Best AI Zoom Notetakers To Take Meeting Minutes, AI Notes & Summaries

Best AI Zoom Notetakers

Do you know that 80% of people who went to a meeting came back without remembering what the meeting was all about?

Do you also know that in 2021, a study research done based on online meeting platforms, shows that 75% of people regretted attending a lot of meetings?

The point we are trying to drive at here is this. A lot of people waste their time on online meetings especially.

Most of the time they only attend the meeting for formalities sake. Most people attending online meetings at some point in time aren’t following the meeting.

Not that they aren’t there on the screen. They are present actually! Their mind is not just keeping up with the pace of the meeting.

That is why a Notetaker is needed. But not just anyone, it has to be an AI Notetaker for online meetings.

So, if an individual is even preoccupied, the AI Notetaker does its job automatically. The smart tool doesn’t need the prompt of its owner to function effectively.

What is an AI Zoom Notetaker?

If you are very observant, you have probably noticed some odd participants in a Zoom meeting. And you would have been wondering, how come I never see this participant before?

It is not what you think it is, those participants are likely to be an AI Notetaker. This Notetaker is just trying to represent its owner.

It silently joins the meeting and takes jottings of important details of the meeting. It then summarized the jottings in clear concise words for its owner.

This is so that the owner quickly grasps the concept of the Zoom meeting.

AI Notetaker is one of the latest AI technology. It is currently growing in the technology market space. Its creation is a result of the combination of different Artificial intelligence development.

This development and some intricate adjustment brought this smart AI tool into existence. With the breakthrough in voice recognition and transcription, it does a cool job.

It runs a proper voice recognition in the meeting and then transcribes the audio sound it records. This process is an Autopilot process. No human interference is needed.

In summary; AI Zoom Notetakers are advanced virtual assistant that joins meeting for its owner. It records the meeting using its voice recognition AI model.

It also uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the information it receives and then scribes down the summary.

It does this process efficiently, such that the user of this tool gets as informed as the individuals in the meeting. Fun fact, it doesn’t need regular maintenance from its owner to function at all.

What are the benefits of using AI Zoom Notetakers?

Now that you are fully aware of what AI Zoom Notetakers are, you probably have a list of potential benefits you can get from this tool.

You are also probably wondering within you if it takes the meeting Notetaker task of your secretary? Notetaker is very efficient when it comes to taking summarized notes from meetings.

It does it more fluidly and efficiently than most secretaries, which is why it is being used in some big companies.

Many companies who use it, work more efficiently and deliver exactly what their customer has an interest in. Now, the benefits of AI Notetakers include;

  1. It eliminates the stress of paying attention to a meeting and still making summarized notes as well.
  2. It helps CEOs or meeting pioneers to be able to have a summarized record of the meeting proceeds.
  3. It helps users to be able to spot patterns and trends across Zoom calls. This help individual who are working in customer care service. This helps companies to take notes of the pain points and complaints of customers. With these important details, companies are sure to satisfy their customers.

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Best AI Zoom Notetakers


Fireflies is an advanced AI technology project. This smart software records and perform automatic transcription for online meetings.

It takes recordings of meetings that take place on online meeting platforms like GMeet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and many more.

Fireflies’ owners can watch the recordings of the meeting and extract the important points themselves.

But that’s if users don’t trust the summary of this smart tool. As for users who trust Fireflies’ accuracy, they can use the summary it takes from the meeting.

With the search toolbar of this AI software, users can go to a specific aspect of the meeting.  Fireflies allow its users to make some changes to the display speed.

Users can change the speed of the character display from 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, and 2x.

Before going to the features, Fireflies has a “Use Case.” With this “use case”, users can easily specify the kind of meeting Fireflies is joining.

With this done, Fireflies can easily know how the important details of the meeting. This allows it to make a more concise summary.

Users can toggle from Educational mode to Sales, Consulting, Recruiting, Marketing, Engineering, and others, depending on the type of meeting, users have in their schedule.


1. Video Conferencing AI Feature

This smart software smoothly connects to your smart calendar on your device. This is so it can easily know when to join a virtual online meeting.

This AI feature uses its intelligence to go through the calendar schedule so it won’t miss the date and time. It works well on the Zoom meeting app.

It also works on other virtual meeting platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, GoToMeeting, etc.

2.  It offers Chrome Recorder Extension

The presence of Chrome Recorder is quite cool. It is for users who use the Chrome browser for most of their meetings.

This feature does video conference recordings, dialers, VOIP, and other web calling systems.

Users have to install the Zoom meeting app or any other meeting platform on Chrome browser, for this feature to work.

3. It possesses Topic Trackers

This feature allows users to search for keywords of a scheduled meeting. It also searches for themes and topics around a scheduled meeting as well.

This feature allows users to create their topic tracker. With the click of the customized button of this feature, users can create a topic tracker for themselves.

This feature helps users to find the discussion around the topic of the meeting.

4. It offers smooth transcription

This smart software allows users to easily transcribe their meetings. This feature offers a dropdown menu that contains a list of recorded meetings.

