Best AI Smartwatches 2024: Wearables For Android And iPhone

Best AI Smartwatches

Time is an important factor in our life which when lost can’t be regained back forever. 

For centuries back till now, a lot of people have lost time and a lot of people have also made good use of time.

But according to a research on time management, it showed that the majority of the people who made good use of their time kept track of it.

Using a smartwatch helps a busy individual to easily keep to his time without him having to check the watch frequently as he can get notified easily. 

With the recent advancement of artificial intelligence technology on wristwatches, an individual can use a smartwatch that connects directly to their phone such that any scheduled meeting on the phone can connect with the smartwatch which allows easy notification. 

Also, if you are registered to a fitness program or you are keeping track of your step, you can use the smartwatch as it is programmed to help you keep track of your performance you might lose track when exercising, but with this AI watch, all of that can be sort out. 

It is important to note that smartwatches are not for just people who gym as you can also use them to complement your outfit as they have a nice design and give a kind of unique touch to one’s outfit and also they are a very good coach when it comes to achieving one’s fitness goal as they keep records of the calories burn and the total time use to burn those calories. 

In this article, we reviewed some of the best smartwatches and have so far considered them to be the current best ones in the market.

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Best AI Smartwatches

1. Apple Watch Series 8 

Apple Watch Series 8 is the latest third generation of Apple’s popular smart watch line-up, it is known to offer a broad range of built-in lifestyle, fitness, health, and safety tool. 

It uses advanced features and seamless integration with Apple’s ecosystem. With the fact that it is a new Apple product, it represents a significant step forward in terms of design, performance, and functionality.

It has one intriguing feature and that is its refreshed design. Apple uses a sleeker and more refined aesthetic to make this smartwatch, it has a thinner profile and a narrower bezel compared to its predecessor. 

The display feature is more advanced than its predecessor and has undergone massive improvements, using the latest OLED technology to provide colours that are very vibrant, and sharp, and have increased visual display in various lighting conditions. 

This smart Apple watch is equipped with an enhanced S8 chip, which makes it deliver more quality performance at a fast processing speed. 

With this alone, it allows users to enjoy smooth navigation, quicker response times, and overall improved usability. 

With the improved processing speed, the ability of this watch to track health and fitness capabilities is more advanced and the data are also accurately recorded as they are recorded based on real-time monitoring of various metrics.

The main focus of the Apple Watch Series 8 is Health and wellness. 

It possesses features that consist of arrays of sensors that allow comprehensive tracking of health status, not excluding heart rate monitoring, ECG functionality, and the level of oxygen in the blood. 

It also tracks how well a user is sleeping either at night or in day time. 

Once this smartwatch notices any irregularity in the rhythm of the heart and any signs of potential falls, it immediately notifies the user and provides valuable insights that might be the cause of that irregularity.

Apple smartwatch series 8 provide an expanded range of workout options and fitness features. 

This includes an updated set of workout modes, such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), dance, and pilates, to provide a wider range of fitness activities. 

This watch uses its advanced algorithms to provide more accurate data on the amount of calories burn and details of how the calories were burned. 

With these amazing qualities plus an unrivaled user experience, it gain our trust and so therefore, we decide to give it the position of the overall best watch as of right now. 

Who can use this watch?

Apple Watch Series 8 is a good watch for people who not only love aesthetics but also love smartness and are conscious of their health status. 

With the constant notification of when to go for a walk or jog or workout, a meeting alert, it is an amazing gadget to have as one collection. 

Users who are planning to order this smartwatch can order a 41mm or 45mm case in aluminum or stainless steel that has Bluetooth, GPS, and a good WI-FI connection or you can add cellular connectivity to the mix if you want. 

But it’s important to know that the stainless steel and cellular models come with extra charges. 

To use this smartwatch, you need to have an iPhone 8 or the iPhone that runs with at least iOS 16 but if you are an Android user, you won’t enjoy this smartwatch so it is best you read the next smartwatch on our list. 


1. It doesn’t crack easily

It has a front crystal coupled with its robust geometry and flat base that makes it easily resist hard cracking force. 

It has an IP6X version 6 that allows it to have resistance to dust and lastly with a WR50 version 4, it easily resists water which means a user can use it to swim.

2. It tracks a user’s sleep performance

A user can use this gadget to track his sleep, and one amazing thing is this smartwatch tracks how much time you spend in REM, Core, or Deep sleep, as well as keep track of when you wake up. 

With this data, you can know if you give your body the rest it deserves.

