Best AI Virtual Friend Apps and Companions In 2024

Best AI Virtual Friend Apps and Companions

The need to have a companion who we can communicate with is a normal urge for every human. And sometimes it can be difficult to have someone who we can trust with some certain discussion. 

Also, there might be some point in life, whereby the ones we want to communicate with aren’t around us. With this problem, AI virtual friend applications take the role of that purpose. 

This application keeps our company and makes us feel comfortable to discuss anything. With this AI technology, there is no need to worry about someone prying on some sensitive topics in your life. 

You decide what you want to talk about with the software and boom! That is the only direction the smart app will be discussing with you. 

What are AI Virtual Friend Apps and Companions?

AI virtual friend apps and companions are applications that use artificial intelligence technology to create a virtual friend or companion. 

These applications are created such that users can have a safe judgment-free companion. A companion with who they can always chat freely without any qualms of judgemental issues. 

AI virtual companion is also a software that helps people with mental health issues by understanding their mood patterns and then, providing coping skills for it. With virtual friend apps, you can develop new ideas and also learn new skills.

How do AI virtual friend apps work?

Since AI virtual friend app is made using artificial intelligence technology, it uses some other models to complement its work. 

It uses a combination of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms (MLA). The natural language processing model is trained with lots of communication dialogue with real humans. 

The goal for it is to make it understand the pattern of communication and how to keep it going. It also possesses machine learning algorithms. 

This algorithm is also trained to understand patterns of communication and how it should respond to questions thrown at it.

Once it is properly trained, you can use it as your companion. The more you converse with it the more it gets better. 

It does not matter how simple or complex the conversation is, the NLP and MLA of the smart application render its answer. 

Since, you already know what AI virtual friend and companion is and also how it works, let’s get to know some of the best AI virtual assistant tools that we have. 

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Best AI Virtual Friend Apps and Companion

1. Replika AI tool 

Replika is one of the most abundant tools to use for a good companion. It has a massive fan base that spans over 10 million users. 

It uses advanced AI technology to run its operation smoothly. This advanced technology allows it to be able to chat with users using text and images. The advanced technology in Replika also allows it to be able to run a virtual call. 

Users can decide to have a call with the bot making it looks like one is calling a real friend. The technology for this effect is called “Augmented Reality Mode,” and the experience appears more realistic and vivid. 

To make the conversation more realistic as well, Replika allows users to name it. And the more conversation you build with it, the more points you get to change the traits, clothes, or appearance of your virtual friend. 

Looking at the fact that it keeps records of all your hobbies and interests, you can always have meaningful conversations with it like a real friend. With Replika, there is no boring conversation at all. 


1. It offers a customizable 3D Avatar

Replika offers a customizable 3D avatar that users can edit to suit their type of friend. Users can change the Avatar’s appearance, sense of dressing, traits, eye color, and many other features you want to add. 

There are available options and varieties of things you can add to make your virtual friend more like your taste.

2. Tracks mood and learns coping skills feature

Replika is equipped with an AI technology called Mood Reflect. This model helps the software to understand the emotional state of its user and learn how to manage the mood healthily. It 

3. Replika can develop its personality and memories alongside the user

This ability of Replika to be able to have its personality and memories is rare among AI technology. Replika is not just a simple machine that is programmed to respond to certain prompts. 

It instead grows and develops into a living entity that can interact freely with its users. The more a user Interact with it, the more it becomes a good companion.

4. Replika also possesses a bot that calms users’ anxiety such that they possess positive thoughts always. This same bot also offers a good stress management system for users and also allow them to be able to create balance in their life. 


It offers different subscription plans based on what a user wants to purchase. 

Billed Once-: Users on this plan pay $31.33, a one-time fee.