To use this feature, users just have to select the record file. After selecting it, they can easily transcribe it automatically.

User Experience

We meet quite a few people and most of them said good things about this smart software. They said this smart software is a good assistant and the perfect virtual collaboration tool.

Fireflies helped a lot of users to capture and organize notes from their meetings. It does smooth transcriptions as well. The fun fact is that it does all these procedures on automation.

A lot of users love Fireflies AI tool mainly for how easy it is to set up. A lot of users said this tool is very easy to use.

As for the summary, it is accurate and precise. Although some users said the meeting summary Fireflies AI tool provided to them is inaccurate.

We discussed this with some other users who said they also use this tool. Their reply was this.

To use the summary feature effectively, a user should use the use case for the meeting, so the software knows what point to target. 


Fireflies offer 4 main pricing plans for its users.

Free Pricing Plan

Users on this plan enjoy all the services of this software for free. It offers services like; meeting recordings, comments, transcription, and many other features.

Users enjoy only 800 minutes of storage on this plan. The transcription credits are also limited. It also supports only 3 public channels.

Pro Pricing Plan

This plan is suitable for users who are sole workers or a small team of people working together. It offers more features than the free plan.

It offers features like AI summaries, keywords and topic tracking, CRM, etc. The transcription service it offers does not have any limits. Its minutes of storage is about 8000. It cost $10 per month.

Business Pricing Plan

This plan is best suited for users who are having fast-growing teams or businesses. This plan allows users to enjoy unlimited transcription credits.

The storage minutes are more than the Pro Pricing Plan. It offers more business plans such as Premium AI summaries, and team insights (this feature is for the main owner of the account.)

It also offers conversation intelligence, priority support, and many other features. It cost $19 per month.

Enterprise Pricing Plan

This feature allows users who are having more than 50 members under their control. This plan is a custom plan in which the price is charged based on specific requests.


1. It supports transcription in different languages (30 languages.)

2. It offers users detailed notes and meeting summaries.

3. It supports the integration of software.

4. It creates a personal category to stay organized.


1. There is a need to improve the accuracy level.

2. The meeting recap is not a quality grade.

3. There is a need to improve the editing features of the Fireflies AI Tool.

4. The option needs to be more intuitive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do users use Fireflies in Zoom meetings?

As a user of Fireflies, you will probably want to integrate it into your Zoom meeting app. For users who don’t know how to go about it; these next few steps should be of good help.

It doesn’t matter if you want this smart software to be a direct participant in your virtual meeting or not. The following steps will be a good guide on how to add Fireflies to your Zoom meeting app.

1. Users have to, first of all, connect the Fireflies to their calendar

To do this, users must have a smart calendar that supports integration. Once a user has this type of calendar, adding the Fireflies AI tool to it is easy. Users have to use the integration section present in the calendar to add this smart tool.

2. Users can add the meeting links to the Fireflies AI tool

After connecting the Fireflies AI tool successfully to the calendar, linking is next. You have to add the link to the meeting to the calendar.

Right from the settings, you can customize the Fireflies AI tool. You can customize it to identify and auto-join online meetings on your behalf.

At the set time and date of the meeting, the Fireflies AI tool automatically joins the meeting as a participant.

3. Users can invite the Fireflies AI tool to Zoom meetings

This is for users who couldn’t add the meeting link to their calendar or forgot to enable the auto-join feature.

With the invite option on the Zoom meeting app, just choose the email option. Once selected, type this email;

4. Users can add Fireflies AI Tool from its dashboard

This smart software allows its users to be able to add it through the dashboard. Users can add it to an ongoing meeting, and it will join successfully.

You just have to, first of all, fill in the meeting name, meeting duration, and meeting URL in the available meeting space.

Afterward, this smart software joins the meeting and the start recording process. It also does its transcriptions on the recorded file.

5. Users can add Fireflies AI Tool as an extension

This is for users who don’t want Fireflies AI tool to be a direct participant in a meeting. This smart software takes its necessary captures.

And transcribe the meetings directly from the browser, without the Fireflies tool being a direct participant in the meeting.

Research shows that 60% of users use this option of adding the Fireflies AI tool to meetings. Fireflies AI tool only directly participates in a meeting organized on G-Suite with this option.

How does a user share Fireflies Transcript Files?

In cases, whereby users want to share their transcript file, the following steps will be of help.

Users can share the file with their colleagues, teammates, or anyone of their choice with this method.

  • User has to log in to an account created on this smart software interface. The account has to be the main account used for the recording.
  • Users have to go to the “Notebook” section on the main menu located on the left side of a device display.
  • From the notebook, there are lots of meetings. Simply choose the one you require.
  • After selecting the meeting transcript, you need, you can either copy the link. Or tap the copy option next to the meeting you have the intention of sharing.

Amazingly, every meeting has an encryption lock on them. Users can easily allow other individuals to access the meeting transcript.

Simply press the “Padlock icon” and choose “anyone with the link,” and they may access the connection.

