How To Start An AI YouTube Channel (That Makes Money) In 2024

How To Start An AI Youtube Channel

In the online space, there are too many ways to make cool cash. And among them few concrete ways to make a steady stream of income online is content creation.

YouTube happens to be the biggest content creation space that allows users to create channels. And make content around things of their interest.

Once a user reaches the ultimatum of 1000 solid subscribers and a view hours of 4 thousand long. Then, the channel can be monetized and start making money for the channel’s owner.

As easy as it sounds, it is sadly not that easy. Creating a YouTube channel and nurturing it to the point of monetization is a difficult task. Most especially if you are a beginner either on YouTube or on the online space. Well, don’t give up yet.

Pushing a YouTube channel to monetization might have been difficult in the past. But not anymore, as there are now AI tools that you can use to push your YouTube channel to monetization.

With these AI tools, there is not much energy spent. AI technology has made all the processes of YouTube channels easier. Be it the getting of content ideas, creation of content, editing the content, creation of thumbnails, etc. 

Are made easy with AI technology. What might take you hours of research to create, won’t even take you that much time with AI technology.

We know, you are probably wondering if you need to have some technical skills to use the AI tools we are about to show you.

Don’t worry, you don’t need any incredible skills to make your channel monetized with AI technology. Just follow our step-by-step guide on how to start an AI YouTube channel. Let’s get started.

ai youtube channel

Why create content on YouTube and not other social media platforms?

YouTube is itself owned by Google which is the biggest search engine. We believe you know what that means. It means just like how people search for information on the Google search engine, the same is done on the YouTube search engine.

When you post content on this platform. The video ranks both on the Google search engine and YouTube search engine. Meaning that you can have exposure both from YouTube audience and audience on the Google search engine.

If all that we said isn’t convincing enough. The next line of words should do! Ever since the opening of YouTube, it has allowed people from all over the world to publish their content on its platform. 

And that has made it amass lots of audience from all over the world. You can be in the United States and people as far as Antarctica can view your videos easily.

Apart from the massive exposure users get, there is no video social media platform that pays content creators as much as YouTube does. YouTube has a large audience base.

And this has attracted lots of companies, brands, to come run ads. Since videos are very good at communicating with people, many brands pay YouTube to paste their ads on content creators’ videos.

This advantage is not something other video platforms enjoy as they don’t have that large audience base for adverts compared to YouTube.

youtube audience base

How do I get views on my AI YouTube channel?

youtube views

We know you are wondering, how a newbie content creator gets lots of views on his YouTube channel. Here is one cool thing about YouTube algorithms.

When you start making videos on YouTube, the algorithm first of all monitors your channel trying to figure out what your channel is all about.

This might take a while. You probably have to post about 1 to 2 videos weekly for about 2-3 months before you can start getting good views.

You must create videos around a particular niche or topic until the algorithm recognizes your channel. Another important thing is, that your video streaks can not break. At least not until after the algorithm understands your channel content.

Once, you break the video streaks, the algorithm loses attention from your channel and focuses on another. And it might take longer before it crawls back to your channel.

So, in other to avoid this. It is best you just keep posting videos consistently. A trick to help you out with this is this.

Before creating your YouTube channel, get your keywords and content ideas ready. Create about 70 + videos and save them on your flash drive or hard disk drive. Once, you are done with this you can now create your channel.

We know you are probably wondering since I am going to be using AI technology to create these videos. Do I still need to create about 70+ videos around my topic before I launch my channel?  Yes, you need to create it just to be on the safer side. And have the videos scheduled uninterrupted.

You don’t want to take chances. Anything can make you change your plans and thereby prevent you from creating the videos.

Moreover, when you start the creation before launching your channel. There is less pressure and a higher chance that you will create premium content.

We know we have been talking about consistent creation and posting. There is a need to keep in mind the quality of videos also matters.

You have to make good content if you want views, all of which we will inform you as you carry on with this article.

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What type of content is popular on YouTube?

Just like we said earlier. YouTube is a place for videos. And there are all sorts of videos there. But some videos are still much more popular than others. Or let’s put it like this.

