Best AI Video Enhancer Software

Best AI Video Enhancer Software

Looking for AI video enhancer software that can improve the quality of your video? Here are the best AI video enhancer tools that will help you with video upscaling, deinterlacing, motion interpolation, and shake stabilization.

Videos help people to communicate, engage and connect with others. 53% of people say they watch videos to be entertained and inspired, while 28% watch them to relax or escape.

A video has an appealing combination of visuals and sound to keep the viewer engaged. 72% of customers would rather have a video explain a product or service to them than any other medium.

While they’re drawn in, they’re learning about what you can offer them and how you can solve their problems.

Even having a video on your landing page allows visitors to experience your brand and message with minimal effort after the initial click.

Marketers can convey an idea that isn’t also apparent with pure text or images.

High-quality video marketing has tremendous power to drive traffic, convert leads, and pay long-term dividends for your firm. 

With online video traffic sustaining skyrocketing year-over-year growth, consumer research has shown that one fact is certain: people want video, and they will continue to consume it at a staggering rate.

But all these are only possible with high-resolution videos. Low-quality video is one of the greatest pitfalls that many firms face when turning to video content, and it is a common make-or-break point for the success of video marketing campaigns.

The poor quality of clips might be contributed by wrong focus, scaling footage, poor lighting, compression, camera shake, or zoom-in. Video quality enhancer tools can upscale your videos in terms of resolution.

AI video enhancer tool reduces noise, motion artifacts and improve video resolution to large extent to upscale videos with low resolution as 240p, 360p, 480p, etc. It converts low quality video to 4k, 60fps, and more.

This AI video enhancer software provides a general model for improving video enhancement for most old videos, makes video clear and brand new.

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Best AI Video Enhancers Software

1. Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI

This is one of the best AI video enhancer tool designed by Topaz Labs. It intelligently implies groundbreaking machine learning technology for crisp details and resolution of up to 8K.

Topaz Video Enhance AI is an all-rounder in its field. This app is used to do AI upscaling in general and is used to improve the display quality of the footage. The AI technology used in this software is so advanced that it does not need any help and edits every frame with accuracy resulting in a natural and smooth visual.

Topaz Video Enhance AI is a world-class video enhancer and a top performer among similar tools. It can perform minor editing tasks and add video trimming and slow-motion effects. This software can also denoise, deinterlace, restore, and upscale video resolution.

Trained by thousands and thousands of videos, Topaz repairs every detail of your video frame by frame, reduces video flickering, sharpens the blurred ideo areas, and many other ways to get natural results through its built-in AI engine.

Topaz Video Enhance AI can be used to restore old or low-resolution footage. This video enhance AI app allows outstanding slow-motion editing of videos. This software can give your video upscaling experience a new turn.

However, enlarging videos is a CPU/GPU intensive task, regardless of the operating system or GPU compatibility. Therefore, a mid to high-performance computer will be required. Remember, the software is working pixel by pixel, frame by frame. Furthermore, upsizing video from SD to HD will be faster than HD to 4K.

Topaz Video Enhance AI is probably the best consumer software to enlarge videos from standard definition like 480i to 4K or 8K. It can also upscale interlaced videos that were originally on TV. You can also try the software with a 30-day free trial.


  • Enhance video quality unaccompanied by artifacts
  • Improves colors and tones 
  • Videos with sharper edges 
  • Multiple and interesting AI models.
  • You can try out Topaz Video Enhance AI for free! You will not be able to save your upscaled video without a watermark during your free trial, but you will be able to evaluate the software’s effectiveness at no cost!
  • Upscaling up to 8K.
  • Deinterlacing with AI
  • Denoising
  • 120 FPS Boosting and 2000% Slow motion


Topaz Video Enhance is a one-time cost of $299.99.

Bottom Line

Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI is a pretty impressive piece of software that has already greatly improved. It has the ability to take old footage of pretty much any quality and restore it to a level far above the original.

2. AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI is a video enhancement software developed by Anvsoft Inc., it’s aimed to help people who don’t have any background knowledge about video editing to enhancer videos’ performance.

This software is based on AI technology and contains numerous training models that help enhance bad quality videos automatically, the only thing users need to do is to import bad quality videos to the program and modify some important settings.

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI is a software utility that takes low-resolution videos and enlarges them, augmenting the missing pixels intelligently to raise them to higher resolutions. The results are surprisingly good.

