Best AI Tools For Homework and Assignment Writing In 2024

Best AI tools for homework and assignment writing

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As a student in High-School or College, it is for sure that your educator has at one point in time given you some demanding homework whose answers are not available in your school textbook.

This can be frustrating to spend hours trying to solve that annoying homework that makes you feel stupid.

We do understand how you feel because we were once a student like you and have experienced a lot of hardship trying to solve difficult assignments given to us by our educators.

All thanks to technology which has advanced so much that we now have AI tools that can help with solving homework and assignment writing.

In this article, we are going to explore some of the best AI tools for homework and assignments.

Let’s dive in.

What are AI Tools For Homework and Assignment Writing

AI tools for homework and assignment writing are tools powered by AI technology that help students to solve their homework.

This tool uses the AI models as its feature to simplify the solution process of difficult homework.

With the use of machine learning algorithms, this software analyzes the homework and provides an answer to it.

With artificial intelligence technology, this tool breaks the solution into steps so that students can easily comprehend and understand the whole process.

Why Should Students Use AI Tools For Homework and Assignment

This might either be that the educator doesn’t know how to explain the concept of the topic to the student or the student is feeling bored of being in the class and wants to just get fresh air.

All these reasons won’t matter if a student uses AI tools to do their homework because they will not only understand the concept of the topic but will also study when they are convenient and relaxed.

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Best AI Tools for Homework and Assignment Writing

1. ChatGpt

ChatGPT AI Joke Generator

ChatGpt is a sibling product under OpenAI. The mechanism of OpenAI was used in making ChatGpt and so far so good since it was released in November 2022. 

It has been making massive waves in the online space. ChatGpt is specialized in acting based on the human prompt which means any question an online surfer type on the chatbox, ChatGpt immediately give an answer base on the prompt in a conversational manner. 

Students who know how to use the internet to browse can conveniently use this AI tool to find solutions to their questions. 

It doesn’t matter how complex the mathematical or physics equation appears or whether is a complex chemistry equation that needs balancing or a historical assignment, any subject you can think of, this AI tool has the answer to all questions as regards it. 

And thanks to its natural language processing abilities, it easily understands whatever question a student inputs on the Chatbox. 

So students don’t need to worry about the tool not understanding their text, in as much it is coherent and fluent, ChatGpt can easily decode it and provide explanatory answers to it. 

Students’ grades improve as they can confidently tackle their academic challenges and achieve their academic goals.

It can’t give information on things that happen beyond 2021, it doesn’t give information on current happenings, it also can’t give any information on the political contest and many few others.


1. Student can write Resume Assignment

Now, this can be quite tasking for a student who has not had any experience in the job industry. But yet their Professor in writing still gives the assignment on Resume writing regardless. 

With this kind of assignment, ChatGpt can put a student through how to go about it such that they call a very high grade on the assignment.

ChatGpt uses its advanced database system to pick out relevant information on Resume writing and then display it on the interface for the student to study it as a template which he can edit to his Professor’s preference. 

And if the student does not want to edit it and wants ChatGpt to do the full writing, they just have to input work experience, education history, and skill expertise and leave the AI to do the Resume writing.

2. It can explain Complex Concepts

ChatGpt sometimes explains things more than our professors as it knows how to break down complex topics into simpler forms. 

To get this AI tool to help you with a reasonable explanation, a student just has to input the topic and then type explain in the format “explain (topic)” on the chatbox. 

Within minutes, it breaks down that complex topic into simpler forms by delivering the topic in a short and simple summary format.

3. It writes beautiful lyrics

Big-time musicians sometimes find it difficult to script out beautiful lyrics for their next song not to talk about music students who are just starting in the music industry. 

It can be difficult to get good lyrics when a student is given an assignment by a music Professor.

But with this smart tool, students don’t have to face difficulty in doing that now as they can use this tool to write good lyrics by just inputting in the chatbox this phrase “Write Song Lyrics in the style of (select the artist of your choice) about ( the theme you want the music to appear in).” 

With you filling up this phrase to your preference, the song lyrics are going to appear in that exact format as your input, and boom!! 

You have brand new lyrics for your song that has a suggested title that matches the song lyrics.

4. It can write good codes

As an upcoming Programming student, it is understandable that writing code might not be convenient for you as there are lots of terminologies that you might not understand. 

With this AI tool, a programming student can write code in the following language; Python, JavaScript, Java, C++, Ruby, Swift, PHP, C#, Go, and some others as well.

It is quite important for programming students to know that they should not depend on this AI tool for coding as it might not write out some code prompt if asked to and this is probably because the prompt code is more complex than its capability. 

It is noteworthy that this AI tool can build a website from scratch.

User Experience

The user interface is very simple and easy to navigate such that a new online user can access the features of this AI tool easily. ChatGpt is a very cool tool to use for research as a student.


