Best AI GIF Generators To Create GIF From Photos & Videos

Best AI GIF Generators

GIF is what people refer to as a short video clip that doesn't have sound as a result, GIF is an acronym for Graphic Interchange Format. 

GIF is an interesting way to express oneself when one doesn't know how to use text to express the feeling. 

Studies revealed that since the time social media platforms (like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc) has introduced GIF to their interface, and they have received more users than before. 

With gifs, online communication has now become more fun and interactive as one can express himself easily, creating an experience that appears only when communicating physically. 

With the availability of free online software that allows one to easily create a gif, gif has spread all over the online space. 

But the gif one can create is limited as there is only a little thing one can make the character do in the voiceless video, and this is why the AI gif generator came into existence.

With the integration of AI into gif generators, that limitation has been broken. AI gif generator now has a lot of features that aren't available in the normal gif generator.

With an AI gif generator, the gif creation process is now a lot easier and faster.

I remember back when we were still using text in the chatting box, sometimes the chat becomes boring as the text don'tdoesn'ty the emotions that one wants to portray but since the creation of the AI gif generator, one can easily generate different gifs. 

Since there are lots of gif generators that are powered by AI technology, it means there will always be AI gif generators that stand out as the best. 

So, in this article, you are going to discover the best AI gif generators that stands out of the numerous AI gif generators that are available in the online space. 

Let’s get started.

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Best AI GIF Generators


Gooey is a multi-purpose AI generator that is known to create amazing gifs easily.

Before, it wasn't known to generate gifs, Gooey normally is AI software that manipulates text with the use of LLMs OpenAI, it even does the parsing of docs PDFs, webpages, Google Docs, etc. 

Easily, it parses these docs into vector DB and then interacts with the parsed documents via GPT. 

Gooey also runs AI-powered speech models which makes it know how to recognize speech easily and that's why it can mimic the real human voice. 

With the best AI art model, it creates the best art with just you describing how you want the image over text. 

This gif AI generator creates animation using AI models like stable diffusion deform. 

It is an inspiration by deform art that make this AI gif generator use text prompts with Keyframe numbers to create an amazing gif. 

To use the animation prompt to create a gif, users have to describe the image they want to generate in animated form and then add as many prompts as they want. 

To make the process seamless, make sure you add as many Keyframe numbers for the prompt you added earlier.

When making your gif, ensure the last Keyframe prompt is set for a higher number of keyframes or time than the previous transition rate so the gif won't end abruptly. 

There should be an ample number of frames between the last frame and the total frame count of the whole gif

When you want to create your gif, you can choose to do so either in 3D or 2D format. 

Gooey allows users to adjust the camera zooming angle easily with just the input of numbers, when users type 1 the camera zooming lens remains the same, but once a user type a number above 1, the images zoom in, and with numbers less than 1, the images zoom out. 

This gif AI generator also allows users to adjust the horizontal pan of the camera with the use of the number as well. 

By typing a positive value the camera pan horizontally to the right and with a negative number, it pans to the left side.

The same principle works with the vertical pan as well, a positive value indicates that the camera pan vertically, and with a negative value, it pans downward. 


1. Prompt

This gif generator has a feature called prompt. With the available text box, users can type the prompt or instructions they want to appear in the gif. 

Users can even determine the type of video quality format they want their gif to appear in by just inputting it in the prompt text box. 

2. Frame

This allows users to determine the time for a character in the gif to appear. With this feature, users can use the AI model in Gooey to create a gif according to their requirements. 

3. FrameCount

Users can set the number of Frames they want to appear in their gif. 


  1. It is powered by AI.
  2. It is easy to set up.
  3. It is customizable.
  4. It supports the integration of platforms like Google Voice, Ubervoice.AI, etc.


  1. It is not flexible enough for gif experts.
  2. It is not beginners' friendly.

2. Gfycat

Gfycat is a popular platform on the internet that allows online users to create and share short-form video content. 

This short video content particularly appears in gif format, which means that although they are of high quality, it is a short looping video. 

The name Gfycat came from the word combination of Gif and cat. The cat in the text is a reference point to popular cat-related content on the internet.

With the constant upgrade on Gfycat, Gfycat can now create and distribute GIFs easily. 

Studies show that Gfycat can support gifs of larger sizes easily and also, gif creators can edit already existing GIFs easily with the current upgrade.

Users can upload, share, and even embed short video content on their platforms, social media platforms, and other online platforms that support GIFs. 

Gfycat allows you to upload different formats of videos such as MP4, WebMs, etc, apart from gifs on its platform.

Gfycat is a good gif creator as it uses a machine learning algorithm to create gif out of videos, the quality of its AI-generated GIFs are well optimized, and even when they are transferred to other devices and platforms, their performance remains as when they were first created. 

