Fireflies AI VS Sembly AI: Which One Is The Smartest AI Tool For Meeting Notes?

Fireflies AI VS Sembly AI

In this article we are going to be comparing Fireflies AI vs Sembly AI and we will be finding out which of this tool is the smartest and which of these tool is the best out to use.

Both of these AI software are meeting notetakers and they are both top AI software that you can use for taking notes during your online meeting.

Fireflies AI

Fireflies AI wins in the aspect of accurate meeting notes as it produces notes that are filled with almost no errors. Most especially when voice overlapping occurs.

Sembly AI

Sembly AI has an interactive user interface. Users can easily read the notes it takes from the online meeting easily and does an excellent job of making notes and summaries from meeting recordings.

Does it mean there are no other meeting notetakers that are the best? No! There are still some other AI notetakers who are doing pretty well in taking good notes in online meetings.

And are still very good at performing many other tasks. We just decided to focus on these two AI meeting notetakers.

Now that we are going to focus solely on Fireflies AI and Sembly AI. Let’s get to know more about this software.

Before writing this article, my team and I used these two AI notetakers. This is so we can give you a quality review of the two tools.

No doubt, both AI tools are very good at what they do. But in this article, we are going in-depth on the features, and functionalities performance of these AI tools.

Quick answer on which of these AI tools is better?

Fireflies AI

1. Best Written Output

2. Efficient Meeting Management

3. Easy Integration

4. Accurate Transcription

5. Predictive Assistant

6. High Pricing

Sembly AI

1. High-Accuracy Transcription

2. Speaker Identification

3. Clearing Filler Words

4. Smart Meeting Notes

5. Easy Integration

6. Supports multiple languages

Fireflies AI VS Sembly AI: Which one of these AI tool is the better one?

After using each of these AI tools, we did a quick breakdown of each of the tools. This breakdown is just our overall review of these two AI tools.

Fireflies AI is indeed the best AI tool to use for your meeting notetaking. The downside is that it is expensive and it is a bit expensive.

Sembly AI has an interactive user interface. Users can easily read the notes it takes from the online meeting easily. But it sometimes makes mistakes when it is translated to another language.

It also has the issue of doing proper transcription when many speakers are speaking at the same time.

If you are an individual who is ready to spend money for a notetaker that you will enjoy in the long run, you should go for Fireflies as it is both costly and worthwhile.

But if you don’t want a notetaker that is too expensive and yet still delivers good service. Then, you should go for Sembly AI as it is not too expensive and still delivers good note-taking service.

If you want to know the full details of the comparison between Fireflies AI and Sembly AI. You can read through the next line of text.

1. How do Fireflies AI and Sembly AI work

Fireflies AI and Sembly AI are just like every other AI notetaker that uses AI technology to run its operation. For both AI tools to be able to take good-quality notes. They use deep learning models and machine learning algorithms alongside their AI technology.

To kick start both AI tools, you need to first of all integrate a smart calendar into this AI tool. These AI tools use this smart calendar integration to access the online meeting.

As you integrate them into your smart calendar, these AI tools take in the data of users’ online meetings. That is how they can access online meetings without the users inviting them personally.

These two AI tools take in information from the meeting in audio format. They automatically turn it into notes written in a well-ordered manner.

After the meeting, users can easily download the text document. This way, users can choose to listen to the recorded meeting. Or they can choose between going through the notes taken by these AI tools.

That’s how easily these AI tools take notes, not to forget that they also record the meetings as well.

Although the working process of both AI software is different which is the main concept behind how they take notes from online meetings.

Now that you have a grasp of how these two AI tools take notes from online meetings. This question might have dropped in your mind;

What kind of technology is behind this AI software?

The majority of the AI notetakers, including Fireflies AI and Sembly AI are all built using the open-source AI language model called GPT-3. That’s why notetakers, especially Fireflies AI and Sembly AI can take notes that humans can read and understand.

These two AI tool notes are always enjoyable to read. They use GPT-3 AI which is a model that was developed by the same individuals that created ChatGPT.

GPT-3 is a well-versed AI tool when it comes to English words. This AI model has read over hundreds and billions of words in the English language.

This level of exposure that the GPT-3 AI model in Sembly AI and Fireflies AI received makes it able to draft good notes from an online meeting.

The developers of Fireflies AI and Sembly AI also trained this software to be able to take notes in online meetings. Such that they can take the notes showing the speaker at the same time.

