Can I Learn AI Without Coding? 16 Ways To Learn AI Without Coding In 2024

Can I Learn AI Without Coding?

Can someone learn AI without coding? The short and simple answer is YES!

AI technology is advanced machine technology and machine technology came into existence through coding.

Then an advanced form of coding birth AI. It is true that when you open an AI gadget or platform you won’t see any codes.

The reason for that is because the codes are hidden and can only be exposed after a programmer decides to reveal them.

AI technology came into being through machine learning algorithms. Machine learning in itself is an advanced programming skill.

That relies more on one’s deep understanding of programming and how one can use it to do one’s bidding.

Knowing this alone is enough to tell you how deeply programming is needed when it is AI technology that is involved.

But does that mean that if you don’t know programming, you can’t build any AI technology? No, you can still build AI.

All thanks to our tech critical thinkers who put people who aren’t tech-skilled into consideration. It was because of this consideration that there are platforms that allow non-tech individuals to create AI.

With this platform, you can say you are an AI creator without learning or knowing how to code.

Now that you know you can create AI with the help of other platforms without writing any line of code.

Let’s get started.

Why should you consider learning AI without coding?

Deciding whether you want to learn AI with no coding is a thing of choice. Learning the technical skills that you need to build an AI technology is not an easy task.

It takes a beginner years of consistent practice before he can say he is good at it and to be frank, time is of the essence in this era that we are, which is why, people start early to learn these skills.

All this is to inform you that the learning duration to build up the practical skills needed to build AI technology is long. Because of this, many individuals and companies are now opting for no-code methods.

The presence of many no-code platforms has now even made the whole AI building process shorter and easier. As they won’t need to undergo long extensive training to get what they want.

The drag-and-drop effect and Plug-and-Play effect on the non-code platform have allowed many individuals to be AI technology creators.

Even with the name, you can already imagine how easy it is for users to use these features for their AI creation.

With these features, users can now analyze data, make predictions, and offer overall tactics to optimize their day-to-day activities.

You can leverage the advantage of this no-code AI platform to create stuff like website landing pages, campaign auto-responders, virtual assistants, full-running websites, mobile applications, etc.

What does it mean to learn AI without coding?

To learn AI without coding, you have to use already programmed tools to make an AI technology. You see when you want to create AI technology without coding.

You go to platforms that can offer you those tools for you to use. It is a very cost-effective way to build up applications and systems that are sustainable under AI technology.

The thing about this method is that anybody that can read and write can use it to create AI technology.

As a new user of any of these platforms, you have access to a demo video that tells you all you need to know about the tools.

This way, you won’t have to take the pain of learning what each of the features does and you don’t have to worry about not understanding what the video is talking about.

The developers take their time to create the video such that it takes the users step by step on what the features can be used for.

Apart from the videos as well. There are occasional pop-ups that show what exactly the features of the website can be used for. So, you don’t have anything to worry about, when it comes to this platform.

Also, users can decide to use books, online courses, and YouTube videos that dwell on the basics of AI technology.

This way, they can learn how AI technology works even without coding. Just like the above method, where non-tech individuals use tools that are already programmed to practice AI technology building.

Now that you know what it means to learn AI with no code. You can already tell that it is a great solutiion for companies to test their hypothesis.

Also, individuals who don’t want to spend too much money can use this platform to create basic stuff that involves AI technology.

All in summary, most serious individuals online won’t want to use these platforms to run their official projects.

Regardless of this, there are certain benefits that users who use no-code platforms to learn AI enjoy and you will get to know these benefits soon.

Benefits of learning no-code AI

There are benefits for both individuals and companies. The fact that you don’t even need to write code yourself and you can still have a solid AI tool doing your bidding is quite fun.

With no further explanation, let’s get started;

1. It is Fast and Efficient

This benefit is for people who don’t know how to code and don’t even want to code and also for individuals who don’t have the time to learn coding skills.

With no-code platforms or books/courses on coding, they can learn a lot of information about AI technology to the extent that they can contribute when there are discussions as regards AI-technology.

But remember, they only know the theoretical aspect but not the practical aspect.

2. It requires low cost

When it comes to learning stuff about AI technology without coding. You don’t have to spend too much time or too much money. As you time is also costly, in fact, too costly that you can’t buy it anywhere.

So, if you opt for a no-code learning style for AI technology. You have not just saved your money, but you have saved your time as well. As you won’t waste too much time trying to code.

