Best AI Podcast Software to Help Launch or Grow Your Podcast

Best AI Podcast Software tools

With this best AI podcast software, you can easily automate your podcast and make podcasting easy and stress-free even if you are a beginner podcaster.

Podcast is the advanced technology of Radio. The podcast is an audio file that can only be accessed online, in which you can either listen to it with your network service or download it to your phone.

Internet users calls it the audio file podcast because it is a radio broadcast that can be downloaded to mobile storage.

A lot of people are now using podcasts to do audio entertainment, which is now more advance than the usual radio format.

This entertainment podcast has now progressed into a more interesting form than the usual radio shows people download.

Every podcast takes time and energy to create. Most of the time, the podcast is done in series by the host so people who listen to them can refer others to join the podcast over time; this kind of podcast is always a long time thing so it is always dropped in episodes; one episode at a time.

Each time the host drops an episode, a notification is sent to those who are subscribers so they can either listen to it online or they can download and listen to it offline.

All of these processes can be stressful and doubting, hence the reason for the creation of AI podcast software to automate some of this process.

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What is AI Podcast Software?

As a podcaster who wants to stand out and deliver quality podcasts, it is not surprising that you are constantly looking for a way to improve your podcast just to make sure your subscribers have quality time when listening to your podcast.

It is not an understatement that podcasters want their subscribers to always look forward to when they will drop another podcast.

It is, for this reason, some group of smart podcast researchers create some AI podcast software, and over time some other researchers have now developed more AI podcast software that has more features than the other AI podcast software.

Before writing this article, I did my research on which of the AI podcast software are the best for your podcast creation so I can give you first-class information on them.

Factors that I consider before selecting any AI podcast software

When selecting these AI podcast software, there are some key features that I use to determine which one of the software is the best one to use. These key features include;

1. Intuitive Editing

This is what I first checked out among all the podcast software that I reviewed. A good podcast is not judge base on the audio content but judged based on how good the editing is.

2. Easy editing (Drag and Drop)

It is not just good for a podcast AI tool to have intuitive editing features, it must also be easy to use to edit and this is why I also checked for the drag-and-drop feature as well so you can edit your podcast in minutes.

I know 24 hours isn’t enough and as a podcaster, you want to make quality podcasts very fast, that’s why u checked for these features as well.

3. Produce good audio sound

Yea, I am very sure a lot of people who do podcasts majorly prefer to use software that will produce a good sound as that is what makes the podcast pleasant to the ear, and that is why I included this in my checklist.

You don’t have to worry, the AI podcast software am going to talk about in this article, produce sounds that matches the sound from a professional podcaster. You can get neat sounds just like studio production from this AI podcast tool.

Now that you have seen the key features I used to select the best AI podcast software, let’s get to know what these software are.

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Best AI Podcast Software

1. Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout podcast AI tool is one of the software that allows users to easily host, promote, and track their podcasts. It easily stores audio and video content on the internet and also does a transcript of the content it stores in its database. After uploading your podcast, you don’t need to promote it.

Buzzsprout will promote you making sure it gets to popular audio sites like Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, Amazon Alexa, etc. And then get the analytics of the podcast so it can quickly track it.

When you use this smart podcast tool to create podcasts, the results are always very mind-blowing as the audios are always of high quality especially when people want to listen to them.

Another thing is this, whenever people want to access the audio file created by buzzsprout, it is always easy and faster.

The audience won’t have to worry about not getting fast unbreakable podcast transmission. Buzzsprout makes sure those who want to listen to your podcast will enjoy a smooth experience either when downloading the file to listen to it offline or during live streaming.

So, you don’t need to compress your file and sacrifice the quality of your podcast to be easily accessible. Users who use Buzzsprout can use it to get analytics on which platform their listeners use the most and which podcast is also more popular among them.

With this data, a podcaster can improve their podcast easily and also know the platform to target the most when spreading the podcast.


1. Magic Mastering feature for fast editing

With this feature, podcasters can fasten the process of audio editing. Podcasters who have this AI tool can now spend more of their time writing the script and perfecting their voice for the recording instead of spending a lot of time editing the podcast.

Even newbies who haven’t done anything relating to audio engineering can use this tool to edit their podcasts and produce good audio sounds with no background sound appearing in the audio record.

2. Good distribution services

This feature solves the major problem of podcasters and that problem is where to share their podcast to get more people to listen to it. Buzzsprout uses the directories section to allow users to share their podcasts online on all major social media sites.

Newbie podcasters can share their podcast on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Google Podcast, Stitcher, etc. Easily get a lot of people to listen to it even when they don’t have their audience.

Also, if they want to create awareness for their podcast through email campaigns, they can use Buzzsprout to generate and copy email links but this particular feature is not available on the free plan.

3. It allows users to create Chapter Markers

This feature is something that podcast listeners love because it gives them control over what they want to listen to in the podcast. Listeners can decide a timeline they want to listen to with the help of chapter markers and they can also make requests on something they want to appear in a podcast.

