Tesla AI Engineer Salary In 2024 (How Much Do They Really Make)

Tesla AI Engineer Salary

Want to become an Tesla AI Engineer? Check out this detailed Tesla AI engineer salary guide to understand how much you can make as an AI engineer.

Tesla Inc is a top-grade electric Vehicle and Clean Energy Company that is located in America. 

Tesla came into existence in 2003 based on the bright ideas of Elon Musk, JB Straubel, Martin Eberhard, Lan Wright, and Marc Tarpenning who came together. 

The name Tesla came as a result of Serbian-American inventor and electrical engineer, Nikola Tesla.

The primary focus of Tesla is based on designing, building, and selling electric cars, solar panels, energy storage systems, electrical car parts, and other related products. 

Over and over again, Tesla has built mind-blowing electric cars. Their cars are known for their sleek design, glossy appearance, high performance, and advanced technology.

Tesla’s most important car, model S, was first shown to the world in the year 2012 and since then it has been constantly improved with other models like Model X, Model 3, and Model Y following it. 

Do you know Tesla wants to design a cyber truck? In case you don’t know, I believe now you do. 

Tesla’s cars can accelerate very fast and also they are good for long-distance trips as they are fast, comfortable, and long-lasting. 

Tesla has innovative features like Autopilot’s advanced driver assistance system, it is this particular feature that makes it stand out from other cars.

Apart from electric cars, Tesla also produces solar panels saver energy storage systems that are very useful for lighting the home and offices. 

The invention of Tesla’s solar panel has saved a lot of people from the cost of normal electric lighting since solar panel uses natural sunlight. 

Also, there is a reduction in the dependence on fuels that causes pollution. 

Since the creation of the Tesla car, a lot of people have come to prefer it more compare to other contemporary cars. 

The cars produced by Tesla have offered the kind of comfort that other cars haven’t been able to replicate at least for now. 

Since Tesla has been chosen to be among the top valuable car companies in the world, its market capitalization has surpassed a lot of car companies. 

Tesla has a mission to accelerate the full switch to sustainable energy to reduce create carbon emissions and create a cleaner, more sustainable future. 

And it is seen that the company is gradually achieving that goal as they are the leader of the electric vehicle industry and credit is also given to them for helping in publicizing electric cars and also ensuring that they are more accessible to consumers.

We are going to be examining Tesla AI engineer salary for various department such as senior software engineer, global supply manager and others.

Let dive in.

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Tesla AI Engineer Salary

1. Senior Software Engineer

Tesla pays senior software engineer an average salary of US$135,000 per year, and hourly basis, they make US $64.93.

A certified senior software engineer at Tesla is someone who is expected to have a solid background in computer science, web development, and web engineering, having a bachelor’s degree in any of the listed computer fields above gives one more edge as it is considered experience in the profession.

Software engineers are usually associated with multitasking as there is lots of work to do on the ground, so they are sometimes expected to work alone. 

Every senior software engineer usually works in the office and there are some instances whereby they are required to work with other colleagues in other to finish the project faster, but it is a tradition for them to work alone since they are usually known to have a good level of focus. 

Senior software engineers at Tesla are well familiarised with coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript since they’re mostly in the leading role, confidently leading a project team.

In Tesla, senior software engineers work 40-50 hours a week on average and sometimes there are instances where by they work or pass this time as well. 

Even still, Tesla ensures that its senior software engineers have a flexible working schedule.

Due to the huge hours of work, they do weekly, Tesla pays them an average salary of US$135,000 per year, and hourly basis, and they make $64.93. 

Their base salary is usually within the range of $117k to $154k without any bonuses. 

It is not every senior software engineer in Tesla that receives a bonus, so the bonus range for all individuals in this post is from $0 to $26k. 

Therefore, the total amount that Tesla pays its software engineer is around $118k to $191k yearly. 

2. Global Supply Manager

Tesla pays Global Supply Manager an average salary of US$ 116,439 per year, and hourly basis, they make US $55.98.

Global Supply Manager is another job post at Tesla. Members in this job post play a critical role in the supply management system of the company. 

They monitor the end-to-end supply chain of products and materials in the company. These members are responsible for ensuring that whatever material the company purchase or deliver is of good quality. 

Not only that, they also ensure that the products are bought at the right pricing. Members of this job post are expected to know how to develop and execute sourcing strategies for every commodity that Tesla uses regularly.

They must negotiate contracts with suppliers and also make sure the relationship between Tesla and the available supplies remains a healthy one.

They also identify and mitigate possible risks that can affect the supply chain activities, so production is not affected. 

For them to mitigate the risk, they sometimes have to develop a futuristic plan that will counterbalance the possible disruption. 

Global Supply Managers are known to perform audits and assessments with the suppliers supplying materials and products for Tesla so the quality of Tesla’s products won’t be compromised and also to ensure the previous quality standard is sustained.

Any individual in this job post at Tesla has a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management, operations management, and engineering. 

Even with this degree, Tesla only employed them when they have several years of experience in supply chain procurement roles in the automotive or manufacturing industry. 