It enhances and upscales a low-resolution and blurry video. This tool uses updated AI technology to convert videos from HD to 4K, SH to HD, and 4K to 8K. It also enhances people’s facial details because it supports optimized face refinement. 

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI is another powerful video editing tool that uses artificial intelligence to automatically improve the quality of your videos. content.

Whether you’re a professional videographer or just looking to improve the quality of your home movies, AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI is an excellent choice.

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI is also good at enhancing homemade videos and self-made vlogs. It is an excellent tool to improve blurry anime videos. This AI product almost could be used in most scenarios because of its powerful processor.

Since AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI contains numerous complicated training models to help users to repair bad quality videos automatically, this intelligent software has a relatively high requirement for computers’ CPU and GPU.

The newest version of AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI cannot support the PC that is running the OS under Windows 10. If you would like to squeeze out the best performance of the program and have a high processing speed, a 4GHz Intel/AMD processor or above is preferred. 


  • Enhance the video quality to make them more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Deblur your footage by using machine learning.
  • Upscale videos from SD to HD, HD to 4K.
  • Upscale low-res videos onto a larger screen.
  • Trim your footage frame by frame.
  •  Intuitive User Interface
  • Multiple Input and Output Video Formats are Supported
  •  Multiple Built-in AI Models
  • Support Fine-Tuning Videos

Pricing Plans

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI offers three subscription plans to its users: Monthly Subscription, Annual Subscription, and Lifetime Plan.

If you just need this tool for some video enhancement work occasionally, you can just choose the 1-Month Plan for $39.99 per month, or the 1-Year Plan for $119.95 per year. You can cancel the monthly or yearly subscription at any time whenever you don’t need it anymore.

However, if you are a video creator or a video enthusiast, the Lifetime Plan for $299.90/lifetime is recommended, since it was more economical than the monthly or yearly subscription.

Bottom Line

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI is very easy to use and its simple interface also makes users feel comfortable while using it. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect including AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI.

Since this AI program contains numerous complicated algorithms and training models, it has very high requirements for computers’ hardware to reach its peak performance.

But it’s powerful enough for even experienced users and it has an intuitive user interface and AI models for beginners to do the video enhancement automatically. 

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI is an excellent picture-enhancement utility and produces terrific results with decent quality input.

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3. iSIZE Video Enhancer AI

Looking for an award-winning AI video enhancer dedicated to improving energy sustainability. Check no further, iSIZE is a great option. It is responsible for video enhancement solutions like BitSave and BitClear. 

BitSave uses a deep neural network and machine learning to improve video quality through preprocessing. On the other hand, BitClear is a processing technology for repairing issues with video compression.

iSIZE specializes in deep learning for video delivery and has developed a deep perceptual ‘precoder’, a software solution that uses AI-trained to “see with the human eye” in order to optimize visual quality in order to save video bitrate during encoding.

Create an account and log in on the BitSave platform to enhance video quality online and click on New Encode. Then, upload the video by choosing a file on your device or inputting a URL for the video. 

It enables seamless streaming of studio or user generated content in resolutions up to 4K and 8K. iSIZE deep perceptual optimization boosts the performance of any video encoder in terms of perceptual metrics like VMAF, VMAF_NEG and SSIM, providing for superior visual quality over encoders that optimize for PSNR.

The iSIZE solution can be “bolted” on top of any standard or proprietary video codec to provide bitrate saving, while remaining compatible with standard format containers (e.g.,MP4, MKV, WEBM) and transport stream protocols (e.g., MPEG-TS)

The technology is deployed as an add-on feature to conventional video encoding pipelines (AVC, HEVC, and AV1), without requiring any changes in the streaming process or the client devices.

This results in substantial bandwidth, energy, and cost savings for VoD and live streaming services, broadcasters, and end consumers. You can see a presentation about our work in the AOMedia Research Forum and read one of our first preprints.

While iSIZE benefits from off-line training, by combining content-adaptive preprocessing with the latest advances in deep neural networks, the technology can process any input content, from entertainment, sports and gaming to thermal images and surveillance footage.

iSize also offers advanced color correction features, so you can fine-tune the look of your footage to perfection. If you’re not happy with the results of your upscaling, you can always undo it and start again. There’s no risk involved.

iSize is very affordable, especially when compared to other video upscaling software. If you’re looking for a way to take your video footage to the next level, iSize is definitely worth considering.