ChatGpt has three pricing plans, only two of the plans are very common while the last one is quite rare as it is not everyone that has access to it. 

ChatGpt Free Plan

On this plan, everyone that has a Gmail account can access the free plan. This plan offers lots of features and benefits and a user can decide to be on the free plan if he doesn’t want to buy the paid plan. 

On the free plan, only people in countries that allow ChatGpt can access it. 

Also, on the free plan, there are cases whereby the AI delivers wrong answers but it is not often and there are also cases whereby the AI won’t answer the prompt due to too much traffic on its interface. 

ChatGpt Pro

This plan is not all that common as it is not available to everyone. 

It is available to some specific set of people and it seems, it is the developers behind the interface of this AI tool that provide this plan. 

Its benefits are very nice compared to the other plans. It cost $42 per month. 

ChatGpt Plus

This plan is the common plan every user sees on their interface when they are planning to migrate to the paid plan. 

Users on this plan enjoy unlimited access with no issues and the answers generated by ChatGpt on this plan are 100% accurate the response rate is very fast compared to the free plan and it is also available when demand is high which is something that is not available in the free plan. It is a monthly plan, and it cost $20. 


  1. It rarely makes mistakes.
  2. It performs tasks that need critical thinking easily.
  3. It has great explanatory capability.
  4. It can be programmed to answer prompts in different languages. 


  1. It has a limited knowledge base that is not beyond 2021.
  2. It makes errors on topics except for topics like QE Monetary Policy. 
  3. It can spread out wrong information.
  4. It can’t work as a human virtual assistant as it doesn’t know how to engage human beings and understand their specific requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Is ChatGpt Free?

Yes, it is free to use but it has a paid plan called ChatGpt Plus and Pro. Although the Pro plan is not seen by everyone, it is still a paid plan. 

The developers claimed the paid plans are set to sustain the longevity of the free plan. Both the Plus and Pro cost $20 and $42 per month respectively.

Is ChatGpt Safe?

ChatGpt safety to use has always been a concern since it was launched.

To use this software, users have to submit their email, then verify it and lastly submit their phone number which also requires verification. 

These listed details collected by the software raised the concern of the public generally as regards the safety of one’s data. 

The developers of this smart tool have said they will only hold user data for 30 days and they have also concluded that they won’t use the data user inputs on the chatbox interface to train the AI tool. 

Even with these claims made by the developers, students still have to be careful with their details when on this tool. 

Can ChatGpt write Code?

ChatGpt can for sure write code even though it is not all that perfect. Its ability to easily identify code and even identify a bug issue that appears in the code is one of the things that gave this AI tool its popularity. 

Because it sometimes generates wrong codes, students have to be careful not to fully trust it code.

Can ChatGpt translate?

Due to the natural language model processor embedded in its interface, ChatGpt can not only understand text in other languages apart from English but can also translate the written text from the English language to other languages as well. 

But it is important to know that this AI tool translation expertise isn’t top-notch as it might not be like that of native or fluent.

Is ChatGpt the best AI tool For Assignments and Homework?

The points stated above and it amazing features that it possesses qualifies it to be among the best AI tools for assignment and homework. 

To top it up ChatGpt is free to use and the free plan is almost as good as the paid plan. Even though, ChatGpt free plan sometimes releases wrong information it is on rare occasions it does that. 

So, if you are on the free plan, students just have to cross-check whatever information it generates for you but if you are on the paid plan, you have nothing to worry about as there is wrong information in any of the information it generates for you.

2.  Socratic AI Homeworker

This is an app that uses artificial intelligence technology to run a smooth learning process for students. 

It is an app powered by Google and is suitable for students who are from age 11 and above. 

Due to the advanced AI technology in its interface, it offers a detailed step-by-step guide that helps students to understand whatever stuff they want to learn with the help of Socratic software.

It doesn’t matter whether it is maths, history, or science subjects, Socratic is very good at breaking down complex questions into simpler answers. 

Students have the option of either taking a snap of the question they want a solution for or they either type it in the available space for a chat. 

While explaining the solutions to the complex questions, it also gives useful tips that can help the students to approach the question from a different angle that is much simpler.

How this software easily understands the questions the students input in the chatbox is mainly due to the help of the cutting-edge machine learning algorithms technology embedded in its interface. 

This technology also allows it to give relevant answers to the forehand-asked questions. 


1. Students can use this software to solve questions with their camera

Students with a smartphone can use this feature to find solutions to their questions if they don’t want to type the questions. 

They just have to take a picture of the question and then upload it on the app and leave the artificial intelligence technology and the machine learning algorithms of the tool to do their tricks.

Users can also read out the question to the app and with the help of the neural networks technology on its interface, it easily decodes the question and then provides a solution to it. 

2. It has an option for tutorial videos

Students who learn faster with videos can utilize this feature to the fullest as the tutorial videos are as detailed as the text explanations, sometimes the videos are even more detailed than the text explanations. 