When the two softwares record the meetings. They can take notes according to how the speakers speak. Scribing down the exact words the speaker(s) spoke. This capability is very powerful.

2. Fireflies AI Vs Sembly AI: Which produces the most accurate notes?

To be sure of which tool that produces the most accurate notes. We had to test the tools separately for the same kind of task. We took some major tests to try out the capability of each of the two AI tools.

Test 1: Which of the AI produces the most accurate notes when in a noisy environment?

It is not an easy task to focus as a human when a lot of people are talking at the same time.

With Fireflies, it is a different ball game. When we use Fireflies in a meeting when arguments ensue. Fireflies were able to pick up the words of every speaker. Not minding the fact that many speakers were speaking at the same time.

The AI model technology in Fireflies is so much more advanced. Such that it can carefully take in every word every speaker says during the meeting. Including the arguments, where many speakers have to exchange words.

This is something that Sembly AI finds hard to do. As it AI analytical ability and processing speed aren’t as fast as Fireflies when it comes to processing the words of every speaker in an argument.


In this test, Fireflies is the winner. As it has a very good AI analytical ability that can easily process information faster. It can take in information from different speakers all at once. And then convert the audio file into text easily.

That does not mean that Sembly AI is not good at taking information from different speakers. It sometimes takes this kind of messy information perfectly. There are times when Sembly AI makes mistakes when encountering such a situation.

Test 2: Which of the two AIs correctly translates a text file to another language?

Fireflies AI supports translation into multiple languages. It supports about 60+ languages. The only downside is, it can not do a live translation to another language. Meaning that if Fireflies is in a meeting.

It can’t translate the language of the speaker directly into another language. It is only when you as the owner of the AI tool want to download your text note file.

You can prompt the AI tool to translate the text file into another language after which you can have your file downloaded in that language.

As for Sembly AI, this AI tool doesn’t also do live translation to another language. Sembly AI even though it supports about 30+ languages.

It only does its translation after it has taken note of the meeting. Users have to prompt the AI tool to translate the content in the notes into another language.


In this test, there is no winner between the two AI technology tools. As the tools can’t translate live audio content into different in-text languages.

Users have to wait for the two AI technology tools to finish recording the meeting. Before they can prompt it to generate a note that is in another language apart from English.

Test 3: Which of the two AI records better meeting recordings?

Fireflies has an intelligent recording system that allows it to be able to record meetings accurately. It can take in sound and tune out the background noises.

Making it sound like the meeting was done in a recording room. Fireflies also bring out the exact voice of the speakers and not a robotic voice recording.

Sembly AI is also able to carry out a good recording using its intelligent records system. The only issue is that. When it does a meeting recording, it sometimes doesn’t tune out background noises. Making the audio recording messy.


In this test, Fireflies takes the win between these two AI tools. As Fireflies uses its intelligent system to take audible and clear recordings. At the same time, it tunes out the surrounding noise. This action is something that Sembly AI isn’t consistent with.

Test 4: Which of these does a better summary?

Fireflies AI uses AI technology and its deep learning algorithm to read and understand words faster. It takes note of whatever events happened in its memory storage.

It then reads through the loads of text to understand the context. It is only after it understands the context that it makes a summary. It summary are always on point. Showcasing every major point discussed during the meeting.

The same process also goes for Sembly AI. It can produce a good summary even though its recordings might sometimes be messy to listen to.

It summary also contains the main points discussed during the meeting. Such that individuals who weren’t there can read and get the main points of discussion.


There is no winner in this test. As both software surprisingly gave us the same information for an online meeting we used them to record. These two AIs drafted the key points discussed during the meeting easily.

3. Fireflies AI Vs Sembly AI: Which has a better template?

In the aspect of templates, Fireflies has an advantage here. Fireflies have numerous templates that users can leverage.

These templates span different kinds of meetings such as Corporate Board meetings, Management meetings, Staff meetings, etc. The cool thing about these templates is that you can easily edit them to suit your needs.

Sembly AI although has templates but is not up to that of Fireflies AI. It has three templates that are easy to edit. Users can easily edit these templates to suit whatever purpose they need them for.

It is just that, the limited number of templates doesn’t favor newbies who might find it difficult to plan for a meeting they haven’t come across before. But with Fireflies, that issue is not a problem. As Fireflies has all kinds of meeting templates.

