Best AI Basketball Prediction Software In 2024 (Free & Paid)

Best AI Basketball Prediction Software

Do you know that basketball, a game that is currently ranked third in sports popularity has made a lot of people millionaires and billionaires?

Football used to be the only game that a lot of people stake on. But with the introduction of basketball, people have learned to diversify.

Now, on the scale of staking done on games, basketball is ranked third.

Just like how there is smart software that helps users to be able to stake their resources for winnings on football games.

The same is also applicable to basketball as well. The only limitation of basketball staking is that it doesn’t give room for a larger degree of staking.

What we mean is that, unlike football that offers different opportunities for staking. Basketball does not offer that same advantage.

For this reason, the AI prediction software for basketball staking is a little bit different from football.

In this article, we are going to reveal the smart tools that are helpful when it comes to basketball predictions.

We are also going to provide other necessary information that might be helpful to your software selection.

Because there are lots of prediction software for basketball games, you need to work with the right tool to make your winnings.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Best AI Basketball Prediction Software

1.  Accuracy

The need for accuracy in predictions is very important. The accuracy rate is what gives you a higher chance of winning.

So when picking software, you have to ask yourself this question. How accurate is this software’s prediction?

Answering this question will save you a lot of time and money. As you want to be sure you are not just banking on hope in the software’s prediction accuracy.

You have to be confident of the software’s analysis before you start using it for your basketball predictions.

2. Data Sources

After accuracy, you have to consider where your software receives data from. This is very important as this is the base where your software gets information to analyze and produce predictions.

So, the data sources are very important as this also determines your winnings. The more comprehensive your data is, the more you have a higher chance of winning.

3. Features of your prediction software

In as much you want to get a good predicting tool for your winnings. You still have to look out for the available features on the prediction software you are interested in.

Not all prediction software has helpful features that can be helpful in personal analysis. In case you don’t know, you cannot depend on the data analysis of the prediction software.

There is still a need for you to verify the analysis done by your smart tool.

For your analysis to be smooth, your AI prediction software has to be able to track player statistics, stimulate games or generate reports, etc.

4. Ease of use

How easy is it for you to be able to use your smart prediction software? This question is very important.

You don’t want to get a smart prediction tool that gives you a tough time operating it. You want to be able to use the software very easily.

You don’t want to spend too much trying to get the necessary information for you to stake. So, you have to consider this very important.

5. Cost

This is a crucial factor to consider as well. You want to be able to get a prediction software you can always pay for with no difficulty.

The pricing of AI prediction software for basketball varies a lot. There are some free while others are paid.

You just have to go according to the one that matches your pocket capacity. It is very important to not go overboard as you have to be able to keep the prediction tool functioning.

6. Reviews of the AI basketball prediction software

Before getting yourself a smart prediction software for basketball games, you have to read the reviews.

The reviews from users give you necessary insights on what to expect from smart software. It tells you the good and bad of the basketball prediction software of your choice.

It doesn’t matter if you have done your research, reviews will help you in making better choices on the software purchase.

7. Support

Have you experienced poor support from a product or service delivered to you? The experience is very bad.

You have to be sure that the customer service team of the smart software you want to purchase is very responsive.

To know this, the reviews about their customer service team can help you out on this. Remember, there is a high tendency you might want to stick to the AI basketball prediction software of your choice.

So, be sure that the support team is very responsive and reliable.

You can further your research on factors to consider when selecting a prediction software that uses AI.

With that said, let’s get to know the best AI basketball prediction software to use.

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Best AI Basketball Prediction Software

1. Sportspicker AI

Sportspicker AI is a prediction software that offers basketball predictions. It uses a technology called Swarm AI technology to generate accurate predictions.

When it comes to getting the right prediction score for basketball, Sportspicker AI is a good choice.

Sportspicker AI uses factors like team statistics, player statistics, head-to-head matchups, and some other information as regards the team playing.

With its large database that spans over 10 years, the Swarm AI technology it uses has developed over time.

With massive datasets, Swarm AI technology uses the wisdom of crowds to make predictions.

How this work is this? It takes the predictions of a lot of people who are also staking for the same game.