3.  It measures the level of oxygen in a user’s blood

This particular feature is a mind-blowing attribute of the Apple smartwatch series 8. 

The sensor and app integrated into its interface allow a user to take on the readings of the level of oxygen in their blood. 

It also takes a background reading, day and night of the fluctuations that occur in one’s blood. 

4. Ovulation calculator

Users who have input the data about as regards their ovulation period get easily notified when it is about time for it. 

This feature allows users to view possible cycle deviations, like irregular or prolonged periods. Users can also share their cycle history with healthcare workers if they need to discuss as regards it with them.


1. It uses advanced AI technology to produce quality performance.

2. It has a fast processing speed which allows it to respond faster to prompts.

3. It provides a flexible and powerful companion for its users. 

4. It offers users a comprehensive smartwatch experience. 


1. It is limited to only iPhone users.

2. Only iPhone users with at least iOS 16 can use it. 

3. It is quite expensive for some pockets.

4. It is limited in supply currently.


You can get this smartwatch on Amazon, Walmart, or any online store for a price as low as $329. 

Frequently asked questions

How is Apple Watch Series 8 better?

The fact that it can take a record of the level of oxygen in your blood and also the fact that it possesses a temperature sensor so powerful that it can even take a record of one’s ovulation cycle is what makes it better. 

Mind you this smartwatch also keeps data of the kind of sleep a user is having so a user can know if he is taking the right rest his body needs.

Does Apple Watch Series 8 have Face ID?

This smartwatch does not use Face ID or better still, it doesn’t have Face ID. It uses a security option called unlock with Apple Watch, and this feature only works when the watch is on a user’s wrist and the one’s iPhone is nearby. A user can only use this security option to unlock his iPhone. 

Is Apple Watch Series 8 waterproof?

Yes, this smartwatch is waterproof, with the WR50 version 4 model embedded in it, allowing a user to stay in the water at a depth of 50 m any additional distance makes water enters the components of the smartwatch. 

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is another amazing gadget that came with a twin though they are not identical. This smartwatch came into existence with Galaxy Watch 5. 

Among these two smartwatches, Galaxy 5 Pro is the most advanced and most reliable. It is packed with a stronger build coupled with a longer battery life together with a fitness tracking feature. 

Data gotten around March 2023 showed that this smartwatch so far so good delivers a good user experience with its user-friendly interface. 

The data it provides are very comprehensive due to the comprehensive app suite integrated into its interface. 

Users who are using this talk more about the premium benefits they are enjoying from its performance. 

This smartwatch is a lot bigger and better than the predecessors of its lineage-Watch 5 Series. It has a bigger battery, more unique and powerful capabilities, and top-notch features that over-deliver. 

Even though this smartwatch has an all-around outstanding performance, it is still not as competent as other fitness smartwatches when it comes to delivering the best fitness capability.

This smartwatch is coupled with a full-color, beautiful AMOLED screen, third-party apps, calls, notifications, and other true smartwatch connections. 

This smartwatch utilizes the advantage of its increased capacity to support more fitness features, an advanced GPS feature that shows the new route to last longer when working out this as a result increases one’s endurance limit. 

It also possesses an additional feature that is beneficial to users who love to go on adventures or individuals who are athletic. 

No doubt this gadget is a bulky, eye-catching device whose screen is clear and bright. We found out that the screen is a buttery-smooth kind of screen that easily swipes through. 

The 1.36-inch screen display coupled with a 450 by 450-pixel resolution is ringed by a raised bezel on the titanium casing, it’s this raised bezel on the casing that protects the watch from any impact. 

This smart gadget is a lightweight watch that sometimes feels big on one’s wrist. That feeling is an illusion though.

The sapphire crystal glass and titanium casing on Samsung Galaxy 5 Pro watch is more durable than the other predecessors which is quite normal as this is an upgrade.

On the interface of this smartwatch is the integration of IP68 which is a good water-resistant model. 

As a result of this model, Samsung Galaxy 5 Pro Watch can last for about 30 minutes underwater inasmuch the depth isn’t beyond 1.5m. 

On this note, this smartwatch can effectively join the ranks of other smartwatches that can withstand the splashes of seawater. 

It doesn’t matter if you are doing your first triathlon or you are going for surf in the sea, the splashes of water can’t affect the normal operation of this tool for at least an hour. 

Who can use this watch?

This watch is a high-class watch that is very comfortable and not tedious to comprehend the information displayed on its screen. 