Students can pause, backward, or fast forward the videos depending on how fast they are grasping the information in the video.

3. It offers in-depth knowledge and research

Students with these tools are privileged to get access to more in-depth knowledge and research as the developers of this software work hand-in-hand with top academic experts who are Professors in their field of study to provide a more visual explanation to students who are using their software as a learning guide. 

Students can learn the concepts behind any of the questions they asked this software which now makes the learning more in-depth and the answers easily understood. 

4. It has information on 4 major subjects

On the Socratic interface, students can easily find information about math topics like Trigonometry, Geometry, and Algebra, while science courses like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and many more.

 It also has in-depth information on Social Studies and Humanities which includes English Grammar, US History, and World History currently. 

The developers are still working on gathering more information on the other subjects and they have given information that other subjects will appear on the smart app interface. 

User Experience

This software is very smart when it comes to educational kinds of stuff as it uses an advanced artificial intelligence technology that works hand in hand with machine learning algorithms and neural networks which makes it easily understand whatever question my team and I input on its interface. 

After testing it out with the courses my cousin’s kids offer in high school and seeing how explanatory the answers are, I downloaded it on my cousin’s kids’ iOS tablet. 

The user interface is very conducive to learning and it is also very reliable when it comes to giving accurate information. 

Students should try out this software as it is very helpful especially when it comes to needing a virtual tutor as it sometimes offers quizzes to ascertain that a student understands what he is being taught by the smart app. 


This smart app is a free app created by Google and by now it is not surprising to know that Google gives quality service for free. 

So a student should be rest assured although the information on this app is free, they are very accurate.


  1. It Interface looks like a game platform which makes it more attractive for students.
  2. It has a fun and interactive Interface which makes learning more fun for students.
  3. It is very simple and easy to use.
  4. It is free to use.


  1. It has lots of game time and less work time.
  2. It is not suitable for students who are always anxious as they can rush straight to the answers without understanding how the answer was arrived at.
  3. It sometimes distracts the students from what he is learning in the lecture room especially when the steps in arriving at an answer are different from what he is taught in the lecture room.
  4. It doesn’t reteach a student when he gets the question wrong.

Frequently asked questions

What Do Students Use Socratic App For?

Students use the Socratic app to learn complex topics that they could not comprehend while in the lecture room. 

Students in high school and university use this smart app to understand their school work. 

Since it uses Google’s AI technology to find solutions to the questions students input on its interface, it has always produced accurate answers to the questions they want answers for. 

With the help of its artificial intelligence technology and its search technology, it helps students to connect with helpful educational resources right from the web and video sites like YouTube easily.

How do I download the Socratic app on both Android and iOS Devices?

For Android Devices, users have to visit the Google Play store to download this app. While on iOS, users have to go to Apple App Store to download the app.

Can Students Use Socratic Free?

The Socratic smart app is solely made by Google to help students who are having difficulty understanding some subjects to easily find helpful information that can make the course learning easy without charging any fee. 

All thanks to Google, students can have access to premium learning standards for free as the information on the Socratic smart app is very simplified like premium educator teachings.

How is Socratic Useful to Students?

The teaching style of Socratic is very helpful as it encourages students to explore their thoughts and beliefs. 

With this style of teaching, a student can fully listen with full concentration to what the smart tutor app is delivering and fully understands it since he doesn’t have any doubt as regards what he is learning. 

Can Students See Their History On the Socratic App?

Students can see their history on the Socratic App and can also delete their history if they don’t want it anymore on the app. The decision is solely on the student’s choice.

Why is Socratic Smart App the Best?

This smart app has amazing features like a well-detailed text explanation and also features that allow students to opt for video tutorials. 

The fun fact is that this software offers step-by-step educational instructions that are not freely offered by some other educational apps as well. 

The fact that it offers free value educational information for free and also ensures that the given information is also correct makes it one of the best AI tool for Assignments and Homework.

3. Oddity AI Homeworker

No doubt, being a student isn’t easy as you need to be in a lecture room grasp the message the Professor is passing across, and also get back to study it and still do some complex assignments. 

Oddity is a software that uses artificial intelligence technology that has helped a lot of students over the years to solve complex assignments and also help them learn school work in an easy and leisurely manner. 

A student just needs to drop his email address to sign up for an account and boom! This smart homework assistant is made available for use. 

Students can learn about their subjects by accessing a piece of comprehensive information about the topics under them. 

On oddity, students can access subjects like science, literature, history, and maths and be ascertain that their experience with these subjects will be a smooth one. 

Oddity gives out information in a simplified manner such that anybody who understands English can understand the information (feedback) so when a student input a question on the chatbox, the neural networks and machine learning algorithms make it so that the answer is relayed in the same language format the student input it.


1. Oddity English AI Virtual Tutor

The AI model responsible for English language tutoring is responsible for this course. 

