20 Best AI Note Taker Apps for Effective Meeting and Productivity in 2024

Best AI Note Taker

Using this best AI note taker create an easy path toward giving any learning experience or meetings your undivided attention.

You can wholly contribute to lessons and meetings and get as absorbed as you want without so much tedious writing.

You’ll probably be surprised by just how much note-taking can affect your workday (in a positive way, of course). On the surface, AI tools appear to transcribe words into notes simply.

But they also erase the potential for human error, providing searchable time-stamped transcripts, transforming ideas into trackable tasks, and making lessons available in numerous languages.

There are tendencies to forget up to 40% of the new information we learn after 24 hours. But we can retain up to 100% of our memory with a simple AI note-taking tool.

But AI note-takers, in the form of software, can change all that by providing valuable context in both written and visual formats for creating better productivity at work, making them more valuable for everyone involved. AI in the workplace is becoming a great deal, and it’s going to change the way we work.

In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 20 best AI note taking apps, along with my top choices, so that you can pick the best one for you.

  • Fireflies captures video and audio, and generates transcripts in minutes.
  • Fireflies also makes it simple to clip, tag, timestamp, and share meeting moments.
  • AI-powered search for finding anything discussed in meetings

Read Fireflies AI review

  • Airgram’s super-smart AI automatically highlights the important points in the meeting
  • It turns meeting highlights into clips that can shared with different individuals.
  • It has a very good storage that can keep information for future reference.
  • Offers detailed analytics of meeting effectiveness and other metrics.
  • Statistics even show that MeetGeek increases sales tendency by 45%.
  • MeetGeek is a good summary generator that can provide a meeting summary for a recorded meeting.

What is AI Note Taker?

Artificial intelligence-powered note-takers are AI assistant software that joins your meetings to record audio, video, transcribe conversations and make summaries out of what you discussed.

The goal of using this AI note takers is to support human note-takers. AI note-takers never blink, drink water or step out for a few minutes to go to the bathroom.

Companies that deploy AI notetakers in their operations are seeing significant improvements in customer satisfaction, employee performance, and operational efficiency.

The AI note taker is designed to improve business processes by freeing up precious time for people to focus on the more creative and challenging aspects of their jobs.

By using an AI notetaker, it is possible to go beyond call recording and capture key insights into how teams work together, how they communicate, and what they are concerned about.

Why would someone use an AI note-taker?

A good notetaker will remove the burden of taking notes, unlock the knowledge trapped in meeting recordings, provide useful insights, and generate actionable alerts. 

If you are a business owner or executive, AI note taking app will help you to captures the audio and video of the meeting, making a recording that can be reviewed and replayed in the future.

This recording is also analyzed with a variety of tools to summarize and extract insights, including transcription, summarization, computer vision, and natural language processing.

Companies that deploy AI note takers in their operations are seeing significant improvements in customer satisfaction, employee focus, cognitive load, and operational efficiency.

 By using an AI notetaker, support staff is able to better re-engage with customers that have talked to the company previously or interacted with another employee.

AI note-takers are also highly beneficial for remote and/or asynchronous teams. It helps everyone keep in touch with the priorities and agreements even when they can’t join a team meeting.

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Best AI Note Taker for Effective Meeting and Productivity: Our Top 5 Picks

1. Fireflies.ai

One of the best note takers out there is Fireflies.ai. Fireflies captures video and audio, and generates transcripts in minutes. You can integrate Fireflies with apps like Google Meet, Zoom, Teams Webex, Ringcentral, Aircall and other platforms.

Fireflies.ai is an “AI assistant for your meetings.” It allows you to record, transcribe, add comments for your teammates and skim transcriptions.

Fireflies.ai helps your team record, transcribe, search, and analyze voice conversations.

Fireflies provide automatic transcription of live meetings and uploaded audio files in minutes. It’s a smart AI-backed meeting assistant and central platform for post-meeting collaborations, too.

Fireflies is very easy to use and can help reduce workload. Most first-time users can easily navigate their way through the app. But there is still a bit of a learning curve that comes with using Fireflies.


Some of the features of Fireflies include:

  • Transcribe meetings across several video-conferencing apps, dialers, and audio files.
  • Easy invite Fireflies.ai Notetaker to meetings on your calendar.
  • Fireflies captures video + audio, and generates transcripts in minutes.
  • Integrates with apps like Google Meet, Zoom, Teams Webex, Ringcentral, Aircall and other platforms.

Major Benefit

  • Records and transcribes your online and in-person meetings so that you can focus on your conversations.
  • Help teams achieve productive post-meeting collaborations.
  • Has a powerful, time-saving feature called Smart Search Filters
  • Easily get a transcript from old recordings
  • A detailed and efficient dashboard overview
  • Share meeting notes automatically with others
  • High-quality audio
  • One-click access to action items, tasks, questions, and other key metrics
  • AI-powered search for finding anything discussed in meetings
  • Collaboration tools like commenting, pinning, and reactions
  • Ability to create soundbites and share memorable moments
  • Conversation intelligence to track speaker talk time, sentiment, and more
  • Automated workflows for CRM logging and creating tasks

Major Pitfall

  • Setup can be confusing 
  • Relatively new software which needs more testing
  • It sometimes skip everything that it doesn’t understand
  • Some options are not intuitive
  • Glitchy editing feature


Fireflies.ai comes with a free version that gives you limited access to some of its features and 800 minutes of team storage. Paid versions start at $10 – $19 per user per month with 8,000 minutes of storage to unlimited minutes of storage.

You can also read our honest review on Fireflies.ai.

2. Airgram

Airgram is a superb notetaker that can generate comprehensive meeting summaries with just one click.

With this simple click, Airgram extracts key insights and action items to produce a very good summary. It uses the GPT-4 model which allows it to be able to produce a summary in a good readable tone.

When you read the summary. You can hardly decipher that it is an AI that drafts it down. Users who use the tool now enjoy faster summaries which makes their work smarter which allow you to have some spare time to do other activities.

Airgram helps users record, transcribe, summarize, and share meeting conversations with individuals who weren’t present in the meeting.

Airgram has made it possible for individuals who are not present in a meeting can collaborate with individuals who are present in a meeting.

With the detailed notes, Airgram makes from the recordings of a meeting. It can create an atmosphere of a live meeting for the individuals who are going through the scripted notes.

It shares the comments and then sets up a to-do list before, during, and after the meeting. Airgram produces these to-do lists based on what the users set it to do. This way, the meeting aligns with the original arrangement of the user.

After meetings, most individuals don’t go back to what was discussed during the meeting. With the help of the notes taken by Airgram.

Users don’t have to worry about loss of information. With the help of the search bar. Users can search through lists of recorded meetings and meeting notes to get the information they need.

You don’t have to worry about loss of meeting information in as much as this AI notetaker records that meeting, you will always find the recordings and the notes taken from the meeting in the storage base of this AI.

One cool thing about this software is this. It makes notes of meetings to appear in different languages such as Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

This way, individuals who are not English-speaking individuals or French-speaking individuals can go through the notes taken during the meeting.

There is one thing I forget mention; That’s the fact that the notes have timestamps! These timestamps make going through the notes taken during the meeting easier.

Most especially, when you are listening to the meeting recordings and you are going through the notes at the same time. It will be very easy to navigate around the notes and the audio recordings.