  • It improves energy sustainability
  • Uses deep neural network and machine learning to improve video quality
  • It save video bitrate during encoding
  • iSize offers a wide range of options for customizable upscaling
  • Provide great quality of experience to end users
  • Resolutions up to 4K and 8K
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • iSIZE pre-coding allows for up to 50% reduction in bitrate
  •  iSIZE intelligent preprocessing can run in real time even on CPU-only hardware.
  • BitSave API to easily integrate the services into your existing framework.
  • Support for multiple video and audio codecs.


iSIZE pricing is charged by the hour, starting at $5/hour for the smallest plan. They also have the Flex and Prime plans at $4/hour and $3/hour, respectively. 

Bottom Line

iSIZE technologies help to create deep psychovisual preprocessing for maximum bitrate savings. It Al-based perceptual preprocessing solution that allows conventional, third-party encoders to produce higher quality video at lower bitrate.  

It also allows simpler encoding recipes, which offers significant computational and energy efficiency allowing for sustainable video streaming at scale.

4. GDFLab AI Enhancer

GDFLab is one of the best options on the market when it comes to video upscaling software. It uses artificial intelligence to take low-resolution videos and increase the resolution without jeopardizing the quality.

What make GDFLab is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality video upscaling software solution is because it allows you to watch your favorite old movies and TV shows in HD without pixelation or blurriness.

GDFlab is a South Korean software development company. Its  upscaling software, pikaVue, is a web-based solution that helps you improve the quality of your video through its artificial intelligence. It other features include denoising and super-resolution.

GDFLab’s core technology is AI Super Resolution, which improves image quality. It upscale videos by increasing both the resolution and quality up to 4x the size and up to 4K UHD (2160P).


  • GDFLab uses cutting-edge technology to sharpen and improve the quality of your video. 
  •  Easy to use
  • GDFLab offers a free trial
  • Software download is not required.
  • There is no hardware limitation


GDFLab charges a coin per second of video. Therefore, I required 28 coins to upscale a 28-second video, which is similar to the 9 coins for a 9-second video in their video tutorial. You also have 300 free coins to test the services.

Bottom Line:

GDFLab pikaVue is a good AI video quality enhancer. It is easy to use and have free trial. However, it’s limited in terms of the video codec and pixel it accepts. You can use the services on mobile phones and less powerful computers.

5. DVDFab Video Enhancer AI

DVDFab Video Enhancer AI is an AI-based tool for video quality enhancement and resolution enlargement. DVDFab is a reputable developer of numerous video solutions. They have been around for over a decade and have amassed a massive following by providing video-related services

With AI ​​models that are trained by a neural network plus super-resolution technology, automatically enhance videos or movies with poor image quality and low resolution.

This video resolution enhancer tool is among the best AI video upscaling software. It supports various formats of videos and hence you can edit any video type using this software.

In addition to this, it has a simple interface and can be a great choice for you to improve video clips and image quality. It uses machine learning to identify and correct flaws in your video, resulting in a much higher-quality final product.

It also implies artificial intelligence for the enhancement of video resolution. This application uses algorithms to enhance video footage and image details.  This Video Enhancer AI helps to improve video quality up to 4K.


  • It supports a wide range of input and output formats
  • Simple and user-friendly Interface
  •  It uses machine learning to give higher quality video
  • Multiple AI models and output profile
  • Improve video quality up to 4K
  • Affordable pricing


According to the pricing page, you can pay for DVDFab Video Enhancer AI at

  • $59.99/month,
  • $79.99/year or
  • Get lifetime access for just $99.99.

The tool is also available as part of the complete AI package for just $189.99. 

Bottom Line

What makes this tool great is it easiness of use. It also enhances the quality of your video. Its advanced technology is made effective through neural networks to improve resolution.

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6. HitPaw Video Enhancer

HitPaw Video Enhancer, with its different set of features bound with AI capabilities, brings the best out of your videos. If your video has noise-related issues or a distorted image process, HitPaw Video Enhancer can enhance it within no time.