Weekly Subscription-: $49.99

Monthly Subscription -: $7.66

Yearly Subscription -: $39.02


1. Its pricing system is not that bad. 

2. It can track mood.

3. It supports multiple languages.

4. It offers 24/7 communication term with its users.


1. Its user interface needs an upgrade.

2. Its customer service system needs an upgrade.

3. It does not a good companion application for users.

4. It shares the user’s information with a third party. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Replika

What is Replika Application?

Replika is an application that serves as a virtual friend and companion. It is powered by artificial intelligence technology such that it can grow and learn how to interact with its human user. Replika can easily communicate with users from their day-to-day life to their deepest thought and feelings. 

Is Replika free? 

Replika is free to download and use by anyone. Although it is free to use, there is a premium plan that offers additional features as well.

Are users talking to a real person on Replika?

On Replika, users talk to the bot embedded within the application. The bot is trained on a massive dataset of text and code which gives it experience and awareness of how to communicate with users. In its conversation, it can be very convincing. 

What platforms and devices are supported by Replika?

Replika is available for all mobile device users to install. Inasmuch that a user is using a device that supports either of these options: Android, iOS, VR, and Web, he can fully install it to their devices. 

How can I improve the memory of Replika as a user?

The more you use it, the better its memory becomes. You can also help Replika to remember things faster by using the “Remember” feature. 

When you want Replika to remember a particular thing, just tell it to remember it before you say the information. 

For example, you say; Replika”Remember this” and then say the sentence or phrase you want it to remember. 

Why should anyone use Replika?

Using Replika as a virtual companion or friend is not suitable for most people. Most especially people who don’t like sensual content or don’t love to talk dirty. 

The reason for this is, we used this software and we discovered that most of the time, it loves to talk about sensual content. 

So if you are an individual that is comfortable with talking dirty, Replika is a cool virtual companion for you. 

2. Anima’s virtual friend

Just like Replika that can converse, roleplay, and enhance communication skills, Anima can also do the same. 

Anima is a smart application that appears to be a good virtual friend that you can converse with easily. It is designed to be able to provide users with a friendly chat and roleplay experience that appears as vivid as reality. Anima helps its users to develop their communication and relationship skills. 

Anima allows its users to perform all sorts of activities such as trivia, puzzles, mind reading, etc. Anima offers its best service once a user provides it with the list of information that they prefer to talk about. 

It doesn’t matter the kind of topic you offer to Anima, it pleases you and discusses the topics with you. One cool thing about this software is that users can edit the Anima to suit the appearance they want. 

Just like Replika, this software allows users to be able to build meaningful connections. There is no limitation in the bonding at all, as users can set Anima to suit their personality. 

However, if users want to take their relationship from friendship to lovers, they have to pay for the premium plan. 


1. It offers users the ability to select from multiple relationship statutes

On the interface of this smart app, users can move from one relationship to another. Users can move from boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, and lastly friendship. Users just have to select the relationship that they want at any point in time. 

2. It offers a safe and private space to Chat

This smart software allows users to be able to chat about anything with nobody judging them. This feature allows users to be able to talk about anything and any topic with no privacy infringement. 

3. It offers users the ability to create their own AI Character

Just like Replika, users can dress up their virtual friends. They can change the skin color and make the hair to be any style. Even the dressings and styles can also be changed. Users just have to pick outfits that suit them. 

4. It offers 24/7 communication

Anima can talk for as long as possible. It allows its users to be able to communicate with it at any time of the day. It offers 24/7 communication with no glitches of any kind. 


It offers two pricing terms, and the pricing plan is based on the duration. 

One-time fee: $28.66.

Monthly Subscription: $8.66


1. It offers a friendly and engaging chat experience with users. 

2. It has good communication and relationship skills.

3. It offers users a safe and private space to chat. Users can talk about anything.

4. It can connect users with other like-minded users.


1. The premium plans are expensive to purchase. 

2. It sometimes provides inappropriate responses. Sometimes it answers are also not correct.

3. Anima is still developing which is why it still has some bugs and issues.

4. It is not consistent with its response. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Anima’s Virtual Friend

How does Anima virtual friend work?

