Best AI Lead Generation Tools & Prospecting Software to Get Qualified Lead

Best AI lead generation tools

The issue of lead generation is something majorly associated with individuals who are sales experts or people who are looking for means to drive more traffic to their online businesses.

Using AI technology tools to do lead generation requires the user to have an in-depth knowledge of the lead generation process itself. 

Remember to bring the best out of an AI lead generation tools, the user must also be a professional in the field itself. 

The best AI Lead generation tools we are going to explore in this article are top notch and the result you will get from using this tool depends on how deep your knowledge about lead generation is. 

Without wasting much time, let’s dive in.

How does AI help in lead generation process?

AI coming into play is not to take the role of human lead generation expert, it is to instead make the whole process easy and fast. 

With AI, individuals who are sales managers or are just looking forward to making their first sales should have in mind that AI work is to help automate, and optimize major lead generation processes which include data analysis, lead performance scoring, and lead nurturing which can be time-consuming. 

So, with the help of AI lead generation tools, store owners or individuals who are sales managers can gain useful insights into their target audience helping them to make futuristic strategies that can help them to be more specific with the lead targets which in turn drive more conversion rates.

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Best AI Lead Generation Tools & Prospecting Software

1. Meet Alfred

Meet Alfred is an AI technology tool that works primarily for LinkedIn lead generation. It does LinkedIn generation on auto-run as a result of the AI technology on its interface. 

Although it offers basic LinkedIn features, it still lacks advanced features that make the automation processes on LinkedIn interesting. 

Also, Alfred is a very capable free tool even though it has some limitations, it still offers more cool features and analysis of users’ computer usage which is an important detail for lead generation as it can track searches of potential prospects. 

It lacks advanced features like scenarios and triggers that are very important in prospecting generally.


1. It offers management of a Multi-Channel Campaign Sequence

The AI model in charge of this feature allows users to build a complete automated workflow channel using multiple social media channels such as LinkedIn, Email, and Twitter. 

Users can run campaigns on LinkedIn easily as it allows its users to import their leads using CSV files, saved search pages, Sales Navigator lead lists, etc. 

Users can use this software to access LinkedIn posts, LinkedIn group members, or events do as to get meaningful leads. 

This feature also allows users to use smart filters that sieve out unwanted lists in other to select high-quality leads when expanding their marketing channels to get potential leads. 

2. It offers Hyper-personalized LinkedIn Messaging

The AI model responsible for this model makes it easy for users to personalize their connection requests and message templates sent to new lists’ profiles. 

With this, individuals who want to convert their list into leads on the first message benefits greatly from this feature. 

This feature helps draft compelling personalized LinkedIn messages that connect more to the list audience on a personal level, and with this, it is easier to get valid connects as the individuals who get the message are 70% likely to convert.

3. It offers a schedule post feature

With this feature, users can schedule their LinkedIn posts easily. 

With the help of the LinkedIn post templates, they can edit it to suit their taste and then schedule the post to the period that their potential leads are most likely to view the post. 

This also helps users to create converting social media posts at the same time giving them time to focus on other operations like leads nurturing and sales closing. 

4. It offers LinkedIn Campaign analytics and performance

The AI responsible for this feature works hand in hand with machine learning algorithms to provide accurate analytics and performance rate of the LinkedIn campaign. 

It shows detailed analytics and statistics that include, LinkedIn Connects acceptance rate, leads conversion rate, conversation performance, etc.

All this information are what you are going to find on the dashboard of the software.

User Experience

The majority of the users enjoyed this software. At least on a scale of 1-10; With 1 meaning extremely terrible to 10 meaning Perfect.

6 people offered positive reviews on this software both the performance and the customer service quality. The average vote of this 6 people is 7 on the scale of 1-10

The other 4 ratings were on both the poor service quality of the software and the poor quality of the customer service team. 

Apart from these reviews, we also tried out the software an, the user interface is quite impressive. 

It reduces the risk associated with one’s account linking by imposing quotas such that the protection of user accounts is very strong. 

It is worth noting that this software does not automatically detect suspicious activity on a user’s account. It also doesn’t block the LinkedIn extension detection script as well.


Personal Plan

This plan supports only one individual. On this plan, users can automate campaigns on LinkedIn, Email, and Twitter accounts. 

It offers a free plan for users before they make any payment. It cost $49 per month. 

Business Plan

This plan is recommended for people who are sales navigator experts or teams which contain few individuals who know sales. 

This plan offers more advanced features that are very helpful for lead generation. It offers a free trial as well before payment. It cost $69 per month.

Enterprise Plan

The software developers made this plan, especially for large sales teams and agencies that require constant lead generation support and feature. 

It has more advanced features than the other plans. It allows 5 users on its interface and it goes for $299 per month.

 If the owners of this plan want to add additional users, they have to pay an additional fee of $59 per month. This plan also has a free plan.


  1. It has good functionality and service, especially with lead generation.
  2. It is easy to set up which makes it beginners’ friendly.
  3. It allows easy automation.
  4. It offers flexible and multiple options for users to run campaigns.


  1. It has a terrible customer service support system.
  2. LinkedIn sometimes restricts users’ LinkedIn accounts who are using this software.
  3. They over-promise and under-deliver services and features.
  4. The pricing is costly for smaller organizations.

Frequently asked questions

Can Users manage multiple accounts on this software?

On this software, users on the business and enterprise plan are the only ones who can access this benefit. 

