Highest Paying AI Companies In 2023

Highest Paying AI Companies

AI technology is a new trending professional field that lots of people who are computer algorithm experts are rushing into. 

Since AI is a more advanced technology, lots of companies that are doing things that involve the use of technology are seriously making good use of this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

As a result, there’s competition between these companies and computer algorithm experts that are also knowledgeable in the field of AI. 

On the company’s side, the competition is about who can get the best AI experts to work under them. 

To win this competition, the companies have to offer good salaries and benefits that stand out from the other technology companies so they can get the top AI expert. 

On the AI expert’s side, the competition is based on who can quickly get to work in a company that treats its staff well. 

The competition between the other technology companies is what separates lots of companies from each other when screened with who treat its staff well. 

Highest paying AI companies came as a result of this competition, since different technological companies want to get top experts to work with them, they conclude who offers the most attractive salary and incentive to its AI engineers. 

In this article, you will get to know the AI companies that pay the highest salary to their staff. 

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Highest Paying AI Companies

1. Uber

Uber is an industry that offers rides to people in exchange for money. The system this platform uses is to ensure there are many drivers in the market so people won’t have to wait for too long for their ride to arrive. 

The job of an AI engineer in an Uber company is very different from the drivers working in the company. It is for this reason that they earn differently from the drivers. 

It is even rumoured that AI engineers are one of the core people who ensure the smooth running of Uber’s business. 

Uber run it most of its operation apart from driving on its app and mind you, the app is a creation of a good AI software engineer.

 An AI software engineer is a person who uses AI technology to make mind-blowing software like Uber’s app. 

And that’s why the average salary of a software engineer working in an Uber company gets more pay than other technology companies. 

Uber uses an advanced artificial intelligence app that is powered with computer vision, natural language processing, advanced Optimization methods, deep learning, and lastly intelligent location and advanced sensor processing technology. 

With the help of machine learning models and AI techniques integrated into the app, Uber can easily move the needle across several verticals. 

Whether it is transportation, mobility to customer support, or driver-partner navigation, all these are easily accessible. 

It is often rumoured that it is due to the seamless operation of this app that Uber can get the massive success it has today.

This is not true? Take a chill let me give you a brief analysis before I go to the pay of the AI software engineers. 

Due to the intelligent location and advanced sensor processing technology the Uber app currently uses, land coverage, accuracy, and speed have improved greatly, and even the heading location of drivers and riders has become more precise than before. 

As a result of this software upgrade that has improved the estimated time of arrival (ETAs), there has been a massive decrease in riders and drivers cancellations, and this indirectly means, more passengers and more money made. 

Uber AI Software Engineer Salary in the United States

Level 1 

The salary of the first level of AI software engineers in Uber in the United States on average is US$175,418. 

The base AI engineer salary however is around US$130,098. Apart from this salary that first level Software Engineers usually receive from Uber, they also get a bonus of US$15,913 and a yearly stock grant- of US$29,407.

Level 2

The average total salary with company benefits is US$285,246. 

The base salary that Level 2 AI software engineers receive from Uber in the United States is usually around US$166,776. 

And also, they receive a bonus tip of about US$21,381, which might be more at times. Level 2 software engineers receive a yearly stock grant- of US$97,089. 

Senior Software Engineer Level

At this level, the average total salary that includes the other benefits that come with this position is US$441,224. 

The normal salary without adding the benefits is around US$196,757. As for the yearly Stock Grant, it falls around US$ 209,789 and lastly, the bonus tip they receive is around US$34,678. 

2. Netflix

Netflix is an online platform that allows numerous people in about 190 countries to watch movies of different kinds of genres. 

There are about 230 million members who use Netflix and daily there’s always a large influx of crowd this was even more evident during the COVID period when a lot of people registered and used Netflix. 

Yet, with this large amount of traffic Netflix platform didn’t suffer any overcapacity issues or loss of movies. 

Part of the credit for this is awarded to the machine learning engineers who are working in this company. 

Machine learning Engineers are also one of the core people that make it easier for users to get their kinds of movies and shows easily. 

They help to buy and create good content. Through personalization, they help members to choose the best movie titles that kill their boredom. 

They optimize payment processing and other revenue-focused initiatives.

Machine learning algorithms help to shape the catalogs of movies and regular TV Shows on Netflix by learning it power of recommendation algorithms. 

The algorithm learns the characteristics that make content successful and this training is used to optimize the production of original movies and TV shows. 

Another great use of Machine Learning Engineers is the fact that they can optimize video and audio encoding, and also carry out adaptive bitrate selection lastly, they can tap into the in-house Content delivery network that drives a third of North American internet traffic to Netflix's networks.

