Best AI SEO Software for Auditing & Monitoring Your Website in 2024

AI SEO Software

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a generalized term used to classify how to increase the awareness of any digital assets online.

If an online user does perfect SEO on the content they are producing, the amount of engagement they will get organically without them running ads is great.

Now take a look at this analysis; Google is the greatest search engine on the internet, imagine an online store selling some products ranking on the first page of Google; you will discover that such a store will get lots of traffic and leads probably with no advertisement done and all of this is because of a perfectly done SEO.

But doing a perfect SEO for a website or a digital asset is not an easy job as a lot of data and analytics have to be worked on and this lead to the creation of AI SEO software.

This software does all the necessary jobs and also gets the latest ranking updates with you monitoring the procedures.

Although this made the work easier but to a lesser degree as you still have a lot of things you have to put in place in your website for the SEO to be very effective.

As time flies, some smart tech developers decided to integrate AI into SEO software. The main goal for this is to make SEO operation easier for users who are having blog posts and online stores.

This AI SEO tools does the work processes on auto-run without needing any supervision. The invention of these tools made a lot of people’s website rank faster as the required analytics and necessary information are gotten faster.

But even at this, some of the AI software is not very good at their job and hence, messes up a lot of things and that is why we are writing this article to give you knowledge on the best AI SEO software to purchase for their website.

Getting the best AI SEO software among the numerous ones available is not an easy thing but we have taken it upon ourselves to help you with the best AI SEO software for your website.

In this article, you will be getting important information on the best AI SEO software currently available.

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Major AI SEO Software Features

Keyword Research

Getting the right keyword that suits your website depends on several things like; how much content you have as regards a particular keyword, how much audience is searching for that keyword etc.

All these data you need to know before writing on any keyword so your site can have an opportunity to rank other websites in the same niche as yours. But with AI SEO software, you don’t have to do the research yourself.

Once you search for the keyword, all the details like search volume, SEO difficulty, and other data will display on your screen after which, it will inform you if your website can rank for that keyword.

Here are also some of the best AI keyword generators tool that you can use to generate high performing keyword.

Competitive Analysis

Every website has its competition, and before a website can rank, it has to beat the analysis data of the websites before it. Every website has analytical data that determines its ranking position.

If a website owner knows the analysis of his or her competitor’s websites, the owner can try to beat such analysis so his or her website can outrank the competitors’ websites.

When you have AI SEO tool integrated into your website, you don’t have to get the data yourself.

The AI software analyzes your competitor’s websites and tells you the tips you should do that will make you outrank your competitors.

Content Optimization

Having AI SEO software on your website makes it easy for you to optimize your content. Instead of you going through the content yourself to optimize it, an AI SEO tool does that on your behalf.

Link Building

Backlink is very good for your website ranking. And if you are writing content around a particular keyword, you can interlink them.

It is important to know that if you have many contents on a particular keyword and they are all interlinked, Google can make your website an authority on that keyword such that if anyone searches for anything relating to that keyword it will display your website out.

But there is something called inbound and outbound linking, to get more authority on a keyword, you need to have the two linking.

Since you have many articles on a particular keyword, the AI SEO software does the research and gets you good outbound links that can link to your website and also help you do the internal linking among your web pages that have articles on the same keyword.

These are the four major things that AI SEO software help website owners perform automatically in other to make their websites rank higher on Google.

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Best AI SEO Software

1. WordLift

AI WordPress Plugin

This AI SEO software is very good at doing content optimization. Its developers made it such that it can use AI technology to optimize content.

To use it, you can integrate it into your WordPress website using a plugin if you have a website but if you don’t have a WordPress website or any website you want to rank you can use standalone software.

This software has some amazing features that always come in handy at the right moment. WordLift can add information to article metadata by itself, it can do other things like building an internal vocabulary, carrying out special marketing optimization strategies, etc.

The design of this AI SEO tool shows that it is more suitable for teamwork but if you are an individual blogger or a journalist, you can also enjoy using it as well as it has features that also suit your need.

Now for example, as an individual blogger that has written lots of articles, you can use WordLift to organize the contents of your website by allowing it to analyze the content of all your articles and let it identifies entities that are the same and are found under the category of who, what, when and where.

If you want to give your content more vibes, you can create new elements to add additional information to the major topic in your paragraphs in your article making your vocabulary more interactive.

You can edit the suggested words that this AI suggests to you. These edited words can be used to customize your vocabulary, making it relate more to your audience or readers; this is advantageous for you because it can build more trust between you and your audience.