With this massive information, it now does its analysis and then generates its final prediction.

Since Sportspicker has a track record of delivering high accuracy in its prediction. It has been a lot of basketball fans’ choice. The majority rely on it for their winnings.

Features of Sportspicker AI

1. It offers a prediction for upcoming games

This is something that Sportspicker AI does for its users using different factors. It uses factors like team statistics, player statistics, and many other factors to do its analysis.

With the constant upgrade of the information in the database of Sportspicker AI, the prediction becomes better as well. With the machine learning algorithms in its system, it does proper analysis.

2. It possesses Swarm AI technology

This technology is what Sportspicker AI uses to get information and analysis. Swarm technology uses the predictions of the people who are betting on a particular game to make its final prediction.

When it gets the predictions from the crowd, it now uses the information in its database to run analysis on the collated data. The result is what it displays as its final prediction.

3. It is available in multiple countries

Sportspicker is very much available in different countries. Sportspicker AI is available in countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Should in case you have an interest in staking any game in the supported countries, you can freely do so.

Sportspicker just has to make the necessary analysis and provide the final prediction for you to use.

4. It possesses tools for tracking basketball statistics

On the Sportspicker interface, some tools help to track basketball statistics. It tracks the players’ data, the performance of the team, and some other metrics of the game.

This tool is also one of the things that help this smart software to make accurate predictions.


Sportspicker AI offers 3 different pricing plans for its users.

MLB Pricing Plan

This plan offers users 3 different pricing plans as well. Users on this plan can either get a weekly, Monthly, or Season plan.

The weekly plan cost $59 and it delivers the pricing on Tuesday and Friday. The monthly plan cost $129 and the seasonal plan cost $229. Each plan is able to undergo cancellation at any time.

Pro Pass Pricing Plan

Users on this plan enjoy predictions on every sport on its interface. It is a monthly plan that can be renewed every month. It cost $199 per month.

Pick of the week plan

Users on this plan can get one prediction directly in their inbox. It cost $30.00 per month.


1. It offers high accuracy. It has an average accuracy of 70%.

2. It uses Swarm AI technology to make predictions.

3. It is not difficult to use.

4. It is available on the website and mobile applications.


1. It is not free to use.

2. It is not always available in all countries.

3. It is not perfect prediction software.

Frequently asked questions on Sportspicker AI

What is Sportspicker AI?

Sportspicker AI is a sports intelligence technology that uses real-time human predictions and machine learning algorithms to produce its final prediction.

It uses Swarm AI technology to go about this process.

How does Sportspicker AI work?

Sportspicker AI uses two procedures to get predictions for its users. It uses Swarm intelligence which it uses to gather predictions of other people who are interested in a particular game.

After getting this data it uses the second procedure to generate its final prediction.

The second procedure which happens to be the AI algorithm in its interface is what it uses next to analyze the predictions it gets from the crowd.

It uses machine learning algorithms to understand the pattern and trend in the prediction of people. It is the insights it gets from this analysis that it uses to do its final prediction.

What are the benefits of using Sportspicker AI?

There are lots of benefits to using Sportspicker AI software, but we will discuss a few. Sportspicker AI uses advanced technology for its operation.

With the advanced technology it uses to do analysis, users won’t have to worry about losing their stakes.

Sportspicker AI also gets real-time data which is constantly upgraded to run its predictions. This way there will be little to no errors.

How much does Sportspicker AI cost?

Sportspicker AI offers 3 paid plans to its users. And each of the plans has its special benefits that span from MLB, Pro Pass, and Pick of the Week.

Each of these plans has different prices. In MLB, the monthly plan cost $129. Pro Pass plan monthly plan cost $199 and lastly Pick of the Week monthly plan cost $30.

Is Sportspicker AI reliable to use?

This is an important question. As one of the users of Sportspicker AI, we have tried out Sportspicker AI at some point in time.

And its predictions are good as we did not lose our stakings. We made some winnings from Sportspicker AI’s predictions.

However, it is important not to fully rely on the predictions of this smart prediction software.

2. Sporita

Sporita software is an advanced prediction tool that offers a prediction for basketball, football, and some other sports.

