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Best AI Football Prediction Software

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Football is a game of love and is what has brought a lot of people together but people can’t feed on love and affection so football betting came into existence. 

And now football betting has become a source of livelihood for a lot of people, especially men. 

The majority of people who watch football now don’t longer watch it because of the bonding it produces but instead, watch it because they have made a bet on either of the team who is playing.

Over time, a lot of people have lost thousands of dollars from betting. Have seen cases whereby a groom uses his wedding preparation fee to gamble on a football team and loses all of it in a whimper. 

And cases whereby mothers use their children’s school fees to gamble on a football team and lose it all as well. 

This has now made me do some research on the best AI football prediction software tools that works, so the loss rate can at least reduce to a minimum level. 

While doing the research, I discovered a lot of tools both ordinary technology tools and AI technology tools, and after a lot of testing I have decided to stick to the few I am going to mention below; just stay with me till the conclusion of this article.

Let’s dive in.

What is Football?

Football is a game played between two teams containing 11 players each and one goalkeeper for each team. 

The two teams play for total minutes of 90 minutes; half-time is available after 45 minutes of playing the ball. 

What is Prediction Software?

Prediction software is a tool that can analyze a situation and then give you the possible options that can result from the situation. 

In the case of gambling, prediction software analyzes the teams’ potential playing, checking both their weaknesses and strengths and how they have been fairing in the previous matches.

What is Football Prediction Software?

Football prediction software is a tool that provides an analysis of the two teams playing and then provides the possible outcome base on the team’s performance in the previous matches. 

The possible outcomes in football are based on a lot of things but most times, it is always on whether a team will score 1 or numerous goals, what time of the match will the goals appear, which player will score the goal, and many more.

Now that you have an idea of what Football Prediction Software means, now let’s get to know the best software that can give you the best prediction scores and help you reduce the rate at which you lose money through gambling.

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Best AI Football Prediction Software


This is one of the best football prediction software that uses AI technology to function. 

PredictBet is integrated into a website for people to access, although the developers are planning to develop an app for smartphone devices as well. 

This software is one of the top tools offering the world’s leading AI football predictions, highlights, analysis of matches, and stats. 

Not only does this software provides you with football predictions and football prediction tips, but it also gives you access to get into some big betting market to select predictions that have a high winning percentage.

This AI software uses the data it accumulated for 14 years to do football analysis and then generate a prediction that has a higher chance of profit. 

On average, the predictions I pick from this software on daily basis always yield me money, although there are times I experience loss in some football games. 

This record made me give PredictBet a winning percentage of 75%. 

Over the years, the algorithm of this AI has undergone many upgrades and has now become better at Prediction scores. 

When picking my predictions on this software, I always have clear visibility on every prediction I select due to the analysis and the percentage rating the AI gives.

There is one thing I love about this software, it is beginners friendly; what I mean here is, even as a beginner in football betting, you can have access to a full tutorial that will teach you all the necessary things you need to know as regards football betting on this software. 

With this software, you can learn how to be one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to picking a bet that has a higher percentage of winning. 

The interesting thing is, it covers all major European leagues and cup games; the top games you can find predictions for are the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, Bundesliga, UEFA Champion, Europa League, etc. 

PredictBet software aims to give the most precise football Predictions on every football game.


1. Clear Prediction

With over 14 years of experience and accumulation of data, the algorithm has improved over time and can now give clear Predictions showing the analysis as well.

2. Live Score

As a result of constant upgrades, the software can now display a live score for every football match. I use this feature most times I didn’t have the time to watch the full match. 

3. Goal Scorer and Stat

This feature allows people to view the name of the footballer who scored the goal and also his stats as a footballer. Stats like agility, speed shot power, etc. 

These are the kind of stats you will get from PredictBet. 

4. League Tables

This feature allows online users to view the league table of each team, this makes users know the position of each team and also who might be their potential opponents. 

So with this AI software, users can view it conveniently.

5. Highlights

This allows users to view the important aspect of a football match. The software makes sure people who don’t want to watch the full match or didn’t have the time to sit down to watch the full match view the important aspect of the football game on its interface. 


1. The prediction it gives are always data-driven. 

2. It can do a fast analysis of football data that might take some time when a human is doing the analysis. 

3. It provides bet predictions that have a high tendency of yielding money.

4. The details of the analysis can easily be accessible by users. 


1. Not all the predictions yield profit.

2. It depends on past data to do it analysis.

3. Overdependence on it can lead users to lose the deep analytical thinking on the predictions they are to select for their game.

2. Sporita

Sporita is the second AI football prediction software that I discovered during my research.

During my research on this software, I got to know it has a good ROI (Return on investment) of 30% and this made me conclude that it is more reliable than the other prediction software that doesn’t give good predictions. 

Sporita gives it a prediction based on numerical values. Values ber prediction is most times term the best method to use for betting prediction. 

While using this software, I discovered that there is room to avoid difficulty which means that I can easily conquer the bet’s odds and become a winning gambler. 

