Google AI Engineer Salary in 2024: US, Europe, India and More

Google AI Engineer Salary

Want to become a Google AI Engineer or you are looking to work with Google? This is a detailed Google AI Engineer salary guide to understand how much you can make as an AI engineer.

Going back in history, Artificial intelligence first dwell among scientific circles and tech lovers for a few decades, and the reason why it dwells among them for that long is that a lot of people don’t want to involve themselves with AI technology since it is way more advance than the normal technology that they know.

But as some companies start using Artificial intelligence technology in their inventions, others who do not want to be left out also join the trend.

Now, Artificial intelligence has gained more popularity and there is virtually no technology magazine where you won’t find a section for artificial intelligence and if there is no section for artificial intelligence, you will find it in some paragraphs.

Since some technology companies discover the opportunities associated with Artificial intelligence, a lot of them are now trying their best to integrate machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) into their products to make maximize their businesses.

This approach has largely increased vacancies in companies dealing with technological inventions thereby making more people gain employment over time.

Looking at the fact that Google is one of the biggest technology companies and it is also one of the biggest fans of artificial intelligence and machine learning Innovation.

This fact alone has opened lots of employment opportunities for people who want to be part of the world’s most advanced machine learning teams.

So, if you want to join this kind of team, Google is the right choice, the reason being that you have access to top innovations in the world of artificial intelligence and also you have access to an attractive salary package that comes with other financial benefits.

In this guide, I will enlighten you on Google AI engineer salary, who is an artificial intelligence engineer and their roles in Google.

Who Is An Artificial Intelligence Engineer?

Since the awareness of Artificial intelligence technology, tremendous work has been done to refine it and integrate its technology into real-life applications. Most of the advanced technological inventions in recent times are attributed to AI integration.

Whether it is the top-level research in health fields like genetics, DNA, etc, or the camera features of your smartphone and many more; shows how valuable artificial intelligence is to humanity and how wide it is spreading its tentacles to every aspect of life.

It is no longer an understatement of how urgent individuals with good AI skills are high in demand all across the globe and they are going to be well paid.

People who have decent AI skills are generally termed AI engineers as there is no general name to call them.

These people are mostly computer science students who have done post-graduate in artificial intelligence; you can also call them doctors of artificial intelligence.

However, it is not compulsory that you must be a post-graduate student of Artificial intelligence before you can be an AI Engineer.

There are other training you can pass through that qualifies you to be an AI Engineer, training with online courses on artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc can also approve you as an AI Engineer.

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What Role Does Artificial Intelligence Engineer Play At Google

Google has a cloud platform that operates like how AI operates, it is this platform that Artificial intelligence Engineer works on majorly.

An AI engineer’s role at Google is to help customers use the best system for their business, by building and transforming the system using technologies built-in in the Google cloud platform.

But since the majority of individuals don’t know how to go about it, AI engineers’ help is needed. Here are the outlines of what AI Engineers in Google focuses on;

  1. It is the role of an AI engineer to ensure that the products Google is producing are engineered towards scalability, have good security, and are also reliable.
  2. It is their role to understand the needs of Google’s customers and help them solve them using AI technology.
  3. AI Engineers design and implement machine learning solutions that help customer solve their problem.
  4. AI Engineers use technology like DataFlow, AI Platform, and TensorFlow to identify opportunities for customers to apply Machine Learning to their businesses so they can experience advanced development.
  5. It is the role of Google AI Engineers to showcase solutions and create workshops just for the sake of educating customers.
  6. They work with product engineers, product management teams, software developers, and engineering managers so they can build and drive excellent performance in Google’s products and services.
  7. Google AI Engineers support the proper implementation of Google Cloud products by using the help of best practices, architecture guidance, data migration knowledge, and capacity planning information.
  8. AI Engineers provide enterprise-grade cloud solutions to companies using Google’s innovative technologies.

Responsibilities of AI Engineer in Google

  • It is the role of AI Google Engineers to be trusted technical advisors to Google customers, helping them solve complex machine learning challenges.
  • It is their responsibility to create and deliver best practices suggestions, blog posts, recorded tutorials, technical presentations, and sample code that works for different kinds of key technical and business stakeholders.
  • It is the responsibility of Google AI Engineers to work with partners, customers, and Google product teams so they can deliver precise and effective solutions.
  • They assist Google in coaching customers on potential challenges they might face in machine learning systems; this coaching sometimes includes feature definition, monitoring, data validation, and feature management.
  • Google AI Engineers sometimes have to do some traveling so they can be able to attend some strategic meetings, deliver some onsite activities, and even perform technical reviews.

