Best AI Question Generators & AI Quiz Generators In 2023 (Free & Paid)

Best AI Question Generators & AI Quiz Generators

Do you know that most schools’ educators struggle to set the assessment questionnaire for their students

Do you know a lot of students find it difficult to set questions for themselves? Students that want to set questions for themselves most times don’t usually know where to start. They struggle through the complex topic to discover ways to set questions for their assessment. 

 Teachers or educators aren’t exempted from this issue. A lot of them don’t even like the process of setting the assessment questions. 

And the reason is, setting quality questions takes a lot of time and energy which most educators don’t have enough to spare. So what do we do to solve this problem? 

My team and I have discovered a list of AI tools that are very reliable when it comes to setting questions. These AI tools work for both students and educators, with no discrimination at all. 

The list we got for the best AI uestion generators is the best current AI tools any individual can use. In case you are wondering what an AI question generators are, don’t worry we will get to the explanation now.

What is an AI Question Generator?

An AI question generator is an advanced technology tool that does question generation for both students and educators. 

This kind of tool is embedded and programmed with AI technology and advanced machine learning models that allow it to do some critical analysis.

With the in-depth critical analysis it offers, it generates questions that match the user’s reasoning capability. Users can also control the level of difficulty of the questions the AI tool is going to set. 

The usage of AI question generator has grown wide and a lot of big educational firms and industries are now using it for their questions and answers sections. 

Now that we have explained what an AI question generator is, let’s get to know the list of the best AI question generators; 

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Best AI Question Generators

1. Quizgecko AI Question Generator

Quizgecko is the first AI question generator on our list. This software is powered by AI technology and it is this technology that allows users to create questions and then provide answers to the questions it users created. 

A lot of educators and students love this tool as it makes teaching and learning easier for both parties. Users can also customize the question either by making it more difficult or easier. 

Quizgecko is a good quiz maker such that within a small period, it can boost the knowledge capacity of the individual answering the quiz. 

This AI software makes the quiz environment more engaging for the individuals answering the quiz, this result in a boost in the users’ memory retainment of the answers to the question of the quiz. 

With AI-powered quizzes, flashcards, and note generation, teachers and educators can transform their way of giving out lectures to students. 

Using this AI software as a teacher enhance the level of engagement of students in the lecture room thereby making the learning process of new topics or concept more successful. 

As a student who doesn’t like to study or doesn’t want to spend too much time reading books and still wants to have good grades, quizgecko can help with that. 

This AI software has Features that allow students to learn smarter. It does a summarized note and set questions in a way that suits the learning style of a student. 

With this smart AI tool, students can save their time spent on reading to do other things as they can smartly learn their school work and get good grades in school with ease. 


1. It helps users create content faster

Due to the level of flexibility and speed this AI tool possess, users can transform any text into different question formats. 

The question can appear in a multiple choice format, true or false format, short answer essay, and fili-in-the-blank style questions. 

It allows users to upload files in pdf format or Docs or PPTs format to create quizzes to test students’ knowledge.

2. It allows users to effortlessly share questions and answers

This feature allows users especially students and teachers to share questions and answers among themselves. With this, users can share the quizzes in pdf format or as CSV files. 

It also allows users to embed the quiz on a website or blog to take responses from people who are coming to read from the blog website.

 With the response collected, the owner of the website can give his content based on his audience’s wishes.

3. It provides the performance rate of users in quizzes

This dew allows users to know their capacity in the topic the quiz is centered upon. 

With the auto-grade feature, users can be accurately graded with the artificial intelligence model of this smart software. 

This feature also offers valuable suggestions on how to improve the quiz performance of those who partook in the quiz.

4. It provides character increment

This feature allows users to increase the number of quizzes the software should generate on a topic. This way a user can cover more areas of the topic and ensure those who are going to take the quizzes are going to get questions all over the topic the quiz is centered upon.

User’s Experience with Quizgecko 

While trying to gather reviews, we met with strategic people on Quizgecko. An educator we met told us how much he hates setting multiple-choice questions for his students. 

But since he came across this tool, he has so much enjoyed how easy it is for him to use. He said, he just have to upload the documents and then tap the generate question button to get the question he wants. Fun fact, this software allows him to download the questions, topic per topic. 

He said after Quizgecko generates the question, he hand-picks the questions he loves and then eliminates the once he doesn’t want to appear in the downloadable quiz file.

A student we met talked happily about how this software saved him a lot of hours that should have been spent studying. 

He said with this tool, his exam preparation was always smooth and solid. He said Quizgecko help him prepare a summary, question, and answer for his schoolwork. 