They are allowed to invite multiple team members and then manage their subscriptions on the main account and also the performance of the added users can be seen from the main account dashboard. 

What notification will a user receive when he invites a member or team?

The person who receives the notification is the invited member(s). An email is sent to their email inbox asking them to join your team. 

The invited member(s) just have to create an account for them to have access to their dashboard. 

Users can use this feature to manage clients’ accounts as well. As you just have to set up the account for them.

How long does the free trial last?

New users enjoy a 7-day free trial in which they enjoy unrestricted features for that period after which they are required to make payment. 

If payment is not made in time, all the running campaigns are going to be paused and the account is immediately deactivated if the individual didn’t sign up for the plan they want to purchase.

Can users extend their free trial duration?

Users can’t extend their free trial duration on their own. It is only the management system that can extend the free trial duration of new users due to some special circumstances.

Why is Meet Alfred one of the best AI Lead Generation Tool?

The fact that it offers a fluid user experience and also offers other amazing features that make the lead generation process seamless and stress-free makes our choice of AI tool for the lead generation process. 

Another reason why it is our best is that it works well on LinkedIn accounts than other social media platforms and on LinkedIn, one can easily get leads as that platform is a virtual business ground for business-minded individuals.

2. Jasper AI

To get the best lead conversion rate, a write-up that is written with the help of copywriting skills is needed. 

Employing professional copywriters is very expensive, especially for small business owners but with the help of Jasper Al, users can easily get a well-copywritten message that drives more lead generation. 

Jasper AI is a copywriting tool that is embedded with an advanced natural language processing model that allows it to generate copy that drives straight to the mind of individuals who accept your connections such that it resonates with their emotions and makes them take actions you want them to take. 

Since this tool is an AI-powered writing virtual assistant, it not only writes a copywritten message but also does so with insane speed. 

It allows you to even draft lead-converting pages on your sales social media accounts such that you always have good content for your audience. 

On average, Jasper AI writing speed allows users to save about 2-4 hours of the time it takes to draft a copy-written article of 3000 words, and with the Jasper AI Boss Mode, you can get your article even faster. 


1.  It creates a good Campaign

This particular AI model responsible for this feature generates a good campaign write-up and ensures that the content for the campaign is generated according to the brand standards of the user. 

With this, you can say it ensures consistency as it aligns all the campaign content according to the brand’s tones, style, and business model without slowing down the content creation speed.

2. It offers lead generation templates

With this feature, users can generate high-quality copy easily. 

The problem-agitate-solution templates allow users to create new marketing copy ideas as the framework is programmed that way. 

The AIDA formula also helps with generating high-converting leads that drive more interaction and with a nice product description template you can say that your lead letter is ready to increase your lead conversion rate.

3. It can generate a nice image

With a compelling image, users can get more people to take the action they want them to take thereby increasing more conversion rate.

With this feature, this is possible as users can instruct the AI to generate mind-blowing images that connect to human emotions well thereby convincing them to take the right action towards sales.

4. It can translate English to multiple languages

The AI responsible for this feature uses natural language processing, and the neural network model DeepL to understand different languages and convert contents from English language to other languages. 

So, users can convert their content to other languages if they want to target foreign leads and this feature is very easy to use.

User Experience

The user experience gotten from this software is positive on the high side. On the reviews we gathered from the users we did a rating from 1-10. 

Positive reviews had a rating of 8 out of 10 while the other 2 is for the bad rating we got while asking the users. 

A lot of people have a favourable expression on this software as it delivers on time and produces very good content that is structured to a particular audience based on the business model of the user. 

This software offers high-quality Copy written article that connects more with a user’s audience and convinces them to take the right action that drives toward sales. 

Apart from the fact that it is not human, it is a good virtual content creator.


Creator Plan

This plan is mainly for users who are freelancers, marketers, and entrepreneurs as it helps them to generate daily content in a personalized brand voice. 

This plan has a free plan in which new users can access all the features for free for 7 days after which they make a payment of $39 per month if paid annually or $49 per month if a user decides to pay monthly.

Team Plan

This plan is suitable for small marketing teams and small online businesses that need constant content creation for multiple campaigns. 

It cost $99 per month if paid on an annual basis and $125 per month if paid monthly.

Business Plan

This plan is best suited for departments and organizations that want to have a secure, scalable, and customizable AI platform that meets the technical standards and aligns with their team members. 

The pricing of this plan is not specified by the developers as the price is only none when an individual purchases the plan. It also has a free trial as well.


  1. It saves time and makes the lead generation process fast.
  2. It offers good marketing campaigns that drive high conversion.
  3. It offers a free plan.
  4. It gives users amazing lead-generation strategies that drive more conversion.


  1. It sometimes makes mistakes.
  2. It sometimes offers repetitive information.
  3. Their customer service is not top-notch.
  4. The content sometimes needs users to edit it.

Frequently asked questions

Is the content generated by Jasper AI Plagiarized?

The contents generated by this software are not plagiarized at all. 

A study was taken on the contents generated by this smart software and it was discovered that 99.9% of the contents it creates are unique and plagiarism-free. 

Does Jasper support API integration? 

Currently, this software does not support API integration and as per future predictions, there is a possibility that this tool will support API integration. 

Does Jasper AI Support Money-Back Guarantee?

On this plan, users can enjoy a five-day money-back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the service Jasper AI offers. 

To get a refund, a user just has to email them and ask for a refund of 100%. 