Most people don’t know that YouTube has all kinds of videos. So, therefore, they focus on very few popular types of videos. And this are;

1. Music videos

Most people mainly come to YouTube to see the videos of their favorite artist’s songs. And that’s why music videos happen to be one of the kind of videos that gets millions of views easily.

youtube music video

And the fact that people love to hear good beats and soothing voices, makes it easy for music videos to get massive views.

Even though they get millions of views easily, they don’t have a high return on ads. Especially when compared to some other kinds of videos that don’t get that kind of massive views.

2. School-work videos

Another thing that brings people to YouTube is schoolwork. It is no longer a new thing that students don’t mostly understand what they are being taught in the classroom.

youtube school work vides

And with the internet available. A simple search will do a lot of help to the student. That’s why on YouTube when you search for school topics. You will find some channels that have extensively given adequate information on these topics.

It is quite interesting how these tutors can teach difficult topics in a simplified manner. Such that the students watching the schoolwork videos can easily grasp the concept of the topic.

3. Tutorial Videos

These kinds of videos are almost like schoolwork videos. These are videos people call- the how-to videos.

youtube tutorial videos

These videos center around teaching anything apart from schoolwork. Content creators that create this kind of video teach people stuff like; how to make money, how to set up a website, how to swim, dance, sleep, etc.

Think about anything you want to learn, you will find the information on YouTube easily. How-to videos are one of the most popular forms of videos you can find on YouTube. Just scrolling on the YouTube platform itself, you will already find a few hanging around.

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4. Fashion Ideas

Not everyone has a good dressing sense or a nice fashion sense. And there are some people that just naturally have this talent.

And can turn any wear into something amazing and attractive. Even though getting good fashion ideas is a talent, it can also be learned.

With fashion content creators on YouTube. Anyone interested in fashion can learn tricks on how to go about it.

And to be frank, content creators in this niche enjoy lots of views from all kinds of people. A lot of people want to look great without making holes in their pockets.

5. Makeup videos

This is another video content that gets a lot of views. Just like fashion ideas, knowing how to do proper makeup is all about creativity.

youtube makeup videos

And not everyone has a good creative sense of humor when it comes to makeup. That’s why they mostly come to YouTube to learn from people who are good at it.

There are makeup gurus like James Charles, Tati Westbrook, Manny MUA, Jaclyn Hill, Laura Lee, and many others who are good at teaching makeup skills.

Statistics in 2021 show that many makeup stores opened after the COVID-19 break. This happened mainly because people were able to learn makeup skills from YouTube easily with no pressure at all.

6. Cooking Videos

Some guys and ladies love to eat nice meals but do find it difficult to make them. And that’s one major reason why videos in this niche get lots of views.

youtube cooking videos

The creators in this niche are very good at making good content on how to cook delicious meals. There is hardly any food you can think of so you won’t find a video tutorial on how to make it on YouTube.

Just type the name of the meal of the food on the search bar. People can find tons of video tutorials on the cooking method of that particular food. And that’s how they get to watch cooking videos.

7. Pet Videos

A recent study in the United States shows that in every 7 out of 10 houses, you will find at least one pet. That’s to show how much people love to have pets.

youtube pet videos

But even at that, not everyone knows how to treat and take care of their pet. That’s why they come to YouTube to learn how to treat their pets.

It is not the same treatment you give to a dog that you will give to a cat. That’s why, you can find videos on dogs, cats, and any other pets. There are even some content creators that create videos on a particular breed of dogs or cats, etc.

8. Comedy videos

Due to how intense people work, they always want to relax in a bar to listen to the jokes of others. Or better still, retire to their home and watch comedy shows on their YouTube account.

youtube comedy videos

And without even knowing it, they spend hours laughing and vibing with the joke. Comedy videos have a very high search volume daily.

What kind of videos can a newbie create with AI technology?

Now that you know of some of the popular videos that are already available on YouTube. You are probably thinking; can I create a YouTube channel and monetize it using AI technology? The answer is still a big Yes!!

Although AI technology is said to be an assistant to the human race. It can still be of good help if the users know how to use it.

What we are saying is, although there are lots of video niches on YouTube. Not everyone can create quality content on this kind of niche in the long term using AI technology.

