Best AI Resume Builder Tools to Make a Job Winning Resume

Best AI Resume Builder Tools

There is this saying; “first impression matters a lot.” This saying has proven over the years to be right. Most people judge others based on their first meeting.

Whatever experience they felt while they were communicating with the other person is what they use to regard the other person over time. 

This same rule applies to Resumes. A Resume is what describes you to your employer, it tells a lot about you and your lifestyle. 

So if you submit a bad Resume to your dream company, it tarnishes your image in front of the employers there. 

That is why when writing a resume, you have to take your time to draft good content. 

A good resume already gives you a score rate of 70% before you are given a physical interview and in some cases, a person gets the job just based on a good resume. 

It is very important to know how to sell yourself to your employer with your resume. It speaks a lot about your personality and even builds trust between you and your employer. 

This is why AI Resume Builders have been developed to help individuals who need help with a good Resume. 

With the recent update done on AI Resume Builders, more advanced builders have been developed. 

Among the latest Resume Builders, I did some screening and grading to select the best ones among the numerous builders. 

For the fact that you are reading this article, I got you covered already. 

The tools I am going to unravel for you are the best ones you can find in the market that will be worth your money. 

There is one special one that I love the most and I will talk about it in this article, so stay with me till the end to get it.

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Best AI Resume Builder Tools

1. Rezi Resume Builder

Rezi is a platform that came into existence due to the critical reasoning of a group of friends in 2015. 

Because they were unemployed and needed a job to fend for themselves, and since the rate of unemployment is very high because a lot of people don’t know how to draft a good resume that can convince employers to employ them, this idea came into existence. 

Rezi is a resume builder that helps an individual who wants to draft a well-organized and convincing resume to do so. 

Over the years this software has improved a lot as it works using advanced technology and machine learning algorithms to generate good resumes. 

Each of the resumes it generates is tailored according to the type of job the individual who needs them is preparing to apply for. 

With the machine learning algorithms it has, it analyzes the descriptions of a particular job and then structures out a good resume plan that sells you well to your employer. 

Based on the rate of job hiring statistics I took for those who have used this software to generate a resume, about 60% of people get their dream job.

There are many things you can do with this software, you can find good tools and resources on its interface. 

Tools and resources like cover letter builders, guides that help with interviews, and numerous articles that contain advice as regards careers. 

All these resources and tools also help people who are looking for jobs so the search can be more effective and efficient.

A lot of youth and teenagers who are looking for jobs that have used this software before always give good reviews on how the tools and resources Rezi offer to them have helped them secure their jobs. 

With this tool, it is an understatement how professional and optimized you can make your resume with this builder. 

Even cover letters that make you stand out from other people who are also contesting for a particular post in your dream company can easily be made using Rezi. 

Even big companies like Forbes, Business Insider, and Fast Company have given good ratings to Rezi.

What I love the most about this software is the fact that it can write a good resignation letter. A lot of people don’t know how to draft this down but with this builder, it is very easy to draft a good one.


1. Customizable Templates

It possesses a lot of templates that range over a lot of skill and these templates are easy to edit and customize to one’s preference. 

The template ranges from marketing, engineering, programming, business, etc. There are about 313 professional templates that you can edit to your taste, including cover letters as well. 

So with this tool, there is no kind of quality resume and cover letter you can’t draft easily, Rezi got you covered on this one. 

2. Keyword Optimization

There is a major saying that keywords are ingredients that make a resume a success. 

Some specific keywords need to appear in your resume, the absence of these keywords reduces the quality of your resume greatly but with the help of this AI software, you don’t have to worry about it as it will help you put the right keywords in your resume and ensure its success.

3. ATS Compatibility

ATS (Applicant Tracking System) features it posses allow you to send your resume in different text files like pdf or Word documents. 

With the availability of different text formats, it makes it easier for your resume to be easily accessible by your employers without them trying to reach out to you to help send your resume again.


1. It can access the user’s Linkedin account and then create a resume according to the skill on the LinkedIn profile.

2. Its interface is very easy to use. 

3. It is very good at making concise and readable resumes. 


1. It is expensive to use. 

2. Its free trial offers limited service. 

3. It has poor customer service

2. Skillroads Resume Builder

This is another AI resume builder, this tool is a comprehensive career services platform that came into existence in the year 2018. 

During the year when it came into existence, the company release a mission statement; the company’s mission is to help job seekers and employers connect and build successful careers together.

The method of operation of Skillroads is quite different from other AI resume builders. It uses advanced technology to power its interface. 

It automatically generates resumes and also, optimizes the LinkedIn profile of users by using optimization tools to help with that.

The AI technology embedded in the interface makes it easy to analyze the data of job seekers and also, discover the market trend so that a well-optimized and neat resume and LinkedIn profile can be created for available job opportunities of your choice. 

