Building a Blogging Business

Blogging could be really hard I know.

Should we talk about you spending lots of hours writing quality content or hiring incompetent writers, or probably about “building links” to satisfy the almighty Google Algorithm just to get to rank on it first page.

Or maybe after all the effort and countless hours of your time that you’ve put in to get people to read your blog you still end up reading your content yourself for.

Well, I totally understand I have also been there.

The first time I heard about blogging, I though I have found a new way to start making thousands of dollars passively with little to zero effort, but I bet I was wrong.

My name is Sam and I have built and sold content websites over the last three years.

I started building content websites around 2020 and I could remember quite vividly my first content website which was a real flop and disaster.

As a newbie then, little did I know on what to do and what not to do to build a content websites that generates can really make income.

After failing on my first content site. I started another website and even fail faster than my first one by hiring incompetent writers.

After a bunch of failures, I decided to learn and do research on building a content sites that really works.

So, I started learning about building a profitable content site that really got traction and make money. Then I begin to learn from some of my previous mistakes such as;

  • Focusing on the wrong things

You may be wondering how! I used SIX MONTHS to build a design theme without theme neglecting the real work which is writing and publishing content.

  • Build it they will come

Well, while start out, I though once I upload and publish my articles people will definitely come and read it without any particular approach on how I will get people to find this articles.

But I was completely wrong. Writing good quality content is not enough, you also have to need to promote it to your targeted audience who might be interested in what you write.

  • Not Knowing SEO

SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization is about making improvements to your website’s structure and content so its pages can be discovered by people searching for what you have to offer, through search engines.

When I say SEO, but what I do not mean stuffing your content with keyword but first researching on topics of things people are searching for, optimizing it for search engine to understand your content and building quality backlinks to the contents.

Then I have no grasp of this I was just writing expecting people to find me without any strategy

  • No target audience

Target audience for any business is the group of people who are most likely to be interested in your business offerings because it fulfills their specific needs.

I had no target audience, I was just writing on any topic of my choice without any defining who my target audience could be.

  • Not Building Email list

I don’t even know what an email list is when I first started. But one of the best way to build your own community is through building an email list of your loyal readers and a great way to get people coming back to your blog.

  • Depending Solely on Google and SEO

SEO is not the only way to get traffic to your blog but on my fourth blog I depended solely on SEO and in one night I went from thirty thousand monthly visitor earning few hundred of dollars to Zero.

This is due to an almighty google algorithm and can really be painful when you’ve put all your hopes and dreams on a websites only to see all your hard work go done the drain.

Fast Forward Today

Fast-forward today I have build content sites of thousands of monthly readers and I have sold them for 4 to 5 figures AND I CAN HELP YOU DO THE SAME.

I Can Help You Build a Profitable Blog That Make You Money

You don’t have to make the mistakes that I have made in building content websites that doesn’t make money or failed woefully.

Shortcut your way to success by using my Done For You Content Site Agency to build your content website, manage the site and ensure that your site is generating income for you while you do nothing than watch us do the hard work for you.

Book a Free 30 Minutes Call Session

In this free 30 minute call, I can help you figure out where to start if you just want to start blog business, the current obstacles you might be facing in your blogging journey, what might be stopping you what achieving whatsoever your goals are for your blog and how you can overcome it and most importantly how to turn your blog into an asset that generates income or how to sell your content sites.

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