Best AI Time Tracker Tools To Help You Organize Your Life

Best AI Time Tracker Tools

Right from the olden days to the present day before the invention of AI time tracker tools, time has always been a resource that is very scarce and very difficult to manage.

It is quite unfortunate that once the time is lost, it is gone for life and there is no way to regain the lost time back. It is this reason that brought about the invention of the clock to help individuals keep track of time daily.

Overtime, the clock has been upgraded by smart developers such that individuals can take them about with no inconvenience.

Nowadays, we have clocks on our phones, wristwatch, and other time-tracking devices that we can take with us.

A lot of time-tracking devices have been created but few of them are in use. Out of the tracking devices in circulation, some have been selected by some time genius to be the best device for individuals who need to track their time.

But as usual, the major selection of the time devices considered to be the best is left to the users, these time genius just help in narrowing down the search thereby saving users the stress of going through large collections of smart tracking devices to pick the best.

With no further waste of time, let’s get to see the best AI time-tracking devices chosen by smart time geniuses in the world.

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Best AI Time Tracker Tools

1. TimeCamp

A brief history of TimeCamp indicates that this AI time-tracking tool came into existence in 2008 as a result of the assignment of the CEO of TimeCamp time tracking tool, the assignment the CEO had on hand was to develop a note-taking app, and then with time, it upgraded.

The CEO and the team members work tirelessly day and night. Their hard work paid out because, in that same here, TimeCamp came into existence.

During one of the interviews with the CEO, we asked him what is his belief on his project, he said “ No matter large or small your team is or even if you are a freelancer, we can find a comprehensive solution that suits your needs.”

And we then ask him why he have that strong belief, and he said: “We don’t forget that the customers are what makes us strong!”TimeCamp is a real-time tracker that does its job excellently well.

TimeCamp uses the AI model cloud-based tracking solution, this AI model allows time for team members to work together, track the amount of time they can work, and also give them the space to monitor their ongoing projects.

It is this AI model that helps large organizations, companies, firms, etc. Calculating the number of tasks left and the time it is going to take to complete every one of them, also helps them to keep track of attendance and allows proper management of time for everything they want to do.

The timesheet’s section of programs makes the provision a dashboard containing long hours for work and also allows employees who are working in organizations to manage their time effectively.

When doing some tasks within a project, the group or team leader can delegate each individual in his or her team or group to their task and give them a time limit to complete the task base on their previous task completion speed.

This also allows Group leaders to know the task and speed capacity of individuals in the team so time can be used effectively.

With TimeCamp’s time management features, users can keep track of his they use their computers and also, and employers can get a productive analysis of each of his employees to determine the general capability of their workforce.

Big company owners can use productivity analysis to get a summary of work done within the week, the time spent to carry out irrelevant activities, the most productive day of the week, the most productive hours of the day, etc.

Getting this data help boost the productivity of the company and helps them to channel energy to the activities that require longer attention.

Apart from all these things you can get from TimeCamp, can you believe it allows numerous integration of applications? And this now allows the additional functionality of add-on features. 

Features of TimeCamp

1. Automatic Time Tracking

TimeCamp has an advanced time tracking automation installed on its interface and it does all the time managing work for you. With this feature, users can do the things they are meant to do at the right time.

2. Productivity Tracking

This feature allows users to keep track of their daily activities at work or daily activities. As a result, users can gain insights into how to allocate time and focus their energy on things that matter.

Users can even keep up with their daily goals and measure the productive time of their day and also indicates the time of the day they aren’t doing any important thing.

3. Smart Timesheets

TimeCamp helps small teams or big businesses that are usually busy and don’t have the luxury of time to manually fill up the timesheets to fill it up.

4. Attendance Tracker

With this smart time tracker AI, you can keep track of your staff attendance regardless of the size of your team or organization size.


1. It has good integrations.

2. It has very useful features.

3. It is very easy to use.

4. It has a smooth user interface.


1. It free plan has limited features for users.

2. Sometimes it can be slow sometimes.

3. It demo is too short.

2. Clockify

Clockify is another time-tracking software that helps users to keep track of those who are working under them. Employers can track their employee’s work hours across different tasks and projects assigned to them.

This smart AI time tracking tool uses an AI model that is called a “built-in Pomodoro timer” to properly manage time and help individuals focus on what is important.

Before going into more detail about Clockify, let’s get to know the brief history of Clockify.

Clockify was established in 2017 as a result of a company trying to charge clients on hourly bases they needed to have a proper record of how much time each project they are doing for their client is spent so they can calculate the bills of each client without running loss and overcharging.

At that time, there were other time-tracking tools in circulation but because they were either too complicated or expensive or both, the team didn’t have a choice but to create their own AI time-tracking tool.

One of our journalists had the opportunity to have an interview with one of the core team members who created the AI tool.

