Best AI Survey Software Tools for Gathering Data & Feedback

Best AI Survey Software Tools

A survey is a good way to know what people think about your product or services. 

Gathering your customers’ opinions on the product you supply or services you render is a good way to promote your business brand and increase its audience’s positive reviews when compared to other brands in your product niche.

It is no longer a piece of news how great survey has been helping many businesses to have flocks of customers a week in and week out. 

Now here comes the big question? How do I know what to ask my customers and also how do I get them to do it easily without disturbing their schedule

If that’s your question, fantastic! To do that, you can either do it manually or use AI tools. 

But it is advisable to use an AI survey tool to help you in getting those valuable opinions from your customer as the tools can do it for you with ease without disturbing your schedule and the customers’ schedule as well.

And here comes the second question, which AI survey tool is the best? Well, in this article, we will look at the best AI survey tools that are very good at making surveys and are capable of sending the surveys to your customers without disturbing their peace.

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Best AI Survey Software

1. Poll the people

Poll the People is an amazing AI survey software that is designed to help organizations create and conduct surveys very fast and easily. 

This survey software has a good user interface, and for this reason, it is termed beginners friendly. 

When an organization gets a hold of this software, they can structure out a good survey that suits a particular need and preference with just the insights it gives them.

This AI software is very good at conducting good research, gathering useful opinions from people, and getting customers’ reviews on products or services offered. 

An employer can even measure the rate of satisfaction that his employees are deriving from his rule. 

It doesn’t matter what information you want to get as regards any of your products or services, you can get them from this software within a few seconds and sometimes it takes some minutes to get this information.

This software provides you with valuable features that can help you analyze and interpret the result of every survey you launch online. 

The results from the analysis of the survey analyzed by the software can be viewed easily and exporting this information is very doable. 

There are times you might want to create charts and graphs that will display the visual format of your survey results.

 And even you can run statistical analysis just for the aim of revealing insights and trends around your survey topic, but with the help of this survey software, you can do that easily.

The AI technology this software uses is more advanced and this is why when it is used to create surveys, you can be sure to get a more specific audience to answer and give quality responses. 

This software helps you to optimize your survey and guaranteed that the response rate is on the high side.  

Another thing that guaranteed this is the fact that whenever you create a survey with this software, it helps you analyze it and give you useful suggestions on what you should do to improve the survey so that the engagement can increase thereby reducing the failure rate.


1. Chart features

This feature is a valuable asset for analyzing and interpreting surveys. 

It involves creating different types of charts and graphs like pie chart, bar chart, scatter plots, and line chart that shows the survey data in a style that highlights the important trends and patterns in the survey.

Another advantage of this feature is that the charts and the graphs can easily be shared and scattered among various survey participants, making it easier to communicate the result of the survey with relevant communities.

2. Customer Segmentation

This feature is a good feature of a poll survey that allows different businesses to group their customers into segments such as age group, job status, behaviours, health status, and many more. 

With this feature employers can get more insights into customers’ preferences, needs, and habits, which allow them to give direct product awareness to customers making the marketing strategy more effective, thereby bringing about fast results. 

Most often, the Segmentation is done into 3 main sections; Demographics, Psychographics, and Behavioural segments.

3. Customizable Templates

This feature allows users to either create a new template or edit the available templates into a new one. The pre-designed survey templates can be edited to one’s specific needs. 

This saves a lot of time and effort in creating a new survey from scratch, while at the same time ensuring that the survey is designed in a way that the right responses and the required data are collected easily.

4. Survey Builder

This is a plus feature that allows one to generate good surveys of different types. 

This feature allows users to create, and design a customizable survey that targets a specific audience easily.

 It is user-friendly as its interface provides different forms of options for designing surveys like question type and report and analysis survey etc.


1. It is very good at getting the right opinions from users’ customers.

2. It is very good at targeting the right customers who buy regularly from a user’s store.

3. It is very good at collecting real-time data that can be analyzed by the user. 


1. The amount platforms that users can integrate into its interface is limited. 

2. It is not entirely free to use. 

3. Its pricing is not favorable for all pockets.

2. Qualtrics

Qualtrics although has a name of a technological company is an open-AI research software that has a wide range of surveys and management tools that works with an algorithm that has gone through training as regards human experience. 

Qualtrics uses the power of the natural language processing technology which is a feature of OpenAI technology. 

Different businesses use it to carry out advanced analytics that includes predictive analysis or futuristic prediction.

The developers created this builder in such a way that it has a friendly interface and yet still has advanced survey tools that help large organizations to create engaging and personalized surveys for their customers. 

Users can generate real-time data and analysis for their businesses so they can make improvements on things that can give growth to their businesses.

There is something I haven’t stated yet, apart from the fact that Qualtrics is a powerful AI survey builder, it can also generate good quality surveys automatically with the help of a machine learning model and it artificial intelligence capabilities it possesses. 

When this software creates a survey automatically, users just need to adjust the survey to adapt to the respondent’s answer so the survey can be more engaging and personalized.


1. CustomerXM Feature

With this feature, Product owners can understand their customers easily. 