Podcaster can give their audience what they want by adding chapter markers to their podcast so they can easily edit it when their audience ask for something they want to appear in the podcast. So with Buzzsprout, it is easy to add chapter markers to their podcast.


  1. It is easy to use the tool to create a good-quality podcast.
  2. It is easy to distribute your podcast to top podcast sites with the use of the directories section.
  3. It provides advanced analytics and allows easy monetization that grows your podcast.


  1. Unused upload time for every month doesn’t roll over to the next month.
  2. Buzzsprout does not provide unlimited monthly upload plans.
  3. Buzzsprout gives users limited access to customize the website.

2. Alitu

This AI podcast tool is a web-based tool and its major specialty is its ability to simplify the podcast editing process. It makes recording podcasts easier and the editing is even automated so you don’t have to do anything apart from creation.

The reason why Alitu came into existence is so that it can help podcasters focus more on their podcast creation and not the editing task. Research has shown that out of every 100 podcasters that focus more on their podcast creation than editing 80 out of them always produce quality content.

Even if you don’t want to use Buzzsprout to create your podcast, you can use Alitu as well. Alitu allows podcasters to create volume easily and does the editing for them so their audience won’t have to wait for eternity for their content.

Podcasters who use Alitu boast of a larger audience that is more loyal to their podcast channel because of how easy it makes podcast creation for them.

Alitu is called Podcast Maker not just because it does good automated editing but because it can also record podcasts. This even makes editing easier for this AI podcast tool.

Users can do both solo recording and interview recordings. To do a solo recording, users just have to select the option when they open their library.

As for interview recordings, users just have to select the call recorder option to use it to record interviews with their guests.

For you to allow Alitu to edit your podcast, you have to upload it to its database to clean up the audio for you and if you do the recording on its interface, it will edit it without you having to go through any process.


1. Automatic Editing

After uploading or recording the audio, this software cleans the audio and removes every background noise that should not appear in the audio. This editing is done automatically and also very fast as well.

2. Solo recording

This feature allows users to record audio single-handedly on the tool’s interface. Every audio recorded on the tool’s interface is top-notch.

3. Call recording

This feature is also termed interview recording. It allows people to record their voices and other people’s voice at the same time and that is what brought the name interview recording.

4. It supports most Audio files

This smart podcasting tool supports many audio file formats like; m4a, .mp3, .flac, .mp4, .wav, .ogg, .acc, .aiff, .aif, .wma, etc. But it recommends users upload audio files in .wav format so they can get easily get their audio files edited.


  1. It saves money by preventing the need to get a professional podcast editor.
  2. It has drag and drop editing feature which makes it easy to use.
  3. It is suitable for beginners.


  1. It is not free to use.
  2. It can’t work offline.
  3. Audio is available for download only in mp3 formats.
  4. It doesn’t support video podcasts.

3. Spreaker

Spreaker is an AI podcast tool that calls itself a full-stack solution for audio publishing, making sure the right software are available for use at each step of the podcasting journey.

It doesn’t matter whether you are creating, editing, monetizing, distributing, or analyzing your podcast, with spreaker it is simplified. It uses artificial intelligence to grow your podcast business by giving you the necessary software you need to produce quality podcasts like a professional.

Podcasters can easily make their money right from the day they start using this tool but the criteria for accessing this feature is to have 5000 monthly downloads. Developers of Spreaker made it so that every podcaster who uses their tool has access to ad money so they can broadcast their podcast.

There are also multiple opportunities to monetize podcasts and they are available on the tool’s interface; users can connect to the largest ads marketplace in podcasting when using this smart podcast tool and the feature that allows this exposure is referred to as the “Programmatic Ads.”

Another opportunity is the direct sponsor feature that allows the direct sales team of Spreaker to pitch users’ podcasts directly to the best advertisers in the industry for live host reads and feed drops.


1. All-in-one podcasting tool

This tool has all the necessary software that a podcaster needs starting from the creation stage to the editing stage. Spreaker can record your audio, do live broadcasts, do professional editing, host a podcast, monetize a podcast, and lastly, create analysis on a podcast.

It is because of all these things it can do that it is referred to as the full stack solution for audio publishing. With the content management system (CMS) feature it possesses, users can get a centralized dashboard to monitor their content.

2. It does in-depth Analytics

This feature works only for people who subscribed to the paid plan. Users who subscribe to the paid plan have access to analytical insights about their audience and how their podcast performance is fairing.

3. It distributes and promotes podcasts faster

Users can use Spreaker to easily distribute their podcasts with just the tap of a click. Users can publish their podcasts to popular audio platforms like Spotify, Amazon Alexa, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, iHeartRadio, etc.


  1. It is easy to use.
  2. It allows users to integrate other people into their podcast accounts.
  3. Its pricing is very reasonable and not too expensive.


