Best AI Lyrics Generators In 2024 (Free & Paid)

Best AI Lyrics Generators

There are lots of people who are musicians out there and they are giving good lyrics but it takes a lot of effort, time, thinking and most importantly inspiration to get those lyrics out.

For this reason, some tech guys did some critical thinking on how to make it easy for songwriters and musicians to get good lyrics.

This now brings about the creation of an AI lyrics generator. At the first launch, the AI lyrics generators were not all that good as they were full of errors but that is a normal thing to expect when trying out a new thing.

Many years have passed now and the AI lyrics generators currently available now are much better than their ancestors.

In this article, you will get to know the best AI Lyrics Generator that can get you your song out into the public with lots of people listening to it.

What Is AI Lyrics Generator?

AI lyrics generators are smart, automatic song lyrics generators

that uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate lyrics using keywords of your choice.

This AI lyric generator software select from a variety of styles and give you unlimited ideas to work with or choose at random.

You can choose a musical genre or artist to inspire your creation, then you choose a few topics to write about and this Artificial intelligence lyric generator map out cool song ideas based on your choices. And the awesome thing aout this AI lyric generator tool is that it create your lyrics within seconds.

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Best AI Lyrics Generators


Bored humans are one of the easy-to-use lyrics generators. It has a beautiful and simple interface that anyone can understand. It is very easy to use, with just the tap of the generate button, you can get very good lyrics within 10 seconds!!

This is very interesting because in 1 hour you can generate 360 different lyrics and if you decide to devote more hours, let’s say you devote 3 hours more to the 1 hour i.e if you devote 4 hours out of your 24 hours, you will be getting 1,440 lyrics in total.

So you just have to sit down and see how you can merge the lines in each of the lyrics that sound good together to make a whole song lyric.

The reason why bored humans generate its lyrics that quickly (probably within 10 seconds) is because of fact that the creators use a database containing thousands of lyrics to train it.

With that much information, it will be quite surprising if this AI lyrics generator doesn’t generate lyrics that fast.

Just like I said earlier the AI lyrics are different and each of them gives a unique vibe. Another thing about bored humans is that it generates its lyrics using a machine language model called GPT-2 which was created by an OpenAI.

Features of Boredhumans

1. Easy User Interface

The creators made the interface of Boredhumans to be more easy and simple to use. A beginner who has not used any AI tool before but knows how to read can use this AI lyrics generator effectively with no stress to generate lyrics.

2. Speedy lyrics generation

This AI lyric generator generates lyrics every 10 seconds and each of the lyrics it generates is unique and they have a nice rhythm.


  1. It is free to use.
  2. It is very easy to use
  3. It generates lyrics speedily.
  4. It generates lyrics with a unique vibe.
  5. It uses a large lyrics reservoir to generate lyrics.


  1. You can not choose the type of lyrics genres to generate because Boredhumans generate lyric

2. These Lyrics Do Not Exist

This is another great lyrics generator that uses the neural network to function. These lyrics do not exist and come with simple but useful functions that generate original lyrics across various topics like a party, life story etc.

And also, you can set the lyric’s mood or emotion you want your fans to feel when listening to your music. Apart from the fact that you can choose your lyrics topic, you also have access to change the lyrics genres of your choice, for example, country, pop, rock etc. All these features you can find on the AI interface.

It has a space bar that allows you to input the topic you want your lyric to be grouped with, all you need to do is this: type the topic on the space bar and tap the blue button “Generate My Lyrics” on the website to get the lyrics if you like the lyrics you can download the lyrics for free.

These AI lyrics generators generate lyrics within 5 seconds and each of them is within the genres of lyrics you want. The lyrics are also sensible as well with no nonsensical text between them. 

Features of These lyrics do not exist

1. Generate lyrics very fast

It generates lyrics within seconds by just tapping on the blue generate button. The creators made it so that this AI lyrics generator generates lyrics within 5 seconds and the lyrics will appear based on the requirements you set on the web interface.