It uses machine learning algorithms and statistical models to do a proper analysis of the data it collects from millions of data sources.

Sporita takes data from a wider scope. It takes data from historical results, team statistics, player performance data, and real-time feeds.

This data that has undergone analysis is now used to provide accurate and reliable predictions for basketball games and some other sports.

When carrying out the analysis, Sporita AI models take note of the patterns and trends in the data. It is after doing this analysis, that it generates predictions for the next game.

Sometimes, Sporita takes into account external factors like weather conditions, player injury, etc. When making predictions.

After all the necessary details are taken and the right analysis is done, Sporita releases informed information.

The kind of information that gives room for users to make the right decision for their stakings.

Features of Sporita

1. It possesses advanced algorithms

Sporita possesses advanced algorithms which use advanced AI technology.

These advanced algorithms called machine learning algorithms are then used to analyze the available information using various factors.

It uses factors like team form, recent results, head-to-head records, and injuries of players in the team to carry out its analysis.

2. It has a massive database

Sporita’s algorithms possess a massive database containing historical data on basketball games. This massive database is what the developers use to train this smart software.

This is so it can get a proper understanding of the basketball game. With the level of understanding it possesses, it generates predictions that have a 70% winning rate.

3. It uses real-time data

The developers of Sporita develop this smart software to be able to pry into real-time data.

This means for every game Sporita analyzes, it uses information from real-life situations and historical data to generate an informed prediction.

With an informed prediction, a user can make informed decisions when staking.

4. It possesses customizable settings

This feature is very interesting. It allows users to be able to make some adjustments to the software interface.

Especially customization on which bet market to venture in. Since Sporita offers some other betting options, users can enjoy these benefits so they can make more wins.


Sporita Prediction Software offers users two pricing plans. The first is a free plan and the other is a paid plan.

Free plan

On the free plan, users have access to limited predictions and the features are not as advanced as the paid plans.

Premium Plan

On this plan, users enjoy premium features and predictions. The cost the developers charge users here varies according to the subscription length.

It has both a monthly and annual subscription plan. For the monthly plan, it cost $4.99 and for the yearly plan, it cost $99.99.

The cool thing is users can cancel their subscription at any time. Another benefit is; users enjoy a 7-day money-back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the service.


1. It saves users’ time in doing analysis.

2. It provides users with an increased accuracy rate in making predictions.

3. It provides users with valuable insights which can help with making informed decisions on staking.

4. Apart from basketball staking, it also supports other sports staking as well.


1. Its predictions sometimes contain errors.

2. It doesn’t provide predictions on some sports.

3. It is not always available in all countries.

Frequently asked questions

How does Sporita work?

On the Sporita interface, there are intricate designs that allow it to provide predictions.

It gets data, provides analysis, and then uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to make meaningful predictions.

When making predictions, Sporita uses a wide range of factors to determine the right prediction for a game.

It takes into consideration predictions on team and player form, past performance, weather conditions, injury reports, and many others to provide accurate predictions

Apart from basketball what other sport does Sporita cover?

Just as how Sporita provides predictions for basketball it does the same for others as well. It supports sports like soccer, American football, tennis, and many others.

Each of these listed sports generates predictions for both professional and amateur leagues. So you can rest assured that you can stake on other games apart from basketball.

How accurate are Sporita’s predictions?

Sporita Predictions is one of the basketball game prediction tools that has high accuracy. It has an accuracy rate of 70%.

Although, records of Sporita’s predictions are very positive. It is important to do your research on every prediction of Sporita before staking it on a game.

Does Sporita Work?

The records of Sporita have shown that its predictions are very reliable. Sporita has massive years of experience and information that it has amassed.

These two are the core reason why Sporita Predictions are reliable. The profit a lot of users get from Sporita usually exceeds the profit margin of other people.

3. is a website that has AI-integrated software in its backend. The integrated AI offers predictions for basketball games.

Fun fact, the ROI of this smart web software is 10% per basketball game betting. To generate good predictions, it takes a lot of factors into consideration.

Takes factors like the past performance of the teams playing the game, the strength and vigor of the players, and some other information are used in the prediction.

