Browse AI Review In 2024: Is Browse AI Safe? Features, Pros & Cons

Browse AI Review

In this Browse AI review, you will learn what Browse AI is, how to use Browse AI, Browse AI features, pricing, pros and cons.

The internet is a place that runs with data. This data is what guides other online users on how to use the internet properly. Now here comes the problem; getting the right and adequate data is a difficult task.

When it comes to getting the right data it is a very difficult task to do. Why it is difficult is mainly because of how massive the internet is and due to how vast the internet space is.

There is a lot of information all around the space and if one is not careful, one might consume the wrong data.

To prevent people from making that mistake we have decided to write a review article on Browse AI software.

We know you are wondering why Browse AI, but don’t worry we will answer that question for you.

Browse AI tool is a software that can scrape data from the internet at a fast pace. It is also able to monitor a website through the use of URLs.

Should you want to monitor your competitors’ websites, you can use Browse AI to do that task for you. In this article, we are going to break down everything about Browse AI for you.

What is Browse AI Software?

Browse AI review isn’t complete, if you don’t know what Browse AI is on a general term. Browse AI is a web scraping and monitoring AI tool that can scrape the web for information without coding.

Browse AI is a tool that individuals who are just entering the internet space can use to get information.

This is quite better when compared to the olden days when users had to type prompts on search engines so that they can get the information they need.

Even at that, they still need to verify this information before using it. All these long unending process became redundant when AI software like Browse AI came into place.

You can use Browse AI to perform web scraping and also to monitor the websites of competitors.

This AI software helps users to extract and keep track of data from any website of their choice.

You don’t need code to run this AI tool for your bidding. It is a very flexible tool that has lots of usage that requires data.

You can use Browse AI to perform market research, competitor analysis, lead generation, price tracking, content creation speed, the most performing blog posts of your competitors, and many others.

With the user-friendly interface of Browse AI, users always feel comfortable using this software. It provides its users with a point-and-click interface that lets them select the kinds of data they need from a website they want to track.

Once you get the data that you need from the target website. You can either download the data as a spreadsheet or you can synchronize it with a Google Sheet for easy access.

Why Browse AI tool?

Browse AI tool is a premium tool not with pricing but with features. Browse AI offers its users premium service just by using its features.

We know you might be wondering with the premium features that Browse AI offers its users, why is the pricing not on the high side? Well, to be frank on this one, we can’t conclude that the pricing is a good bargain for all users.

But for the few people we came across during our field trip, they all said almost the same thing about the pricing.

Don’t worry, you will get to know the correct pricing of Browse AI soon enough in this article. By then, you can decide if it is good for you.

One major thing that differentiates Browse AI from other AI web scraper tools is its ability. It can handle complex web scraping tasks easily.

Browse AI can handle pagination, scrolling, solving captcha, login protection, and location-based data easily.

Its intelligence is quite high as it can adapt easily to the website layout and if there are any changes to the website after it has already been adapted.

It adjusts its operations to suit the new arrangement. It doesn’t require its users’ interference to adjust.

You can decide to use Browse AI as an extension on Chrome browser or you can use it as a web app.

You can always decide anytime you no longer feel comfortable using the current interface you are using.

Features of Browse AI

Browse AI is an advanced technology tool that can do web scraping and website monitoring. In the next few lines, you are going to discover the other powerful features that Browse AI offers to its users.

1. Point-and-click data extraction

Just as the name implies, it helps users to extract data. Browse AI extract data with just a tap.

Users have to select the data they need from a website of their choice and with the simple point-and-click interface, they can select the data they need from the target website.

You don’t need any form of coding or complex selectors to use this feature. Browse AI automatically identifies the data elements and extracts them easily for you.

2. Download and Sync

On the interface of this AI software, there is the download section where you can download your data file.

But take note, before downloading the data file, there is a need for you to extract it into a spreadsheet.

The extracted spreadsheet is now synced with a Google Sheet, but that’s only if you want it.

Also, if you don’t want to sync the data file to a Google Sheet, you can export the data sheet as a CSV or JSON file. In this form, you can always access the data file from your dashboard.

3. Web Monitoring and Notifications

Browse AI uses its monitoring feature to monitor webpages and then notify its users when there are changes to the website.

But before it can do that, users have to set up the notification settings for it to notify them of any changes. This feature allows users to set up notifications based on different conditions.

