Best AI Calendar Apps & Scheduling Software To 10x Your Productivity

Best AI Calendar Apps

It is no longer a piece of news about the wonders AI is doing in our tech world and our day-to-day life. The use of AI has expanded to various aspects of life.

The expansion in the usage of AI has brought about the creation of AI calendar apps. These AI apps over deliver in terms of functions and interface, their creators integrated not only the calendar features but also included other amazing features as well.

A lot of calendar app has been created but most of them don't stand a match with AI calendar apps, but that is understandable though because AI calendar apps do a lot more functions than normal calendar apps.

We did a research about the best smart calendar app that uses artificial intelligence that are available out there and here is our take on the best AI calendar apps that you can start using today. Some of this smart AI calendar apps are free to use while some are paid. Without wasting time, let's dive in.

What is AI Smart Calendar?

AI smart calendar is a centralized reflection of all your various schedules that uses automation and intelligence to simplify calendar management and boost productivity. It helps you create boundaries between life and work, block time for the things that matter to you, and cut the time you spend manually managing your schedule by a significant margin.

AI calendar assistant give you a set of tools for defining flexible policies that you can apply to your smart calendar to automatically schedule your ideal workweek.

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Best AI Calendar Apps

1. Trevor AI

Trevor AI is an AI time management that plans your day effectively with no stress. Trevor AI plans your day by making sure you have the list of tasks you want to do in an orderly form; this AI calendar app gives you one task at a time to reduce the workload and make you work more progressively.

With this management tool, you can easily offload your mind and free it from being occupied by using the Trevor App.

Features of Trevor AI

Schedule Task

Busy people always need to have a schedule that contains all the tasks they have to complete within a specific time frame, and with Trevor, you can be able to schedule your tasks.

To use Trevor AI to schedule your task, you need to first input the task you want to perform on the input box on the Trevor interface and then, drag it to the scheduling interface on the AI app manually or you can schedule your task with the help of Trevor's Intelligence, by using the assisted scheduling suggestions.

Import Task

Trevor AI allows users to import tasks from another task platform like Todoist. Importing the task into the AI app interface allows easy access to the task and saves the effort of typing the task from the beginning.

Hide specific calendar

This allows you to hide some specific events you don't want anyone to see, all you need to do is to hide the calendar that contains such events.

You can also hide unnecessary calendars you don't want public as well. So instead of deleting it, you can just hide it in case you need it in future.

Sync additional calendar accounts

You can sync Google and Outlook Calendar accounts to the app interface with the syncing feature.

Organize Task

You can organize your task in form of lists, making it similar to the traditional task management apps. You can be creative with colours on the app interface by using colour-coded lists from the list settings icon which you can find at the top right corner of your task inbox.

Every new task is always added to the default list by default unless there is another list selected not to be in default. Anyways, users can change the default list through the star icon with the same list settings.

Task Duration

For every task, you want to list on your Inbox before scheduling it, you can give a specific duration to complete them, and this you can do through the help of the Inbox.

You assigning duration to your task helps you to make a realistic plan for your day and also helps you to achieve the task you set to do for the day.

To easily achieve your everyday task, there is a need to break the bigger task into smaller bits, doing this makes you focus more on the major task for the day with no distractions.

Make sure when you are assigning your task's duration, be sure you can work effectively within the duration you assign for your task. 

Easy to customize

You can customise the user interface and Trevor's behaviour, conditioning it to your preference. Doing this can be fun for the users or it can also be disastrous as well.


This feature allows you to share your calendar containing a series of events with your colleague(s), you can also share your list with them as well.

To share your list, you have to first open the list, then tap the share icon and send an email invite to the colleague of yours you want to share the list with. Once, they receive the invite, they either accept your collaboration or reject it.

Progress dashboard

This dashboard allows you to track down how far you have progressed with your task. These features allow you to know how much time is left for you to do other things, and how much time you use to carry out your task.

It also indicates if you are spending too much time on useless things. With this feature, you can examine your overall productivity and know whether it is either excellent, very good, good or bad, this feature just allows you to know how good or bad you are progressing with your task.


  • 1. It has a great design.
  • 2. It is easy to use.
  • 3. It allows users who are using paid plans to customize its interface.


  • 1. It has less number of integration options.
  • 2. Irregular response of the mobile app.

2. Sidekick AI

Sidekick AI makes scheduling much easier than all other scheduling apps. By just sending an email to the colleague you want to have a meeting with, you can use Sidekick AI to schedule a meeting and also, select the best location for the meeting to hold.

It is a smart scheduling meeting AI tool that is built with the help of AI and language processing. Sidekick AI has a smooth-running interface that makes the users easily manoeuvre around it.

Sidekick AI also has calendar features which allow you to plan an event on it with ease and it also automatically helps users to set their calendar if they don’t have time to set it.

The events users place on the calendar always have the best location included as well, Sidekick AI selects the best location around you for any events or meeting your schedule on the calendar.

