Best AI Music Generators In 2024 (Free & Paid)

Best AI Music Generators

The growth of Artificial intelligence is one of the trending topics in the technology world currently. The usage of AI is increasingly spreading across fields that require inspiration like filmmaking, music creation, musical beat creation, etc.

AI has started to create a massive wave in the artistic field when used in music-making processes like music generation, lyrics generation, audio mastering, music streaming, voice training, etc.

The emergence of AI in the musical field has given great opportunities for amateur musicians to also improve their creative skills in the music industry with AI music generators.

The good experience of AI in the music industry has made the music industry, just like many other industries in other fields add the usage of AI to serve as a supplementary tool rather than for it to replace human artists.

Due to the amazing streaks of records that AI has accumulated in the musical world, a lot of musical experts and researchers, musicians, and record labels are now seeking new methods to use in integrating AI technologies into the musical world.

The result of their effort has led to the creation of new software that can produce songs in the style of different legendary composers and also, AI that can use machine learning language to produce brand new songs and musical beats that are very nice is now very much available for different users.

Since the majority of these tools are open-source and allow free easy access for every user, there is no limit to the improvement that amateur musicians can make while using these AI tools.

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What is an AI music generator?

AI music generator is an AI tool that uses a model that allows it to generate new songs that appear in the style of some legendary musicians and also generate new beats by combining different beats at the same time while removing beats that are not rhyming with the other beats.

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Best AI Music Generators

Below are some of the best artificial Intelligence music generators available presently;


AIVA is an artificial intelligence that compose music for movies, commercials, games, and TV shows right from 2016, and currently, the producers have done some upgrades which now allow it to compose the soundtrack for ads of any kind of products like soap operas, video games, movies, accessories, appliances, etc.

Some people usually think AIVA’s ability to generate music tracks is a result of some back-end human doing the work but that’s not true.

AIVA creators created the AI in a way that it can generate musical beats like real humans though not exactly like real humans.

AIVA is a software that gives a humanlike vibe to its music because of its massive database on different kinds of music and also for the fact that it receives training on how to integrate emotions in its lyrics. AIVA can’t fully integrate emotions in its lyrics but it can mimic them in its lyrics.

The first music AIVA composed, “Opus 1 for Piano Solo,” was a hit, and over time, AIVA has composed more songs and has also made videos of these musicians as well.

With AIVA, users can create new music from scratch and also can refurbish existing songs, making them sound like new content, which means that you can get a song from one of your best music artists and use AIVA to make it appear new.

If you want different kinds of music genres and styles, you can get them by first selecting a preset style and also, and you can edit current music with AIVA as well. 

Features of AIVA

1. Preset Algorithm

The algorithm of AIVA is set to allow you to compose songs in previously established styles, for example, you can set the function to pop style if you want to compose pop songs.

Other composing styles of songs such as modern cinematic, electronic, ambient, rock, fantasy, jazz, sea shanty, 20th-century cinematic, Tango, Chinese, 19th century cinematic, country, etc.

So with AIVA, you can create music in the kind of style you want, without having to go through the trouble of learning the music composition of the established music style.

2. Allows external influences

When using AIVA to create music, users can upload their MIDI files in other to influence the music creation process of the new song.

Most people who do this are those who want to create new songs that carry emotions just like an already existing song, so they introduce the original song to the AI during the creation process of the new one.

3. No Copyright infringement

Using the pro version of AIVA give users the privilege to own the full copyright of the music the smart music creator creates with no stress.

This means that as long as you are using the pro plan of AIVA, you can create and publish music for commercial activity with no copyright issues.

4. User-friendly interface

The interface on the AIVA software is user-friendly. It is very easy to navigate around the software interface.

To create new music, select the music genres you want for your music and then leave the rest to AIVA to complete for you.

There is a feature that allows users to adjust the music tempo, key, instrumentals, beats sound, etc.


  • It allows those who aren’t music inclined to create good sensible music.
  • It allows users who are the busy-type to create music.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • It does not have copyright infringement.


  • It is not entirely free to use.

2. Amper music

Amper Music is an AI music generator that uses cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) to compose music.

There are other kinds of AI and machine learning algorithms that it uses to produce musical tracks that are of good quality and this music can be used for commercials.

The music this smart music generator creates also can mimic human emotions. 

During the creation process, the creators trained this AI with other previously existing music in other to allow the AI to integrate the emotions in them into the music it is going to generate.

Presently on the interface, you can create, customize or edit music according to the emotions or sentiments you want to pass across to your listeners.

These smart music generator has made it possible for total newbies in music to be able to create their singles like professionals.

Not only that, people who have very busy schedules and still have the urge to have their music hit can do so with the Amper music generator.