The predictions that provides is as a result of the help of the AI models embedded in this website.

The machine learning algorithms in the interface of the website have undergone proper training with massive data.

The training is what directs this smart software on how to go about the prediction.


1. It offers a prediction for upcoming basketball games

This is the core service that provides to its users. It uses AI models to provide the right analysis for users to do their research.

Although, you don’t need to research the predictions of this smart software. But as a precaution, you should do your personal research.

2. It offers Live Predictions offers live predictions as well. This feature is a blast as you can make stakings during a live basketball game.

Fun fact, it is the AI model in its interface that it uses to carry out this live prediction.

3. It offers Historical Data

This feature is very helpful in predictions. When doing a prediction for an upcoming game, uses the historical data in its database to carry out analysis.

It AI-model provides analysis of the historical data on team performance, Players’ stats, and some other core details.

This data is used to check patterns and trends of the teams, after which it makes its final predictions.


It offers its services for free.


1. It offers accurate predictions.

2. It offers a variety of sports to bet on

3. It uses historical data when doing its analysis as well.

4. It uses advanced artificial intelligence technology.


1. You have to know the team that is playing before you can get an analysis from it.

2. It requires the user to have experience in betting to be able to use it.

3. It doesn’t provide betting on all sports.

Frequently asked questions on

Which sports are supported in platform?

On platform, it uses data analysis to carry out an in-depth analysis of the supported sports on its platform.

On its platform, you can get predictions on Football, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, and Handball.

Mind you the ROI on each of the sports is different, even though Football games have the highest ROI.

What forms of groupings does for prediction?

When making predictions on, it gives its users room to customize their search.

On the platform, you can select your predictions based on the time of the game and the type of league it is.

There is another customization that you do, users can select the probability winnings they want.

This can either be a Home wins or an Away win. The probability option depends on what you want as a user.

Does offer Sure Bets?

On, there is another website that offers predictions. The name of the website is Sure Bets.

So, no does not offer Sure Bets but it does have a website that has that name.

4. SportyFai

SportyFai is an advanced technology tool that provides a prediction of results and the possibility of injuries.

This smart software AI technology is based on AI stock market prediction and natural language processing algorithms to run its operation.

SportyFai uses biomedical data to Provide predictions about the players. It also uses the information to provide information on the athletes’ performance.

This smart software does smart predictions for players’ performance during training.

This information now provides insights into the best training for players so they can perform well.

 It uses state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning algorithms to analyze different players’ data. With the level of exposure, its AI models have, it generates good and helpful insights.

The insights help predict game results, team performance, and the tendency of injury occurring in a match.

Features of SportyFai

1. It offers a collection of performance data

This particular feature is very helpful for the coach of a team. This bot collects all the performance data of the players in a particular place.

With this available data, the prediction of possible injuries can be determined easily. Also, users can predict the performance of a team in a game by using the collected data on the team’s performance.

2. It offers personalized training suggestions

SportyFai provides AI-powered training suggestions for every athlete. In this way, the risk of injury is minimal and the rate of optimum performance from the player is maximum.

A personalized training program is the key to bringing the best performance from a player. This is the benefit of this feature.

3. It offers personalized injury predictions

The bot in this feature analyzes the biomedical data and performance data of each player. This is what it uses to provide personalized injury predictions of players.

The analysis has a very high accuracy which makes it very reliable for game predictions.

4. It offers the analysis of players’ performance

The AI models and the deep learning model of SportyFai offer predictions on players’ performance.

These same AI models also offer analysis of a player’s performance based on the training the player is going through.

With this, more engaging training can be introduced if need be.


It offers a free trial and the pricing is not made known to the public. After requesting a demo account, you will be asked to wait shortly for the customer care team.

Once, the customer care team contacts you, you will get to know the available plans and the pricing for them as well.


1. It offers prediction in a lot of sports.

2. It allows users to bet on the performance of the team.

3. It allows users to bet on the tendency of a player to sustain injury.

4. It offers a free trial.


1. It can be expensive to purchase.

2. Its stats don’t always apply to all athletes.

3. It data is sometimes not correct.

4. It can be difficult to use.

Frequently asked questions

Does SportyFai substitute coaches?