WordLift also suggests tag content that adds more information to the content the user is writing, and this tagged content can be used to do internal linking for your content which makes your article content good for Google bot.

When you put article content on your blog, there is a need for you to add images to complement what you have written. WordLift can help you with the right images.

Once you use the suggest feature on the software, it suggests open license images that speak on your content. This saves you the stress and time of finding the images yourself.

And each event that takes place on your website is arranged chronologically with its timeline widget added to them automatically. This smart SEO arranges websites neatly making them easier to rank.

There is this special feature that WordLift has which is called the Geomap. With this feature, the location present in the written content can easily be mapped out and the event in the timeline of content can also be visualized creating a vivid display.

Not only can this AI SEO tool do all of this, but it can also suggest relevant content to the audience.

When people are reading through your articles on your website, this AI can suggest relevant articles to them by placing a link to the related content for them to gain access to it.

Now there is one thing as regards keywords. To get the best out of a particular keyword, there is a need for you to have a lot of content around such a keyword. With this SEO tool, you can easily identify new topics idea through your content as it will highlight the topic ideas for you to select the best one.

Do you know that WordLift usually publishes content metadata? The linked data in your article can be used to feed chat boxes providing a live update on your activity in real time.

This can also be helpful in the customer service field because you easily get any information you want on your website and also control the operation happening on your website.

After writing your content maybe with human writers or AI writers, there is a need for you to index your article.

But not to worry, with WordLift automatically adding markup to your articles, search engines can properly index and display your articles for you, even giving access to intelligent assistant like Siri and Alexa to go through it.


1. SEO Auditing and Monitoring

This AI SEO tool does SEO Alerting on auto-run as a result of the AI technology integrated into it. It also does SEO Auditing, SEO Change Tracking, and Technical SEO automatically for your website or digital assets.

2. SEO Content and Rankings

It can build up site internal links for your website which now helps to build your page authority. It also helps to do Keyword Research for your blog post and product reviews and then makes it easier for your content to show on the search engine result page (SERP) whenever people search for it.

Not only that, it tracks the ranking of content whenever people search the keyword that your content is based on.

Also when doing research, this AI SEO tool gives you insights on content that can boost your website ranking.

3. SEO Reporting

This AI SEO tool does SEO reporting for your website and also, and it analysis data of your competitors so you can outrank their websites.


  1. It is not difficult to use it.
  2. Users can use it to do the structural makeup of their website.
  3. It has good internal vocabulary building for a website.


  1. It sometimes deletes certain website data when uninstalled.
  2. It does not have a free version.

2. CanIRank

This AI software is one of the best popular SEO tools currently in store and this tool works uniquely; this is because of the way the developers made this tool.

The developers made the software to do the optimization of a website as a whole and not in segments. Making it this way helps in making the website’s keyword research easy.

Also, things like personal recommendations, the building of backlinks, the analysis of your competitor’s websites, etc are done easily for you.

The developers made an option for users to directly contact human SEO experts of the company to help with activities the AI software can’t handle.

The keyword feature of this smart SEO tool is very helpful, especially in cases whereby your website wants to compete with another site.

Each of the keywords this AI tool produces always produces good results quickly without you having to spend a dime.

How this AI tool carries out this keyword task is this; whenever someone searches for a keyword that relates to your website contents, this tool studies what keywords and links Google shows to the online researcher.

Not only that, but it also studies the website Google shows to the researcher; it studies things like keyword density (how many keywords are present in the content), the quality of the content (how readable and informative the content is) etc.

After studying the keywords Google shows for a while, it notifies you about the keyword and also tells you how to use it to benefit your website content so Google can show your website at the top page whenever the keyword is searched again.

The goal of every person who has a website or an online store is to make a good return on investment (ROI) and this is possible.

CanIRank helps you calculate a keyword ROI score for your website in other to strike a balance between the keyword SEO difficulty and the value of the keyword to your website.

If a particular keyword that has a good ROI score is having well-readable content focused on it and also having a good ranking position on Google, with the help of this smart SEO tool, you can rest assured that your ROI will increase.

As a blogger or an online store owner, it is not a new thing that time is very important and valuable to your business.

With the existence of this AI SEO, you don’t need to set different tools to get analysis on your website and then copy the results you get from this tool into your Excel sheet.

With CanIRank’s search engine result page (SERP) analysis tool, you can have access to lots of data as regards every keyword on your website.

CanIRank has a rank tracking feature that helps to find out the rankings of the most valuable keywords on your website and then automatically stores the data for future reference.