3. It is very flexible

Individuals who learn AI technology with no code enjoy a very flexible lifestyle. They can use less time to understand AI technology and still have the time to do their other activities.

Also, looking at the fact that the no-code platforms help in the creation of AI websites, mobile applications, shows how flexible it is to use.

Most especially for online marketers who have large volume of email lists. And they want to pass on important information to them.

They just have to use the drag-and-drop effect to create a concrete email workflow.

Whether it is pictures they want to add or it is the design of the email workflow, they just have to use the mouse of their desktop or personal computer to drag and drop the features they want.

4. Change the business world operation

When it comes to data analysis or data research, most humans are not very fast at it when it comes to coding it.

It takes a longer time as coders want to ensure that the information and line of code are accurate. But with the no-code platforms.

Users can easily create AI tools that are good in this aspect. They don’t have to manually code the AI tool to do the task for them. With just a few texts in normal language, they can create the bot.

How to get started with no-code AI

Starting the no-code way with AI technology is not a difficult process at all.

Even though it is not difficult, there is a need for users to have in-depth knowledge of certain concepts if they want to progress faster in the learning process.

To understand this concept faster, individuals might want to do some research themselves.

With adequate research, users can get to understand those difficult concepts in AI technology faster.

Now, how you perform the research varies.

You can decide to find a program that simplifies the difficult task into simpler meaning. Or you can just watch videos that explain more thoroughly.

Regardless of how you want to do your research. Ensure you go for the learning process that best suits you.

How can you begin to learn AI without coding?

To learn AI without coding, you need to follow certain guidelines that can easily make you understand AI.

With these steps, you don’t need to stress to know more about AI technology.

1. Try to understand AI fundamentals

The first thing you need to do is to understand AI fundamentals. With online courses and tutorials, you can gain an understanding of AI concepts, not excluding machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, and natural language processing.

Since you want to AI technology without coding. Just go for the videos that explain these fundamentals in non-coding formats.

2. Enroll for AI courses

Enroll yourself in introductory AI courses that are set up for individuals who don’t know programming.

Don’t fret, many of these Introductory classes are set up in a way that you don’t need code to understand them.

All these Introductory courses on AI technology are always set up for beginners. And the tutors take their time to explain the basic information on AI.

3. AI books and Resources

There are experienced AI experts who love to pour all their knowledge and experience of AI into books.

You can take the books of these individuals to study things about AI. As there are lots of books on AI technology, just ensure you go for books and online resources that don’t use code language to explain.

4. Study how AI is used in business and strategy

You can also use this style to learn more about AI since you aren’t looking for coding information but just shallow knowledge of the working flow of AI.

You can take your time to see how AI is used in business. For example, you can learn how people in finance use AI in their daily activities.

You can also study how AI works in marketing, healthcare, and many more. All you need to do is research and then study.

5. You can also study AI ethics and social implications

Getting information on AI ethics itself makes you get to know a more general aspect of AI. The ethics of AI covers the whole general phase of AI.

Knowing it makes it easier for you to grasp the other basic non-code aspects of AI technology.

And if you know the social implications of AI, you can even talk about it in public gatherings easily. Making everyone think that you are an expert AI programmer.

6. AI Tools and No-code Platforms

Know that you can’t use all AI tools and AI platforms to gain some information about AI. You can only use the tools that have a friendly user interface and No-code Platforms.

These kinds of tools and platforms make it easier for people to work with AI models without coding. Know that not all platforms are easier to comprehend without any technical knowledge.

So, always go for the AI platforms and tools that allow non-techies to be able to use their platform easily.

7. Online AI Demos

There are still quite a few websites that allow users to be able to understand AI through their Demos.

These websites embed detailed videos that explain their website AI features and what they do. This way, a beginner can get to know more about the AI features. And can use it like an AI expert.

8. Attend AI Workshops and Seminars

A very good place to get fresh information and non-public information on AI technology is from AI Workshops and Seminars.

The reason is that, in this event, the majority of AI experts usually meet up to share and gain new ideas.

So, if you are a very good observer and proficient talker you can gather a lot of information before the entire program gets to an end.

The only problem with this is that this kind of show doesn’t usually happen frequently.

9. Form collaboration with AI experts

This is a rare occurrence.

A seasoned AI expert might not want to form a collaboration with an individual who doesn’t understand AI programming language but if you have something of value to offer to the expert.

You can find one and team up with him. You can rest assured that you will learn a lot about AI technology even up to the coding aspect if you want to.