Just from understanding their customers, they can create a good environment that will allow their customers to have good engagement. 

With Qualtrics, product owners can solve problems that might rise in the future. Also, there are ways like; email, SMS, messaging apps, which product owners can use to reach out to customers.

How users can solve future problems that might arise for customers with the help of smart IQ technology that can predict what your customer’s next move can be just by studying their patterns and behavior. 

This is a really helpful feature that any product owner can use.

2. ProductXM Feature

This feature allows one to produce quality products that meet the need of a particular group audience. 

With this particular feature, you can be sure to only produce products that will generate a good return on investment (ROI) as it gets first-hand information on things that people need solutions on. 

From this data, users can create quality products that can provide solutions to some of the problems.

During the creation stage of a product, developers can get customer feedback as they progress with the product creation.

Doing this gives useful insights on what to improve on the product so they can be more people who will use the product.

3. EmployeeXM Feature

This feature is mainly aimed at ensuring the employees are satisfied with the way their employers are ruling them. It uses the same principle that CustomerXM follows. 

With this feature, an employer can ensure his workers are well-taken care and their needs are met. A happy team onboard brings more revenue to an organization.


1. It has a very friendly user interface. 

2. It uses an advanced reporting system and can display the result of the survey on the dashboard for analysis.

3. It allows easy integration with other platforms. 


1. The pricing is not friendly for all individuals. 

2. Users can’t customize certain features. 

3. Some of its features require users to have some deep computer knowledge to use.

3. SurveyMonkey

This survey software works with the help of the technology gotten from open AI and it uses cloud-based AI technology. 

It offers a wide range of surveys and tools that can collect lots of data. The interface of this builder is very friendly and therefore user-friendly.

 It has well-advanced tools that users can use to create and design different surveys, with how easy it is to use these advanced tools, various business owners can use them to create engaging and personalized surveys for specific audiences and to get valuable customer feedback from them.

SurveyMonkey uses natural language processing technology to use advanced text analytics capabilities such as sentiment analysis and keyword extraction to help businesses gain deeper insights into how to use customer feedback to improve their businesses. 

The data and insights are always gotten from real-life scenarios, so no need to worry about errors of judgment.

Users can create many types of surveys that contain different kinds of questions like multiple-choice, open-ended, and rating scales. 

On this builder, you can also find numerous survey templates that one can choose from, you can also edit them to the format you want if the available ones are not what you want.

After creating the survey, users can share the survey with the audience that is going to answer the questionnaires through email, social media, or embedded links. 

The survey responses are collected instantly and the users can track and monitor the progress.


1. Question Bank

This feature is very useful for survey questionnaires as it has lots of questions embedded in its interface. 

You can access these questions from the sidebar of the system. 

When designing the survey for your business, you can finish it within seconds with the help of the numerous questions stored in the software storage. 

You can also scroll through various categories as the questions are arranged in categories. 

Within the categories, you can find different questions that you can edit to suit your course. 

So if you like a question but it’s not go focused on what you want, you can edit it before adding it to your list is questions.

2. Survey logic Feature

These features aim at creating a survey that is personalized so, those who are going to take the survey are going to be engaged with the survey so they are going to give them the best response you are aiming at.

With this feature, you can create a valuable survey that gives the individual taking the survey a good experience. 

This feature gives the individual taking a survey questionnaire questions that are interlinked with each other so the response is quality. 

Survey logic can take different forms like Question & Answer Piping, Page Skip Logic, Advanced Branching, and Question Skip Logic.

3. Survey Reminders

With this feature, you can remind your audience not to forget about your survey. 

If you have an audience that is loyal to your organization based on the frequency they purchase from your store and also if they like the incentive you are offering. 

You can send them this reminder to ensure they don’t forget your survey. Politely remind them about it after you finish the first touchpoint. 

I advise that you give 2 reminders per survey, and ensure they are at least space by a week. The main reason is to give your audience no pressure and still ensure they don’t miss the survey.


1. It has an easy interface and fantastic design. 

2. It allows users to customize the survey questions with no stress. 

3. It provides accurate survey results and then provides a good analysis of the data collected.


1. It free plan doesn’t allow for much exploration of the tool.

2. It is not all the survey features that users can customize. 

3. It has limited automation and workflow.

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4. Typeform

Typeform is a survey builder that uses AI technology to generate good-quality surveys. The platform allows users to create surveys with no stress. 

The visuals of the surveys created with this software are very pleasing to the eyes. 

With the Open-AI technology it possesses, users can create surveys for the targeted audience and have no worries about a bad survey experience.  

With the Open-AI model, the surveys can be created in a conversational format. Statistics showed that surveys that are created conversationally, are more engaging and interactive thereby causing quality response collections.

Typeform has a special feature that makes it stand out from the other AI survey builders, this feature is its ability to adapt to the responses of different users instantly. 

With the aid of the natural language processing model, Typeform can generate the next question based on the response to previous questions. 

In fact, with this software, it is easier to create a more personalized and relevant experience for your audience who took part in your survey. 


1. Customization

Typeform provide several customization features that make it easier to create a unique and engaging experience for your audience who are going to take part in your survey. 