Yeah, you read right. The fact that you are going to be using AI technology. There is a need for you to spice things up for your audience.

Your creativity is needed when using AI as you won’t be showing your face. So you must be able to make a good appearance with the AI-technology. In summary, what we are saying is that you can create all kinds of videos using AI technology.

The only important thing you need is your creativity and your passion for the niche you are creating videos for.

You Need a Content Strategy for Your YouTube Channel

youtube content strategy

To build a successful YouTube channel with AI technology, you have to create a good content strategy right before you even publish any of your videos on YouTube.

A good content strategy helps you to know how to run your channel to monetize and even get more funds. In the case of people who don’t know how to craft a good content strategy.

The next few lines will give you insight on how to craft one that is good for you and your channel. Take note, before you craft a content strategy.

It is a must that you select your channel niche. This is necessary because, without it, there is no way you can craft a content strategy for your channel. The first tip is;

1. Determine who your audience is

This is something that you should have in mind even before you create your video. Knowing your audience makes it easier for you to plan your content properly.

And if you get your target audience demographics correctly. Half of your problem as regards content is solved easily.

With this, you can craft out keywords easily with AI keyword tools. And you can be guaranteed that your videos will get more exposure.

ai keyword tool

2. Keep consistent posting

Just as we said earlier. To make YouTube algorithm to easily understand your channel content. It is a must for you to post content regularly.

With AI technology, video creation, and editing is no longer difficult task to do. Within minutes, you can create a solid video using AI technology and you can post the video on your channel.

Also, with the premium editing of the AI technology you use, you can be guaranteed solid audience retention.

And if you don’t want to do something of such, you can decide to create about 70+ videos with AI technology. And then schedule the posting, either two per day or one per day. 

While the scheduled videos are being posted on your channel, you can focus on creating other videos and editing them. This way, your channel won’t run out of content.

3. Build a solid community

youtube community

When it comes to building a solid community, YouTube encourages it. And this you can notice when you look at the criteria you have to meet before your channel gets monetized.

Building a solid community is not a difficult task at all once you are producing good content. YouTubers usually say that subscribers are rewarded for quality content.

So, if you are passionate about building a solid community or getting subscribers. You have to build quality content using the help of AI technology.

4. Make lots of content around a particular topic

This is very important, especially when you are just starting. And with AI technology, you can make solid content that is around a particular topic.

There are cool AI tools that can help out with the creation. And you will discover these AI tools in this article.

5. Optimize your channel for search engines

youtube seo

If you want to get more exposure, you have to optimize your channel for search engine search. It can be difficult to do that as a newbie. But not when you are working with AI technology.

With AI tools, you can craft well-optimized video descriptions for your content and put in the right tags and keywords that can drive more engagement and traffic.

Once you have crafted a solid content strategy for your channel. It is time to show you the best AI tools that can make it easier for you to run your AI channel. We will be starting from the base of channel creation.

Best AI tools You need to start an AI YouTube channel

1. Video AI keyword research tools

One major key factor in the success of a YouTube channel is the keywords for the videos. A good keyword allows your channel to get more exposure through organic searches.

You don’t want to pick a keyword that won’t give your channel an organic search. So, to avoid this, there is AI keyword research tool like VIDIQ.



VIDIQ is an all-keyword research tool that uses AI technology to provide keywords that have high organic search and low competition.

With VIDIQ, you can properly optimize your channel for organic search. This software can go through your competitor’s website and get their best videos’ keywords, tags, and other SEO metrics of the website.

With this kind of information, you can replicate the same result on your channel. And get an even better result.

B. Morning Fame


Another AI keyword research tool is MorningFame. MorningFame is an even more powerful keyword research tool when it comes to keyword generation and research.

It gets you the best keyword that suits your channel age and growth. With Morning Fame keyword research tool. You can get very low-competition keywords. Though it will take a while the results are worthy as well.

2. Script AI tools

After getting a keyword, the next thing you need is text content otherwise known as script. Writing a YouTube script is not something easy as you need to do some research and thinking.

