Best AI Keyword Generators To Generate High-performing Keywords

Best AI Keyword Generators

But the sad truth is that getting the right keyword for a webpage or blog post or online store is not easy especially if the webpage is a new one and is just trying to make its presence known in the online space.

It is very difficult to get the right keyword for one’s website as a lot of big goons online have taken the simple ones and have little to no keyword for beginners. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are still low-competition keywords but they are not easy to find as one needs to do a lot of research which is not only time-consuming but also very demanding and stressful. 

This as a result has made lots of people just pick any random keyword which most of the time is highly competitive and there is no hope that one day their website will see the blessing of organic traffic. 

With the right keyword, a new website can rank on the first page of Google or any online search engine or forum. 

Now that it is no longer a discovery of how difficult it is to get the right keyword, with the help of AI keyword tools, new online users can finally enjoy the benefits of organic traffic.

Why AI Keyword Generators?

AI keyword generators are known to not only scan your website before generating keywords but also help to monitor other big websites to search for keywords that your website can rank for. 

This is something a normal software tool with no AI technology can’t do. For this reason, it is why AI keyword generators are preferable for this work. 

Now that you doubt your clarification, let’s get to the main course of this article.

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Best AI Keyword Generators

1. TwinWord

Twinword AI keyword generator is a good researcher that is very powerful when it comes to getting good keywords for a website. 

This AI tool help website owners, bloggers, and even online stores to get low-competition keywords that are ranking in good positions on Google and other popular search engines. 

With the keywords this tool generated, a new website is guaranteed to be well-optimized and qualified to rank higher on Google.

With the help of its advanced natural language processing algorithms and machine learning algorithms, it carries out good quality analysis on your website or online store to determine the best keywords that have the potential of driving massive traffic to your website, and then suggest them to you so your website can have more exposure to a larger audience. 

Apart from the fact that this tool generates good keywords for a user, it also helps the user to understand why the keywords are good for his website. 

Users can see the search volume of the keyword as well as the competition level of the keywords. 

It generates numerous keywords that have low competition and different volume searches, leaving a user to select the ones that he deems fit as a priority for his content. 

TwinWord AI keyword generator can create keywords in clusters. These keyword clusters go a long way in making your content authority in that niche you are in. With this Google easily ranks the website faster as it is already optimized and suits the ranking metrics of Google. 

The keyword clusters strategy also makes it easier for a user to create a strategy that aligns with his content goal. 

TwinWord is an effective tool for those who are website owners, bloggers, and also content creators who want to optimize their website and content for better SEO strategy and get the most traffic in their niche.


1. It highlights Semantic keywords

Semantic keywords are a group of keywords that are related to one another. With this feature, bloggers and website owners can easily identify words that are similar in both text and meaning. 

What this feature does is not pattern matching but identifying how frequently or scarce a single or group of words appear in an article. Semantic highlighter is a good feature that helps to check keyword density.

2. Keyword Tool

This feature is one of the core attributes of the TwinWord Keyword generator. It uses the privilege that it has access to search engine searches to know the keywords that are having both high and low searches monthly. 

Also, with the algorithm embedded in it, it easily spies on competitors’ websites to know the low-competition keywords that a new website can utilize to boost its webpage ranking. 

3. Keyword Research

This feature analyzes different keywords to know the one that has the potential in increasing the website visibility and traffic. 

With this feature, users can relax and let it do all the keyword research they need to do for their website to grow faster. 

With the natural language processing algorithm and machine learning algorithms integrated into its interface, it does keyword research accurately.


1. It is very good at detecting the right keyword for a website. 

2. It accurately gauges the search volume for a keyword and determines if it is good for the website’s SEO.

3. It automatically detects the user’s intent for each keyword it generates. 


1. It is not free to use. 

2. It is expensive to purchase.

3. It offers fewer searches per day.

2. CopyAI

CopyAI keywords generator tool

CopyAI keyword generator is a very creative keyword generator tool that helps people who create content online, marketers, and online businesses in getting keywords that expose their presence online to other online users. 

This tool uses advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to carry out its operation. 

CopyAI assists users in generating keywords that are having few people giving content on them and each of the keywords it generates is always relevant to the main niche of the website.

When doing keyword analysis, this AI keyword tool takes into account various important factors such as search volume, competition level, and lastly, the relevance of the keyword. 

How relevant a keyword is to a webpage depends on what the user type on their website. 

Whether you are writing blog posts, social media content, website copy, or pay-per-click campaigns, CopyAI uses your content to generate relevant keywords to help you optimize your content well such that you can build a connection with your audience. 

With the friendly interface of CopyAI, users can input the type of context or topic they want and wait for the tool to generate a list of keywords that align with their requirements with its accurate analysis. 

It understands the content of the user and then provides numerous words, each of these keywords enhance the discoverability of contents across various search engines, thereby increasing organic traffic and improving the overall content strategy of the digital store or webpage.

With the constant upgrade, it gets more information and remains updated on the latest keyword trends that are lucrative. 

With this, it saves users’ time thereby allowing them to focus on creating good content while still helping them with good SEO tactics. 