This AI is very good at making English simpler, it simplifies the English language right from the grammar aspect to the literature aspect, and it does the tutoring very well. 

This feature help student who are having issues with the English language.

2. Oddity History or Social Studies AI Virtual Tutor

This feature does both History and social studies tutoring. It helps students to understand their historical stories and make the conversant with ancient civilizations and modern civilization, given that it is versed with knowledge as regards these two courses. 

With this AI homework helper, students who have issues with this course can rest assured that this AI can assist them with any topic under this course that they are finding difficult to understand.

3. Oddity Maths AI Virtual Tutor

This feature mainly deals with any topic under mathematics. 

The machine learning algorithms embedded in this software help users to break down complex mathematical problems and they provide a step-by-step guide that leads to the final answers.

It doesn’t matter the topic under maths that a student is finding difficult, the AI in this feature can sure help out with it.

4. Oddity Science Virtual AI Tutor

No doubt, most students in the science department don’t mostly enjoy the courses, especially physics, and chemistry, and therefore they do have issues with understanding these courses. 

With the help of the advanced artificial intelligence technology on this software, this feature does a great job of solving every question under physics, chemistry, and biology courses. 

It even helps with cracking complex scientific concept that does not make sense to students. 

Laboratory reports are not left out as well as this feature help students by providing a detailed step-by-step guide to every answer a student asks the smart tool.

User Experience

My team and I use this software as well so we can give you an accurate user experience. 

What grab my team and my attention is the fact that this software emphasizes concept-based learning such that for every answer a student gets from this smart software, the reason why the answer was chosen is always given so the student can have a deep understanding of the answer in case he comes across it in the future, this software makes fundamental concept explanation as a priority for students. 

It runs its operation with the help often a natural language processing model and the machine learning algorithms embedded in its interface. 

This is what it uses to give students personalized recommendations and feedback that positively impacts the student’s learning process.

Another amazing thing about this software is that it has an amazing user interface coupled with it intuitive designs that make learning fun. 

If a student is having an issue with any of the aforementioned subjects above, Oddity is a good choice to select as a virtual tutor. 


It does not charge any fee at all. It is free to use for as long as possible. The developers made it solely for students’ academic progress so they can have good grades.


  1. It is free to use.
  2. It has a good user interface. 
  3. It is beginners friendly.
  4. It provides good tutoring to students.


  1. It doesn’t have too many subjects on its interface.
  2. It does not have adequate gaming time.
  3. Its workings are sometimes not the same as the professor’s method which might confuse the students.
  4. It is not suitable for students who are always anxious to get the answers.

Frequently asked questions

What is Oddity AI Homeworker?

Oddity AI homeworker is an artificial intelligence tool that helps students create a simpler approach to learning generally. 

This AI helps students approach school work with ease and allow them to get their homework done within a few minutes and also ensures that they have in-depth knowledge of the question and understand how the answer is got. 

Students can ask oddity any question that falls within the course range of English, Science, History or Social Studies, Maths, etc. And get an accurate and well-detailed answer as regards the question they ask.

Can a student upload image of the questions to the AI software interface?

Yes, students can upload an image of the question on the software interface and allow the software to use its machine learning algorithms and neural networks to decode the image and then provide a step-by-step guide. 

Are Oddity AI Homeworker Answers Always Correct?

Yes, the answers from the oddity AI homeworker are always correct and usually, the answers always have an explanation that contains the concept of the topic generally and why it selects that answer as the correct answer. 

Can Students Get To Ask Questions On Other Courses Aside from the Aforementioned Courses?

Yes, on the friendly chat feature of this AI software, students can ask questions on other courses. 

The only issue is the answer to the questions asked might not be well explanatory like the other core courses on the software interface. 

Sometimes it might not also provide an answer as regards the question a student asked. 

Why is Oddity AI Software The Best?

After going through the features of this software, it is not an understatement to say this AI software is a very good academic tutor as it not only delivers the answers to the questions a student asked but also includes an explanation of the concept of the topic.

The tool does this in a way such that if the student doesn’t have full knowledge and understanding of the topic concept beforehand, he will definitely grab the whole concept and can now try other questions as regards the topic.

 It is for this reason that we selected this tool as one of the best AI Assignment tools that a student can have access to.

4. Smodin AI Homeworker 

Smodin AI Homeworker is a very versatile tool that has proven to be very reliable at giving accurate answers to questions asked across various academic subjects. 

It offers a detailed step-by-step guide to every question a student asks on its interface. 

With its advanced artificial intelligence technology and its natural learning processing together with its machine learning algorithms, it easily decodes the question and then provides answers that go in line with the question asked.  

Smodin provides personalized answers to questions that students ask to ensure that the students understand what it is trying to pass across.

Smodin also has course segments that are well simplified for the student such that a student just have to go to the segmented course to select the one he is having a problem with. 

This course segment allows students to have a personalized experience thereby making them enjoy a smooth learning process. 