Tesla makes sure they have good negotiation skills, as well as the ability to work effectively in different teams with no glitches or errors.

The work of Global Supply Manager is very demanding but Tesla pays them well. Tesla pays them an average salary of US$ 116,439, and on an hourly basis, they receive US$ 55.98.

3. Information Technology Project Manager

Tesla pays IT project managers an average salary of US$ 114,698 per year, and hourly basis, they make US $55.14.

IT project managers working at Tesla are the ones responsible for the management of a variety of IT-related projects. 

They also work with teams that offer different services to plan, strategize and execute projects that are related to the development and implementation of new IT software and systems.

Tesla ensures that IT Project Managers are the one that plans projects, timelines, and budgets. 

They define the project goals and the requirements needed to create collaboration with stakeholders. 

When a new project is about to commence, there is a need for project meetings, they coordinate this and ensure every detail about the project is properly communicated. 

Since they coordinate the project, they are responsible for ensuring that the project deliverables are completed based on schedule and also ensure the project doesn’t stay within the budget by managing the project resources efficiently including the personnel and equipment used during the project. 

During the project, IT Project Managers identifies and manage the risk that comes up during the project by developing and implementing the best practices and standards that outbound the risk.

The role of IT Project Managers at Tesla is not to be underestimated as they help the company to develop and implement new IT solutions that make Tesla stay at the forefront in the automotive industry. 

This is why they are paid well for their services. Tesla pays its IT Project Managers an average pay of $114,698 per year and on an hourly basis, they receive $55.14.

This pay is 7% higher than the normal pay that IT Project Managers receive from other national companies.

 In the United States, Information Technology Project Managers receive US$ 106,981 per year on average while on an hourly basis, they receive US$ 51.43. 

The salary range at the bottom range in Tesla is exactly 10%, is roughly US $ 67,000 per year, and in the top 10% range is roughly US $195,000

4. Modeler

Tesla pays Modeler an average salary of US$ 112,954 per year, and hourly basis, they make US $54.30

Modeler has two main roles in Tesla Company, the first role is Vehicle Dynamics Modeler. 

Vehicle Dynamics Modeler is responsible for creating models that simulate the behavior of Tesla’s electric vehicles in different driving scenarios. 

Vehicle Dynamics Modeler uses physics-based models that integrate the vehicle’s mechanical and electrical components, even the software algorithm that controls the vehicle’s performance also works with physics-based models. 

Another modeler posted by Tesla Company is Battery Modeler. This Modeler develops different models that simulate the performance of Tesla’s battery systems, stuff as energy density, charging rates, and thermal management are what the model simulates. 

There is a predictive maintenance modeler post. These modelers develop models that simulate the maintenance of the vehicles, making sure the vehicle is well maintained when in service. 

These modelers’ job is demanding as well at encompasses various job categories in Tesla. 

On average, Tesla pays Modelers US $112,954 and on an hourly basis, they receive US $54.30.

5. Senior Mechanical Designer

Tesla pays IT project managers an average salary of US$ 109,533 per year, and hourly basis, they make US $52.66

Senior mechanical designers at Tesla are responsible for designing and developing both the mechanical components and systems for Tesla’s electric vehicles. 

They also design and develop the parts of energy products. They develop new solutions for both electric vehicles and energy products. 

They are very adept at creating detailed mechanical designs for the parts of electric vehicles and then assembling them using CAD tools (computer-aided design tools).

 Because they usually use CAD tools, it is easier for them to conduct design reviews and perform accurate tolerance analyses. 

The main reason why they do the reviews is to ensure design feasibility and manufacturing readiness.

They sometimes connect with the suppliers of some mechanical parts to ensure they supply the right parts just like the mechanical design they developed already. 

After the parts are already assembled, they take part in the vehicle and product testing as well as the validation activities.

With how hard they work, Tesla ensures they are well paid. On average, Tesla pays US $109,533 per year and on an hourly basis US $52.66.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tesla AI Engineer Salary

How much do Tesla’s software engineers receive yearly?

Tesla pays its software engineers $135,049 on average per year while the software engineers in the top 10% hierarchy that stays in the States get a yearly pay of $176,000. 

What is Tesla’s Lowest Salary?

In Tesla, the lowest salary range on an hourly basis is an average of $17.45 to $36.68.

How much does Electrical Engineer receive at Tesla?

On average, electrical engineers at Tesla receive a yearly average salary of $138,500, and every month, they receive $11,541.

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The above job positions above are some of the top-paying posts at Tesla. There are still many other job posts at Tesla Company. 

Tesla has an average salary of $108,037 per year and pays $ 51.94 per hour. Workers at the bottom 10% hierarchy get paid about $75,000 per year, and the top 10% get a salary of $154, 000. 

Workers in the IT sector get an average salary of $119,489, as for the workers in the engineering sector, the average yearly earnings is $112,443. 

Although the average pay that Tesla gives to its workers when compared to other industrial sectors in the same field, is better off but still there are factors like location that mostly influence the salary. 

Studies have shown that Tesla’s workers in Fremont, CA,  Sparks, NV, TX, and Austin are one of the highest paid.

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