As of now, anybody who knows how to use the internet or who has the website link of Amper can sign up to use it to create original music.

Mind you, the music created by Amper can be used with no Copyright issues; the creators made it so that the music the AI creates is licensed free as long as users give the credit to the AI (Amper Music) who created the music.

You would have noticed while reading on Amper I didn’t specify the exact algorithm the creators use in making Amper music, the creators are quite secretive about the algorithm they use in making Amper music.

Although they made one thing clear, instead of using neural networks like the other AI music generator are using, they use an entirely different model which is more efficient than a neural network.

They combine neural networks, hand-tuned algorithms, and pre-processed lookup operations in other to hasten the speed of delivery and also make music generation faster. On the interface, there is the pro level of operation and the beginner level of operation to allow users to use the AI tool to their best capability.

Features of Amper Music

1. Fast music generation

Due to the AI models Amper Music’s creator uses to create the tool, it generates all kinds of music at a very fast speed. Even when you add your musical modification during the music creation process, it still generates unique music at a fast pace. Mind you, it can generate all sorts of music such as podcasts, music videos, video games soundtracks, movies soundtracks, etc.

2. Availability of sufficient musical tools

Amper music generators can access various kinds of musical instruments on their interface. There are lots of musical instruments on the interface that the smart music creator uses to create dynamic music, i.e you can create music of all kinds of genres with Amper Music since there are instruments available at the AI’s disposal.

3. Availability of sufficient musical samples

Another important thing is that there are lots of musical samples of all kinds of music genres in the storage room of this smart music creator, so the creation of any kind of music genre is very fast since there are available samples and templates it can use.

4. Cloud -base platform

The presence of cloud -a based platform on this smart music interface means that any music users create is going to be saved on the AI storage itself.

This increases the availability of musical templates and music samples for the AI tool, so therefore, the more you use this smart music generator, the more it knows the exact kind of music you want and also the faster it answers your musical request.


  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It delivers musical requests at a fast speed.
  • It makes music creation easier for those with busy schedules.
  • It delivers unique music genres with no Copyright issues.


It is not entirely free to use.

3. Ecrett Music

With Ecrett Music, users can generate a lot of music. Ecrett generates music by going through the several hundred songs that are currently in the database of the AI storage.

Ecrett have a smooth interface that allows an easy selection of the scenes, emotions, and genres users want to appear in their music, this feature helps both professionals and amateurs in the music world.

With this smart AI, there is no limit to the kind of music users can generate with Ecrett. You can generate music for video games, adverts, etc.

The music you create with this smart doesn’t have copyright issues, they are all royalty-free music. 

Here is a simple tutorial on how to operate Ecrett; you have to first select one function each out of the features on the interface before creating your music for example, you select the mood, scene, and genre, then click the “create music” button to kick start the music creation process.

On creating the music, it will contain all the functions you selected before clicking the create button.

You can leave the functional effects you set on the interface and use them to generate a new song that carries the effect you set for your previous music.

The instrumentals on the interface can be adjusted to your taste. You can customize the instruments with some simple clicks to get the bass, melody, backups, drums, etc.

To create a unique vibe in users’ music. The music you create with Ecrett can be managed with either favorite, download history, video upload, etc.

Features of Ecrett

1. Simple User interface

The interface of this smart music generator is very easy to navigate around.

Users can easily understand the features and functions that are on the Ecrett interface. With the simple interface, beginners in the use of AI can use Ecrett like a professional with no stress at all.

The simple user interface present on interface makes it easy to spend less time and get the maximum result on the interface.

2. License for all users

Users have full license to the music they usually create with the help of the smart music generator. And also, the license covers all sorts of music genres like pop, country, jazz, rock, etc.

The license for all users is a feature that is available in professional plans, in other to have access to the professional plan you have to pay a small fee.

3. Royalty free

Copyright is no longer an issue that Ecrett’s users will experience when using the music created by the AI music generator for commercials.


  • It allows a free trial before subscribing to the available plan.
  • The interface is very straightforward and comprehensive for any literate person.
  • It has a simple music creation process.
  • It allows users to access multiple subscription plans.


  • It is not entirely free to use.
  • License-free is only available for paid plans.

4. Soundraw

Soundraw is an AI music generator that releases royalty-free music, the music created by soundraw is done by the AI in the sound raw with some twists here and there in the music.

The licensing terms that this smart music generator uses are consistent with other music libraries of its kind.

The licensing terms allow you to generate your music but you can’t use the music for commercial purposes like selling it, using it as a podcast, sharing the music on audio platforms where other people can download it, etc.

If you want to use the music for commercial purposes, you have to modify the Soundraw by including a new sound that is not available on the AI platform so that the music sound is different from what the AI has created before.