We asked why they made the time tracking tool free when they didn’t have the opportunity of getting an AI time tracking tool for free.

“We believe every team deserves a simple and reasonably priced system to track work and billable hours,” the developer retorted. We recognize that each dollar counts when you’re  a startup.”

Over time, Clockify has begun to get popular and a lot of people are now demanding a ton of features from the developers.

The developers are now investing resources to meet these demands and also build more products. There are other extra features that users have not started requesting but are needful but have been added to the interface of this AI tool; for these extra features, the team charge users who need them apart from using the time tracking feature.

Clockify offers fast and easy solutions to maintain accurate timesheets and also reduces users’ workload on Excel spreadsheets or paperwork.

Employees can now plan for the task of a new week and also, add the time frame to complete the tasks in these timesheets.

With the Saas application, users can easily generate, share, and export the time tracking data in any format like PDF, Excel, or CSV formats.

Most team leaders or employers use these features to share the exact billable hours with their clients or task that time scheduled for team members, they can also use them to appraise their employee’s or team members’ work.

The tool usage comes in three forms;

Admins: These are people like the team leaders or employers that can see and edit everything on the AI tool interface.

Managers: At the manager level, users at this level can oversee ongoing tasks and approve timesheets.

Regular Users: Users at this level can track their progress and the time they use to finish a particular task. With this feature, users can improve the accountability of their employees within their workspace.

It is important to know that anybody who is a small business owner, freelancer, nonprofit organization owner, or digital startup owner is looking forward to managing employee timesheet reports and tracking billable hours.

In as much the team members or employees are between the range of 15-50 individuals.

 Features of Clockify

1. Time tracking

This smart AI time tracking tool allow users to track their time from anywhere using either the mobile app (Android and iOS) or the desktop app (Mac, Windows, and Linux.)

Clockify can either track an individual’s task durations using the start and stop buttons by entering the name of the task and adding the project details.

After doing all this, users can now start recording the time on the tool’s interface

2. Project Management

Clockify is a good project management tool that allows users to analyze the time spent on different projects in a percentage format.

This feature helps users to understand the status of their ongoing tasks within a given project and also, employers can monitor the progress of each individual or employee as they complete the given tasks.

With the help of the timesheet feature this AI tool provides, employers can remotely manage the work of their staff easily with no stress.

Another amazing thing about Clockify is the fact that it allows users to create custom hourly rates for projects or allow them to notify team members about overshooting the budget with automated alerts.

Mind you, users can not access all these features on the free plan unless they purchase the paid plan.

3. Invoice Generation

This tool can generate invoices based on your billable hours, and this it can do automatically and manually.

To use this feature, you have to choose the project that works for each client in your workspace, and then send the billing details to them according to the tracked time you spend on their projects. You can charge them based on what satisfies you.

So therefore, with this AI tool, you can write out professional invoices where you can include the time and the date range of when you started and finished your client’s projects.


1. It is very easy to use.

2. It has good user features.

3. It is free to use.

4. It has a smooth user interface.


1. It can be buggy at times.

2. There is a need for more feature upgrades for teams.

3. Developers need to improve the user interface as it is not smooth enough (UI.)

4. It is not entirely free.

3. Timebyping

Timebyping is an AI tool used by most lawyers and law firms to track time for each activity they do. Before going further, here is a brief history of how Timebyping came into existence.

Timebyping came into existence in 2017 to help law firms manage their time effectively. 

Lawyers are always in the press for time and they work and get paid based on time, it was this that lead to the creation of this AI tool.

With this tool, lawyers can keep track of time spent on each client, provide analysis as regards the time spent on the client, and then calculate the billing data.

This smart AI tool offers an AI-powered timekeeping feature for lawyers and also, provides data analytics of clients for large law firms.

Since the existence of this smart AI time tracker, this tool has helped lawyers to solve the challenges they face as regards capturing and analyzing clean data of clients across the world with little to no stress.

Lawyers can now focus on their main work with no distractions of trying to track their time and also, it automatically collects records of every work-related activity users do daily in as much as you do the activities on the device that houses your Timebyping tool.

The design of this smart AI time tracker is a bit different from other AI time trackers. To use Timebyping for the first time, you have to first request a demo.

After using the demo, you will be able to use the tool, but currently, there is no place on the interface where users can see the free plan or the paid plan to select the one that suits them.

While reading the above content on Timebyping, you all will notice I said it is mostly used by lawyers.

This does not mean other employees of diverse occupations can’t use it, the automated time tracking feature, and many other features it has makes it suitable for just anybody who wants to manage time well.

Nevertheless, the tools can automatically categorize all user’s activities, take a record of the time spent on most applications and also provide a smooth running user interface.


1. It provides a good user interface design.

2. It provides some unique features for users.

3. It automatically tracks time.


1. No information on the plan to purchase.

2. It takes time to access the demo.

3. Users must, first of all, learn how to use the software before they can use it.

4. ClockTrace

ClockTrace is an automated time tracker that offers various kinds of features and upgrades while using the AI time tracker.