On the software interface, there is course AI Virtual Tutors like the maths tutor, physics tutor, biology tutor, and chemistry tutor.

The comprehensive learning process it provides and the reliable academic approach it uses to teach students makes it a reliable virtual tutor that assists students in doing their assignments and also improves their grades in the process. 


1. Smodin Maths AI Virtual Tutor

This feature allows students who are having mathematics issues. This feature not only simplifies the learning process but also offers convenience to students to make the learning process fun and interactive. 

This feature gives in-depth information on every mathematics question a student to make the student understand the concept behind the question and then understand how the AI arrived at its answer.

2. Smodin Physics AI Virtual Tutor

This feature allows students to conquer the almighty physics.

 This feature helps the user to find the solution to their assignment and also helps them to prepare for their final school examination by solving the past question and then revealing the concept of the topic of the question in the answer so the student can gain an insight on how to tackle the question on that topic in the exam hall.

3. Smodin Chemistry AI Virtual Tutor

This feature help students break down complex chemical reactions and questions into simpler form and then provide the best possible answer to the question asked not forgetting to show the step-by-step guide till the final answer. 

This feature allows preparation for chemistry assessment easy for students as it helps them gain full mastery of the chemistry topics taught by the lecturer. 

4. Smodin Biology AI Virtual Tutor

With this feature students that usually have difficulty understanding topics under biology don’t have anything to worry about as regards biology as the AI in this feature not only explains the complex topics more thoroughly but also tests out students level of understanding on this topic, the goal is to ensure that the students gain full mastery of the topic.

User Experience

This software is a good homeworker that helps students to have an in-depth knowledge of almost all the subjects you can think of. 

The subjects mentioned above are just as few of the subjects that they offer academic assistance on. This software is very good at turning complex subjects into simpler subjects. 

This software is an amazing tool that always reveals the concept of every question together with the answers to increase the understanding of the student who asked them.

The user interface is very intuitive and interesting. Did I forget to say that, it is very easy to navigate around the system.

The arrangement of the interface is made in a simpler form that even new beginners can navigate easily.


Limited Plan

On the limited plan, students enjoy 3 free credits per day as it takes a single credit to find the solution to a question. The limited plan is free to use.

Essential Plan

On this plan, students enjoy 100 credits per month and it is the most purchased plan on the software website. 

It allows users to have 100 searches on answers to questions a student asked since it cost a single credit for a single search. It cost $10 per month. 

Productive Plan

Students on this plan enjoy 500 credits per month and it is this software’s best plan to purchase. It allows users to find answers to their homework 500 times a month. It cost $29 a month. 


  1. It uses advanced natural language processing technology that allows students to ask questions in different languages and also get answers in different languages.
  2. It has a good user interface.
  3. User experience is top notch
  4. This software provides accurate answers to questions.


  1. The free plan is very limited in features.
  2. It is expensive for some students to purchase it plan.
  3. It is not suitable for students who are anxious about the answers to the AI tool.
  4. Students can sometimes get confused about the workings if it is not the same as their lecturers’ methods.

Frequently asked questions

Is Smodin a Good AI Homeworker?

Smodin is a very reliable AI tool that helps students with their homework thereby making them a good assessment grade. It also gives detailed explanations that help users have in-depth knowledge of the topic where the question was gotten from. 

Are Smodin Answers Always Correct?

Smodin is embedded with an intricate database that is fully loaded with lots of academic information that is crosschecked and verified to be accurate before being delivered to students. The software has a verifier that cross-checks the answers before revealing them to the students.

Is Smodin Software Free to Use?

Smodin is an AI software that has both the free plan and the paid plan that allow users to choose the plan that is suitable for them. Students who don’t have money to pay for the paid plan can enjoy the free plan for as long as possible.

Are fast does Smodin delivers its answers?

Smodin delivers its answers very fast. Within seconds, this smart homeworker delivers in-depth researched information on the question a student asked in the search space. 

Every answer always has an explanation of the concept of the topic question and this is so that the student can easily understand the answer and grasp the concept that can use to tackle questions that suffix around that topic.

Is Smodin the best Homeworker?

This tool is an advanced Artificial intelligence technology tool that offers convenient learning to students that use its platform for their assignments. 

This tool is chosen to be among one of our best homeworkers mainly because apart it offers homework tutoring it also has other amazing features that are helpful for the student learning process in school. 

It has about four different tools embedded in its interface that a student can use for their school work and score a good grade. 

5. Air Maths AI Homeworker

This software helps students to solve all kinds of questions as regards mathematics. It helps students who find it difficult to understand mathematics topics. 

It uses advanced artificial intelligence to provide personalized assistance to students who don’t understand mathematics. 

By providing a detailed step-by-step mathematical method, a student who does not understand mathematics can easily grasp the mathematical processes. 