Some of the conditions are data value, data count, data presence, or data absence. This way, if any of these checks out, the algorithm sends out the notification.

There is also another important thing to consider. And that is the frequency at which the notification alerts you.

Customizing the frequency and format at which the notification rings makes it easier for you to know which conditions are met without having to check the dashboard.

4. Converting website to API

This feature allows you to turn your target websites into an API. And then stream the data from the website into integrated software like Zapier, REST API, or webhooks.

This way, you can access the website like an application. You can put it that this feature allows you to automate workflows, build applications, or even integrate with other advanced software.

5. Pagination and scroll Handling

When it comes to handling different types of pagination such as numbered pages, load more, and infinite scrolling, Browse AI is capable.

It can do this task easily once users teach it how to go about the pagination element. It doesn’t take too much effort for the AI technology to be able to run pagination tasks.

Also, users have the option of choosing to determine the upper limit for the number of pages or the items to be scraped.

6. Captcha Resolver

When we talked about Browse AI software being able to monitor websites. Solving website captcha might have popped up in your head.

Although not all websites, some websites do have captcha to prevent bots from accessing their website.

Browse AI uses this feature to bypass that challenge. In as much as the captcha is text-based, it can solve it easily.

In cases where there is an image-based captcha, you can integrate third-party captcha-solving services to help you out with it.

7. Login Protection Bypass

This feature allows Browse AI to bypass websites that are protected with logins.

Users can authenticate Browse AI using the cookie-sharing option or the encrypted username/password effect to equip it.

That means users have to have login details of the website they want to monitor or want to scrape. It is their details that they will place inside the Login section of the AI software.

And in cases of Two-factor authentication, users can do the same trick as well. Even social media account logins aren’t exempted.

8. Location Based Data Extraction

This feature allows users to extract data from websites that are located in a specific location. With this feature, users can configure their AI bot to extract data from a particular location or region.

It doesn’t matter which continent the website is. In as much as the website is still live on the internet, users can configure Browse AI to extract the content on the website.

There is an option for Proxies or VPNs as well, in case users can use it perfectly well.

9. Layout Adaptation

This feature is the intelligence behind the swift adaptation of Browse AI to new website changes. You don’t need to re-train your Browse AI before it adapts to the new changes.

Once a user interface changes, it adapts to the new changes. That doesn’t mean you can’t edit the data elements or settings of your AI software.

If you notice any changes you don’t like in the bot, you can always edit it.

Regardless, the performance of the bot remains top-notch even if not change itself to adapt to website changes.

Use Cases for Browse AI Software

Studies show that about 101,000 individuals and teams use Browse AI features to perform certain tasks.

Individuals from various industries and domains use this AI technology to carry out most of their online activities. Some of the common activities that these groups of individuals use Browse AI include;

1. Market research

When it comes to market research, virtually most online businesses carry out this activity.

Most online businesses like blogs, e-commerce, forums, social media influencers, review sites, new sites, and many other online businesses use Browse AI to run their market research.

These groups of individuals use this AI technology to analyze the market trends, customer preferences, competitor’s strategies, industry insights, and many more.

2. Competitor Analysis

Browse AI allows users to be able to check what their competitors are doing differently.

With this AI tool, many users can track the prices, products, features, reviews, ratings, promotions, and many other activities that competitors do.

This way, users can re-evaluate their methods and see how and where they can make improvements. Browse AI gives users this leverage to use to their advantage.

3. Generation of Leads

When it comes to lead generation, there is a need for adequate research and information for the process to be successful.

With Browse AI, users can scrape vital lead information like, email addresses, first names, phone numbers, social media profiles, and other information from different targeted websites.

With this information, users can build their lists and then see how to convert them to into hot leads. This process is a repetitive stage until success.

2. Price Tracking

This is one major problem in the sales market. Most individuals struggle with proper pricing as the market changes now and then.

But with Browse AI, users can use this AI tool to keep track of prices of goods and services such that any slight changes in the pricing can be noticed in time by the user.

This way, users can compare their prices and use normal marketing strategies to see if their pricing is competitive or not competitive at all with the market.

Users who are buyers can also use this tool to maximize their savings by going for the less-priced vendor.

3. Content Creation

In this aspect of content creation, content creators need a steady stream of ideas and information to produce quality content.

