Best AI Joke Generators to Generate Hilarious Jokes in 2024

Best AI Joke Generators

Now and then, people want to feel relaxed at weekends after the stress they passed through during the week. 

This stress can either be from work or events, which as a result create a job opportunity for those who can crack interesting joke, as this is a problem that needs a solution. 

But what happens when comedians are no longer cracking jokes that interest their audience and the stress keeps accumulating? 

That’s why in this article, you are going to find out the best AI Joke Generators that can crack interesting jokes for you and you won’t have to empty your pocket for those comedians who can’t help relieve your stress level. 

Also, if you are a comedian, this article will help you to know which AI joke generators can help you generate good jokes that make your audience laugh.

With that said, let’s get right into best AI joke generators.

What is an AI Joke Generator?

AI joke generator is a software machine that uses a large database of information embedded in its support system to generate jokes. 

It uses its neural networks to go through the large database of information to get useful insights that can be used to create a humorous joke. This is the secret behind the existence of joke generators.

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Best AI Joke Generators

1. ChatGPT AI joke generator

This is an Artificial intelligence tool that has been creating waves in the technological world and, since it can generate comedy as well as generate it continuously, it is one of the best AI joke generators. 

The comedy it generates can’t be said to be all that humorous but it can still bring out laughter when a comedian edits it to his taste. 

This now makes this software be chosen as one that will only serve as an ad inspiration source for a comedian when he or she is having writer’s block. 

With the help of the machine learning algorithms which includes the General Language model; this model allows it to understand input text that appears in English format and then it gives back the response in English format as well. 

With the help of this model, jokes and other humorous content can come into existence as an extract from the response generated from the input entered into the inbox.

Computational creativity is another algorithm model; this model allows it to use the analysis it gets from analyzing a group of jokes so the concept can be understood. 

It is the understanding it gets from this analysis that makes it the ability to generate good jokes.

Rule-based joke generator; this is the last model tactic that ChatGPT uses to generate good jokes. 

The jokes it generates are gotten based on certain rules and templates. It is with the available templates that it uses to construct a full joke.


1. Content creation

This software’s main purpose is the fact it can generate written words. 

So the same logic used to generate a group of words is now used to generate complete jokes that can sometimes be a short or long script. 

2. Comedy Analysis

To generate a good joke that can make Humans at least cheer up, this AI carries out analysis on previously successful jokes to know what exactly triggers laughter hormones while the audience is listening. 

The sequence and timing at which the joke is arranged as well are also of major importance. With a good analysis, the software generates interesting jokes that can crack up the audience.

3. Audience Analysis

This AI can study human reactions and with this, it can do some analysis that can make it understand what must appear in a joke to make it interesting. 

So to know what exactly has to be in the joke that can trigger human laughter hormones, it gets to know what exactly are the trigger words that need to be present in the joke script. 


  1. It is fast at generating content.
  2. It generates jokes that have a good sense of humour.
  3. It is free to use.


  1. It is not entirely free to use. 
  2. Sometimes it does not give users the joke they want due to limited information.
  3. It is repetitive at times. 

2. Bing AI Chat

Bing AI Chat just like ChatGPT does almost the same functions. The features of Bing AI chat are quite similar to that of ChatGPT. 

It uses a natural language model to understand the data input into its database. 

In its database, there is a lot of information in it, including different kinds of jokes of different genres, so you can use it to create jokes with different kinds of titles or themes. 

With the help of the natural language model and machine learning algorithms it possesses, the AI software can do some direct searches on topics you want to crack jokes on. 

So, if the topic you search for has joke data in its database, it will reveal all the jokes as regards it. 

Since it possesses a good chat experience that can make it create a conversational experience, most of the jokes it creates are very interactive which means if you do some small editing to the joke and relay it out to your audience you can easily crack them up with laughter. 


1. It has intelligent search suggestions

With the intelligent search suggestions it has, it makes research with it more fun and faster. 

It can be frustrating when researching the new joke topic you want to present to your audience and information on it aren’t forthcoming but with this AI software, you get keyword suggestions that will direct you to where you can find the right information you need for your joke presentation.

2. Natural Language Processing

This model allows it to easily understand what information a comedian needs when doing research on the interface. 

With this, a comedian can do his research unconventionally with no stress as he can ask can make inquiries from Bing AI chat in a more conversational form.

3. Personalized Search

Bing AI chat can deliver personalized Search on jokes you want to present, based on the history of what you mostly search about, and can even provide personalized recommendations and results you can use. 

4. Translation

In cases where you want to generate a joke in another language and you are having difficulty with it, the translation ability of this AI software is of quality standards and it can help you generate jokes in multiple languages. 