10. Always stay informed

When it comes to getting knowledge on AI information there is nothing that gives more information than AI blogs and news.

By just subscribing to a newsletter using your email you can always get firsthand information on AI technology and even get to see the latest AI improvements faster.

You can get information on AI technology while listening to AI news. Just make sure you subscribe to either an AI blog(s) news platform(s) or both.

You can always expand your knowledge base of AI using these platforms.

11. Engage your hands on Projects

Another way to learn more about AI technology is to engage your hands in projects that involve AI technology.

You don’t have go for the ones that have coding work. Just stick with the ones you can perform without needing coding and you can do this kind of project using non-coding platforms.

These platforms can allow you to experiment with different datasets, test-run different ML models, and gain practical experience in building AI solutions.

12. Join AI forums

This is a great place to gain knowledge about AI technology. Take your time to search for active AI forums or groups.

Don’t join any kind of AI forums.

Go for the forum that has active members and they are talking actively about AI technology. Joining AI forums allows non-tech individuals to gain more insights into AI technology.

You also should not be quiet in this group. As they are asking AI questions and answering the questions try to contribute as well.

This is one of the core ways to gain knowledge on AI faster.

13. AI interviews and Documentaries:

You can watch both live and recorded interviews on AI. Doing this allows you to gain more knowledge of AI technology.

Interviewers are only going to interview individuals who are very learned about AI technology.

What you have to do as a non-tech individual is for you to either jot down some useful points or you can either listen attentively to what the AI experts are saying.

By the time you listen to numerous interviews and AI documentaries you won’t know it, you will just discover that you are sounding like an AI expert.

14. AI YouTube Channel

Go to YouTube, and search for channels giving information about AI technology.

Once, you locate such a channel, all you have to do is subscribe to the channel and turn your notification bell to “all.”

This way, you will be able to get notifications if the YouTuber(s) drop any video on AI technology. You can also go through the old videos on AI technology while you are waiting for his new video.

This way, you can keep amassing more knowledge on AI.

15. AI Podcast

Podcasts have been very helpful when it comes to learning generally. Since there are numerous podcasts just locate the podcast channels on AI technology.

By subscribing to this channel, you can always listen to the information on AI provided by the podcast channels you subscribe to.

Ensure you are consistently listening to the channel as there are new updates on AI technology almost every day.

So, in other not to miss out on any AI information. Just make sure you pay attention to the steady AI videos they upload.

16. Follow AI social media accounts

Another way to learn AI without coding is to use social media. Social media is an internet space that is very wide and filled with all kinds of content.

Regardless of all the noises on the internet space you can still get valuable information on AI technology.

All you need to do is take your time to search for social media accounts that talk at length about AI technology.

Once you find these accounts, follow them and turn the water notification bell into all. Once, you have done this you are one step closer to learning about AI without coding.

It is important to know that while you can gain conceptual knowledge about AI technology using the above methods.

There is still a need for you to understand coding and know how to use technology. Having both knowledge will boost your experience and knowledge of AI technology.

The reason is there are opportunities for AI technology but more, this opportunity requires you to have adequate knowledge of coding.

The minimal part of this opportunity doesn’t require you to know about AI.

Can I get to create a well-tailored AI product without Coding?

This is getting interesting. Yes, you can create a well-tailored AI product without coding.

Do you remember I said earlier that some tech critical thinkers take into consideration individuals who can’t code but still want to build AI?

Indeed, due to the consideration of this group of thinkers many platforms now provide facilities that can build AI technology without writing any lines of code.

As a result, many non-tech-skilled individuals are now creating AI technology that can perform tasks.

But still, there’s this problem.

When you use any of these AI creation platforms to create an AI, there is no much flexibility at all.

We have seen cases whereby many of these platform users complain about the lack of flexibility they experienced.

Complaining about how they can’t create a well-personalized AI technology is expected, because they don’t write the code.

The platform provides the code they use to create the bots. However, the users might not see the codes because it is a backend thing and users are on the front end, so, they might think they are not using code.

Now because of this issue, you can’t be able to create a well-tailored AI for your use.

But regardless of this lack of flexibility many users are still using these platforms to create bots.

Before going to the last segments of this article, we decided to get experience from individuals who are fans of AI but don’t know how to code.

Experience of non-tech individuals who don’t know coding

In one of our numerous outing, we came across a group of non-tech individuals. These individuals are big fans of AI technology. And they have built lots of content around AI technology online.