He said the summaries are always centered on important sections of the topic and are always typed in understandable words. 

Pricing of Quizgecko 

There are different pricing plans in the Quizgecko pricing section. The pricing is allocated to students, educators, and business owners.

1. Student Pricing Plan 

Basic Plan: $8 per month.

Premium Plan $12 per month. 

2. Educator Pricing Plan

Basic Plan: $12 per month.

Premium Plan: $20 per month.

3. Business Owner Pricing Plan

Basic Plan: $24 per month.

Plus Plan: $64 per month.

Premium Plan: $120 per month.

Enterprise Plan: $500 per month. 

Before making any payment on Quizgecko, it allows new users to try out its features for free. If a user goes for the annual payment plan, he is going to enjoy a 3-month free plan for every year he makes the annual payment.


1. It generates quizzes according to user preferences.

2. It generates quizzes that are engaging for the participants. 

3. It uses machine learning algorithms to improve the quizzes to become more better and effective.

4. It generates quizzes that cover a wide range of scopes. 


1. There are sometimes it generates quizzes that might be below the user's preference due to incorrect quiz suggestions.

2. Its topic scope might be lesser than other education platforms. 

3. It depends on the user's data to generate personalized quizzes. 

4. Some students might not be able to pay for the paid plans. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Quizgecko

What is Quizgecko AI Tool?

This is an online platform that allows users to test their knowledge about a particular topic. Quizgecko offers a summary of the topic, quizzes on the selected topic, and then answers and suggestions that can improve the user's strength in that topic. 

It uses artificial intelligence technology to generate personalized quizzes for users based on their past quiz history on the software. 

What is the Working Mechanism Of Quizgecko?

Quizgecko is a tool powered by AI technology and it uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the user's data and then create a learning pattern and quiz pattern that suits that individual academic strength. 

The machine learning algorithms take into account the hobbies of the user and the learning style that suits his cognitive ability. 

Is Quizgecko a paid tool only?

No, Quizgecko is not a paid tool only. It offers free quiz options just like the paid version. But to get the best quiz out of this tool, it is best you use the paid plan to set your quizzes. 

What Topic Does Quizgecko Set its Quizzes on?

On Quizgecko, users can find quizzes for various topics. It offers quizzes on topics like science, history, literature, and many other topics. 

There is an option for users to set their quizzes, they just have to upload the pdf of the topic they have and then leave the quiz setting to the tool.

Why is Quizgecko the best tool for question generators?

Quizgecko is a good question generator that intelligently evaluates and scores short answer questions. 

With the help of the machine learning algorithms of this software, it provides useful suggestions on how a user can best improve their understanding of the concept of a topic. 

Within seconds, it transforms any text input on its interface into question format for users to explore. With the help of the algorithm on its Interface, it consistently improves its quiz format.

This software practically does almost all the quiz setting for you, you just have to focus on teaching as an educator while students should focus on learning. 

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2. Neuroflash AI Tool

Neuroflash is a cool tool that uses AI technology to run its operation. It works best for content writers, educators, and students. It generates excellent question and then provide answers in a clear and understandable format. 

This software allows educators to set quizzes on topics they have taught in the lecture room. Users just have to type the topic they want their quizzes to be based on. 

After which the user just waits for a short while for the AI tool to set the quizzes. The quizzes set are high-quality and engaging questions that students find interesting and will be able to answer if they have done due diligence in studying the set topics. 

This software also allows users to create high-quality content with the help of AI algorithm models. The question generator helps the content creator to generate quizzes that will generate the desired response he wants from his audience. 


1. It offers a question-and-answer feature

This section uses AI technology to generate good quizzes. The quizzes are aligned according to the background information that the owner of the Neuroflash account. The reason for this is so that the quiz participants can access the quiz and achieve the aim of the quiz itself. 

2. It offers a text summary feature

This feature allows users to make summaries of the topic they want to learn. This summary feature provides good summaries of contents uploaded on its interface. 

The summary it provides always contains the important aspect of the topic such that a user can fully understand the concept of the topic after going through the summary. 

3. It offers a storytelling feature

Having this feature allows users to create creative storytelling that drives emotion. The act of driving emotion is the concept of copywriting, so with this feature, a content creator can achieve the same effect. 

4. It offers the creation of catchy headlines

Headline is a core factor when it comes to getting engagement in a content post. This feature helps users to create catchy headlines that can drive more traffic to the content a content creator creates.

