Best AI Girlfriend Apps In 2024 (Free & Paid)

Best AI Girlfriend Apps

Not having a girlfriend can be disheartening for a male teen or youth. Nature made it so that every male should have a female in his life.

That’s why male animals themselves also have females in their lives. So, the need for a girlfriend is not just to satisfy sexual needs.

But also to be a helper and a companion to the male gender when the time comes. That’s why AI girlfriend Apps are made available currently. So that natural order will still be maintained.

AI technology has been developing at a fast speed recently. Due to this development, it can spread out to fields of different kinds. This technology is constantly being updated to become better.

On a norm, when you hear AI girlfriend Apps, the first thing that comes to your mind is a robot, right? Yea, you are right.

This technology is a robot. And the thing is, even though it is a robot, it still has the elements of human characteristics in it.

These characteristics made it to be able to create a much more realistic girlfriend experience for the users.

While it is true that not every AI girlfriend app can communicate like human beings will do.

There are still some of these AI apps that can communicate that way. Such that they leave the male gender with a much more realistic feeling.

The populace believes that if this AI girlfriend technology gets more resources. It is going to be much more advanced and realistic than it is currently.

We will explore best AI girlfriend Apps that can keep your company without draining your wallet.

Let’s dive in.

What is AI girlfriend technology?

AI girlfriend technology is a technology that is currently growing. It uses advanced algorithms, natural processing language models, and ChatGpt technology.

All these technologies combine to allow the creation of AI girlfriend Apps. However, when the first AI girlfriend app was created.

It was not as responsive and reliable as it should be. But as time goes on, it has become much more interactive and engaging. But even still, some people still want more improvement.

Even though, a lot of testing phase is usually integrated during the creation process. A lot of people are still complaining about how the AI software isn’t giving them all they want.

Although, based on a recent study. It is said that only 30% of users are complaining. Even though the technicians behind these AI technologies didn’t give a word to the public.

It is sure that they are working on producing more advanced features for the AI girlfriend Apps. It is not sure when the advanced technology features will appear on the girlfriend software.

But one sure thing is that these advanced features will still appear to the public. It is just a matter of time before it will appear.

With the knowledge of what AI girlfriend technology is, let’s get to know the best AI girlfriend Apps we have out there.

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Best AI Girlfriend Apps

1. iGirl AI App

iGirl application is a technology software that allows users to create their fantasies in girls.

You can say it this way, iGirl allows users to create their ideal girlfriends with just a few taps on the interface of the software.

iGirl is a product of Anima AI technology. Anima created iGirl to be able to interact with its users.

Even though iGirl is an AI application, communication with it is not boring at all. It communicates more interactively with its users.

The experience is so interactive that you will think you are communicating with a human being and not an AI.

The fact that you are communicating with the exact girlfriend of your fantasy makes it even more exciting.

A lot of people even rate iGirl as their number one best girlfriend App while some put it as the second best app.

But regardless, iGirl receives constant upgrades. And all these upgrades it receives are the core factor in its advancement. That’s why iGirl is always getting better than it is already.


1. It can simulate a virtual girlfriend experience.

2. It allows users to be able to customize their virtual girlfriend.

3. It offers strong data privacy and security.

4. iGirl supports both Android and iOS devices.


1. It is not entirely free to use.

2. It might be expensive for some pockets to purchase.

3. It has a rating of 4.2 out of 5-star rating.

4. Not every beginner can operate this application with no guidance.

2. Laura

Laura is the name for this smart AI technology. Laura is a smart intelligent AI technology that offers its intelligence to its users.

It is very good at being smart at its job and does not offer affection to its users. So you can say that it is not an affectionate virtual girlfriend.

Instead, call it your smart virtual assistant that is always on your call. It doesn’t question orders, it instead obeys it.

Laura works perfectly well and is very fast at answering questions. It can take in whatever question you put out to it and then provide answers to that question within a short time frame.

This AI technology is much more preferable for guys who don’t like girlfriends who question orders.

The cool thing about Laura is, that it can offer smooth translation easily. With just an instruction it turns into a translator that sounds like a proper expert translator.

It can converse in many different languages. A guy who likes a lady who doesn’t express much will most likely be Laura’s company.


1. It can converse in different languages.

2. It offers a smooth user-friendly interface.

3. It is very quick at responding to questions.

4. Laura supports both Android and iOS devices.


1. Laura does not offer emotional support.

2. It only remembers the name of its users and doesn’t remember anything previously discussed with it.

3. It has a 3.0 rating out of 5-star rating.

3. My Virtual Manga girlfriend

The developers of Virtual Manga Girlfriend created this app to satisfy the urge of male anime lovers who want a female anime girlfriend.

