Standout from other validator tools?

RebeccAI is an artificial intelligence tool that can provide high-quality, data-driven evaluations and useful insights that are very helpful in making an existing business model better. 

Although RebeccAI provides valuable feedback, it still requires the human effort of inputting data and decision-making to prove its worth.  

Even with all this information, this software is still a better assistant that helps users in drafting lucrative business models. 

5. is an advanced technology tool that entrepreneurs can benefit from. Users can use this too to validate their business ideas and scale them up. 

On the interface of this software, there are lots of tools and services. These tools include; market research, fundraising support, ads campaign generation, and passive income Ideas which users can use.

This software helps users to overcome uncertainty. It does this, is by taking the info the user pastes into the interface to verify it. 

The software now scrolls through the information in the database to locate any similar information. After the information has gone through that sort of examination, it validates it. The software displays it on the interface. 

This software provides users with information that can assist them in reaching their set revenue goals. With special features like a KPI tracker, milestone mastermind, personal profilers, and many others. 

This feature makes the validation process of the business idea appear more seamless. The report these special features help generate are always customized to the user’s reports for their specific needs.

Features of Dimeadozen

1.  It provides market research and analysis

It possesses machine learning algorithms which is embedded in its interface. The machine learning algorithms help users to go through the structured and unstructured data in their database. 

It analyzes it and then provides valuable insights. The algorithm leverage on the historical data in its database to spot a pattern and trend. 

The pattern and trend are then used to make predictions. It is this predictive ability of its that allows it to produce valuable insights for business models. 

2. It provides potential risk analysis

This software offers access to a large amount of data. This data allow the software to gain insights into their pattern of arrangement. 

This smart tool helps users to identify future risks and trends. These trends are what determine the possible outcomes. 

With the experience gotten from the data in its storage; the market trends and other factors give the smart tool insights. These insights are based on potential risks that might want to pop up in the future time.  

3. It provides fundraising support and guidance

Dimeadozen is one of the rare AI tools that support users to raise funds for their businesses. It analyzes large datasets and checks out available information about people. 

People who might be willing to drop funds to support a user’s business idea. With this feature, users can get a list of individuals who can fund their business. 

All a user need is to get their necessary details and have an appointment with them. Users can use this appointment to convince them to be an investor in your business.  

It also helps users find grants and funding opportunities. This goes a long way in the fundraising event of the upcoming business. 

The software analyzes the criteria and eligibility requirements of the funding opportunities. It automatically does this to check if the user is qualified. 

4. It provides instant Ad content generation

This feature allows users to use the advantage of Natural Language Processing Techniques. It also uses the pre-trained language model in the software. 

These AI models jointly generate ads that are compelling and attractive. This is to attract individuals who spot them to have the urge to take action. 

The reason for this effect is because this software does market research to identify the target audience. This smart tool creates ads according to the audience type. Ensuring that the tone of the ad copy is exactly the correct tone for the audience. 

User Experience of Dimeadozen

We did a thorough field research before getting users of this software. “Dimeadozen features are amazing and fun to work with.” That happen to be the first review we get from a loyal user. 

He said the tool has been of great help to him. Especially when it comes to market research, ads campaign generation, and connection to the right people who took in his fundraising event. 

Another user we met; this user said – “ We have been finding tools that will help us in raising funds for our business for so long but we couldn’t find any. 

But since we came across this tool, it has provided people who are willing to be an investor in our company. 

This is a huge relief to me and my staff.”- That was the response of a female user, she is a boss with some staff working under her. 

We met an individual whose compliance with the customer service team was not helpful when it comes to answering her questions. “ Apart from the bad customer service we get from the team, the other features of Dimeadozen are nice and helpful.” 


This software offers users reports according to the plan they purchase. It offers a pricing plan that ranges from $0.50 to $4.00 to users who want to validate their business ideas within seconds.

Dimeadozen AI Business Ideas Validator


1. It provides business ideas that can skyrocket the business. 

2. Its impromptu marketing ideas are very helpful as well.

3. This smart software identifies the target customers for users’ products and services.

4. It offers ads campaign assistance just like an expert ads master. 


1. It sometimes doesn’t provide the right information. 

2. It can’t validate complex business ideas. 

3. It is data-dependent which makes it not a complete substitute for manual market research.

4. It doesn’t offer a free plan.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dimeadozen

What is the Dimeadozen AI tool?

Dimeadozen is an advanced technology tool that provides useful business suggestions. The suggestions either complement an already existing idea or can stand on their own. 

Dimeadozen AI tool is also a top tool that provides fundraising opportunities for users by doing research for them. 