  • It has a very good storage that can keep information for future reference. It records clients’ meetings, takes customer feedback, records coaching sessions for future references, etc. It also records online calls done on meeting apps in high-quality video and ensures the audio sounds are clear.
  • It takes notes of topics discussed during meetings in an engaging manner. Such that, people won’t be able to determine whether it is an AI notetaker that script it down. Airgram has very strong data security. As you won’t lose any of information. All you need to do is focus on the conversation and allow Airgram to take notes. It automatically takes down notes as it does the transcription of the meeting on auto-run. The notes that Airgram produces are searchable, editable, and exportable to platforms like Notion and Slack.
  • It turns meeting highlights into clips that can shared with different individuals who weren’t present for the meeting. With the snippet feature, users can easily share important sessions of the meeting.
  • It allows team collaboration even if they aren’t present for the meeting. With the team collaboration features, users can add any individual of their choice to form a collaboration.
  • It offers users about 30+ meeting templates that span across all forms of meetings. Users can use these meeting templates to prepare their meeting templates.

Major Benefits

  • It has a very interactive interface. Such that, new users who haven’t used the tool before can easily find their way around the tool.
  • It offers users about 30+ templates. This way users can easily create their meeting template.
  • It supports the integration of Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Team applications.
  • It allows the integration of smart calendars and scheduling apps. This integration allows Airgram to automatically log in to a meeting platform. This way, users don’t have to prompt the AI tool to join a meeting. The AI will instead join on its own accord.
  • It offers a free plan for new users to enjoy before they are willing to pay for the paid plan.

Major Pitfalls

  • It doesn’t offer many pricing plans.
  • The features sometimes malfunction. Most especially, Airgram occasionally shows up in meetings. Such that, it either shows up after the meeting has ended or before the meeting starts.
  • The pricing is not suitable for everyone’s pocket.


Free Plan

The free plan starts from $0 and it supports only 1 user. And users on this enjoy 5 meeting recordings per month.

Even with the 5 meeting records, they can only export 1 file of the 5 meeting recordings and each meeting recording can only last for 30 minutes. This plan suits individuals who have meetings occasionally.

Premium Plan

The Premium Plan is best for users who have high meeting volume and are in constant need of collaboration.

It cost $18 per month. It only supports 1 user. Users on this plan enjoy a 7-day free trial before they pay for this plan.

This plan offers unlimited meeting records and file imports. The maximum meeting recording that this plan supports is 5 hours for each meeting.

3. MeetGeek

MeetGeek is an AI notetaker that allows users to save up to 30% total time needed for a meeting. It also enables sales departments in an organization to have a higher rate of making sales.

It does this by offering the sales representative the necessary information they need to run an ads campaign.

MeetGeek can record phone calls with returning customers and then make short precise notes that contain what the customers need. This way more sales are easily made.

Statistics even show that MeetGeek increases sales tendency by 45%. Other statistics show that MeetGeek reduces the time needed to train sales representatives by 62%.

This is not surprising because, with the right sales information provided in a well organized and easily understandable manner.

Aspiring sales representatives will be able to progress faster. And easily understands the company’s sales pattern and how to achieve it.

MeetGeek is a good summary generator that can provide a meeting summary for a recorded meeting. It provides the necessary highlights and action items that were discussed in the meeting.

This way, individuals who didn’t attend the meeting can be able to understand what was discussed in the meeting, MeetGeek automates all the activities you need to make a good note.

It automatically transcribes live meeting recordings and then use it GPT model to draft a human-like written note.

It conversationally drafts the notes such that people can read them without feeling bored. It turns lengthy meeting recordings into short scribes of texts.

So, if staff in the organization don’t want to rewatch the recorded meeting. They can read through the short meeting notes created by MeetGeek.

One soft thing about this AI notetaker is that it provides a timestamp for the meeting transcripts such that, if users are going through the script and listening to the meeting recordings.

They can easily navigate around the recordings.


  • It offers a searchable repository for meetings such that, different departments in an organization can easily get information from each other. This way, anyone in the organization can answer customers easily. This feature helps to store information for a long time. Such that, issues like misinformation are solved easily. Also, this feature allows users to use past information to train recruits. People who are consultants, HR and sales teams can enjoy this feature easily.
  • MeetGeek offers automatic transcription and video recording. Users don’t have to turn on the recording feature of MeetGeek before it starts to record meeting proceedings. Users just have to integrate MeetGeek with their calendars and schedule Apps. This way, when it is the time for the meeting. It automatically joins the meeting and records the meeting. On the audio recordings, it does transcript automatically. As for the video recordings, it automatically puts captions for the scenes showing.
  • This software automatically provides a well-summarised meeting proceeds. Such that users don’t have to listen to long boring meetings. As they can easily read through the group of summarised text and still get the main points discussed during the meeting.
  • It highlights and showcases keywords discussed during a meeting session. This way, when a user is going through the notes taken during the meeting. He can easily get the necessary details without going through the whole drafted notes.
  • It automatically syncs meeting recordings to the tool stacks of users. Such that if they need some information from the meeting. They can easily access the meeting recordings from their tool stacks. This way, the users enjoy a more productive workflow.
  • It offers meeting templates that users can use to draft their meetings. Since the templates are numerous, users can easily choose their preferred own from the numerous ones.

Major Benefits

  • It offers uninterrupted meeting recordings. This way, users can enjoy their meetings without any interruption. You can almost not know that MeetGeek is present in your meeting.
  • It has a very interactive user interface. You can easily locate the AI tools you need to be able to utilize the tool to its full potential.
  • It offers numerous pricing plans. Such that almost anyone interested in recording meetings can purchase it.
  • It offers a free plan for new users. So, if you are a new user. You will know what you are exactly paying for before making any payment.

Major Pitfalls

  • If you take notice, you will discover that we said almost everyone can purchase MeetGeek. But the truth is that the pricing is not suitable for everyone’s pocket.
  • It can be difficult to integrate the software with other applications.
  • Some of its features sometimes malfunction. Although, this is not a very popular issue. As you might not experience it throughout the time you make use of its features. Even still, there have been people who have lodged complaints as regards this occurrence.
  • It sometimes skips some vocabulary that it doesn’t understand. For example, specific terminologies associated with particular organizations. This software sometimes skips this vocabulary whenever it comes across it.


Basic Plan

The basic plan is the free plan. This plan is mainly for new users. Since they have not used MeetGeek before, the company made this plan for this group of users. So they can test out features like Zoom, Google Meet, Teams Call integration, and many other features.

This way, news users can know if they like the meeting recordings, note-taking abilities, and other features of MeetGeek. New users also enjoy special offers such as 5 hours of transcription per month, 3 months of transcript storage, and 1 month of audio storage.

Pro Plan

The pro plan is the paid offer for professional teams and small teams. If a user is paying for a yearly plan. The user enjoys a discount of 26% which now makes the user pay a fee of $15.

On the monthly plan, users pay $19. Users on this plan enjoy 20 hours of transcription per month,1 year of transcript storage, 6 months of audio storage, and many other features. It also offers HD video recording, downloads of transcripts, Google Docs, video, and caption files.

Business Plan

Business plan, just as its name implies. It is for individuals who run businesses or are a group of innovative teams. Users who purchase the annual plan, enjoy a 26% discount, therefore they pay $29.