It has that speedy response because of the neural network that was used to build it and also the massive lyrics bank it has in its reservoir.

2. Easy and smooth running Interface

This AI have a very easy-to-use interface and when users use it, it works smoothly with no traffic. The creator made it so that the AI will never feel the pressure of traffic so it can work efficiently and with ease.


  1. It allows you to customise your song topic.
  2. It allows you to choose the lyrics and genres you want.
  3. It allows you to download your lyrics after generating them.
  4. It is free to use and can be used at any point in time.
  5. It is very easy to use as its interface is very easy to understand.
  6. It generates lyrics very fast.


  • It displays ads.

3. Deepbeat Rap Lyrics Generator

The creators of Deepbeat Rap lyrics use machine learning techniques to train it. It is as a result of the training that this smart rap lyrics generator can generate lyrics.

This AI generate rap lyrics by taking lines from rap songs that are already in existence and combining the lines that make sense together to form a nice rhyme.

It is very easy to use Deepbeat to generate rap lyrics, with just the tap of the generate lyric button, you get new rap lyrics which fill up all the empty lines.

If peradventure you want the lyrics to be generated line by line, you can use the rhyming line button or you can use the lyrics to get inspiration to write your own lyrics line by line.

After generating the rap lyrics, you can edit them to your taste, for example, activating the deep learning feature to change the form of your lyrics. Click the upper right corner of the interface to add this feature to your lyrics generation process.

Features of Deepbeat Rap lyrics

1. Easy User Interface

The interface is very easy to use and also not complicated for beginners, who are just using AI to generate lyrics. The interface doesn’t contain any complicated features, all the features that appear on the interface are very easy to understand and use.

2. Generate lyrics speedily

It generates rap lyrics very quickly and each lyrics is also unique and sensible. The rap lyrics gives a unique vibe and also pass a realistic message to listeners.

It generates lyrics within a few seconds after tapping the generate button. With this smart lyrics generator, you can get as many lyrics as about 400 lyrics within 24 Hours.

3. Freebies

The creators of Deepbeat Rap lyrics generator made it free for online users. So users can use it as many times as possible with no worries of any monthly fee or yearly fee.


  1. It generates rap lyrics easily
  2. It is free to use
  3. There are more options to write your lyrics.
  4. It is beginner’s friendly.


  • It is currently not available.

4. Mathias Gatti Lyrics Generator

This AI got its to name from it creator Mathi Gatti, it generates lyrics that are very nice to the ear and gives a soothing effect to the soul.

Research has shown that those who use Matti Gatti’s AI lyrics generator to generate lyrics enjoy a boost in their music career as a result of the AI lyrics they used. Although the lyrics generator is good, it is slow.

It takes about 2 to 3 minutes to generate lyrics at times. The slow response is a result of the AI model used to train the AI lyrics generator.

Its creators use OpenAI’s GPT-2 Language to be specific to train this AI.

After the initial slow process of generating lyrics, it becomes faster in generating the other lyrics, some AI developers have said the reason for the initial slow process is that the AI model system is preparing itself to work.

By tapping the generate button, the AI starts writing the lyrics after which it displays them in the given space provided for the lyrics.

One amazing thing about this AI is that it is free with no copyright infringement, so you can enjoy the full qualities of this AI for free.

Features of Mathias Gatti lyrics generator

1. Lyrics modification

Before generating your lyrics, you can modify the creativity of the lyrics to make the lyrics appear like human-written lyrics. When modifying, you have to take note not to make the lyrics appear too complex for comprehension.

2. Addition of desired lyrics keywords

There is a space heading that has the keyword heading on it, it allows you to put the keyword you want your lyrics to optimise.

Doing this takes time; but this only happens when you first put the keyword you want to find in your lyrics, after which the speed at which the AI generates the next lyrics increases.