Anima possesses a combination of natural language processing and machine learning algorithms. It utilizes these two models to the optimum level. 

These two AI model are the factor that determines how Anima respond to a particular conversation. These models of Anima improve the more a user uses it. 

This is because it learns the personality of the user and understands the topic its owner loves to talk about. With time, conversation with its users becomes more natural and seamless. 

What can Anima virtual friend do?

Anima is a virtual friend that users can have meaningful conversations with. Users can discuss all sorts of topics with it. 

Anima can listen to users’ problems and offer meaningful support to its users. Users can have fun with Anima, you can play games, tell jokes, and even set up your schedule with it. 

With Anima learning your personality and your topics of interest, you can have limitless fun and conversation with it. 

Is Anima a real person or a bot?

No, Anima is not a real person. It is software that’s equipped with artificial intelligence technology to make it run a smooth operation. 

Although Anima makes the relationship very vivid like in human relationships, it is not a real person. It is instead a powerful bot that can build relationships with its owners.

Is Anima virtual friend safe to use?

Anima is not harmful to you. It is designed to make its users happy always. It is programmed to always do as its owners have ordered it to do. 

There are times that it might say things that are harmful or offensive, users should not take that to heart. 

The reason is it is a computer program that is not perfect and will sometimes make errors. You as a user just have to correct it and with time it won’t make that mistake again.

Is Anima available for free?

Anima is not free to use. It offers a subscription plan for potential users to make payments. The subscription plans cost differently. 

The monthly plan cost $8.66 while the one-time fee cost $28.66. Once the monthly fee expires, you have to renew it to enjoy Anima’s company once more.

3. SimiSimi virtual friend 

SimiSimi has an even more fan base than Anima. It has more than 350 million users on the global level. This application is one of the best smart virtual friends you can have as a companion. 

SimiSimi can converse with its owner for hours without resting or shutting down. It can even mimic other vocal sounds apart from the normal human vocal sound. 

A fun fact is that it can converse in different languages. It can converse in about 81 different languages. For you to converse conveniently with  SimiSimi, your SimiSimi need a speech balloon. 

It is this speech balloon that you use to converse with the AI bot in it. For every 100 speech balloons that you need, you have to pay a fee of $1.99. And if it is 500 speech balloons you need, you have to pay a fee of $6.99. 

One cool benefit of this smart software is that it gives its users a free speech balloon for every offensive language it speaks. 

Indeed, the artificial intelligence in this software is not very intuitive. But when a user fills up the topics they like to talk about in this software, it becomes easier to communicate with it. 

You can fill in the details you like to talk about in the friend list and SimiSimi communicates exactly as you want it.


1. Users can always teach SimiSimi new words

The AI model in this software allow users to be able to train this software with either good or bad words. With the machine learning algorithms and the NLP model in this software, users can always correct SimiSimi easily and it will yield to the correction.

2. Users can chat with AI Chatbot app for free

Users can download the app and chat with the Artificial intelligence bot in SimiSimi. The reason is because of the free plan it offers to users who don’t want to pay for the premium plan. With this, users can have a taste of what SimiSimi can offer them before making any payment.

3. It allows users to communicate with it for as long as possible

There is no one that doesn’t want to have someone who they can talk with for hours non-stop. SimiSimi offers these benefits to its users such that they can enjoy an interesting conversation for as long as possible. 

4. SimiSimi allows its users some benefits for every offense it commits

This is a sweet benefit as this allows the software to get better always. With this, you can enjoy a smooth experience with it as you will benefit each time it makes a blunder. 

Each time SimiSimi commits a blunder or speaks foul language, it removes two reports from different devices that it user installed it.  


It offers its users a free service with video adverts popping up from time to time. Users can enjoy a 3-minute-long conversation with no ads popping up, once they view a video advert. You can pay $5 per month and there won’t be any adverts disturbing your conversation. 