An Android user who is a lover of smartwatches is advised to use this watch. It is important to know that this watch comes in a larger casing of 45mm and also with a case color of Grey Titanium and Black Titanium, and lastly with two forms of connectivity which are Bluetooth and LTE thereby leaving users to choose their most preferable casing.

Just like how Apple Watch Series 8 works, only users who are using an Android phone can utilize this watch. 

This smartwatch only works on Android device that is running Android version 8.0 or newer and must also have more than 1.5GB RAM for the watch to operate smoothly with the device. 

Users can also connect the smartwatch with Android phones that are not Samsung Products. 

Features like electrocardiogram measurements work mostly on handsets of the same brand so it s possible that if you are not a Samsung mobile user, you might not enjoy his feature. 


1. It possesses a stronger battery

With the 590mAh, this smartwatch can last for about 2 days straight without powering it on. The battery is reliable to some extent though not as long-lasting as some other fitness smartwatches.

2. It possesses a dual-core Processor

The fast processing speed of this smartwatch is a result of the dual-core embedded in its support system. It uses a Samsung Exynos W920 dual-core to run its operating system. 

3. It has an amazing display feature

It possesses a sapphire crystal glass that is coupled with a 1.36-inch 450 by 450-pixel resolution and with an AMOLED touch screen all together produce an amazing display when turned on.

4. It has a strong durable case

Titanium casing with the sapphire crystal glass that serves as the screen all together serves a good durable case. This casing combination results in this smartwatch receiving a durable rating of 29Gpa. 


1. It offers a premium build that can withstand scratches. 

2. It uses a D-buckle clasp which is quite convenient and easy to loosen up.

3. It possesses hiking and navigation features that are easy to comprehend. 

4. It has solid GPS accuracy that makes it reliable when it comes to navigation.


1. It is quite expensive.

2. It does not have an option for sizes like the Galaxy 5 Wristwatch.

3. It is thicker than stated in the advertisement. 

4. The touch Bezel doesn’t work most of the time.


Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has a higher price tag than Galaxy Watch 5. Galaxy Watch 5 Pro uses a price tag of $450, while the LTE version of cost an additional $50 which makes it $500.

Frequently asked questions

How big is the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro?

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has a size of about 45 mm. To be more precise, it has a size dimension of 45.5 by 45.5 by 15 mm, this doesn’t exclude the sensor bump integrated into its support system.

Is Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Waterproof?

This smartwatch is not suitable for underwater swimming but can at least withstand water to a certain degree. 

When placed into water that is around 5 feet deep or around 1.5 m deep, it can last for about 30 minutes. 

Does Galaxy Watch 5 Pro have a SIM Card?

This smartwatch has internet connectivity that is in 4G and LTE modes. 

And with the LTE connectivity mode, a user can connect to the internet with a digital SIM card that allows it easier for users to make and pick calls and also, reply to messages. 

3. Garmin Instinct 2X Solar Tactical Edition

When looking at the fitness benefit which a user can get from his smartwatch, this watch is the most qualified producer of such benefits. 

This smartwatch has a long-lasting battery life that can power the watch for 40 days straight without charging it, and it can last even longer when the individual spends more time under the sun this is because apart from the usual electricity charging it can also use the radiation rays from the sun to power itself on since it has a solar charging feature integrated on its interface.

A user undergoing some fitness training can make good use of this feature as it goes a long way in motivating the individual to go look at the fact that they can easily track their progress through the fitness app on the smartwatch.

Another thing is, when using the GPS feature of the smartwatch consistently on a row, a user can expect the smartwatch to last about 60 hours and even last for about 120 hours when used under the sun. 

Another way this smartwatch shows that it has an amazing battery life is just when a user uses the expedition GPS mode to carry out his navigation, at this mode the battery life goes to last for about 60 days. 

This is quite an amazing gadget for explorers, adventurers, and hunters who go deep into places where there is little to no power supply.

Who can use this smartwatch?

This kind of watch is usually tagged to be for individuals who go to places that have little to no electricity and still have to stay informed of everything going around them including how healthy they are. 

These kinds of individuals include people who are soldiers, hunters, explorers, adventurers, and many more. 

This smartwatch allows both Android users and iOS users to connect Solar 2X tactical edition to their mobile devices. 

It is important to note that the iOS device should be iOS 15 and above, and the Android version should also be version 7.0 and above. 

Users who connect this gadget with phones that don’t have the two operating systems mentioned above might lose some features of the watch when they connect them. 


1. It has a good GPS mode

When in this mode, users can use it to do a lot of fantastic stuff. Users can use point A to the B navigation system. 