  1. It can learn and improve itself over time. 
  2. It produces content that resonates with human joke creation. 


  1. It is not creative enough. 
  2. The joke is targeted at a wide range of people and therefore not specific enough. 
  3. It can’t generate too much joke content per day. 

3. is an Artificial intelligence embedded in a website that generates punchlines for jokes. 

For users to use it they just have to input some text into the chatbox and then the algorithm of generates punch lines that create humorous lines that suit the context similar to the previous input text.

Before using this software, it is quite fascinating that an AI can generate humorous words that can be used to construct new jokes from the few sentences you input into the system. 

But after trying it out, it shows that the software is a reliable tool for generating jokes but the quality of the punchlines depends on the quality of the text you input into the software interface.

It is not an understatement to say that is a very capable AI joke generator as it is also found in GPT-3. 

When using this software, it has limited access for use since it is free. To generate new jokes you just have to tap the generate button on an hourly basis; mind you, it has limited tries. 

When using this tool, you have to be smart with the choice of joke you want so you can utilize the limited time wisely. 

Each time I tap the generate button of the punchlines software, it generates 1-3 punchline endings in response to the input I type into the system. 


1. It possesses Natural Language Processing: 

The software can understand the data that you input into the system with the help of natural language model.

The natural language processing algorithm is one of the things the software use to generate punchlines for jokes. 

Since the algorithm can understand human language, it can therefore use the understanding it has to generate new text. 

2. It possesses Machine Learning Approach

This algorithm it posses allows it to be able to learn how to generate new things by getting itself familiarized with the existing data on the database. 

With this algorithm, it can learn the pattern of how to generate new jokes that are funny and have lots of humour in them. 

3. Word Embedding

This is another algorithm you can find in this software. This algorithm allows the software to arrange words based on the relationship between them. 

With this word embedding algorithm, breaking up the word to generate a humorous word becomes easy. 

4. Neural Networks

The neural networks in the software allows it to be able to generate complex and patterned punchlines such that they can relate to the main text input and also, it makes sure the punchlines are coherent, of relevance to the main text input, and also have a good sense of humour.


  1. It generates content that grabs attention easily. 
  2. It generates memorable content that users can relate it. 
  3. It generates content that has a good sense of humour. 


1. It sometimes generates sensitive jokes. 

2. It is not entirely free to use. 

3. It is expensive to purchase.


Easy-Peasy is an AI that writes all sorts of content. It can assist you to carry out different writing tasks like blog posts, resumes, email write-ups, job descriptions, social media content, ad copy, jokes, and many more. 

Within seconds, this AI can use its cloud base features to generate a good joke, all you need to do is to tap the button.

It has numerous templates that make it easily generate concise content faster, also this can break content blocks easily so a comedian can always have a reservoir of jokes. 

Even a person who is just starting comedy can use it to get inspiration to present his first comedy. 

With about 80+ templates there is little to none of what kind of comedy you can’t expect to be in existence, which means, lots of comedy can be created with this many templates.

The text editor of this software isn’t that bad as well, with the text editor feature on the interface, it makes it easier for a comedian to easily edit his script especially when he is having a late hour preparation. 

Another thing I love about this software is its ability to auto-generate text easily. 

There was a particular point in time while in college when my tutor gave us the assignment to create a joke around AI technology. 

I use the text generator feature in the software I use back then to create a whole joke. 

Even though I still had to do some editing to the write-up, it save me a lot of time and energy, the presence of this feature is one reason easy-peasy is one of the best AI software that writes jokes. 

Have you ever experienced this issue before where you had to work on a comedy script for a long time and you just happened to quit the tab where you are typing by mistake and this error made you lose your entire write-up? 

That’s why the presence of the Autosave feature in easy-peasy makes you have your script write-up saved as soon as you type your words. 


1. Assisted Content Creation

This feature gives guidance whenever one is creating new content. 

With this feature, you can get ideas on the contents of your new joke based on the word suggestions you get from it. The word suggestions only appear based on the text input you place into the system. 

2. Multi-Language

This feature allows users to be able to get content in different languages apart from English. 

The Multi-Language feature in it also makes it easier for you to deliver jokes in another language of your choice.

3. Natural language processing

This feature is one of the core attributes of this software. The presence of this model allows the AI software to easily understand the text input that users type into it. 

With the language model, the software not only understands the English language but also writes back the reply in English.

4. Long-form content

Easy-Peasy makes it easier to create long-form content with the help of the massive database it has filled with lots of information. 

The information embedded in it allows it to work its magic in long-form text content. 

5. Tone selection

When writing joke content, it is vital to be careful of the tone of your content so it won’t look offensive or boring to your audience when a comedian is acting it out. 

With this tone selection feature, you can have a lot of emotions added to the script of your joke, so when you are reading it out, you can at least have fun with it.


