Best AI Tools for Job Seekers To Find Your Next High Paying Job

Best AI tools for Job Seekers

After finishing either High School, College, or University the next thing that comes to most people’s mind is to get a job that is high paying and suits their qualifications. 

But the sad truth is most of the time, the jobs people get are not high paying to what they want. 

It is for this reason that we see a lot of people who get employed in a particular company or organization and yet are still misbehaving, acting nonchalant since they are not well paid or they are not doing the job they ultimately prefer to do.

The invention of AI tools is to help solve this problem and so far so good, the AI tools for job seekers are doing their best and they have been a lot of positive reviews on the majority of the prominent ones. 

Yes, you read right, it is not all the AI tools for job seekers that help search for jobs for users. 

In this article, you will get the best AI tools for job seekers, this will include their features, pros, and cons so you can also go for the AI tool that suits your criteria easily. 

Let dive in.

What are AI tools for Job Seekers?

AI tools for Job seekers are online software that is embedded with advanced artificial intelligence technology which helps users to search for jobs that suit their preferences and also alerts them of any updates as regards the company they have once applied for.

These tools are very good at searching for jobs and they are easy to use. All users need is to input their resume and credentials that are needed for applying for jobs in any organization. 

With the machine learning algorithms embedded in these tools, they will analyze the information and then use the job category and qualifications they get from the analyzed information to search for jobs for the users. 

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Best AI Tools for Job Seekers

1. Jobscan

Jobscan is a job seeker tool that uses Artificial intelligence technology to analyze a user’s resume. 

Jobscan is sometimes refers to as an online tool that is designed to help job seekers to optimize their resumes and cover letters so that their chances of landing job interviews are on the high side.

 It uses its AI-powered resume optimization feature to do proper analysis on the resume of users and then help them to improve the resume which in turn increases the chances of users getting employed or hired. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms embedded in jobscan can allow users to scan and analyze their resume and compare it to the job description of their dream company standard, highlighting the areas that need improvement, and ensuring that the resume has the same matching rate. 

When doing the analysis, Jobscan analyzes factors such as keywords, skills, and experience just to ensure that your resume is narrowed down to a specific job that you are applying for. 

After a user’s resume has undergone the analysis scan of Jobscan, it provides personalized job recommendations based on the skills on a user’s resume and the experience a user has gone through. 

This tool also provides information as regards the formatting, readability, and length of your resume.

No doubt, this AI tool is an outstanding tool for job seekers who want to optimize their resumes and ensure their resume is the best among the numerous applicants who are submitting their resumes. 

The reason why Jobscan is considered outstanding is based on its core functionality which is its resume-scanning feature. 

Jobscan is also a good Cover Letter Builder that offers guides to users through the process of creating an effective cover letter. 

If a user follows the guides intently, studies show that there is a 50% chance that the user will be good at writing Cover Letters.

Jobscan provides template suggestions that help in generating resume content, and also, help in customizing the letter for a specific job posting.

Do you know that the majority of users on Jobscan are from varieties of backgrounds and industries, starting from recent college graduates to individuals who are already experienced professionals in their field? 

It is said that Jobscan helps users to search for a job but in reality, the most common job field that Jobscan targets is the highly competitive job fields like technology and finance, where there are lots of individuals who are seeking jobs and are finding it difficult to navigate around the job market, and that’s why most users on this platform are individuals who want to work in this field. 

Also, apart from the part that Jobscan offers optimization features on a resume and guides on how to craft a good cover letter, it offers resources such as job search advice articles and webinars. 

Jobscan’s services are available on a subscription basis, with each pricing awarded based on the different needs and budgets of users. It is very popular not only among job seekers but also among career coaches, recruiters, etc.


1. Resume Analysis

Jobscan does proper analysis on the resume of users in other to ensure that the resume is tailored to match the job description and optimized keywords for the ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) of the company of your interest.

Also, the analysis ensures that your resume is not full of redundancy but instead filled with the right information (job description) that the recruiting officers of the company of your interest are looking for.

2. Keyword Comparison

Jobscan helps users to compare the keywords in their resumes to ensure it matches the relevant keywords and phrases that will grab the attention of those who are seeking workers in their field of work. 

With the right keyword, Jobscan matches users to the best job opportunities that go in line with their skills and qualifications. 

3. Personalized Recommendations

This tool provides personalized recommendations to help you improve your resume and increase the chances of users getting hired. 

4. Resume management

This feature helps users to have as many resumes as possible, so users can apply for a job with different resume in different organizations. 

No matter the amount of resumes a user have, Jobscan still tracks the job search progress of each sbd every one of them.


  1. It improves job search outcomes for users.
  2. It provides useful guides to users who want to craft good Cover letters. 
  3. It offers job search advice to users.
  4. It helps job seekers to optimize their resumes for job search.


  1. It offers a paid plan.
  2. It is quite expensive to purchase.

2. Textio

Textio is an AI-powered writing tool that can help users construct quality resumes easily and also, it uses cloud-based technology to provide real-time information and insights that it detects in the language and tone of a user's resume. 