This software also offers an in-depth analysis of the business idea. So, a user can be sure of their business ideas’ credibility. 

Can a user use Dimeadozen for any business idea validation?

Dimeadozen AI tool is a good business idea validator but it is limited in its ability. It can’t validate business ideas that are too complex, it only validates simpler business ideas. So, any business idea that’s complex or requires extensive market research, can’t process them. 

Is Dimeadozen an easy tool to use?

Dimeadozen is not an easy tool to use for a beginner. But once he starts to use the tool consistently, it becomes a lot easier to use. 

When using a tool for the first time, it is possible for you to first scramble around before knowing your way around the tool. The same principle goes for the Dimeadozen AI tool, we won’t say it is difficult or neither easy to use.

Does Dimeadozen provide accurate results?

Although Dimeadozen indeed provides some incorrect information. That’s on very rare occasions, the majority of its results are very accurate. 

With the help of its advanced technology and its machine learning algorithms, it generates accurate results. These results are already examined with different data to ensure their credibility. 

Is Dimeadozen a good tool to use?

Looking at how fast Dimeadozen helps users to validate business ideas, a lot of people prefer to use it. But it is not just speed that differentiates the software from its colleagues. 

It also provides amazing features as well. Like the fundraising capacity that can help smart entrepreneurs raise funds for their businesses. 

The fundraising feature and the validator ability are what made us select this tool as one of the best tools to validate business ideas.  

6. Validly AI


Validly is an AI research assistant that carries out interviews for users. It gathers useful insights that can guide users in making the right decisions. 

Product teams who have a lot of work to do can rely on this smart tool’s toolkit to get insights. They can rely on it to run continuous interviews with different individuals. It collates the responses and views on the product before it is launched fully.

It does the recruiting process and schedule timing as well. It creates a topic of discussion as regards the products. 

So, potential users can give in their honest opinions as regards the product. It now extracts the transcript from the videos he made with the potential clients as a downloadable file.

Users of this tool can use reviews from potential clients to validate their doubts. They can even discover new upgrades that can make the product appear better than its original quality. The reviews also allow users to make a product that potential clients will enjoy using. 


1. It helps discover user needs

Validly AI help users discover the needs of individuals who are potential clients. It does this by running a product survey poll based on its user’s prompt. It discovers the users’ preferences, their interests, and needs. 

With the data at hand, it uses the natural language processing model to analyze it and then generate valuable insights about users’ needs, the features they will like to appear in the product, and lastly how much they want the product. These data are displayed for the user to integrate them into the new data. 

2. Building products that users need

This feature helps users to analyze the data of potential clients. It gets this data when they drop their feedback on the prelaunch stage of the product. 

This feature segment the feedback and then turn it into users’ profile. These profiles serve as a guide that the product developer follows. 

These profiles are used to develop a product that will satisfy the potential clients. With the profiles, the developers easily understand the user behavior patterns. Developers get their pain points and then create a product that eases those pain points. 

3. It extracts insights from call or video transcripts

When carrying out a survey poll, users can also do live call interviews.  During the call session, this software takes pain point questions to the survey participants and records their answers. 

With the help of the natural language processing model, it analyzes the audio input of the call. It then converts the audio input into text transcripts. 

Also, the software takes note of the products or entities mentioned in the conversation. It then analyzes and understands how it can be of help to the upcoming product.

4. It provides quick playback

Validly allows users to have access to instant AI-powered responses to every question. Users don’t have to do manual data analysis as this software automatically does the analysis that needed to be done. 

Users can upload the interview recordings for automatic transcription, with the retentive ability and natural language processing model of this AI tool, it makes the transcription process very seamless. 

It allows users to save and group the audio or video interview clips for future reference, users can also listen to the recordings directly to do their analysis. 

User Experience

“ Validly offer cool benefits that help we product owners to know whether we are making the right choice.” One of the loyal customers of this tool said that to us. 

He said, “Validly made it easy for me to create my kitchen cleaning agents and allowed me to be able to make the most profit out of it.”

A school student who is already in college and is having his own business running at the same time gave us his honest review as well. 

He said “ My friend who also does side hustle told me about this AI software’s ability. He told me about it ability to validate business ideas and give useful suggestions if need be. 

I wasn’t disappointed with this tool’s functionality. The only issue I had at the beginning was that it wasn’t easy for me to navigate around the interface of this AI tool. My business is booming and I have plans to even expand, all thanks to Validly.”

My team and I were impressed with this student’s review. We met a very busy woman and it took us some time before we got her review as regards this AI tool. 

She said “ This AI tool customer service team is not helpful at all. I was having a question about my business idea, but they couldn’t help me out even after taking days to reply to my text.” Her review wasn’t good but it was worth the wait.  


