Best AI Sports Prediction Software & Apps In 2023

Best AI Sports Prediction Software

Back in the days when entrepreneurs invest their money in building casinos. They build large casinos so people can come and gamble to make bigger wins.

But in this 21st century AI technology is the trend now. Technological tools that use AI technology are now being used to make predictions for games most especially.

Do you know that the majority of gambling sites and centers are now using AI-technological tools for predictions?

 Yes. In one review study in 2022, about 70% of gambling sites and centers now use AI technology for getting predictions. With this implementation, most of them recorded more sales and wins.

The impact of AI technology can't be underestimated in the betting world. There are a lot of opportunities that AI prediction software makes available.

It is even said that people who gamble and don't use AI technology tools are not making the optimum money they are meant to make.

What is AI Sport Prediction Software?

AI Sports Prediction Software is a tool that has a lot of intricate AI designs embedded deep in its interface.

This AI is the suspect behind the progress that most of the sports prediction technological tools make.

You are probably wondering what are the AI models in this sport prediction software.

The AI technology in this software is machine learning algorithms, Deep learning models, Natural Language Processing models, Biomedical indicators, and many more.

How does AI Sport Prediction Software Work?

AI Sport Prediction Software just as said earlier contains Machine Learning algorithms, Natural Language Processing models, Deep learning models, and many other AI models.

Each of these models undergoes deep intense training. This training is done with massive data. The data span across everything as regards sports.

The data for the training span the historical data of the sports teams, the performance record, the health record, the fitness record, and many other sport-related data.

This information is used to train the AI models in the sports prediction software. The main reason for this is to first of all enlighten the model of the kind of details it will be dealing with.

Another reason is to make the AI models understand the pattern of the data and know how to use that pattern for the generation of new data.

Each of these processes takes time and requires lots of data. This is why the best AI prediction software is not always the new or the old ones.

But instead, they are the tools that have access to lots of data and information. The more data it gets the better it becomes at predicting games and scenarios.

Types of AI Sports Prediction Software

There are some major types of prediction software. And these types are crafted into a few segments after years of scrutinizing the prediction industry. These types include

1. Machine Learning-based software

This type of sports prediction software does analytical activities. This model performs deep analytical thinking after going through historical data of the sporting teams.

It takes account of their overall performance in each season, takes account of the performance of each player in the sporting arena that is going to partake in a match, and many other intricate details before making a decision.

This machine is always considered the best among the type of prediction models. Since they provide more accurate information showcasing the level of understanding of the game.

2. Statistical-based Software

You see this kind of sports prediction software works like machine learning prediction software.

This software takes account of the statistical data of the team to make decisions. It doesn't do analytical research on the statistics just like machine learning prediction software.

This is why it is not as good as machine learning sports software as sometimes, statistical data might not favor sport prediction.

3. Decision support software

This software is just like machine learning algorithms and statistical algorithms software.

This prediction software helps users to be able to make more informed decisions. And how it does this is that it takes data, do its research, and then provides possible predictions.

These predictions are now displayed for users to make their own decision about what has a potential chance of winning.

With all that said, let's get to know the list of best sport prediction software.

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Best AI Sports Prediction Software

1. ZCode

ZCode is a betting community that uses an AI technology called ZCode™. This AI technology is powered by machine learning algorithms and Deep learning models.

These models are trained with massive and comprehensive data on sports. It is with this experience that it provides betting tips and odds for users.

ZCode™ provides betting odds and tips on different sports games like American Sports, such as Football, Basketball, Hockey, American Football, Major League Baseball, and many other sports.

As ZCode™ offers betting odds and predictions, the main site offers community help as well.

On the ZCode platform, a community has taken off and there are a lot of experienced people offering prediction advice to each other.

ZCode™ is known to help users secure winnings most of the time whenever it releases predictions for sports on its interface.


1. It offers wide prediction parameters

The bot in this software offers users over 80 different parameters.

This means this software uses over 80 different kinds of sports possibilities to make a prediction.

This possibility includes player conditions, injuries, Home or Away team goalies, past performance, trainers, events, the importance of matches, rivalries, feuds, and many other sports possibilities.

With the machine learning algorithms in its interface, it does proper analysis and provides accurate results.

2. It offers Transparent Performance

This software offers a more transparent performance to its users. Over the years, the AI model in its interface has been trained with lots of data dating back to 1999.