3. It generates unique lyrics

With every tap of the generate button, new lyrics are generated. Each of the lyrics generated sometimes doesn’t carry the keyword typed on the keyword bar if the keyword isn’t a common phrase of a word in songs.

But with a tap of the generate button, new lyrics are produced and they are passing meaningful information.

4. It doesn’t allow repetition in lyrics

With a tap of the repetition penalty button, you can reduce the tendency of getting repetitive lines in your lyrics. But if you don’t activate the function, you can still enjoy your lyrics with no repetition, it is still safe to activate the button to avoid such occurrence.


  1. It generates a song idea on the keyword in the keyword bar.
  2. It is free to use and you can use it as many times as possible.
  3. It has a spontaneous interface
  4. It reduces the tendency to have repetitive lines.


  • It can be sluggish at generating lyrics in some cases.

5. Jasper Al

Jasper AI is an AI lyrics generator that serves as a lyrics writing assistant, it can assist you regardless of your lyrics writing skill level whether you are a novice, an amateur, or a professional lyrics writer.

Jasper is powered by an advanced form of AI. It helps songwriters and musicians to generate fresh, new ideas in times when they need inspiration or they enter writer’s block and don’t know what to write in the next line of their lyrics also you can use lyrics Jasper AI generate to enrich your written lyrics.

In cases where you don’t want to stress yourself in writing the lyrics, Jasper AI is built for that and it can generate long lines of lyrics on a particular theme just like a human writer.

Features of Jasper AI

1. It allows users to select lyrics style based on the popular artist

Jasper allows lyrics writers to use this feature to generate lyrics that are tailored according to the style of a particular artist.

It does this base on the previous lyrics records of this artist, after the AI runs through the lyrics database of the chosen artist, it generates new lyrics filled with new different words that display the lyrics style of the artist. It works beautifully with no errors.

2. It allows users to select the lyrics genres

When you want to generate lyrics, there is a feature that allows you to pick the lyrics genres you prefer. It can either be country, pop, metal, rock, afrobeat etc. It is the lyrics genres you select before tapping the generate button that will appear in your lyrics.


  1. It inspires users in getting inspiration to write new lyrics with unique vibes.
  2. It increases the speed of the lyrics writer in writing new lyrics.
  3. It increases the creativity of lyrics writers in getting lyrics.


  • It is not free to use.

6. Chatgpt

This AI is a good lyrics generator as well, it generates its lyrics like other AI lyrics generators. It works smoothly with no stress.

To get the best out of this AI lyrics generator, you have to give the lyrics genres you want and the artist style you want.

For example, if you want love lyrics in Ariana Grande style, you have to write it in full like this “generate love lyrics in Ariana Grande style.” Doing it this way will make you get your lyrics in the topic and the desired artist’s style you want.

You can also add the genre of the lyric you want as well. With just a single tap of the generate button, you will have your lyrics ready within seconds.

The reason why you can get your lyrics within seconds is that it was trained with a large volume of lyrics, this also allows it to learn the pattern and human relationship so it can generate reasonable and meaningful lyrics.

One major thing that makes it fast again is the fact that it can predict the next text to write so it is writing like a human writer though not exactly like humans.

The fact that this AI uses GPT-3 model to write its lyrics makes it easy for those who want to modify the lyrics to do so easily and also this is one of the reasons why it writes so fast with no delays or experience writer’s block. 

Features of Chatgpt

1. It can partially replicate human lyrics writing form

This AI passes through human relationship training which made it knows about human emotions. So whenever it is writing lyrics, it tries to write the lyrics with emotion to appear like human writing.

Although there are times it fails in this, it still scores a high score of writing more with emotion during one of the test exercises.

2. It can write faster

It is quite amazing how fast this AI write lyrics. Within a few seconds, your lyrics are ready for you to copy out.

Also, it doesn’t matter whether you add the lyrics genres you want or the artist’s lyrics style you want to appear in your lyrics, the speed does not diminish one bit, it still writes faster.

