Best AI Quote Generators (That Generates Fun & Inspiring Quotes)

Best AI Quote Generators

AI quote generators was mainly created to assist human being in writing quotes. But as time goes on, AI became better at writing quotes, it begins to write quality quotes that are sensible and inspiring.

Quotes provide us with a quick and timely burst of wisdom to get our focus back, offering the inspiration needed for the day or occasion.

Often a quote can offer inspiration for the week, and inspire us when our normal motivation has lapsed.

This AI quote generating softwares gives quote that can act as an aide memoire to focus us towards a specific goal or plan of action.

‘Keep it simple stupid’ is a great example at this point, as it sums up the magnitude of quotes to deliver in a succinct way.

Feeling inspired in your day-to-day life can play a key role in unlocking creativity, increasing productivity, and boosting happiness. People who regularly feel inspired at home and at work tend to be more engaged, more confident, and more motivated to solve problems and create new things.

To know the best quote generator tool powered by AI, the quotes written by various AI tools was assessed and the most preferred out of numerous AI(s) was selected.

In this article, you will get to know the best AI quote generator that is currently available for your use now.

Let's dive in.

What is an AI quote generator?

AI quote generator is an AI tool that writes quotes. This AI-powered quotes generator writes new famous-sounding quotations to inspire you, humor you, or just make you think about life.

This AI tool can also writes inspiring quotes that could be posted on social media. Even some of this tool generates imagery quotes which varies according to the inspirational text.

Not just that alone, this softwares also perform other activities like generating lyrics, poetry verses, fictions, business ideas.

AI quote generator is trained in other to be able to identify quotes when it sees one, and it is able to identify the pattern of writing use to create quotes and learn how to be able to use such pattern to create brand new quotes.

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Best AI quote generators

Although some AI quote generators has been selected as the best, people still have to choose for themselves their best AI quote generators.

1. InspiroBot

InspiroBot generate random images with inspirational text scripted on it.

These images are pretty images that compliment the inspirational text, though the images are not exactly depicting what the texts are saying.

InspiroBot has an algorithmic intelligence embedded in it which makes it a little different from true AI, and it also displays the broken linguistics found in text based AI.

These AI bot has a well arranged interface with no complicated functions which make it beginner’s friendly.

It also generates a unique imagery text with just the click of the button and it can do this procedure for as long as possible.

It is for this reason that those who use InspiroBot are able to generate thousands of quotes and they are all unique sayings.

The algorithms intelligence embedded in it makes it to generate lot of imagery quotes step by step without it confusing it users.

Also, each time InspiroBot generate imagery text, the images are not the same they varies according to the inspirational text.

The imagery text produced by the InspiroBot can be posted on various social media platforms, giving the viewers a lively and engaging experience when reading through the inspirational quotes.

What make InspiroBot to be one of the best AI quote generators is the imagery quotes it generates which can engage viewers mind unlike some other AI quote generators that generates text alone.

Also, the simple interface it has, makes a lot of people select it as one of the best Al quote generator.

Lastly, the fact that it can easily generate imagery quotes with just a click of the button and can carry out the procedure for as long as possible, since they can get inspiration from the numerous generated quotes to create a unique quality quote.

2. BoredHumans

BoredHumans is another type of AI quote generators that happens to be one of the best quote generator. This tool is an AI that doesn’t just write quotes alone, it can also perform other activities like generating lyrics, poetry verses, fictions, business ideas etc.

All these other activities it performs give it more information to generate new unique quotes. The ideal behind the creation of bored humans came from the search engine which can easily predict the next words when typing on it search bar.

The creators of bored humans trained the AI using several billions of text gotten from more than seven millions web pages on web, so with the other activities included on the interface, the bored humans have good resources that helps it to generate new unique quotes.

The boredHumans just like the InspiroBot generate the quotes in imagery text form, so when reading the quotes you won’t easily feel bored and also, the images created are always beautiful for the viewer’s eye to feast on.