User's Experience With Neuroflash

A lot of users we met enjoyed the service of this AI tool. A student talked about how Neuroflash helped him to improve his level of focus, memory, and overall productivity

The interface is quite friendly and the quiz exercises are not boring as they are engaging and challenging. One of the users we met talked about how the progress track he saw on the dashboard motivated him to improve his academics. Neuroflash is a good tool to use to boost one's cognitive ability 

A content creator we met talked about how great this tool helped him in creating headlines for his blog post, job ads, and many others. 

Another user talked about how great the summary of this software is. Fun fact, the quizzes are customizable which in turn saves time by a larger degree.

Pricing of Neuroflash

The pricing term of Neuroflash is quite fair even though it is not fair for every pocket. It offers four pricing plans. 

1. Free Pricing Plan 

This plan is free forever. Although it offers limited features compared to the other plans, it is still top-notch when compared to other free plans of other software. It offers 2000 words. 

2. Basic Pricing Plan 

It goes for $29 per month. It offers 30,000 words. 

3. Pro Pricing Plan  

It goes for $59 per month. It offers unlimited words. 

4. Enterprise Pricing Plan

It goes for $199 per month. It offers unlimited words. 

If you pay for the annual plan, the software developers offer a 16% discount on every subscription. 


1. It generates questions very fast. 

2. It generates catchy headlines within seconds.

3. Its summary feature is top-notch.

4. It has a clean user interface.


1. It offers only 8 different languages.

2. Its free version has limited features.

3. Neuroflash is quite expensive for some pockets.

4. It doesn't show users the number of words they have left once they start using it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Neuroflash

Who are the typical users of Neuroflash?

This tool is made specifically for users who are students, educators, article writers, ad masters, and content creators. 

What languages does Neuroflash support?

This is one of the limitations of this smart software, it doesn't support lots of languages. It supports Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, etc. 

Does Neuroflash Offer Customer Care Support?

Neuroflash support its users by offering a support phone line, Online Chat room, 24/7 Live call, Email contact, FAQs, Group or Forum, etc. Users can find this information on the main website. 

Does Neuroflash allow API integration?

With the absence of API integration on the Neuroflash interface, users can't integrate other tools into its interface. 

This is a limitation, Neuroflash has other tools that provide different styles of writing apart from the question generator.

Why is Neuroflash the best AI question generator?

Neuroflash is one of the coolest question generators to use. Either as a student or an educator or a content creator who creates content daily in the online space. 

Neuroflash creates cool questions that engage the quiz participants and also offers a good summary of the answers to the quiz such that the participants can understand the concept of the quiz they got wrong.

3. Longshot AI question generator

Longshot is a tool powered by AI technology. This AI-powered tool is best at creating frequently asked questions. 

It offers users comprehensive questions that answers all the possible question as regards a particular topic. It is, for this reason, a lot of product creators and content creators usually use this tool to set up the frequently asked questions section of their blogs and product descriptions. 

It allows users to use select the language they want their questions to appear in should in case they want the quiz to be for individuals who don't speak the English language. 

To generate the possible questions on a topic, it requires users to give brief details of the topic after which it generates all the questions that can be asked as regards that topic. 

It is a cool tool to use as it is super fast and easy to set up. The questions asked in the product description blog post are sure to answer every audience's doubts as regards the product. 


1. It generates questions very fast

This feature allows users to easily get all the possible questions as regards a particular topic easily. It is not an easy task to set up frequently asked questions on a product, so with the help of the machine learning algorithms of this tool, users can be sure to have all that questions ready within a short while. 

2. It allows users to select different languages

There are situations whereby a product owner wants to craft content for people who don't speak or read English text.

With this feature, the product owner can successfully draft a FAQ section on his product and be rest assured that it will generate answer all the possible questions of his target audience. The deepL model in this tool enables this feature capability.

3. It possesses a fact checker 

It is one thing to set a question and it is another thing for the question to have a reasonable answer. But with this feature, the problem of incorrect questions is settled. 

With the AI fact-check model embedded in this software, users can rest assured that this software will cross-check all the questions it generates, to ensure they are correct before displaying them live for the owner of the account.

4. It offers a good summary AI model

The power of summary can't be underestimated when it comes to helping students to read and understand faster. 

The GPT- model embedded in this software allows that to be possible. It gets the topic a user wants a summary about, gets all the possible information about it, and then summarized it in brief and concise words. 

Such that, all that appears in the summary are vital information, and also this information is scripted down in understandable words.

User's Experience with Longshot

A lot of users enjoy this software service. A current user of this software we met while gathering reviews told us that the reason he is still using this AI tool is because of the manner it set its questions. 

Since he is a content creator, he said he uses it to generate frequently asked questions on his blog topic so all his readers' questions can be fully answered. 