Is Jasper AI Suitable For Mobile Application or Desktop Applications?

This software is a cloud-based tool that carries out all its operation through any browser as that is the only way an individual can access the platform’s service. 

So, therefore, it is not a mobile app or desktop app.

What Languages Does Jasper AI Support?

With the help of the DeepL technology embedded in its interface, it easily translates the content into different languages as it supports about 25 languages like German, English, Greek, French, Japanese, Russian, etc. 

Why is Jasper the best AI Lead Generation Tool?

This smart tool with the help of natural language processing technology, DeepL, and artificial intelligence technology creates good copy-written content and can also translate the content into about 25 languages. 

It can build meaningful leads that can drive more sales for an organization. 

It saves time and is also efficient when generating high-quality copy, you must cross-check the copy for any possible errors, it is not bad to be extra careful especially when it comes to protecting your brand’s image. 

3. Surfer SEO

This software is mainly an AI SEO tool. And I know you are wondering how SEO relates to the lead-generation process. 

A fun fact is SEO is very important when it comes to lead generation, a SEO well done on store ads or campaign ads has a very high chance of driving more lead conversion rates. SEO is a very important determinant in the online space. 

With good SEO tactics, an online store gets the visibility it needs to make lots of profits as the SEO drives the store to a favourable ranking position that makes lots of people access it.

Also, SEO has an impact on the capacity of the audience an ads campaign will reach so if an ads campaign is written in copywriting format but isn’t SEO Optimized, it won’t get the desired result you want and with Surfer SEO, a user can get the most traffic on their ads campaign which in turn brings more leads. 


1. It edits content

This feature allows users to edit contents that are doing well in driving more leads. 

With this, the user can understand the concept of the content, users can get trigger keywords that a lot of potential prospects are searching for, and then weave them into their content to replicate the successful strategy in their content.

2. Keyword Research Feature

This feature allows users to do keyword research on the post they should publish on their social media platforms to get engagement which can result to lead conversion. 

With the AI embedded in this software, users can get keywords around their business brand that is having massive engagement. 

3. It offers an Auditing feature

Users can also get leads through their blog posts as well. 

So, with an already existing article on their blog targeting a product they are promoting, they can use Surfer SEO to do auditing on the article to optimize it to rank better thereby having more visibility and converting more leads towards sales action.

4. It generates SEO Optimized Articles

Surfer AI can generate articles on products you are promoting. This AI tool ensures the articles are well-optimized so they can rank well and drive more traffic to the website. 

A website with a Pop-up page can use this advantage to get emails from people who read the article and then send them sales campaigns.

User Experience

The interface is very user-friendly as it is also beginners friendly so new users can sign up on this software interface and start using it like an old user. 

The user console is free of unnecessary elements as there is an absence of features and tools that are not necessary. 

On the interface, there are only 3 key features that are easy to locate. 

The performance level is top-notch as the features carry out top-notch performance when analyzing content, generating SEO keywords, and writing SEO articles. 

Also, their customer support is fair, although they didn’t explain the answers in a beginner-level language they still reply quickly to our questions.


Annual Plan and Monthly plan

Lite Plan

This plan is for hobbyists who are just getting started. It offers 36 content editing credits and after the credits finish, it cost an extra $8 for each additional credit. 

This plan cost $19 with $120 saved annually. The monthly plan goes for $26 and it offers 3 content editor credits. It also charges $8 for each extra credit.

Essential Plan

This plan is mainly for individuals who work alone and in small teams. It offers 84 content editor credits and it cost $5 for every extra additional content editor credits. 

It cost $69 annually with $240 saved. As for the monthly plan, it cost $89 per month and it offers 7 content editors credits with $5 for every additional content editor credit.

Advanced Plan

This plan is mainly for top lead generation experts and mid-size teams. It offers 300 content editor credits and it cost $3 for every additional content editor credit.

 It cost $149 per month with $360 saved annually. It cost $179  per month and it offers 25 content editor credits and it cost $3 for every extra content editor credit.

Max Plan

This plan is especially for individuals who are working in agencies and big teams. It offers 600 content editor credits with a $3 fee for every additional content editor credit. 

It cost $249 with $600 saved annually. It cost $299 per month and it offers 50 content editor credits and it cost $3 for every additional content editor credit.

Enterprise Plan

This plan is a special plan for individuals who have special requests that are offered by the software’s open features. 


  1. It has a clean and easy-to-use interface.
  2. It provides both SEO keywords and SEO Optimized Articles. 
  3. It creates unique content that resonates with the audience.
  4. It offers free Chrome extensions for desktop users.


  1. It doesn’t offer a free trial.
  2. It is quite expensive when purchasing the monthly plan.
  3. Keyword tools sometimes provide wrong analysis on keywords.
  4. The content editor’s credit is little.

Frequently asked questions

Who uses Surfer AI Tool?

This software is mostly purchased by sales experts, agencies, in-house teams, and individual content creators who want to speed up their content creation market strategy to increase their blog posts or social media organic traffic. 

Is there a rollover of unused credits?

A fun fact is that every credit that a user doesn’t finish won’t roll over to the next month unless the individual upgrade to a higher plan. 

So, it is only when an individual upgrades his account to a higher plan that is when the credits will roll over.

If a User Choose an Annual Plan, does he have to pay upfront for the plan?

Yes, once an individual chooses the annual plan, he has to make the total yearly payment during which he enjoys a 34% discount in price. 