With the help of it machine learning algorithms, it looks for the simplest means to solve a mathematical expression so that a student who doesn’t understand mathematics can easily get the concept of the mathematical expression and also understand the method used to arrive at the final answer of the expression. 

The interactive interface which happens to be intuitive offers an explanatory concept together with a step-by-step solution to the expression.

This AI software is a very resourceful guide to students seeking to boost their maths credibility and confidence.

Students who are very slow at comprehending mathematical topics will enjoy this tool as it allows them to move at their pace and also ensure that they get the scope of the mathematical topics given the issue. 

It doesn’t matter which maths topic, whether Calculus, Geometry, or Algebra, the student can rest assured that his understanding is going to improve with the help of this smart tool.


1. It has an automatic question and answer

With the help of it advanced artificial intelligence technology that it uses, it can generate lots of questions and answers to mathematical questions which are selected as quizzes for the student to practice. 

The questions are generated based on the kind of questions that students search for. There are 10 million plus questions and answer.  

2. It has a speedy response

With the help of its machine learning algorithms and the neural networks it possesses, it easily understands the question a student input in the search box and then offer a speedy answer to it. 

All this happens within a short while after the student inputs the question.

3. It is easy to access

Since it supports both the mobile app( Android and iOS) and the desktop app makes it is very easy to access. A student can decide to use the desktop app to avoid distraction from his phone.

4. It has human tutors on its interface

This software has human tutors who are available 24/7. So, if a student doesn’t like his progress on the smart app, he can use the help of the expert mathematic tutor on the app to assist him with his maths assignment and school work. 

User Experience

This smart application is a very cool maths software that uses advanced AI technology to carry out its operation. 

With the help of this software, my kids have improved their knowledge of mathematics and no longer come to me for help. 

This smart app offers both mathematical help on the app interface using machine learning algorithms and also the help of a human tutor on the app interface. 

Both the human tutor and the advanced AI technology on the app are very good at dishing out mathematical knowledge especially when it comes to explaining the concept behind the question and are also very fast when it comes to responding to questions with the correct answer. 

Fun fact is students can use this smart app for free and they can access it from either their mobile devices or laptop. 


It is free to use and students don’t have to pay a dime to use it. Even though the app is free, the mathematical knowledge is dished out in honesty with no knowledge hidden away. 


  1. It is very fast in understanding and solving the maths question.
  2. It is free to use.
  3. It improves the grades of students
  4. It offers quizzes for students.


  1. It questions and answers banks need to be improved.
  2. It can easily distract students from going to school to learn from their maths lecturer.

Frequently asked questions

Can students upload photos of the questions they want to solve?

Yes, students can upload the question they want to solve once they take a photo of it. The machine learning algorithms of the software decode the question and then provide a suitable answer for it.

How many photos can a student upload at once onto the AIR Maths interface?

A student can easily upload one photo as of right now on the app’s interface and this is because the artificial intelligence used to make this software can only understand only one question at a time. 

If the picture is more than one, the software won’t be able to answer it, only a human tutor can solve it. 

How to access a Human Tutor?

Students can access human tutors only in cases whereby the artificial intelligence technology present in the software cannot solve the mathematical expression uploaded on its interface. 

At this point, a student is advised to hit the “Ask Expert Tutor” button that is below the solution. It may take 5 minutes or more as the waiting time depends on the available free human tutors around.

Where do all the solutions for the maths questions come from?

All the questions and answers this smart software delivers are generated by the machine learning algorithms and the artificial intelligence technology used in making the smart app. 

All the mathematics knowledge on the software was taught to the software and with the help of the machine learning algorithms and the AI technology it can solve the questions and provides accurate answers as well. 

It also knows how to set new questions using the maths concept in its database.

Why is Air Maths the best Homeworker?

This software is considered our best mainly for the fact that it does a great job of solving mathematical expressions thereby providing both explanations of the concept and the solutions. 

Also, in cases whereby artificial intelligence can’t solve some mathematical expression due to how complex they appear, students are given the privilege to contact the human tutors on the app interface. 

This alone builds an amazing learning experience as the tutors can answer all the questions the students might not be able to ask the smart app. 

6. Nerdy Bot Homeworker

Hearing the name of this software alone is enough to inform any student what it is called. 

This software just as its name is called “Nerdy Bot” is an educational tool that uses cutting-edge AI technology to help students who are finding it difficult to solve their difficult homework or assignment. 

With the help of the advanced AI technology the developers use in developing this software, the natural language processing model and the machine learning algorithms help students in getting instant answers which usually appear in detailed formats and are also backed with explanations on what the topic of the question is about. 

Due to how advanced the technology of this software is, the processing speed of this software increases thereby causing it to provide answers to students’ questions. 

For this reason, a lot of students usually refer to it as an effective and reliable study companion. It has a very interactive and intuitive interface that allows it to be used among all schooling age groups apart from the creche though.