  1. It is beginners’ friendly. 
  2. It provides social media interaction with the jokes it generates. 
  3. It is easy to use. 
  4. It has good customer service


  1. It is not entirely free for users. 
  2. The fee charge is quite expensive.

5. Jasper Chat AI Joke Generator

Jasper Chat is an all-content software that can help you generate all types of content, be it blog posts, jokes, Facebook AIDA copy, email content, product description, and many more. 

Jasper is an all-around software that allows you to make provision of joke content of any kind. 

Also, with this software, you can have your content in English format as it has a natural language processing algorithm that makes it understand the text input you type into it. 

The fact that it has a natural language processing algorithm makes it easy to generate ideas just by conversing with it. 

The chatbot even makes the conversation sort of lively such that you can almost forget that you aren’t chatting with a real human being but a robot. 

I use this AI to do some revisions on some joke content I created on my own sometimes if I don’t know how to revise myself. 

With the help of the Word Embedding feature, it makes revision very easy as it can rephrase some words that need some light adjustments, and in cases where you want to rewrite the whole joke content, Jasper Chat got you covered on that, I usually call it my reliable tool as it never fails me.

For my first time using this software, I started by asking a question. As I love asking questions, I did ask numerous questions on different things that came to my mind then, to be frank, it was cool to get a straightforward answer without stressing out. 

Though I am not surprised with how fast Jasper Chat responds to my questions, especially with the fact that it can access lots of data as regards the topic question. 

When used in the boss mode, it generates answers to your questions at a faster pace it generates them 5 times faster than it usually does in its normal mode.

It is fantastic how original the joke it generates, but that is understandable as it has good neural networks that allow it to generate original joke content that has not seen the light of the day before and this it can do for a longer period. 

It doesn’t matter the kind of keywords you are giving it, it makes sure you get original content that is made solely for you.

This AI software also has a feature that makes it able to write joke content in multiple languages. 

It has a natural language translator that makes it able to switch to different languages with just a tap. 

You might want to present a joke in a different language any time any day and you need an AI to help with that, this AI software is a very reliable one that will do that for you perfectly. 


1. It has a clean and simple interface

The interface of this software is very simple and easy to navigate. You can easily find any of the features you want to use, even the different writing templates on the interface are easy to access. 

Because the interface is very simple, beginners can use it easily with no tutorial videos. 

2. It creates a script for Joke content

Due to the amazing natural language processing and word embedding algorithm, it can easily generate good content within seconds all you need to do is to get your content topic into the chat box or you can get a content template you like among the numerous templates and then edit it to your preferences. 

3. It creates original content

With the help of the neural networks embedded in the software’s algorithm and the fact that there are a lot of data on different kinds of topics and genres, Jasper Chat can create 100% original content within seconds. 

Each of the content is generated with the help of the neural networks as this network function like the human brain though not exactly 100% but at least there are little similarities in the functions.

4. It can generate long-form content

With the help of this software, longer joke content can easily be generated, with this generated content a comedian can easily get inspiration on how to run his show for a long time without losing his audience’s attention. 


  1. Its user interface is very friendly.
  2. It creates joke content very fast. 
  3. Users can integrate it with other tools.


  1. It is not free to use. 
  2. It is expensive to purchase. 
  3. The contents are sometimes repetitive.

Frequently asked questions on AI Joke Generators

What is an AI Joke Generator?

An AI joke generator is software that generates good jokes for you. This software uses some advanced technological algorithm to carry out its full work. 

As a comedian, who wants a fast way to get inspiration to create good joke content, AI tools like Jasper Chat, Chat GPT, Easy-Peasy, Bing Chat AI, and others will be of great help.

Is it good to use AI Joke Generator?

To the best of my knowledge, AI is very helpful if you can use it well. So my take is, it is good to use an AI joke generator to create good jokes if you are using it as a source of inspiration. 

Using it as a source of inspiration will help you build your skill in creating quality joke content. 

Is AI Joke Generator expensive to use?

AI joke generator isn’t expensive to use at least if you are using it for your brand improvement. 

What I think is, if you are trying to improve yourself through a joke tool, then the tool shouldn’t be too expensive for you to purchase especially if comedy is your source of income.

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Since the invention of AI joke software, a lot of comedians have made major improvements in their content creation even though others didn’t improve but instead make their joke quality decrease. 

And why this is so because of how they use the software. 

A comedian who uses the AI joke generators as just a source of inspiration whenever he wants to make a new joke constantly improves himself and over time the quality of his joke keeps improving. 

But if you are just copying and pasting the contents without you doing some editing to it, your comedy brand will surely suffer it because your quality can reduce since the contents are no longer generated by human any longer. 

In other to play it safe, only use the AI joke generators as a source of inspiration. With the list of AI joke generator listed above, you can use any of them to help you during your content creation.

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