So that you can craft a good script content for your channel. And in cases where you don’t want to do the scriptwriting yourself, you can pay someone to do it for you. But to make things smart, you can use script AI writing tools like;

A. is an advanced writing AI tool that is embedded in a website. It supports about 26 AI modes of writing.

Meaning that you can write all kinds of writing apart from YouTube script. This AI tool provides quality writing for its users.

Also, you can get quality image designs for your YouTube channel. Most especially true if you are running a faceless channel that won’t show the narrator talking.

You need quality images for this kind of channel to make the video interactive and engaging. For this kind of channel, is a good help to use for this.

Here is another AI tool you can use;


hyperwrite ai This AI tool is very good at creating compelling writings of all kinds. It is not difficult to use this AI tool as it has a very friendly interface.

This software is very good at creating quality text content. With the help of its machine learning algorithms, it can perform research on script topics that best work well for your website. With the script topic ready, it can write good solid content for your channel.

C. ChatGpt


There are also AI tools like ChatGpt. Which is very good at creating compelling quality content for your channel.

This AI tool has a very interactive interface and it can create solid content for your YouTube channel easily. With just a keyword title, you can get a script of about 100 to 200 words easily.

You can even prompt ChatGpt on the number of words you want it to generate for you. And the kind of way it should craft the content for you.

Whether you want the script to appear conversationally or you want it to be a one-way script. It is something you can inform ChatGpt to do for you, and you can trust it to do just as you inform it.

D. is a solid AI website to write your video description. You can even tweak the AI result by using the keyword tag to craft out nice content description for your video.

Such that your video can spread out to more audience. Well-optimized YouTube descriptions also allow your video to spread out to the people who might be interested in your video content.

That’s why the need of tools like UseGalileo are very necessary. UseGalileo can write all kinds of content with or without the use of keyword tags.

The keyword tags are not necessary unless you want to optimize your description. It is a good for script generation.

3. Text-to-speech AI software

Now that you have your script ready. The next thing is to get a reader who can read it for you. Employing a voice-over expert is quite expensive as you are creating your channel in the long term.

It is best you use AI technology to read the text. There is good AI text-to-speech software that can read the group of text nicely.

With this AI software, you don’t have to worry about getting a nice voiceover anymore. Some of the prominent AI software that offers quality text-to-speech include;


krisp ai which happens to be the very first on our list is very good at producing quality audio sound. Its voiceovers are of premium quality with no background sound whatsoever.

It can carry out the reading like it is in a studio. This AI software ensures the background noises are tuned out. And the audio sound is well tuned to your taste. This AI software is a good voice-over tool to use for one’s channel.

B. Murf

murf ai

Murf is a natural-sounding AI text-to-speech technological tool to use on one’s YouTube channel. This AI software is very good at providing quality text-to-speech files.

Its audio quality is premium and of good quality. It has about 120+ natural-sounding AI voices that don’t sound robotic at all. This AI website just requires its users to paste the group of text they want to turn to audio.

Once that is done, users just have to wait for a few minutes to get their quality audio files. This AI website is also able to turn audio files into a group of text that can be downloaded and used without plagiarism.

This software offers text-to-speech features in 20 prominent different languages. So you can create an audio sound for 20+ different countries and get engagement from there.

4. AI image generators

With your script ready for use and since you are using AI technology. You may want to create a YouTube video using just images.

This means you need a good image generator that can generate all kinds of images for you. Since you don’t want something that will stress you out at all.

There are good image generators that can generate quality images with just a group of text. All you do is write a short descriptive text and wait for about a minute or two to get your image ready for use.

You can use the image for your thumbnails and also for your video creation as well. Here are a group of AI tools to use for your channel.

A. is an image generator that can generate quality images for you. You don’t have to worry about images once you have

This AI website is very good at creating images with nice backgrounds. And you can rest assured that you can get nice realistic backgrounds for your images.

The image backgrounds of this AI website are so realistic that online users can’t tell the difference from the real ones.

This means you can get quality images easily with nice backgrounds. The images this AI website provides are for use without copyright issues.

One soft thing about this AI website is that it allows users to edit the generated image on their platform. And you can edit the image from your phone as well.