Another user we met told us how great he enjoyed the summary feature of this software. He said with this feature, his study time is now shorter.

He said with the summary of this AI tool, he quickly understand the concept of any topic he wants to study. 

A product owner we met talked greatly about how the multiple language feature of this AI tool has allowed him to reach out to his target audience and so far, he has made a lot of sales from them.

Pricing of longshot

This software offers users 3 pricing plans with a  5-day free trial for only $1. 

1. Pro Pricing Plan

It cost $39 per month and it offers all the features of the Longshot AI tool including the basic integration feature. It is suitable for one user.

2. Team Pricing Plan 

It cost $59 per month. It offers both integration and all the features of the pro plan. It is suitable for small teams. 

3.  Agency Pricing Plan 

It cost $449 per month. It offers both integration and all the features of the Team pricing plan. It is suitable for large teams. 


1. It supports multiple languages.

2. It possesses an advanced plagiarism checker for people who are article writers or content creators.

3. It is a good quiz maker. 

4. It has a quiz verifier that helps users verify the generated questions. 


1. It doesn't give the user choice to select Standard British English and Colloquial American English.

2. It doesn't support Grammarly integration. 

3. It is difficult to go through the history to look for the article it once generated.  

4. It does not support users changing the lighting of the interface. Users can't change the lighting from the usual light color to dark color.

Frequently Asked Questions About Longshot

What Does Longshot Credit Mean?

Longshot Credit is a given fuel that the content generator and the question generator used to run their respective operations.

Some other features of this software also use credit to run their operations. A single Longshot Credit generates 50 to 55 words and when users use some other research tool on the software interface, credit is consumed as well. 

To check their credit usage, users just have to check their account settings or check out the menu section on the app dashboard.  

What if a user uses their credit finish?

This is bound to happen, especially if you have a produce a lot of content that needs frequently asked questions per month. To replenish the used-up credit, there are two major options.

First Option: The software developers allow users to purchase additional top-up credits. It cost $5 for every 100 credits. To make the purchase, users can do so from the Longshot app. 

Second Option: A user can upgrade to a higher plan if the plan they are on is not giving enough credits.

Users can also reach out to the customer care email given in the AI software Interface to request unlimited credits to know the terms and conditions to access it. 

Does Longshot offer a free trial?

Longshot offers a free trial to new users. A new user gets access to 50 credits once he creates an account. No credit card details are needed to access the free trial. 

Users can access all Longshot features for $1. Although this $1 has an expiry date of 5 days. Fun fact, a user can continue with this plan for as long as possible. Once the plan expires, a user can renew the $1 plan again.

Why Is Longshot the best?

This software offers a good pricing plan, especially the $1 price plan. The $1 plan gives users access to all the features of the software. Their customer service team is also very responsive and they are very quick to respond to users queries. 

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4. Texta AI Tool

Texta has an intuitive interface that allows users to easily navigate around. With the smooth user interface, a user can enter any topic and generate perfect questions easily. 

It doesn't matter what you need the question for, either educational or research purposes, this AI software still generates the question. 

Texta eases users the stress of generating good questions that cover a wide range of topics. With the advanced natural language model the developers embed on it, it generates awesome questions. 

After generating the questions, this software cross-checks the accuracy of the question just like the fact-checker of the Neuroflash AI tool. 

Users can select any topic of their choice for their question generation. Users can select topics like history, geography, economics, etc. And leave the AI to generate the question.  


1. It possesses an AI paraphraser

A paraphraser changes the wording of an article that is plagiarized. With these features, users can easily paraphrase a section of their article that is plagiarized and get original content within seconds. This particular feature is helpful to content creators and article writers. 

2. It possesses a question generator tool

Copywriters are highly sorted not because they craft an article that drives emotion but because they write content that solves the current problem of people. 

With this feature, a user can create good content that produces the same effect as content produced by an expert copywriter.

3. It possesses a product description AI tool

A good product description is something that every product owner has an interest in.

With this feature, a user can craft product description content for themselves or for product owners who are willing to pay for the service.

This feature makes a beginner appear as an expert when it comes to product description.

4. It possesses a slogan generator

No business owner does not need a good slogan name that portrays the company’s brand. Generating a good slogan is not an easy task and requires the help of a professional slogan writer. 

Since this AI feature run with the AI model called the state-of-the-art and the natural language model, a user doesn’t need an expert to generate a good slogan.

User's Experience with Texta

Using Texta AI tool for question generator has so far been easy. When grading this tool based on question generation, it is very good at it. 