After doing that, users can share the link with whoever they wish to share it with.

How does a user remove the Fireflies AI tool from a meeting app?

Removing Fireflies AI tool from meeting apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and many others is not a hard task to do.

The process is very simple and it is the same in all the meeting apps. Users have to, first of all, locate the Fireflies Notetaker from the participants’ log.

Then tap the remove button to remove the Fireflies from an ongoing meeting. The action causes a prompt to appear, the prompt is to verify your action by asking for confirmation.

Choose “yes” if you want to remove the AI tool from the meeting.

Why should anyone use Fireflies AI Tool?

Fireflies AI tool has a lot of amazing features that make life quite easy. Life as a business person isn’t easy and this smart tool can ease it a bit.

This smart software not only attends a meeting on your behalf, it also does automatic transcription of the meeting proceeds as well.

It does a proper summary, drafting out the key points. It also allows users to easily share the drafted points with their colleagues.

Fireflies AI tool allows users to integrate with meeting apps apart from the browser extension.

This is cool, as the browser extension of Fireflies is more suitable for G-Suite meeting participants.

With the intelligence it possesses, it offers a high accuracy percentage in its transcripts. It offers a 90% accuracy rate.

One important feature, Fireflies AI offers good security and privacy policy. The meeting notes and transcripts are stored in a secure cloud environment.

Only people a user allows to view the meeting notes can gain access to it.

2. Sembly AI Tool

Sembly is a one-of-a-kind Zoom meeting Notetaker. It is a free online Zoom AI meeting assistant that uses AI technology to run its operations.

This intelligence allows it to take meeting notes and then summarized them. The summaries of the meeting are always on point and accurate.

Apart from doing summaries and note-taking, it also forms notes. It uses the main points gotten from the meeting as its base.

After doing the transcript, users can easily locate the transcript, edit it and then share it with whoever they want.

Sembly AI tool has some cool features which we are going to discover soon. But before that, Sembly can detect voices, learn new vocabulary, and understand the concept of a discussion.

Users don’t need to download any app to use this smart tool, since it is available for web access as well as application.

Users can invite it to the Zoom meeting using an email inbox or invite. Users can also sync the app with a smart calendar as well.


1. It Offers Activity Dashboard

This feature allows users to be able to keep a tab. Users can easily track all the activities that happened in a meeting with this smart feature.

Users can track who posted a comment. Users can also know who raised a topic of discussion in the meeting.

Also, users can easily track the files stored on the software interface. Sembly allow its users not to miss any meetings as it shows the schedule of every meeting.

2. It offers to make meeting notes

This smart software sure possesses an AI. This allows it to easily grasp and understand a topic concept, most especially in meetings.

After understanding the concept, it transcribes its understanding in a notepad.

The notepad is now stored in its storage card. It offers Multi-lingual support for users who want the meeting notes to be in other languages.

It supports about 35 languages and users can easily share the note with other users. The cool thing is that this software allows users to know the speakers in the meeting.

3. It offers video conferencing

This feature allows users to record and transcribe video recordings. These video conference recordings can be accessed from anywhere, so far the user has a device with an internet connection.

This is so because the video conference is stored in the storage unit.

4. It offers meeting management

This smart software allows users to enjoy smooth transcription and meeting summaries. It does these 2 processes automatically.

Users can focus on the discussion and don’t have to worry about taking any notes in the meeting.

With the GlanceView feature, users can easily view a quick and concise snapshot of the meeting. Thereby not missing any important details of the meeting even when a user is not listening. 

User Experience

We got some reviews from loyal customers of Sembly. There was a user who said that going to a meeting was not something he love.

He said he usually forgets whatever topic was discussed during the meeting. The reason was that he couldn’t write, listen and contribute his point of view during the meeting.

He said things are different with Sembly. He said he can freely contribute his point of view and still have a summary of the meeting he can fall back on.

We met a remote worker who said that he always attends lots of meetings. Due to this, he always forgets a lot of points.

But with Sembly, he does not have to stress himself remembering the points. He said he always uses Sembly to attend most of his meetings. Thereafter he goes through the summary of the meeting.

A project manager we met talked about both why she loves Sembly and what needs to be improved. She said Sembly helps her to keep track of all the items she needs to do.

She said she easily tracks her project’s progress and ensures she doesn’t miss her deadline, all with the help of Sembly.

She said she doesn’t like the transcription. Especially when a meeting recording has so many overlapped voices, or the speakers spoke too fast. She said the transcription is not always accurate.


Personal Pricing Plan

This is a free plan in which its users enjoy all the features with no payment.

Users enjoy features like unlimited meeting recording hours and storage, automatic meeting minutes, Agent name customization, and audio upload not longer than 2 hours per month.

Users also enjoy AI-generated meeting notes with summaries.

Professional Pricing Plan

This plan offers its users a 7-day free trial and it cost $10 per month.

Users on this plan enjoy features like; AI-generated meeting notes with summary, unlimited meeting recordings, unlimited storage, automatic meeting minutes, and many others.