You can customize the survey template of your choice with your brand colors, fonts, and images before you edit the texts into what you like. 

You can use any of the survey template questions such as the ones that have multiple choice questions, yes or no, rating scales, and open-ended questions.

2. Survey management

This feature allows you to easily manage your survey and responses, arranging them in one place. 

It provides a dashboard where you can view all the running surveys showing all the responses and analysis all in one place. 

This feature makes it easy to analyze your survey results and even show it to others.

3. Survey Customization

This feature allows users to customize survey for different purposes. Typeform allows users to customize the available survey into either multiple-choice surveys, yes it no surveys, etc. 

The theme of the surveys can also be customized by changing the colors, and text font and also adding images that are more pleasing to the eyes so there will be more engagement. 

Typeform allows users to even customize a thank you text at the end of the survey.

4. Survey insights

This feature allows users to easily carry out an analysis. This feature makes sure the analysis is easy to understand, and also, the responses collected from the survey can be downloaded as a file or PDF. 

Another thing this software does is it creates graphical charts so that users can easily understand and read the survey results, tracking down every possible outcome of the survey.


1. Users can operate it on their mobile devices. 

2. Its interface is very interactive and easy to use. 

3. It Interface is also very intuitive. 

4. It provides tools that users can use to do deep analytics. 


1. It paid plan is quite expensive for new service or product sellers.

2. It free plan is not entirely free as it has limited features. 

3. Users can’t integrate many tools into their interface. 

4. Users who are expert survey creators won’t enjoy the level of customization Typeform offers. 

5. FormStack

This AI survey builder uses an AI-powered online form builder which allows a user to use different features to create and manage surveys from the point of registration to the point of answering the survey and lastly the payment. 

Open-AI technology influence spread out to form a stack such that users can build smarter survey form that has data validation feature, smart workflows, and a well-conditioned logic flow.

Formstack is an AI survey builder that works online since it is embedded in a website.

It helps different organizations to easily create and distribute survey forms that collect and manage the response data across the surveys of different individuals. 

FormStack is used by different businesses, non-profits organizations, educational institutions, to streamline their survey processes, and also, they ensure that the data collected are more accurate.


1. Form importer

This feature allows users to easily transfer data quickly. The data are transferred from an already existing survey form to a new form within the builder’s interface.

Users can import the whole form field if they like, the form settings aren’t excluded. But to use this feature, users need to have an existing form that they can import to create a new form. 

It is after a user has chosen a form that is when they can choose the field and settings of their new form. The selected form automatically transfers the data into the new form, thereby saving the time and effort of a user.

2. Smart list

Smart list is a powerful feature of Formstack. It allows users to make the form data in a neat, dynamic, and customizable format. 

The job of this feature is to ensure that users can easily filter, sort, and manage submissions of survey forms so that it is easy to locate any information faster.

This feature allows users to create multiple views of form data easily. One special quality this feature has is its ability to automatically update its list as soon as new submissions enter. 

What this mean is users have access to information that is to date without needing to manually refresh the page.

3. Drag and Drop

Users can use this feature to easily create and customize a survey from the page. 

All they need to do is to drag the form field from the form stack toolbox and then place it in the space allocated for the survey form. 

Users can create custom forms very fast without any knowledge of coding. Users can add things like text boxes, drop-down menus, radio buttons, checkboxes, file uploads, etc.


1. It uses the drag-and-drop option which is very interesting to use to make forms. 

2. It doesn’t require any coding experience to customize the survey questions. 

3. It provides lots of survey template questions that can be easily customized.


1. Its pricing is not for newbies in the business world.

2. It has a learning curve which makes it not beginner friendly. 

3. It doesn’t provide a detailed analytic report.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best Platform to build Survey?

There are different platforms that people can use to create good-quality surveys but not all of them are the best ones to use. 

In this article, you can find the best survey builders. Builders like SurveyMonkey, poll the People, Qualtrics, Formstack, and Typeform are the platforms that are the best ones to use to make good surveys.

What are the platforms used to make an online survey?

Platforms like Qualtrics, Formstack, are used to make online surveys easily. With these tools, users can make good questionnaires at a fast pace with ease. 

Is Typeform better than jot form?

Typeform works well for businesses that need customers’ opinions on what their next business move is going to be, also it can be used to track the registration and lead generation to know the number of people who sign up for a program. 

While Jotform also has lots of features that can make it have equal standing with Typeform survey builder, I can’t say if Typeform is better than Jotform generally, but I prefer Typeform Survey Builder more.

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Well, the usage of survey tools is now more advanced than in the old times. 

Respondents take surveys from different companies where they purchase their goods or services for another to get some incentives which are either monetary or bonus tips or discounts on their next purchase or even coupon codes. 

It just depends on what the company prefers to use. 

But still, the use of AI survey tools is a win-win for both the users and the respondents, as both parties get compensated in the end. 

And mind you, out of the numerous tools, it is advisable to stick to one after you must have explored all five so you can track your survey progress easily.

Is this helpful? What do you like with this tools and what are your limitations with this tools? I would love to know in the comments.

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