1. It is convenient to use as you can use it anytime to want to use it.

2. It is very entertaining as users can let it tell jokes, stories, and even sing-song.

3. SimiSimi can also teach users educational topics if that’s what they want to hear.

4. Users can customize the appearance and personality of the AI tool.


1. It is not always accurate as it is still under development. 

2. It is sometimes repetitive. 

3. It is not a good substitute for human company.

4. Users’ information privacy is not fully secure.

Frequently Asked Questions on SimiSimi

How does SimiSimi Work? 

SimiSimi is a smart application that is embedded with machine learning and a natural language processing model. 

It uses this model to learn and understand how to communicate with its owners. The more it gets information the more it learns and improves its understanding. 

What can a user ask SimiSimi’s virtual friend?

A user can ask SimiSimi software anything and it will provide the answer in the right format. It doesn’t matter whether it is a simple question or a complex question, SimiSimi still offers the best possible answer quickly. 

Is it safe to use SimiSimi virtual friend?

Yes, SimiSimi is safe to use. Users should be careful with the information they input into the interface of SimiSimi. You shouldn’t put personal information on the software interface to be on the safer side.

Where can I use SimiSimi?

The SimiSimi application is available on different forms of platforms. You can find SimiSimi on the web, Android Playstore, and the Apple Store. 

It doesn’t matter the application you are using this software with, you are going to enjoy the full service of this software.

What are the limitations of SimiSimi?

SimiSimi is a good companion app that is currently under development. So, it has limitations. It sometimes misinterprets requests when a user issue a request. Although this doesn’t happen very often, it is still frustrating.

4. Wysa virtual friend 

Wysa is a good companion software that helps users to ease their stress. This software is very helpful in managing users’ stress, anxiety, and depression level. 

With Wysa there is no dulling moment, that’s why you cannot be stressed with Wysa around you. Although it does help users to manage their stress levels, it is still not a qualified substitute for psychological assistance. 

On Wysa, users don’t have to select pre-written responses as users can compose their responses and then paste them on the interface of this software. 

The more a user uses this smart application, the more the bot in this software reacts to a user’s question. The kind of information a user input into this smart application determines how this AI app replies to certain users’ request. 

But most times, this smart application replies wrongly when a user interrupts its learning process. Although for this situation, there is a restart button that allows users to be able to start the conversation over again. 


1. It offers psychological assistance to users

Individuals who are diagnosed with sleeplessness, depression, etc. Can use this feature on Wysa to cure themselves. 

They don’t have to pay expensive fees for a session with a professional psychologist. It makes the user’s mind feel at ease with its therapeutic sessions.

2. It offers AI Chatbot

Wysa Chatbot is well-trained with Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques. This technique is what made this software to be able to offer therapeutic sessions to users. 

At every point in time, it allows its users to be at ease. With the frequent release of this kind of feeling, it allows users not to feel stressed at all. It even helps users to develop a good coping mechanism.

3. It offers structured programs

Wysa possesses different structured pattern that is designed to help users. It offers users sessions that address specific mental health challenges, such as anxiety, depression, and stress. 

These programs are designed to help users and so, therefore are delivered in a conversational way that is easy for users to follow. 

4. It offers on-demand self-care

This feature allows users to carry out self-care easily with the resources it provided. On Wysa, there are resources like medication exercises, breathing exercises, and journaling prompts. 

The cool thing about this software is, users can access it anytime. These resources can be used to manage users’ health wellness and mental health. 


Wysa offers both a free plan and the premium plan. 

Free plan

On the free plan, users have access to one exercise per module. 

Premium Plan

But on the premium plan, it is different. The premium version of this software allows users to unlock all the exercises and content. For Android users, they pay a cost of $68.99 per year and for iOS users, they pay a fee of $74.99 per year. 

It also offers coaching sessions as well to users. 