Users also enjoy audio uploads of 5 hours per month.

Team Pricing Plan

This plan cost $20 per workspace member per month.

It offers features such as unlimited meeting recording hours, unlimited storage, AI-generated meeting notes with summaries, and many other features.

Users also enjoy features like audio uploads 10 hours long per month.


1. It offers users automatic meeting recording and transcription.

2. It allows users to enjoy AI-generated meeting notes and summaries.

3. It allows users to enjoy automatic meeting minutes.

4. It gives users the benefit of uploading audio files to its interface to get automated transcription.


1. The AI-generated notes and summaries it offers to users are not accurate all the time.

2. It doesn’t have an easy-to-understand user interface.

3. It doesn’t support too many integrations of apps or software.

4. The price is a bit high for some potential clients to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are the AI-generated notes and summary of Sembly?

This smart software helps users to get accurate notes from the meeting. The level of accuracy of the notes indeed depends on some factors.

Factors like the quality of the audio recordings, the clarity of the discussion, the structure of the discussion, and many other factors.

This factor is the core functionality that determines how comprehensive the notes from the meeting should appear. So the level of accuracy of the notes is not standard as it varies.

How can a user improve the level of Sembly’s accuracy in generating the notes of a meeting?

Yes, it is possible to help Sembly generates more accurate notes for meetings.

  • Users have to first of all ensure that the meeting is in order. Orderliness must be maintained from the beginning to the end of the meeting.
  • Participants of the meeting have to speak, loudly, and not too fast. With the steady rhythm of speaking not too fast, Sembly’s voice recognition and audio analyzer grasp the concept of discussion.
  • Participants of the meeting should not speak big vocabulary. It is best they speak in simple language.
  • Users who participated in the meeting can manually correct errors noticed in the notes this smart tool generates.
How can a user use Sembly AI meeting Notetaker with other tools?

Sembly support the integration of other tools. It supports tools like Slack, Trello, and Notion. This allows users to share their meeting notes and summary with other tools.

Users can even form a collaboration with other members to create a team.  Sembly also supports meeting apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet for integration.

Is Sembly a secure software?

 Sembly offers good security for users’ information and data. The rigorous audits on security, they undergo allow users’ data to have a safety lock.

They are also very compliant with the rules and regulations that ensure the security and privacy of user data are guaranteed.

Sembly has reached SOC II compliant level of security as of 2022 and it is fully GDPR compliant, so users have nothing to worry about.

Why should anyone use the Sembly AI tool?

Having Sembly as a Notetaker in meetings makes meeting attendance more fruitful. With Sembly, you can automatically record meetings and do a transcription of the recordings of the meeting.

Users don’t have to worry about missing any important details of the meeting. Users can even contribute their points of view and still be able to keep a jotting.

The interesting thing about this software is that users can easily grasp the summaries it does. The summaries are always neatly arranged.

Sembly always provide insights and analysis on the meeting content. This smart software takes every detail of the meeting, and insights on how to make a more productive meeting are easily generated.

Even with all this, the user interface is not that great. Sometimes the accuracy of the generated bites and summaries is not great as well.

But with a well-organized meeting, with every participant speaking calmly, the generated text is sure to have a higher accuracy level.

3. Fathom AI Notetaker

Taking notes on Fathom is very easy. Users don’t need to stress their mental energy. With a few clicks here and there on this smart software, users can have a good note in meetings.

On Fathom, users just have to tap the highlight button to get their notes ready. After this smart software generates the notes, users can save them based on categories. With the highlights, users can customize it to suit their needs.

In the highlight sections, there are defaults such as insights, positive reactions, red flags, technical questions, product feedback, and support issues.

Each of them possesses different types of color and a button of their own.

This highlights defaults, if properly used can produce imaginary results. For example, during a meeting, a participant gives useful insights on a particular issue.

You can take note by tapping the insight highlights. With this, you can easily go through the notes this software generates for the meeting with clarity.

In the same way, you can put in good use the other highlights. With Fathom AI software, users can get all the information in a meeting without jotting down any points.

Owners of Fathom can decide to ask questions or just observe and listen to other people’s points.


1. It offers a Highlights feature

This feature allows users to be able to prompt Fathom to make an accurate note. Users can highlight important moments during the meeting.

This makes scrolling through it easy and allows users to easily comprehend the contents in it. With the highlights, Fathom can make an accurate summary that can be shared with people who need it.

2. It possesses action items

This feature helps users easily capture tasks as the meeting participants mention them. There is no need for a user to get confused as to who is responsible for an action or not.

The task is aligned with the highlights such that anybody who goes through the notes can make sense of them.

3. It grants users instant access

Once a meeting ends, a user has instant access to the meeting recordings.

Since it possesses Artificial intelligence technology, it automatically does the transcription and the highlights as it records the meeting live.

Once the meeting ends, a user can instantly edit the transcript and highlights to any style.

4. It supports CRM

This allows users to sync all their notes generated from the meeting recordings to the CRM. The integration of CRM ensures that users don’t lose any files.