4. Which one has a better Text editing ability?

Fireflies do not have a known option for text editing. It gives out its text in a neat organized way. Which is different from Sembly AI. Sembly AI has smart text editing abilities which it uses to generate text in a neat organized manner.

Its AI text editing ability ensures that the text content is arranged neatly. Users of Sembly AI can edit the text it generates. Such that they can highlight, add quotes, and format them easily.

5. What are the unique features of Fireflies AI and Sembly AI?

Fireflies AI

1. Soundbites

These features allow users to be able to make short audio clips from the main audio recordings. Soundbites allow users to be able to share important aspects of a meeting without sharing the full meeting audio record.

It is very easy to share this kind of information. Users just have to highlight the segment and turn it into a shareable Soundbite. This process takes about 5 seconds.

2. Global Search

This feature allows users to be able to dig into all the meeting transcripts all at once. This feature uses a powerful analytical ability that can make decisions on the prompt faster.

It allows users to be able to search through the past month’s meetings and get important information passed across during those meetings. Global search is very powerful such that it can get information from even years back.

3. Channel feature

The Channel feature allows users to arrange all their meetings into a custom channel. With the channel’s feature, users can create custom channels with just a few taps.

This feature also allows users to be able to group meetings on the same topic into one channel. This way, all the similar meetings can easily be accessed with just a few taps.

4. Fireflies Chrome extension

Fireflies Chrome extension makes it easy for users to be able to access the platform. With an app extension, users don’t have to load the website link of Fireflies to access its features. This way, users can easily capture their team’s meetings in Google Meet without extra work.

As soon as users install the extension. It immediately ran in the background during all their team’s Google Meet calls. Also, after the meeting, every transcript of the recorded meeting is automatically saved to the Fireflies account. Anyone who has access to your account can easily go through the meeting transcript.

 5. Smart integration

Fireflies is a very smart and robust integration segment that works conveniently with other popular work apps. It automates meeting follow-ups and creates seamless workflows for its users. Fireflies support Integration of CRM Software, Project Management, Storage, Email, Calendar, Communication, Scheduling, Dialers, etc.

6. Speaker and Conversation Meeting Analytics

These features allow users to understand the talking pattern of a just-concluded meeting. Fred, who is the AI assistant of Fireflies, provides the meeting analytics. This meeting analysis allows users to see how their team members communicate with each other.

With the speaker analysis, users can easily know how long every member spoke in the meeting. With this feature, users can know who spoke when, for how long, and how often everyone in the meeting spoke.

Individuals who weren’t present in the meeting can easily know the main speaker of the meeting. Just by using these analytics.

7. Smart Searches Filters

This feature allows users to easily locate the important parts of a conversation. With just typing a smart search filter phrase, users can easily get the information they are looking for.

For example, typing the word “action item” allows users to be able to locate areas in a transcript where the next steps or tasks are being discussed. There are also smart search filters like; “Questions”, “Dates & Times”, “Tasks”, “Metrics”, etc.

8. Comments on Transcript

This feature allows individuals who didn’t attend the meeting. To be able to give their own opinion on what was discussed during the meeting. Fred put the comment at specific timestamps.

Making it easy for users to be able to put their feedback on the conversation. With this kind of transcript, users can easily jump to see the comments with just a tap on the transcript. And listen to that part of the meeting call.

You can find out more in my Fireflies AI review.

Sembly AI

1. Meeting recording and transcription

This feature allows users to be able to read, replay, and share the text content of the meeting. It is from the meeting record that this feature gets the meeting transcript.

This way, the transcript file, and the meeting record are in a sync manner. Such that users can listen to the recordings and follow them with the transcript file.

2. Sentiment

This feature allows users to be able to understand the intent behind the meeting deeply. Such that they can take the necessary steps that meeting warrants.

3. Meeting Sharing

This feature allows users to be able to share different moments of the meeting. This feature is similar to the Soundbite feature of Fireflies. Users can use this feature to give insights to colleagues who didn’t attend the meeting.

4. Meeting Summary

This feature allows users to be able to understand complex meeting discussions quickly. This feature simplifies the meeting transcripts into a summary. With this summary. Users can easily understand the outcome of a meeting without reading the whole transcript.

5. Workspace and collaboration

This feature allows users to be able to form collaboration with other team members. Such that they can work and update each other via the software interface. It doesn’t matter if the user and the team are far apart. Since there is internet, they can easily connect.