This is where Browse AI help comes in, Browse AI can extract content from different related websites and this content can now be consumed and recreated into something more unique and interesting.

You can use Browse AI to extract content like headlines, images, videos, articles, and many other content types.

What are some real-time examples of Browse AI?

If after going through the use case of Browse AI technology, you are still finding it difficult to use Browse AI. The next few lines are going to be of help to you.

Let’s get started right away;

1. Monitoring company info on LinkedIn

In case you never heard of LinkedIn before. LinkedIn is a platform where you can find professional individuals who are ready to work, or top executives of big companies.

In the case of individuals who are looking for jobs, they can use Browse AI to keep tabs on certain companies that are in their field of study such that, if they need new workers, they can quickly know even before they launch their vacancy campaign.

You can also use Browse AI for other company data tracking that doesn’t relate to job vacancies. Like keeping tabs on ongoing projects, research, etc. Going on in the company.

2. Extract online events

You can use Browse AI to find information on upcoming events. And then use the AI extractive capability to extract certain important information about the event.

With Browse AI, you can get details on relevant events which you can register for. And in other case scenarios, you can even promote your events. So that, individuals who are interested in it can register for it.

3. Extracting useful products

When on the internet, there are pros and cons when it comes to getting products, just like on the physical market, every product has its counterfeit.

But with Browse AI, you can search for information on the right product easily.

All you need to do is to put in the right keywords so you can get the right product information.

With this software, you can also discover new software that is related to the main product you have in mind.

4. Extract the Job list from Indeed US

Browse AI can be used to extract job listings from Indeed. You can set the AI tool to extract jobs on a specific role and location.

Just make sure you set the AI tool with the right settings so you can get the best results possible.

You can even use the extracted information from Indeed to research the job market, identify job opportunities, and you can also see the information to apply for jobs as well.

5. Extract App details from Zapier

Zapier is a software that can be integrated into an AI website or software. This software allows for easy integration of other software to a website easily.

You can use Browse AI to extract app details from Zapier. You can extract information like app name, description, logo, and categories.

With this extracted information, users can explore new applications easily. They just have to compare the app features to see which application has the most features.

This way they can integrate the best applications with their workflow.

Browse AI Pricing

Just as said earlier, the pricing system of Browse AI is quite reasonable, even though we didn’t conclude for all users.

Browse AI offers its users a very flexible pricing system that suits the different needs and budgets of users.

It offers a free plan that has a feature of 50 credits per month and also Zapier and Google Sheets integrations.

Don’t get confused about the credits, it is just there to indicate a measurement that represents one row of data extracted or screenshots taken by the AI, but it has to be one screenshots.

Once the credit of any of the plans gets exhausted, users will have to upgrade to a new plan.

Starter Plan

This plan costs $19 per month. When a user subscribes to this plan, he gets 2000 credits to himself.

Also, this plan offers users unlimited concurrent tasks, 10 robots, 1-hour intervals for website monitors, and lastly API and webhooks access.

Professional Plan

This plan costs $99 per month. It offers its users 5000 credits, 30 robots, unlimited concurrent tasks, 15-minute intervals for website monitors, and lastly premium automation. This plan is individual-only and not a team plan.

Team Plan

This plan is a team-mate plan. It costs $249 per month for every 10,000 credits. It also offers its users unlimited robots, unlimited concurrent tasks, and 5-minute intervals for monitors. Even though it is a team-mate plan, it only supports 5-users.

Every of the listed paid plans of browse AI includes integration of Zapier, Airtable, and Google Sheets integrations.

One cool thing about Browse AI is that they offer custom plans for people who have needs higher than the public offers.

On the enterprise plan, users can get unlimited robots, users, and retention. For users who make annual purchases of any of the paid plans, they usually get a 20% discount.

How to use Browse AI?

Browse AI is a very good web scraper to use in one’s day-to-day activities on the internet. And unlike other web scraping software, this software works differently. Users don’t need to know coding to run this software.

This advantage makes it easy for even beginners in the online space to scrape web data faster. To use Browse AI, users have to train the AI bot on what they want it to do for them.

Just as we have said earlier, you don’t need to run a series of codes to make this happen. The next few lines of instructions will guide you on how to run the training.

How to Train Browse AI Robot to Scrape for Data?

Training Browse AI is not as difficult as it sounds. Training a robot to do your bidding might be difficult but with Browse AI is a different ball game.