Validly is a free tool that offers lots of services. It offers services like automated recruitment, candidate management, scheduled video interview, automatic transcription, inspired guides, and many others.


1. Validly is a free tool to use.

2. It offers smooth automated recruitment of potential clients for interviews.  

3. The validation results are getting faster.

4. It provides useful suggestions that improve business ideas. 


1. Users might still need to learn how to use all the functionalities of this tool.

2. Users should still carry out research on the generated data before using it.

3. It depends on the internet connection to function properly. 

4. AI-POWERED responses might not be preferable to use for the interview so as not to chase off individuals who don’t like interacting with AI. 

Validly AI Business Ideas Validator

Frequently Asked Questions About Validly AI

What is Validly AI Tool?

Validly AI tool is a virtual assistant that helps entrepreneurs to validate their business ideas. Helping them to get potential customers that can take survey poll as regards the idea, allows users to have access to a lot of data that now provide insights on how to establish the business idea. 

Validly is an automated tool that doesn’t stress out its users when using it, ensuring that their every moment on the tool is enjoyable. 

How to use Validly Automated Recruitment?

Using this feature helps users to save time and effort as they won’t have to manually gather the audience themselves, or run ads to get people who are going to test the prelaunch product and give their honest reviews. 

With this feature, users are sure to enjoy its services, and users can customize their recruitment settings to meet their specific research needs. 

Once the recruitment settings are done and some candidates have joined the recruitment room, users can now set the auto-scheduling feature to streamline the interview scheduling process to suit their timing.

How does Validly AI manage candidates?

With a valid AI candidate management feature, it successfully arranges the candidates in a categorized manner. 

It helps users to segment and track down research candidates. The collected information is then grouped later on into different categories according to their response. 

This smart tool successfully updates and recalls records of candidates who have given their options. Due to the candidate management feature, this software ensures that the recruitment process is done in an organized manner.

How can users use Lean Interviews?

This software possesses pre-made templates or AI-generated guides that users can explore. These pre-made templates allow users to conduct efficient interviews. 

With the single-touch video call feature users can leverage that to get a smooth interview process with candidates. 

Users can also use the automatic recording feature to ensure that this smart software captures all the details of the interview. 

Why is Validly the best AI Validator?

Validly is an advanced technology tool that serves as a discussion guide. Users enjoy instantaneous answers whenever they need an answer to a particular question. 

The AI features and the fact that it provides quick responses made us like the tool. With the instant response, it still provides transcription whenever a user uploads the audio recordings. 

7. Armchair AI


Armchair AI is a free tool that helps users to pick the right business of their choice. It helps users to select businesses that they can always feel happy and fulfilled when they are doing it. 

Armchair AI gives users side business ideas based on their interests, skills, experience, goals, etc. These details are then scrutinized closely to locate any lucrative business ideas that a user can do from the provided details. 

This smart software considers the different patterns in the user’s details, it checks the goal’s pattern, skills possessed and the most proficient one, and lastly the individual’s interest. 

These details prompt the smart software to generate suggestions that are tailored to the personality answers the user answered earlier. 

With this method, users won’t waste time doing businesses that they won’t enjoy in the long run. Once a user answer all the questions the smart software provided correctly, users are sure to get a lucrative business model that won’t affect their lifestyle negatively.


1. It possesses personality testing features

This software undergoes training on the personality of humans using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The test it went through allowed it to test different human personalities with ease. 

Due to the personality training standard that Armchair AI is trained with, it measures four major personalities of users. 

They are judgment/perception, thinking patterns/emotions, reasoning sense/ intuition, and introversion/extroversion tendencies. It is the results it gets after testing each individual’s personality that it uses to recommend ideas to users. 

2. It possesses skill assessment

This feature of this software assesses each individual’s ability. This software prompts the user to grade their skill on a scale of 1 to 5. 

This software offers a wide range of skills that ranges from business skills to creative skills, and technical skills. 

Each skill is sure to fall within the 3 skill range. The results of the skill grading are now used to generate more relevant recommendations.

3. It possesses a side hustle ideas generator

This software allows users to use their personality, skill grades, and interests to produce a list of side hustles that are comfortable for a user. 

This feature allows users to have access to lots of ideas, it possesses a database of over 5,000 side hustle ideas that users can make good use of.  

4.It offers business mentor matching services

This particular feature is what determines the kind of side hustle a user of this tool can get. This feature does analysis based on the personality of the individual, the grade of one’s skill, and the interests. 

The results it gets from this analysis are the standard it uses to get a user a good business mentor service. This mentoring service gives an individual an edge in his job field.

