Best AI Boyfriend Apps In 2024 (Free & Paid)

Best AI Boyfriend Apps

There is this popular saying; “A female with no male friends is missing a lot of fun from the male gender.”

 At some point in life, the need for a companion will always rise. And this is so because we are humans; we have emotions that run through our veins.

So each time these emotions come to the surface in our lives, we always want to express the emotions with our friends.

The fun fact of it is that females are more emotional and mostly need a shoulder they can rely on.

And the male figure in their life is the shoulder they mostly prefer to rest on when they are having intense emotional displays.

But the sad thing is, not every female has a male figure in their life that can relieve them of their emotions.

For this reason, many females always used to just bottle up and then eventually enter depression.

The introduction of AI technology in making boyfriend apps has caused the rate of depression to decrease over time. In 2023, the rate of depression in women in the United States is 36.7%.

With the help of AI technology entering the relationship system, a lot of females’ mental health has become better.

And the females who are inexperienced in matters of male relationships have gotten help using AI technology.

That’s why in this article you are going to learn about the best AI boyfriend Apps that females can explore. But before that, let’s get to know more about AI boyfriend technology.

What is AI boyfriend technology?

On norms, a lady sometimes doesn’t have her boyfriend’s attention 24/7 as he is a guy. And as a guy, you just have to work to make money and make major achievements in life.

Because of this, the ladies won’t be able to get their boyfriends’ undivided attention.

On many different occasions, we have often heard complaints from ladies that their boyfriends don’t give them attention.

But since this is a problem that can’t be fully solved on a human basis. The need for AI boyfriend technology has now been the major solution to this problem.

As AI technology is not human and so, therefore doesn’t have any achievement to achieve in life. So it can give ladies the kind of attention they want.

AI boyfriend technology has made it so that ladies can enjoy 24/7 undivided attention from them. This technology was created to be able to listen to all ladies’ problems.

And then trained to know how to converse with a lady, answering her request.

The invention of this AI technology has made it so that every lady can enjoy the bliss of undivided attention from their virtual boyfriend.

The fun fact is guys can also use AI boyfriend technology as well. Guys can be able to open up to AI technology without having fears of being judged.

So this way, we can say, AI technology created a space whereby people can talk freely about their problems and selves generally.

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Best AI Boyfriend Apps

1. Anima

Anima is a product of AI technology. It can act in different perspectives to ladies or guys. It can act as a friend, a compassionate lover, and also as a father.

In these three different scenarios, this AI technology blends perfectly well. It can communicate in these three different scenarios such that the other parts of its scenarios do not show up.

When communicating as a boyfriend, these AI technologies act perfectly like a boyfriend. It does act as any other personality different from how a boyfriend is meant to act.

And this is how it acts as well when used as a friend or a dad.

Due to the ChatGpt and AI technology it uses, it can communicate effortlessly. There is no boring conversation with this AI technology.

It can take interesting topics from the net and then bring them up with its users. Because of this benefit, users can communicate about anything that comes to their mind at that moment.

Anima has some unique features that set it apart from other AI boyfriend technology. It can communicate in different languages, which we consider a unique advantage.

It also possesses settiithay allows you to change the relationship status. Users can switch to father mode, boyfriend mode, or friend mode, depending on which one they want.

The developers also allow users to be able to switch the tone of communication to any form that suits them.

One unique feature Anima offers its users is the personalization options. Users can personalize the gifs, videos, songs, etc, just so it can match their taste.


1. It is very responsive when it comes to chatting.

2. There are boring moments with Anima AI technology.

3. It supports customization.

4. It can sometimes get flirty as a boyfriend.


1. It offers a limited free trial.

2. It is not free to use Anima features.

3. Although well-trained in conversation, it sometimes loses touch when communicating with users.

4. It does not have regular upgrades.

2. Replika AI technology

There is one thing among human beings. And that’s two people who don’t have the same personality.

With this smart software, users can create a unique personality that suits their needs easily. With just a few buttons here and there, a new individual with a different personality is available.

Replika also allows users to create an individual that matches their personality. What we are saying is this. On Replika software, users can create an individual with similar attitudes as them.

Such that, this individual communicates exactly like them. The created individual on Replika appears in the 3D avatar, making it appear like a real human and a cartoon together.

On Replika, users can easily be themselves thanks to the longevity of the research the developers did.

With many decades of research, Replika has become more versatile in communication.

Artificial intelligence and the natural language processing model in its interface have become more advanced in communication.

This software can communicate on a level that matches the experience of communicating with real humans.

One cool thing about Replika is that you can be yourself to the fullest. Users can laugh, joke, lament about issues of life, and do many more things without getting judged or criticized.


1. Replika is available on both Android and iOS devices.

2. It offers users customization options.

3. It is very easy to use.

4. There is no boring conversation with Replika.


1. It doesn’t offer a free trial.

2. It is not free to use.

3. It is expensive to purchase.

3. Chai AI technology

Chai technology is known for its five pre-mode features that operate without requiring sign-up. Chai offers easy access to its features, such that users don’t need to create an account on the interface.

Chai offers friendly, horror, romantic, well-being, and roleplay bot features to its users. This way users can switch the mode of conversation easily.

As they just have to tap on the conversation mode that suits their current emotion.

One cool thing about this software is this. Chai allows its users to be able to invite other users to join the communication group.