While users who purchase monthly plans, pay $39. Users on this plan enjoy special features such as; 100 hours of transcription per month, unlimited transcript storage, and 12 months of video storage. Users also enjoy features like; team collaboration, private meeting recordings, meeting templates, etc.

Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan is for teams that want to customize their brand. This plan offers even more larger storage and support than the other plans.

The pricing of this plan is different. Individuals who want to purchase this plan, usually have their pricing start from $59 and up it goes.

It offers more advanced features than the other plan. Users on this plan enjoy unlimited transcription, unlimited transcript storage, custom video storage, and many other features.

4. ClickUp

ClickUp is an AI Notetaker that allows team collaboration, and all-in-one project management. This AI software helps users who are on a team to streamline their workflow and boost company-wide productivity.

ClickUp provides a completely customizable platform that supports all kinds of team collaboration and businesses.

Users of Clickup enjoy numerous advanced features that are helpful in project management and team collaboration. This software provides a very smart note-taking feature that is very useful in meetings.

It uses its AI-writing assistant to script down readable words and with the ClickUp Docs, users can enjoy a more elevating notetaking experience. As they can put all the notes taken by the AI tool in one place.

With the notepad of ClickUp, users can easily make quick notes and checklists. As for the ClickUp Docs, users can use it for any kind of notes, ranging from simple to-do checklists to more detailed blog posts, meeting notes, project roadmaps, meeting agendas, retrospectives, and many others.

One cool thing about this AI is this. It possesses an in-built AI writing assistant that can help users to write good notes.

With this AI tool, users don’t have to worry about experiencing writer’s block anymore. This AI possesses a creative model that allows it to think faster.

Thereby causing it to work faster. And since it is working faster, users can get more notes ready for whatever task they need it for.

ClickUp AI uses its research-based tool to get the right information. Which now turns into a good note. However, users have to use the necessary prompts to get the right notes they want.

ClickUp still does a nice job of transforming the way users work. It ensures that users’ writing becomes better than it was before.

With this AI, users can now boast of clear, concise, and engaging content. This AI notetaker offers options such as editing with AI, improving writing, correcting spelling and grammar, making longer text shorter, and many others.

And when it comes to summarising contents that are lengthy. Users can reduce the length of the content using the summary feature.

The summary feature can turn long meeting notes into short summarised notes. With the features like “Explain this and Summarise this”, users can produce shorter content.


  • ClickUp generates action items easily. This allows users who are going through a note it has written before to be able to easily understand it. As they can easily spot the insights and keywords in the notes.
  • ClickUp saves time with formatted content: This AI notetaker saves time for users who want to format the generated note. With it pre-structured headers, tables, and many others. Users won’t have to waste time doing content formatting.
  • It offers users a suite of work and collaboration tools that can boost productivity. ClickUp offers users notetaking features like digital whiteboards, ClickUp Docs, built-in chat features, mind maps, and many others.
  • It offers a note organization and tagging system which allow users to be able to find specific notes out of numerous notes. Users just have to add nested pages within the ClickDoc. This action creates a structure that organizes the notes. To further organize the notes, users can also add tags to the documents. This way they can search for the documents using the tag.
  • It supports the translation of notes into different languages such as French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, and many others.
  • ClickUp possess a content tone feature that users can use to adjust the sound of their note. Users can even use this feature to adjust their tone of notes by selecting the tone of voice they want and the creativity level that matches their needs.

Major Benefits

1. It allows users to change the tone of the generated notes.

2. It offers over 100 research-based tools to users just to ensure high-quality content. Users can use these research-based tools by using prompts that work for specific roles.

3. It creates notes, knowledge bases, Wikis, to-do lists, and other things that need to be jotted down. Even at that, it offers neat organization of the notes.

4. It offers users over 15 custom views that can be used for project management. It offers users facilities that visualize tasks, projects, and workflows.

5. It helps users to protect their docs with privacy and edit controls. It also allows easy note exports. Making it easy for users to share the notes with other individuals using either public links or private links.

Major Pitfalls

  • Some features just don’t work well on mobile view. And will be better on desktop view.
  • There is a need for forehand knowledge for newbies who don’t know much about technology.
  • It pricing plan is not suitable for all individuals.


The free plan is a forever plan. This means that users can dwell on this plan and use these AI features without expiring.

There is an unlimited plan that charges users $7 per month. And it is suitable for only 1 user. The business plan goes for $12 per month and only 1 user can purchase this plan. Apart from the business plan, there is the business plus plan.

This plan goes for $19 for one user per month. It allows other users to join as well. And lastly, the enterprise plan. This plan, unlike the other plans, does not have a price tag.

Potential user has to reach out to the team before making a price deal for the plan. There is a feature called ClickUp AI. It goes for $5 per workspace all for members. It is charged monthly. You can find it on all the plans.

5. Otter

Otter is also one of the top AI note-takers for meetings. It was developed by two AI engineers whose names are Sam Liang, Yun Fu. Otter.ai uses artificial intelligence to empower users with real-time transcription meeting notes that are shareable, searchable, accessible and secure.

Otter makes conversations more valuable. It’s the leading meeting transcription and collaboration tool that helps teams automatically capture and summarize conversations from every meeting, making it easy to recall and collaborate on the key takeaways.

Otter integrates with leading video conference tools including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet to automatically capture meeting notes. Otter also allows users to import and transcribe pre-recorded audio and video files.

Otter records meetings, takes notes in real time, and generates an automated summary to share with everyone and to help you remember everything. You can easily edit, annotate and share the notes.

Otter has your back – empowering you with real time, accurate notes that are stored in one central, secure, and searchable place so you and your team can be more engaged, collaborative, and productive.

Otter’s transcription AI technology is built to get smarter and better understand your conversations over time – applying speaker identification, custom vocabulary, and advanced summary so you can work and collaborate smarter.

This software transcribes audio into text and adds tags through AI so you can filter topics easily. Even though the transcription service is fairly accurate although it working very well for the average conversation – and the AI continues to learn and improve over time.

Otter.ai uses both Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to record meetings. It can identify speakers with 95 per cent accuracy, transcribe their speech with 93 per cent accuracy, and is also able to recognize the emotions of the speaker.

Major benefit

  • Generous free plan
  • Supports major video conferencing platforms
  • Modern, easy-to-use mobile apps
  • Excellent transcription editing and collaborative tools
  • Uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to record meetings
  • Export options to transport podcast/videos into blog posts or recycled content
  • Provides accurate spacing in the transcript where there are pauses in the recording.

Major Pitfall

  • Poor accuracy score for complex audio test
  • Below-average accuracy score for simple audio test
  • Real-time transcription struggles to keep up with natural speech
  • No multifactor authentication for individual accounts
  • No option of creating SRT files for subtitling videos
  • The free plan so we are limited to only three uploads


Otter.ai has a free option that offers 600 min of recordings. The premium plans start at $8.33 per month for individuals and $20 per user per month for businesses. The company also offers tailored quotes for enterprise-level companies.

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Other Best AI Note Taker Tools Alternatives

6. Notes by Dubber

Notes by Dubber helps teams to be more focused and productive in calls and meetings. This AI Note taker automatically generates transcripts, action items and rich summaries, so you and your team can concentrate on the task at hand.