This software not only generates answers to questions faster, it also offers suggestions based on each student’s academic capability so they can understand the concept of the question asked and this as a result increases their understanding of the general topic.


1. Solving Equations

This feature allows users to solve equations they find difficult to solve. 

With the help of its artificial intelligence technology and its machine learning algorithms, it easily solves equations as these two aforementioned models decode the information easily and then provide relevant answers based on the question asked.

2. It looks up the definition of things

With the help of artificial intelligence and a neutral language processing model, this software understands the concept around a word or sentence and then decodes its meaning easily. 

If it is a single word meaning a student is looking up for the definition, this software not only provides the correct definition but also provides the part of speech of the word as well. 

3. It Plots Graph

This software uses AI technology and the help of a machine learning algorithm to understand the expression a student inputs on the search box and then interpret it in a graph format. 

This software accurately draws the graph with no errors.

4. It helps students in searching for information

This feature works like the Google search engine with more precision. 

It produces information based on the input of a student and the information provided is always the exact info needed and not like Google which gives numerous information about an input. 

User Experience

To get the user experience of this tool, my team and I had to carry out a field survey to get people who are using this tool. We targeted the student group though since they are most likely to use it. 

The majority of the students we met didn’t like this tool though because the refund policy is not transparent which means the software’s guarantee is not solid. 

The majority of people complained about the refund policy not being specific. 

Another thing we discovered is that, if it is used to do academic writing there are always some errors here and there which is quite bad especially when the pricing is almost twice the amount other AI Homework Virtual Assistant Software charges. 

As for the lookout for information feature, it uses the Google search engine to get the information you are looking for. 

Looking at the experience we get from this software, my team and I have to give a 2.5/5 rating when compared to other homework tools mentioned earlier.


This software does not have any specific pricing plan which makes it free of charge to sign up and use their service to some extent. 

The only time a student makes a payment is when he wants to order the service of the nerds on the software’s platform. 

Also, a student makes extra payments if the task they ask the nerd to do requires extra charges. 

On every fee a student pays to the nerds on the platform, there is always an 11% fee software developers put on the prices charged by the nerds. 


  1. It does an accurate Google search for students’ research purposes.
  2. It can solve equations and draw graphs.
  3. Other individuals apart from students can also benefit from these software services.
  4. It is an impressive AI Homework Virtual Assistant.


  1. Its website is confusing and not intuitive.
  2. The software’s platform does not have a transparency showcase in its pricing and refund policy.
  3. The software interface does protect the user’s information. 
  4. The services are expensive. 

Frequently asked questions

What is Nerdify AI?

This is a software powered by AI technology to carry out quick connections with students in other to help them with assignments or homework. 

There are real human nerds on this platform in which some are graduates from top universities in the United States and some other top-grade universities available on the platform and these individuals help students with their assignments and homework as well.

How Trustworthy is Nerdify?

Although there have been cases of students ordering services from them in which they deliver poor quality service to the students after making the payment. 

That scenario can’t be used to judge their trustworthiness as every organization always have some hiccups with their businesses. 

With that said, Nerdify is trustworthy to some extent, so when dealing with them, do so with caution. 

How can Nerdify AI Bot Assist Students in Study Better?

When students partner with some nerds on the website, the nerds use their academic experience to help them tackle their assignments and at the same time students can get useful insights on how to study certain school work to have good grades in them. 

Students just have to delegate complex homework to the available nerd and then give the nerd instructions on what they need the nerd to do with the homework at hand.

Is Nerdify Website a Safe Website?

Yes, the website is quite safe and the payment gateway is also secure. But it won’t be bad if one acts cautious when handling one’s information to them. 

Students should be careful not to hand over sensitive information to the individuals on the software interface to avoid being sorry. 

As for whether the software answers are legit, it is quite hard to come to a solid conclusion because there are no reviews from the customer on the internet.

Why is Nerdify the best Homeworker?

Why we included this tool as one of our best AI software to assist students mainly because it offers real human services. 

This software has freelance nerds who answer all the possible questions a student can have. Students just need to have enough money to enjoy this service for as long as possible. 

For the record only one person complained about the AI software not delivering top-grade answers to his questions as for the other students we met, they all gave positive reviews about this software. 

It is mainly because it offers real human being nerd service, that’s why we included it as our best AI Virtual homeworker.

7. Explain Like I Am Five AI Homeworker

What got my attention when reviewing this tool is the name. The name is quite catchy, so let’s check together if this tool is as catchy as its name. 

This smart software is a new AI tool that uses advanced Artificial intelligence technology that turns complex ideas into simplified versions. 

It has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for students to navigate around the platform. 

This software knows how to simplify a complex idea and concept such that a student who doesn’t have any idea about the topic can easily read it up and understands it. 

It doesn’t use big grammar to analyze concepts and ideas, it uses grammars and terminologies that are easy to comprehend when explaining the concepts of a topic. 