Apart from the fact that Gfycat allows users to make good quality GIFs, it also partners with some top media companies and expert content creators just so that users can get good quality GIFs and exclusive video content from their platform anytime there is need for it.

Users can use different kinds of content creation tools and features on the Gfycat platform, features as analytics and reporting tools, content moderation, etc. 

Currently, Gfycat is a top-rated platform that a lot of online users use to generate and share short-form video content, especially gifs and short looping videos.

Gfycat is very easy to use and that’s why a lot of people prefer to use it to generate gifs. 

A recent study on Gfycat platform traffic indicates that they receive a 30% increment in their traffic audience from the beginning of this year till March.


1. It has API

Gfycat possesses API that is open to the public. Due to this feature, Gfycat successfully places itself in the favorite category of any developer.

Most developers that want to insert GIF experience in either their website or app use Gfycat. 

2. Easily manage and organize your content

Users who use Gfycat can easily manage and organize both the gif and other video content they create with its features. 

This has proven to be of greater help to gif creators as this is a major problem solve for them. 

3. It can create gifs with sound

This feature is an improvised way of creating gifs. Before the invention of this feature, gif as always been a reaction video but with this feature, gif is now made more interesting. 

4. It allows users to customize gif feed

Users can easily customize their gif feed with this feature. 

They can determine the type of gif they want with this feature by just selecting the type of gif they want through the drop-down menu near the search bar. 


  1. It allows users to upload, view and share gifs.
  2. It allows users to save gif favorites so they can easily access them on their platform.
  3. It allows users to group favorite GIFs as a collection on its interface.


  1. It is not free to use.

3. Midjourney

This is an online AI gif generator that specializes in creating quality AI GIFs with the help of advanced machine learning algorithms.

Midjourney is also known to create AI images with the help of machine learning algorithms, with the AI models embedded in its system that can decrypt text, it generates vibrant images with a cluster of text that a user inputs in the available chatbox. 

It is in this format that this AI gif generator generates gifs. The invention of this AI gif generator allows users to make their imagination turn realistic by just them describing the scene they want briefly in the chatbox. 

On the interface of this AI generator, users can find a wide range of editing options that are sufficient to help users create unique, personalized gifs that suit the direct purpose of why the gif was needed in the first place. 

Editing features like speed control feature, size trimming, animation time frame, etc, are the features you can find on Midjourney’s interface. 

There is also a feature that allows users to add text, emoji, or visual elements like images and videos. 

Midjourney gif generator is not all that difficult for AI tech gurus but for beginners, that’s not the case with them. 

Although that doesn’t mean a beginner can’t still navigate easily around their interface, there are always an exceptional set of people. 

Another way to generate AI gifs with this gif generator is the use of images or videos. To use this method of generation, users have to either upload an image or video content. 

In the case of the image, users can add some editing features with the available features that can complement the image and then produce a quality gif. 

In the case of video, users have to set a sequence of the scene they want to use to make a gif, add any complementing feature or description through the prompt, and then sit back to await their gif.

Midjourney AI gif generator analyzes the video content so it can automatically generate a gif that you haven’t created before, this ability makes it easier for users to edit some settings, so they can change some things in the final gif anytime they need to create a new gif.

Also, when the Midjourney AI gif generator analyzes the video content that a user upload on the interface of the gif generator, it uses artificial intelligence to check out for the right scenes that can appear as a good gif. 

Once it detects the right scene, it selects it and then uses it to create a seamless and captivating animated gif. 

Due to how this AI generator generates gifs, it is always suitable for users to use on any social media platform. 

The advanced AI technology embedded in its interface not only allows it to generate good quality gif that has captivating graphics but also allows it to generate gifs that are well-optimized for the user’s social media accounts.

When it is time to upload the gif on any of the social media platforms, this generator adjusts the gif’s resolution, aspect ratio, and size of the gif file so they can be well optimized on these popular social media platforms. 

The customization options available on this AI gif generator allow users to do many editing works just like when they are creating from scratch. 

Editing features like the speed at which the character in the image or video content display or acts can be tweaked easily and text overlays. 

Users can even add different kinds of filters and effects to the already created gif if they want to tweak the gif a little. 

All these options allow users to easily create personalized gif content that complements the type of content on their social media should in case they want to introduce gif content to the medium of content that appears on their social media accounts.


1. Text Prompt

Since the time this feature became available, content creation on Midjourney’s interface has now become more seamlessly easy. 

Users can create any gif content if they can type a short detailed description in the text prompt chatbox. 

2. Customization

Users can easily customize their gifs as there are lots of customizable options that users can use on their gifs. 

With the use of the right filter and effects on the gif, users can transform their gif into whatever they want. 

3. Machine learning algorithms

The algorithm embedded in this AI gif generator allows it to generate quality gifs easily.