With this massive dataset, it offers fully verified picks and predictions to users.

3. Automatic Prediction Model

These software AI models in ZCode ™ are becoming more powerful and accurate in generating predictions.

A lot of users testify to how this smart software provides predictions at a fast pace with no decrease in the accuracy level.

4. It offers ZCode™ Backtest Approach

This feature uses Monte Carlo simulation to generate random price predictions. This backtest feature is more flexible and allows users to get prices for different scenarios.

With this, users can test the performance of their strategy under different conditions. This feature helps users understand the risk and reward profile.


It cost $499 per month but due to promo, the current price is $198 per month. Additionally, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee. Another cool thing is you can cancel the plan at any time.


1. It offers video tutorials showing users how to use the winning predictions it generates.

2. The predictions are easy to understand.

3. It offers a comprehensive guide, FAQ, and money management system that secures more income for users.

4. It offers well trained and friendly support system.


1. It is not a sure way to make money.

2. It is expensive to purchase.

3. It is sometimes not accurate.

4. It is not easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ZCode Work?

ZCode is embedded with complex algorithms. These complex algorithms are trained with lots of information which is used to generate accurate results and also betting tips.

How can a user use ZCode to make money?

With the predictions ZCode generates, you can use it to stake for higher games. It is important to know that you might not win the game as the predictions are not 100% accurate.

The reason for this is that sport is not something that has a 100% predicted outcome. So, you can follow ZCode predictions and still lose money.

Is ZCode software accurate?

ZCode software is not always accurate but at least they have more standing than random guessing. The success accuracy of ZCode has a rating of over 60%.

Is ZCode Legal?

ZCode is a prediction software that is legal in most countries. But before purchasing this software, it is best to know if your country supports it so that you won't waste money.

2. RebelBetting

RebelBetting is an advanced technology tool that offers users helpful tips. This software helps users make good money from betting.

It helps them to turn sport betting into an investment. RebelBetting allow users to find profitable bet situations which they can make cool cash from.

The server of RebelBetting gathers tons of information to analyze. The analysis of this information leads to the generation of odds. It generates millions of odds per day.

With these million odds from RebelBetting, users can stake some funds to make more earnings for themselves.

One cool thing about RebelBetting is that it offers a profit guarantee. This is just to show the level of confidence the software has in its AI model.

So if users don't make a betting profit in the first month of their subscription they will get the next month free. And this continues until a user makes a profit.


1. Value Betting and Sure Betting

RebelBetting helps users find profitable betting opportunities by using the value betting and the sure betting features.

Value betting allows users to bet on outcomes where the values are greater than the true probability of that outcome occurring.

With the sure betting features, users can bet on all the loophole benefits in the game. With this, there is a sure certainty of profit.

2. Betting browser feature

This feature makes it easy for people to place bets on different bookmakers at the same time. This feature allows you to see the betting information and allow you to go for the best one that suits you.

This feature allows you a better chance of making profits.

3. It offers alerts to users

This feature operates by sending alerts of profitable betting opportunities that appear. This feature allows you not to lose good betting opportunities that can make you rich.

4. It offers task automation

This is a smart feature of RebelBetting. It AI model takes note of some tasks and performs automation on them.

This task is not a difficult task though, just like automatic signing and placing bets. You don't have to do that task yourself.


It offers its users 2 pricing accounts.

Starter Pricing Plan

This plan is suitable for people who are just entering the betting world. People who also don't have a large bankroll can benefit from this plan as well.

On this plan, users get a proven average ROI of 30% per month. It cost €99 per month with a 14-day free trial. 

Pro Pricing Plan

This plan helps users to make more profit by giving access to all the bookies, betting exchanges, and sharp bookmarkers.

This is why this plan is not suitable for beginners but for gurus in the betting world. To use this plan, users have to pay a sum of €199 per month. There is also a free trial.


1. It is easy to use.

2. It offers wide coverage.

3. It offers real-time data.

4. It offers a free trial.


1. It is not a free tool to use for betting.

2. It can be time-consuming to find arbitrage opportunities.

3. It requires large bankroll requirements.

4. There is a high tendency that bookmakers can close down a betting account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can users cancel their subscriptions at any time?

Users can cancel their RebelBetting subscription at any time. You just have to go to your RebelBetting account.