Users can always have fallen back on this storage. This particular feature is only meant for users who are in paid plans.

User Experience

We met a few people to interview as regards this software. The majority of the people we met said this software is a very good Note taker.

Many of them said they don’t stress themselves to take notes in online meetings. The transcription of the audio files is accurate and the summaries are very helpful.

The user interface of this software is very easy to navigate between the features.

A lot of users like the fact that they don’t need to learn how to use the features in the interface of this software.

Some recommended this software to their friends who want to save time and ensure that their meeting is productive.

Fathom note-down for students who don’t mostly get what teachings are passed across the online class.

Some students we met talked about how this software saves their academic grades. They said it helped them to be able to study well with its simplified note and summary.

And of course, this software is not as perfect as it is. Many users have complained that the transcription sometimes is not accurate.

Some others complained that the summary is too brief for them. Even still, the negative reviews were gotten from few people.


This software offers 3 different Pricing Plans apart from its free plan, which includes;

Free Pricing Plan

This plan allows users to enjoy unlimited recording and transcription of the Zoom meeting. It also offers users AI-generated summaries of the recorded meetings.

Users enjoy the benefits of highlighting and tagging important moments in meeting recordings. All these features and many others are enjoyed for free.

Starter Pricing Plan

This plan cost $48.00 per month. It is suitable for one company. It offers all the features of the free plan and some other features.

Features like the ability to video conferencing from meeting platforms like Zoom meetings. It also offers transcription options for users as well as many other features.

Silver Pricing Plan

It cost $250.00 per month. It is suitable for 5 companies. This plan offers all the features in the starter Pricing Plan.

Users enjoy benefits like the ability to create custom tags and categories for the meeting recordings. Users can also integrate Fathom with their CRM system for extra protection of their recordings.

Gold Pricing Plan

It cost $360 per month. It is suitable for 10 companies. It offers users all the plans in the silver plan and more. It offers users unlimited access to add new users to their paid accounts.

Each of these plans offers free trials before any payment is made.


1. It offers users intuitive and simplified note-taking with a single click.

2. It allows users to easily organize the highlights or notes in a clear format.

3. It allows users to easily get access to file recordings and transcript files with the help of word search.

4. It supports the integration of some apps like; Salesforce, Slack, HubSpot, Google Docs, Notion, Asana, and Todoist


1. It only supports the Zoom meeting app.

2. It doesn’t offer a clear safety protocol in case of a data breach.

3. Its free trial is limited.

4. It is expensive to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fathom allow users to record videos conference?

Yes, Fathom supports video recording. It does proper video recording and then runs the transcription of the video as well.

The transcript appears as notes that can be shared with other people who might be colleagues or not.

It also appears as a snippet that is like a screenshot that contains bullet points of important information.

How does a user connect Fathom to Zoom Meeting App?

It is quite easy to connect a Zoom app and Fathom together. First of all, open the Zoom app and click the Apps icon in its interface.

On the search bar, type in the name Fathom and then click Add. After which you sign in to the Zoom app to accept the permission.

Tap the “Authorize Button.” Once you accept this process, Fathom installs as well. You can launch Fathom by going to the App section in the Zoom interface to open it.

What Apps does Fathom AI Tool integrate with?

Fathom AI tool integrates with; Slack, Salesforce, HubSpot, Asana, Notion, Todoist, and Google Docs.

Once a user integrates Slack into the Fathom interface, users can send highlights to their team members in real time.

In this way, users can coordinate with the team members without them appearing at the online board meeting.

Does Fathom offer a consent form?

Fathom indeed offers a consent form to users. A user(s) have access to send the consent form to the participants on the matter of recording the forthcoming meeting.

So, with this consent form, a user can know which meetings he can record and which he should not record.

Why is Fathom one of the best software?

Fathom offers some top-grade features that are making so many business owners manage their meetings effectively.

Its ease of use is not spread to only technical users but also to non-technical users. It offers a very intuitive user interface for all kinds of users.

It makes provision for reports of meetings and also notes of the meeting proceedings. Its analytic functions provide data visualization of the meeting report.

One cool thing is that this report helps users easily gain insights on how to make meetings more productive. The fact that it offers integration with CRM Software makes it more interesting to use.

4. Notes by DubberAI Tool

Note by Dubber is an advanced technology tool. This software is aimed at helping meeting pioneers and many business owners set productive meetings.

This AI Notetaker is also aimed at helping users have more productive calls. This smart software generates transcripts, action items, and rich summaries for meetings.

With this smart tool working with you, there is no doubt, you are going to cover more tasks quickly.

With this smart software, users can capture live video conference recordings. This smart software does the transcription of the live recordings with ease.

The transcript can now be turned into executive summaries, marked action items, and shared notes among teammates and colleagues.

The files can also be shared with other individuals to form a collaboration with them.

Note by Dubber also provides the audio file for the video it made. The audio also gets its transcript that appears as a shareable file.

Users can easily search for the transcript, summaries, and action items right from the search bar. This allows users to have easy access to them.