The algorithm also helps this gif generator to identify scenes in videos users upload on the platform that can make a quality gif. 

4. Social media platform integration

This feature has proven to be very helpful over time, especially for content creators. 

With this integration, users can easily upload gif content they create on Midjourney’s interface to their social media accounts easily. This saves content creator’s time as it is direct and easy.


  1. It is user-friendly.
  2. It can create high-quality animated gifs. 
  3. It has an intuitive interface. 
  4. It uses advanced AI technology.


  1. It is quite expensive.
  2. It is restricted to expert gif content creators.

4. Gliastar

Gliastar AI gif generator is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence advanced tool that enables users to create different GIFs quickly and easily.

Gliastar uses the power of deep learning algorithms to create GIFs from motion-less images or video clips.

Gliastar is also a cloud-based tool that uses artificial intelligence technology to generate animated GIFs. 

Gliastar is a very easy-to-use gif generator and it is also accessible to all levels of people regardless of whether they have little design experience or no experience at all. 

Gif creators on the Gliastar interface can upload their own images or video clips and then apply various effects and filters to transform the gif into attractive ones. 

On the interface of Gliastar, there are various kinds of customization options that users can play around with, users can adjust the animation speed, adjust colors, contrast, duration, looping options, and other visual elements when creating a gif that suits their personal preferences.

Users, who are social media marketers, content creators, etc, use these amazing features to create eye-catching visuals that are better than the gif already in the crowded online space. 

After creating their gif, users can explore the different export options available on the interface to export it.

This AI software can generate gifs with the help of it advanced deep learning algorithms it possesses, it uses this algorithm to analyze and manipulate images and videos, after which it creates smooth, seamless animations that can operate smoothly on either web or mobile devices.

Gliastar has one key advantage that gives it an edge over other gif generators, it generates gifs at a very fast speed and each of the gifs is well organized.

Unlike other gif generators which can be time-consuming sometimes and even complex, Gliastar can generate high-quality GIFs in just a few clicks. 

Gliastar AI Gif generator is an innovative and powerful tool whose intuitive interface and user-friendly controls make it almost every user’s favorite as it is easy for anyone to create amazing GIFs with no experience in design.


1. Users can upload images and video Clips

When users want to create gifs on this software, they sometimes have to upload their own images or video clips to create a gif. 

Gliastar supports a wide range of file formats which includes JPEG, PNG, etc. 

2. It has a user-friendly interface

Gliastar developers design the interface to be easy to use and accessible to people with little or no design experience.

The interface is very intuitive and the user-friendly controls make it easy for anyone to create a gif.

3. It has Advanced Deep Learning Algorithms

Gliastar uses advanced deep learning algorithms technology to carry out analysis on the video content or image content users upload when they want to create a gif(s). 

Due to this algorithm, the gif creation process is very smooth and seamless such that they are well optimized for web and mobile use. 

4. Users can adjust the animation settings in the interface

When using this software for gif creation, users can customize various animation settings, which include the speed of the animation, duration, looping options during the process when they are creating a gif that suits their preferences. 


  1. It is very innovative as it can create new gifs. 
  2. It is user-friendly. 
  3. It has nice filters and effects that complement almost all sorts of gifs.
  4. It has good export options. 


  1. The webpage where this gif generator is embedded sometimes loads slowly due to excessive traffic.

Uses of Gif

  1. GIFs are used for sharp-edged line art that contains limited colors.
  2. Gif is used in the making of small animations and film clips with low resolution.
  3. Gif is used in the game's introduction.
  4. Gif is used to support transparent backgrounds. 
  5. GIFs are used to express ones feeling over a chat.

Frequently asked questions

Can you make gifs in AI?

Yes, anyone who knows how to use the internet and the online browser can use the gif AI software embedded in some of the free websites, an example of these websites is Gliastar.

Which software is better for making gif?

The best software used in making gifs has been explained in this article, as their features, pros, and cons are listed already. 

As for the names of the software best for making gifs, they include, Midjourney AI, Gliastar, etc.

Can AI replace the animation?

AI can’t replace animation although it can replicate the work of animation creators because the developers always make AI in a way it can think like the human brain works but it is only a very small amount that it can mimic.

It is for this reason that animation creators will always be preferable as they are very creative and intuitive. AI can only be a means of inspiration for animation creators. 

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Having an AI gif generator to help you in creating gifs makes the whole creation process easy especially if you are a content creator who has a lot of content to create per day. 

The fact that there are lots of AI gif generators has now made it easier to create gifs but still not all the gif tools are the best ones to use. 

This is why the AI gif generator above has been selected to ease the work of content creators as they are the best and they don’t give users a lot of problems when using them.

The amazing thing about the listed tools above is that you can create video content as well if you don’t want to create gif content anymore. 

Tools like Gliastar are free to use and are very useful in gif creation.

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