A lot of users talk about how easy it is to use for question generation. It is good news that it offers multiple language options but sometimes the multiple language feature malfunction and we require a user to change some words into simpler forms for it to do the proper translation. 

The customer service support system is not that bad, it is quite fair for old users but can’t say for beginners. Overall, the user experience is not that bad. 

Pricing of Texta

 It offers two main pricing plans for users. 

1. Free Pricing Plan

This plan is free and therefore cost $0.00. It offers features such as 2,000 words per month, Auto-mode features, a fast Chatbot, and a professional editor.

It supports 27 + languages, and 90+ templates that are easy to customize. It is suitable for one user. 

2. Pro Pricing Plan

This is a top plan that runs on an advanced mode. It offers, unlimited words, SEO keyword suggestions, works on autopilot, allows Grammarly integration, and many other features. I

t cost $12 per month and $149 per annum while per month it cost $25.00. It is suitable for 5 users. 


1. It writes content quickly, thereby improving general productivity.

2. It has easy-to-customize templates.

3. It has a clean and neat user interface.

4. It creates good summaries.


1. The free trial account has a small word limitation. 

2. It doesn’t have many tools for user exploration.

3. It Spanish translation is not all that great.

4. It academic content generator doesn’t generate academic content.

Frequently Asked Questions About Texta AI Tool

Does Texta AI Tool Offer Free Trial?

Texta AI tool offers users a 7-day free trial without having to add credit card details. So, apart from the free plan Texta AI question generator offers, users can still enjoy a 7-day free trial. 

Is Texta AI Tool a Question Generator only?

Texta AI is not only a question generator, it allows users to create different forms of writing.

Users can perform academic writing, real estate content, tech writing, marketing writing, and many other forms of writing that can be generated with this tool. 

Who can use is an AI-POWERED tool that can be used by anyone. There are certain sets of people for who this tool is highly recommended to them. 

People who are content creators, bloggers, article writers, video description writers, and many other online workers can use this AI tool for most of their actions. 

Why is the Texta AI tool the best question generator?

Texta is a tool that is powered by AI technology. It possesses lots of tools that do different things apart from question generation. 

This particular advantage made my team and I consider this tool a good bargain. It has tools that cover all forms of writing and as you know, there is almost nothing one does online that does not require writing. 

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5. Rytr AI Generator

This software is a great AI tool that not only generates questions but also produces the answers to those questions.

Since this tool work with AI, it possesses multiple features and still works smoothly regardless. 

Rytr being a good question-and-answer tool help users to create good questions that target the right area where issues usually arise. 

This smart software creates amazing outputs for multiple purposes. This includes questions and answers of all sorts, for example; jobs interview questions, product description questions, etc.  

It also allows users to adjust the language and tone of the question such that it can be set for different kinds of users. This particular benefit allows users to set questions for different sorts of people.


1. It can create questions in a different tone

This software is a good tool that allows users to generate a question that is suitable for different sorts of people. 

With the tone feature, a user can create questions and change the tone to suit the audience’s style.

With this feature, a user can get more engagement on the questions he generated from this tool.

2. It generates content in multiple languages

There is a kind of familiarity effect generated with people communicating in the same language. This effect works well when one is trying to sell a product or service. 

This is why this feature is more suitable for people who are selling a product so they can make more sales from people from different languages.

With this feature, users can reach out to different kinds of people in 30 different languages. 

3. It generates images

People usually enjoy viewing images not talking of questions that have image attachments. This kind of question is bound to get more engagement than a question tag with no image.

The AI model responsible for this image generation generates images that resonate with the question it generates.

4. It possesses Plagiarism Detection Tool

There is no online user that does not need this tool. With the constant creation of questions and content, a user needs a plagiarism tool to help check the originality level of the content to prevent publishing duplicate questions.

Google and other major online search engine frowns at plagiarized content so with this tool, a user is safe. 

User's Experience with Rytr

This software works wonders- one of the users of Rytr we met while gathering reviews told us this. Rytr has many amazing features that make it more of a good writing assistant than a question generator. 

The reason why we made this statement is that most of the users we met while gathering reviews on the field gave us more reviews on the other writing features than the question-generation capability of this software. 

No doubt, Rytr is very good at generating good questions but most people don’t use it for that, they mostly use it to generate blog posts, product descriptions, freelance bio descriptions, and many other forms of writing.

A lot of users enjoy the headlines generator tool and the content writing tool. They also enjoy the plagiarism detection tool and the content generator tool as well.

Pricing of Rytr

It has three major pricing plans; it offers free, saver, and unlimited plans.