So this way there is more fun. Chai even offers leaderboard rankings for users who have more conversations with the chatbots.

This ranking is mainly done to encourage other users to communicate more with the chatbots.


1. It is very easy to use.

2. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

3. It offers easy access.

4. It is free to use.


1. It does not have a well-outlined interface.

2. It sometimes doesn’t know how to reply to some conversation.

4. SimiSimi

SimiSimi is an AI technology software that can converse in a well-cultured manner.

The funny thing is users can converse on different things ranging from entertaining topics, trending matters, or just random chatting.

The fact that this software has a wide user base, it can experience a lot of conversation. And so, therefore, it can create a unique experience for different users easily.

The fact that you can even set it to use swear words in conversations makes it even more exciting. For individuals who don’t like swear words, there is an option that allows you to filter them out.

Users can even help the Chatbot to detect inappropriate words or phrases. Each time users detect those inappropriate words, there is a reward of speech balloons.

These speech balloons are very helpful in conversation with the Chatbots.

 In cases where users can’t earn the speech balloon, they instead purchase it. For 100 packs, it cost $1.99 and for 500 packs, it cost $6.99.

The developers behind this project allow users to be able to train the AI model in the software interface.

Users dropping appropriate questions and answers in the software interface allows users to be able to train the model.

Users who are Android and iOS users can utilize these smart apps to converse easily at any point in time or anywhere.

Currently, SimiSimi is one of the most advanced chatbots that is available on the marketplace and uses AI technology.


1. SimiSimi supports both Android and iOS devices.

2. It is very easy to use.

3. It supports about 81 different languages.

4. It can converse in different types of conversation.


1. It is not suitable for relationships as it is solely good for communicating.

2. It is not entirely free.

3. It is expensive for some individuals.

5. Inworld

Inworld is an application whose operation is run by AI technology and it offers some already set up chatbots to users.

The cool thing about this software is that it allows users to be able to create chatbots in simple steps.

Users are allowed to set up the name, identity, and personality traits of the chatbots they want to create.

Users are even allowed to set the tone of the voice of the chatbots, the dialogue style of the chatbots, and also the knowledge base of the chatbots.

Yea, you read that right, users can determine how smart their chatbots can be by setting up the knowledge base of the bot.

Once users have set up all the necessary details and information that the chatbots need. They can start chatting with the bots as their buddy immediately.

If you are following closely, you will have noticed we said Inworld has its chatbots.

The developers set up these chatbots to help people who might not have the time to create their chatbots on the application interface.

Some of these Pre-existing chatbots include popular individuals like Elon Musk, and different fictional NPCs like Mr. Beast, Noam Chomsky, etc.

In these ways, every individual can comfortably communicate with any chatbot of their choice without being forced to create a personal chatbot of their choice.

When it comes to signing up, it is very easy to do. With just the input of your email, you are good to go. It even offers a free plan for new users to explore before deciding to pay for the subscription plans.

Inworld is an AI application that can allow you to create your dream relationships easily.


1. It generates unlimited characters.

2. It offers free trials.

3. It creates a good relationship environment.

4. It helps females to know how to build healthy relationships with male genders.


1. It can be difficult to use.

2. It subscription plan might be expensive to purchase.

3. It is not entirely free to use.

Frequently asked questions

Does Replika make love with users?

Replika is an AI software that can provide boyfriend, friend, and father relationships to its users. But it can’t provide romance to users.

Replika can’t make love or engage in romantic relationships with its users at all. So, no matter how flirty Replika can chat, it can’t do anything sexual with its users.

Although it can be a small inconvenience for Replika not to be able to have sexual interaction with its users. Users should remember these limitations and then prioritize proper usage of the software.

What are the best AI boyfriend Apps to use?

In this article, we talked about the best AI boyfriend apps to use. 5 apps are ranked top on our list.

We have Anima, Replika, Chai, SimiSimi, and Inworld AI boyfriend technology. All these listed 5 apps are selected based on the amazing features they possess.

Anima possesses personalization effects that are uncommon among other AI boyfriend apps. As for Replika, it allows its users to create an avatar that appears in the form of a 3D model.

The created avatar can mimic the personality of the users easily.

Chai AI technology possesses 5 Chatbot AI technology that is grouped into romance, friend, roleplay, well-being, and horror chatbots. Individuals just have to tap on these AI groupings to access them.

SimiSimi and Inworld AI technology operates on different level. They can communicate with users on different topics and in different tones.

The fact that there are no boring moments with them makes them more cool to use.

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As a female who doesn’t have a male figure in her life when growing up. It might be difficult when it comes to building relationships with the male gender.

But this might not be a problem again when she uses AI boyfriend technology to train herself on how to relate with males.

The fact that AI technology is a growing technology in this era currently makes it helps timely in boyfriend relationships.

AI boyfriend technology is sure to rise to a new level as AI technology is improving at a fast speed.

Most especially in the area of emotions. As AI boyfriends chatbots communicate with emotions. It makes the boyfriend relationship more realistic.

‘However, it is very difficult to achieve as AI technology is not human. However according to the current progress in AI technology.

It is already almost certain that AI technology is going to be able to inculcate emotions fully in its communication.

In conclusion, the help that AI technology offers in boyfriend relationships is immense. As it allows users both female and male genders to experience a different kind of relationship they might not be privileged to access.

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