This tool also monitors what is happening on your website daily and if it notices any changes, it immediately notifies you about the changes that occur.

Sometimes the changes might relate to your competitor’s activities on their websites or a new opportunity that will benefit your website.

There is this special thing that low-competition keywords do for a website, especially new ones. If a new website has content around low-competition keywords, it easily ranks on them and using CanIRank, one can track the progress of such content.

If you are a writer who writes low competition keywords for clients and you have to give the client guarantee that the article contents you are writing will rank well on Google, with CanIRank you don’t have to worry because this tool automatically tracks down the articles’ progress on their website using important SEO metrics.

It also gives weekly SEO progress reports displaying the increase in the ranking factor score, new content that ranks higher, the content whose rankings decrease as well, and clear explanations on which of the SEO tasks were completed and what benefit they have on the website.

All of these are going to be displayed to your client making him or her see the effect of your work and also assure them that you are working on their project.


  1. It optimizes Content.
  2. It generates the report on content it has analyzed and displayed things to correct in the contents
  3. It generates low-competition keywords that have good search volume.


  • It is beginners friendly.
  • It allows easy integration of AI and human SEO experts.
  • It has a free version for new members to test out the software.


  • A lot of time is spent when setting it up.
  • It is not fast at showcasing results.
  • It free plan has limitations.

3. Frase

Frase is a Full SEO content generator that creates an article that is fully optimized from just an ordinary keyword to lengthy words centred on the keyword.

The articles generated by this AI software are high-converting and well-SEO-optimized. It generates content very fast. With just the click of a button, you can have good content ready for use in a few minutes.

It generates outlines on a keyword, writes the blog introduction, generates the body content, does the FAQs that relate to the keyword, and then finalize it with the conclusion.

In cases where you have your article already but you haven’t finished writing it, you can use the autocomplete feature to finish it up for you, and also generates new paragraphs you haven’t written on. To use this feature, you need to click the “Write for Me” button to use it.

There is something marketing agencies use to call Content Brief. This brief is a document that contains all the details a specific content should focus on.

When Frase wants to do a Content Brief, it focuses on the top results of the topic search query that interests you.

After which it analyzes and dissects their contents and then organizes SEO-optimized Brief from them within a short while.

Frase is a good content analyzer that generates analytics on your content. This smart SEO tool uses Google search console data to get actionable insights on the content you generate so you can improve or maintain your writing standard on your next content.

It tracks down every single one of your articles on your website so it can easily detect any web page that is not ranking well and then give you feedback on what to do.

It even identifies keywords that you can rank for but hasn’t written any content on them and then generate cluster keywords around them to help you create authority on them by the time you start writing on the keywords.

Looking at Google’s recent update on AI articles, you will probably want to write your content yourself or employ a writer to do so for you.

And since you want well-optimized content, Frase can grade your content by comparing it with your competitors.

It uses a topic model to check for keywords you should include in your content, this is what it uses to score you against your competitors. With this tool, you can write well-optimized content like an expert and also, and you will be able to publish contents that Google love so you won’t be affected by the next Google update.


  1. It generates Optimized Content.
  2. It writes Content Brief.
  3. It does Content Analytics.
  4. It writes better content faster.


  • It can create a full blog post within minutes.
  • It is very easy to navigate around on the software interface.
  • It does full SEO on content available on a website.


  • Cases of plagiarism can also come up when using AI to write.
  • It doesn’t have a free trial.

Frequently asked questions

Is there AI tools for SEO?

Yes, there are AI tools for SEO and these tools work differently from the normal SEO software. When using AI software for SEO, it does the analysis the relationship between sites, content pages, and the rankings of the content. And the results with AI SEO tools are faster because they are done on automation.

How effective is AI SEO software?

AI SEO software is very effective for website ranking as it does it for you on auto-run. Also, using it brings more sales for online store owners as well.

Can SEO be automated?

Yes, SEO can be automated. You can automate it by using programs or code to integrate it into a website so that it can optimize the website automatically.

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AI SEO tools are very helpful and always make SEO analysis that takes lots of time and monitoring easier.

Now with the invention of AI SEO software, SEO of blog websites and e-commerce stores is easier to do since this bull can do it automatically without any monitoring.

Also, the latest SEO updates are gotten firsthand with the help of these tools, so an SEO expert can easily have access to this information without stress if he or she has these tools at hand.

Even when offering SEO services to clients, users can use this tool to help maintain a cordial and understandable relationship with clients’ who gave them the SEO jobs to do on their website or e-commerce store.

Which AI SEO software works for you? Let me know in the comments.

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