With this, your chances of getting approval from the employers in your dream organization are almost 100% certain.

Skillroads doesn’t only optimize resumes and LinkedIn profiles, it also offers other services like career coaching and job search tools for people who are searching for jobs. 

On the Builder’s interface, individuals can access the career assessments to stand a chance to get qualifying for any available job in their field, there are lots of job insights in the job market that are very useful to individuals who want to get employed. 

And time, there has been a buildup of personalized job advice that help various individual to narrow down the processes needed in searching for jobs, which makes the searches more effective.

Even employers also use Skillroads to help with job applications, like for example, employers use ATS (Applicant Tracking System) integration on the interface of the software to go through the numerous resumes they have, and also, employers use it in optimizing job postings so they can go to a targeted audience. 

With this, a lot of candidates that are right for the jobs apply and this even makes the hiring process faster as the employers can easily get access to top talents that suit the job post.

The overall recruitment process becomes better when a company uses Skillroads to assist with the process.

Skillroads is a good AI resume builder for both employers and job seekers as it offers a lot of services and features that help both parties achieve their career goals.


1. It possesses Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Employers use this feature to track and manage job applications right from the point of application to the final screening stage. 

With the help of this software, employers can filters and rank candidates based on how qualified they are for the jobs, the ranking is done based on qualifications, experience, and other criteria the company has already set. 

Skillroads makes the whole recruitment process fast and effective as lots of top candidates are easily identified. 

2. Job Posting

Employers use it to post jobs to targeted audiences as they are available features for this purpose. 

The jobs posted are customized to cover specific skills, skill levels of proficiency, experience, and qualifications. Individuals who fit the job criteria easily apply and get their appointment date quicker. 

3. Reporting and analytics

Over time the software uses the data it gets from previously written resumes to draft down a top-grade resume that can help secure individual dream jobs. 

When it gets the data of a top-grade resume, it analyzes it and then generates an original resume for you automatically. 

4. Tone Checker

It has neural networks that have good experience with the human tone of writing. 

It is this network that allows the software to generate a good resume that has human emotions in them and the writings that don’t have the emotional tone in them, the software corrects it. 


1. It provides good engagement metrics for users. 

2. It writes the resume in a subtle tone that portrays the human touch. 

3. It has a good user interface. 

4. It has good formatting features that prove useful when a user is formatting his Resume. 


1. It is not entirely free to use.

2. It is expensive for users to purchase. 

3. It does not provide jobs faster for users

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3. EnhanCV

This is another amazing Resume Builder that operates on Cloud-based and Artificial Intelligence technology. 

It can be accessed from any device that supports an internet connection. The birth of this AI builder is a result of the bright idea of two friends who rubbed their minds together to produce the amazing AI Resume Builder that can solve the problem of the stressful resume-building process.

On the interface of this software, you can find a long-range template that you can choose from. 

Mind you the templates cover lots of skills and various experience ranges, you can edit it to your preference, adding or removing any information based on how important it is. 

EnhanCV allows individuals to import top-grade resumes to use as a starting point in the new resume creation.

One major feature among its other features is the AI-POWERED feedback system it has. 

It uses this system to provide personalized feedback on specific areas of your resume such as impact, readability, and keyword Optimization.

The way EnhanCV offers job posting services is fantastic. It offers job postings from different sources, making it easier for job seekers to find jobs in convenient locations that suit them, and also, allows them to apply to relevant positions as the job postings cover a lot of positions. 

The career platform also provides useful advice through long articles that address major job problems. 

It also hosts webinars and events that are beneficial to job seekers as the goal of Webinars and events is to make sure job seekers have access to the latest information on industry trends and the best practices that keep them up their game.

EnhanCV is not entirely free as it has both the free plan and the paid plan. 

The free plan has limited features and it only allows the usage of basic resume creation features, while the paid features give more attractive services like cover letter templates, multiple language support, and lastly, advanced analytics that help to do more optimized job postings  


1. Customizable Templates

EnhanCV has lots of templates that cover a wide range of job opportunities. There are hardly any job resume templates you can’t find in EnhanCV collections. 

The templates are designed to have good visual outlooks and are also easy to read and edit for one’s job requirements. 

2. Resume Builder

The resume builder allows individuals to create a new resume from scratch. It also allows users to import a resume that already exists and then edit it to one’s preference. 

The resume builder model in this software is very intuitive and easy to use even if one is a beginner as it provides step-by-step guidance.

3. Cover letter builder

EnhanCV provide a professional cover letter with the help of the cover letter builder. The professional cover letter complements the resume of job seekers as it highlights their skills and experience.

4. Job Search Tools

These features are specifically for job seekers which helps to find jobs that are targeted to a specific audience, thereby matching their skills and experience.