A tone analyzer is one of the core functionality of this AI tool as it can help users to identify the emotional tone level at which their resume is sounding in the ear of the recruitment officer. 

It not only identifies the tone at which the resume sound, but it also adjusts the tone to sound more professional for the recruiter.

One amazing thing about this feature is that marketers can use it to write ads campaign and then adjust its emotional tone such that it can portray the right emotion to the target audience who are most likely to take the expected action the campaign demands.

Textio helps to improve the quality and effectiveness of a user writing communication by using machine learning algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) technology. 

This technology helps this tool to carry out proper analysis of the language in the piece of text in the resume and apart from the analysis it does, it also provides vital suggestions that improve the resume contents on a different level.

Textio can also detect gender bias, cultural insensitivity, and another potentially problematic language that appears in a resume and then provide useful insights that a user can use to edit the resume to make it more inclusive and engaging.

This AI tool for job seekers can be used for different things apart from writing resumes and job descriptions, it can be used for different writing tasks such as email writing, press release, ads copy, and lastly, it can be used to craft a copywriting write-up. 

On the dashboard of Textio, users can find real-time feedback on the effectiveness of their resume, users can find metrics feedback such as engagement rate and response rate.


1. It does Language analysis

Textio carries out a deep analysis of the Resume for language patterns, the structure of the sentence, and the word choice of the user who type out the resume. 

The reason for the analysis is to identify and highlight biased language, insensitive phrasing, and exclusive vocabulary and then suggest word choices promote clarity, tone, and inclusiveness where necessary to ensure the resume is in the right shape and sounds well in the recruiter's ear.

2. Performance Prediction

This AI tool uses machine learning technology to predict how well a Resume will perform when posted on the online job search space. 

The factors this AI tool considers include the engagement metrics and the response rate, and readability is also considered. 

The performance is displayed back for the user to see and know the standard of his resume, the tool also offers suggestions that can help improve the resume after the feedback. 

3. It supports collaboration

Textio allows a user to collaborate with other users on the same Resume. 

A user who doesn't trust the standard of this AI tool will benefit a lot from this feature as the user can employ the effort of an expert Resume writer to help edit his resume. 

A user can even employ an expert resume writer to train this AI tool to produce resume writing suggestions that are of the standard of a professional resume writer. 


  1. It improves the quality and impact of written communication. 
  2. It helps users to avoid common Resume writing pitfalls.
  3. It helps users to create Resume that resonates with the recruiter(s). 
  4. It increases one's chances of getting hired for a job post. 


  1. It offers a paid plan.
  2. It is expensive to purchase. 

3. Traitify

Traitify is an AI-powered tool that assesses the personality of candidates who are seeking a job to ensure that they are of good character before they get employed. 

Nowadays, qualifications are not enough to grant a person a job, the company that wants to employ new workers also tests the characteristics of the potential new workers so they won't tarnish the image of the company. 

Traitify uses visual-based assessment models that contain a series of image-based questions and micro-assessments to evaluate the personality traits and work styles of users. 

The developers created this tool so that job seekers can understand their strengths and weaknesses, and also their preferred working patterns. 

With this information, this AI tool identifies suitable job opportunities that suit the user's personality and preferences.

The assessments on Traitify are crafted to be more engaging and mobile-friendly which makes it easier for users to access it on any mobile device that supports the internet. 

This feature causes a lot of people to prefer this platform for their assessment. Traitify assessment is based on a Five Factor Model of Personality (It is popularly called  “The Big Five” personality traits” ), which includes openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. 

The machine learning algorithms in the tool analyze the responses of candidates and provide insightful tips on the personality traits and work preferences of the candidates. 

Another cause for the influx of people on this AI tool's interface is the fact that the assessments on the platform are easy to customize, therefore allowing users to create questionnaires that target a specific set of people and also get feedback as regards each of the questions in the questionnaire. 

With the help of the applicant tracking system (ATS) embedded in the interface of this tool and the job boards, recruiters and hiring managers can use it in their hiring process. 

During the hiring process, the machine learning algorithms in Traitify do an in-depth analysis of each of the potential employee's data and then provide insights to the employers on the employee's engagement and overall performance. 


1. It possesses visual Assessment

Visual Assessment feature is the core specialty of Traitify as this is what it uses to measure the degree of the personality trait of users. 

When it wants to assess the personality of a user, it shows the individual series of images and then asks them to make fast judgments based on instinct. 

This feature is very effective in assessing each individual's character since the assessment isn't known beforehand and it can bypass the conscious biases thereby getting to the heart of someone's personality. 

Employers can also use it to assess the personality of a whole team so they can build better teams whose characters, strengths, and work weaknesses are already known to them. 

With this feature, employers can maximize the capability of each individual. 

2. Instant Personality Result

Once a user is under a personality assessment, he knows the result after answering the last question in the assessment. Users know their personality profile immediately and they can even start exploring their strengths and weaknesses. 