The Notes by Dubber was formerly known as Notiv. It allow you to record & transcribe your meetings with notes by dubber. With Notes, you can use live transcription to capture phone or video-conference meetings, turn them into executive summaries, mark action items and share key moments with colleagues.

After the meeting, you’ll get your audio transcript with action items marked and an executive summary for those who just need to view the highlights. You can also search the transcript, summarize decisions & actions, and share to collaborate after the meeting.

Notes by Dubber export transcripts and/or audio. Plus, you have the ability to send actions, notes, recordings and more to popular project management such as Asana, Jira, and Slack.

Notes by Dubber will help you:

  • Capture your meetings and conversations, be it online, in person or via the telephone. 
  • Transcribe and summarise your meeting into an executive summary in minutes not hours 
  • Review and assign decisions, follow-up tasks and action items, and 
  • Share and collaborate with other team members, clients or anyone else! 

During your meeting, you can trigger automatic Notes in Dubber can choose to type manual notes or let Dubber Notes take notes for you. AI-enriched technology that creates actions and tasks automatically for all attendees with speaker IDs enabling all attendees to keep engaged.

Major Benefit

  • Search the transcript
  • This AI note-taker transcribes audio in real-time.
  • Capture calls and meetings on your favourite platforms, share notes, transcripts, and recordings via your CRM & collaboration tools.
  • Easy sync with Google calendar to join and record meetings automatically

Major Pitfall

  • The interface can be misleading.
  • Multilingual transcription is not great
  • No free trial with the paid features


The free version supports 300 minutes of recordings and meetings under 30 minutes in length. The paid plans start at $19 – $39/month per user per month.

7. Colibri

Colibri.ai is an AI-driven meeting note-taking assistant that aims to make meetings more productive, collaborative and streamlined.  Colibri.ai records your calls, transcribes them as you speak, and generates concise searchable meeting notes that can be easily shared with teammates.

Colibri automatically records your calls, so you don’t need to take notes during meetings. Works great with Zoom and other web-conferencing platforms. The automatic transcription is pretty good.

The interface is clear and simple. It generate concise, searchable meeting notes that can be easily shared with teammates.

Colibri converts speech to text in real time and presents live transcription next to your meeting video. The live notes include speaker labels, so you’ll see not only what’s being said, but also who’s saying it.

The app also allows you to review your prior calls right within the Zoom interface. For example, you can review highlights from previous meetings with a customer to refresh your memory about what has been discussed and decided, and prepare for the next call.

You can also quickly find critical information from past meetings with full text search and share it with team members who couldn’t make the meeting — all without leaving Zoom.

The Colibri app syncs with the user’s video-conferencing program, records online conferences, transcripts them in real time, and creates brief, searchable meeting notes that are simple to distribute to coworkers.

Major Benefit

  • Automatic transcription is pretty good
  • Interface is clear and simple
  • Ease of upload of text and audio files are very helpful
  • Simultaneous transcriptions for great workflow
  • Allows you to turn transcription on/off from the app interface
  • Provides closed captions of the meeting as you speak

Major Pitfall

  • Not a mobile-friendly version
  • Cannot categorize meeting recordings into folders
  • Customer service wasn’t great
  • Multiple speakers make accuracy more unreliable
  • Transcription is not 100% accurate


The free version supports 5 hours of transcription/month and 40 min – max recording length. The paid plans start at $16 – $ 40/month per user per month.

8. Avoma

Avoma is an end-to-end AI Meeting assistant, collaboration and intelligence platform for sales and customer success teams. AI Meeting Assistant automatically transcribes, summarizes, and analyzes every meeting to provide actionable Conversation Intelligence.

 Avoma helps to increase close rates, shorten sales cycle, attain quota targets and reduce customer and revenue churn. It allows you to get transcript and AI notes to focus on conversations.

Avoma analyzes sales and customer conversations at scale, gets AI-generated notes for key topics, captures important notes using transcript highlights, and saves these notes automatically to CRM records.

It shares the voice of the customer with recordings, snippets, and augmented notes to collaborate instantly instead of typing everything manually. It enables sales teams to save time banishing repetitive tasks and eliminating the need for multiple administrative tools.

It boost team productivity, increase peer coaching and knowledge sharing, and ultimately close more deals and delight customers.

Avoma features includes:

  • It builds automatic recordings transcripts
  • Speakers and topics identification
  • Automatically send email reminders to participants
  • Generate more qualified leads
  • Drive customer testimonials
  • Reviews, and more

Major Benefit

  • Easy to find all the meetings and quickly jump around the conversations
  • ‘Snippet’ feature to capture a small segment of the conversation to share with others
  • Records meetings and automatically make notes with timestamps
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Ability to create and share agendas
  • Ability track action items
  • Integrate with other productivity tools.

Major Pitfall

  • It’s hard for the software to allocate the text over specific templates
  • Not 100 per cent accurate
  • The user interface is somewhat confusing
  • Scripting of a call or a meeting can take up to 30 minutes
  • Navigation on the web version could be a little cleaner too


Avoma has a free option that offers Unlimited Scheduling. The premium plans start at $17 per month for starter and $35 per user per month for Avoma plus.

9. Reflect

Reflect is a good note-taking AI software that provides optimal solutions for personal note-taking. This capability that this AI tool possesses makes it the best AI Notetaker.

This AI software has a very friendly user interface with key AI integrations. This software works very fast and it is very secure to use for one’s activity.

It is these facilities that it possesses, that make a lot of users enjoy using ot for their notetaking process.

Reflect uses an AI called Whisper AI voice note transcription model to be able to turn voice into words.

Whisper AI works hand-in-hand with Gpt-4 as an assistant to produce readable notes. Reflect also allows integration of ChatGpt plugins that allow users to save any notes that Gpt-4 produces.

Reflect also allows the likes of Zillow, Kayak, and Zapier to integrate with its interface. This way, users can enjoy a recurring workflow with the AI software as the integrated apps will make sure of that.


  • Reflect possesses an AI assistant and editor that uses GPT-4 to transform notes. This AI assistant helps users create nice summarises, make lists, put copywriting effects on notes, etc. Reflect also offers users numerous AI prompts that can make a note nice.
  • Reflect offers AI voice transcriptions all thanks to its integration with Whisper AI. It is the first AI notetaking software that integrates with Whisper. Whisper helps users to record and transcribe voice notes into readable text. The accuracy of the transcription matches the accuracy level of the human transcriber.
  • It offers ChatTGPT Plugin that allows users to be able to save information generated by ChatGpt itself. Users can also connect the notetaker to other app plugins to automate the workflows of the notetaker. Users can use ChatGpt to use Kayak to locate the cheapest flights for a trip. After which the information is turned into alerts that appear in your notes every morning.
  •  It offers users custom and open-sourced prompts. This means users can customize the prompts that the AI uses and also offer users open-sourced prompts as well. Reflect is the only AI tool that allows users to do both which is rare in other AI tools.
  • Reflect offers users optimum security on all their notes. Such that users can share their notes with other individuals without worrying about leakage of information.
  • Reflect AI allows users to use their own OpenAI API keys. Such that they can use it with the AI notetaker and write as many queries as possible.

Major benefit

  • It offers users many pricing plans providing rooms for options.
  • It has a very smart user interface that allows even new users to enjoy easy navigation.
  • It offers users flexibility by allowing integration of other useful applications.
  • It offers new users a free trial to test and run the features of the software before making a purchase.