After a job seeker has created a professional profile, the job search tools either send alerts to inform him of any updates as regards any jobs that suit his profile.


1. It can edit a user’s Linkedin profile to look very professional such that he can get a job faster. 

2. User’s Resume can be examined by a top Resume expert in the interface before submitting it to the company of their dream. 

3. It has an intuitive interface.

4. It is also friendly for users.


1. It is not free to use. 

2. It is expensive to buy.

3. It has poor customer service. 

4. Its features are over-charged when compared to other Resume Builders.


This is a top-grade resume builder, which uses a cloud-based recruitment platform that provides an air-tight recruitment solution to employers. 

The model of this software operates with Artificial intelligence technology and machine learning algorithms that make it automate major processes of the recruitment process, processes like job posting, candidates screening, applicants tracking and others are done on auto-run.

This software helps employers to analyze job descriptions and analyze the resume of different job seekers with the help of natural language processing (NLP) algorithms. 

The interface of the software allows easy identification of skills, qualifications, and experience levels required for a particular job, and these jobs are connected to individuals who have the same level of qualifications, experience, and skill level, these connections are done on auto-run by the software which is faster and effective as the right individuals are connected to the jobs at their level. 

The interface of this software is more user-friendly and employers can also use its features to create and post job openings. 

They can view and manage the applications of various candidates and then schedule video interviews with promising candidates. The video interview can be done on the software’s interface.

Employers can get real-time data analytics and reports that provide useful insights that make the recruitment process faster, easier, and more efficient. 

Data like the number of applicants who are contesting for a particular job, the stages of each recruitment process of the candidates, and the total time to start and finish the process. 

CVVIZ provide both free plan and paid plan which contain different pricing range, the pricing is done according to the number of features available in a particular plan. 

Each individual has different needs, but with the plan’s structure, they can have their need fulfilled. 

Mind you, the plan features contain things like unlimited job postings, candidate screening, an applicant tracking system, video interviews, and more precise talented applicants catch.

CVVIZ is a software that has a well comprehensive recruitment platform that provides both employers and employees with good recruiting experience. 

Employers get applicants that are best fit for the available positions in their organizations.

The AI technology it uses makes it a valuable tool for companies of different sizes and industries who want to experience a good recruiting process each time they want fresh efficient workers.


1. Resume Parsing

This software uses AI and machine learning algorithms to extract information from top-rated resumes and then organize the information in a good structure format. 

With this, a well-optimized original resume is now created with ease as this information can now be used to fill up spaces in a user’s profile. 

2. Integration of Job Board

This feature allows users to easily access jobs that suit their profile. The jobs board integrates with popular platforms like Indeed and Glassdoor. 

With this platform, users can even search for jobs directly from the platform if they don’t want to wait for a search engine to bring jobs to them.

3. Applicant Tracking System

This platform provides a tracking system that allows users to track their application letters across the various organizations they submit their letters. 

They can track the status of the jobs they applied for, right from the time they submit their application letters. 

4. Analytic and Insights

CVVIZ provide useful analytics and then creates insights that can improve your resume performance. 

Information on how many companies checked your previous resume and how many didn’t check gives useful insights on how to draft a good resume that will have a good open rate and be convincing enough to get you the job.


1. It has good customer service.

2. It is very easy to use.

3. It is beginners’ friendly.

4. It is convenient to use. 


1. Its free plan offers limited job postings.

2. It is not entirely free to use.

3. It is expensive to purchase.

Frequently asked questions

Can anyone recommend a good resume builder that is free?

EnhanCV is a good AI resume builder that is not only free but also provides top-notch resume services that an individual can use effectively.

Is the AI Resume Writer Free?

Yes, it is free. All you need is to create a free account on platforms like Skillroads, EnhanCV, etc. As these tools allow you to write a well-optimized and organized Resume for free.

How to Make a Resume with AI?

All you need to do is to make sure to, first of all, have an account on the AI Resume Builder platform like Skillroads, EnhanCV, Rezi, etc. 

After which you either import an already existing resume that is top notch into the interface of the platform for the AI technology to do some word organizing and then structure a completely new resume that is also well optimized for you. 

Another way to get AI to write you a Resume with the help of the templates on the builders’ interface which you can edit to your preference.

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AI Resume Builders are very useful in improving one’s resume writing skills.

With the corrections are training gotten from AI resume builders, statistics said a beginner has a 45% tendency to improve to a better resume writer. 

The fact that this AI resume builder can be used by any device that has an internet connection makes it very much valuable. 

And with the Resume Builders above, it is very certain that your resume writing skills will have more improvement over time. 

This AI resume builders that I listed above are also very reliable and efficient as well.

Which of this tools are you planning on starting out with and what are your opinion? I would love to hear them in the comments.

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