BoredHumans also have the ability to create thousands of quotes of different combinations with no stress.

Though you still have to read through the quotes before posting it to check and correct some grammatical errors like the spacing between words etc. It is because of this characteristic that makes it not suitable for kid’s usage.

BoredHumans is one of the best AI powered quote generator because it can produce unique quality quote as a result of the massive information it has experience, this has make the bot to have experience with lots of emotion, so it can write quite with some emotion embedded in it.

Another feature that made bored humans be one of the best AI quote generators is the imagery text it produces with just the click of the button that create engagement for viewers. The bored humans have the ability to generate lots of quotes with unique sayings.

3. generates not just quotes for your social media platforms, it can also generate articles for your blogs and the articles written are well equipped with SEO which is very good for ranking metrics on google. generates smart, relevant and quality quotes for your businesses with the help of the keywords extracted from your social media feeds.

This AI quote software can also be used to generate lot of contents for your business; it helps you to create more content with the help of copywriting which now help you to drive in more traffic to your business.

Doing this not only save time and effort, it also increases the traffic streaming to your business.

On the interface, there are options on the kinds of quotes you want, you can select long, medium or short quote depending on how you want it to be.

Apart from the fact that you can also create content for your blog, you can use it to write your YouTube description, Facebook post, Instagram post, Twitter tweet etc. interface is quite not all that easy to navigate around which makes it not beginner’s friendly.

This AI powered tool is one of the best quote generators due to the fact that it generates unique quotes sayings with the help of large amounts of information that it is loaded with. having other functional tools embedded in it apart from quotes generation tool, makes people who use it to have access to the other tools incase need for them comes up in the future.

The only downside about it is the fact that a beginner (someone who is new to AI tool’s usage) might have a tough time using it.

Apart from all these, using to write your quotes is faster and stress free. With, you will always have quotes to post on your social media platforms.

4. can be used to write quotes but with the help of JavaScript knowledge, you can write a JavaScript function on the to generate AI inspirational quotes based on the kind of quotes you want.

The algorithm in was built up in such a way that it can source for inspiration from the right sources in other to get you the quote you desire. is an AI tool use for coding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript etc. In fact the main aim for this AI is to create a social development space for people who can develop front-end designs, people who can build websites and deploy it.

This AI was created for those who build test cases to learn and debug. It is a place to find inspiration for front-end designers.

So, if you have a website, you can use it to generate unique quote sayings and let it display on your website in other to create another form of engagement for those who visit your website. is not an AI quote generators for beginners. To use the quote generator tool, you have to have the knowledge of JavaScript. have an interface for coding, so as to to get unique quotes, there is need for you to create a code function for it.

To create the code function for the quotes, you need to code in JavaScript to generate the unique quotes.

Apart from the fact that it is not beginner’s friendly, it is a good quote generator.

And it has the ability to generate many quotes that stand out from other kinds of quotes.

5. QuoteRules

QuotesRules is an AI chatbot created to chat with prospects, during the conversation with prospects it creates quotes and proposals that are highly converting.

How it does this is through the help of it vast experience with dealing with humans such that it can discern what the prospect wants and then create an offer for them.

The quotes generated by QuoteRules are of unique quality, they pass the right information you want to pass to your prospects and this is done according to the kind of personality found with the prospect.

The quotes QuoteRules generate can be used on website, landing page or on mobile app by integrating the chatbot on it. But before doing so, you have to do some editing to the chatbot question-answer templates to get the question and answer you desire.

The quotes you can generate using QuoteRules is unendless, so you can use the QuoteRules to chat and at the same time use it to generate quotes as at when due.

QuoteRules is a chatbot created to help business men and business women to interact with their prospect and in the process of chatting with them creates quotes and proposals tailored to meet their requirements.

The reason why QuoteRules is one of the best AI quote generators is because the quotes QuoteRules generate always comes in at the right time during conversation with the prospect and for this reason a lot of business people like to use it.