Here is another AI image generator that offers quality image service. This AI-technology website allows users to write a description of the kind of imagery scene they want.

With just a short descriptive text, you can get a nice imagery scene that you can use on your YouTube channel.

Prompthunt even has image templates that can help users know the kind of image scenes to generate. One cool thing about Prompthunt is that it generates quality images and provides scenes according to your descriptive text.

C. is another image generator that can provide images ranging from all forms you can think of. With this AI tool, you can run your channel by just joining images and emojis.

As is very good at image generation. The only major problem you might probably have is you not writing a good descriptive text for the image scene you want.

Should in case you want to get quality images? Ensure you write good descriptive text that is not too long but precise and detailed.

D. is an AI website that generates quality images for its users. The interface of this AI website is very easy to navigate.

With just a group of text, users can get nice images with a good background. You don’t have to worry about copyright issues with this software.

You can use generated images on your YouTube videos as they are AI-generated. Just type in text the type of image you want it to generate for you.

That’s all. Within a few minutes, your image is ready for use. You can also edit already existing images on the interface of this software.

And turn them into brand-new images that can be used without copyright. This AI tool is a good imagery tool to use for your YouTube channel.

5. AI video generators

AI technology has become very powerful in that it can convert text to videos. And the videos are not just random videos.

The videos are generated based on the text content pasted on the available text bar. And with this upgrade, you can create videos showing an AI-generated clone that is talking and gesticulating like normal humans do. Incredible right?

We bet it is. So, if you are having stage fright or just don’t want your face out there, you can still create videos for your YouTube channel and get good engagement.

We know you are wondering if the voice of the AI clone won’t appear robotic. Well, the answer to that question is solid yes!!

You don’t have anything to worry about. The AI-generated videos appear very realistic and can’t be differentiated from reality.

Here are a few of AI technology for video generation;


Quickvid is an AI website that is very good at creating short videos for its users. It can create videos with just text. It is quite interesting how fast it does this.

It doesn’t take too much time to get good-quality videos for use. It allows users to make quality top-notch videos that can be used on YouTube as shorts.

This AI tool is very good at creating short videos that are engaging. With this AI software, you can make quality videos that can drive conversion to your channel.

Also, if this AI website creates a video that you don’t like. You can easily edit the video right on the platform.

B. is a very good AI software that can create videos with just a group of text. Don’t judge that the videos won’t be interactive.

Because this software offers incredible creation. The machine learning algorithms and the visual model of this software are too notch.

This AI software takes very little time to create quality videos. The machine learning algorithms take in the group of text, analyze it, and make good videos out of it.

This AI tool allows for solid video creation and it does it at insane speed. Not only that, Elai offers 80+ human avatars, 75+ languages, and 450+ realistic human AI voices. These features make the videos much more interactive as users can make good use of this software.

6. AI music generator

Apart from having good audio quality and good video editing. Another important thing is that you need good background music.

Getting a piece of good music is not difficult as there are lots of top musicians who produce quality musical sounds and beats.

The main problem is that you can’t use their work on your channel. YouTube will flag your channel for copyright. That’s why another means has to be used to generate good background music for your YouTube channel.

A. is an advanced technology tool that can make quality music for your YouTube channel. With its simple user interface, users just have to paste the lyrics they want to use on the available text bar.

Within a short while, good music is available for use. You don’t have to be a song lyrics writer, or a music producer to create good music on this platform.

With just writing any lyrics you can produce quality music from this platform. The machine learning algorithms can take in the lyrics, analyze them, and then turn them into more alluring sound audio.

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How can I monetize my AI YouTube channel?

youtube monetization

If you have gotten to this point, it means that you have already created your gotten your niche, created your YouTube channel furnished with lots of videos, and already have a working content strategy.

Having all these boxes thickened out shows that you are ready to make money out of your YouTube channel. The very first goal to first chase is to;

1. Get qualified for monetization

This stage happens to be very difficult to achieve. It is understandable because lots of content creators majorly create content on YouTube because of monetization.

And it is quite difficult to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 thousand watch hours. Most especially when you are a beginner in the space. Regardless of the difficulty, this stage is the determining factor for monetization.