There is this major impact that machine learning engineers deliver to Netflix's new users and this has retained numerous new users, what they do is they power advertising spend, do channel mix, and advertise creative so that new users can enjoy Netflix. 

This is why machine learning algorithm engineers receive a good salary from Netflix than other AI engineers other than Uber AI engineers.

Netflix Machine Learning Engineer's Salary in the United States


At the manager level, the average base salary they usually receive in the States is around US$174,753 excluding the benefits that come with the position. 

The average bonus tip is around US$14,418. Therefore, the total average amount they receive including the compensation is US$189,171. 


At the senior level, the average base salary machine learning engineers usually receive is around US$173,510 to US$637,000 excluding the benefits that come with this position. 

The average bonus tip received is around 97,579. Therefore, the total average compensation is US$271,089.


At this level, the average base salary is US$147,686 excluding the benefits that come with this position. 

The average bonus tip for machine learning engineers at this level is around US$35,555. The average total compensation they receive yearly is US$183,241. 

In summary, the average base salary for a machine learning engineer in the United States is around $180,000 per year excluding other benefits Netflix offers. 

While the total compensation that includes the bonuses and stock options is around $250,000 per year and sometimes it is more than that value. 

3. Facebook

Facebook is a social media platform that has lots of traffic from 112 languages. 

As wide and successful as this platform is it is difficult to get a job offer from them, engineers who have many years of experience are not exempted. 

Although Facebook hires front-end developers, data analyst engineers, etc. 

Machine learning engineer posts are still one of the few roles that get more rewards in terms of compensation as well as professional growth.

Machine learning engineers are really useful to Facebook as they help to design and build AI algorithms that can automate certain models which are most predictive. 

For this model to work as it should work i.e. track data metrics smartly, they build tools and scalable solutions to support it.

Machine learning engineers not only create predictive models but also improve the performance of the existing predictive models as well. 

With proper upgrades done on the predictive models, Facebook can deliver proper services to its users and that is why Facebook users mostly get data that they perform on other social media platforms on their interface, which is one of the milestones of Facebook's predictive software met.

Machine Learning Engineers also perform statistical analysis on data of different users on the interface. 

The data analysis allows Facebook to deliver quality engagement to users. 

When the data is properly analyzed by machine learning algorithms created by the engineers, the data can now be leveraged and even a prototype is possible.

The work of a machine learning engineer has proven over the years to be the core success story of Facebook and that is why Facebook pays them a lot of money for their good job.

Salary component of Machine Learning Engineers of Facebook

1. Base Component

The base component comprises the base salary or compensation that Facebook pays Machine Learning Engineers. 

This pay is usually the fixed salary agreed by both Facebook and the engineer, the agreement is usually based on the level of experience and many other professional factors.

 If there is a salary increase, it is the base compensation that increases.

2. Bonus Component

This component is usually added to the base salary and it is only earned based on how outstanding the engineer's performance is.

The bonus can vary from the range of 10% to the range of 30% of the base salary.

3. Stock Component

This component is only accessible for a limited time frame. Most of the time, the time frame is usually within the range of 4 years. 

The reason why it has this restriction is that the stock units Facebook is giving them are usually restricted units.

Salary of Facebook's Machine Learning Engineers

The base salary of Machine Learning Engineers who work under Facebook falls within the range of US$184,240 to US$206,190. 

While the total compensation for Machine Learning Engineers falls within the range of US$199,290 to US$232,600. 

This makes the average base salary to be around US$192,240 and the average total compensation to be around US$210,470.

Frequently asked questions

Which company give the highest pay to AI Egieers?

The current company that pays the highest in Artificial intelligence technology is Uber as the software developers get paid about US$441,224. 

Netflix also pays its Machine Learning Engineers around US$250,000 on average. 

What is the top job in AI?

The top job in AI is Machine Learning Engineering others include Robotic Scientist, Data Scientist, etc. 

This is the reason why machine learning engineers get paid a lot of money since their skill is very valuable.

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Companies like Netflix and Facebook allow those who are offering machine learning engineering skill to enjoy lots of benefits and make them feel how helpful their skill is while Uber ensure that highly skilled software engineers get better pay as their skill is highly sought after.

Many other AI companies pay high amounts to individuals who offer AI skills though not as much as the companies listed above. 

In case you are interested to work with the above-listed companies or any other company that uses AI technology ensure you have good experience and also have lots of qualifications as this two things are great determining factors on how much you get paid.

Also, it is important to know that the salaries listed above are just an estimate, you might either get lower than that or higher than that if you are lucky enough to get to work with the aforementioned companies.

Here are some companies salaries:

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