1. It generates keywords

It uses the machine learning algorithm embedded in it to understand the contextual meaning of a user’s content and then uses its data mining capability to scan through the search engine searches and other competitors’ websites to generate keywords that are the best choice for the user’s website. 

2. It has lots of templates

On its interface, users can find lots of templates that an individual who is writing can use to his advantage. 

This particular feature favors users who are writers and need means of inspiration. With the 99+ content templates, a user can explore and test each of them to go for one that suits his content. 

3. It supports different languages

It supports about 27+ languages. With this feature, users can do keyword research with different languages to pick the one that best suits them. 

Also, this help to target an audience from a different language apart from the English language if an individual goes for a keyword in another language.


1. It equips users who are content creators with the necessary optimization insights they need for their websites. 

2. It enhances the SEO efforts of a website so as attract relevant traffic. 

3. It helps users achieve their online business goals with ease. 


1. It doesn’t support keyword clusters. 

2. It is not entirely free to use.

3. It is quite expensive to use. 

3. Rytr

Rytr AI keywords generators

This tool is a great AI writing tool that writers use as an assistant when necessary, and it is also a great keyword generator.

 It is a powerful tool that helps users to identify relevant and profitable keywords for their writing projects or businesses. 

With Rytr, users can save their time and rather spend it on creating good content and leave the keyword research and generation to this AI tool.

This AI keyword generator uses advanced algorithms and data analysis techniques embedded in its interface to generate several keywords that are relevant to the online niche of the user. 

A user can specify the niche or topic they are writing about to the AI tool to make the job easier for them. 

Being specific to the AI tool allows it to generate a range of keywords that resonates well with the target audience.

When users use the keyword generator feature of this tool, they automatically unlock other benefits of this tool. 

Users unlock the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) feature which helps to improve the SEO ranking of the website by recommending keywords that have good search volume and have lower competition. ]

With the proper SEO, website content is more likely to rank well on search engine rankings, making it have more traffic than ever.

With the keyword generator feature, users can understand the kinds of the word the audience use when searching for a particular topic or information on the search engines. 

When users go through the popular search terms and related keywords that have been analyzed by the AI keyword tool, they gain useful insights into the vocabulary their audience uses and they can in turn use that metrics in creating their keywords. 

One great thing about this tool is that users can expand their horizons of content ideas as they can discover more new topics in their niche that they didn’t know about before. 

With this new source of inspiration, users can be more creative when writing or creating content around new topics they are just coming across and haven’t given a thought to. 


1. It does SERP Analysis

This AI Keyword generator does Search Engine Result Page analysis when doing keyword research. 

It checks stuff like the search volume of a particular keyword, the user intents behind every search of that keyword, and how competitive the keyword is for a website. 

All this analysis is done with the help of machine learning algorithms and the data mining capability of this tool.

2. It does good keyword research

It does good analysis on any of the keywords it generates, after checking out the search volume, the competition level and it discovers that the keyword is low on competition and the search volume is great for the website visibility, it recommends to the user to use for his website. 

Keyword research is always more in-depth and accurate.

3. It allows the Integration of SEMrush

Users can integrate this amazing keyword tool into the Rytr interface and then use the joint ability of the two AI tools to do more in-depth keyword research. 

SEMrush can run some analysis on the website to understand the pattern and content uploaded on the website page. 

This, in turn, allows it to run smooth analyses on the competitors’ websites such that it can recommend good keywords for the users’ websites. SEMrush also takes information from search engines to get good keywords.  


1. The interface of this keyword generator is user-friendly. 

2. It has an intuitive interface. 

3. It saves time and effort used to do keyword research. 

4. It has good SEO tactics for new websites. 


1. It doesn’t support keyword clusters.

2. It is expensive to purchase. 

3. It doesn’t offer a keyword score. 

4. AskToAI

AsktoAI AI Keywords research tools

AskToAI is a good keyword generator that uses artificial intelligence technology to help users to optimize their online content and improve their rankings on search engine results. 

With the help of its advanced algorithms and natural language processing, it provides valuable insight into keywords that are having a lot of people searching for information around them on search engines. 

It doesn’t matter what you do online, whether you are a blogger or an online marketer, digital store owner, etc. 

This AI tool helps you to create keywords that target your kind of audience easily and also helps you build authority in your niche in the long run. 

AskToAI is a great tool that knows how to gather low-competition keywords and then arranged them into a list that is easy to comprehend. 

Each of the keywords is a well-targeted keyword that has good SEO rankings on the search engine result. 

People who have used this keyword tool have testified of how great the traffic they got after using the keywords this AI tool recommended.

Apart from the keyword suggestions this smart keyword tool generates, it also provides valuable metrics and analytics that potentially increase the knowledge of someone new to SEO tactics. 

Users have easy access to data such as search volume, keyword difficulty, and cost-per-click estimates, all of which help users in making smart decisions about the type of keywords they should target and the ones they should avoid. 

With this information, users can know the keywords they should prioritize their efforts on and pump more resources into.

AskTAI also goes beyond basic keyword research by informing users of the target audience’s intent searches so a user can create content that the audience is looking for which is very good for content SEO. 