Also, users can customize the reports such that they can decide to get the overall result of their personality or get results on specific aspects of their personality. 

3. It provides Job fit assessment

The feature help individuals to know how competent they are with their skills. 

With the job assessment provided by Traitify, users can grade themselves to know if they are good enough to apply for jobs in their field or if they need to improve their skill competency. 

Users can also get skill suggestions they need to complement their current skills so they can have a higher chance of getting a job anytime they apply. 

4. It offers mobile compatibility

This AI tool can be operated on any mobile device as well since the mobile device can use the internet. Users can access the platform from anywhere they are if there is an emergency with the help of this feature. 


  1. It helps users to understand their personality traits. 
  2. It helps users to know their working best style. 
  3. It helps users to identify job opportunities that suit them.
  4. Users can easily access the platform. 
  5. It is very convenient to use.


  1. It is not free to use. 
  2. It is expensive to use.
  3. The visual-based assessment still needs more improvement. 

4. Plum

Plum is an AI tool that is important for job seekers, this tool uses artificial intelligence to assess the personality traits of individuals and then provide useful insights into the behaviors, communication styles, and best working conditions of users.

Plum AI personality tool is a very useful tool when it comes to helping individuals and organizations to better understand themselves and their team members thereby leading to improved communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Personality technology is based on the latest research in personality psychology and occasionally it is usually updated when there are new findings, even so, the new findings always pass through extensive research and testing just to be sure they are reliable and accurate before they are updated to the AI tool's algorithm. 

How Plum renders this help is that it uses advanced Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze the responses of users to a particular set of questions separately, the questions are set mainly to measure the different aspects of users' personalities.

It is why this feature is majorly term as one of its core functionalities since that is one of the things that makes it stand out a little when compared to other AI tools for job seekers.

Plum takes account of not only the user's personality traits but also take into consideration the work preferences as well.

What this indicates is that users can get useful insights into their skill strengths and weaknesses, identifying their working style, style of communication, and how they respond to situations. 

Studies show that most individuals who are good in their field of work sometimes lose their jobs because their character is nothing to write home about and that's why this information is very useful for both unemployed individuals and already employed workers, even employers themselves can benefit from this special feature.

Plum work with the help of a series of questions that are specific enough for a user, this AI personality tool now analyzes the answers to these questions with the help of the machine learning algorithms integrated into its interface.

The questions on the platform are designed to access a wide range of personality traits, such as extraversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness, emotional stability, openness, etc. 

After a user finish dropping his response, Plum generates a detailed report such that one can get useful insights into their own personality and work preferences, users can also get tips to improve their communication skill such that they can work more effectively with others. 


1. Multiple Perspectives

This feature allows users to get an assessment of their personality from multiple aspects of life. 

Users can get assessed on their personality from social, emotional, and Cognitive perspectives with the help of this feature.

2. Career Recommendations

Users can get recommendations on their careers based on their personality profile and record. 

This way they can get career opportunities that complement their natural strengths and preferred lifestyle. 

3. Personalized insights

This feature allows users to get insights based on the answers they input to a series of questions that is about personality, behavior, and work preferences. 

Also, users can get insights on how well they fit into different team dynamics and new work environments just with the record of their personality traits.


  1. It can be used to access an individual's personality at any level. 
  2. It is user-friendly. 
  3. It is very easy to use. 
  4. It provides valuable insights that can help users to improve their communication skills and personality. 


  1. It provides a limited scope of an individual's personality. 
  2. It provides impersonalized feedback sometimes. 
  3. There is a high rate of self-report bias as the information a user provides to the AI tool may not be accurate. 

Frequently asked questions

Can Chatbot help me search for a job?

Since the development of AI tools that can chat and mimic the human brain a little, a lot of online users use these tools to write resumes and Cover. 

Studies have shown that the majority of online users who uses AI for this purpose have gotten more interviews and appointments for jobs in their dream companies. So yes, Chatbot can help you search for a job.

Can Chatbot make a resume?

With the constant upgrade that is being done on the Chatbot recently, it is very accurate to say that you can use Chatbot to craft a good resume that has a high potential of getting you your first job.

Is Chatbot free or paid?

Not all chatbots are free, some require you to either make a monthly payment or an annual payment. 

But it doesn't mean that those free Chatbots cannot produce great results just like the paid tools, it is just that these free chatbots are limited in their features, unlike the paid ones. 

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As a job seeker, there are lots of things you need to keep in mind as you continue with your search for a job. 

Things like a good resume and a good personality are very important. A job seeker needs to present a good resume to make a good impression on the person who is going to recruit him or her.  The same goes for personality. 

Individual personality traits say a lot about how much progress he can make in anything he wants to do. 

Personality is a great virtue that needs to be on the right always as it speaks a lot about oneself and one's life. 

To work in a good company, an individual must have good personality traits. 

And that's why we need to know as an individual what our personalities are and in what way we can make them better. 

That's why the best AI tools explained above are available for you to explore.

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