6. Zenozeno

Zenozeno is an AI quote generator tool that generates quotes in a poetic form. Since this AI created using AI neural network was trained using Shakespeare’s sonnets, it was an easy task to generate quotes using poetic format.

The quotes Zenozeno generates comes from different aspect of life and these quotes can give daily inspiration for everyday living.

These quotes can be used to create conversation among folks either during dinner or in a small event gathering.

Zenozeno have a control that regulates how the quotes are formed, the length of the quotes and the progression of the quotes. So, you can determine how long you want your quote to be.

Zenozeno generates maximum of 5 quotes when you click the button. Also, it is a free app that can be operated on a website, so enjoy it while it last!!

This AI quote generator generates quote in poetic format. With these tool you can have your poetic quotes ready made for you, and don’t worry, these quotes are insights gotten from different aspect of life.

7. ScatterPatter’s incorrect quotes generator

ScatterPatter’s incorrect quotes is an AI bot that generates quotes that sound funny with just a click on the generate prompt. ScatterPatter’s incorrect quotes is also a website AI quote generator bot and the quotes it generates are intriguing at the same time funny as well.

The quotes can either be in a single form format or in a dialogue format involving 2-6 people and at times, the quotes can keep you wondered what it means.

It is because of this reason people enjoy using it since, it not only crack them up, it also make them reason along as well just like what happens in comedy shows.

There are times the quotes aren’t correct but the goal of the creators of ScatterPatter is to create quotes that put smile on your face not creating quotes that are all correct. The larger the amount of character you select, the longer the quotes will appear.

ScatterPatter’s incorrect quotes is one of the best AI quote generators tool that generates quotes funny enough to crack you up, thereby putting smile on your face.

The quotes generated are sometimes not correct. So, if you want to use the quotes for something serious, verify the authenticity before you use it to avoid misleading people.

8. Robot quote generator

Robot quote generator is an AI quote generator that help to generate funny quotes just like the ScatterPatter AI bot.

Robot quote generator generate hilarious quotes that have the ability to crack a person who is sad up, it has the ability to lighten up the mood of people with it quotes.

These quotes are formed very easy just with the click of the generate button. By just clicking the generate button, you can generate many quotes at once. Quotes generated by robot quote generator can be used in creating content for your social media platforms.

But if you are expecting original content from Robot quote generator, you might not get it easily since it is an AI tool and it can copy contents from other people website.

To avoid using another person’s content always check the quotes generated from Robot quote generator with plagiarism checker.

Robot quote generator generates funny quotes that are sometimes plagiarized and sometimes original.

Robot quote also have a very easy to understand interface which makes it beginner’s friendly, with just the click of the generate button, you can generate many quotes for your usage and this procedure you can do as many times as possible.

9. Random word generator

Random word generator is a simple-to-use AI quote generator and it is a web based bot. Random word generator covers everything starting from images, motivational quote’s, drawings, funny quotes, you can paint, you can generate Bible verses etc.

All these features that appear on the interface can be used by just clicking on the category carrying their individual name.

Random word generator doesn’t generate imagery quotes like the inspiroBot, it generates it quotes in words and not in imagery format.

When you use it to generates pictures, it produces only pictures without quotes in it. You can copy the quotes to your clipboard and you can download the images as well, to your computer, laptop, tablet or phones.

Apart from generating quotes, it can generate random words just as it name implies and each words are different from each other.

Random word generator is an easy to use AI quote generator. It has very simple interface such that a beginner in the technology world can easily use the tool with no stress.

It generates quotes in text format and not in imagery format, it also generate numerous words with each having different meaning.

10. Mini Web Tool

Mini Web Tool is one of the best AI tool that generates random inspirational quotes. It uses the database online to generate inspirational quotes and this quotes are sometimes copied word for word from another site or are sometimes created inspirationally.

But still, it doesn’t take that long to generate new quotes, since there is wide database storage filled with lots of quotes and you can choice either the first line or the whole text, the choice is yours to make.