Then click on the options tab. After which you go to your user's interface and tap the cancel link.

Once you have done this, your account is going to be live until the subscription plan you paid for expires.

How can I be sure that I will win?

RebelBetting offers a fantastic profit guarantee. So, if you aren't making profits in the first month, you won't be charged for the next month until you make a profit.

This process is very encouraging, so you won't have to waste money.

How does RebelBetting work?

RebelBetting takes an account of the available sports bets on millions of online betting markets. This is to compare the most competitive odds so you will make the most profit with minimal risk.

Is there a free trial of RebelBetting?

Yes, RebelBetting offers its users a free trial. The free trial is a 14 days trial and it only happens when a user signs up for an account on their website.

Users can always cancel their subscriptions at any time they want.

3. StatisticSports

StatisticSport is a website that has AI integrated into its interface. It possesses machine learning algorithms that allow it to be able to observe different data and statistics.

After understanding it, machine learning now analyzes it.

The natural language processing model makes it easy for the software to be able to understand the analysis and send back the feedback in a well-understood language.

The computer vision AI model now displays the data it receives from the analyzed feedback. The three AI models all work together to make StatisticSports more outstanding in its statistics data.

This software offers users live statistics data on football matches all around the world.

On the interface of this software, there are different comprehensive historical stats for all the team members.

These stats are very helpful in making informed decisions when placing a bet on a football team.

You cannot find betting tips on this site, but you will always get stats for all the available games on the interface.

This software is a very comprehensive tool for getting live stats on football teams on the field. Individuals who enjoy live betting can make good use of this software feature to make cool earnings.


1. It offers general information on the game

This feature of StatisticSports offers users live statistics on different live games.  This is let them make more informed decisions on their stakes.

The statistics are gotten by the AI model based on the live game progress.

The AI model responsible for this offer statistics like the length at which the game is on, the number of goalies the team might get, etc.

2. It offers users live stats on some football possibilities

The AI model responsible for this feature offers users many football possibilities that can be used for making a stake.

 It offers live football possibilities such as the possibility of corner kicks, number of shots on target, number of shots off-targets, dangerous tackles, etc.

All these predictions offer users means of betting and making more money.

3. It offers a momentum change filter

Since, StatisticSports offers live predictions this filter is a handy one. Turning on this filter allow users to be able to know which team is dominating among the two teams.

This way, you can always know how to make informed betting decisions.

4. It offers Average Stats on the last game

The AI model responsible for this help users to know the previous performance of the team playing.

This is to allow users to understand the previous performance of the team and then make a comparison with the present performance.

Doing this makes users of this tool to be wiser on which team to bet on.


It offers its users 3 different pricing plans.

LITE Pricing Plan

This plan does not offer lots of features. It offers momentum, Live odds, a Live event chart, value game alert, etc.

On this plan, there is a 7-day free trial in which you are not paying a dime. It cost €17.00 per month.

Deluxe Pricing Plan

This plan offers its users more features than the Lite pricing plan. It offers a 7-day trial after which a user can make a payment of €37.00 per month.

Platinum Pricing Plan

This plan offers its users more advanced features that are better than the Deluxe and Lite plans. It offers a 7-day trial after which users can pay €77.00 per month.


1. It offers valuable information on live games.

2. Regularly, it is constantly being upgraded with new data.

3. It is a very powerful tool that can be used for learning more about the teams and the games.

4. It offers a free trial without making any deposits.


1. Sometimes the data might be incorrect.

2. The interface is somewhat confusing to some users.

3. Due to overwhelming traffic, the site sometimes slows down.

4. There is no guaranteed profit.

Frequently asked questions

How can a user view his subscription?

On the interface of this software, tap on your account name at the top right-hand corner. Once you tap it, select the option ‘My subscriptions' on the drop-down menu in that section.

Once the subscription section loads and finishes after tapping it, the list of the current subscription details will appear on the screen.

Can a user upgrade or downgrade their subscription?

StatisticSports allow users to be able to upgrade or downgrade their subscription plan. Once a user selects a new package different from the normal plan that are currently using.

The old one cancels out and the system automatically calculates the price difference.

Funny right? You don't lose your balance. Instead, the remaining balance is added to the new plan you want to purchase.

The only downside is that the subscription date comes sooner than the set time since the payment wasn't complete.

When users are going for a lesser plan, users have quick access to the plan just like when subscribing to a higher plan.