As of now, users can use this smart AI time tracker for free for 3 months straight, if they download the application from the website.

The creators of this AI tool made it to mainly track time and then do other activities like analyzing information from background applications. It is not limited to that, it also keeps a record of the URL, file names, etc.

Users search on their devices. So if users want to get a report that is both comprehensive and accurate on how they use their time, they can get it from this AI tool.

The type of activities you perform on this AI tool can easily be identified since users can name each project they perform on the interface.

ClockTrace helps users set their timesheets before the deadline, and allows users to focus on work by helping them stay focused and not get distracted with tracking time.

It is important to know that this smart AI time tracker keeps making an easy-to-understand timesheet, that cannot confuse any literate person.


1. It contains very useful features.

2. It gives new users a free trial.

3. It has a creative design.


1. New users need to learn how to use the app.

2. Sometimes it can be buggy to use.

3. Occasionally it can be sluggish.

5. Clockk

Clockk is an AI tracking tool used by professionals who multitask regularly. They usually use this tool to help track the time they spend on their clients’ projects and since it is an AI specially made for this purpose, this it does it easily and accurately.

To use Clockk, one must fill out a form to request the demo version as there is no space on the app interface that display the available plans for users.

As soon as users start to use this smart time tracker, they tend to enjoy the experience as they find it fun to use, also, there is no more start and stop timers to keep track of time.

Once the automatic time tracker starts to work in the background, it keeps track of all the work and at the end of the day or week, users just have to simply verify the task done and then click the save button.

Clockk makes all the work done on your device to be neatly arranged and organizes them according to how important they are.

It also organizes all your essential applications like your web-based apps, local files, etc. This smart time tracker can be trusted with your valuable information, every information it gathers on your device is private and won’t share without your consent.

If there is a need to create a timesheet with all the information Clockk has gathered, you can do so with just a simple click.

With this smart time tracker, you can stop using those start and stop timers that require your attention so you can work the way you want to, gaining the freedom to stay fully focused in other to complete your work faster and at the same time you are tracking your time accurately.

It is no longer a new thing that people who work with time don’t get the calculation of the accurate bill for the time they spend on their client’s projects.

Clockk can help in calculating the exact bill without overbilling or underbilling. Records have shown that freelancers who work hourly bases have made more profit as this smart time tracker help calculate the bills and also, and it has made them complete their clients’ project faster as they can now focus more on the major projects.

Clockk is not built in a way that allows users to monitor the task progress of their staff as it gives equal privilege to everyone using it.

Users can control what others see on their interface, it is for this reason that it is not an employee monitoring platform.


1. Automatic Time Capture

2. Task progress tracking

3. Online time tracking

4. Project time tracking

5. Timesheet management

6. Offline time tracking

7. Billing and invoice


1. It is very secure and intuitive.

2. Its design is not complex for users.

3. It allows users to easily track their activities.

4. It speeds up the rate at which tasks are completed for busy users.

5. It is free to use


1. Users can not select the type of plan they want.

2. It offers short demos.

3. Developers need to make more features available.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best time-tracking tools?

The best time tracking tools are something each individual who wants to use a time tracker for a long time needs to find individually.

You have to use these time-tracking tools to know the one that suits your convenience.

Is there an app to track how long you have been studying?

Some study trackers track how long users have been studying and there’s this one called MyStudyTracker.

This tracker is an application that works both on smartphones, tablets, etc, and on the web to track how long users have been studying.

Or also keep a record of how much time users have spent on their study locations.

Schools can use this tool to know how long each of their students can study effectively and can then send it as a report to the students.

Doing this will help the students’ academic grades to improve as they now know how long they can study effectively.

Is Clockify free forever?

Clockify is a time-tracking software that is powered by an AI-time tracking model. This tool is used by millions of online users and also this tool can allow users to track their work hours across their clients’ projects for free. Unlimited users can use it for free forever!!

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With the invention of AI time trackers, a lot of people have progressed more evidently in the rate at which they complete their client’s tasks as their time is accurately tracked.

There is no need to calculate the bills for clients as AI tools like Clockk, Clockify, etc. Can do that for them. As a result, a lot of time wasted on these things is now used to work on other clients’ projects.

There are also features like timesheet management that takes lots of time before and can now be done automatically with the help of TimeCamp, Timebyping, etc.

Lawyers have now become more active and more resourceful as a result of the help of Timebyping.

Timebyping existence came to reality due to the crisis faced by lawyers and now other people in other occupations are using it for their tasks as well.

The best AI time tracking tools listed above are very useful for extremely busy people so they can do a lot within the given time frame.

Is this helpful? What else would you like to know about AI time management tools for tracking time? Let me know in the comments.

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