1. Free Pricing Plan

Users on this plan have access to 10k characters for free. Every month the 10k characters renew themselves. It also offers some core features as well. 

2. Saver Pricing Plan

This plan cost $9 per month and it increases the usage limit the more a user uses the plan. It supports 100k characters per month and also allows a user to create their custom usage plan.

3. Unlimited Pricing Plan

This plan cost $29 per month and it allows users to generate unlimited characters. Users on this plan enjoy all the features in the Saver plan plus a personal account manager and an email support line. 


1. It possesses over 40+ supported use cases. 

2. It is very good at generating questions and answers.

3. It possesses an image generator which is rare in most AI question generators.

4. It is very easy to use.


1. It is bad for generating long-form content.

2. It keyword research tool is not top-notch.

3. It SERP Analysis feature sometimes generates wrong analysis.

4. Its user interface isn’t top-notch.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rytr AI 

What is Rytr AI Question Generator?

Rytr is an advanced AI tool that generates questions and answers. It is also a good writing assistant that can be used to create original content within seconds. 

Bloggers who are always busy use the content generator and the question generator of Rytr for their blogs. The content generator is used for generating blog posts and the question generator is for the frequently asked questions section of the blog post.

Does Rytr support API integration of other tools?

Rytr possesses an API integration function that makes it easy for users to integrate other software like SEMrush(an SEO keyword researcher) and many other tools. 

It allows users to also Integrate it into Chrome browser as an extension. Once integrated as a Chrome browser extension, users can use the feature of the tool easily, all it requires is one click. 

Does Rytr offer SERP Analysis?

Rytr especially has an AI tool for this purpose. It helps users to analyze keywords that are in clusters and then identify the ones ranking on Google. 

It is worth mentioning that the SERP of this software is not of high standard. This is expected though, since this AI tool is specifically for writing purposes. SERP Analysis is a complementary feature of its and not its main feature.

Why is Rytr the best AI question generator?

Rytr is a tool termed as an all-star. This tool offers lots of writing features including ones that are complementary to Writing. 

Rytr is a good writing assistant for bloggers, digital marketing experts, content creators, ad masters, and many others. It offers a lot of these features for a not-too-expensive price tag when compared to other tools. 

Having a tool like Rytr, ease the workload of reasoning out frequently asked questions for a blog post as it can help you figure that out and even provide the content that best complements it. 

6. PrepAI Question Generator

PrepAI has changed the narrative of tests for both teachers and students generally. With the fact that it is an advanced question generator, it has so far made assessment easy for both students and teachers. 

With the help of artificial intelligence technology integrated into its interface by the software developers, it provides an intuitive test creation process, which as a result save the time of the users. 

It has also proven to be more effective when it comes to setting test questions that are friendly and engaging.

Working with PrepAI as a student or an educator makes schoolwork more fun. It helps students with both learning and makes teaching easier for teachers with its simplified concept of various topics. 

It allows both students and teachers to create questions and answers on topics in the school syllabus. 

With the help of its advanced natural language processing model and its analytic model that helps it in formulating questions, it covers all areas of the topic. 

With just an input of text, this software generates questions from text using its AI technology.

Users can set the level of difficulty of the question and also the tone of the question depending on the individuals who are going to answer it. 

PrepAI is very good at setting analytical questions that require critical thinking, this help boost students’ reasoning ability.


1. It possesses a question section for tutors and students

Students who like to test themselves can use this feature to set questions to test their level of understanding of the topic they learned while in the lecture room. 

Tutors can also use it to test their students' level of understanding of the topic taught in the class. With the AI model in its system, the software can easily carry out this activity.  

2. It possesses a Network feature for schools and educational firms

Users with lots of schools under them can use the network feature of this software to track their school performance level.

Also, they can use its services to set questions and answers for the schools under them. The goal is for consistency's sake and also to prevent human error in the grading of the student's performance. 

3. It possesses an assessment feature for course creators

As a course creator, you will at one point in your course want to test if your online students are understanding and absorbing the knowledge you are passing across. 

With this feature, you can easily create an assessment video for your students to solve and the gradient will be done automatically by the software. 

4. It possesses FAQ features for bloggers

As a blogger, getting a good FAQ is not an easy task at times. With this software, users can't only get the frequently asked questions but can also allow the software to do the integration the FAQ, making it different from the usual manner of adding FAQs in blogs. 

User's Experience with PrepAI

PrepAI is a top-grade tool. It has over 6000+ users on its interface and is used by a lot of big companies like NSE, Gyan, etc. Employ their services in their workflow.