Major Pitfalls

  • Users can not search through the numerous notes as the AI does not have access to the notes. Even though this is for security issues, this is still a disadvantage.
    • The standard features have a 60k character limit. So if users want to have a lengthy piece of text, they have to use API keys.
    • It does not offer new users a free plan account. It instead offers new users a few days free trial.


It offers users a free trial that lasts for 2 weeks straight. During this, a user enjoys all the features of the AI notetaker. After the free trial, users have to subscribe to the paid plan which costs $15 per month. While it costs $120 per year.

10. Notion AI

Notion AI is a comprehensive productivity tool that has now stepped up its game with the integration of AI capabilities.

The developers made it in such a way that it makes notetaking more efficient and more impactful.

This AI notetaker serves as a connected assistant that can transform text, automate tasks, and generate new content easily.

It produces text responses using the users’ questions and context. This way, it helps users to improve existing content, generate summaries, and draft new text with ease.

Apart from this capability, there is an AI notetaker feature. It also helps users to organize their thoughts easily. Such that they don’t have messy ideas in their head.

With the notion of AI, users can easily extract actionable items from messy ideas and then produce a neat line of ideas.

It is also able to do the same for meetings. It extracts useful tips from the meeting notes and then puts them in the customer research notes/solution book.

And when it comes to translation. Notion AI is not lacking at all. It easily generates a high-quality translation making it a good AI notetaker to work with.

This software also improves the writing skills of users. With one click, they can correct their grammatical errors, improve the tone of writing, and many other writing upgrades.


  • It helps users to fix spelling and grammar. With just a single click, users can their content for errors. This software can identify errors and correct them. It doesn’t matter whether it is a misspelled word or incorrect grammar, this AI notetaker possesses facilities that can correct it.
  • It possesses a translation feature. With a few clicks here and there. Users can prompt this AI tool to convert the written content into another language. This software is particularly useful when users want to communicate with individuals who are speaking another language. Users can also use this feature to change content to a language they are more familiar with.
  • Notion AI allows users to edit the voice and tone of their content easily. This feature helps users to know how to write in an active and confident tone.
  • Notion AI possesses a feature that allows it to generate either long-form content or short-form content. This feature uses the necessary keywords of a particular topic to make either a summary or long-form content. And regardless of whether the content is a short-form content or a long-form content. The content doesn’t contain any redundant.

Major Benefits

  • It has a nice website design which makes it more user-friendly.
    • It has a nice user interface and nice features.
    • It helps users to work faster. Such that it improves user productivity.
    • It offers users different pricing plans which gives them options.
    • It writes contents in simpler words. Making it easy for people to read and understand.

Major Pitfalls

  • The pricing isn’t suitable for everyone’s pocket as it is a paid add-on to a paid plan.
    • Even though the interface is user-friendly. It can be difficult to integrate some tools into the interface of this AI.
    • Some features of Notion AI sometimes malfunction.


The free plan offers users a 7-day page history. As for the plus plan, it costs $8 per annum and $10 per month. Users on the Plus plan enjoy a 30 days’ page history.

Business plan costs $15 per annum and $18 per month. Business plans offer users a 90-day history. As for the enterprise plan.

There is no price tag set to it. Any user who wants to purchase this plan will have to chat with the support team.

11. Mem AI

Mem AI is a productivity tool that is designed to integrate with users’ daily workflow. It provides a unified space for all the information, ideas, and tasks by connecting the dots.

Mem AI understands whatever information you store in its storage. And then help you organize it in a well-organized manner. It helps users to make meaningful content using the past information stored in its database.

Mem AI helps users to take in, organize, and retrieve memories, whenever it is necessary. It also helps in retrieving notes, tasks, and other data easily.

Mem AI possesses a powerful search functionality that allows it to discover old information easily. It can find all kinds of information using connected email accounts connected to the email account used to create the account on its interface.


  • Mem AI possesses features that can search through past Mem notes. This is possible because Mem AI uses natural language queries to search past Mem notes. What this means is that users can input a question or a statement into the search bar and Mem AI will be able to produce information on the question asked. For example, if you have saved a piece of information on a particular topic in one of your notes. Typing a question that relates to that information makes it on the search bar. Makes Mem AI bring information from the old notes.
  • Mem AI also helps users to generate new text content. It uses the text prompt that users type on its search bar to generate the notes. It takes in knowledge from the other notes in its storage to produce new content.
  • Mem AI allows users to transform and edit text like other AI note-taking tools. Users don’t have to come across numerous confusing tools to edit text.
  • Mem AI helps in grouping notes. Mems uses AI technology to categorize the notes in a well-organized manner. Users have to give AI access to all the notes in the storage of the software. It helps users to organize them by grouping similar notes to form one bundle.
  • It allows easy collaboration as it offers team features that make collaboration easy. With this feature, users can bring more individuals on board to work on the same notes or project.


Mem AI has a free plan that is prepared solely for new users. MemX plan which is the first paid plan goes forn$10 per month. As for MemX Teams, it goes for $15 per month.

12. Fathom Video

Fathom AI is an AI notetaker that records, transcribes, highlights and summarises users’ meetings. With a notetaker like Fathom, users can focus on the conversation of the meeting and forget about jotting down any topic point.

With just a click, Fathom AI takes over and does its part. Users can prompt it to summarise a portion of an online meeting by highlighting a particular portion.

Even though Fathom was originally designed to simplify the note-taking process for Zoom meetings. It can now do the same for other online meeting software, such as Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

Even still, only users who have a Zoom account can easily access the meeting software from their desktop.

Users who are using other online meeting software like Google Meet and Microsoft Teams have to download the desktop software before they can use this software.

You don’t need to jot anymore during meetings as this AI software helps users to jot down during meetings.

One cool thing about its notetaking features is that it summarizes the notes taken during the meeting. It automatically generates and syncs call notes to all the right places in one’s CRM.


  • It offers users live transcription as it generates text from real-time conversations. After doing it transcription, users can use the translation feature to convert the content to 7 different languages. Which are; English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and many others.
  • Fathom video uses One-click highlights to highlight crucial points discussed during the meeting. It helps users to easily identify critical information that was discussed during the meeting.
  • It is very good at doing meeting summaries. It can easily create comprehensive meeting summaries. This summary is what it uses to emphasize essential action items for easy review.
  • It offers seamless integration with platforms like HubSpot and Slack. This allows better team collaboration and client information management.

Major Benefits

  • It is very easy to use. Most especially when it comes to highlighting the keywords in notes, or highlighting a portion of a video call. All it needs is a single click.
  • It offers swift transcription of recorded audio. It then arranges the transcripts in a well-organized manner.
  • It offers swift translation of content to other 7 different languages.
  • It does the majority of its operations automatically.

Major Pitfalls

  • It does not give users swift access after signing up. Users who signed up on this platform usually get added to a waitlist.
  • This software requires users to download the software before using it. This causes users who prefer web-based applications or have limited storage space will be at a disadvantage.


Fathom offers a free account that is free for personal use. This plan includes the core functionalities as well. For the enhanced, team-centric plan, users have to pay a fee of $19 per user.

Take note that the $19 is a starting price and users still have their enquiries from the support team.

13. TI;dv

TI;dv is another AI notetaker that automatically records and transcribes online meetings. Such that it saves time and makes meetings more productive for the attendees.