6. High-Accuracy Transcription

Sembly offers a high-accuracy transcription feature that picks up every word said during a meeting. The smart AI technology in the interface of this software allows it to be able to accurately script out the correct word said during a meeting.

This Sembly’s feature takes in all the information said during the meeting. Users can be rest assured that they won’t miss any meetings. As they are going to enjoy a reliable record of every online meeting they miss.

7. Clears Filler Words

This AI tool clears all the filler words that appear in the meeting it records. However, these words came across in the way the speaker passed across his information.

Sembly uses its AI ability to discern these filler words and clear them of their storage. This way, individuals who didn’t attend the meeting, can listen to the meeting without getting distracted.

Also, it doesn’t allow the filler words to appear in the transcript. So, users can read the meeting transcript with no distractions.

8. Smart Meeting Notes

This feature allows users to be able to enjoy a comprehensive meeting note without penning any words down during the meeting. This way, users can easily flow along with the ongoing discussion in the meeting.

Users can rest assured that these smart meeting notes will generate a detailed topic of what was discussed during the meeting.

Without leaving any information aside. The only thing, Sembly clears off are the filler words. Apart from that, users can rest assured that every piece of information is documented in Sembly’s AI note. As it is going to convert the audio recordings of the meeting into a readable transcript.

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6. Fireflies AI Vs Sembly AI: How many languages do they support?

Fireflies support about 69+ languages apart from English language in which it does the recording and transcript file. Meaning that users can have their transcript files in about 69+ languages excluding the English language.

To mention but a few, users can prompt Fireflies AI to translate their meeting transcript files into Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, etc.

As for Sembly AI, it supports about 42 languages excluding English language. As it does it meets recordings and transcripts in English language.

Sembly supports English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, etc. Users can have their meeting transcripts and meeting recordings in different languages due to it different languages.

7. Fireflies AI Vs Sembly AI: Which has a higher community base?

Fireflies AI has accounts on Facebook, X(Twitter), Instagram, and LinkedIn. On Facebook, Fireflies AI has an amazing community base of 5000+ followers.

On Instagram and X(Twitter), Fireflies AI has a community base of 4000+, and 5000+, respectively. You can also find Fireflies AI on LinkedIn as they also have an account there as well.

Sembly AI has 140+ followers on Instagram and 130+ on X (Twitter) respectively. You can also find Sembly AI on Facebook and LinkedIn as well. Sembly AI has a follower base of 2000+ on LinkedIn and 500+ on Facebook.

8. Fireflies AI Vs Sembly AI: What kind of support do Customers get?

Fireflies AI allows its users to chat with its customer support through the company’s email; 24/7. Also, Fireflies has a blog that answers all the possible questions that users of Fireflies AI might have.

There is also the frequently asked questions section on its official website that answers major questions that users might have. The blogs and FAQs of Fireflies AI are typed in easily understandable words.

Sembly AI’s customer service system is ready to assist users from Monday to Friday within their working time. They have a working time of 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM UTC in which users can chat them up for their request and have it answered before the end of the day.

Sembly AI said in one of their interviews that they aim to reply to customers’ requests within 24 hours. Sembly AI’s customer service team is only available from Monday to Friday. They are not available on weekends and public holidays.

9. Do Fireflies AI and Sembly AI have an API?

Fireflies AI has an API that allows the integration of different helpful apps. This way, users can also enjoy smooth integration of third-party apps that allow smooth workflow. Fireflies AI has API integrations for audio upload, transcript, and delete transcript software.

Sembly AI has API integration that allows custom integration for personal use, transcripts, meeting notes, tasks or ToDo’s, etc.

10. How much do Fireflies AI and Sembly AI cost?

Fireflies AI Pricing

Fireflies AI offers four pricing plans. Part of this includes the free plan that gives new users the privilege to test run the features of Fireflies AI notetaker.

Although this free plan has limited transcription credit, it is still a good way to test the capabilities of Fireflies AI. As for the pro plan and the business plan. They both cost $10 and $19 per seat respectively for an annual budget.

But if you don’t have an interest in using Fireflies AI for a long period. The monthly budget is a good choice to opt for. As it costs $18 and $29 per seat respectively.

For large companies who have loads of meetings and need more features than the ones displayed on the pricing plans. They can always opt for the custom plan.

Sembly AI

Sembly AI offers four pricing plans. And just like Fireflies AI, it offers a free plan as well. With the free plan, new users can test out the capabilities of Sembly AI to know what it can offer them.

