Best AI Story Generators to Get Unlimited Stories In 2024

Best AI story generators

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t love stories. Before the existence of any AI story generator, the art of storytelling has been in existence right from the time of our forefathers.

History made it known to us how that in the ancient time when there was no technology, our forefathers tell stories of adventures, folklore, etc.

To entertain wives and children but currently, technology has advanced and made provisions for television, mobile phones, social media, etc. For individuals to get stories either in visual form or in text form.

The power of stories is unimaginable as stories can now be used as a selling point in closing sales and in making good business deals.

With stories, connections can be formed with the right set of people and also make you connect more to people who you haven’t met before.

Mind you, the story can either be a real-life experience or fiction i.e fairytale that exists as a result of the imagination of a talebearer. It has been discovered that so far, the method of story creation is not what matters but instead, it is whether it can pass the message the talebearer or writer wants to pass.

But the problem now is how to write a good story that can grab the attention of the listeners without breaking it till the message of the story is passed across, and this has been a problem for many talebearers and writers, it is either they grab the attention of the listeners at the beginning and lose them during the story or they lose them at the end part of the story.

This is what made some AI software genius bring about the existence of AI story generators that can do all the hard work and just need writers to come and do some editing if there is a need.

Let’s dive into the best AI story generators that can help you to form great story or movie scripts.

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Best AI Story Generators

1. Scriptbook

In the movie industry, the way of writing the storyline in there is called script writing. Now let’s get to know what a movie script is.

A movie script is a form of a story written about a real-life event or a fictional event that came from the imaginative power of the brain to be acted by real people and stored as video for people to view.

The movies we watch on our television set or our smart devices are a result of the handwork of some scriptwriters whose job is to write good stories that can produce good scenes for viewers.

Now, let’s get to know some data as regards the movie industry. Every year about 50,000 new movie scripts is submitted to the American labor union writer’s guide of America and out of this large number of scripts only 150 scripts are accepted and produced as films.

The sad thing is this even after producing the films with a lot of millions invested into the movies, only about 10% of movie producers get their profits and for the remaining 90%, they run into deep losses that will take a while to recover.

This issue has carried on for years now and as a matter of fact, one of the female interns in Hollywood thought deeply and this critical thinking she did bring the emergence of Scriptbook.

Now that you know the history behind Scriptbook creation, let’s know what script book does. Scriptbook is the advanced version of another AI story generator called Deep Story.

Script book is an AI story generator that generates good stories that can capture the attention of the audience also, it has a program that can analyze and verify whether a script has a good chance of bringing good profits for a movie producer, and this has been tested by the creators.

Back in the time of this software launching, the creators used it to test other scripts that has already been cross-checked by the officials to check their authenticity, script book passed the test with a good score grade.

That is why it is now popular among lots of movie-producing companies, to help in calculating the probabilities that a particular movie will bring back profit if they are willing to act it out.

And to be honest with you, this has helped a lot of movie-producing companies to save their money as they will only spend money on a movie that will only sell, this was something that wasn’t ably achieved by the movie companies earlier before the emergence of Scriptbook.

With Scriptbook, users can give references and sketch characters and genres to write a movie script. There are also AI features that can provide additional AI story finisher attribute like changing the character’s nature, etc.

Features of Scriptbook

1. Story DNA

This is a feature that portrays the script book as an AI that generates movie storylines with extreme ease. With this AI story generator, scriptwriters can get as many scripts as possible with no limit.

2. Financial Forecasting

This is another great feature of this AI story generator. This feature calculates the cost of producing a particular movie and also calculates whether there will be profit or loss to receive.

With these features, movie producers can know if it is the right decision to publish a film.

3. Content Validation

A lot of scripts are written daily but only a few pass the screening test. The existence of this AI tool has allowed scriptwriters to check whether their scripts can be validated to appear as a film in visual form.

The AI does a deep analysis of the script written and then compares it with other scripts that have been accepted by human validators.

Although this particular feature also the saved effort of writing a wrong script, with these tools scriptwriters can improve their script and write something that can easily get validated for scene production, but it is time-consuming to use.

4. Audience Insight

The insight of the audience is a highly determining factor that indicates whether a movie will be a success or a failure. When a movie is out and there are no audience to view it, which is a loss of funds for the movie company that launches such a movie.

It is for this reason why that audience insight is needed as regards the launching of a movie, with audience insight, profit can be maximized and loss can be prevented.


  1. It has various packages for the overall script validation.
  2. There are demo trials for all features.
  3. It does script analysis at a fast pace. It can be finished in six minutes.


  1. It is quite expensive to subscribe to the plans the script book has to offer.
  2. Script validation takes a longer time to finish, at least 2 days are needed.

2. Deep AI

Deep AI is a story generator that only generates stories with the input of a short text. The story this AI story generator generates is quite short as they are usually generated in small paragraphs.

This AI tool uses a model technology that works on transformer language; the OpenAI’s GPT-2, to carry out analysis on the input and then generate good content that has a good structure.