User Experience

The first tool I came across that gave me ideas on a side business idea that was perfectly suited to my lifestyle was Armchair AI. 

That was the response we got from a business owner. He told us that he has left about 10 side gigs mainly because they did not match his lifestyle. 

Another individual we met who happens to be a student of Oxford, told us how he managed to open two different side gigs thanks to this tool.  

He said “Being able to run 2 different side gigs as a student of Oxford has always been my dream. Armchair AI tool made that dream possible as I successfully managed 2 different side businesses and I still have time to study. The balance is mind-blowing.” 

Most of the users of this smart tool gave us positive reviews but as you always know, no AI tool is perfect. There will still be bad complaints about its service or its customer care team. 

A fellow student of Oxford as well could not get a side business that complement his lifestyle. “While surfing the net, I came across this tool, and I tried it out but it could not give me a side business that complements my lifestyle.” So far, he is the first user we met that gave us a negative review. 


There is no price tag attached to Armchair AI. It cost $0.00. It offers assistance in getting a user’s side hustle based on the user’s interest, skills, experience, and set goals. It is available for anyone to use as the developers don’t have plans for adding any fee to it anytime soon.


1. It is entirely free to use all its features. 

2. It is easy to use. 

3. It generates side businesses that are personalized to a user’s interests and goals.

4. It prevents users from wasting their time on the wrong side of businesses. 


1. Since it is still in the beta stage, it might not always produce accurate data.

2. It only offers suggestions, there is still a need for a user to do his research to make the final decision.

3. The software might not be able to put into consideration the financial strength of the user when offering suggestions.  

4. Users who are dishonest with their interests, goals, and personality might not get a side business that complements their lifestyle. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Armchair AI

What is Armchair AI Tool? 

Armchair AI tool is an advanced free tool that uses artificial intelligence technology to find the right business or side business that a user can do and make cool money from it. It uses the user’s interests, skills, experience, and goals to get the right business for him. 

What is the workflow of the Armchair AI Tool?

Armchair AI tools possess artificial intelligence technology and machine learning algorithms to analyze the user’s personality. 

With the suggested feature, users can get good businesses or side businesses that are a good fit into one’s lifestyle and are also lucrative. 

Can users use Armchair AI Tool without knowing my interest?

Users that are not sure of what their interests or skills are can try taking the personality test or skill assessment. Taking this test allows users to be able to identify their personality traits and also know the kind of skills they possess. 

What if users don’t have any experience in the suggested business? 

Since the Armchair AI tool uses the personality traits and interests of users to suggest business ideas, there’s no need to worry about not being able to run the business. 

Also, users should know that there are some side hustles and businesses that don’t require any start-up knowledge before running it. 

Why is an Armchair the best tool to use?

Using an Armchair regularly comes with its natural benefits that smart users can explore. If users don’t have a prototype product or a prelaunch product and they need to get feedback on their product, the Armchair AI tool provides an audience base that has an interest in the product. 

It process information very fast and quickly. Once a candidate answers the survey questionnaire, this smart tool immediately starts to analyze the responses of candidates of the survey. There are no limitations to the number of candidates users can meet. 

The way a user structure the survey determines the kind of answers he will get in the long run. With a more specific questionnaire, users are sure to get better feedback from people. Fun fact it is free to use. 

8. FounderAssist AI Tool 


FounderAssist is an AI-powered tool that helps users who want to start up businesses. This smart software provides useful suggestions and insights that help users to navigate complex business models. 

It also gets access to market analysis. With the provision of templates for brainstorming, writing social media posts, and creating product campaigns, speeches, and emails, users can customize any of them to suit their purpose. 

This smart tool also provides a range of features that help founders to create and customize their different business models, carry out market research, develop a suitable market strategy for their businesses, etc. 


1. It offers an advanced business model Canvas

FounderAssist provides help to individuals who are smart entrepreneurs. This feature helps entrepreneurs create and customize their business models with ease. 

With the help of the Model Canvas, users can visualize and understand their business models fully, this business model Canvas helps users to unravel every secret of their business model they might not be aware of. 

2. It offers good Market Research

This smart software allows users to have smooth access to research tools. Users have access to tools like market sizing, competitor analysis, and customer segmentation. 

Market sizing helps users to know if their business ideas support large or small market sizes, while competitor analysis allows users to identify individuals they are competing with. Lastly, with the customer segmentation feature, users can create segments for their respective customers.

3. It provides marketing strategy

FounderAssist provides smart marketing strategies to entrepreneurs. It provides marketing strategy templates and guidance on how to go about ad campaigns, how to create social media awareness and monetize it, etc. Users can even use the strategies that this smart tool provides as a guide to create a personalized strategy.