In the free plan, users enjoy a 4-hour-long meeting recording. And in cases where they do the recording with another recording device. They can only upload a meeting file that is not longer than 1 hour long.

These limitations are not in the other plans, which is very understandable. These other three plans are premiums which means you have to pay for them to use their services.

The pro and team plan of Sembly AI costs $10 and $20 with a 7-day free trial per annum. In the case where you don’t have an interest in using Sembly AI for a long time.

You can go for the monthly plan that costs $15 and $29 respectively. The pro plan supports only one user while the team plan supports up to 40 users.

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What are the double-edges of using Fireflies AI and Sembly AI

1. Active learning

Both tools are good notetakers but it limits your learning ability as it does not give you the opportunity for active learning. Although, Sembly AI allows you to edit the meeting notes after the meeting.

And with that, you can customize the notes to suit your taste. It is still a waste of time for someone who wants to manage his time. You can also just write the notes during the meeting to suit your taste.

And there is this thing about writing. Most people don’t forget whatever they write down in their notes. So, with AI meeting notetakers. It might be difficult to actively learn the concept behind the topics discussed during the online meetings.

2. Accuracy

Fireflies AI and Sembly AI notetakers take accurate notes from online meetings. This is not something that a manually written meeting note can beat all the time.

As human beings, we are prone to make errors. So, there are times when your meeting notes might be rife with errors. Most especially, there are times when the speaker is a fast one and it can be difficult to keep up with the pace.

Thereby leaving the notes with mistakes and empty spaces in between sentences. To avoid this, using an AI notetaker is the best option to go for.

3. Engagement with others

During a meeting, there is always a point whereby every meeting participants will asked for their contribution. If an individual is jotting down the points, he might not be able to contribute to the meeting.

As he might be reading through the group of words he jotted down. So, he can correct the possible errors he made while typing. This action alone can divert his attention making him momentarily forget his contribution point(s).

This is something AI notetakers like Fireflies AI and Sembly AI will protect its users from. As they don’t have to pen any points down.

Making it easy for them to focus on the topics being discussed during the meeting. With this kind of focus, users won’t forget any contribution points they want to give out to the meeting participants.

4. Efficiency

Fireflies AI and Sembly AI notetakers are machineries, although they are more referred to as AI software machinery. As they are not physical but virtual. In case you don’t know, machines are much more efficient than humans.

And AI machines are much more powerful than the normal technology machine. AI notetakers can work for as long as the meeting is on without fatigue. The AI can still maintain a high level of accuracy.

The same can’t be said about humans. As a human, there is a level of time where your focus can be maintained. So, if you are manually writing in a meeting that is going to be on for long hours.

There is no doubt that the feeling of fatigue will come in. Thereby making you feel lazy to write down the meeting points being passed across.

5. Collaboration

Fireflies AI and Sembly AI allow easy collaboration between users and their team members. As they can make it easy for users to share meeting recordings and meeting transcripts with other individuals who weren’t present for the meeting.

Fireflies AI and Sembly AI are good at making good meeting notes that contain all the information discussed during the meeting. And there’s also the summary, that makes it easy for users to be able to briefly explain all the points passed across during the meeting.

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Now, let’s determine which of these AI notetakers is the winner.

Fireflies AI

Fireflies AI wins in the aspect of accurate meeting notes as it produces notes that are filled with almost no errors. Most especially when voice overlapping occurs.

Fireflies AI has a good analyzing ability that allows it to detect who is speaking at which time and what words they are saying.

With its fast processing speed, it can script down the words in time. Its massive database library also allows it to be able to give out correct words with minimal errors.

However, its pricing plan is not too conducive for all users, most especially small-scale businesses. It also doesn’t offer many templates for users to customize for their use. This can be a turn-off for some potential users who are still considering their options of notetakers.

Sembly AI

Sembly AI wins in the aspect of pricing. It has an amazing pricing plan that is conducive for most small-scale businesses and large-scale businesses.

This way, users who don’t want to spend too much money to get quality notetaking software can easily opt for Sembly

Even though it is cheap and does an excellent job of making notes and summaries from meeting recordings. It still makes mistakes when there are overlaps in voices.

It finds it difficult to keep up with the pace with the correct words. To ease this issue, there is room for editing. Users can edit the content that Sembly AI generates.

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