With the provision of long-tail keywords, and semantic keywords as well, users can understand what their audience is looking for and therefore know how to structure the content according to the need of the audience. 

With this, there is no doubt how great the content of users can be as they can produce more engaging content for their audience which is another boost to their content SEO score. 


1. It offers Keyword Extract

This is an amazing feature of this AI keyword tool. It uses its natural language processing algorithm to select keywords that appear important. 

It takes note of keywords that appear too frequently and then selects them as an important keywords, it also takes notice of keywords that have too many interactions on search engines and then extracts them out for users to make use of. 

2. It provides Semantic keywords

This feature is of great use when an individual wants to know the density of a particular keyword in content. 

With the help of its natural language processing technology, semantic keywords are easily discovered as they are highlighted once a user uses the feature. 

3. It creates an editorial plan for users

This feature helps users who are editors to easily create a plan on how to go about article editing. 

With the help of machine learning algorithms and natural language processing technology, an editor can create an editor plan that is easy to follow.


1. It provides easy to comprehend list of keywords. 

2. It empowers users to make data-driven decisions that produce good results. 

3. Beginners can have their SEO knowledge increase as they use the tool.

4. Allows a user website to get more visibility.


1. It doesn’t provide semantic keywords at times.

2. It doesn’t allow users to integrate other SEO tools.

3. It is not entirely free.

4. It is expensive to purchase. 

5. Bramework

Bramework is making waves in the keyword industry. It is not just a keyword generator, it is also a great tool that helps users to write content, especially articles and blog posts.

The heart of any successful SEO is good keyword research and once done well, there is bound to be an influx of organic traffic. 

You see something, with this amazing tool, users can get keywords that are well optimized such that they can drive good traffic to a webpage or online content due to how good the keyword research feature of this tool is. And that’s why a lot of bloggers use this keyword research tool to carry out accurate keyword analysis.

Bramework uses the power of cutting-edge technology to generate useful insights which are then used to locate quality keywords that can make the website climb up the scale till it gets to the first page on popular search engines. 

This tool generates keywords that appear in clusters such that it is very easy for a new website to become an authority in a particular niche.

This tool knows how to uncover golden keywords that no one is writing any content on and yet has lots of monthly searches. 

This AI keyword tool uncovers long-tail keyword opportunities that can rank on the first page on Google within a day or two of putting content on them. 

This is so because those keyword phrases have no one writing on them. 

With the help of its sophisticated algorithms and the data-driven analyst, it can deliver precise keyword suggestions, ensuring that online businesses can optimize their content properly and align it with the language and intent of their audience. 


1. Good Keyword Research

Bramework uses its advanced algorithms to generate a comprehensive list of keywords that have clusters and are also relevant to the niche a user is supplying content. 

With the help of its natural language processing algorithm, it easily generates keywords with low competition and a large search volume. 

2. Search Volume and Competition Analysis

When doing keyword research, knowing the search volume of a particular keyword and the competition level of each keyword is very important as this is what informs a user if he is on the right part. 

With the natural language processing algorithm of this AI tool, it is easy for a user to know these details in an accurate format.

3. SERP Analysis

This feature allows users to do some in-depth SEO analysis that allows users to know where their content is going to rank on the search engine result page when they use a particular keyword phrase. 

This particular feature allows users to understand the intent behind their audience searches which in turn allows them to make content that is well-targeted to a specific audience that has a great interest in the value of the content.


1. It generates long-tail keyword suggestions that boost webpage rankings. 

2. It helps users to accurately analyze their rank with just a keyword. 

3. It can perform good competition analysis. 

4. It allows users to uncover valuable keywords. 


1. It grouping of keywords is sometimes not accurate. 

2. It doesn’t have a free plan for new users.

3. It is expensive to purchase. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the best AI keyword generator?

Tools like Bramework, Rytr, CopyAI, TwinWord, are so far the best AI keyword generator that helps users to generate keywords that are capable of boosting the SEO ranking of their blog posts or online store.

How reliable are these AI keyword generators?

In truth, not all of these tools are reliable but still, but there are still some that are very trustworthy and are very good at what they do as there are lots of positive reviews about them. Tools like TwinWord,  CopyAIRytr, etc. These are very reliable Keyword tools that an online user can explore. 

Are all of these AI keyword generators free?

No, not all of them are free. It is advisable to go for the paid ones than the free ones because history has made it known that the free keyword generators are not very reliable so to avoid such errors in your business, you should go for the paid AI keyword generator tools that are available. 

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If you have read this far, it is not wrong to say you have known how important a keyword is in boosting the ranking position of an article, blog post, online store, webpages, etc. 

And also, how keyword determines how successful an online business will be. 

With the help of the AI tools explained above, there is no need for a beginner in the online space to worry about failing to get the right keyword for his store. 

With the tools above, a user who is just entering the online space can blow out and become an authority in his niche. 

Having a good AI keyword generator will go a long way in making a new website owner achieve his goal quickly and with the best AI keyword generators listed above, you are covered and you have nothing to worry about.

Is this helpful? Which else would you like to know about AI keyword generators? Let me know in the comments.

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