Uberduck AI Voice Generator: How to Use, Alternatives & More

Uberduck AI Voice Generator Alternatives

There are a lot of people who want to give out good content but are scared to do so because they have glossophobia- which is a fear of public speaking. 

This alone has made lots of people keep the good value they want to spread out to the world themselves. 

And even if one writes the content out and gives a professional voice-over artist to read it as an audio track, it is quite expensive to hire them.

But now with the current advancements in technology and artificial intelligence, lots of voice generators have been created and it is not too expensive to purchase as there are lots of options out there. 

Now people just have to write whatever content they want to pass across on the AI voice chat box and do some formatting and punctuation manipulations so the AI voice generator can make pauses here and there. 

The AI voice generator we are to going to uncover today is Uberduck AI Voice Generator. 

What is Uberduck AI Voice Generator?

Uberduck is an amazing AI voice generator that uses advanced technology that makes use of artificial intelligence to generate realistic and natural-sounding voices. 

The developers of Uberduck are people who are specialized in speech synthesis and machine learning algorithms, that’s why this AI voice generator uses machine learning algorithms and speech synthesis technology to read through blocks of content in natural-sounding voices. 

This smart voice generator has gained popularity in the AI voice generator niche since it can produce high-quality voice recordings easily.

Since, the developers trained this AI tool with human voice, each time it generates a new voice-over, it always sounds like human voices that are difficult to distinguish from real human recordings. 

With many analyses done on the audio data, the AI model embedded in Uberduck’s interface has developed to learn and understand the fine details of human speech, not excluding the intonation, rhythm, and pronunciation of words. 

With this adequate training, this smart voice generator generates voices that not only sound authentic but also convey emotions and expressiveness.

The fact that this AI voice generator is very flexible to use makes it easy for users to use it for different activities. 

Users can use it to make voiceover for stuff like commercials, animations, and video games which requires captivating and engaging voice for more interaction.

Users who are in the audiobook industry can also make good use of it, as this AI voice generator can create different kinds of voices for different characters, such listeners won’t get bored while listening to me the voiceovers.

What language does Uberduck AI Text to Speech Support ?

Uberduck AI Text is Multi-Language software that generates voice-over in numerous languages to be precise, it supports about 24 languages including English, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Dutch. 

Due to the numerous languages, it supports, users can explore this feature and use it to create text-to-speech content in different languages of their choice. 

All they have to do is to write the text in a language and then change the language format in which the language will appear.

How to get started with Uberduck Text to speech AI generator?

Uberduck is a good AI voice generator when it comes to generating good audio content

Using this tool is a straightforward process and users can easily input text or script into the system and then wait for a few seconds to get the audio file with the chosen voice. 

Users have the privilege to customize the voices generated either by selecting different accents or genders just to suit their needs. 

As a new user if you don’t know how to get started these next few steps are going to be of good help to you.

  1. The first thing to do is to sign-up on the official website of Uberduck so you can create an account with them. You will be asked to drop your email address as that’s what they need to accept you as a new user. 
  2. After creating your account and verifying your email address, log in to your Uberduck account and then tap on the “Text to Speech” prompt on the dashboard. 
  3. Once you are at the “Text to speech” page, fill in the text you want to convert to a voiceover in the chatbox. Make sure you put punctuations in places you want a pause and also leave a space or two depending on how long you want the pause to be. 
  4. After filling up the chatbox with your text, tap on the synthesize button so you can convert the text to an audio format. 
  5. You can listen to the audio file by tapping on the preview button. This you can do before downloading the audio file to your device’s storage. 
  6. If you don’t like the voice record you can change the personality to another person as there is a feature that allows users to use anybody they want to read their text out. 

Features of Uberduck AI Voice Generator

1. Text to speech

It allows users to not only convert text to speech but also allow them to make some editing to the audio file like changing the accent, gender of the reader, and the pitch the reader use to read out the text. 

2. Voice Automation

Users can use this particular feature to automate how they generate an audio file, creation of voiceovers for videos, etc. With this feature, users can set up the voice generation process once and leave the AI tool to finish the process. 

3. Voice Clones

Users can use Uberduck to clone voices especially when doing commercials. Users can clone a celebrity’s voice to use it to advertise.  

4. Royalty-free Videos

On Uberduck, there are lots of royalty-free videos that users of this software tool can utilize for their own personal use or commercial use depending on needs.