Features of Sidekick AI

Multi-Location Scheduling

Since, users have always experienced difficulties when they are making their schedule, this feature allows users to seamlessly manage their bookings across as many locations as they want. It creates a medium for growing businesses in service spaces.


This feature helps users to manage reservation requests and bookings online. Users can use it to make group booking online and even manage it. When making reservations online, Sidekick AI can do pricing automation and help users to know the available spaces when they want to make a booking.

Payment Processing

This feature allows you to easily process payment with no stress. You can use this tool to make payments for your bookings and reservations.

Online Scheduling

It let users control their appointment scheduling and allows them to manage it from one place. Using Sidekick AI allows users to manage business operations to schedule appointments.

Meeting Room Booking

It is a booking system designed for managing booking and conference rooms digitally.

The smart technology in Sidekick AI allows effective management and proper planning of company meetings which now makes the company processes simpler and it helps to use the company space more efficiently.

Group Scheduling

A group leader can use group scheduling to make a schedule for the whole group members reducing the workload on the group members and the group leaders.

To make the best use of these particular features on sidekick AI, the group leader can schedule the workload base on the individual, so every member of the group can know what they are to do in the group.

Employee Scheduling

Employees can use these features to plan their day, week, month and year. This helps the employee to focus on the major task on their schedule and still allows them to have some time to themselves to do some personal things. Employees can also use this feature to make futuristic plans as regards future company meetings.

Calendar Management

Sidekick AI automatically manage your calendar for you, fixing the events where they are meant to be. The calendar allows users to plan towards future event and also allow users to set a reminder so as not to forget important event and date.

Automated Scheduling

This feature work in line with the calendar. Sidekick AI does the automation with the help of the calendar and it allows the user to easily use it without even needing to do any major thing. Once you have selected a date on the calendar, it becomes scheduled automatically.

Appointment Scheduling

This feature also works just like automated scheduling, you have to select your appointment date on your calendar. Immediately you do that, sidekick AI intelligence picks it up and stores it as an appointment date, scheduling it as a future appointment.


  • 1. It has great integrations.
  • 2. It has an amazing design.
  • 3. It allows quick access.
  • 4. It has a smooth interface that is beginner’s friendly.


  • 1. AI needs to be improved.
  • 2. It is a bit more expensive to purchase compared to other AI performing the same function.
  • 3. More features need to be integrated into the interface. 

3. Kronologic

Kronologic is a unique sort of AI calendar, its creator designed it to automatically schedule invites for people who are potential customers.

This invite does the work of lead generation as the invite's goal is to convince clients to turn to potential customers. Apart from sending the invites, this smart calendar can send automatic messages based on the set schedule.

The main aim of creating this app is to perform AI-based lead generation by using the calendar.

Features of Kronologic

Predictive Lead Scoring

Kronologic uses a predictive machine learning model integrated into it to calculate the score for open leads. The predictive machine learning model carries out its function based on the data gotten from previous historical data.

The score gotten from the data analysis on lead generation help salespeople to know what to focus on as regards their leads. This allows them to get qualified leads faster and also allows them to get a more successful result from the leads they are running.

Lead Management

This is an important feature in the kronologic interface, as it can capture all the leads, and track down all your business email, chat or website behaviour to keep in touch with all your customers, engaging them until they purchase your goods or services.

A lot of businesses either big or small need leads to get loyal customers and also, and they need to manage it to track down how the lead is working.

To have a successful lead generation, there is a need to manage the lead and kronologic can manage the lead effectively in a well-organized manner.

Sales Force Automation

Sale is a process that has repetitive tasks that are compulsory, there is a need to do the data entry as well as manage the other task.

Sales experts can use the sales force automation feature on kronologic to assist in carrying out the sales task so they can spend more time working with customers.

The sales force automation on the kronologic has been trained with information systems once use in customer relationships, marketing information, management marketing and management skill, it is because of this training that kronologic can automate the sales force management.


The calendar feature on the kronologic is used to send an invite to a potential customer or customers.

In the calendar space, there are some important details like the meeting title, meeting link and the agenda for the meeting.

This is done just to have a one-on-one word with the customers so that you can convince them to become loyal customers.


The AI (Artificial intelligence) in the kronologic AI calendar tool is scheduling software made just for sales, customer conversion, and marketing businesses.

It helps to schedule them in a time frame and due to this, there is more acquisition of sales revenue because of the meetings, appointments etc. With potential customers are well handled.


  • 1. It is a fully automatic app
  • 2. It has a great pricing system.
  • 3. It offers mind-blowing results.


  • It is not beginner's friendly

4. Quantime.AI

Quantime helps teams and users to manage their time through the help of a highly integrated, AI-enabled calendar experience. The AI in Quantime allows it to intelligently prioritizes tasks and plans the days of teams and users.

Quantime makes a neat schedule for users and teams, it arranges the task and all the appointments into a single spot.