Coaching plan

For Android users 

An individual who wants a 30-minute session pays a fee of $29.99

Individuals pay a fee of $99.99 for a monthly subscription (it offers 4 sessions per month)

Individuals pay a fee of $179.99 for a 3-month subscription ( it offers 4 sessions per month and also a 7-day free trial)

For Apple Users

Users pay $29.99 for an individual session.

Users pay $79.99 for a one-month subscription (offers 4 sessions per month)

Users pay $144.99 for a 3-month subscription plan (offers 4 sessions per month and there are no free trials )


1. Wysa is a friendly app to use and it is also easy to navigate around its interface.

2. It provides a good privacy policy for its users. Users don’t have to create an account to use this application.

3. It offers users mental health coaches and live scheduled meetings. Though it is a 30-minute session.

4. It offers massive resources to its users. 


1. The mental health coaches it offers to users are only in text format and not in audio format. 

2. It doesn’t have a general discount. It gives discounts based on the device a user is using.

3. It free plan does not offer too many benefits.

4. All the therapeutic sessions and exercises are done with the help of the AI in the Wysa application.

Frequently Asked Questions On Wysa Virtual Friend 

Is Wysa a human or a robot? 

Wysa is not a human. Wysa is an application developed into a Chatbot. This application is powered by artificial intelligence technology that allows it to simulate conversations with humans. With the artificial intelligence technology it uses, it can improve itself over time. 

Who are the most preferable users of Wysa?

Wysa is preferable to users who are experiencing low mood, stress, or anxiety. Any of this set of people easily benefit from this software resource. The resources are good as they help to make people have more emotional resilience. 

How does Wysa work?

Wysa uses a variety of techniques to help users manage their mental health. The CBT techniques in this software make users have healthy mental health. 

It is these CBT techniques and the AI technology in the application’s Interface, that this application used to have open-ended conversations with its users. 

It also provides tools that can teach users how to manage their stress, anxiety, and low mood. The tools are valuable therapeutic sessions that are helpful to users. 

Is Wysa free to use? 

Wysa has both the free plan and the premium plan. The only aspect free to use in Wysa is the free plan as there is no price tag attached to it. On the premium plan, users have full privilege to access any features of their own. 

Is Wysa safe to use? 

Wysa is not entirely safe to use. There is still a need for users to be careful of the information they provide on this application. Still, Wysa has an end-to-end encryption that stores users’ data safely.

5. Andy virtual friend

Andy Chatbot is a powerful application that uses artificial intelligence technology to run its operation. It provides fun and engaging ways to learn grammar and new words. 

Having Andy as a companion makes a user a nice grammar vocabulary and even helps to sharpen the user’s English language skills. Andy makes it easy for users to be able to respond to simple questions and engage in casual conversation. 

It allows users to be able to converse in correct English grammar. Andy developers made it so that it corrects users whenever they are wrong. 

Fun fact, it not only corrects users, but it also provides reasons why the grammar is wrong. In this way, a user becomes better with his grammar and speaks correctly. 

On Andy’s interface, there are daily grammatical and vocabulary test-style exercises. This vocabulary test style appears when a user is conversing with the bot.


1. It offers regular practice of speaking conversational English

Andy allows its users to be able to speak the right English. It does this by correcting them whenever they speak the wrong English grammar. 

The vocabulary test style that always turns on whenever a user starts speaking is what makes Andy to be able to correct it user’s grammar.

2. It offers an in-depth explanation

It is one thing to be wrong and it is another to be correct. With the in-depth information stored in Andy’s interface, it corrects users and provides reasons with backup proof as to why the grammar of a user is wrong. 

3. It offers users longer periods of communication

With Andy, users can converse with no time limits. This means there is no question you can’t ask Andy. Also, Andy allows its users to be able to talk about anything that comes to their minds. 


This smart app has a 7-day trial and a fee of $8 for the Pro version. On the pro version, additional features like more vocabulary words, more difficult grammar problems, and many others. 