The design of this software makes it unique. It is designed with artificial intelligence technology and with football and betting experience over the years, which has become more knowledgeable about the game and knows how to do proper analysis that will yield profit.


1. Good Prediction Algorithm

In the betting world, getting accurate prediction software is somewhat of a myth. 

Although no prediction software has 100% sure winning odds (predictions), Sporita algorithms are still a very good prediction tool that had an analysis intelligence that is unmatched currently. 

The algorithm goes through over 50 top leagues in the world in other to get bet that has a winning high price placed on them. 

Once the bets are selected by the software, it does its analysis and then gives a prediction of possible outcomes of the game. This makes me good profit regularly.

2. The Winning Potential

Sporita has both free prediction and VIP prediction as well. In the free prediction platform, the ROI it gives is around 1%-3% while the VIP prediction ROI is around 25%-30%. 

3. Good User Interface

It is very easy to move around the interface. One thing about its interface is the rhyme it has, its rhythmical interface allows you to identify odds that have a high potential for winning. 

And next to the odds, you can find the percentage of the amount you are to stake on your odds and the amount you are making in return. 

Around that spot as well, you can find a list of other bookmarkers that provides the best profit for the amount you stake.

4. Transparency and Support

This is another feature I love about this software, it makes sure it displays all the outcomes that didn’t yield profit. 

Each time there is a failed prediction, the developers release an updated display in their platform showing both the positive and negative results. 

With, a lot of gamblers like myself use this to know for certain if we are going to make the next winning for sure. 


1. It provides analysis that users can easily understand. 

2. It also provides real-time up-to-date information so users can make informed decisions on their bet predictions. 

3. It Interface is user-friendly.


1. Its analysis is sometimes not as specific as the predictions on a betting site.

2. It is not entirely free.


It is an AI software that uses machine learning technology to predict the outcomes of football games. 

With the historical data gotten from the football club playing this AI does its analysis to generate possible futuristic predictions.

This AI software analyzes the team’s performance from the past when they are in their early stage of playing till the current time. 

This is the model the developers use to build the algorithm of this software, the dynamic nature it possesses enables it to always produce good prediction scores as it will always be updated on any new changes that occur in the football teams. uses two main ways to carry out its prediction. These ways include; team strength dynamically and Bayesian Inference. 

Predictions based on team strength dynamically uses data from the past to make predictions. 

But, the thing is, the exact timing to start the analysis is quite difficult to choose so most time the software starts the analysis when the team has a stable team member and then judge each capacity identifying the weak points and strength of the team. 

With this data coupled with the previous team performance, the software does a correct analysis, and as a result, chances of winning big are open for all to access. 

Prediction based on Bayesian Inference

This method of prediction is somewhat similar to the first method of prediction just that in this prediction, Kickoff does its prediction base on how confident it is confident of a particular team winning by comparing the previous games and performance in football seasons or League table. 

In this Prediction method, kickoff compares both the possibility of winning and the possibility of losing and then does a percentage analysis to come up with the final prediction.


1. Machine-Based Predictions

The algorithms embedded in it allow it to carry out deep analysis on the massive football data it has accumulated over the years. 

After which, it concludes with the best possible outcome. It uses the history of the team to conclude the best possible outcome.

2. It covers a large amount of league

It has excellent coverage of the available leagues on the league table and then do an accurate analysis of every one of them so that users can go for the one that suits them.

3. It has a large database

Its large database allows it to be able to do deep scanning and analysis such that it generates good and reliable information for users who wants to play a bet. 


1. It has a good user interface and it is quite intuitive. 

2. It offers free predictions.

3. It does its analysis using reliable data to provide reliable information. 


1. It is not free to use. 

2. It can be risky times when following its predictions without the user doing any critical reasoning on them. 

3. It is quite expensive to purchase.

Frequently asked questions

Can AI predict sports results?

AI can predict sports results correctly if it has access to vast amounts of data as regards the teams playing. 

Also, to predict sports results accurately, the duration of the data must be from a long time from way back.

Which website is 100% accurate for football predictions?

As of now, there aren’t any websites that can give you a prediction that is 100% sure of winning. 

The closest you can get is from PredictBet an AI embedded in a website, it gives a 75% winning rating and this 75% is derived after using it for 14 years of experience in the football betting world.

What is the best AI for Football Predictions?

The best AI for football predictions is PredictBet software. 

This software uses 14 years of experience and data accumulated to carry out analysis and then generate a prediction that has a 75% rate of bringing profit.

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The AI football prediction software above is the best 3 software I have discovered and I will do my best to keep the research going to get software that is also better than the ones above. 

To do a little recap, PredictBet is an AI software that does prediction that has a winning rate of 75%. It has a good algorithm that allows it to use 14 years of data to analyze football games. 

Kickoff is another amazing software that has 2 prediction model that allows it to provide quality prediction scores. 

The two prediction models are the team strength dynamic and Bayesian Inference. As for Sporita, it has a 30% ROI with a good user interface. 

The algorithm is very good as it does good analysis and delivers a good prediction.

Which other AI prediction software tools would you like to know more about? Drop them in the comments section as I will be reviewing them for you.

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