Pros of Uberduck AI Voice Generator

1. It generates high realistic and expressive voice.

2. It is a valuable tool for content creators

3. It offers a free plan.

4. It saves time.

Cons of Uberduck AI Voice Generator

1. Its free version has limited features.

2. It is quite expensive to purchase.

Frequently asked questions on Uberduck AI Voice Generator

Is Uberduck AI free to use?

Uberduck AI is not entirely free even though it offers a free plan. Users just have to create an account to have access to the free plan. Mind you, the free plan offers limited features, unlike the paid plan.

Is Uberduck AI safe to use?

Uberduck AI is very safe to use as there has not been any record of it causing anything harmful.

 It is just that the use of Uberduck on YouTube, in the long run, might not be safe as YouTube might at one point introduce an update that prevents AI-generated voice content from getting monetized. 

Apart from this futuristic worry, it is very safe to use Uberduck for your content creation.

Does Uberduck AI have limits?

On the interface, there are different plans with different limitations. On the free plan there are many limitations and the limitations decrease as a user pay for a higher plan. So yes, Uberduck AI has limits. 

Is Uberduck AI royalty-free?

On Uberduck, you can use as much royalty content as you like. It doesn’t matter if you are using it for commercials or other online entertainment stuff, a user can use it without any additional charges. 

Does Uberduck support API integration?

Uberduck allows users to create new API and then allow them to integrate it into their interface, the amazing thing about the API integration is the superb features it offers to users. 

After creating the API, users can check out the API to know if it is working perfectly well. After which they can use it to select AI voices and then use the voice to read their text content. 

The text content is allowed to appear in lyrics format or poetic format, as with the API integration, users can instruct commands for the API to read the text in poetic or rap format, users have to include the beat per minute(BPM) in the command prompt to make the rap sound more melodious. 

Apart from generating text-to-speech, users can use the API integration feature to convert a voice to another voice, the user just has to upload the audio file of his choice and then choose the voice he wants the voice in the audio file to switch to, with just a single tap the voice is successfully swapped. 

API integration is a good feature that makes Uberduck a high-quality voice generator that many professionals love to explore.

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Uberduck AI Voice Generator Alternatives

As good as Uberduck is, it still has many alternatives that are as good as it is; below are the alternatives for text-to-speech (TTS) conversion: 

1. Amazon Polly

This is a cloud-based text-to-speech service that Amazon Web offers to users who need a voiceover and it is one of the best Uberduck AI alternatives. 

It allows a user who doesn’t want to record his voice to convert his written text into natural-sounding speech with the help of the tool’s advanced deep-learning techniques. 

With a variety of voices and language options, it allows users to create high-quality speech capabilities easily. 

It also offers simple APIs that allow easy integration of other tools and offers real-time support. 


1. It has easy-to-use API

Amazon Polly allows users to easily integrate API that enables them to quickly instruct commands to the AI tool to perform any action related to voice or speech recitation. 

Users just have to send the text they want to convert to the API of Amazon Polly and in response, the AI tool immediately sends back the audio stream to the user interface so the user can store the file in audio format. 

2. It offers a wide range of voices and languages for user use

On the Amazon Polly interface, users have access to dozen of life-like voices and there are also varieties of languages for users to utilize for their use.

With the Multi-Language features, users can chunk out content for countries that don’t even speak English.

Amazon Polly not only offers standard text-to-speech voices but it also offers neural text-to-speech voices that make improves the quality of the audio voices to sound more natural and human-like. 

3. It allows users to synchronize the audio file with visual content

Users of this software can easily customize an audio file and then edit it with visual content such that both contents run with the same timestamp. 

This allows users who are only interested in making just an audio file to easily make video content that has sound. 

Users can create animation content synchronized with an audio file or karaoke-style word highlighting with this feature. 

3. Users can adjust the speaking style, speech rate, pitch, and loudness of voice-over

With the help of the algorithms embedded in the interface of this AI tool, it easily does voice-over that sounds so realistic that isn’t easy to differentiate when compared with a human voice. 

It uses algorithms like Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML), W3C standard, XML-Based Markup Language, and lastly SSML tags model. 

These SSML tags are mostly utilized by the AI tool when it is performing an action that requires phrasing, emphasis, and intonation. 

Even the XML-Based Markup Language is mostly used when there is a need for the AI tool to perform speech synthesis action. 

With all the algorithms embedded in this AI tool, users can enjoy flexibility when creating a life-like speech that can catch the attention of the audience and keep them engaged till the end of the speech as they can tweak any angle of the audio easily.