To train Browse AI to do your bidding you need to make a video showing the task you want it to do.

For example, you want Browse AI to get some data from Instagram. You have to record your actions on Instagram, showing the exact task you want to do.

Also, you must do exactly what you want the AI to do for you. This way, you can be sure of getting a good result. The AI is going to replicate the exact thing you recorded in the video.

Browse AI and use the video you recorded to create a robot that will do your bidding. You are allowed to create as many Robots as your account supports.

All you need to do is to ensure you create a good video showing all the things you need the robot to do for you.

Step by Step guide on how to train your Robot using Browse AI

  1. The first thing to do is to go to the main website of Browse AI and then create an account.
  2. Once you log in, locate the “Create Robot” button. Tap on that create button and wait for it to load.
  3. Upon loading, select “Record Action.” Yeah, you are using the Browse AI recording feature to record the task you want to replicate.
  4. Now that you have turned on the video recording feature to record your actions. Start the task immediately.
  5. Enter the website URL you want to scrape data from. After typing the website URL, click the “Start Recording button.”
  6. Now that the recording has started. Start the exact task you want the robot to do for you. Make sure you click on the links, fill out the forms, open tabs, or scroll down the pages you want the robot to do for you.
  7. Be sure you do the exact thing you want the robot to do for you. So, you can get the kind of results you desire.
  8. After recording all the necessary steps, tap on the “Stop Recording” button.
  9. By reaching this point, you have done your part already. The only thing that remains is for Browse AI to create a robot that will do the exact steps you recorded. The process of creating the robot does not take too much time at all.
  10. That’s how to use Browse AI to train your Robot. As you can see, there is no need for any lines of coding at all. Browse AI allows users to manually run the created robot if they want to. You can also schedule the extract time that the robot should follow to extract the data you need from the website.

Customer Reviews

A summarized version of what we got from our research when getting Browse AI reviews from customers

What the majority of customers love about Browse AI?

The majority of the users of Browse AI we met said they love the fact that they can make searches on their browsers using Browse AI.

They said the fact that they don’t need to type down some codes or prompt to use the software for search is quite relaxing for them.

Some other individuals talked about how easy it is to use this AI technology in their daily activities.

Most especially the content creators said Browse AI has offered them convenience when it comes to doing research.

Unlike before, where they have to manually do the research themselves. Some other individuals who do market research for sales also made comments on the swift speed at which the AI technology produces content on market research for them.

Some other individuals who write sales copy also made very impactful comments on the speed at which they now draft down content.

One of them said; “All thanks to the timely speed that Browsers AI use to provide information on the demographics of the age group of individuals who happened to be the target audience of a new product about to be launched. This research should have taken me a couple of days, but Browse AI shortened it for me.”

What were the complaints that users made about Browse AI?

Yeah, don’t be too surprised that people still have complaints even with all the praise showered on Browse AI.

Most users didn’t have serious complaints at all. But the few that we met told us more about how the software speed at performing web scraping can be slow at times.

Although they said it is not an every-time thing, but when it happens, it is very annoying as it will just be loading very slowly.

Users who had these complaints were individuals who usually ran multiple web scraping tasks at the same time.

Just as said earlier, this complaint is not a generalized one. As it doesn’t occur most times even if you are running multiple web scraping tasks at the same time.

The other complaint is based on the rate at which credit finishes. This problem is directed to individuals who have many activities that require web scraping, market research, and many others.

This problem is associated with individuals who usually run a lot of activities on their accounts. These users complained that their credits finished very fast and as a result, they had to either upgrade to another plan or buy more credit.

And regardless of the methods, the cost is still high. These customers want the developers to increase the amount of credit for each plan so that they can have enough to work with.

Even with all these complaints, only a few individuals had it. The majority of people did not have any complaints whatsoever.

The majority said they were just fine with the features of Browse AI. And if the developers want to upgrade it, they should instead make it even better than it already is.