The plan lasts for a whole year and then the next year, he has to renew the plan if she wants to. 

How does a user purchase an add-on?

Users who want to get add-ons need to be on an active subscription account. To get add-ons like white labeling and API, a user have to purchase them through the support team. 

While other add-ons like audit, SERP, Analyzer, and Grow Flow Tabs can easily be purchased through the demand button on the left-side panel in the in-app interface.

Why is Surfer SEO tool the best?

Surfer SEO is an AI-powered software that uses machine learning algorithms to get all the data in charts and graphs so users can easily understand them with the help of the audit feature, a super can help users analyze and optimize their content in other to make it perform better than it already does. 

With the SERP analyzer, users can analyze their business competitors to know what they are doing to be better so users can utilize that strategy to make that content better, this SERP analyzer makes it easy to draft well-targeted copy that converts easily. 

4. Kartra

This software is an AI-powered tool that does marketing automation making the whole process easy for the user.

 It is among the top funnel builders that offer lots of marketing automation features for its users to explore.

Kartra is very good for making a sales funnel as it contains lots of sales funnel templates that are highly converting. 

It automates the whole marketing process right from lead generation to the final automation level. 

With Kartra software, a new user already has almost all the tools he needs to establish his business online. 

A user can design catchy landing pages to capture leads’ details to send campaigns to them. Kartra is very good for creating a sales funnel that allows the smooth running of email campaigns.

With the help of the AI technology in the software, a user can not only use it to customize a good landing page that is very good at capturing leads but also use it to block old customers who have already purchased from your store not to see a particular discount that is specially made for non-customers to attract them. 

This software can also send special coupon codes through email or SMS to convert potential prospects that are already opening email campaigns to make them make a purchase.


1. It offers email marketing with powerful automation

One secret of lead generation success is the use of email marketing with powerful automation. 

Once the details of your potential leads are collected, you can use the email marketing automation system to send them scheduled email campaigns to convince them to make a purchase or carry out the action you want from them.

2. It offers beautiful, high-converting landing pages

On the interface of this software, there are beautiful High-converting landing pages that are easy to edit to suit ones, business model. 

To get the details of potential prospects, the landing pages you have to use must be catchy and beautiful so you won’t lose their attention and get them to drop their details. 

3. It offers video hosting with pre-and post-CTAs

It offers the option for users to do videos and upload them on its interface. With video, users can convince their potential leads to take action. 

With a good video and a catchy call to action, a user can be rest assured to drive more leads engagement and get a high conversion rate.

4. It offers a rich opt-In forms builder

This feature allows users to create opt-in forms which are mainly to collect email and other relevant details. Opt-in forms are mainly integrated with a website as a pop-up page just to get important details of potential prospects.

User Experience

Katra is an easy-to-use AI-powered tool that does the lead generation automation process smoothly. 

Once, a user set up the whole process, he can get to see a detailed analysis that covers all the details that are crucial for impacting sales.

It gives users a complete view of who their customers are and how to get them to take the necessary action that are meant to take. 

A user can find all the analysis on the dashboard of the software and can view his customer progress as they move through your sales funnel. 

One cool thing about this software is the availability of beautiful landing page templates that can serve as high-converting marketing assets and the templates are very easy to edit as they just require users to drag and drop anything they want to add or remove from the template.


Starter Plan

This plan is mainly for users that are just starting their online business. This plan offers 15,000 email addresses and 2,500 contacts to its users. 

It has a monthly fee of $99 and an annual plan of $79 monthly saving $240 a year.

Silver Plan

This plan offers 12,500 contacts and also offers an unlimited amount of emails. It cost $199 per month and it cost $149 per month (25% reduction.) 

If a user purchases the yearly plan saving $600. 

Gold Plan

This plan is suitable for large businesses and it has the same features as the silver plan, just that it offers the features in larger amounts, it offers 25,000 lead and 5 customs. 

It cost $299 per month and it cost $249 per month if a user purchases a yearly plan thereby saving $840 per year. 

Platinum Plan

This plan is for top businesses with large contacts and email lists, it offers 50,000 leads and 10 customers.

 It cost $499 per month and $379 per month if a user purchases a yearly plan thereby saving $1,440 yearly.


  1. It is very reliable.
  2. It is an all-in-one sales marketing tool. 
  3. Have more features than other sales marketing tools.
  4. All the features integrate well with each other. 


  1. Its blogging features are not all that great.
  2. It is quite expensive for small business ventures.
  3. It does not offer phone support to users.
  4. Beginners might get confused when using the tool.

Frequently asked questions

Can Users Use Their Domain?

This software allows users to have the option to use their domain for the pages they created with Kartra software. 

Users just need to adjust the settings in the control panel of their internet host account which is going to take a while before it completes the configuration process. 

With the step-by-step guide provided by the developers of the software allows the procedures to be easier to carry out.

Can users integrate Kartra with other platforms?

This software has a feature that allows it to connect with other platforms easily. 

Users can connect Kartra to popular payment gateways, membership platforms, SMS, Zapier, email Marketing platforms, and many others. 

Is Kartra Secure?

Kartra has a top-notch security system. It uses a 250-bit security encryption that allows it to keep users’ payment details in tokens such that the details disappear without it saving them in the database of the software. 

Is there a need to have a coding skill?

Users don’t need to know coding to create a good landing page or form page as there is a built-in template on the software and there are numerous templates that users can edit to suit their business model.