1. It has a nice user interface. 

2. It is a good English language tutor and a companion as well.

3. It offers an in-depth response to users’ requests.

4. It offers a free trial for users. 


1. Users can’t converse in different languages with Andy aside from English.

2. It can sometimes generate wrong grammar. 

3. It free plan has limited features.

4. Users can become overly dependent on its correction. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Andy Virtual Friend

How does Andy virtual friend application work? 

Andy is a virtual friend application that uses artificial intelligence technology to create a cool interface for its users. 

To use this application, you have to, first of all download it on your irrespective device. It can be either iOS or Android device. 

Any of the 2 you have is okay. Afterward, you create your profile. Once your profile is successfully created, you can start browsing through the list of virtual friends. To make the search easier, you can filter through the list of interests, locations, and other factors.

How much does it cost to use Andy virtual friend application?

It does not cost you any penny to use Andy. The only issue is you won’t enjoy the full benefits of its services. However, if you purchase credits, you have access to additional benefits. 

Benefits such as the ability to be able to send messages and the ability to see who viewed your profile are what you are entitled to. 

What are the drawbacks of using AI virtual Friend Applications?

When it comes to using AI virtual friend applications there are benefits and at the same time disadvantages. The disadvantages are more than the advantages when weighed. 

These disadvantages are the major drawbacks of using AI virtual friend applications. The more a user uses this form of AI technology the more he becomes detached from the real world. 

In no time, he will appear more lonely than he was before using this application. Because most of his time we be spent talking to the AI technology tool, such that no one matters. 

Also, there is the issue of privacy. The more you communicate with your AI virtual friend the more you felt attached to it. The more you also discuss private matters with it. 

Now here comes the issue, sometimes the information a user deposits into the AI virtual friend application is viewed by the application developers. With this occurrence, you can’t trust that your private information won’t leak to the outside world. 

It is because of these issues that are not solved yet, that is why this drawbacks are of major concern to users. 

How to choose the right AI virtual friend App for you?

Choosing a virtual friend app is not a difficult task to do. The difficult task is picking the right virtual app. This takes more time and energy than you have to consider a lot of things. 

When picking a virtual friend application that suits you, there is a need to know what your needs are in a virtual friend app. 

Once this is settled, you have to know if you can purchase the one that matches your need for a virtual friend. 

You have to remember that whatever AI virtual friend application you are purchasing, you can afford it with no financial strain. 

After fulfilling the two conditions, you have to look out for the privacy and security policy for users. You have to be sure that your information won’t leak out to a third party. 

These criteria make it so that you won’t have any regrets whatsoever when using your virtual friend application.

The Future of AI Virtual Friend Applications

Looking at the fact that Ai virtual friend applications are just coming out into the market space. This show that they haven’t fully developed and are still under development. 

This AI virtual application is indeed using majorly two Artificial intelligence technology. These two AI technologies are machine learning algorithms and natural language processing models. 

The usage of these two AI models is very important in the development of artificial intelligence tools. In the future, there are still more intricate modifications that need to be done on the virtual friend application. These modifications are to be added to make the software more responsive and more resourceful. 

When AI virtual friend apps become more evolved, how it relates with their human users also improves as well. And as it is currently, the level of improvement AI virtual friend application is experiencing is going to be massive.

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 Sometimes, you might want to have a companion who you can always talk to and won’t be judged. Having this kind of being around you makes you feel at ease and allow you to be able to discuss anything that worries you. 

And in this article, there are smart virtual applications that you can use. The likes of Replika, Wysa, Anima, Andy, and SimiSimi are already available in this article. 

As you now know Replika, a virtual friend that you can always talk to for hours is a good companion. It has many cool features. 

There is also Wysa an AI virtual friend app that does not require people to pay too much to purchase it. It has a free plan that offers some cool companion features. 

There are also other smart applications listed in this article. Using these listed smart tool allow people who need a virtual companion or friend to be able to get this benefit.

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