Even though it was just founded in 2020. This software is making its path among the other AI notetakers. Tl;dv supports only Zoom and Google Meet as the online meeting apps that it can record meetings from.

The interface of this software is very simple and easy to navigate around. Once, a user login to the app interface, this software and tap on the recording button.

This software immediately starts to record. While recording, this AI software focuses on ensuring that all the necessary information is recorded and is easy to access.

This AI software possesses cool functionalities that enable efficient meeting recordings. With its special features, it ensures that it records the important information discussed during the meeting.

Tl;dv cool functionalities allow it to be able to offer proper meeting recaps and it is also able to track discussion progression across different meetings.


  • This software offers multiple languages transcription. Such that it can transcribe meeting proceedings in over 30+ major languages.
  • Timestamp key moments allow users to be able to section out a particular key moment. And then it allows users to notify others about this section during the meeting. It also allows users to use the highlighted section as a simplifying reference for future cases.
  • Tl;dv uses AI to generate a concise meeting summary. Ensuring that the summary contains all the necessary details.
  • It offers video clips of important highlights taken during the meeting recording. These video clips can be shared with other members of a team easily.

Major Benefits

  • It allows users to be able to focus on the matter being discussed during meetings. And not distracted with note-taking tasks.
  • It automatically transcribes audio recordings of the online meeting. After it does the recording, it immediately carries out the transcription task as well.
  • It can transcribe the audio files into 30+ different languages. Meaning, that users can choose the language that best suits them.
  • It allows users to easily search for topics discussed during the meeting. This way, they can easily make up for the absence.
Major Pitfalls
  • It doesn’t offer real-time transcription. It only provides transcription after the audio recording of the meeting is over.
  • Copying and downloading meeting transcripts isn’t a free feature to use.
  • It is not suitable for mobile devices. It works perfectly well on desktop devices and it is only available on Chrome Extension.


The free plan is suitable for small teams and individuals who want to enjoy the features of Tl;dv for free. The pro plan goes for $20 per month and it is suitable for team members. It offers more advanced features to its users.

As for the enterprise plan, users on this plan use a custom-made pricing system. This plan allows users to enjoy additional administrative features and support.

14. Rewatch AI

Rewatch AI is one of the innovative meeting notetakers that is designed to make the process of taking meeting notes more efficient and accurate.

It easily generates detailed meeting notes on auto-run. And this is done with the help of its AI technology.

This AI notetaker can analyze meeting recordings or live streams. And then use the analysis to transcribe the recorded audiobook into text.

After which it spots the key points and action items discussed during the meeting. This way, Rewatch AI work helps users to remain focused. And make them use their energy for the meeting discussion. As it does the major activities of meeting recordings, notetaking, and summary making.

Rewatch AI offers users customizable options that can be used to format and organize meeting notes. This option allows users to be able to share the meeting notes and form collaborations while sharing them.

As a result, the meeting becomes more productive for both individuals that were present for the meeting and those that weren’t. You can put it that, Rewatch AI enhances the productivity of teams of all kinds of sizes.


  • Rewatch AI enhances productivity as users don’t have to attend numerous meetings before understanding what the meeting is all about. Rewatch automatically records, allows sharing and also supports collaboration on video meetings. Users can even screen record with Rewatch AI.
  • Rewatch possesses another feature called video wiki. This feature allows users who are on a team to centralize their video knowledge. Such that all team members can access the video knowledge from one place.
  • Rewatch AI possesses a creator feature that allows users to give more context to their work. In which they can easily transfer with the help of the built-in screen recorder. Rewatch allows users to share videos and GIFs directly to the platform where team members can easily find and watch them.
  • Rewatch allows users to be able to create a series of meeting clips that team members can watch and make contributions to.

Major Benefits

  • It offers an intuitive interface that allows users to navigate easily. It also allows users to simply locate videos and information easily. And this is attributed to the fact that its interface is very neat and organized.
  • It automatically does the transcription of the audio file. This is something that many users like as they can easily use the meeting keywords to locate the transcript. If they want to go through it after the meeting.
  • It supports the best organization of the interface and that is why it easily organizes similar videos into a section. This way, users can share the whole section ones to other individuals who might need similar videos. The flexibility is very comforting.

Major Pitfalls

  • It does not offer custom domain support, unlike some other notetakers. This way users who want to integrate their video content into their website can’t be able to do so.
  • Sometimes the invoices are not automatically emailed monthly. And will require users to manually download the invoice from the site. This is time-consuming for busy users who don’t have so much time to spare for other activities.
  • It offers a Pay Per User Model which is not convenient. As it restricts users from adding more users unless they want to upgrade their subscription plan.


It has a free account that supports up to 10 videos and can’t manage more than 5 team members. The Team plan goes for $19 per annum and $23.75 every month. Even though this plan supports over 250 users.

Each individual who joins the account has to make the same payment as the individual who purchases the account. And lastly the Custom Plan. Users have to chat with the support team for a deal.

15. Notta

Notta is an audio-to-text notetaker that can be used by everyone irrespective of their level or experience of technical skills.

To use this AI tool, users have to upload the audio recordings of the meeting to the interface of this AI. Once, this is done. The AI algorithm starts its line of action.

Notta is very fast at converting audio recordings into text documents and it boasts a high degree of 98% accuracy. As it transcribes the audio files, it doesn’t neglect formatting.

It ensures that the text appears in a neat manner showcasing a proper formatting output. It also offers different format options, such that users can have their files in any of their preferred formats. It supports WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF, AIFF, AVI, RMVB, FLV, MP4, MOV, etc.

To start the conversion from audio to text, it is a very straightforward process. The first thing to do is to select your audio file and audio language.

Then put the email address you want to receive the link to the converted text file. Once, the conversion is done.

A link to access the converted file will be sent to the email you dropped to receive the file. That’s how convenient it is to convert the meeting recordings.


  • Users on this plan can easily have their audio files to be translated into about 104 languages.
  • Notta can convert different audio files such as WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF, AIFF, AVI, RMVB, FLV, MP4, MOV, etc. into text files
  • Notta allows users to do live screen recording. With the video screen recorder, users can easily capture and share desktop content that catches their attention.
  • It offers fluent transcription. As it helps users to easily transcribe audio to text within a few minutes. It automatically turns audio files into editable searchable and sharable text files.
  • Notta allows users to add bookmarks to their transcripts. This way, users can easily locate the transcript files.

Major Benefit

  • It offers high accuracy when it comes to transcription. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to do a proper analysis of the audio files. It is due to its adequate analysis that it produces a transcript file of 98.86%.
  • Notta developers take security and privacy very seriously. And that’s why they adhere to severe security protocols such as SSL, GDPR, APPI, and CCPA. All the information on the interface of this software is encrypted with robust AWS, RDP, and S3 services. Such that your data won’t leak to a third-party at all.
  • It offers very fast transcription. It can convert a 2-hour call audio file in as little as 5 minutes. It does the conversion at lightning-fast speed.
  • It supports team collaboration as it allows users to share the URL of the recorded call audio files with other teammates. This way, users can collaborate with other team members.

Major Pitfalls

  • To produce accurate transcript files, the audio quality must be high. This is a limitation because users won’t be able to get good transcription for bad audio recordings.
  • The free plan transcription minutes are 5 minutes and 120 minutes. True on the free plan, the developers put 120 minutes there. The thing is only 5 minutes is free, the remaining 115 minutes require a user to make payment to access it.
  • The support team is not responsive. As they don’t tend quickly to their customers’ requests.