Why is Kartra the best AI tool for lead generation?

This software is an all-in-one smart tool that does all the marketing process automation. 

It has numerous beautiful landing page templates, opt-in pages, and also a complete sales funnel, which users can watch their customers as they progress with the sales funnel. 

With this tool, an online business owner can create a business brand and push it to success as this tool offers the tools needed for one’s business automation. 

All these features together with the cool interface it possess allow us to consider it as one of our best tools.

5. LunchClub AI

LunchClub AI is a networking software that uses AI technology to build connections with people. 

With the help of this software, users can create a form and then allow the software to do the publicizing in which anyone can sign up and create a profile answering some questions about themselves. 

To make it so that only people that match your purpose will be selected by the software, you have to input your details to create a particular profile in a format you want for those who are going to fill out the form as well. 

With this software, users can draft a profile that matches your business target audience to get people who require your product or service to order your products. With this, users can get more leads who are potential clients that will convert later in the future.

Once the connection has been created with someone, users can do more screening of the lead details they have gotten so that they can select the best possible leads that have a higher chance to convert faster.

 After this screening, users can decide to connect with them either through LinkedIn or any other platform that’s convenient for them.


1. It has a good matching system

This smart tool uses a proprietary method of the matching system that operates based on some core factors. 

The advanced AI technology in the software’s system allows it to spread out its searches strategically to get connections that match the set profile by the user.

2. It has smart ways of finding valid connections

The software provides ways a user can use to verify the matches to the user’s set profile. It does not just connect with any random individual but ensures that the matches go along with the profile. 

Once similar matches are generated by the software, it immediately alerts the user to verify the pieces of information collected.

3. It is easy to manage

This software has a limit on the number of connections a new user can get per week and the connection increases over time as the user gets used to the management system and can now do it with ease. 

4. No signs of spam

Since it doesn’t allow new users to access numerous connections, it helps me reduce the amount of spam as well. 

Only after they have gotten accustomed to the available connections can the connection limit increase a little to allow more connections. 

User Experience

LunchClub is very good at connecting with people but there are times whereby it misbehaves as it sometimes does not follow the instructions the user set. 

The interface is very easy to navigate making it more user-friendly. The interface is quite intuitive and it is very good for networking with people all over the world since there is an internet and the software is accepted. 

It notified users quickly with a call when there is a new connection available and therefore with this, the user can quickly verify the details of the connect before keeping them as valid leads. The user experience is quite interesting though. 


For now, it is free to use as there is no set price for it yet. 


  1. It allows users to connect with people from all over the world. 
  2. It helps to build quality connections.
  3. It allows users to gd potential clients or strategic business partners.
  4. It allows users to work easily from their phones.


  1. Customer service is quite poor.
  2. It sometimes doesn’t get connections based on the user’s requirements.
  3. It is hard to set a time to have a physical meeting with Connect.
  4. It spams one’s contact list with spammy messages.

Frequently asked questions

Is LunchClub Worth The Time?

LunchClub creates an avenue for users to meet up with new people easily without them having to do the scouting physically. 

With the machine learning algorithms on its interface, it does the networking smoothly as users can meet up with folks all over the world, people who have the same goal as them. 

With the use of LinkedIn, LunchClub does proper networking. 

How does LunchClub make money since it does not charge its users?

LunchClub uses a business model that requires high user engagement and retention. 

With this model in mind, the platform makes money by offering users on its interface avenue to make virtual purchases of goods and services. 

This is the strategy it uses, the more people use its platform, the more it makes money.  

How Does LunchClub Work?

LunchClub performs its operation with the help of advanced AI technology and smooth-running machine learning algorithms. 

It creates the connection linking to connect users who have things in common and have the same kind of hobbies and mindset. 

It uses the information provided on the user profile to find people who are having the same thought as well. 

To access this platform, you just need to have a mobile app or a desktop app to enjoy its benefits. 

How does an online user join LunchClub?

To join this platform, an online user needs to have an invite before he can access this platform. 

Once a user set up his profile, filling it with information that describes who he wants to connect with, the AI uses that information to find individuals with similar interests as well. 

If a user connects his LinkedIn profile with his LunchClub account, the software can let the user know if the people it connects with have any connections on LunchClub as well.

Why Is LunchClub the best AI lead generation tool?

This software offers a nice means of spreading out one’s influence. It spreads out information and connects with like minds. 

The platform it uses to find connects is LinkedIn, it just needs to connect with a user’s Linkedin profile and then understand what kind of industry the person is.

If a user crafts his profile in a way that portrays he is selling a service or product, the software finds people who have interest in that product or services and then connect them with the person using LunchClub tool, and this individuals now become the lead for this business owner who is using the smart networking tool. 

That is how this smart tool does its networking and it does not require a user to make any payment to enjoy this free feature. 

These are the reasons that made us go for this software as the best tool for lead generation.

6. CoPilot AI Lead Generation Tool

CoPilot uses AI personalized automation technology to know which audience to target and engage with them. 

With this system of connectivity, it provides users who use this software with a higher rate of qualified leads making more sales revenue. 

CoPilot AI allows users to make their multiple-channel personalized there building long-lasting relationships with their clients which in turn leads to more sales conversion. 

Apart from connecting with people on the LinkedIn platform, this software also offers email and social media marketing strategies that are sure to boost the publicity of the user’s account to reach out to their target audience. 

It does not matter the location of where the user’s target audience dwells, this software still locates them and displays your profile for them to connect with you. 