3. It can write any genres of lyrics

It can write any genres of lyrics due to the large lyrics database the creators trained it with, it has experienced all forms of lyrics styles including the traditional ones so no lyrics topic is new to it.


  1. It generates lyrics very fast.
  2. It also generates lyrics containing human emotion.
  3. It improves the creativity of human lyrics writers.
  4. It can generate lyrics from all kinds of cultures.
  5. Paid version of this AI always works even when there is too much traffic.


  • The AI web sometimes doesn’t load due to too much traffic on its server.
  • It is not entirely free.

7. Anticulture Song Lyric Generator

This is one of the best AI lyrics generators and it has a simple interface that is easily understandable by users. To generate new lyrics you have to tap the regenerate art button and it generates random lyrics within a few seconds.

This AI operates using a language model, it uses this language model as well as the large lyrics database to randomly generate lyrics.

There are no options to select the type of lyrics you want to generate, so there is no way to get the desired lyrics genres you want and there is no way to choose the topic you want your lyrics to be based on. The lyrics generated are mainly for inspiration but sometimes they can be modified into already existing lyrics.

Features of Anticulture Song Lyrics

1. It has a very easy interface

The Anticulture song lyrics creators made it very easy to use and understand, It interface does not have any complicated features. Users just need to tap the lyrics generator at the top and then tap the regenerate Art to generate new lyrics.

2. It generates lyrics very fast

It generates lyrics very fast. It uses a few seconds to generate new lyrics and if you can dedicate some more time to it, you can get close to 400 lyrics within 4 hours.

3. It generates lyrics randomly

It can’t generate lyrics on a particular theme. The creators created it this way, and this makes us conclude that this AI is for getting inspiration either before lyrics writing or during lyrics writing and not to be used to write full lyrics from beginning to end.


  1. It is free to use.
  2. It is easy to use
  3. It is a friendly


  • It randomly generates lyrics which makes it difficult to get your desired lyrics.
  • It does not allow you to select the topic of your lyrics, the lyrics genres and the keyword you want to appear in your lyrics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can an AI make a Song?

An AI can make a song easily with the help of pre-recorded music samples. The AI goes through the pre-recorded music samples to create unique music which can be turned into audio and this audio can be modified with music keys, tempo, individual instruments and other instrumentals to create a mood that your fans can vibe with.

Can you sell AI-generated lyrics?

The advancement of AI is going at a fast pace and it is getting more reliable in the human workforce including the lyrics (music) industry and this has led to a debate.

People are asking if AI-generated lyrics can be sold in the market. In the US, lyrics generated fully by AI can’t be sold but lyrics written by humans can be sold in the market and have the right to get copyright protection.

Will AI replace Song Writers?

With how quickly AI can generate lyrics and how unique the lyrics can appear to be, it is not surprising that people will ask if AI will replace songwriters. The truth is human beings can’t be replaced by AI no matter how sophisticated the AI appears to be.

AI might be able to write lyrics faster than human songwriters but still, Humans songwriters are the best because of their unique way of thinking and how they can arrange the lyrics just where they are meant to be.

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Wrapping Up On the Best AI Lyrics Generators

AI lyrics generators are great lyrics assistants to human songwriters. With an AI lyrics generator, there is nothing like writer’s block.

AI-like chatbots can produce lyrics in massive quantity and can work tirelessly with no need to rest, so having a chatbot as an assistant in writing your lyrics will increase the speed at which you produce lyrics which are of quality type.

Another AI lyrics generator is the Jasper lyrics generator which can improve the writing quality of individual(s) from a lower rank to a higher one.

You can also enjoy the handy assistance of Jasper Al lyrics generator whenever you need it with no stress; mind you, Jasper AI is not entirely free but it is worth paying for.

With the Jasper lyrics generator, you can also produce many unique, sensible lyrics.

Which of these AI lyrics generators are you going to try? Leave it the comment section below. Do not forget to share your experience too!

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