Users who are using this tool have lots of positive reviews as regards its services. It helps teachers and students to easily set up questions and answer quizzes easily. A student we met talked about how lucky he is to have found this AI tool. 

He said he no longer worries about not understanding a topic taught to him in class as he can rely on this software help to him understand the concept. 

He said when it comes to testing his knowledge on what he has learned, he just has to wait for a short while for the question and answer session to be available. 

One of the educators we met talked about how the bloom aspect of this software boosts the critical reasoning skills of his students. 

An educational tech expert we met talked about how swift it is for him to set assessments for his students. He also talked about how accurate the grading standard of PrepAI is.

Pricing of PrepAI

As good as the renowned PrepAI question generator is, you might think the software developers are going to set the price tag to be on the high side. But no!!

1. Free Plan

This plan is free forever. It allows users to enjoy 1000 words per content and it allows 3 questions to be set per day. It supports 1 input or topic search and It also offers multiple questions feature.

2. Solo Plan

 This plan cost $11.99 per month since it is an annual plan with a 14% discount. When a user pays every month, he makes a payment of $13.99. 

This plan offers 4000 words per content and it supports unlimited questions to be set per day. It supports unlimited input as well. 

It supports unlimited input or topic search and it also offers multiple-question features. It is suitable for one user.

3. Team Plan

This plan cost $15.99 per user when payment is made every month. It cost $13.99 per user when payment is made annually; there is a 14% discount. 

This plan offers 4000 words per content and it supports unlimited questions to be set per day. Users also have access to unlimited inputs. 

With the unlimited topic search, a user can fully enjoy the multiple-question feature. It supports 3 different users on one account. 


1. It has a good customer service system.

2. It is easy to use.

3. It boosts the critical reasoning of students.

4. It has an interactive user interface.


1. It doesn't support maths as of now.

2. It generated questions that are sometimes not of good quality. 

3. All its features are not yet open.

4. The question quantity can be overwhelming for students at times.

Frequently Asked Questions About PrepAI

Can a user edit AI-Generated Questions? 

Yes, a user can edit or add questions to the already-generated AI questions. Users have to click the edit question button to open the questions in the editing phase, and then add their questions. Once a user taps the “Add Question” button, the question adds itself to the already generated question. 

Can a user Conduct Group Quizzes on PrepAl Interface? 

This particular feature is not currently supported on the interface of PrepAI. It is one of the upcoming features of this AI tool. 

Users of this software will get notifications from the email account attached used to create an account on the Prep AI database. 

Can users access previously generated questions on Prep AI?

Yes, once a user login into his account on this software, he can access all the previously generated questions. The question can be reused as many times as possible. Users can also edit, download and share the previously generated questions. 

Does Prep AI support different languages? 

No, this software does not support different languages. It supports only the English language. The developers are preparing to accommodate over 100 languages, this is still in development and users will be notified via their email once it is live. 

Does PrepAI support API integration?

PrepAI supports API integration just as it supports white-label solution services to its users.

Why is PrepAI the best Question Generator?

PrepAI is an amazing software that provides quality questionnaires for users most especially students. It makes quiz generation easier for educators and educational institutions.

It offers lots of features that accommodate students, educators, bloggers, online course tutors, and many other educational firms. It is one of the top educational apps that have lots of users using its services with minimal negative reviews. 

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7. Quillionz AI Question Generator

This is an AI-powered tool that generates quizzes to create a better learning experience for students. The platform allows teachers to create questions from text, paragraphs, etc. 

This smart software helps users create a variety of questions based on the text input on the software's interface. It creates multiple-choice questions, recall questions, short descriptive questions, and many others. 

After the question generation process, users just have to edit the ones that they like and then eliminate the unwanted ones. 

Users can also prompt this AI tool to create more questions if the first generated questions aren't what they want. 


1. It offers Quillionz Pro

This is a pro version of the normal Quillionz. It let its users generate a Wh-question tag. Because it is a pro, users can directly upload their questions on print assessment or export the generated questions in different formats. 

When it comes to the generation of high-quality machine learning questions, Quillionz can surely help with that.

2. It makes assessment more interactive

As a student, you need to test your knowledge about each topic of your school work before the main assessment. 

This help you in your study preparation. Teachers can also use this feature to help Students consolidate their understanding of a topic whenever necessary. With this, students can gradually have more confidence in passing their assessments.

3. It helps users create summarized notes

This software helps students to form summary notes of every topic taught in class. It does this within a short while, this doesn't mean the summary note is lacking quality. 

The summary note sure covers every important detail of the topic. Even as it covers every important detail of a topic, it still appears in clear concise words. 