When it comes to customization of this software, the processes can take more time as it is quite demanding. 

But after the customization is complete, the benefits users get from it are way more rewarding than the effort spent to achieve it. 

With the proper customization done, users can sit back and watch more leads stroll into their inboxes. Now let’s get to the features of this tool as some rewarding features.


1. It can identify potential LinkedIn leads

With the help of the advanced artificial intelligence technology it uses, the help of its smooth-running machine learning algorithms, and the profile set by the users, this smart software identifies potential LinkedIn leads easily. 

It does not matter the location where these individuals dwell, this software still manages to locate them. 

2. It has good marketing tools

On the interface of this tool, users can create effective campaigns that have good marketing strategies and also give useful tips on how to reach out to the target audience. 

The tools on this software interface make sales funnel setup easy. 

3. It Provides Messaging Templates

This software has well-targeted messaging templates for different kinds of audiences. 

With these templates, users can maximize it to convert their ideal clients as the templates cover wide different kinds of individuals, by sending personalized messages directly to their inbox.

4. It can help businesses grow their leads

With the marketing tools on its interface, users can enjoy the lead nurturing process, since there is no stress to go around it. 

Users can also use the tool to keep track of follow-ups thereby bringing an avenue to build engagement and relationships with potential leads. 

User Experience

This software has very good ratings on G2, it has a high rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 on the G2 rating platform. 

This high rating it possesses allows it to gain popularity as the top-performing platform for businesses that are looking to improve their marketing strategies and gain more publicity. 

With the use of its advanced targeting feature, it serves as a good choice for individual businesses or large organizations that are looking forward to reaching their target audience without needing to be physicality there or working from behind the scene. 

With their excellent customer service system, it makes it easier for users to have their queries and questions cleared easily.

Although, as always there use to be problems with every AI software or tool, and during our field trip to gather user reviews, some other users complain of technical glitches and issues with the demanding customization process. This is the only major problem we recorded from our field trip.


These software developers create pricing plans to match each business’s needs. 

Standard Plan

This plan is suitable for small businesses. It offers features like a connected profile to manage all the available profiles in one place, campaigns, invites to individuals who are most likely becoming a lead, automated follow-up messages to potential leads, and many more. The pricing goes for $389 per month. 

Enterprise Plan

This plan contains more cool features like access to integrate other software on the interface of the smart tool. 

It also offers an advanced analytics tool that provides real-time information. It cost $488 per month. 

Team Plan

This plan is made specifically for individuals who have larger teams. Unlike the other plans, it allows 5 users with one admin user. It offers features like team collaboration, advanced reporting, and many other features. The pricing plan goes for $999 per month. 


It offers amazing discounts as well. Users can use the prepaid 6 months and 12-month deals to access the discount. 

It also offers white labeling offers that allow businesses to brand the software’s platform as their own and offer it to clients or customers without no interference from the software developers.


  1. This software offers assistance to manage sales and customer data of businesses effectively. 
  2. It inspects the user’s Linkedin profile and provides useful tips that can help users know how to target potential customers. 
  3. CoPilot AI helps users to convert more clients and make more sales with ease.
  4. With the video creation feature it possesses, users can create personalized videos in no time. As you know, personalized videos connect more with clients on a personal level 


  1. This software is quite expensive, especially for small businesses.
  2. Its customer service system is not of top quality. 
  3. This smart tool sometimes suffers from glitches that can affect its productivity.
  4. This software is a desktop application that might not be as secure as cloud-based tools.

Frequently asked questions

Does CoPilot AI offer free trials?

CoPilot AI does not offer free trials to its users. So new users who have not used this tool can’t try it out to know whether it is cool for them. 

What does CoPilot AI Do?

 It allows users to create connections with friends and prospects to build meaningful relationships with them. This in turn helps to build one’s business thereby improving its level of development. 

Is CoPilot AI Easy To Use?

This software is quite easy to use once a user set it up. To set it up can be quite demanding especially if you are a new user, but with the help of their customer service system, users can set it up easily. 

What App Does CoPilot AI Integrates With?

Not all apps do CoPilot AI Integrates with. When it integrates with apps like Zapier, it does so smoothly with no glitches whatsoever. 

Why Is CoPilot AI The Best?

CoPilot AI is a good tool when it comes to getting prospects to turn into leads. 

This tool not only does the prospect outreach smoothly but also automates the online relationship-building process such that users can be more productive in their other work. 

With its seamless integration with LinkedIn, it allows users to connect with other interesting individuals such that new partnerships are built and the user network keeps receiving the growth signal. 

As for the customer service system, there have been good and bad review on them but one important thing to note is they are always available to assist users whenever they need them. 

7. Drift AI Tool Lead Generation

Drift is a software that chats with visitors who conversationally visit a web page. This tool engages visitors in real-time conversation which in turn builds up engagement with incoming visitors. 

This tool is an excellent software for lead generation which in turn improves the sales ratings especially when sales are a number. 

The AI bot in this tool handles capturing leads, scheduling appointments with the captured leads, and then finalizing the whole process by converting those captured leads to make a purchase, all of these are done on auto-pilot. 

The users don’t necessarily have to know what’s going on if he doesn’t want to. 

This smart tool has a way of converting every communication channel into an effective and unique marketing platform such that it converts every individual that comes to your website and this in return allows businesses to grow faster and close more deals with ease.