It offers a Free plan which is suitable for only one individual and it offers users 120 minutes per month. The Pro plan goes for a 40% off price of $8.25 per annum and $13.99 per month. It is suitable for one user. It offers its users 1,800 minutes per month.

As for the business plan, it cost $59 per month. It is suitable for 2 users and it offers 2,400 minutes. As for the Custom plan, users have to chat up the customer service to get a deal.

16. Rev

Rev is a notetaker that uses AI technology to transcribe meeting notes with guaranteed 99% accuracy.

It uses its advanced technology algorithm to analyze audio files after which it uses its neural networks to draft out good readable content. It can perform transcription in over 15+ languages.

Unlike some other notetakers, this AI software can record meetings. After which it converts it to readable texts in your preferred language.

This way, if you have an international meeting, you can convert the meeting recordings into text in different languages. So you can at least get everyone’s attention.

Rev even though is an AI software doesn’t mostly rely on its AI abilities to transcribe audio files, Rev also uses human transcription help as well such that it can avoid mistakes it might not notice as an AI tool.

This human effort combination makes this AI tool much more reliable than all the other AI notetakers.

Apart from producing transcript filesm, Rev can also provide live captions for a live video call meeting such that individuals who are not in a conducive environment can easily read through the captions displayed on their screen.

This caption generation also comes in handy when you are doing webinars and other live presentations.

There is one thing about this AI software. You can’t immediately get your transcript file after the recording if you are using the human transcription feature.

You have to wait for about 12 hours if the recorded video meeting and the audio file aren’t longer than 30 minutes.

Rev is also good at adding non-voice elements to users’ meeting notes. This way, other individuals who were absent from the meeting can understand the notes that were taken during the meeting.


  • It supports integration with other video platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, DropBox, and Zoom.
  • It offers a more user-friendly interface and the website is very intuitive.
  • It also complies with ADA and FCC policies. Which ensures that the user’s files are well-secured.
  • It can transcribe both audio and video files with high accuracy. It can even transcribe them in 36 languages.
  • It can generate transcription in real-time. It doesn’t matter if it is a video file or it is an audio file. Although this is limited to 9 Languages.
  • It offers a human transcription feature that has a very high level of accuracy. Users can only get their transcript file in English language and they have to wait for about 12-24 hours before they get the transcript file.

Major Benefits

  • It can predict the language that’s used in audio or video files. It can do this in about 22 different languages
  • It offers the lowest word error rate and the highest accuracy of all other AI notetakers.
  • It delivers the most readable transcript. It offers users a highly readable transcript that includes proper grammar, punctuation, phone numbers, and addresses.
  • Rev offers a suite of best-in-class Speech-to-text features that are capable of producing quality transcript files.

Major Pitfalls

  • The waiting time for transcription service of human features is very long. And therefore not suitable for individuals who are in a hurry to get the file.
  • The live-streaming transcription feature is available in limited languages. This causes individuals who don’t understand the available languages not to be able to enjoy the benefits of the feature.
  • It pricing system is not conducive for all individuals.
  • The Rev AI human transcription feature is much more expensive to use than the normal Rev AI transcription feature.


The free plan offers users up to 45 minutes of free audio transcript. Users enjoy manual transcription and machine transcription minutes for $1.50 per minute and 0.02 cents per minute. For users who want English captions and subtitles, they are to pay $1.50 per minute.

Foreign subtitles cost $5-$12 per minute. And lastly, for automatic live captions for Zoom meetings, users are to pay $20 per host.

17. Gong

Gong is a more reputable AI notetaker that is perfect for sales coaching and Zoom meeting transcription.

This is because it can analyze meetings and sales calls accurately. This AI can understand the interaction of the user’s customer. That’s why it is used to record meetings with customers. It can take in the key details of the meeting and script it out.

This with all other Gong’s features, makes Gong a very good note-taking tool. Gong can keep track of team performance and can extract insights from the performance over time.

It is these insights that Gong uses to make a report. This action now saves you time and money that would have gone if you had done it yourself.

Unlike other AI notetakers, Gong uses initiatives and trend identification to help users to generate accurate results in real time.

Which is quite different from the usual keyword identification that other AI tools use. Gong allows easy integration of online meeting software like Zoom, MS Teams, and other web conferencing platforms.


  • Gong possesses a resourceful revenue intelligence platform. Such that it can be used for deal intelligence, people intelligence, and market intelligence.
  • It supports integration with Zoom. Which now allows it to produce live captions and real-time transcription.
  • With it AI-powered Speech-to-text. It easily prevents transcription errors.
  • It offers 85% transcription accuracy.
  • It offers sales coaching and generating customer insights
  • It supports lots of popular global languages.

Major Benefits

  • It does all its work on automation which causes a huge reduction in human errors.
  • It has a very user-friendly website that allows easy navigation.
  • It offers free integration with major online meeting software like Zoom, etc.
  • It possesses revenue intelligence which guarantees transcription precision.

Major Pitfalls

  • It does not have a fixed price. The developers use custom-made pricing. Which makes non-users unable to see the pricing of whatever plan they want to buy.
  • There are no free trials. And this isn’t surprising as the prices of their plans are hidden.


The pricing i custom-made pricing. This means, that any individual who wants to purchase the service of Gong has to chat with the support team and make a deal.

18. Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is a good AI note-taking tool that allows unlimited file uploads regardless of the file size.

This AI can generate human-based and AI-powered transcription services easily. Users just have to create an account with them and then fill in the necessary information asked of them.

This AI notetaker supports more than 60+ foreign languages. It requires users who order transcription through the human service plan to wait for about 24 hours.

Happy Scribe is very good at translating transcripts into other languages. This service can only have gotten from the human section on its interface.

Happy Scribe has a very wide storage base that is filled with words of different meanings such that when it discovers any word that sounds strange among the audio and video files.

It can fall back on its well-versed database to get the meaning of the word and then it uses its analytical ability to structure the word properly after the Happy Scribe AI tool has done its transcription.

Happy Scribe offers a more interactive text editor that allows users to be able to edit and proofread AI-generated transcripts. This way, you can put in the right words that suit your requirements.

Happy Scribe AI can understand the individuals speaking during an online meeting such that it uses them to create timestamps.

This way, other individuals not present in the meeting can understand and connect more with the transcript file.


  • Happy Scribe can integrate with famous third-party apps like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
    • It offers users 24-turnaround transcription time for large file uploads.
    • It provides timestamps that align with the different speakers in an online meeting. This way individuals who are not present in the meeting will be able to understand what was discussed in the meeting and who said it. Just by reading the transcript notes from the meeting. Those individuals can get a full grasp of the meeting.
    • It allows users to be able to export the transcript of video online meetings as an SRT file.

Major Benefits

  • Happy Scribe AI provides a user-friendly website. Such that users can easily navigate around the website.
  • The customer support team of Happy Scribe is very reliable. They are very fast at responding to customer queries.
  • Happy Scribe allows users to be able to easily collaborate with other members of their team.
  • Happy Scribe ensures that its users’ data are very secure. The security is so high to the extent that the developers don’t have access to the data of their users.
  • It offers seamless integration with other video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Major Pitfalls

  • The audio recordings done by Happy Scribe contain external noise. Making the audio recordings unconducive for listening.
  • The timestamps sometimes don’t tally with the audio recordings. Which makes the transcript files difficult to understand for individuals who were absent from the meeting.