1. It easily captures a user’s meetings and conversations

This feature allows users to take a record of the meeting proceeds. With these features, users can always access the meeting in the future.

A fun fact is that this smart tool captures the meeting either online, offline, or via telephone. This feature is a powerful AI tool. It takes in every information it notices to its storage.

2. It easily transcribes and summarizes meeting proceeds

There is always a need for a transcript. Most especially for people who prefer to read the meeting bullet points, this feature is beneficial to them.

With the AI technology in this software, it does automatic transcription as it records the meeting. So, once the recording is done, a user can have access to the transcript and then edits it.

3. It offers a good summary of the meeting

This feature is a smart bot of Note by Dubber. This bot takes in the note as the other bot does the transcript. It then analyzes it.

Once it analyzes it and understands it, it gives out the meeting concept in clear concise words that can be easily understood.

4. It provides meeting reviews

This feature allows users to get smooth access to an in-depth review of the meeting. This review helps users to understand what their meeting is lacking.

With this information, users can get insights and information on how to make the meeting more productive.

User Experience

This smart software allows users to enjoy their time using it. It does smooth transcriptions on calls and meetings automatically.

A lot of users said they don’t even have to prompt it. They said once they finish their meeting, they just have to go to the note section to get the transcript.

Some overly business users said it allows them to have spare time to themselves.

Another thing that got a lot of comments from the users is the “action items feature.” Users said this feature helps them to remember things they ordinarily won’t remember.

Some said once they forget the points of the meeting and they glance through the action item, they remember the points clearer than before.

Some said they like the action item feature because it keeps track of everything that goes on in the meeting for them.

Another thing that drove comments from users is the “voice recognition features.” We met some users who said they like to listen to Note by Dubber recordings

And the reason is because of the way it plays the recordings of the meetings.

Another cool thing some users made mentioned is “speaker recognition.” This works together with voice recognition.

This set of users said it displays exactly the voice of the speaker in its recordings. Although some users have said that the transcription is sometimes not accurate.

Some few set of people even complained about the action items not always being correct. The majority of people enjoy the service of Note by Dubber.


This smart software allows users to enjoy two pricing plans.

Basic Pricing Plan

It cost $19 per month. It allows users to enjoy 20 hours of transcription per month. It also supports 2 hours of transcription per meeting.

Users have the benefits to enjoy good recordings of conference meetings done online. Users can use this software on either their iOS or Android devices.

Pro Pricing Plan

It cost $39 per month. It allows users to enjoy 40 hours of transcription per month. It also supports 4 hours of meeting transcription.

It offers all the features in basic to users on this plan. It supports pro integrations and many other features.


1. It allows users to search for transcript files.

2. It offers automatic audio transcription.

3. It captures calls and meetings on users’ meeting platforms. It also offers transcripts, summaries, and notes gotten from the audio files.

4. It offers smooth syncing with a smart calendar so it can easily join meetings without the user’s prompt.


1. The software interface is not smooth to navigate around.

2. It is not beginners’ friendly.

3. Its Multi-Language transcription feature is not that great.

4. It does not offer a free trial to new users who want to purchase the paid plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does anyone get started with Note by Dubber?

To use Note by Dubber, a user need an email account. You must have a functioning email address.  It is with this email account you are going to create an account with Note by Dubber.

Just go to the main website and then paste your email account on the sign-up page. Afterward, you fill in your other details.

You can also download the Note by Dubber app and create an account with it. Since Note by Dubber supports both web and application, you can access your account anywhere you like.

Does Note by Dubber offer a free plan?

No, this smart software doesn’t offer a free plan for users who want to access the paid plan. However, it offers a 14-day free trial.

After the trial users will have to make payment for the plan of their choice.

What are the benefits of using Note by Dubber?

Note by Dubber is a cool tool that offers lots of amazing benefits. These benefits are attractive and have made Note by Dubber have a massive user base. The benefits include;

  • It offers automatic transcription of meetings and calls which saves users’ time and effort.
  • It offers live transcription of meetings and calls such that users can follow the meeting by reading the generated transcript.
  • It has a good AI model for voice and speech recognition. This is what allows it to play out the exact voice of the speaker in the meeting.
  • It offers good highlights that make it easy to go through the transcript.
  • It has massive cloud storage that allows users to access the generated notes from anywhere.
  • It supports users to share the notes it generated. It also allows users to form collaboration by accepting external individuals working under one account.
Is Note by Dubber a secure software to use?

Note by Dubber offers good security. It uses industry-standard security measures to protect the data of users. The data of users are well encrypted.

Why should anyone use the Note by Dubber AI tool?

Note by Dubber is a powerful AI-powered tool. It uses advanced technology to hello users to be more focused when on online meetings or calls.

This smart software offers automatic transcription that can be viewed while the meeting is still on. This particular effect allows most users to be able to remember what was said in a meeting. 

The action items and summaries allow users to be able to assimilate all the points given in the meeting.

This software makes it easier for users to track their task progress, all thanks to the action items feature for that.