1. Chatbot

Drift is a conversational tool that has a Chatbot which helps to build good engagement with visitors who are visiting your website. 

This feature helps in asking questions and sending text messages to users who are on the platform. 

With this feature, users can get useful lead details such as the name, email, and phone number of the lead. 

With the collected details, users can schedule messages and meetings for them. This feature helps users achieve all this.

2. It possesses marketing tools

This AI tool has amazing marketing tools that help users build their audience. With the help of landing page templates and advanced website widgets, users can get more audience. 

Drift has landing page templates that users can use to deliver lead magnets to individuals and in turn, get their details. 

The same goes for widget websites which users can use to get information on potential leads.

3. It supports the integration of software

This AI tool offers users easy direct integration of about 50 software. Users just have to pick the one that suits their purpose. 

It has a built-in live chat, which is one of the most important integrations that is needed to work with chatbots.  

Users can also integrate with other software that is not among the listed 50 direct integration, they can do integration with the help of Zapier or Integromat (MAKE).

4. It offers Templates and Cloning

This software offers users templates for their use. Users can’t create a new template on their interface, they are only allowed to edit it and clone it. 

Users are not also allowed to share the available templates as well. With the cloning of templates, users can duplicate their Chatbot flows and their elements as well as reuse them for other purposes. 

User Experience

The user experience we recorded as regards this software is quite impressive. It has lots of fans who are enjoying it and are not ready to let go of the AI software yet. 

This software works by installing a Chatbot on a website and any time someone visits that website, the lead generation AI model in the software automatically engages with the individual. 

It helps the owner of the smart tool to find out useful details that are useful for marketing purposes. 

The fact that the software has an intuitive interface and is fun to use makes it an even more compelling product for users. 

As individuals enjoy smooth tracking of leads since the AI itself does the lead follow-up. 


The only plan that shows the price tag is the premium plan as for the other two plans, there are no price tags on them. 

The pricing plan for those other two plans is determined based on what the individual wants the platform to offer them.

 It also offers a free plan for users who want to access their live chat feature. It doesn’t offer a free trial as well.

Premium Plan

This plan starts at $2,500 per month and it gives the user access to chatbots, Drift Intel, Real-time Notifications, and engaging landing pages. 

Advanced and Enterprise Plan

These two plans have access to everything offered on the premium plan and more. It comes with Fastlane, Audiences, A/B testing features, and many more features. 

The Enterprise feature offer users with custom feature. The only issue with these plans is the fact that their price tags are unknown to the public unless users want to purchase the plans.


  1. It supports the integration of other software.
  2. It has an easy-to-use interface.
  3. It possesses an account-based marketing system that helps users to make more sales.
  4. It is very effective when it comes to generating leads and making sales.


  1. It possesses a glitchy chat routing system sometimes.
  2. It does not possess a complete pricing plan for users and it is quite stressful when one wants to purchase the Advanced and Enterprise Plan.
  3. It charges demanding prices as users grow their business on their platform.
  4. Users can’t customize Drift Chatbot to match their brand identity. 

Frequently asked questions

What is Drift AI Lead Generation Tool?

This software is an artificial intelligence tool that uses a conversational marketing strategy to drive more lead generation and then uses the conversational sales strategy in its interface to drive more sales for users. 

This software is powered by AI at all stages of the customer journey such that the owner of the software doesn’t have to be aware of what is going on unless he receives a notification for live chat. 

It offers chats, email, and video services to users and then ensures the customer has a personalized experience during the whole lead conversion process till a customer makes a purchase.

What Do People Use Drift AI Tool For?

This software is a cloud-based tool that is good in helping businesses automate their sales processes. 

It helps users to provide a live chat window feature on their website in other to increase the website visitor’s experience and build a connection with them. 

It possesses some key features like Chatbots, proactive chatting, transfer or routing, geo-targeting, etc. 

Is Drift Chat Free To Use?

The drift lives chat feature is offered to users for free. With this feature, users can connect more with their customers in other to provide useful support to them and then convert them into loyal customers. 

This feature has the same capability as the live chat, especially the usability.

Does Drift AI Tool Have An App?

Drift AI does not have an app version as it is a cloud-based software that does all its operations on a cloud database. 

As for when the developers will create an app version, we can’t say for sure when it is going to be. But in the main time, Drift AI tool for a lead generation does not possess an app version yet.

Why is Drift AI Tool the Best AI Tool for Lead Generation?

Drift although expensive is an excellent tool for lead generation as it is very good at getting details, conversing with individuals, and then converting them to loyal customers. 

Drift is very simple to use thanks to its straightforward interface that doesn’t contain features you don’t need for your lead generation process. 

It helps its owners to do a follow up on the details of customers who have purchased it owner before to convert them to become customers who will always purchase from them. 

The chat widget helps a lot when it comes to engaging customers in real-time conversation such that the customer won’t know it is an AI conversing with them. 

The integration of the conversational page into ABM programs made my team fall in love with this tool as this integration is very helpful to users who don’t have much time on hand and want to keep their customers’ engagement going. 

The fact that the customer service is very responsive and they provided another mind-blowing feature called pdf feature for eBooks makes this tool as one of the best tools to use for lead generation. 

8. LeadIQ

This is a prospecting platform that helps customers make more sales by building a live sales chain. The software builds the sales chain for a business such that there are constant sales even if new customers aren’t coming forth. 