The remaining balance is used to pay for the subsequent months till the balance finishes.

Does StatisticSports offer a free trial?

StatisticSports offers users a 7-day free trial. And during this period, users can use all the features of this software without paying a dime or linking their credit card details.

It is important to know that the package that a user selects when registering for the free trial account is the same one he will make payment for.

And once the free trial expires, he will have to make payment for the plan he selected while creating an account.

Does StatisticSports have a mobile app?

StatisticSports offer both website access and app access. It supports both iOS and Android devices. Users just have to create an account on the web space and then log in to their account on this app.

Factors to consider when choosing AI sports prediction software

When choosing AI sports prediction software, there are different things to consider. These things are put into consideration so that you won't feel you wasted money getting sports prediction software.

1. Accuracy

The accuracy of the AI prediction software matters a lot. It is one of the most important features to consider in prediction software.

You have to do some research to be sure that your software is using a reliable dataset. And also, the machine learning algorithms and the other algorithms must be accurate as well.

The data analysis and results they display are what going to inform you about the accuracy.

2. Coverage

This is a very important factor to consider as well. The more sports on AI sports prediction software, the more you can try out other betting options.

This way you will be able to benefit from different sport betting opportunities.

3. It offers a cool user interface

The friendlier and easy-to-navigate user interface is the best it is for you. As a user, you don't want to be feeling dumb about the software interface.

Mainly because you don't know what button to tap or link to click. So you have to be sure that the user interface is convenient for you. And you understand the options that are there.

4. Cost

There is no way you won't have to consider the cost of your prediction software.

You don't want to spend too much in getting sports prediction software when you can't afford the next month's subscription.

Make sure you select a subscription plan in the software interface that you are comfortable with.

Don't depend on your bet winnings to pay for the next subscription. Instead depend on the logic that you can afford the next month's subscription even if you didn't make a dime in the first month.

5. Reputation

This is a core factor. The more positive the reputation of a prediction software is the better it is for you.

The reputation of prediction software sells the software. Don't get us wrong, that software has a good reputation doesn't mean you should not do your research before buying it.

Just be sure the software is good for you, before making any purchase. The free trials feature will help you determine how good the software is.

These factors are just some part of the criteria you need to consider when selecting AI Prediction Software.

They are not a major determining factor. We gave it to you, so you will be able to know what to look out for when looking for the best AI prediction software.

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The Future of AI sports prediction software

It is no longer a new thing that AI is now evolving and it has spread out to some fields in the online space.

Sport and port prediction are not excluded. This is to tell you the future technology is artificial intelligence.

With the launching of Web 3, many AI Sports prediction software has also started to develop into a more powerful tool.

The majority of these AI tools are developing in core areas like making predictions.

In making predictions, AI software developers and engineers are working on making sports prediction software to become better at making accurate predictions on sports.

This way more money will be made for the sports bettors. They are working on making predictions to make lesser mistakes. To do this, a lot of work must be put in.

Experience and data is the key to solving this problem. We do hope that AI prediction software achieves that, so we can fully trust the analysis that it offers to us.

The future of AI sports prediction software is bright and promising. And, certainly, the majority of bookmakers will also employ the use of AI technology in their work.

This is so they can make more money than they usually do before. This is a win-win situation for both parties.

This means sports betting is going to take a different dimension with the introduction of AI. This is the future of AI sports prediction software. There is no stopping the use of AI in sports betting.

So, waiting for more powerful updates on the prediction software is something every sport bettor should wait for.

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Wrapping Up

The use of AI technology in sports is nowhere going down any time soon. Looking at the fact that the future technology is AI. No bookmaker is going to want to lose out on this major upgrade.

This is why sports prediction software like; ZCode™, RebelBetting AI, and StatisticSport are going to improve to become better than they are. Don't get us wrong.

Their current ability is powerful but there is still room for improvement.

StatisticSports offer live predictions on live sports games, RebelBetting offers Sure bet and Value bet, and lastly, ZCode™ offers details analysis on different kinds of sports.

Each one of them offers powerful features. But there is still a need for some improvement.

Our take from this article is that AI sports prediction software should be used in moderation and do not excessively dependent on its predictions.

It can fail at any time without informing you. So, each time you get a prediction from it, do well to run your research. This is a safety precaution to protect your mind and your money.

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