Closing the tab of the browser displaying your quotes doesn’t clear off the quotes present in it because the quotes once display, are store in the cookie on your device’s browser.

The arrangement of the quotes are not in alphabetical form, they are just arranged any how depending on which quotes appear first and the new quotes keep piling on each other. This continues till you stop generating newer quotes.

Mini Web Tool uses database online to generate new quotes and sometimes generate already created quotes gotten from another website.

Mini Web Tool doesn’t delay when generating quotes and, also after generating the quotes, it doesn’t clear off the browser tab after closing it since it is stored in the cookie of the browser for future use.

What makes mini web tool the best AI quote generator is the fact that it can generate lots of quote without delaying and it has a simple interface suitable for beginners usage.

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Frequently asked questions

Which is the best quote creator app?

There are lots of best quote creator app present now in the world, the reason why this is like this is because of different preferences of people.

Now on iOS, Image Quote is the best quote creator app to use for creating quotes while on android system, text2pic is the best quote creator app to use to create quotes.

This apps might lose their spot light any time soon as developers are working tirelessly day and night to create more apps better than them.

What are the free AI Quote Generator?

There are free AI quote generators available on the web, this AI quote generators are also very good but not as good as the paid ones. There are some like the random word generator, zenozeno, etc.

How can I make my own quotes using AI?

Having the AI as a tutor is quite an interesting experience. Resources produce by AI is very useful in researching, if you want to make your own quotes, you can first of all read through the contents generated by the AI tool to understand the context of the quotes so you will also be able to get inspiration to create an original quote.

How do you write and edit quote using AI?

After using AI to get inspiration for your own quotes and you have written down the new quote, you can use grammarly to cross-check the new content, to see if any grammatical error will appear.

You should use grammarly to correct any grammatical error that appear.

After using AI to edit your quote and also eliminating plagiarism from it, your quote is now fully verified as original content and can now appear on web.

How AI quote Generator works?

AI quote generator works like the same way other AI works. AI quote generator needs to be trained in other to be able to identify quotes when it sees one, it should be able to identify the pattern of writing use to create quotes and learn how to be able to use such pattern to create brand new quotes.

That's how an AI quote generator works, though the quotes produced by the bot might sometimes appear incorrect.

What are inspirational quote template

Inspirational quote template is available for you to edit it, and customized it to your need, in other for you to create your own quotes using the idea present on the template.

Is InspiroBot an AI?

InspiroBot is an AI (artificial intelligence) that is use for generating unique quotes sayings that are inspirational for humans.

Who made InspiroBot Al?

InspiroBot was created by Pedar Jorgensen and Jesper Sundnes to creates quotes that are sometimes hilarious but also gives insight to our daily lives. The quotes can appear profound at times.

How old is InspiroBot?

InspiroBot was created by Pedar Jorgensen and Jesper Sundnes in 2015 which now makes it 8 years old and it has been functioning on web since that time.

InspiroBot have a corporation called InspiroCorp and these is what the creators say on their website, “InspiroBot is an AI dedicated to generating unique inspirational quotes for endless enrichment of pointless human existence.”

As for human existence being pointless I don't know what information they are trying to pass, but one thing I know is that InspiroBot is a good AI quote generator, so you should try it out.

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The best AI quote generators is something that is based on preference, this article is just containing information to give you guidelines on which AI to select as your best quote generator powered y AI.

Let's do some recall, InspiroBot is a good AI quote generator and it uses imagery as it way of generating it quotes, it displays the text on the images produced.

Having Random word generator, whose style of generating quotes is in the plain text form is also a good one to select, especially for the fact that it is easy to use and also beginner's friendly.

And there is this particular one called, this quote generator can't generate it quotes unless you code a function in JavaScript on it interface.

So, you can't use unless you have knowledge on JavaScript coding. If you are having tough time selecting the best AI quote generator tool, just go through the article again.

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