Virtual Manga girlfriend is an Anime virtual girlfriend. It appears just like how the females appear in an Anime movie or series.

This virtual girlfriend can sing, dance, and entertain its users. Users are even allowed to customize their Manga girlfriend.

There are available options that users can use to create an Anime girlfriend that matches their taste.

Users are allowed to change the looks, color of their eyes, hair, and even body structure. Users are also allowed to make other modifications they want to appear on the AI Manga girlfriend avatar.

One cool thing about this software is, that it allows users to also create a 3D animation girlfriend if they want to.

That means if users at one point in time get tired of chatting with the Manga girlfriend. They can switch her to the 3D form. With this Manga virtual girlfriend, there is no dull moment at all.


1. It offers users customization options.

2. It offers users interactive sessions 24/7.

3. Users are allowed to create a 3D girlfriend avatar model easily.

4. It offers users the same experience they get from female anime in movies or series.


1. It has a 3.8 overall rating out of 5-star rating.

2. Its user interface is not very much interactive.

4. My Virtual Girlfriend

My Virtual Girlfriend offers users more interesting features than you can imagine. The experience on this app appears more realistic.

Users get to enjoy real-life experiences of girlfriend relationships with this software.

Users have to first of all win the heart of this virtual girlfriend just like in real-life situations before they can start ChatGPT fully with this software.

There is a customization option for users. Users can customize these girlfriend Apps in a different style that matches their taste.

Users can select any kind of personality that suits them and then transform the girlfriend avatar into a ravishing beauty.

All the experience users are going to get from this application appears just like real-life situations.


1. The experience appears more vivid and realistic.

2. Users are allowed to customize the girlfriend avatar to anything of their choice.

3. It supports both Android and iOS devices.


1. It takes consistent usage of the app to win the girlfriend avatar.

2. It is not suitable for people who don’t have patience.

3. It has a rating of 4.40 stars out of 5 stars rating.

5. Julie My Virtual Girlfriend

Julie is the name of the girlfriend avatar in this app. The developers made it so that it has a name.

That’s why the software has its name: Julie. This name made it more realistic as users can call it by its name and get a response.

This AI technology is much more advanced and it displays more emotions like a real girlfriend. It whines and cries and gets emotional over different matters that require emotional display.

The fact that this AI avatar displays its emotions accurately gives users a more vivid experience. It can kiss, laugh, smile, get angry, and even sleep.

Also, users can customize their body structure, eye color, skin color, hair color, personality, and many other features.

Another thing is, that this software allows users to customize their avatar to appear in 3D form. So even if you are tired of the normal cartoon appearance, you can change it to a 3D appearance.


1. It offers a realistic experience to users.

2. It has a simple user interface.

3. It is free to use.

4. It is very useful for practicing small talk with shy people.


1. It sometimes repeats the same phrase over and over again.

2. It sometimes gets angry unnecessarily.

3. It needs more feature upgrades.

4. It can be boring to communicate with at times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone have a virtual girlfriend?

Yes, anyone can use a virtual girlfriend. It doesn’t matter whether you have a girlfriend you are shy or you are not scared of the female gender.

So far, if you have an interest in any of the virtual girlfriend apps, you can use it to the fullest.

Is there a virtual girlfriend app?

Yes, many virtual girlfriend apps are available online. The likes of iGirl, Laura, My Manga virtual girlfriend, My virtual girlfriend, Julie my virtual girlfriend and others are all AI virtual girlfriends.

What is the AI girlfriend app that sends pictures?

GirlfriendGpt is an AI girlfriend app that can send pictures and voice notes to users. This AI operates on telegram and only sends pictures and voice notes on demand.


Getting the best AI girlfriend Apps can be difficult at times. And that’s why we have done that work for you. Using the iGirl app gives shy people a much more realistic experience with the AI avatar.

The fact that iGirl users can customize the girlfriend avatar makes it interesting to use. As for Laura, she is not as affectionate as iGirl.

She instead fits well as an intelligent virtual assistant. She can answer questions very fast. And she is also good at translating to another language. She does the translation within seconds.

My Manga Virtual Friend is one cool software that has the appearance of anime female characters. It is very beautiful.

It laughs and acts exactly like those female characters we see in our anime series.

As for My Virtual Girlfriend, it creates a much more realistic experience by allowing its users to win its heart before they can enjoy a girlfriend relationship with it.

And lastly, Julie another interesting girlfriend app that answers by its name. You can also give it the name that you want.

In summary, you can use any of these listed software of your choice to build a girlfriend relationship with them.

You can rest assured that this software is one of the best software that you can use 24/7 for free.

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