Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) has grown prevalent across all industries. In healthcare, AI aids physicians in streamlining duties, increasing operational efficiencies, and simplifying difficult procedures. Large IT firms are pouring more money into AI healthcare research. In 2020, Microsoft, for example, announced a $40 million five-year commitment to addressing healthcare concerns. Although AI is undoubtedly altering …

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AI In Media: Its Growth, Trend And Application

Technology is the powerful magic weapon that gives wings to our pigeons, the pigeons that are now many mass media platforms such as TV, newspapers, or news media, in today’s society, which is dominated and influenced by digitalization. Artificial Intelligence, a technology characterized by the replication of human intelligence for use in machines and training them to think in terms of humans and copy their activities, is giving these platforms a whole new shape and personality.

AI In Fintech: Use Cases, Applications And Future Of AI In Financial Services

In the last few years, AI in fintech has seen some significant advancements. As a result, AI is rapidly altering the way business is conducted. Over the years, finTech agents and some traditional financial industry businesses have grown stronger. Many financial institutions have been impacted, but many more are quickly adapting to provide financial services that are tailored to the new reality of the world.

10 Practical Uses of AI in Everyday Life

Another use of Ai is in online shopping, it provides personalised recommendations to users, based on their previous searches and purchases. Smartphones use AI to provide personalised services. AI assistants can answer questions and help users to organise their daily routines without a hassle. AI systems can help recognise and fight cyberattacks based on recognising patterns and backtracking the attacks.

Artificial Intelligence in The Workplace: Benefits, Examples, Roles and Adoption in 2022

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming almost every element of how we live our lives, and our professional lives are no exception. Even those of us who don’t work for technology firms (though as every company strives to become a tech company, that will become a smaller percentage of the population) will soon notice AI-enabled machines in our daily lives.

6 Fields of AI

Artificial intelligence research aims to enable machines to execute some complex jobs that would otherwise require intelligent humans. That is, we hope that the machine will be able to solve some difficult jobs for us, not simply monotonous mechanical activities, but also ones that demand human wisdom. Here are the 6 fields of AI

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is used in a variety of ways in today’s society. It is becoming increasingly important in today’s world because it can efficiently handle complicated problems in a variety of areas, including healthcare, entertainment, banking, and education. Our daily lives are becoming more comfortable and efficient as a result of artificial intelligence.

How Reread is revolutionizing the Writing Space with AI-powered Platform: An Interview With The Co-founder of Reread

Reread is an Ai-powered platform that helps authors write bestselling books. Reread is an author-first software program that includes the breakdown and analysis of part of speech, mapping of sentence structure and many more. So, I decided to interview the co-founder of Reread Oliver Rodwell to tell us how Reread is revolutionizing the writing space …

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