This tool uses the text in the input bar to predict subsequent text and each text might be longer or shorter.

There is an option that allows users to code or modify the API document instructions in any programming language that they are comfortable with.

This feature aims to allow users to train the text generator to be able to work with the current developing AI principles, but this feature only works best for those who are good at writing program language.

Apart from the fact that this AI can generate good stories itself, it also can complete stories that haven’t been completed yet or it can generate a new story from an incomplete version of a story.

On this software interface, users can also use another product called Zendo.

This software is an AI-powered virtual assistant that can convert text to images, and also, updates on the latest upgrade in AI development are easily accessible.


1. Generate Text

This AI uses the AI model OpenAI GPT-2 to generate text. These texts are generated at quick progression and each of the text is written based on the text input, the text generated is not supervised by the language transformer at all and there is no need for supervision at all as the AI software can carry out its text generation with no error.

2. Text Prediction

This AI generates its text not just only on the input it also requires prediction.

This smart AI tool uses the input to predict what the next text can be each time it generates storylines.

It is one of the speed factors and that is why with this text prediction feature, users can get their storyline faster with less stress.

Also, this feature helps users in completing storylines that are not yet complete.

3. Complete Paragraphs

It is this feature that ensures that each story generated has complete paragraphs so that they can be sensible to readers.

With this feature, there is no need to worry about an incomprehensive story, each paragraph it generates is well written with the context of the story not left out.

4. Text Generation API Documentation

This feature is something that benefits a language program writer or a person who understands and writes code. With these features, individuals who know how to write code can make modifications to this software.


  1. It has the latest AI story generator features that allow it to create good content.
  2. With simple sentences as the input, users can generate good stories.
  3. It has functional API support for text, video, and image generation currently.


To get certain benefits from this software, users need to have good programming knowledge to upgrade APIs.

3. DeepStory AI

DeepStory is a good AI script generator that works just like the script book AI even though it does not have powerful features like a script book.

This AI story generator helps writers to create stories of high quality quickly and easily.

To get started with this AI tool, users have access to varieties of features that can make the story generation more interesting, some of these features include story themes, scene structure templates, dialogue generation, etc.

With these features, users can get beautifully written stories easily. As a result of these features, it is deduced that this software is designed to be an immediate reasoning tool for storytellers that helps them to craft attention-grabbing stories from the beginning to the end.

Due to the powerful AI technology called AI scriptwriting technology, this story generator tool has allowed writers to generate good plots, believable characters, unique dialogue that grabs attention, etc.

Without them having to do tedious work and also without them having to spend long hours writing the story.

This tool is very fantastic to use as it can craft movie storylines just like script book AI, users can craft out their horror, romantic, comedy, crime, adventures, etc.

Since there is DeepStory AI, story can appear captivating and also have a good originality rating. But to achieve this result, you have to assist the AI tool a little by giving a story summary and then leaving the AI to do the rest of the hard work.

This software will provide you with scene structures that give more information on the summarised story. You will get dialogue snippets, and many more benefits.

There is another issue here, how to use this software to get the most benefits out of it. There are a few steps on how to operate this software;

  • Before you can use this software, there is a need for a new user to sign up for an account with them. The account will contain your profile and some other details.
  • After you have finished creating your account, you have to select the type of story you want to write. Since there are many available genres like crime, adventures, romance, etc. All you have to do is to select the one that suits your taste.
  • Select the characters you want to appear in your script then start writing your story. There is a need for you to provide some basic important information on each of the characters you choose, remember this is the little assistance you give to the AI tool.
  • After providing the necessary information about your characters, the app will display some prompts to help you in developing a good story. You have to select the prompt that best resonates with you and start writing.
  • After writing your script, the app will provide some recommendations that can improve your script to a better level. Then start editing, and apply some last touches to your story until you are satisfied and sure you have done a great job in producing an entertaining and unique script.
  • After making sure, you have done a job well, you can submit your script for review and then wait for feedback from other people who are going to go through your work before you share it with a larger audience.

All these steps are for guidance only on how to use the DeepStory AI tool. Writing an original and interesting story with minimal effort is possible if a writer is using this smart AI story generator software.


1. RPG Script

This feature of DeepStory is specially made for role-playing games. With this software’s feature, users can generate stories that are well-informed, giving full narration and also including characters, settings, and conflicts.

These stories generated from this AI story generator are great choices for creating a deep creative world in your gaming adventures.

2. Short-form Content

It can generate Instagram stories, Twitter tweets, Facebook stories, blog posts, YouTube scripts, etc, at a fast pace. With this story generator software, users can get a lot of engaging and interesting content faster.

3. Automated Proofreading

This software automatically proofreads each content it generates, correcting the spelling, and making sure the grammars are also correct.

Users don’t have to worry about typos errors, this story generator will automatically correct them and exchange misuse words with the correct words.

4. Customizable story templates

Users have access to story templates that can be customized to their own needs. With this story template, users can create stories with unique narratives.