Soundraw is a royalty-free music library that mainly serves as guidance to newbies who wants to create their music or those who have a busy schedule or those who just need music to be playing in the background while they shoot a video for YouTube or do a podcast etc.

If you are users who want to create full music to sell you will need to create an entirely new sound on the AI to enjoy the benefit of this smart music generator.

Features of Soundraw

1. Create unlimited music

There is no limit to the amount of music you can create with this smart music creator. You can create unlimited flows of music with no stress.

The duration of each music you create can’t go beyond the time limit of 5 minutes as that is the maximum time the creators set for users.

To create your music, you need, to first select a mood like a euphoria, sexy, sentimental, scary, etc. You want for your music, then select the genres like Acoustic, Beat, Funk, Latin, Rock, Pop, etc.

And then select the best theme you think will complement your mood and genres for your music. You can also control the tempo of the music you are creating.

2. Customize your music

You can customize the music you create on your Soundraw account. You can customize the music with many things like a short intro, the phrase you created with AI, changing the position of the chorus, etc.

The creators have made the provision of tools that help in creating new music by allowing the combination of different AI with musical functions to work together.

These tools also make it very easy to customize new music with ease, the tools allow you to match the songs to videos and not the other way around.

Other customizing features give users access to improvise and tune a single piece of music, but this feature is for users who are using paid plan while free users can use the music generator feature to create their music.

To get access to the unlimited downloads feature, you have to subscribe to the paid plan available on the Soundraw platform.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • It helps to combine AI with different musical functions in other to produce good music and also, and you can use manual tools on it as well.
  •  It allows unlimited downloads with a subscription plan.


  • It is not entirely free.

5. Soundful

Soundful is a platform that assists amateur and professional music creators to generate unique tracks and also, and this AI can improve the musical skills of the users.

Users who are using their social media accounts for video or content creation can create their royal-free music to perfectly beautify their content, users of Soundful don’t necessarily need to know how to produce music or know how to move around the complex music licensing landscape.

Users who have little or no experience in music can now create their music sounds like professionals by using Soundful to get ideas and inspiration to build up their music with their creativity and style.

With soundful, users can freely create, browse and listen to intelligence-driven, studio-quality tracks. They can either download or stream their favorite music on the platform.

The tracks come in a variety of genres, sub-genres, and templates such as Pop, EDM, and Hip-Hop.

With just the tap of the create button, Soundful’s machine-learning algorithms start to generate unique tracks based on the chosen genre.

Users can twerk the music by using tempos and keys to produce more beautiful sounds. With the help of the numerous templates and genres on the platform, users can create new music from scratch within seconds.

The music you get from Soundful is available in many audio formats and you can use it in everything starting from podcast to live video or pre-recorded video.

The creators of Soundful allow free licenses for users to use the music created on their platform in their videos, social media ads campaigns, etc. The features user enjoy are based on the plan they are operating on.


1. It allows you to choose your genres

Before you click the generate button, you have to choose the music genres you want. There are lots of genres available for you to choose from in other to make your music a nice one.

2. It allows you to customize your music

You can customize your music to make it sound beautiful to the ear of your listeners while they watch your pre-recorded video or listen to your podcast etc.

The effects of customized effects you add to your background music makes your followers a nice experience while viewing your content on your social media accounts.


  • It allows you to create numerous pieces of music within a short while.
  • It allows users to customize music to produce good sound.
  • It allows you to choose the type of genre you want.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the best AI lyrics generator?

The best AI lyrics generator so far is yet to be known as various AI lyrics generators already in existence are still working perfectly well with little to no report about them.

Is there an AI that generates music?

There are lots of AI that generate music, and this AI generates music with good sounds that can either be used for commercials, for practice, or for beautifying social media content.

Which AI generates music from prompts?

MusicLM is an AI that generates music from text prompts. All you need to do is to get a text and leave the AI to transform it into music.

Can AI write a hit song?

AI can write hit songs and can also make a musical sounds out of them. The musical sounds AI creates can become popular among the populace.

Wrapping Up On the Best AI Music Generators

The best AI music generators are numerous and quite difficult to choose the best to use because every single one of the AI music generators has its own unique features.

For example, Soundful is an AI music generator that helps users to train their musical skills and also, and they can generate background music for their social media video content.

Another one of the best AI music generators listed above is AIVA. This AI generates good music that sounds beautiful to the ear. It is also very easy to use; with a single tap of the generate button; you can get good music available for use.

Due to the kind of algorithm it uses, it generates lots of music within seconds. Choosing the best music AI is something individual users have to do themselves, as you have to choose what works best for you.

Which of this AI music generators would you like to start with and what are your experiences with them? Let me know in the comments.

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