It offers free plans to new users. At the same time, it offers free trials for all the paid plans. The automatic transcription plan costs $0.20 per minute. As for the human transcription plan, it costs $2.25 per minute.

19. Chorus

Chorus is an advanced AI notetaker that was discovered by Zoominfo. This AI tool is very good at taking notes.

It does this by analyzing the online call meetings between individuals who are doing online business meetings or individuals who are customers.

Due to its AI algorithm prowess, it allows easier comprehension of team dynamics and organizational work culture.

That’s to say that it doesn’t only analyze customer needs through online calls, it also analyzes teamwork as well.

That’s what earned it the ability to have that level of understanding of both customer needs and team dynamics.

With good note-taking, it can get the vital information to make a team work together with little or no friction. Also, it made sure that it gets the right information that help solve customers’ needs.

Even with the prowess of this AI notetaker, there’s still more ability that this software provides. Some of these abilities include generating comprehensive reports on sales team performance.

It uses its notetaking ability to gauge the sales team’s performance and then draft a sales plan that matches their individual sales ability.

The reports that Chorus generates on the sales team’s ability are generated using proprietary technologies.

It uses proprietary technologies that can analyze customers’ responses and reactions based on speech and voice patterns.

This way the sales team can improve their communication skills such that they can connect properly with customers. The report can even be used as sales team training for recruits.


  • It offers users a very friendly interface that can display the necessary sales operations. This way, users can track their progress to know how far they are progressing.
  • It offers a thorough examination of sales conversation. This help to build the sales team’s communication skill. With the improvement they get from the AI training. Users can communicate properly with customers and ensure they are satisfied before they end the call.
  • It also offers analytics and reports that help to monitor the sales team’s performance. This way, every member of the sales team can always have reason to improve their ability. No one in the sales team wants to be left behind others.
  • It can perform live call recording such as users who are in a live call session with either their customers or are in a meeting can get to listen to the call recording. In some other cases, you can get an analysis of the recorded call to work on the necessary aspects that need improvement.

Major Benefits

  • Its transcription accuracy is of a higher level. Users who go through the meeting notes taken by the AI, don’t mostly know that it is AI written.
  • It allows customers and sales teams to connect on the same platform. This way, both parties can communicate with each other easily.
  • It allows transcription to be done in different languages. Such that international individuals can still get the message passed across during the online meeting.
  • It offers users a very broad community base that allows other individuals to collaborate.

Major Pitfalls

  • It does not offer a fixed price for its services. This means any individual who has an interest in employing the service of Chorus will have to message the customer care team.
  • It doesn’t offer a free version as there is no pricing plan on its interface.


Any individual who has an interest in Chorus service has to reach out to the customer team to get a deal. It is important to note that there is no fixed Pricing Plan and subscriptions. The developers didn’t put any pricing plan for their AI service.

20. Obsidian AI

Obsidian AI is a good notetaker that stores notes on your device. So users can access the notes quickly, even when there is no internet.

Obsidian AI has very good security such that it doesn’t allow anyone to have access to the notes. Even they don’t have access to the notes.

With the help of plugins and themes, users can shape obsidian to any style they want. Depending on their creativity.

Obsidian empowers users with tools that allow them to come up with brilliant ideas. Which can now be put in a well-organized manner.

It doesn’t matter what kind of notes a user wants to create. Whether it is personal notes, journaling, knowledge bases, or project management. This AI still puts users through.

Obsidian serves as a personal knowledge base that enables users to create and maintain a network of interrelated notes.

As a result, this AI is renewed for its powerful note-taking ability. It is also a good knowledge management software.

With the power of AI technology, Obsidian’s AI offers impressive capabilities. Ranging from content generation and extraction of insights to improved search functionality and automation of routine tasks.


  • It possesses a text assistant that uses GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 which it uses to transform and re-organize a group of texts. It also uses this text assistant to write notes.
  • It possesses an image generator that uses DALLE-2 to generate AI images. It uses the note to get insights on the kind of image it should generate.
  • It possesses a Speech-to-text feature thanks to Whisper AI. Whisper AI allows Obsidian AI to be able to transcribe audio into groups of text. Which can be compiled into notes.
  • Obsidian allows the integration of certain AI tools which are called plugins. Obsidian works hand-in-hand with these integrated tools to produce even more powerful results.

Major Benefits

  • It offers fine-grained control as it decides which files and preferences you want to sync to other devices.
  • It allows easy tracking of changes between revisions. This is so because it offers users one year of version history for every note.
  • Obsidian AI supports collaboration. It allows individuals to work with teams on shared data without compromising private data.
  • It easily turns the available notes into an online wiki, knowledge base, documentation, or digital garden.
  • It supports Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Major Pitfalls

  • A lot of integrations on Obsidian are done solely through plugins and not through natively built apps.
  • It is not easy to customize Obsidian in its native app form.
  • It contains add-ons in the paid version which makes it much more expensive.


It has a free plan that is free forever. This plan allows users to have access to all the applications’ features.

Apart from the paid plan which costs $50 per year for one user. It offers users a 14-day free trial before they purchase the account.

What to Look For In An AI Note Taker

The AI note taker make use of many technologies, including speech transcription/voice AI, computer vision, natural language processing, and robotic process automation.

A good AI note taker must be capability to connect to a person’s calendar by integrating with AI calendar apps, understanding the meaning of a meeting, joining the meeting, recording it, transcribing it, summarizing it, and analyzing it. 

For it to extract all the important talk from a recorded call or meeting involves many steps, which might include transcribing any speech, understanding how many people are speaking, and who is speaking when, looking at the screen to understand any shared content (presentation slides, shared screens, etc).

A transcript must be well analyzed to understand the topics being discussed, identify any key events, and summarize what happened in the meeting.

This information is then presented to the user in a various number of ways, including a detailed report, an easily searchable knowledge base, or by providing recommended actions.

To accomplish these goals, these systems frequently use a wide variety of machine learning modules.

Numerous AI components may be required for speech processing, language analysis, and computer vision, all of which must be seamlessly integrated into a single system.

Calls and meetings present a variety of difficult situations for an AI system, such as numerous individuals speaking at once quickly, a fast-paced back and forth conversation flow, background noise, accents, poor audio quality, acronyms and other jargon, etc.

To produce high-quality call analysis findings, good AI note takers must use the most recent neural network techniques, specially trained AI engines, and highly large-scale training datasets and infrastructure.

Other significant features of note-taking software include dialogue indexing, search and discovery capabilities, rules and alerting, anomaly detection, data visualization, and many others.

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Wrapping Up On The Best AI Note Taker for Effective Meeting and Productivity

A good AI note taker makes it a way to way to improve efficiency and productivity at work, in class or at home.

This AI note taking software will take meetings to the next level by automatically making notes, agendas, and setting reminders.

A good notetaker will remove the burden of taking notes, unlock the knowledge trapped in meeting recordings, provide useful insights, and generate actionable alerts.

This AI note takers are great to help improve your workplace experience. So these AI-powered note-takers will help you in your meetings to record audio, video and make summaries out of what you discussed.

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