4. It provides guidance and insights to users

This smart tool provides guidance and insights that are useful to users. The insights this software provides help users navigate around the complexities of starting a business. 

This feature also guides in raising funds to start up a business idea, how to build a team, and how to develop a product. 

User Experience

Getting a review for this software was not all that stressful compared to the other tools. On our first outing, we met with a young hardworking man. 

This man attached his success to this software. He said “ In the year 2020, I needed to step up my income since there was COVID. 

After so much searching, I discovered FounderAssist. FounderAssist provided very helpful support, allowing me to get access to useful information that can be monetizable. It is the business strategies I got from this smart tool that pave the way for the success of my business.”

Another user we met at the restaurant, he is a chef. We got talking and he mentioned the FounderAssist AI tool. 

He said “ My meeting with FounderAssist AI tool made me start a restaurant business. If not for this software, I won’t have become a chef and owned this premium service restaurant.” 

We wanted to get reviews from students but we couldn’t see any students who have used this software. But we did meet a college graduate. 

She is a hair stylist who also does manicure and pedicure treatments. In her meeting with us, she said a lot of things. 

She talked about how she was thinking of how to make money but didn’t know how to get started. “ With FounderAssist AI tool, I was able to discover a lucrative business idea. I was also able to discover the best strategy to run the business profitably.“


It has a starting price of $5. New users have access to a free trial before making any point. 


1. It helps users to save time and resources by automating the majority of the task.

2. It helps users to reduce risk by providing risk management tactics in the form of a guide.

3. It helps users to have a higher chance of success. 

4. It is free to use.


1. FounderAssist has not fully developed.

2. It sometimes experiences bug issues.

3. It is not a substitute for professional advice since it is still developing.

4. Users can’t depend solely on its suggestions as there is a need for them to make manually further their research.

Frequently Asked Questions About FounderAssist AI

What is FounderAssist AI Tool?

FounderAssist AI Tool is an advanced technology tool that provides useful insights to users who want to start up a business. 

The insights are what broaden the horizon of users such that they discover new ideas that are better than the first idea they selected before. 

How to use FounderAssist AI Tool?

To access the features of this smart tool, users must have an account with them. That means the first step to take in other to access this smart tool feature is to create an account for them. 

Once a user has fully set up his account details with the software’s sign-up option, he can either brainstorm, create social media posts, product campaigns, email writing, etc. 

To do brainstorming with this smart tool, users have to select a template from the template section of this smart software. 

After which, there is a need to customize it with one’s details. Once a user fills in his details, the machine learning algorithms and the natural language processing model of the software analyze the new information. 

The software then provides insights that are useful to the users, the final decision-making is on the users’ inspiration from the given insights. 

Who can use FounderAssist AI Tool?

FounderAssist AI Tool is for anyone who wants to start up a business. So if you are interested in starting up a business, you can use FounderAssist AI Tool. 

Nevertheless, FounderAssist can be used by entrepreneurs, small business owners, and any business-minded person. 

Why should a user use FounderAssist

FounderAssist is a good tool that provides useful business idea suggestions. Although the suggestions can’t be depended upon as an actual business idea, they can still be used as a base to form another business idea better than it. 

FounderAssist although provide business idea validator features, it still allows users to craft catchy headlines and convincing email. 

How do you know if an idea validated by an AI is accurate? 

Users have to look up the idea to be sure it solves a particular problem, and the problem itself is a major pain point. 

If a user can’t spot the problem and the solution within two sentences or less, there is a good tendency that the idea might not be a good one.

How does an AI Business Idea Validator attend to intellectual property or concerns?

AI business idea validator always handles intellectual property with care. It has several ways it handles such property. 

1. It searches for existing open access to own such property and also searches for copyrights. This is mainly to ensure that one’s business ideas are already protected by intellectual property law.

2. It guides users on how to safeguard their intellectual property. AI Idea Validator either advise users to place copyright security on their property, register a patent, or place a trademark on their property. Users just have to go for the security they prefer to use to safeguard their property. 

3. AI software also provides information on the possible risks associated with intellectual property infringement. 

This is to enlighten the user on what could go wrong if a user is not careful with the handling of intellectual property. 

Intellectual infringement like financial penalties, legal fees, and damage to a user’s reputation can be incurred.

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Wrap Up

Using the best AI tool validator requires you to do your research to find a Validator that offers you convenience, speed and a higher degree of accuracy. 

All the software listed above is a top-notch tool that offers quality services, although some of the free AI business idea validators have poor customer service teams. With you doing your research yourself, you will likely find an AI tool that suits your usage.

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