When in this mode, a user can notice an arrow on the screen showing his direction and a line that indicates where he is heading to. 

It even shows the remaining distance left for him to get to his destination.

This smartwatch also displays any waypoint that has been saved before on its screen as well. 

Overall, GPS is a good navigator that can be of help when one loses one’s sense of direction as it can lead one back to its destination or place of origin.

2. It possesses a flashlight

It possesses a flashlight that allows users to view their paths when there is no light. 

With this feature, a user doesn’t need to take touch light around with him if he is going to a dark place. The flashlight is located in the 12 o’clock position. 

3. A user can apply Ballistic

A user who loves going for hunting expeditions or loves going for long-range shooting expeditions is one who is going to benefit from this feature. 

With the use of Instinct 2X Tactical and Garmin AB Synapse app, a user can get their shooting solutions on their smartwatch. 

4. It offers good health insights

The heath insights of this smartwatch are top-notch as it displays the heart rate data in real-time, and also uses the same heart data to gauge the data of other health insights like the body battery, and recovery time. 

It also takes information on the sleeping rate and then gives a scoring rate of the sleeping pattern. 

With the information this smartwatch gives as regards one’s sleeping pattern, one can determine how long he sleeps daily and how much body recovery a specific sleeping time provides.  


1. It possesses a sensor that tracks how much a user is taking in oxygen when climbing high altitudes with low oxygen.

2. It tracks a user’s sleeping pattern accurately. 

3. Users can receive email notifications, calls, text messages, and any other notifications through this smartwatch. 

4. It offers night vision with the help of a flashlight at night or in dark places. 


1. It uses only a proprietary charger to charge which is a disadvantage.

2. Users who are iPhone users can only see a notification but can’t reply to it, unlike Android users. 

3. It cost an extra $100 to $300 to use the Applied ballistic feature with one’s smartwatch. 


It cost $499 on Amazon. 

Frequently asked questions

What does Garmin Instinct Solar 2X Tactical Edition do best?

This smart watch is an all-around smartwatch that is almost a perfect wristwatch. There are hardly any smartwatch capabilities you are looking for that you can’t find on this device. 

It even has an additional feature that makes it suitable for shooting and hunting games. It is not difficult to wear and all its features are not overly complicated as they are easily comprehended. 

Is Garmin Instinct Solar 2X Tactical Edition worth the Money?

Garmin Instinct Solar 2X Tactical Edition is a smartwatch that is coupled with very powerful features both health-wise features, outdoor features, and indoor features that produce accurate data when utilized. 

Not only that, its long-lasting battery that can last for as long as 40 days alone is a huge bonus, with all this said, it is worth a user’s money. 

Why is Garmin Watch Generally Expensive?

The main reason why the Garmin watch is generally expensive is because of its accuracy. This particular attribute is scarce in other smartwatches at least for now. 

Every Garmin wristwatch is always standing out from its contemporaries. 

4. Apple Watch SE

This smartwatch is one of the partners of the Apple Watch Series 8 that is the least expensive and yet capable. This smartwatch is the smallest wristwatch in the lineup of Apple smartwatch collections. 

It is a second-generation gadget whose price Apple cut short by $30 and yet still upgraded the processor coupled with an advanced motion sensor that easily detects a crash and then changes to a cover that is more environmentally friendly.

Although this smartwatch does not offer a few healthcare sensors like Electrocardiogram, SpO2 which measures oxygen saturation in the body, and a temperature sensor which measures the body temperature. 

But it still offers some amazing connectivity features that include safety and fitness features at the level of Apple Watch Series 8. 

The safety features that are integrated into this smartwatch include Emergency SOS which prompts up when there is a case of emergency, it also contains a safety feature that includes fall detection, irregular heart rate, and rhythm notifications. 

The cellular version of SE models supports the use of international emergency calling, so in emergency cases a user can reach out to emergency services in more than 130 countries and regions, and this feature doesn’t require the user to have his phone compulsory with him.

One important thing, on the health feature dashboard is that it has an automatic 20-second hand washing timer that counts down when an individual is washing his hand with soap and water. 

This smart gadget is a solid choice for individuals who are economical when it comes to spending money on gadgets, and individuals who love to spend less to get the most benefit out of something. 

This smartwatch is also for individuals who are just trying out smartwatches, children/teens, and older adults. 

This smartwatch allows a user to manage the app of the smartwatch for a family member who doesn’t have an iPhone but wants to use the watch as well, this alone is good proof that its existence is mainly for individuals who are on a low budget. 