It sorts work, does the estimation effort required to complete the work and then recommends a concrete work plan to make sure time is properly utilised.

This smart AI calendar also reschedules undone work after doing a daily task to avoid leaving any work undone.

With Quantime, the allocated time for daily planning is reduced drastically because the AI calendar can help users do their planning and also help them reclaim their time, making them focus their attention on important tasks.

Features of Quantime


It schedules the day, week and month for users, and this saves time for users as it allows them to do other things in their spare time. All you need to do is to make plans on the tasks you want to do and leave the rest to the AI to do for you.

Organized Scheduling

After setting a schedule for users, it organizes the schedule into a single place making the interface of the AI tool neat.

Work Sorting

It sorts the work for users and teams and also, calculates the amount of effort required to finish the work and then gives a work schedule that can help complete the work faster.


  • 1. It has a great AI model.
  • 2. It has many amazing features.
  • 3. It is very easy to use.


  • 1. It has limited free use.
  • 2. There is a need to give more info on the site.
  • 3. There is a need to add more integrations.

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5. Reclaim AI

Reclaim AI is an AI calendar application that is common among users with large employers. It has a lot of amazing features to offer to users who don’t have large employers under them.

The AI in Reclaim helps users to focus on the main task that needs their attention. The creators made the calendar in a way that allows it to adjust everything on the calendar, things such as meetings, events, appointments, hobbies etc.

There is a place that allows integration on the AI interface, integration of the Google calendar app on the interface makes the usage of Reclaim AI more easy and smooth to use. Apps like Slack, Jira, Zoom, and more.

Reclaim AI does the scheduling of tasks which now makes it very easy for those who have limited time with them to use that time for something else, creating a better plan for your day.

Features of Reclaim AI

It creates an automated daily plan for you

Reclaim AI creates a link with your personal and work calendars, and your task list in other to automatically create the perfect plan for your daily activities.

It stays flexible for meetings

Reclaim AI to create your schedule in such a way that you can do what you need to do.

While making sure you have time to be available for an impromptu meeting, although this changes your free time on your calendar to busy time.

It gives you time to catch up and focus

This smart calendar increases the focus of users which makes them finish a given work faster and also allows them to catch up with the current trends within a short while.

On the Reclaim AI interface, there is a feature that allocates time to do miscellaneous activities and the time won’t affect their work schedule for the day.

Reclaim smart time blocking

This feature finds the best time to complete all your task before they become due for submission.

If an emergency meeting occurs while performing your task and you decide to go attend the meeting leaving your work unfinished, or you have another work to do, Reclaim will reschedule your schedule for the day on auto-run, and make sure you have time to still do the unfinished work.


  • 1. It offers great features.
  • 2. It has better offers for users.
  • 3. It has a smooth user interface


  • 1. There are no much integration.
  • 2. It needs more time to get used to the app.
  • 3. Needs more security options.

6. Calendly

Calendly is a simple AI tool that is clean and saves a lot of time. Its interface is made easy for users to manoeuvre, its interface is not clustered together at all like some other scheduling apps.

Calendly does the schedule automatically for users eliminating the stress of going back and forth on the email app waiting for the customers to reply and so much more.


It gives an accurate real-time schedule

You can schedule meetings with your team members or customers by sending the invites through the email interface or you can ask your team members or customers to select a time within the given time frame you put on your email.

It also prevents setting meetings across multiple time zones as there is a tendency in making such errors.

Calendly detects the time zone of the invitee automatically, therefore preventing such errors while accommodating shifts

 It allows users to share their calendly with others

As a team leader, there are times you need to share your calendly account with your team members as regards an ongoing task.

Also, as a business owner, you can add your calendly access to your website to watch prospects and recruits book business meetings with you as regards the growth and success of your business.

Team schedule

As a team, you can use calendly to create a task schedule that suits your preferences. There is a feature that allows users to co-host a single client with another colleague.

The team can set email reminders, and follow-ups, and also allows the integration of preferred software tools that make your work easier.


  • 1. It is very easy to use.
  • 2. It has good paid options for users.
  • 3. It has good interactive features.


  • 1.  Developers need to improve AI so that it can work better.
  • 2. It can be buggy when the workload is too much.

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Wrapping Up On The Best AI Calendar Apps

These are some of the amazing AI calendar apps that assist humans by offering their amazing scheduling functions.

Smart AI calendar apps like the Reclaim AI is reputable for how effective their scheduling features work ad it has been used a lot of y business owners.

They easily adjust to changes in the schedule and work it out in a way that the other task on the schedule isn't affected that much.

There is another AI calendar tool that is awesome which is the kronologic AI calendar apps. This tool uses its calendar features to make sales for users.

It uses data gotten from historical sales data to understand the sales progress of the users and then uses marketing knowledge and human relationship training it has to relate with potential customers and converts them to loyal customers.

Is this helpful? What else would you like to know about AI calendar assistant apps?

Let me know in the comments.

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