 For pro-level editing of videos, the software has four different AI models that unblurs the video and enhance their quality perfectly on any occasion. The four models, by which you can easily upscale your videos are:

  1. General Denoise Model
  2. Face Model
  3. Animation Model
  4. Colorize model

Besides, the platform supports a wide variety of formats in the first place, which brings relief for users that capture video in different formats. It has a simple user interface.

The tool, with its capability for upscaling resolution, takes the help of AI to maximize the resolution from HD to Ultra HD. Moreover, the tool comes with an exclusively curated AI that can enhance human faces and anime videos.

The HitPaw Video Enhancer, with its advanced features combined with AI, gives you a dynamic experience of enhancing media. The software, with its inclusion of two and more enhancement modes, comes with different capabilities for making your videos better.

The tool’s first and most used feature is the Auto Enhancement option, which lets you increase the quality and crispness of the video. The feature can unblur the content in the video and can restore any kind of redundancies.

The tool in the next stage will incorporate their specially designed AI models to bring much more detailing to the video. The tools AI upscaling feature will help you increase the resolution and quality without relying on any other software.

Furthermore, the tool comes with batch processing, where you can simultaneously enhance multiple videos.

How to use HitPaw Video Enhancer on Mac and Windows PC

  1. You can download HitPaw Video Enhancer for Mac and Windows from the official website.
  2. Once downloaded, you can install it like any other program on Windows and macOS.
    Open the EXE file on Windows or DMG file on macOS.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.
  4. Once installed, you’ll have to drag and drop the file you want to enhance.
  5. Next, select the AI model and output format that suit your needs and hit the Export button.


  • The software has been powered with the help of trained Artificial Intelligence.
  • The Artificial Intelligence instilled in the software allows you to edit and enhance your videos with a single click.
  • If you have a low-resolution video, then HitPaw Video Enhancer software can help you in making your videos look like that of an 8K resolution.
  • Has an upscaling feature of reducing any background unwanted noise for getting crisp, clear, and uninterrupted videos.
  • Exclusively designed Artificial Intelligence software to recognize and edit both human faces and anime videos.
  • HitPaw Video Enhancer has an auto-enhancement feature, that makes the video looks crisp and clear, with unblurred scenes, in a single click.
  • The software can work with more than 30 different types of formats such as MP4, RMVB, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, and more.
  • Also, batch processing of your videos is possible with this software.
  • The easy upscaling process of the HitPaw Video Enhancer is much simpler and takes less time.


HitPaw Video Enhancer offers a free trial to try it out. If you like it, you can subscribe to their service for $69.99 per month or $109.99 per year. You can also choose the Lifetime option, which requires you to pay a one-time fee of $349.99 and then forget about it.

Bottom Line

HitPaw Video Enhancer is a fantastic tool for enhancing or upscaling your videos and provides different AI models. It also supports various input formats but needs to add support for more output formats to justify the price.

HitPaw Video Enhancer is an excellent tool for enhancing your videos. It’s perfect for creators, video editors, animators, and even you – if you want to relive your memories in color.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is AI Video Upscaling Software?

AI Video Upscaling Software is the process of generating or creating additional pixels of an image or frame in a video. This has many good results on the final video output.

Basically, to upscale is to stretch a lower resolution image onto a larger screen, sometimes degrading quality and destroying details. To enlarge an HD image to fit on a 4K display, you need to fill in an additional 6 million pixels.

So the upscaling software has to figure out what each of those new pixels should display based on what the pixels around them are showing (interpolation).

This is mainly done to raise the bit rate of the video and, therefore, slightly improve the visual quality of the video. This is also used to improve the picture quality of DVDs and other low-quality videos. It is done to support lower quality videos or pictures on higher resolution screens like TV.

How to Easily AI Upscale Video to 1080p or 4K?

The fun part is that upscaling videos is done by the higher resolution device itself. If you display a lower resolution video on a high-resolution TV, the TV will upscale the video quality of the lower resolution video.

This process mainly happens by the displaying device itself. But you can try to upscale videos by yourself using this AI upscaling software, which will help you achieve the best results.

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Wrapping Up On the Best AI Video Enhancer Software

These AI video enhancing tools offer exciting results. Some years ago, it would be impossible to imagine that you could improve a video only with three clicks.

As these platforms process more and more videos, their algorithms are continually improving and getting better results every year. Using any of the AI video enhancer software listed above, you are able to easily upscale videos to 4K, or to 8K.

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