Pros of Browse AI

  1. It is very easy to set up the web scraping feature: What the majority of people fear the most is setting up the web scraping feature. But in reality, it is not all that difficult to set up. You don’t need to have any technical skills or coding experience at all to set it up. With just a few clicks here and there, the web scraping feature is ready for you to use to play around.
  2. Browse AI is a reliable tool to use: When it comes to getting the right information, Browse AI is a reliable tool to use. The developers made it in such a way that it can extract information based on the keyword you prompt it to search. It is also very reliable when it is performing complex web scraping tasks like; pagination, scroll handling, captcha solving, login protection, and location-based data.
  3. Browse AI adapts to new changes to websites faster: Browse AI has a high intelligence that makes it easy for it to monitor websites and adapts to any slight changes easily. It easily adapts to the layout of websites so quickly that you won’t even notice.
  4. Browse AI offers flexibility to users: Users who are using Browse AI enjoy flexibility when it comes to monitoring websites. You can customize this software in such a way that it can select data elements, output formats, schedules, triggers, notifications, and integrations. This way, when there is a change, it notifies the user very quickly. Also, this software can edit tasks anytime you want to make changes. Just instruct it, and leave the rest of the activity to it.


  1. It is not all that intuitive to use: One major disadvantage of this AI tool is that it is not intuitive at all. Users may experience some difficulty when it comes to understanding some of the features or settings on its interface. It might be difficult to understand what credit and row mean when looking at the interface of the software. Also, when it comes to using the cookie-sharing option. There is a need to use tutorial videos to know how to use it.
  2. Long waiting time for web scraping: Browse AI although very fast at web scraping sometimes lags. This mostly occurs when users are scraping multiple web pages at the same time. So, because of the workload, the AI tool slows down. This is a huge disadvantage as there are people who have lots of activities to do and need the data quickly. Most individuals encountered with such usually end up frustrated.
  3. Not enough credits: Most users have lots of activities to do daily on the interface of this software. As a result, the credit tends to finish faster. This is quite not advantageous at all for users who perform lots of activities daily. And when it comes to renewing the credit, it is quite expensive. So, much so that it is almost as if you are renewing the account’s plan.

Who are the people who can use Browse AI?

Browse AI is suitable for individuals who fit into any of the below categories;

  1. Individuals who usually scrape data from the internet and don’t like the idea of using code to run it.
  2. Individuals who like to turn a website into an API and then stream the data into any other software.
  3. Individuals who need assistance in handling complex web scraping tasks like Scroll handling, Captcha solving, Login protection, location-based data, and many others.
  4. Individuals who need reliable, flexible, powerful, and affordable web scraping and monitoring tools.

Individuals Browse AI is not suitable for;

The categories of individuals below are people who might not enjoy the features of Browse AI;

  1. Individuals who don’t have much experience in using AI tools generally. Although Browse AI is a simple-to-use tool, individuals who are extreme beginners might find it difficult to use.
  2. Individuals who usually have lots of web scraping tasks might not enjoy Browse AI at all. As their allocated credits will get exhausted faster.
  3. Individuals who need advanced features or custom integrations might not fully enjoy Browse AI.

Browse AI Review Frequently Asked Questions

Does Browse AI Works On Twitter?

Browse AI can extract data from all kinds of websites. It doesn’t matter if it is a social media platform like Twitter which is now known as X.

This AI software is still able to scrape information from it regardless. All you need to do is to instruct it on the kind of information you need. And then leave the rest to the AI to carry out.

Does Browse AI Offer a Free Trial?

Browse AI offers new users a free trial which is the first account every user gets when they first open an account.

This account remains active until the credit in this account is exhausted. After which users will have to pay for an account upgrade.

Does Browse AI offer a Support Option?

Yes, Browse AI offers support options to its users. Users can contact the support option 24/7. This means users can reach out to the support system any time they feel like it.

It is quite important to know that the Browse AI customer care team is very friendly. And they always see to it that their users get answers/solutions to their problems.

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Browse AI is a data analysis tool and also a web scraper that can perform tedious analytical tasks easily.

It can’t be denied how useful and helpful this AI tool is to data analysts. But even then, this software has both its pros and cons.

It can provide correct data information on keywords that need analysis done on them. This AI is also able to allow users to integrate apps like Zapier which can turn websites into API. And then take the data stream of the website through another software.

Browse AI is a good tool for all kinds of analysis that you want. Don’t mind the fact that it sometimes slows down when it is scraping multiple websites at the same time.

This complaint coupled with the insufficient credit issues has been lodged to the customer care team. And every user of Browse AI is looking forward to better feedback in their next upgrade.

But before that, it can’t be denied how timely the use of Browse AI came into the analysis world.

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