And it is very reasonable because YouTube will want to paste ads on your videos. If you don’t have enough viewers to view the ads, you won’t be able to make money.

That’s why to get qualified for YouTube monetization, you have to make sure you get your subscribers the right way and your watch hours the right way as well.

Don’t do watch for watch strategy or subscribe for subscribe strategy. YouTube algorithm can easily detect that strategy, and therefore prevent the account from monetizing.

2. Enabling monetization

After you have reached the criteria for monetization. You have to turn on your channel monetization feature. It doesn’t take too many steps at all. With four steps, you are good to go.

•  The first place you go to enable your monetization is “My Channel.”

•  Once you are there, tap on the blue button labeled “YouTube Studio (beta).”

•  It will take you to the area where you can find the menu section. At the menu section, click on other features and then find the monetization tab.

•  Once at the monetization tab, tap on the start button.

And boom!! Your channel is on its way to making you more money. Ensure you read the YouTube terms and conditions of YouTube partners.

So, you can fully be aware of all the benefits you can get from the partnership. After which you create a Google AdSense account and connect it to your YouTube channel. You must connect it as that is what will allow you to start making money from YouTube ads.

3. Using YouTube videos to drive traffic to a blog

When Google does its updates, many site’s traffic usually gets affected. And it can be quite disastrous to one’s website. Most especially if you are running an eCommerce store or blog that is already bringing in cool money.

What you can do is create a nice video that talks about the topics on your blogs. And in the description of the video, you can put your website link in there.

Such that after the video you can tell your viewers to go check out your blog. This way, the traffic coming to the blog will increase.

4. Paid Sponsorship

Now that you are running an AI channel, the probability of getting a paid sponsorship is not all that high.

The reason is, that some companies might want to see your face physically before they allow you to create videos for their product or services.

And it is understandable. But don’t panic. As it is not everyone that will do that. So there’s still a probability that you can create sponsored videos for lots of people. No doubt, creating sponsored videos brings lots of money.

5. Affiliate money

Affiliate money is something you get when you have a large audience. Since your AI channel is already at the monetization stage.

You can apply for affiliates of products in your niche to get a coupon code or link that others can use to get a discount.

Although they are getting a discount when they use your affiliate link to make a purchase, you are also making money as well.

It works just like sponsored videos, but it is quite different and you will have to sign up for it. This is unlike a paid sponsor where you have to apply directly.

6. Merchandise money

You can sell your products on your channel and make money out of it. The money from YouTube ads is not affected.

So, you will be making money in two ways. Even though it is profitable, it can sometimes bring about huge losses.

As your subscribers might not be interested in your products. To avoid this, it is best you ask them for the kind of products they want before you make any purchase. So, this way you won’t waste money and time creating videos around unwanted products.

Frequently asked questions

Can I make a YouTube channel using AI?

Yes, you can make a YouTube channel using AI technology and even push it to monetization. All you need is the right AI tools to use.

You will need quality AI tools to produce quality videos that drive engagement. With tools like Heygen, Picfinder, Elai, etc. You can produce quality content easily. With just a prompt, you can have yourself a good video for your channel.

Can AI videos be monetized on YouTube?

YouTube currently support monetization of YouTube channel that uses AI technology for creation. It doesn’t matter whether it is audio clips or video clips.

You can still monetize it. However, there have been speculations that YouTube might bring a future update that might hinder AI content monetization just like Google’s shadow ban on AI-generated content.

So, currently, apart from the other ways of monetization, AI videos can still be monetized through the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). With YPP, AI videos can display ads and the owner of the channel can make money from it.

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Truth be told, it is not easy to monetize an AI YouTube channel. It is still something worth trying out. As you won’t be doing anything major by yourself. To do it smartly.

As you are creating your AI YouTube channel, also create a normal YouTube channel in which you are either showing your face or you are using your voice.

This is a precautionary case, should YouTube does not approve ad campaigns on your channel. At least you will be able to make money using affiliate products.

Also, your other channel will be able to make money to compensate for your effort. AI technology is very helpful, most especially in YouTube channel nurturing. To good use of it, you have to use it wisely.

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