1. It has a good accelerometer

The accelerometer sensor embedded in its interface easily keeps track of the motion of users whether they are walking or running or jogging, the accelerometer detects the kind of motion the user is performing. 

2. Gyroscope

This provides some sort of balance when a user is running or jogging such that it won’t fall off from the user’s hand.

3. Emergency SOS

When there is a case emergency, this feature produces a loud sound that can attract external help to come to the rescue. 

4. International Emergency

This particular feature allows an individual to easily connect to more than 120 countries for help in case of emergency without the need of connecting to a phone to make the call.


1. It uses an advanced motion sensor that can detect crashes.

2. It uses an upgraded processor that speedily responds to the prompt.

3. It uses an upgraded battery that can last longer and is light in weight. 

4. It has good safety features.


1. It doesn’t have an always-on display, unlike its predecessor.

2. It does not have some specific health sensors such as ECG, SpO2, and body temperature sensors. 

3. It doesn’t have a sensor that protects it from dust.  


There are two models of this smartwatch, there is the Apple Watch Smart SE which uses GPS connectivity and this has a starting price of $279. As for the Apple Watch SE which has the combination of both GPS and Cellular connectivity, it possesses a starting price of $329. 

Frequently asked questions

What features Does Apple Watch SE have?

Although it lacks certain health features, it doesn’t lack good safety features such as Fall Detection, heart rate rhythm sensor, Emergency SOS sensor, etc. 

It also possesses this amazing feature of managing the smartwatch for a family member who does not have an iPhone, with this feature the family member can fully enjoy all the features this watch has to offer. 

What can you use Apple Watch SE for?

This smartwatch is a very useful and powerful gadget that a user can use to do lots of things with ease. A user can use it to text, call, make payments, and many more. 

What does the SE in Apple Watch SE stands for?

There has been a lot of controversy on the meaning but after lots of arguments and debate, Apple’s Senior President of World Wide Product Market; Phil Schiller came to everyone’s rescue by telling the meaning of the abbreviation. 

He said the abbreviation stands for Special Edition. Mind you Phil Schiller is also the Head of Ass-related Hubristic Quotes. 

5. Apple Watch Ultra

It is important to know that Apple Watch Ultra is a high-end version that is not seen in the previous Apple Watches Series. 

This watch is the first high-end smartwatch that Apple has ever made, it took years of sweat and effort, and analytical thinking to develop this amazing smartwatch. 

The main reason why Apple Watch Ultra came into existence is to compete with the more expensive fitness-based smartwatches from top companies like Garmin which makes high-end smartwatches. 

Apple Ultra is a good gadget for fitness enthusiasts and athletic individuals who need more battery life and more advanced sports performance from their smartwatches. 

Apple Ultra is the largest Apple watch currently as it has a size of 49mm unlike the Apple Series 8 whose size is 45mm. 

The designs use to make this gadget is one of it kind as of now. It uses an aerospace-grade titanium body which is the main determining factor that contributes to its lightweight. 

It possesses a sapphire crystal face which is quite flat and also has a larger diameter coupled with a deeper grooved digital crown. 

The digital grooved crown houses the side button, leaving out the extra button on the left side of the watch commonly called the functional button which is used to make some navigation on the dashboard. 

Due to how bright the smartwatch is with its 2000 nits, it allows users to easily see the characters display on its screen clearly under the bright sunlight. 

As for the functional button, it is designed in a flashy color; glossy orange; which is what makes it noticeable even in the dark and underwater while swimming. 

Since it is the functional button of this smartwatch, users can easily customize it to activate workout schedules, set compass waypoints, and much more stuff. 

With the three built-in microphones it possesses, users can hear and talk through it as it produces good audio quality. 

It also possesses a beamforming algorithm in its support system that allows it to capture voices while at the same time reducing the background sounds making it looks like the voices sounded in a quiet venue, this works well even when there is a loud noise in the background. 

It has an integrated component of an 86-decibel siren which allows it to produce a loud alarm sound when there is a case of emergency. 

When it sounds, it has two SOS patterns that complement the sounds such that it easily attracts people nearby for help. 

When it comes to water resistance, this smartwatch is good waterproof as it is coupled with a WR100 certification which means within 100 meters deep inside the water, the smartwatch’s water resistance is at its strongest. 

It also has an EN 13319 certification as well which qualifies it as a swimming and diving accessory since its water-resistant capability is great.

Who can use Apple Watch Ultra? 