It highlights the important parts of the topic, summarized the main points of discussion, and then buttresses the major concept that makes up the topic.  

4. It possesses features that support businesses

It offers API integration to allow business owners to use its service to integrate useful tools that smoothen their business workflow. 

This smart software offers lots of custom integration options with educational platforms that support assessment. 

User's Experience with Quillionz

“It allows me to customize the questions it generated and help me in consolidating the knowledge of the concept I taught my students”- one of the educators we met while on the field gathering reviews, revealed that to us. 

Another user said he loves this tool for the fact that it creates questions from authentic materials within seconds. 

Another user talked about the fact that he can export his questions in different document formats.

There is no doubt that Quillionz is a great deal of tool to use for setting questions to test one's knowledge base.

A lot of people commented on the positive side of the tools with very minimal negative reviews. 

Pricing of Quillionz

It offers five pricing plans and a free plan.

1. Quillionz (Free Plan)

This is the basic plan of this software. It cost $0.00. It generates up to five question sets per month and it saves two question sets per month. It allows users to export their question sets as a text file or QuilliQuiz.

2. Quillionz Pro Quarter Plan

This is the quarterly subscription plan. It cost $29.99 per quarter of a year. It generates and saves unlimited questions per day. Users can export questions into different formats like .pdf, .txt, .doc, and QTI. 

3. Quillionz Pro Monthly Plan

It cost $14.99 per month. It allows users to generate and save unlimited questions per day. Users can also export files into different formats like .pdf, .txt, .doc, and QTI. 

4. Quillionz Pro Yearly Plan

It cost $99.99 per year. It allows users to generate and save questions per day. Users on this plan can export their files into different formats such as .pdf, .txt, .doc, and QTI. 

5. Quillionz Business Plan

This plan price tag is a custom offer that is negotiable by the software developers and the user who have an interest in the plan. 

It offers users advanced tools and utilities, custom integration with systems and workflows, API support, and custom input and output formats. 


1. It has a nice user interface.

2. It has an amazing Pricing Plan.

3. It generates questions based on users' selected keywords.

4. It has a fast question-generating speed.


1. It questions are sometimes difficult to understand.

2. It doesn't work very well with transcripts.

3. Users have to put in extra work to get high-quality questionnaires.

4. It only works faster after receiving loads of data consistently.

Frequently asked questions about Quillionz

What is an Alternative to Quillionz?

Prep AI is a good alternative to Quillionz. Both generate questions and offers user-friendly services. It also offers a friendly price as well when compared to Quillionz.

Is Quillionz a paid AI tool?

This software is powered by artificial intelligence technology and runs its operation with the help of machine learning algorithms. 

It allows users to build a host of quality quizzes for free. Unlike, Quillionz Pro which charges a fee to offer its services. Both Quillionz and Quillionz Pro generate their quizzes and assessments within seconds 

What kind of content is good for Quillionz?

Quillionz prefers content that is well-arranged, contains more information, and is accurate. To generate more palatable questions. 

But if users are chunking in contents that are very expressive and subjective, contents that are highly specified to a domain, or contain incomprehensive words, this smart software won't generate quality questions from them.

Can a user use an Excel file as source data to create questions on Quillionz?

Currently, Quillionz doesn't support Excel files as source data to create questions. Users can only use direct text that can be copied and pasted into the AI tool interface as input modes. 

Why is Quillionz the best tool?

Quillionz is not that bad when it comes to question generation. When a user input the right form of content, he can be sure that Quillionz will generate the right content. 

And in cases whereby Quillionz doesn't generate the correct question, users can make some changes to the original input. 

The fun fact is that as a user uses Quillionz, the better it becomes at generating questions. Quillionz offers five different pricing plans that new users can explore to their advantage.

Why is using the best AI question generator good?

No one wants to stress himself on AI tools that won't deliver properly. With the list of AI tools listed above, we have come to terms that these tools can help you deliver quality questions with ease.

Users don't have to put in any major work as the AI tools do the operation on automatic.

Gone are the days, whereby educators have to do deep research to get the right questions for their students.

With the listed AI tools, educators can easily set an assessment to test students' knowledge level of the just-taught topic. 

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These best AI question generators are tools we have tested. This is why they are our best question generator.

The amazing features of PrepAI provide a question generator feature and also provide a network connection for educational firms to use to monitor school activities from one source.

Quillionz offers an amazing pricing plan that provides top-quality questions and many other features. 

Even Quizgecko is not left out when it comes to generating consistent quality questions for both students and teachers. 

Do well to get your AI best question generator if you want to get quality questions generated for you with ease.

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