On meeting, these individuals we did the formalities and then went straight to the point. We asked a series of questions as regards AI. But our first question was this;

How did you make a career with AI?

One of the group members, who happens to be a big blogger on AI technology answered. He said,

“Since I have been little.

I have always loved AI technology but hated coding. I even tried to code at some point but it just couldn’t work.

So, therefore I had to give up on coding and after giving up on coding, I decided to find other means to make money on AI technology.

I did a lot of research on the internet before coming to a conclusion blog. Starting a blog on AI was not all that difficult because all I needed was to get access to the right information on AI.

With access to the right information, I was able to build my blog community. “

Did you ever feel the need to learn coding to pass the right AI knowledge?

“Well, AI technology is a very wide field that has a lot of sub-sections that may or may not require coding. I then decided to blog on some of these aspects of AI technology.

I always sort out books on them. With these books, I could read through the contents and grasp what the results of a code(s) will be, without coding at all.

Apart from that, I felt there would be a need to code when I opened my AI blog and this was because I didn’t know about website design.

I was thinking I would have to code my website myself. But I later realized that it was just a drag-and-drop thing I needed to do. Apart from these two scenarios, I didn’t feel the need to code. “

How are the earnings compared to the pay of an AI engineer?

The same guy who has been answering our questions answered this question of ours.

He said; “Let me be honest with you, when it comes to earnings in a year. Not all non-tech individuals make more money than tech individuals.

The reason is simply that the majority of high-paying AI jobs require the individual to know about coding.

The AI jobs that don’t require coding, are mostly the job opportunities that open due to training whereby a learned non-tech guy teaches people about AI technology on either blog, social media platforms or a YouTube channel.

There are still many cases whereby AI non-tech guys make more money than AI tech individuals. But there are lot of component to make this possible.

Do you have regrets about not learning coding to know about AI technology?

No, I don’t have regrets not knowing how to code. I am happier being able to own a blog on AI. I am making a lot of money from my blogs and I have time to do other activities.

That alone makes me happy. This is something most AI tech individuals don’t have the luxury to enjoy.

And it is mainly because of this lack of luxury time that AI technology is progressing faster than humans could think of.

And since it is progressing at this speed, there are more things to write about which could means more money to be made.

We asked many other questions. But we have decided to post these few. So, as not to keep the article unnecessarily long.

The guys were really fun to be with even though. The trip was worth it.

Frequently asked questions

Does learning AI require coding?

The short answer to this question is yes. There is no way to truly learn about AI technology without needing programming.

Truly you can decide to learn about AI without coding just like we have said earlier, but you only get shallow knowledge

Even if you can come across the real theory, it might be difficult to comprehend them.

So, yes, you need programming knowledge as well to learn AI.

You have to start with Python language, to kick start your journey of learning about AI. Also, with coding knowledge, you can debug your AI and therefore produce a better result.

How long does it take to learn AI technology ?

When it comes to the learning speed of AI technology. It falls on the individual’s knowledge base before learning, the dedication, and lastly, the method the individual uses to train himself.

There are many factors contributing to the speed of learning AI. The exact time frame that an individual can use to learn AI is not fixed at all.

An individual can decide to self-teach or go to a learning institution to train himself.

Between the two learning processes, most people prefer opting for a learning institution, while the others prefer to learn AI technology themselves.

With a learning institution, the learning speed depends on the curriculum, the student, and the tutor.

Can a non-IT individual start a career in AI technology?

Yes, a non-IT individual can start a career in AI. If it were before, it would have been difficult but with the current exposure and advancements in the world’s technology system, it is very possible. ‘

A majority, if not all the jobs require you to know programming. There are still some activities like creating content about AI.

For example, owning a blog on AI technology and having a social media account like YouTube channel, Facebook channel, etc.

All of these are some of the profitable ways in which a non-tech individual can make more money with AI without learning coding.

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Back in the days, when AI was just coming up. Everyone who wanted to learn AI back then always needed knowledge of programming to fully understand AI.

But over time, the rules have changed. Now every individual who wants to learn AI doesn’t need to learn programming.

With the numerous no-code platforms available on the internet. Any individuals who have an interest in learning about AI can easily use any of these platforms.

With the help of social media aids, blogs, documentaries, newsletters, and other others methods listed above, you can gain knowledge on AI technology easily.

All you have to do is to subscribe to regular AI news updates. So, your knowledge can keep increasing at a steady rate.

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