With this software, users can identify contact data by finding out, capturing, and syncing accurate data of potential clients to a CRM (customer relationship management) and engagement tool, LeadIQ allows users to put the potential clients’ data in a CRM and Engagement tool at the same time. 

LeadIQ help users to know when to pitch a sales to a client by tracking out which of their clients is changing job to a higher pay job or getting promoted to a higher pay position and this in turn allows users to send out timely sales campaign. 

This tactic has over time increased the sales number of users who are using this software.

One key factor that made it easy for this software to drive more sales even after identifying customers that have just been promoted or have just gotten a high-paying job is the fact that it knows how to craft a personalized message that makes the customer feel more inclined to the sales message. 


1. It offers prospecting feature

This feature is one of the core features of LeadIQ. It helps users to source potential clients and then converts them into returning clients. 

To get the right clients, it uses advanced search logic to access different platforms and databases that are similar to the product or services a user wants to publicize and then use multiple criteria to source out for the right client. 

This capability can’t be termed automatic as the owner still needs to customize the idea clients for his product. 

2. It grades the standard of the sales intelligent data

This particular feature allows the grading of the contact details collected by the system integrator to meet the right standards for the user of the software set. 

With this, the right details are collected by the software.

3. It offers data augmentation and lead qualification to users

This feature helps users arrange the leads in order of which one is most likely to convert to the ones most unlikely to convert. 

This hierarchy is done solely by either the criteria set by the user or the tool itself uses past information to self-score.

With the segments feature, the leads that are already ranked are then arranged into segments. This action is done with acute intelligence as the tools arranged the leads in a systematic order.

4. It Offers Sales Intelligence Email Features

This feature help users in sending scheduled email messages into the inbox of the collected leads either the new ones or the old ones. 

This feature also gathers intelligence based on the email engagement of the email messages sent to the leads’ inboxes and this allows it to restrategize the email campaign so as get the desired engagement. 

User Experience

The user experience is quite fascinating as it is easy to use, efficient, and effective all the time. 

It works smoothly with LinkedIn Navigator as it makes it easy for users to target lists and validate the data after which they transfer it to the customer relationship management interface. 

It is all’s very good at getting prospects, it does this within a matter of seconds and users can now extract prospects’ information and create meaningful connections with them.


Free Plan

This plan is suitable for new users and it allows them to enjoy free features such as 15 verified email slot weekly, 5 mobile phone numbers per month, 40 email generations per month, and 10 track client account. It cost $0.

Starter Plan

This is a plan suitable for small sales teams who are just starting and are looking for ways to find out data of prospects. 

It offers 250 verified work emails, 25 mobile phone numbers, and 100 email generations. All of these features are renewed every month. It also offers 50 track accounts. It goes for $75 per month. 

Pro Plan

This plan is suitable for individuals who are focused on building a smooth outbound prospecting process and it offers 500 verified work emails, 50 mobile phone numbers, and 500 email generations. 

All of these features are renewed every month. It also offers 150 tracked accounts. It cost $130 per month.

Enterprise Plan

This plan is mainly for individuals who are already established sales experts who have their own running sales team and are looking forward to increasing their outbound activities. 

This plan is for established sales teams who want to increase response rates without risking data hygiene. 

It offers 10,000 work emails, 100 mobile phone numbers, 2,000 email generations, and 300 tracked clients’ accounts. 

The price tag of this plan is determined by the developers when a user wants to purchase the plan.


  1. It offers an analytics dashboard.
  2. It allows users to integrate sales tools on the interface.
  3. It has a single control system that only the admin of the account can customize.
  4. It can scrape data from the public data source. 
  1. There is a need to improve the amount of data the software can generate.
  2. It does not have features that give people more insights into new prospects.
  3. Information is inaccurate sometimes.
  4. The system sometimes malfunctions.

Frequently asked questions

What is the use of LeadIQ use?

LeadIQ is a platform that is built to help individuals who are looking for how to get new prospects to prospect the smart way and then build an active sales funnel. 

It also helps sales experts to find prospect data, personalize cold outreach and then track sales. 

Where Does LeadIQ Get Its Data From?

LeadIQ uses AI technology to source data from over 500 million public and private sources. It gets data from sources like social media platforms, search engines, job boards, email platforms, and many other online platforms. 

Is Lead IQ Free To Use?

LeadIQ has a free plan that is easy to set up. It takes roughly 5 minutes to set up the free account and enjoy the available benefits that come with it. 

It doesn’t matter if you have a small business or a large business, you can always try out LeadIQ with the free plan before deciding to go for the paid plan. Also, this plan offers free prospecting as well.

Why is LeadIQ the best AI Lead Generation Tool?

This software is considered to be one of our best as it is very good at capturing leads from various platforms online.

No doubt getting quality leads is not easy but with this tool, that task has become a lot easier. LeadIQ intelligence is also top-notch when it comes to making predictive quotas for a sales team. 

With the help of the massive data it has access to, it uses it to carry out accurate analysis on the type of campaign to run for one’s business to get sales.

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In conclusion, having an AI lead generation tool is necessary if one wants to make good results and the main problem is selecting the best ones among them that will last with you in the long run.

In the article above, there is a lot of information about different tools that my team and I have reviewed beforehand, and these tools are considered our best tools for the lead generation process. 

To get your best tools for the lead generation process, you need to select criteria like; your budget, your business size, your sales target, and many other things as regards your business. 

These criteria should be convenient for you and allow you to meet your business sales goals faster. That’s the only way to select the best tool you can work with.

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