  1. It doesn’t allow users to do video podcasts.
  2. It requires users to integrate external audio software like Skype or Google hangout into its interface and also, download the Spreaker Studio Desktop app in other to do the recording.
  3. The major podcasting features are not free to use.

4. is an Artificial intelligence software that is a very powerful podcast tool. Podcasters can use this tool to launch, distribute, and grow their podcast channel with no stress. can help both newbie podcasters and professional podcasters to do transcription on their podcast. On the tool’s interface, users can also add sound effects and other live effects to make their podcast sound interesting to the ear.

When you make your podcast outside of the’s interface, you can still publish it on All you need to do is to upload the podcast file into the interface and then publish it with just a single click to all popular directories like Spotify, Google Podcast, Stitcher, etc. has a feature that allows users to integrate third-party apps into their interface, this makes workflow smoother.

You can also create a funnel for your listeners to easily access your podcast’s episodes, you can do this by creating a members-only channel and this channel can either be a paid channel or a free channel for your audience.

This way you can keep your fans in one place and give them the best podcast experience. There is also this feature on that allows users to find guests for their podcast, it is called

This feature help user who are just starting to find people who are going to be interested in listening to their podcast.

You can use it to make good podcast content that has good audio sound and do a transcript on the podcast to make it easier for people who don’t have a longer attention span to still pay attention to it. gives an hour time frame for transcription per month, so you just have to use it strategically on your podcast.

You can get some analytics like; which podcast episode has lots of listeners, which location are people listening to your podcast, etc. These analytics helps you to improve on the kind of podcast you should make and also the location you should target when distributing it.

The recording is more fun than collaborating with other people, probably your teammates or your guest can do some recordings with you. With the team recording feature of the, you and your team can easily do a recording.


1. Intro and Outro Placement Feature

You can find this feature on the Growth and Premium plans. This feature allows users to maintain their back catalog thereby retaining its quality.

Users can keep their back-catalog evergreen and fresh just by making sure the audio that plays at the beginning and end of their content is up to date.

This feature can also be used to add and remove time-sensitive campaigns that are present in all podcast episodes users have created.

2. Transcription Feature

With this feature, users can create a detailed show note and then use it on blogs to make new content. What this means is that you can do a subtitle for your podcast and also use the subtitle as content on your blog, doing this make the podcast get a higher tendency to gain more visibility due to SEO benefits.

This transcription feature is on the Growth and Premium plans, and it has duration of 1 hour per month anything above that incurs more charges.

3. Video Clips Feature has an audiogram tool that helps you to create video clips that users can publish on their social media accounts.

These short video clips make for great highlights and promotional material, users can send them to their social media to generate a buzz around their podcast.

To use this feature, users just have to integrate the Headliner tool into a’s interface.

4. Podcast Guest Finder Feature

Users can use this feature to find guests who are going to listen to their podcasts. is the website integrated with and it has been free for users so far.

Users can use it to browse for guests based on the kind of podcast content they are creating as they are lots of people on


  1. It provides seamless distribution.
  2. It is beginners friendly.
  3. It allows users to embed podcast players on the interface.
  4. It allows the user to create a subscriber-only podcast.


  1. The podcast analytics isn’t detailed enough.
  2. It is expensive to use if you want to access the best features.
  3. Podcasters can only make money from their podcast through private content for subscribers when using this tool.
  4. It supports MP3 and M4a file formats.

Frequently asked questions

How Do I use AI for podcast?

You can use AI for your podcast by first of all getting ready the script and then doing a recording and leaving the AI to help you with the editing. Another way to do this is to generate the script of the podcast using AI and then do the records or you give an AI to do the record and editing for you.

Can AI summarize a Podcast?

AI can summarize a Podcast for you. It can create text summaries for you with just a few lines of code. It is in this code that it does some editing on the text and then do transcribe and summarizes your podcast’s episodes in real-time in or in batch.

Is Adobe Podcast AI free?

Adobe Podcast AI is free to use. Although Adobe Podcast experienced some rebranding, it is still free to use online.

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The podcast software selected above are top-notch software that will give your podcast more attractiveness. To have the best podcast experience as a podcaster, you need to work with the best software and these software listed above will be of great help in giving you that experience you crave for.

Now, with Buzzsprout, podcasters can easily distribute their Podcast and get more traction (popular support) on it.

To be a good podcaster, audience retention is one of the major keys. To do this as a beginner might not be easy and that is why software like Spreaker which has all the necessary podcast software that make a podcast interesting for the audience are there to help beginners and professionals.

Software like Alitu that have good automated editing features are also not to be underestimated as well, they are very good at making a podcast melodious to the ear.

I believe with the AI podcast software listed above, you can make a quality podcast even if you are just starting with podcasting.

What are your experiences with any of this AI podcast software or other tools not listed here? Let me know in the comments!

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