This smartwatch is a great device that is suitable for individuals who wants to do fitness training, ocean enthusiast, adventurers, and explorers. 

Even individuals who are lovers of fashion can also use this smartwatch to add some touch to their outfits. 

When moving in a location that requires a compass, this smartwatch possesses a special Wayfinder feature that uses the built-in compass and the space for up to eight complications. 

With the compass waypoints, a user can mark a location or point in a particular area, and then use a backtrack feature to retrace the steps back to the marker areas, this feature is especially useful when one has lost one’s sense of direction. On the watch interface, a user can customize the display screen for the mountain, ocean, or trail, and when it comes to nighttime, it turns red so a user can have better visibility. 

Apart from navigation, this gadget has all the functionality present in Apple Watch Series 8. 

It possesses a feature that allows it to monitor the heart rate, track sleep, and even take some special health readings like ECG readings, blood oxygen level readings, etc. 

There are lots of fitness tracking options on its interface as well. Although, the price can be a bit high for some pockets and the size can be bulky for people with smaller wrists. 


1. It possesses a Temperature Sensor

It possesses a temperature sensor that senses the body temperature fluctuation especially the heartbeat when exercising. 

It also calculates the woman’s ovulation period which is a good help in family planning. 

2. It possesses a SpO2 Sensor

This sensor gauges the level of oxygen in the blood and with this, an individual can detect if he is taking the right amount of oxygen. 

3. It has a depth gauge

This particular feature is very suitable for individuals who are divers and also individuals who love swimming to the bottom of the pool. 

It allows users to know how deep they have gone into the water, this sensor even detects the temperature of the water, how much time is spent under the water, etc. 

4. It has motion sensors

It has good motion sensors that easily detect a crash and then switch the crashed part to an environmentally friendly cover. 


1. It has good water resistance.

2. It has a better battery life than any of the other Apple Watches created so far.

3. Its speaker is louder than Apple Watch Series 8.

4. It has a Dual-frequency GPS.


1. It is quite expensive for some of the pockets.

2. It has a large size and might not fit on a small wrist.

3. The digital crown might irritate the skin.


Users who are interested in this smartwatch can order it from Amazon for a price as low as $749 which is the current price.

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Frequently asked questions 

Is Apple Watch Ultra worth buying?

This Apple watch is no doubt a top-notch Smartwatch that stands out when compared to the other watches Apple has ever made. 

It is the best sports watch yet ever made. It has an excellent battery life of 36 hours which is a good duration for athletes, and people who love to train their bodies. 

Although it has one known bad side which is, it is quite bulky for smaller wrists. 

What make Apple Watch Ultra to be special?

This smartwatch is a high-end watch that allows users to perform scuba diving with no worries as it has good water-resistant strength within 100 meters. 

It has a well-redesigned compass that works hand in hand with the accurate Dual-frequency GPS when it comes to navigating one’s path. 

It has a robust yet lightweight body as a result of the titanium casing that houses it and lastly, it has a good battery duration of 36 hours without charging and yet functioning well. 

Is Apple Watch Ultra good for daily use?

This gadget is a good companion for one’s daily activities. With its 36 hours battery life, there are lots of things one can do with it. 

It sometimes last for 3 days and 2 nights when used normally with no advanced feature turned on, with proper calculation, it shows that 36 hours is just an average estimation of how long the smartwatch can last.

Which is the best smart wristwatch?

The best smart wristwatches include Apple Watch Series 8, Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, Garmin Instinct Solar 2X Tactical Edition, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Ultra. 

Do Smartwatches have AI?

What makes wrist watch smart is because of the integration of artificial intelligence technology that gives them more advanced features that can’t be found in the normal wristwatch. 

Is AI Smartwatches worth it?

Yea, AI watches are always worth it because they outperform what normal wristwatches can do.

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The integration of a smart wristwatch into one day to day activities makes ones living more fun as this gadget makes one’s life easy and stress-free. 

The use of smartwatches like Garmin Instinct Solar 2X Tactical Edition in one hunting expedition makes it easy for someone to hit prey because when coupled with the applied ballistic, one can have a clearer scope of view of the prey and aim well from a far distance without alerting the prey, and this smartwatch can even last for 40 days without charging. 

The use of Apple Series 8 as one’s daily companion when going for a swimming lesson is quite interesting as it has a good water resistance of 50 meters. 

It is also a good tool to use when it comes to body fitness as it can keep track of ones sleeping pattern, heartbeat, oxygen level in one’s blood and so many more.

Which of this AI smartwatches did you like? Let me know in the comments.

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