  1. It supports all programming languages.
  2. It can produce voices that sound like newscasters or public speakers when its features are properly adjusted. 
  3. It allows users to create voiceovers in different languages.
  4. Its API system is top-notch.


  1. It is expensive for some pockets.
  2. To use the API (Amazon Polly Application Programming Interface) feature of this tool, users require technical knowledge.
  3. Its free trial offers limited services
  4. It doesn’t offer good customer service.

Frequently asked questions on Amazon Polly

Which Audio Formats Are Supported?

On Amazon Polly, users can stream and upload audio files that are not MP3 file formats, users can stream audio files like Vorbis, and Raw PCM easily on this platform. 

And when it comes to bandwidth optimization, Amazon Polly is very good at it as users can choose from various sample rates to optimize the bandwidth such that the audio quality goes in line with the application the user wants to stream the audio on. 

Can a user use this software for generating one-time voice prompts that will sound repetitive?

Yes, a user can use the prompt for a single voice-over to generate a repetitive sound of that same audio file for free as there are no additional charges or costs attached to this benefit.

Does Amazon Polly offer AWS in its free trial?

Users who are new and just want to try out this software by using its free trial plan also enjoy the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud platform for free. 

Once a user has signed up for a new account, they have free passage to use up to 5 million characters for free for one month. 

It doesn’t matter if it is speech only or speech mark request. The free 5 million characters are enjoyed for 12 months straight. 

New users also enjoy 1 million free characters when using the neural voices feature. This freebie goes on for 12 months straight.

Does a User Still Own A Content That Is Processed And Stored By Amazon Polly?

Users always have ownership of their content even when their content is already being scanned by Amazon Polly. 

Amazon Polly doesn’t disclose the contents uploaded on its interface and they don’t use it without seeking out permission from the owner. 

2. Google Cloud Text-to-speech

This is a powerful Cloud-based service offered by Google. This smart voice generator converts written text into natural-sounding speech easily.

 It uses advanced machine learning and advanced neural networks to generate high-quality audio files that can appear in different languages and voices. 

These tools offer both gender voice records, which means you can have a male record and a female record if you want, and the audio can still be generated in different languages and accents which can create more connection with the audience using a specific accent. 


1. It has Custom Voice Beta

This feature allows users to train the custom speech algorithm of this tool such that it can create a voice it has never produced before. 

Users can use their audio files to create this unique and more natural-sounding voice. With the help of the voice tuner, and voice settings users can easily create a voice profile that is suitable for their project or brand.

2. It has a wide range of voices

Users using this software can easily create voices in different languages. 

With the help of its advanced Deep Learning algorithms, it can easily decode languages that are English and then generate a voice that sounds so natural and realistic for the ear of the listeners. 

3. Users can easily edit the text with SSML tags

Users can easily edit the text they want to have a voice-over for with the help of the SSML tags that can easily put pauses, numbers, date, and time formatting on the text such that when the audio file is generated, it produced good sound quality that doesn’t sound robotic. 

4. It has a studio voice feature

This feature allows users to easily create voices that sound like the audio file created by a professional voice recording studio. 

With this feature, a user can mesmerize the audience with studio-quality sounds, and this is so because the algorithms are constantly trained with sounds created from professional studios so they can produce audio of such quality. 


  1. It has good processing speed when it comes to text-to-speech conversions.
  2. It has a user-friendly interface. 
  3. Users can easily customize the speed of the speech such that people with visual impair vision can understand what a user is trying to pass across.
  4. It is very easy to use. 


  1. It doesn’t have a longer audio duration which is quite frustrating.
  2. The audio sound sometimes sounds robotic and the punctuation isn’t always fluent. 
  3. It doesn’t offer discounts for users who are converting many texts to speech.
  4. It API requires a user to have technical knowledge before he can use it.

Frequently asked questions on Google Cloud Text-to-speech

What is Google text to speech and is it useful for anyone?

This voice-over is a cloud platform software that can perform voice-over services for you. 

It is very useful for individuals who are content creators that love their content to have a narrator and it is quite cheap when compared to a human narrator. 

It also helps with e-learning as an individual can use this smart tool to create text to speech information for some groups of students.

What are the benefits a user gets from using Google Cloud Text To Speech?

This software is one of the simplest voice-to-speeches that an individual can use for his project. It saves a lot of time as it is very fast in processing a text and converting it to a speech. 

With the use of a headphone, a user can listen to the content and then make some necessary changes.

A user can get voices that sound like newscasters and public speakers when they use the API of this software as they can make nice voice tuning with it.