SportyFai although does a replica of the work of a coach. It is not solid enough that it will be able to shake the position of a coach.

SportyFai can be used to guide coaches in training their team players. It also helps coaches to know if their team players are fit and have a low tendency of injury.

How accurate is the SportyFai injury predictor?

SportyFai injury prediction is based on the team players’ biomedical records and also the sports activity intensity. Currently, the level of accuracy of the injury predictor of SportyFai is not bad.

The algorithm responsible for the injury tendency grading is constantly upgrading. The current scale that SportyFai offers ranges from poor 52% to strong 86%.

Are machine learning algorithms used in SportyFai?

On SportyFai’s backend, machine learning algorithms are used in the design. This machine learning algorithm is what predicts the athletes’ performance and the injuries tendency of the players.

With the machine learning algorithms in the Interface of SportyFai users can be able to make predictions that can bring more winnings.

Even coaches use it to get personalized training for their team players.

Which technology does SportyFai use for results predictions?

SportyFai is a tool that uses artificial intelligence technology for prediction.

It uses State-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology, machine learning algorithms, deep learning model, Blockchain, and operations research technologies to carry out in-depth research and analysis.

The technologies make it to carry out accurate analysis and then generate correct results.

How to use AI Basketball Prediction Software

AI basketball prediction software is tools use to get and analyze data of a team’s performance, player data, and some other important information.

Having this kind of software offer you lots of benefits such as winnings in basketball game staking, etc.

With the help of machine learning algorithms and other AI models, this smart software provides accurate predictions for basketball games.

But if you don’t know how to use it, it might not be worth having them around. The next few lines are going to guide you on how to use any basketball software.

  1. The first thing is to choose a software provider as there are different AI Basketball prediction software. You just have to go for one. Make sure the software you are selecting has a good record of making predictions for basketball games.
  2. After picking software for your basketball game prediction, you need to have an account with them. So, signup for an account with the software provider you have chosen. If it requires you to make a payment before using it, make the necessary payment to the software provider. After signing up for an account, all the features and prediction abilities of the software becomes available.
  3. After doing all of this, select the game you want to predict. Once you log in to the interface of the software, select the sport you want predictions. After putting in the necessary information about the available game you need predictions for, the prediction software immediately starts its operation. With in-depth analysis, it provides the necessary predictions for the game.
  4. Now that the AI software has released its predictions. This is where you do your analysis as you can’t fully trust the prediction of the software. You still need to consider some options before making any informed decisions on your game.

The Future of AI Basketball Prediction Software

With the way that AI Basketball Prediction software is operating currently, there is still a need for more improvement.

Since the majority of AI Basketball prediction software uses AI technology, they improve as AI technology improves.

And since, certainly, AI is still going to improve, this smart basketball prediction software is going to improve as well.

This means their methods of analysis are going to be more advanced. And their predictions are going to be more accurate.

The future of AI Basketball Prediction software is promising with more advanced features appearing on the software interface. Future events are certain to include;

  1. This software will become more accurate and will be able to identify the patterns and trends in data easily.
  2. It is sure that this software will become more versatile. And it will be able to gather accurate predictions by sourcing out to different situations.
  3. Most especially, they will appear more user-friendly and the experience of users is going to be more interesting.

This kind of improvement, and some other improvements in this software will make more people use it. And as this basketball prediction software continues to develop, its fame also spread as well.

This means more people will use it for their basketball game predictions. Also, since this prediction software is a data-driven tool, the more people use it, the smarter it becomes.

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Having prediction software that helps in predicting basketball games gives a different feeling. Using the help of this smart software is quite interesting as you don’t have to do a lot of things yourself.

Looking at SportyFai, it helps you to get predictions of players’ stats that include performance and injury tendency.

These predictions are something that might have taken a while to determine but with SportyFai, it is different.

The same also goes for and the other software. This software provides users with live game predictions and predictions of upcoming games.

Although, the predictions of the listed basketball prediction software are accurate to some extent. We can’t deny the fact that they do more good than harm.

And that’s why, every basketball game lover looks forward to the improvement of basketball prediction software.

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