Users also have the privilege to modify already existing stories and also, and they can decide to do without already existing stories and create a brand new story from the scratch.

5. Professional AI writing assistant

This feature is a benefit to newbie writers. With the help of this professional AI writing assistant, a newbie writer can turn to a professional writer as a result of the assistance he or she gets from the AI there is no limit to how well this writer can write a compelling story with ease.


  1. It is one of the easiest versions and also, and it is completely independent.
  2. It allows users to set features for genre and cast.
  3. Users can write unlimited scripts for free with the help of story templates.


  1. There are only selective reference movies provided for users to use.
  2. It has fewer features to detail the script components.
  3. The AI-generated stories don’t seem to be human-written as there is no emotion in them.


This is respectable AI software has helped a lot of bloggers, Ghostwriters, and all manners of writers to produce varieties of content.

Marketers and advertising masters use this AI-driven personalized review technology to simplify and improve their marketing strategies, so they can cover large audiences and have good inputs.

To use RYTR for free is not difficult at all, there is a small number of credits that users can use to enjoy this software features for free.

These credits are limited so there is a need to renew them each month, mind you the renewal is free as well, so with these free credits users can enjoy these software features for as long as the software owners still give free credits.

There is also the paid plan. With the paid plan users can of course get the best of the best out of this software. The subscription for the paid plan is done every month and it is relatively cheap.

The contents this AI story generator generates are short and good. Quora members can utilize the short form contents as answers to questions asked on the platform.

Also, this story generator can produce exceptional social media content.

RYTR can produce great content by rewriting previously existing ones and also, and doing some editing work on already written content is possible as well.

For the case of users who wants to write a long content post, using this software will only benefit you when you are using it as a guide.

You can get outlines as regards the headline you want to write, there are instances whereby the outlines are not all that solid enough to generate content for long content posts.

So in an actual sense, this software is enjoyable to users who are not generating longer content and also helpful to people who wants to generate content ideas.

Lyrics writers can use RYTR to generate song lyrics and the lyrics can be generated in many different languages, this is so because the software supports many different languages.

The song lyrics it writes and every other write-up it generates are all plagiarism free.

This smart story writer has lots of helpful features embedded in it, these features make using it fun. Users can use it to write a paragraph based on a particular headline.

If you combine these tools’ short-form content features and an outline feature of another tool, a user can generate good long content from this combination.

One of the main selling points of RYTR is the fact that users can use the software’s features for free; though it is limited.


1. There are lots of content generation options

With this software, users can generate all manners of content about any topic. Users can generate song lyrics, outlines, blog post introductions and conclusions, questionnaires, etc.

There is no limit to the kind of content you can generate using it. Take note; although this content can generate all forms of write-ups, they are not long write-ups; they are always short ones.

2. It has an additional AI writing tool

This software has AI writing tools that make the writing process easy. There is room. For improvement when using these tools, before you know it your writing skills are already improving.

With the help of the paragraph tool, users can generate paragraph main content and then build the paragraph of their content with the available information.

Also, there are grammar and spelling tools. This tool makes your grammars and spellings get better. Also, there is the paraphrasing tool that allows users to rephrase already written content to new content having the same information but written in different forms such that, there is no plagiarism.


  1. There are about 30+ languages and 20+ tones available for users’ adventures.
  2. There is no limit to the forms of content users can write. 
  3. Users can edit the content later and also rephrase it to a new one if they want.
  4. Users can operate this software on mobile applications.
  1. Users who want to generate long scripts cannot use this tool.
  2. The paragraph contents are sometimes not correct.

Frequently asked questions

Is there an AI story generator?

There are many AI story generators that is specialized writers that can produce good interesting stories. This AI uses a specific type of AI model to carry out this task.

What is the top free AI story generator?

There are a lot of top free AI story generators available for users online to utilize. Here are some of the free AI story generators: RYTR, Copy AI, Writesonic, Novel AI, etc.

These listed AI story generators both have free and paid plans, so users can, first of all, try out the software for free before they are willing to pay for their services.

How do I get an AI to write a story for free?

You have to first of all, sign up on AI story generator platforms like RYTR, DeepStory AI, Deep AI, etc. That allows users to use their features for free.

After doing this, you can now generate your story with the AI technology present in the AI story generator software.

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Wrapping Up On the Best AI Story Generators

Getting the help of AI story generators is very helpful for people who need to generate stories faster and easier. And with the invention of AI story generators now, a lot of story writers have benefited from it.

And if a user doesn’t have too much money to spare to register on any of the available AI story generators, they can register on an AI story platform like RYTR, etc. That allows offers of free services.

The invention of AI story generators can’t eliminate the value of human writers as a lot of writers are getting worried about this matter. Human writers are unique and have unimaginable creativity, human writers can not be eliminated from the market of writing as there are more things humans can do that AI cannot do.

Though AI story generators like DeepStory etc can improve the writing skills of novice writers still they can’t eliminate human writers from the writing world as there is no limit to what the human creative ability can accomplish.

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