Can Users Use Google Text To Speech Feature For Voice Recognition?

This software can not perform voice recognition as it can mainly convert a group of text to audio format.

The developers made it that way such that it can only perform real-time transcription. 

With the help of its advanced machine learning algorithms, deep learning models, and Artificial intelligence technology, it easily does text-to-speech conversions.

Can Users Use Google Text To Speech for Free?

Any individual that knows how to surf the internet can easily signup for Google text-to-speech service.

 It is free of charge as this is something Google provided to online users to convert their texts to speech. 

Individuals can use this software on any device, be it an Android mobile device, or through a Google search of the service. 

Users can use this software for as long as possible with no increment or any additional charges.

3.  Microsoft Azure Text-to-speech

This is also another cloud-based service offered by Microsoft Azure that easily converts text written by users into natural-sounding speech. 

It offers users a lot of powerful features and voices that enable the easy creation of a voice experience that is immersive and intoxicating. 

With the help of its advanced neural text-to-speech technology embedded in its interface and its deep learning techniques, it produces highly natural and expressive speech that can carry the effect the user wants. 

The neural text-to-speech models in its interface improve by going through a large amount of data so that the voice recorder is top-notch. 

With proper punctuation, a user can use this tool to generate speech with proper intonation, emphasis, and natural pauses, making the listeners enjoy the flow since it sounds more human-like.


1. It possesses a Visemes feature

This feature is very beneficial tools to individuals who are creating animation videos as this feature allow users to input key poses in the observed speech that include the position of the lips, jaw, and tongue when producing a particular language intonation. 

The use of this feature provides a strong correlation with voice and language intonation.

Users can easily generate facial animation data with the use of Visemes in Speech SDK and this data can be of great help when creating a lip-reading video that is animated. 

To use this feature there is a limitation, it does not support languages that are not en-US i.e. US English neural voices. 

2. It offers Prebuilt Neural Voices

The text-to-speech capability of this software uses deep neural networks to go beyond its limitations which are its inability to perform traditional speeches. 

This network allows it to easily produce traditional speech with less stress and proper intonation. Due to intense training, it easily predicts the rhythm and then uses it in voice creation. 

The voices created with this format always appear fluid and natural-sounding. 

Another amazing thing about this prebuilt neural voice model is that it appears at a frequency of 24 kHz and on the high side, it appears at a frequency of 48 kHz. 

These Prebuilt neural voices are used in interacting with chatbots and voice assistants more engagingly. These neural network voices also aid the easy conversion of ebooks into audiobooks. 

3. It allows users to fine-tune their text-to-speech output

With the use of SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language), users can customize their text-to-speech output easily. 

SSML allows users to easily adjust the pitch of the output audio, add pauses to the text, improve pronunciation with the help of sound settings, change the speed of the AI reader, control the volume of the audio, etc.

Users can even add different AI readers with different voices to read a single document. With SSML, users can generate different voice intonations and change the speaking style of the AI. 

4. It allows users to make longer audio

Users who make longer audio can use the batch synthesis API to combine audio files that are longer than 10 minutes to become one audio file.

The output response here is not a real-time speech unlike the audio file created with the help of Speech SDK or Speech Synthesis to Text API which always produce an audio file in real time. 

When using this feature, users don’t get their audio files immediately as the files only come out when the service is made available on the platform which is different from the Speech SDK or Speech to Text API.


  1. Users can easily combine voices to show emotion with the help of the batch synthesis API. 
  2. Users can use different control features to bring out the best of the voices used in the process of converting text to speech.
  3. Users can convert their text to speech in different languages easily with the help of it deep neural networks.
  4. It allows users to make voices to their animations with the help of Visemes.


  1. To use the API settings of this software, it requires users to have technical knowledge.
  2. It free trial is not free. 
  3. It is expensive to purchase.

Frequently asked questions on Microsoft Azure Text-to-speech

What is Azure TTS?

Azure is the Microsoft AI text-to-speech that is embedded in software that allows users to easily convert their group of text to speech. 

It uses deep neural networks to go through the series of text uploaded on its platform to understand it and then it uses its machine learning algorithms to read out the text of words in a realistic tone that sounds human-like. 

Azure is used for various things online especially voice assistant as it is very good at it. 

Is Microsoft Azure text-to-speech free to use?

A new user who is just using this software is entitled to a free trial account and once the user wants to upgrade to a higher account he can choose the plan he wants and make payment. 

With that said, Microsoft Azure text-to-speech is free to use. 