Note by Dubber allows users to collaborate using notes of the meeting as a cause for contact. This smart software supports the integration of meeting apps like Zoom.

It also supports the integration of apps like Google Calendar, Slack, and many others. Its superb security encryption of users’ data as well as its other features, makes it a good software to use.

5. Avoma AI Tool

Avoma is a superb meeting assistant tool. It uses advanced technology to run its operation. Avoma AI tool is good software for sales and it is also good for customer satisfaction.

This smart software offers automatic transcription for a meeting recording. This transcript is now turned into notes and then summarized properly.

It analyzes every meeting to provide actionable conversation intelligence for the user to gain insights. These insights can help users organize more productive meetings.

This software also helps users to increase the rate at which they make sales and reach their target goals in sales.

With the software recording and transcribing the call section with customers, it helps users to reduce the rate at which customers return goods.

It helps users make notes and summaries from the call section. So, users can make products based on the customer’s needs.

Instead of users making the notes themselves, this smart tool allows users to have a note of the recordings.

There are captured images containing the bullet points of the call section that users can also use for their product creation.

Thereby boosting the productivity of the users and also ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.


1. It supports the automatic sending of emails to participants

This feature allows users to send email reminders on automation to potential clients or meeting participants.

Users just have to draft the email reminders and then schedule them to the set time. All the sending of emails is now done automatically by the software.

Users can also send emails of meetings potential participants till the main meeting day. Users can easily track the mail progress right from the dashboard of Avoma.

2.  It allows automatically getting the transcript of recordings

This feature is a bot. It operates at the same time as the meeting recording. A fun fact is that it does a live transcript which can be viewed as the recording is going on.

The transcript can be turned into notes or summarised in a simpler form. This process is a quick and smooth process with no interference.

The transcript can be downloaded and shared with other people.

3. It offers speaker identification AI features

This feature is very helpful for individuals who didn’t attend the meeting. With this feature, a user can listen to the original voice of the speaker.

The AI model in this feature, makes it that, it records and plays out the main voice of the speaker.

4. It generates more qualified leads

This software can help users to get more leads easily. It possesses a lead-scoring bot that allows it to identify the most qualified leads that can be converted to sales.

This is of great help as it allows users to know which leads can bring about sales. 

With the help of the automatic email sender feature of Avoma, users can nurture this lead till it makes a sales decision.

User Experience

The majority of users of Avoma AI Notetaker gave good reviews about its services and features. In a study not too long ago, 93% of users were satisfied with the service they get from this software.

Another study revealed that 87% concluded that they would recommend Avoma AI Notetaker to others.

Most of the users like the Automated meeting recording feature. They said they like the convenience it offers to them.

Some of the users said they like the fact that the transcript is accurate as it contains the exact precise information. Some others also said they like the fact that the transcript is very easy to read. 

The majority of the users enjoyed the note-making features, they said the AI tool makes notes very fast with no prompt.

They said the notes and the summary makes missing the meeting not obvious at all. As they have all the information about the meeting right in the notes.

The revenue intelligence helped a lot of sales experts track their sales and identify potential risks in a deal.


Avoma offers 4 pricing plans. Each of these plans differs in the number of users, fee, and pricing. 

Basic Pricing Plan

The basic Pricing Plan is a free plan anyone can use. It is suitable for 2 users. It offers basic meeting recordings. It also offers transcription features as well.

Starter Pricing Plan

Starter Pricing Plan cost $19.00 per user. This cost is charged per month and is also billed annually. It offers all the features in the Basic plan and more features.

It offers features like advanced AI-generated notes, group scheduling, and CRM integration.

Plus Pricing Plan

Plus Pricing Plan cost $49.00 per user. This cost is charged per month and is also billed annually. It offers all the features of the Starter plan and more features.

It offers advanced conversation intelligence, CRM updates, and pipeline management. It also offers users custom branding.

Business Pricing Plan

Business Pricing Plan cost $79.00 per user. This fee is charged per month and it is billed annually. It offers all the features in the Plus plan with more advanced features.

It offers users unlimited transcription and recordings. It also allows users to do a bulk import of recordings done earlier. The recordings can be video or audio recordings. 

From Starter Pricing Plan to Business Pricing Plan, there is a free 14-day trial.


1. It automatically records meeting and make notes at the same time.

2. It allows users to easily track action items.

3. It supports integration with other productivity tools.

4. It is very easy to set up and use.


1. It is not that easy to navigate between the features of the Avoma AI Tool. Most especially when using the web version.

2. It notes and summary is not 100% accurate.

3. This software doesn’t easily offer text over specific templates.

4. It is a bit pricey.

Frequently asked questions

What benefits are there in using Avoma AI Notetaker?

Avoma AI Notetaker allows users to enjoy lots of benefits. These benefits include;

1. It supports automated note-taking

This AI tool automatically does transcription for meeting recordings. Users don’t have to wait for it to do the transcription after recording the video.

2. It supports AI-generated notes

This smart software also allows users to enjoy smooth note-making. With the transcription done, this smart software generates comprehensive notes from it.