Requirement to become an AI Engineer in Google

For the sake of engineers who are well knowledgeable and experienced in the field of Artificial Intelligence and wants to work for Google; here are some requirements you need:

1. You need to have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, computer science, and another related technical field. Having equivalent practicing experience is a plus as well.

2. You need to have rich and direct experience in providing machine learning solutions.

3. There’s a need for you to have a wide knowledge of one or more coding languages like; JavaScript, Python, Scala, etc. Also, experience in algorithms, data structures, and software design is expected of you.

4. This last one is important; you should have experience in working with technical customers as you will be working with more when Google employs you.

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Google AI Engineer Salary

Before applying for AI engineering jobs at Google, there is a need for you to know how much your salary is going to be.

But it is not an exaggeration to say that the compensation package an artificial intelligence engineer gets from Google is attractive to a certain degree.

The information below gives a rough idea of the range and structure of the compensation Google AI engineers receives.

AI Engineer Salary

Google AI Engineer Salary in US

1. As a Google AI engineer, your salary starts from $105,557 yearly.

2. Google give Artificial intelligence engineer an average base compensation of $91,485 – $136,520 per year.

3. There are compensations that Google usually gives its AI Engineer workers, the average total compensation is $235,000 per year.

4. Google also gifts an average bonus salary to her outstanding workers. The amount of an AI Engineer is $25,000, while the average stock grant for an AI Engineer is about $70,000.

Google AI Engineer Salary in Canada

A Google AI Engineer salary ranges from 85,000 Canadian Dollar on average per year.

Google AI Engineer Salary in Europe

As for the Europe continent, the prospects for AI developers are bright. AI Engineers there receive an average salary of about £60,000 per year.

Google AI Engineer Salary in Germany

It is a different case in Germany; a Google AI Engineer receives an average salary of €84,574 per year.

Google AI Engineer Salary in Australia

In Australia, a Google AI Engineer receives a salary as high as $110,000 per year.

Google AI Engineer Salary in Singapore

In Singapore, Google AI Engineer get an average salary of S$74,943 per year.

All the income data listed above are only for entry and junior-level AI engineers, senior workers are paid more than that even though their compensation is more.

Other Benefits of Being a Google AI Engineer

Google offers some benefits apart from the bonus given to their outstanding AI Engineers. These benefits include the following;

  1. Google makes sure its AI Engineers enjoy insurance on aspects like health, dental, vision, disability, and life.
  2. Google provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner for its AI Engineers.
  3. There is a special savings account for the health of AI Engineers.
  4. There is free transit for AI engineers to move within and outside Google company premises.
  5. After working for a while, Google permits engineers to go on Maternity and Paternity leave.
  6. To relax workers, Google pays for group vacations once in a while.
  7. Engineers enjoy flexible spending accounts.

Frequently asked questions

How much does an AI Engineer at Google Team earn?

An AI Engineer at Google team earns an average salary of about $105,557 per year excluding compensation. On average, the compensation an AI Engineer gets from Google is between $91,485 – $136,520.

For a whole year, A Google AI Engineer gets an average total compensation of about $235,000. All these payments don’t even include the bonus gotten from a job well done.

Is AI a High-Paying Job?

An AI Engineer earns over $100,000 on average per year. Research done by Glassdoor reveals that the average national salary of an AI Engineer is $114,121; in which on the low side it is about$78,000 and on the high side it is about $150,000. With this information, it is acceptable to say AI is a high-paying job.

Does AI Require Coding?

Yes AI requires massive knowledge of coding. You will be dealing with algorithms and machine learning languages and without a deep knowledge of coding, there is no way an individual will be able to understand them.

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Working for Google as An AI Engineer is a wise decision in monetary terms. An AI Engineer is entitled to massive compensation that makes the working term easier.

Looking at the fact that an AI Engineer receives a full-day meal every day makes it even cooler.

So as an AI Engineer, you don’t need to worry about eating junk for meals, you can have a good meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on days you want to sleep over and work.

The vacation trip is an intriguing experience, especially for AI engineers who don’t have time to travel.

They can use the vacation opportunity to travel on the company’s bank account and still have their relaxation term peacefully.

Looking at all the other benefits coupled with the salary Google pays its AI Engineers, it is not hype to say Google is trying its best to make sure work is not boring for its engineers, and also, Google is trying to give them the best working experience ever.

What is your opinion about what Google pays its AI engineers? Let me Know in the comments.

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