Can I learn Microsoft Azure text-to-speech without coding?

To use this software, users don’t need to have any coding skills.  Microsoft Azure’s text-to-speech interface is very easy to understand with no technical knowledge. 

The interface provides all the features a user need to create a high-quality audio sound. 

To use this software, you just need to understand English and know how to read as that is all you need to enjoy this software benefit.

Is it hard to learn how to use Microsoft Azure text to speech?

Microsoft Azure is not hard to use as it does not require any major learning to use it. 

With a good understanding of the English language, a user can easily learn how to operate Microsoft Azure text to speech with ease. 

Also, with an experience with Amazon Web services, a user can easily use this software as well. 

4. Listnr

This is an amazing AI voice generator that generates voice-over easily with the use of artificial intelligence technology. 

This tool allows users to not only convert text to speech but also to convert text to videos, e-learning materials, video sales letters, etc. 

Users can use this text-to-speech to run commercials with no copyright infringement.

It uses AI-powered voices to produce natural sounds that are engaging such that users can easily use them for whatever reason they want to use them. 

Listnr also supports different languages and can read out the text in these different languages. 


1. It possesses a One-Click Conversion Feature

Users can use this feature to convert their group of text into an audio file with the help of Google Wavenet text-to-speech. 

This feature is very useful for people who are podcasters as they can select content from their website or simply write out a script containing the information they need and then upload it to the interface of the software and then download it after the audio file conversion.

2. It possesses high-quality AI voices

On the interface of this AI software, there are about 75+ languages that are having different dialects and there are also 600+ natural, human-sounding voices right from Mandarin to the English language. 

Users can also select the language region they want their audio to appear in whether it is British, American English, Mandarin, Indian, etc. 

It does not matter which language, every audio file created by this AI software always appears in high-quality sounds. 

3. It allows users to embed their audio files

Users can easily embed their audio files on any website in the online space. 

This feature makes it easy for users who are very busy and like to do things fast as they can easily embed their text-to-speech audio on their online platform with the help of this AI software immediately the audio file is ready, all they need is a code snippet to aid the embedding process.  

4. It allows users to easily publish their audio files on audio platforms

Users of this AI software also enjoy easy audio upload on major audio platforms such as Google Audio, Apple, Spotify Podcast, etc. 

On the interface of this software, users can check out the audio platform they want to upload their audio files into easily. 


  1. Users can easily customize their audio files to their preferences.
  2. There is a free trial for new users who are just signing up on their platform.
  3. It has a clean interface which now makes it user-friendly.
  4. It makes content to be easily accessible with no stress. 


  1. The audio files produced sometimes sound emotionless. 
  2. It is not all text-to-speech conversions that work. 
  3. It is expensive to purchase.
  4. Its free trial is quite limited in features.

Frequently asked questions on Listnr

Can a user use Listnr when he is offline or without data?

A user can use Listnr when he lacks an internet connection only if he has the audio file he wants to listen to download. 

This is one of the special benefits of Listnr as it allows users to listen to the downloaded audio over and over again without the need for an internet connection.

Can You Use Listnr for free?

Users can use Listnr for free only if they have an account with them. Once a user creates an account with Listnr, he has access to a free account and can decide to opt out of the free account by paying for any of the paid plans. Listnr provides 1000 words on the free plan account. 

Can I use Listnr Voices on my YouTube Channel?

The audio voices Listnr generates are always top-notch and can be used for YouTube channel videos. 

The voices produced by Listnr are of studio quality and very professional such that when use for YouTube video content, the audience tends to want more of the content.

Does Listnr offers a free plan for students?

Listnr has a free plan specially made for students and they also offer a paid plan specially made for students as well. 

This special plan cost $4 for a whole month and this package comes with 4,000 words. This plan is different from the usually paid plan usually charged to other users. 

Sometimes this plan might disappear as this is an amazing plan, so to get it back, users just have to refresh the page to make it appear.

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Uberduck is a good reliable tool to use for one's online business especially when it comes to content creation. 

Time is of the essence in the online space, to get the most benefit out of an online business, there is a need for speed and consistency, and with this AI voice generator, you can easily chunk out content. 

All you need to do is to focus on creating quality content and ensure that the audio file comes out well so your audience can enjoy their time with you. 

While it is not advisable to use AI voice generator tools like Uberduck for all your content too often, you can use it to start up your online business as a beginner and in between add human voiceovers as well.

Take note that using AI voice generator tools like Uberduck is not harmful is just an act of safety to not use it for all your content creation.

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