The notes are very easy to read and comprehend.

3. It offers users key insights

Avoma allows users to get insights from recorded meetings. It displays analytics about recorded meetings. This allows users to know how to improve the next coming meeting.

4. It offers smooth collaboration

With shareable notes, users can easily collaborate with others. Users can also coordinate team members without them being present in the meeting.

This is possible by just sharing the meeting notes.

5. It offers action items

With these action items, it makes it easier for people in the meeting to move with the flow of the meeting. This way users who happens to be participants won’t forget any of the point of discussion.

What are the device requirements to use Avoma AI Notetaker?

Avoma AI Notetaker uses either a personal computer or a mobile device to run its operations. It supports a MacOS and a Windows operating system for personal computers.

Mobile devices, it has to support an internet connection. You also need a microphone and a speaker connected to your device, so the sounds can be picked up well.

How does a user sign up with Avoma AI Notetaker?

The first thing to do is to create an account with Avoma AI Notetaker. You can do so on the main website of Avoma AI Notetaker.

After that, you have to download the application of Avoma AI Notetaker. Immediately after you install it, just log in to your account and start recording your meetings.

Avoma AI Notetaker automatically transcribes your meetings and makes your notes of the meeting. With the notes, users can form a collaboration with others to form a team.

How to set up Avoma AI Notetaker as an email reminder?

To set up Avoma as an email reminder, there are some important steps to follow. These steps include the following;

  1. You have to go to the settings of Avoma AI Tool, then tap the notification settings.
  2. Under meeting reminder, select internal participants or external participants. It depends on who is going to participate in the meeting.
  3. enter the number of days that you want to send the reminder. Set the days to be before the meeting day or you can let it also fall on the meeting day.
  4. Avoma AI Notetaker always recommends to users send the reminder 24 hours before the meeting day.
  5. Once you have set up these settings, Click the save option.
  6. Avoma AI Notetaker will send the email reminder to all those who are going to be present in the meeting invite. The email campaign contains the meeting details. It also contains a disclaimer message that complies with the 2-party consent requirements.
Why is Avoma one of the best software to use?

This smart software is a top-grade tool that offers smooth note-making to its users. With the accurate transcription, it does for meeting recordings, it automatically generates a good transcript.

This transcript is used for both note and summary-making. It offers action items that are short and precise.

It supports key insights which make notes, summaries, and action items easy to skim through.

What are the things users have to look for in an AI Notetaker?

AI Notetaker uses advanced technology to run its operation.

It uses technological tools like speech/voice transcription, natural language processing models, and machine learning algorithms to carry out its task.

It is the AI technology features it possesses that make it more professional. Since AI Notetaker is a smart tool, it must also be able to connect to other smart software.

Most especially smart calendars. The reason for this is that it is through a smart calendar that it will be able to join a meeting.

For any AI Notetaker you want to purchase, you must be sure it does smooth transcriptions which can be used to form notes, summaries, and even action items.

For this smart software to be able to generate notes, summaries, and action items from a transcription.

It means that the transcription covers every important information of the meeting or call recordings.

A good Notetaker with machine learning algorithms can easily extract important information.

Since it can analyze the information it gets from the recording, selecting the core information won’t be a problem.

With the help of its intelligence and machine learning algorithms, it selects the topic of each discussion.

The voice/speech model in the Notetaker should be excellent. It should be able to identify and play out the exact voice of the speakers in the meeting who voiced out.

In a meeting, there is a high possibility that a lot of participants might want to voice out altogether. This may be due to disagreement or an argument of concern issues.

Nevertheless, it is going to be difficult for a Notetaker to take proper recordings of this scene. Even the transcription might not be accurate.

This is why, in an AI Notetaker, there is a need for the most recent technology.

It has to be using the most recent neural network techniques, specially trained AI engines, and highly large-scale training datasets and Infrastructure.

Using recent technology allows it to be able to perform better. With this, it should be able to do proper recordings and accurate transcriptions.

Other sorts of features that are important in note-taking software include dialogue indexing which makes notes and summaries interesting to read.

It also needs to have search and discovery capabilities, rules and alerting, anomaly detection, data visualization, and many others.

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People who usually have lots of meetings in a week will need an assistant like AI Notetakers. As this will make meetings more effective and productive.

Even students at schools, people at home, and workers know the effect of a good AI Notetaker.

With this kind of smart tool around you, there won’t be a need to go to any meetings again.

As this smart software can make notes, and agendas and set reminders.

A good Notetaker not only makes you get points for your meeting fast. It also allows students who use it in the online classroom to get the concept of a topic easily.

Thereby making study more fun. You can easily unlock the knowledge trapped in meeting recordings and class lecture recordings as well.

With the unlocking, you have access to more impactful insights. These insights can now be used to make actionable alerts.

Using AI Notetaker either in meetings, lecture rooms, or at home helps you minimize wastage of time.

With the recording feature of this smart tool, users can record audio, and videos, and then make summaries out of the points discussed in the recording.

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