This software uses advanced technology generally. It uses advanced natural language processing models and machine learning algorithms to analyze complex topics and then break them down to a simplified form thereby providing a clear and concise answer while disposing redundant characters. 

Students can use the simple learning strategy of this software to furthermore improve their ways of tackling their academic problems.

The friendly interface and intuitive design make this software a good Homework Virtual AI assistant.

Also, looking at the fact that this software converses playfully and interactively, it makes students even more relaxed thereby improving their understanding of the subjects it is explaining.


1. AI career path generator

This feature helps students to create a path that is tailored according to their capacity. It helps students to generate monetizable skills. 

It also generates the certifications and education required to get qualified to monetize that skill and also the path the students need to take to achieve that goal. 

It also requires students to include the location they want to monetize the skill.

2. AI education tool for teachers

This AI education tool for teachers is specifically made to assist teachers.

With this feature, teachers can use this AI as a guide to introduce complex topics to students so they can get the attention of the students from the beginning of the lecture till the end. 

It also helps teachers to have a deep understanding of their students in the lecture room so they can personalize the class teachings to their students in other to have a lot of students who understand what he is teaching.

3. AI Education tools for students

This AI tools for students is specifically made to serve students to make learning easy and stress-free to the extent of improving the student’s grades. 

It helps students to know how to tackle complex topics, it teaches students how to use simple processes to crack down on complex topics, and this simplifying process in turn teaches students how to think critically/analytically.

4. It helps the school to generate debate topics

Schools that have regular debate meetings and also go for competition with other schools, competing for the best debaters need these features to prepare their school’s debaters with debate topics. 

The debate topics this software generated are thought-provoking which in turn build students’ creative thinking ability.

User Experience

This software review is quite great and a lot of students, teachers, and schools are using it and they all comment positively. 

When taking reviews from students, many of them talked about how great the explanation ability of this tool is, “It converts a complex topic for me in my English language into simpler form and in the process, this AI taught me how to turn complex topics into simpler form. With this, I feel less stupid.” 

That was a review from a student. One of the teachers we met talked about how this tool allows him to know how to personalize his teaching while teaching in class which he said improves the level of his students’ understanding of the topics he is teaching them. 

The nice interface with each segment for each group of individuals makes the navigation process easy and stress-free.


It has two pricing plan

Just Curious Plan

Students and teachers on this plan have access to 200 tokens per month. It contains small students’ and teachers’ tools which are very helpful though limited as the company believes the individuals on this plan are just trying out their service. 

It also contains mind map features that help students know their mental capability. It cost $3.99 per month and it also has a 7-day free trial. 

Tell Me All Plan

This plan offers the same features as the first pricing plan and it has more benefits than it.

Students and teachers on this plan have access to 600 tokens per month and they also have access to Eli which is an AI Chat Bot which can answer questions speedily. 

The plan goes for $6.99 per month and it also has a 7-day free trial.


  1. It has good sarcasm.
  2. It offers a very good explanation.
  3. It has free trials.
  4. It has a smooth interface.


  1. It works based on data augmentation.
  2. There are some questions that it does not provide answers for.

Frequently asked questions

What is

This is the website that houses the AI software Explain Like I Am Five which knows how to convert complex topics into simpler forms thereby providing in-depth and engaging explanations.

How does use AI technology to simplify complex topics?

This software works with the help of an AI model created by OpenAI technology. 

This AI model is trained to take any prompt and act on it diligently such that it can give a proper explanation at a different level of competency as the AI itself is having a different understanding of the prompt on different occasions.

What topics can help students to understand?

Students can get information about literally anything on the software. Students just have to type the word(s) they want to unravel and leave the AI to do the job. 

The AI does its best to explain the word to students in a simplified form. 

How do Students find the most relevant explanation for their questions?

With the help of all four AI thinking versions; Pretty Dumb, dumb, smart, and pretty smart. 

With this AI version, users can ask their questions in all four and see different angles to the answers to their questions and this at the same time also improve their level of understanding of the question and answer provided.  

Why is Explain Like I Am Five the Best Homeworker?

Just like its name, this software explains complex topics in a simpler form making it very understandable to all individuals that can read and understands the English language. 

The fact that it has four different AI analytics version that allows it to answer questions with different reasoning ability makes it one of our best AI Virtual Homeworker. 

With this AI analytics version features, students understand the answer given by the software from a different angle and then give the best answer without copying the tool’s answers word for word.

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In conclusion, the workload of selecting the best AI tools for homework or assignment has been reduced by us by a greater degree. 

Truth be told, the AI tools listed above are very reliable as you have read them, you have seen their features, pros and cons, Pricing, and user experience which is very important in determining if the tool suit your need. 

With all the information above, you can decide which one is best for you as you are going to be the one using the tool not us. 

The tools listed above are our own best tools and that is why we have lots of information so you will be able to understand the tools well. So picking the best AI tool for your homework or assignment is on you.

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